So, it’s not pretty. . .and it’s a little rough. But I’m proud of my youngest spawn. He wrote these poems and added pictures, then shared them with his class.

Because I own braggin’ rights, I’m sharing with you.

Winter Snow
The Winter snow trudges and stumbles along,
Dragging with it the Winter breeze.
He lets enough loose to make a nice little breeze,
But sometimes his mittened hand slips and the bag is dropped,
Sending huge winds across the land.
He picks it up as soon as it fell,
And stumbles and trudges to another land.

Comic Heroes
Cool heroes.
On time bad-guy fighting people.
Mystifying secrets.
Instrumental weapons.
Colorful suits.
Heroic personalities. 
Extraordinary powers. 
Readily on guard.
Overseeing eyes. 
Extreme risks and dares.
Super good heroes.
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