January 30, 2016

Writing Jobs Found On The Net...

For those looking for a side job to supplement their writing income, perhaps one of these opportunities will interest you:

(Statement: Perform due diligence and research the company, publisher, or job poster who offered the paid work - especially with CraigsList ads).

Litbreak Magazine is Seeking Prose and Poetry
Writers are invited to submit prose and poetry to Litbreak, a new online literary journal that publishes poetry, fiction, book reviews, and essays on literary subjects ...

Payment: $25/submission
Source: WritingCareer.com

On Spec magazine is Seeking Fiction Stories
On Spec magazine (est. 1989) has opened a brief reading period to review new fiction stories for upcoming issues. The publication discovers and exhibits outstanding works written primarily by Canadian writers and artists, in the genre called "Fantastic" literature ...

Payment: up to $200/story
Source: WritingCareer.com

Freelance Journalist Needed for True Stories
We are seeking a talented freelance journalist to conduct interviews and write inspirational true stories. Our programs and services often result in life-changing transformations for our customers. The purpose of these stories is to capture the positive-impact we have had on these lives and in turn inspire others to dramatically improve their lives with our help ...

Company: n/a
Payment: $15/hr.
Skills: Writing
Source: CraigsList

Feel free to give a heads-up on open submissions or job opportunities. Please provide a link for your source. Thanks!

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