November 29, 2013

Entangled in Friday Flames!

The flames have burned hotter than ever before. 
The scenes are scorching. 

Through it all, over 7,400 people have dropped in and read the excerpts shared.

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 Crystal Drake will start us off with a scene from her book - Entangled

The high commander opened her legs, knelt between them in his power position, and he caressed her thighs with his big, hot hands. Her legs quivered and heated. The wetness he caused was instant. The sight of his ready erection made her hungry for him. He stretched over her and applied a hungry kiss to her lips that drove away her fear.

Then he moved down her body, placing tiny sucking kisses down her neck and shoulders, tickling her. The chilly breeze titillated her flesh. His hot mouth reached her breasts to find them rushing for his attention. He suckled one, then the other, and she couldn’t stop whispering his name. He trailed kisses down her stomach until he reached the apex of her womanhood. The imagining of his mouth anywhere near that pleasure center made her mind and body feel as though she spun.

“Oh, Kade…” came out in a rushing breath, her body shivering again.

“Willa… I want Valco to see me worship you like this.”

She shuddered and moaned and felt terribly hungry.

“You’re very wet, Willa… Do you want me?”

Her thighs shook at his stimulation. “I don’t want anything like I want you, Kade.”

“I don’t want anything like I want you, priestess. Tell that deceiver he can’t take you from me, Willa.”

Kade went down on her, surprising her and making her cry out his name. His tongue danced over the folds of her sex, causing tremors of orgasm through her body. His name shuddered from her lips through the forest from no intentional effort of her own. She heard it but barely realized it came from her when he rocked her with a strong orgasm swamping her senses with ecstasy. She opened her eyes to see him there, thrilling her like that and obviously enjoying it. Another gasp escaped her mouth, and she slid her fingers into his shortly cropped hair. Enthusiastic for response, he used his mouth and fingers to make her cry out louder.

When he’d nearly made her weep from wanting his total possession, he moved up her body and kissed her passionately. Then he entered her to the great mind-expanding pleasure of her heart and body. 

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  1. Combustible literature!! Thanks for coming by, Melissa!!

  2. Here's a small sexcerpt from Prophecy's Child, book #2 in the Prophecy Series.

    He knelt down and ran his calloused palms up her calves, the back of her thighs, then massaged her butt. “I’m going to taste you now.”

    Kal’s words cranked her arousal up another notch. He was simply stating a fact, not asking for her permission.

    His fingers hooked the top of her panties, and with slow, torturous tugs, he peeled the red satin down her legs.

    “Sweet perfection.” He lifted one of her legs and draped it over his shoulder, exposing her most private area to his burning gaze.

    (Hurry. I can’t take this much longer.) His warm breath fanned over her moist sex. She trembled, waiting for his next move—for his tongue and lips. And she didn’t have to wait long. The next second, his tongue dragged across her aching clit. Intense pleasure exploded through her nerves. She grabbed onto his head to hold herself up.

    His silky blue and black hair brushed her thighs as he nuzzled deeper, stroking, licking. “Oh fuck, yeah. You’re so sweet,” he said in a low, rough voice.

    Katherine glanced down. Eyes closed, nose and mouth buried in her folds, he sucked her swollen flesh. Pressure built, climbing, higher and higher. Her breathing turned to shallow gasps. She gripped handfuls of his hair, anchoring herself to Earth. “Kal…oh yes…don’t stop.”

    His soft groans vibrated her clitoris. She closed her eyes and focused on his mouth and tongue.
    Also available at Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Apple, and wherever e-books are sold.

    1. *fanning face* Getting overheated here! Whew! It's no secret that I LOVE Brenda Dyer's vampires. You never cease to amaze me with your HOT scenes filled with emotion.

      The Flames are burning hotter! Thank you!!

    2. Wow, Love reading this book and this, well I am loving this book. Did I just repeat myself. I'm a little faint right now. . .

  3. I got a message to stop over! Here is a scene from Dragons' Mate:

    Brand moved under her, and as he did she saw him change. Muscled arms caught and brought her to the surface. Glittering eyes. A strong human face. Astonished, Annie had to hold on to him or sink back down.

    Hands grabbed Annie’s legs and wrapped them around Brand’s human torso so she was exposed and spread. They caressed her ass and moved to massage her breasts, and Annie wanted the sensations so badly it didn’t occur to her to object. In other cases she would, but was this really Brand? The throbbing in her pussy had to be satisfied.

    Suddenly, a cock slid into her. She had been aroused since she woke, so it pressed easily to her womb and she gave a gasp of pleasure. Brand’s hips ground into her, and his thick maleness thrilled every inch of her aroused passage as he walked out of the water. Lying down on the moss, legs still in the pool, he pulled himself almost all the way out of her then positioned Annie so that she was sitting astride him, guiding her to turn around. As she did, she felt Brand’s hands grab her hips from behind, his abdominal muscles tightening beneath her ass as he leaned forward to arch her back. Pulling her arms, he made sure his cock stayed inside her.

    Annie’s arms held her up off of his chest, and the position of her body felt deliciously wanton, back bowed and breasts thrust upward. This was just like last night’s dream, but better. One of her “boys” had become a man, a man who loved and worshipped her. This was almost every fantasy she’d ever had. But was any of it really happening? How was it possible? She couldn’t think. It felt so good.

    She looked down and was surprised again. Green eyes, Tine’s, burned hot in a human face, staring up at her as his tongue licked from the cock that was barely inside her, up and across her exposed pussy lips and clit. Annie moaned. Hands moved to her breasts, squeezing and tugging at her nipples. Brand rammed back in, and Tine continued to lick, randomly shifting between her pussy and breasts.

    Annie bucked her hips as Brand thrust in and out. The pinching of her nipples and licking of her clit sent shivers through her, and as her pounding sped up so did Tine’s tongue. Suddenly, a sharp suction caused Annie to cry out. The clasping of her passage set off a pulsing of Brand’s cock, and wet heat exploded deep into her womb. Tine continued to lick and nibble, long slow licks that cleaned the cream that was oozing out of her, nibbles to her clit that caused shivers with each pass of his tongue and teeth.

    Her pussy throbbed and her gut clenched, and against all odds Annie found herself aroused again. It was almost too much, but she wanted more, needed more.

    Hmmm. This is one of the tamer scenes! For more Dragons' Mate is available at Amazon: Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Apple, Sony, Smashwords and All Romance

    1. *Sheri sits there stunned and breathing hard* What the heck is going on with dragons?? I gotta go find out!! Oh yeah.... Friday Flames has just been visited by Beverly O, and we want more!

  4. WOW, Beverly, that was so freaking HOT!!!!

  5. Holy Moly Guacamole, Beverly, I do not look at Dragons in quite the same way as I used to after reading this book! Diana


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