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I’ll start us off with a scene
release date July 27,

He growled and bit down gently, holding
her flavor inside his mouth a moment. Base mythological nature would have him
mark her as his mare, the same way Centaur stallions of fabled old identified
their intimate herd.  
love bite that claimed her as Rhy’s personal property.
The thought provoked a compelling
hunger as he slid and flicked against her engorged clit.
Patience couldn’t hold back any longer,
didn’t want to keep it in. She keened in huffs of “oh, oh, oh . . . .” Tighter
and tighter her womb coiled, clamping down on Rhy’s insistent fingers. The soft
bedding beneath her back shook and swayed, and rope suspensions creaked in
He knelt on the hardwood floor and she
thought if he weren’t careful, he’d have bruises by morning.
But who the hell cared now?
The rapture she had experienced with
Rhycious once before, teased just out of reach. Inflamed with resplendent
longing, she delved her fingers deeper into his hair, holding his mouth against
her anxious core.
He took her passion between his lips and
sucked hard. That was all it took to detonate a convulsing release. Inside of
her, a dam broke and let loose a rushing waterfall.
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