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Some of the hottest selling romance books feature scorching love scenes. The words burning your page (or eReader), and set your heart to pounding.
Today, I want you to share your Smoking Hot scene, the one
that sends the reader…up in
Keep it short, meaning don’t post the whole
chapter! Just the drool-worthy highlights.
To start it off, here’s an unedited
scene from my upcoming release. Rhycious finally has Patience right where he wants her: on her back and on the bed.


She tried to press her legs
together and an unwelcomed heat crept into her cheeks. Gods… His nose hovered
mere inches from where she was thoroughly drenched. He inhaled her scent, her

Aroused and hot for Rhycious, she
had a moment of over-exposure down below that quickened her breath. Her cheeks
heated further when he groaned and whispered her name.

Rhy lowered his head, pressed his
mouth against her center, and tongued her inner folds. She saw his eyes, large
glittering ovals of approval. 

“So, so wet.” His warm
breath blew out over her exposed flesh. He lifted his gaze and licked his shiny
lips. “Thank you, Patience.”
And it just gets HOTTER
from there! As always, I welcome each comment and look forward to
your posts!

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