January 22, 2015

Do it if it feels GOOD!

I came across a blog post that truly inspired me.

Repeat After Me: “F*ck It, I’m Doing It Anyway”
(excerpt from Chuck Wendig)

Throughout your MYSTERIOUS AND WONDERFUL AND OCCASIONALLY MISERABLE ART JOURNEY, you will meet many naysayers, and you will be given enough advice that, if you wrote all this advice upon many pieces of paper, you would singularly destroy a significant portion of the world’s forests. 

You can always keep your ears open. You can always take in every piece of advice, every warning, every admonishment, and you can regard it the way one regards a strange animal skull in the woods (“Was this a possum? A cat? A Bandersnatch?”). 

But when you know what you want to do, do it anyway. Even if it seems unwise. 

Someone will always tell you that art is a bad idea. They will tell you that book you want to write won’t sell. They will explain to you how you’d be a far better lawyer, doctor, barista, horse whisperer, or orgy custodian. 

They will say: “You shouldn’t do that.” 

And you will say: “Fuck it, I’m doing it anyway.”

AWESOME stuff, Chuck!



  1. So simple and so intelligent. This is pretty much my philosophy - basically - do it. It has gotten me in to trouble - but hey - life isn't always peaches and cream.
    Inspirational post.

    1. You said it, Daryl. Sometimes those peaches rot and the cream will curdle. Will that stop us? Hell no! We'll do it anyway.
      xo - Sheri

  2. I agree! Always follow your heart!!! Not everyone's path is meant for others.

    1. You'd once told me this about five years ago, Mart. Should have listened to you back then. In a way, I guess I did. I mean, how many authors have written romance books based on shapeshifting centaurs? Buahaha! I followed my heart. Bless you!


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