February 2, 2016

Meet Mairi Campbell

Book One: Tara's Wolf
Tara and Kale met as teenagers, Tara was the literary the outsider to all the village kids, mocked and shunned by her peers she sought peace in her family’s farm, that was nestled on the outskirts. Kale was the families new hope for the future, stuck into doing what his family required, he had nothing to look forward to. Tara and Kale fell in love and learned everything from each other about love. But age and time were against them, their families were both pulling them apart with their own agenda's, Now Kale has to leave and attend a special school for four years, will the time apart bring these two lovers back together, or would the wedge always be there between them. And there was a small matter of family loyalty and secrets that Kale and Tara hid from each other. To make their relationship work they would have to cross so many obstacles to be together. Read and find out if these two lovers make it, book one of the Rivere Du Loup Wolf Series.

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The story continues .....with Kale and Tara, Kale has finished with School and its been four long years, still there are secrets to unfold. With each new challenge that faces them, they feel at times that the world is against them. They are both strong and willing to fight for their love, will this be the final battle? and will there be a happy ever after?


Born in Stirling, Scotland, Mairi wrote a series of poems and short stories before finally writing her first book. Her hobbies include rugby, riding her Harley, and working in cross-stitch.


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