May 2, 2014

Friday Flames welcomes Loc Glin!

I couldn't be happier to welcome Loc Glin to Friday Flames.


I live in Little Falls, New Jersey. I am happily divorced, and I’m proud to be able to say that my ex-husband and I are still on friendly terms. We created two beautiful daughters in our union together. For that we will be forever grateful to each other.

My son in-law is proudly defending our country. Because of that, I see too little of my grandson. Duty stations are never close enough to home.

I share my home with Tiger Lily, the cat I inherited from my daughters, and the man I consider my soul-mate.

I work full time, and write in my spare time. I like to read and watch TV or movies. I enjoy sitting poolside and swimming. Horseback riding? Yes, I love it. Unfortunately there aren’t enough hours in the day to do all the things I like to do, so I choose to write.

I’m the first to admit that my life is uneventful, one could consider it dull. But I’m happy, that’s what matters. Not many people can truly say that. If more people were happy the world would be a better place. 

Her latest book is "Unleashing the Woman Within."

“Then maybe you’ll like this instead.” Stephen stepped back from her. He tapped the tip of the crop to her ankle. “I like your shoes, Rowena, fiery red, like your temper. I will learn and taste all the fiery things about you before this encounter is over.”
She shuddered and sucked in a breath.
“I think you like being helpless and out of control.” He moved the crop up the inside of her calf. “Spread your legs open wider, Rowena.” He tapped the crop to her calf with authority.
She didn’t move.
He slapped her ass again. “It’s so warm.” He leaned down behind her. “Yes, it is getting really pink now.” He caressed the rosy patch. He kissed little pecks all over it. “Oh, yes, I could do this all night.”
“Sadist,” she accused him angrily.
“Not really, but I could be if you’d like. The next man may be a sadist. He may enjoy hurting you. Do you want me to treat you rough and hurt you? Is that why you’re here? Is that how you get your kicks, Rowena?”
“No,” she whispered. She sounded shocked.
“Then thank you for being so disobedient, so I get to punish you. I truly do enjoy spanking you.”
“The next man? What you mean the next man?” she demanded.
She sounded like she really didn’t know. “There will be another after me, and then a third. They will have their way with you just as I will. They may not be as understanding about your defiance.”
“Understanding? This is understanding? My ass is stinging. “
“I believe it is.” He caressed her cheeks again as he looked into those lovely blue eyes straining to see him over her shoulder. He placed the crop on the back of her calf. He dragged the crop as he moved around her. “Spread your legs, Rowena,” he commanded.
This time she followed his order, but if her eyes were knives, he’d be flayed alive. Her lips flattened into an angry thin line.
“Very good, Rowena, you’re learning to curb your tongue. Let’s see if I can make you earn another heated caress.”
He moved the crop up her calf to the inside of her thigh. “It’s such a pity you don’t like my touch. This soft skin is very tender.” He flicked the leather tip of the crop across her inner thigh.
She screamed.
“Oh, thank you, Rowena.” He slapped her ass again. He caressed it and moved behind her to kiss it. This time he placed wet kisses all over her rounded buttock while flicking out his tongue against the warmed skin. “You like that, don’t you?”
She shook her head with such vehemence the chains above her rattled.
“I don’t believe you, Rowena. Maybe you’d like this more.” He spread her cheeks and ran his tongue over the exposed skin and over her anus.
She jumped. “Stop!” she ordered.
He slapped her ass. He put the crop at her ankle and moved it toward her thigh. “Would you like me to use the crop here?” He quickly moved the crop to her crotch. “Would you like the leather to lick your pussy, or would you prefer my tongue?”
“You would use that thing there? You would whip me there?”
“I would not whip you, Rowena. I would make the leather caress your cunt.” He pressed the crop harder against her open pussy. “Look down, Rowena.”
She looked straight ahead.
He slapped her ass. “Look down,” he ordered.
Her head bent forward.
“Do you see the leather tip?”
She nodded.
“I will make it kiss you there.” He moved his free hand around her waist and down. He spread his fingers over her mons and through the small patch of neatly trimmed coarse black hair. He moved his fingertips in a small circle, gently massaging.
She began to take quick breaths.
“The thought of that excites you, doesn’t it?”
“No, it’s your touch.”
“Oh, so you do like my touch.”
“Apparently.” She panted, and her hips pressed into his fingers.
“Much better, now we can begin to play.”
“Play?” The word came out in the heated rush.
“Oh, yes. I like to play.” He pressed into her from behind. He could feel his hard cock throbbing through the leather. This woman excited him more than any woman had in a very long time. Tonight he would be her second lover and maybe her third. The night was young, he would see.
“Oh my,” she whispered.
“How long have you been doing this?” he whispered into her ear as he slipped his middle finger between the lips of her cunt searching for her clit. He found the spot and pressed ever so lightly.
She moaned.
“Do you want more?”
She nodded, yes.
“Then tell me, how long?”
“I’ve never done this.”
He didn’t know why, but he believed her. “Good girl,” he whispered as he slowly massaged her clit.
She relaxed into him and moaned. “That feels good,” she said.
“I think I like this side of you,” he whispered and nipped her ear lobe.

She stiffened as she realized she’d let down her guard.


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  1. Wow,that's a heck of a way to start the morning!

    Here's my Friday flame - it's from my upcoming novel, "Dream Home" (out May 23rd)...

    It’s only nine-thirty. Grace won’t be home until after midnight, and nobody else will be home at all tonight. Still, once we get inside, hang up our coats, take off our shoes and go into our bedroom, I lock the door. There’s no point in taking chances.

    Brian knows what I’m thinking, and he’s in full agreement with my plans – especially since we haven’t done this since a week before Thanksgiving. Now that he’s fully recovered, and we’ve got the house to ourselves, there’s nothing to stop us.

    In no time at all, our clothes are scattered all over the floor, and we’re on the bed, my hands all over him, his exploring me. It’s like always; we’re both losing ourselves in it…

    No, it’s not. He’s holding back. He’s – I look into his eyes and I see something I haven’t seen there in years. Not since the first time we were together, really. Nerves – more than nerves, outright fear. But what’s he afraid of? After almost fifteen years, how can he be worried about anything in bed – or anything with me at all?

    “Brian?” I’m panting; unlike him, I was totally involved, and it’s hard to speak.

    “I’m fine,” he says. “I’m…”

    “No. Something’s wrong. You’re – you’re scared.” I don’t know why I say it so bluntly; I guess I’m just too surprised to watch my words.

    “No, I’m…” His eyes dart away from mine, down to his scar, and I realize what the problem is. How did I not think of that?

    Because there’s no reason to think of it. “You’re healed, Brian. Back to normal. And I never touched any of…” I laugh; I can’t help it, “that plumbing. Everything’s going to work like it always has. You wouldn’t be…” I reach down, give him a squeeze, and I’ve got his full attention, “…if it wasn’t right.”

    “I know that,” he says, hesitantly, panting slightly himself now. But the fear is still there in his eyes. “It’s just – you stitched everything up inside. What if – what if it all comes apart, while we’re…?”

    I take a deep breath; I have to remind myself that he’s not a doctor, and also that this was the first operation he ever had. “Brian, I promise you. It was all healed up a month ago. The stitches have dissolved away by now, everything is all healed. Your muscles are whole again. There’s nothing you can do with me that’ll hurt you. Nothing.” I stare hard at him, my best imitation of the look he uses on me.

    It works; he’s pinned there, frozen, just like I always am. He can’t even speak, so I go on. “Nothing. I promise.” I lean close, kissing him, running my hand across his scar and then downward, feeling his whole body respond, and when that happens, my spell is broken.

    And so is his fear. A moment later, so quickly I’m not sure how it happened, he’s on top of me. He’s fully involved, lost in the moment just like I am…

    No link yet, but the rest of my books are at

    1. Something to look forward to! Thanks for sharing today.


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