April 7, 2014

You asked, here it is: My Writing Process

My good friend, military romance author Natasza Waters, tagged me to participate in the MWP (My Writing Process) blog tour. I happily agreed because it’s different from others I’ve participated in. The idea is to explain how I write by answering four questions.
I should mention that I met Natasza Waters last summer at the Romance Novel Convention in Las Vegas. We didn't have a whole lot of time to hang out, she was uber busy with her duties as an author and review contributor to InD’tale magazine. However, the little bit we were able to visit sparked a friendship and now I’m an absolute fan of her work. 

The excitement will leave you breathless!

Here’s the questions and my answers to “How does Sheri craft a tale?”
1.  What am I working on?
Two projects at the moment. Book Three in The Centaurs series – Mythic Divine. I’m over half way complete with the first draft and it’s looking GREAT! I’m giving you more of the sexy shape-shifter Centaurs, sexy Nymphs, and who could forget the villain, Pennelope. My books have been classified as fantasy because of the characters, yet with shape-shifting I've crossed over into the paranormal realm. This series has been the work of my heart and I hope you’ve enjoyed the journey like I have. After all, we can only play in the real world for so long…
The second story I’m one chapter away from completing (squee!) is a twisted fairytale I titled Continuum. It will be available in April 2014, along with nine other romance authors, in an anthology we’re calling “Wicked Fairytales: The Curvy Collection”.
2.  How does my work differ from others of its genre?
In Remedy Maker, my debut novel, I took a Centaur and made him real. Rhycious is a former military medic with two hundred years of front-line war experience. Patching his brothers up might have saved their lives, leaving them with physical scars, but he never thought he would be left with the mental wounds. PTSD is his constant companion and he believes he’ll never find love with his aggressive condition. That is, until he meets a fun-loving bundle of positive energy named Patience…who just happens to be a Wood Nymph, the enemy of his people.

My stories are different because my Centaurs are shape-shifters, yet no different than you and I. Then I took a Wood Nymph and made them warriors, however they’re more of an ally than the Centaurs realized with their ability to appear and disappear in and out of trees. To round out the cast of characters, I added Trolls who can dive underground and a few Minotaurs and Satyrs as extras.
3. Why do I write what I write?
I grew up riding horses. It’s true! When I was five years old, I climbed on an old gelding and have ridden ever since. My parents boarded horses back then, and on my 10th Christmas I was given a mare of my own. Fast-forward a decade plus and I found myself married to a cowboy. More horses, cattle, sheep, dogs…lots of shoveling, if you get my drift.
Write what you know. I know I like to daydream. I also know horses. Put the two together and what do you get? Yup, shape-shifting centaurs with a Happily Ever After.
4.  How does my writing process work?
Originally, when I first started out, I actually had a schedule of sorts. I’d write a minimum of four hours a day, and more if I could fit it in. Nowadays my writing spurts are more sporadic. I can lay down a novella in just two days if left alone with my imagination. Not so easy with a self-employed husband and two teenage boys. I’m hoping for a summer where everyone has somewhere to go. J
Before I start my story, I write a complete outline. I don’t mark where chapters begin or end, but highlight the situations, moments of character study, and sometimes this includes dialogue I think may be important. This gives me a road-map of sorts to follow. If I deviate and take a scenic route, I’ll adjust my outline and keep going. It’s hard to turn off my inner-editor, and some days I can’t move on until what I've written is the best it can be. But a good friend once told me that you can’t edit a blank page. I try to remember that always.
Now, how does this blog continue? I’ll tag a couple authors and on April 14th you can read about their writing process on their sites. Here’s who I tag:

A.R. Von:  Ava and I met about three years ago. She reviewed Remedy Maker and I continued to visit her site. Once we became fast friends on Facebook, it was all click and seal-the-deal from there. A.R. Von writes Zombie romance, a genre I never thought I’d read but found I enjoy very much! She really knows how to spin a tale. Her Wunder series is available from all retailers. https://www.facebook.com/ARVon2
Katie St. Claire: As a new writer, the first thing I did was join an online critique writers group called Rom-Critters. I’ve made tons of friends and our friendships spill out into the real world (and onto Facebook). Katie is one of those friends. She’s warm and kind, always upbeat, and writes exciting Young Adult novels with a bit of paranormal thrown in. Young people readily identify with Katie’s stories and plot lines.  www.katiestclaire.com
It’s time I got back to pounding at the keyboard. Look for A.R. and Katie on April 14th. You’ll be entertained and pleasantly surprised by what you’ll learn!
 Have a wonderful week!


  1. Excellent post. I loved learning about your writing process. I wish I could be as organized as you and write an outline--would make my life much easier. I have tried the outline thing, but never stick to it, lol. Plus, I'm lazy.

  2. I admire anyone who can do an outline, Sheri!! It was wonderful learning about your writing process. I tweeted.

  3. I agree with Ella, I'm amazed by anyone who can write and FOLLOW an outline. I can write one but my characters tend to disagree with me.
    Greta post.

  4. Ah, to be so lucky to be a plotter. I am not, lol. But, sometimes I wish I were. Great post! Can't wait to read these stories you're working on!

  5. I have always viewed outlines as similar to a grocery list. You start out with a set plan, but along the way to the eggs and the coffee creamer you come across so really good stuff. Which gives you an idea that you cannot resist trying out. . . . And by the time you get to check out, you are wondering what to put back so you can justify the Starbucks coffee break you need after spending so far over your budget. . . . guh! Thank you for this article. Next time I stick to my budget *sort of*

  6. Great post! I love those centaur boys!

  7. I've loved learning more about your process. I can't do the outline but I'm glad you are working on more books! :) Wonderful!!

  8. I have no shot of getting my characters to follow an outline. They are rulebreakers just like me.

  9. Awesome post Sheri!
    Thank you for the amazing shout out :)

  10. How did I not see this until now? Awesome post, milady! xoxo. <3


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