October 29, 2016

My #Sexy #Adventure with Monica Beggs #MySexyAuthors #romancenovel #militaryromance

It's another week of sharing our Sexy Saturday excerpts.

Okay, so this is an old promo card, but I think the guy is cute, don't you?


And now, for my seven sentences...drum roll, please...


“Why do you want to kill me?” She cried out. “What have I done?”

Mariano switched his attention back to Finn, his lips lifted in a ghost of a smile. “She is preciosa, no?”

“More than beautiful,” he answered without glancing her way. No way in hell was he taking his eyes off the guy.

Finn didn’t need to see Monica Beggs to remind himself how beautiful she looked. Every inch of her smooth olive skin had been seared into his brain after watching her movie Sin City: A Dildo to Die For—twice.

Okay, three times.

Through his adrenaline rush, memory of the teardrop shape of her breasts flushed hot through his jacked-up system and settled low between the hips. Helping the porn star was the right thing to do. He’d been sure of it back at Femenino Island and felt positive about it now. Confidence injected steel into his blood and he reveled in the sense of calm the knowledge brought.

“You win today, seƱor.” Mariano’s expression soured. A grim line thinned his lips and his brows lowered.

Finn shrugged and replied in matter-of-fact arrogance. “I win them all.”


Enticing? I sure hope so!

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  1. Just love a hero who knows how to be a winner

  2. Just bought your book in paperback! I've never read a romance with a porno lady in it. Rich guys, royalty, vampires are everywhere. I'm looking forward to reading something new. I hope I win one of the bookmarks.It would go perfect with the new book.


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