A quickie-read novellette
Return to the uninhabited world on Jungle Island…

Life should be sweet, but for Tarzan things have gone sour. No matter how hard he tries, when something goes wrong it’s always his fault—like the challenger who wants the Alpha Female position. And Jane isn’t happy about it.

Jane survived a pirate attack and being shipwrecked on a jungle island. Life is tough in the wilds, but how does one survive heartache and homesickness—or the suspicions the mind conjures up. Courage is made, and relationships strengthened, when two people share a sweet Jungle Love.

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Five Stars
loved it! great read!
– mother of 7

Welcome to the jungle
Sheri Fredricks brings us a hot and steaming Tarzan and Jane story as it has never been told before in this series. Jungle Love gives us more of the relationship and the trails of loving a man with his survival instincts and animal nature. Like I mentioned before hot and steamy. Very enjoyable read.
– Kimberly H

this one was by far my favorite. And though it had plenty of steam
Of all the books in this series, this one was by far my favorite. And though it had plenty of steam, it also showed Jane finally coming into her own as the alpha female. I loved seeing how they handled the challenges, especially the male/female communication…that was a whole new level of frustration. But was fun to watch unfold.
– Cynthia Kimbrough


The flying threat was not a gift, as the grinning ape suggested. Coral’s arrogant smile of fake gratitude could be interpreted as a danger to his woman.

Protectiveness swelled in him like the creek after the rain. The feeling grew, filled his chest, and spilled over until a river flowed. Tarzan was not attracted to the gorilla offering herself in the nearby tree, and he needed to be sure she knew as well.

He stroked his weakened male part as he thought his problem over.

Jane watched his hand with an interested eye.

Perhaps there was another way for Coral to understand. He looked at his mate’s rosy, upturned face. “Turn around.”

“Yes!” Spinning on her knees, Jane wiggled her rounded ass and threw a huge smile over her shoulder. “Like this?”

Lust filled-out his mating tool until it jutted stiff and hard. He lowered onto one knee, bringing him directly behind his mate. Gently squeezing the back of Jane’s neck with one hand, he directed her cheek to rest on the sweet-smelling moss floor of the nest. His other hand raised her hips and ass high, to offer herself to him, Lord of the Jungle.

Jane deepened the flex of her back and displayed a stunning view. “Like what you see?”

“Ooh-ooh.” Tarzan swept his hands over the ripe perfection of her rounded butt. His finger traced the little dots she got from the sun and the scar from when she fell. “Tarzan like.”

From the corner of his eye, he saw Coral had stopped chewing leaves and sat still, watching them.

Good. Mating in front of the annoying gorilla would, as Jane once said, “Kill two birds and eat them, too.”

Slowly, he leaned forward and ran a finger over her glistening pink sex. It clenched in response, and his own sex pulsed with need. Dew gathered along the swollen lips and the air filled with the flowers of her scent.

“Touch me again,” she whimpered.

“Tarzan touch.” Resting his hand where he could thumb the pucker of her ass, he leaned lower, stuck out his tongue and licked the moisture from her mating slit.

“Ooh,” she groaned. “Yeah, I need that.”

Long strokes, up and down, her wild taste flowed over his chin and reminded him of the beach; a pleasant blend of warmth, salt, and sweet fruit. He licked her hard little nub, the one that made Jane cry out and arch her back, like how she was doing at the moment. Each lightly furred petal thoroughly lapped, bitten and sucked, until she widened the spread of her legs.

“Come on, Tarzan.” Her whine pulled at him with her hard breaths. He hated the torture he had to put her through. She tilted her hips and thrust back. “I’m ready.”

He returned to his kneeling position behind her, but kept his fingers stroking in and out. Her moans grew louder.

To his right, Coral straightened, sitting taller to see over the rim of his sleeping nest. Totally focused on them, she didn’t even notice when Chee-tah climbed down a branch to land beside her.

No one, not even a friend from his younger days, could ever push Tarzan’s mate from her position as his alpha female. To permit such a thing would be to force Jane away.

And he would never allow that to happen.

High in the canopy on their platform of branches and leaves, scraps of moss hung from the twigs in sheets of torn webs and swayed in the breeze. Tarzan notched his mating tool to Jane’s slit. Then, turning to stare directly into Coral’s eyes, rebuking the ape to her place, he plunged into his mate’s welcome heat.

Coral’s cricket-brown eyes bugged out. Her lips pulled back. She opened her mouth wide and released a deafening roar.

The little white-faced monkey grabbed the banana out of the gorilla’s hand and swung his getaway on the nearest vine.

The branch Coral stood on bounced with her outrage, raining loose leaves and debris onto birds that squawked below.

“What the hell is all that noise?” Jane raised her head at the commotion.

Tarzan gripped the back of her neck and urged her cheek to rest on the nest floor once more. Holding the majority of his weight on the bent knee, his other hand reassured Jane with a squeeze of her hip. “Chee-tah take Coral’s banana.”

“Well, give her another one. She’s throwing a fit.”

In the dominant male position Tarzan took his female from behind, thrusting in and out firmly, while he held Coral’s hard glare.

The ape wanted more than his banana, but that fruit was only for Jane.

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