January 24, 2015

Is that a callus I feel?

Grow thicker skin.

Isn't that what we're all told? From Kindergarten through adulthood, we're constantly told to "man-up", "cowboy up", "pull up your big girl panties."

UP, UP, UP. 

How about if we look at this from a different perspective?
Yeah, I'm all for that!

(Taken from Chuck Wendig: http://tinyurl.com/nfgh6g9)

Stop Giving So Much Of A Shit!

Said it before, will say it again: you have to learn to care less. 

When all the pressures and stresses and anxieties and critics and haters and assfaces and shitbirds come knocking at your door looking to carve away their pound of mental flesh, you have to get out your purse, poke through it while making hmm and ahhh sounds, and then finally say: “Gosh, I’m sorry, I have no more fucks to give.” 

Then you pull out your cool 1980s-action-movie submachine gun and mow them all down. (Er, metaphorically! No actually shooting anyone.) The hills should be alive with the sound of you not giving two rat pubes to rub together. 

If we put too much pressure on ourselves, too much weight of expectation and consequence, then the creation of cool things becomes harder. If you build a mental wall, you have to climb it. That’s just extra work. 

So? Stop putting it between you and the things you want to make.


  1. hmmmm.... a little cranky today? :)

    1. LOL! No, not at all. The freedom I felt after reading Chuck's words of wisdom set my writing spirit loose! I hope it can inspire others like it has for me.


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