The erotic saga of Tarzan and Jane continues in this Quickie-Read novelette!

On a calm morning out at sea, Jane is swept into a nightmare. Pirates sink her yacht and leave her for dead. Washed onto an uncharted island inhabited by a wild man with a hungry sexual curiosity, he claims her as his mate.

In the treetops where life hinges on a diet of balance and steady nerves, the Lord of the Jungle—a powerful alpha male—rules his home. Through a language of grunts, she understands his loneliness as the sole human living amongst a band of mountain gorillas. On her own she’s helpless, a captive without chains, and soon realizes the safest place on the island is next to his dominant side.

Tarzan’s simple life took an unexpected turn when the female landed on his shores. His primitive need to mate is welcomed by her own desires for him. When the dreaded pirates return, so does the danger to his woman.

Jane will do anything to keep Tarzan alive, but in order to survive, she must trust his jungle instincts.

The steamy jungle just got hotter.

<strong>Series</strong>:<br /><!-- [et_pb_line_break_holder] -->Jungle Island<br /><!-- [et_pb_line_break_holder] --><strong>Genres</strong>:<br /><!-- [et_pb_line_break_holder] -->Action-Adventure, Erotic Romance, Humorous Romance, and Romantic Suspense<br /><!-- [et_pb_line_break_holder] --><strong><a href=''>Get It Now!</a></strong> or <strong><a href="#preview">Read a preview!</a></strong>

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The barrier breaks . . .
I love that Tarzan sometimes understands Jane and sometimes doesn’t. His association of the word “Love” thinking that it has something to do with food because apparently Jane uses the word in association with food she enjoys. Only for him to understand at the end of this book that the word also refers to the strong feelings he has for her and vice versa. This is so cute . . . and hot. The story is still sizzling!
– Kay

… shot until Tarzan finally gets all alpha on the bad guys ass
From the first gun shot until Tarzan finally gets all alpha on the bad guys ass, I couldn’t stop flipping the pages to see what happened next. And for those wanting sexy Tarzan time, look no further than the jungle floor after he saves Jane.
– Cynthia Kimbrough


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