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  Copyright (c) 123RF
Here’s a scene from my Erotic Fantasy Romance, REMEDY MAKER.
(Winner of the Paranormal Romance Guild 2012 Reviewer’s Choice Award,
  * * *

A little coffee, some
discussion and bargaining, and I’m good to go.
Patience took hesitant steps out of the
bedroom with bare feet. She cleared her throat. “Good morning.”
creased her face, her hair lay mussed and wild about her shoulders. Heat coiled
low in his belly; his scrotum tightened inside his pants.
was in deep shit.
his waking mind, the plan seemed so easy. None of the sexy details were filled
in. Now, with her standing in front of him looking like she’d been tumbled hard
in the sack, all he could think of was . . . getting hard in the sack!
No! Not that word.
brown hair, liberally streaked with auburn, floated in waves over her shoulders
and cascaded down her back. He watched her like a slow motion movie. She lifted
her hands and pushed the heap away from her face, her breasts jiggling with
maddening temptation.
there.” He grabbed open the lower door of the cold box and hid behind it,
adjusting himself through his jeans. Guileless, her innocent eyes held no
condemnation for his Centaur breeding.
was born decades after the last arrow flew in hatred. Her people had committed
horrendous crimes, but he had murdered as well. He was the villain here, not
her. The proof stood right before his eyes, looking so damn beautiful—a felony
on two legs. 
* * *
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