January 28, 2015

WIP'ing it up on Wednesday


And now for something new. . .

As an author, I'm often asked, "So, what are you writing?" WIP It Up gives you an insider's look at what your favorite authors are cooking beneath their nimble fingers.

For the time being, I've put aside my Paranormal/Fantasy romance series The Centaurs and have noodled with a new idea.

The characters are a successful surfing equipment-line businessman (surfboards, wetsuits, etc.) and a film star at the height of her career.

(c) iMagestic
(c) Marin

Let me know how you like my action/adventure so far:


Title: None so far (suggestions are always welcome!)
Author: Sheri Fredricks (c) 2015


Even in his little coastal hometown of Pismo Beach, an occasional adult movie actress would be seen.

With the help of a trusted partner, Finn ran an enormously successful surf-line business. And as a thirty-six-year-old single guy, he’d seen his fair share of X-rated movies.

Hot, hungry, take-your-hand-and-jack-yourself-off, Allyson Beggs was one of those actresses. 

Finn smiled to himself as he ran her profile through his mind.

Classic girl-next-door qualities, except multiply her beauty one-hundred-percent. Shiny chestnut hair reaching for her tiny waist, brown eyes that held you captive and liquefied your resistance. Those miracles of Maybelline were beyond captivating, actually. Their amazing almond shape were utterly expressive and fringed with thick black lashes.

Just thinking of the last movie he’d seen her in made his dick tingle and grow hard. Finn shifted in the chair to relieve the pressure against his zipper.

Long, mile-high legs with shapely calves and muscle-toned thighs. All tinted with a hue he’d call sun-kissed. Would she be a matched color all over, or have sexy tan lines from a barely-there thong bikini? 

Finn crossed his legs, then immediately thought better when the material of his jeans pinched his tender nuts.


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  1. Great couple you have in the photos. I really like your description of "Hot, hungry, take-your-hand-and-jack-yourself-off, Allyson Beggs."

    Welcome to Wipitup, Sheri, it's a pleasure to have you with us this week. I hope you enjoy the hop and will come back with more of the sexy surfer Finn and Allyson.

  2. Going to drop in quick here - I'm not visiting blogs today - I'm writing - but I just wanted to say Hey- Sheri - glad to see you've joined us.
    Sheri and I belong to the same critique group- she is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. welcome to the hop :) yummy snippet. It definitely has potential... it caught my interest, even though I've been whining for more non-heterosexual erotic fiction :D

  4. Welcome to the WIP blog hop! I loved the visuals that you gave us! Always help to be able to picture the characters! Great snippet! :-)


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