October 11, 2013

Friday Flames goes Electric!

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Today my guest is Stacey Brutger

Thank you for having me on your blog! I hope you enjoy this little peek into my deliciously dark urban fantasy, Electric Moon.

Electric Moon –A Raven Investigations Novel : Book 2



Raven’s private life explodes into the spotlight when she is nominated as a Region on the paranormal police force. As she juggles the demands of pack life and police work, the lines between duty and loyalty blur. Shifters are dying. Raven suspects something sinister is destroying the pack from within. She must dig into the dark corners of the paranormal world, secrets they would kill to protect, and find the killer before her pack becomes the next target.

Durant opened the door to his office. Raven went to step through when he quickly closed it on her, shutting her in the hallway with him. He crowded into her space, placing a hand on the wall by her head, blocking her avenues of escape. “How about we play a game? For every kiss, I’ll answer one of your questions.”

Heat poured off him, tempting her to give into him, anything to just be able to touch him. Thoughts became clouded. He leaned closer, his lips hovering so over hers. “Say yes.”

She tore her gaze from his lips and met his stare. “You want this?”

She hadn’t meant to sound so breathless. Hadn’t meant to reveal her need. It’d been so long since she’d been able to be close to someone. She wasn’t sure she could say no when she wanted that connection so badly.

“More than anything.” Durant didn’t smile, didn’t move in anyway. The power of him bunched under his skin, waiting for her to say no.

“And you’ll stop at any time?”

His throat bobbed painfully, and he gave a curt nod.

She bit her lip, and a groan rumbled in his chest before he could prevent it.

“One question for one kiss.”

Durant nodded again.

“And we’ll put on a timer.” It would keep her from getting lost in the moment. Prevent her from taking too much.

“Anything you want.”

She closed her eyes, her breathing a little too fast, leaving her lightheaded.

Or maybe that was just him.

“Teach me.”

The door shot open, and she was shoved inside in under a second. Raven whirled to see Durant very deliberately lock the door. She swallowed hard, her heart pounding as excitement and dread tumbled through her.

Durant rested his forehead on the door, struggling for control, presenting her with a very drool worthy line of his back and ass. She licked her lips, the sight of him so pushed to the edge, calming her. She no longer felt like prey.

“I need you to do something for me.”

She traced her fingertips against her lips, still able to feel his breath on them. Could almost taste him. It solidified her decision. “Of course.”

“In the bottom right hand side of my desk, you’ll find a box of confiscated items from the club. Grab two handcuffs and bring them to me.”

Doubts began to edge their way into her mind, cooling her thoughts. “Durant—”


Raven hesitated, but the wealth of emotions in his voice changed her mind. He didn’t ask anyone for anything. Ever. He just took or demanded and people obeyed.

She opened the drawer, hating the way her hand shook. She trusted him.

Didn’t she?

She pulled out two metal mismatched cuffs with the keys tied to them and walked toward him. “Here.”

She thrusted out the cuffs, half-expecting to feel cold metal slip around her wrist. Instead, he clamped them on his own. He caught her hand, pried open her fingers and gently placed the keys in her palm.


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  1. Thank you for having me on your blog! I liked back to my site. :)

    Hope everyone enjoys!

  2. Very nice, Stacey - I love it!

    Here's mine (in the next comment), from my newest book, "Waking Dream"

    1. What a steamy excerpt! Thanks for posting!

  3. Just in case, I lock the doors as well, then I dial Brian’s cell phone.

    He picks up on the first ring, and, sure enough I can hear that he’s at work. Before he even greets me, I hear him shushing someone on his end. “Sara! I figured you’d call right about this time.”
    “I miss you,” I nearly shout into the phone. I feel my heart speeding up. Just hearing his voice, warmth is spreading through my body. I can almost feel his arms around me, his hands all over me. “Can – can you go outside? Did you drive? Can you go out to the car?”

    “I’m going now,” he says.

    “Stay on the line! I want to hear you, don’t go, OK?” He doesn’t. He isn’t saying anything as he makes his way through the labyrinthine corridors of the Pentagon, but I hear him breathing and that’s good enough. I can picture him; I’ve been to his office a few times and I just about remember the route from there out to the parking lot. I’m following him along in my mind; he should just about be outside now – there, I can hear the wind.

    “At least I could park close in today,” he says, and sure enough it’s not even thirty seconds before I hear the door of our ancient Volvo open and then slam shut. “OK, I’m here.”

    “Good,” I answer. “I – I wanted,” no, wanted isn’t nearly a strong enough word. “I needed to thank you. I opened my gift. It was perfect.” He doesn’t bother to say “that little thing?” or “it was nothing” – he knows it was perfect. Just like he’s perfect. He doesn’t say anything at all, but I feel myself melting, as though he’s here next to me, as though he’s caressing me in the way only he can.

    I do have a very special gift for him. I didn’t bring it with me; I was saving it so he’d have one final thing to open once we got back from the trip. And I’m selfish enough that I want to watch him open it. The rest of his gifts from me are in the chalet; those will have to wait, too.

    “I’m sorry there’s nothing for you to open,” I say. “But – I…” my face is flushed, and every inch of my skin feels hypersensitive. “I want – let me give you something to look forward to, OK? There’s nobody around you, right? You’ve got the doors locked?” I hear a click over the line as he locks them. “Good. I – I want you to pay attention. I want you to hear every word, OK?”

    I’m talking just above a whisper. “When we get home, Brian – the moment we’re alone. I mean this. The very first second we’re alone. You still remember the Christmas card. How I want to be your best gift. I still do, and I always will.”

    “I know,” he breathes.

    “I want to be sure you do. I want you to know exactly what I mean by that.” Now I am whispering, and I know that my face is redder than it’s ever been in my entire life. But that doesn’t matter. I keep whispering. I tell my beautiful, perfect husband, in explicit detail, precisely what I intend to do to him, and with him. As I go on, I hear him gasping, and I feel myself going over the edge. But I have more to say. I tell him what I expect him to do to me, and with me.

    Neither of us is interested in talking dirty; I know that turns some people on, but it doesn’t do anything for us. We don’t actually talk that much about what we’re doing – we just – well, we just do it. I’ve honestly never in my life said aloud most of the things I just said I want to do, and have done to me. He hasn’t said anything the whole time, but now he does – he’s got a few things that he’d like to do to me that I hadn’t even thought about.

    I’m holding the phone to my ear with my left hand, and – oh, God, I didn’t even realize I was doing it, but my right hand has made its way down to my lap, and – I have to stop. I – what if someone comes outside and sees me? Or him? He’s at the Pentagon! What was I thinking?
    That thought is like a bucket of ice water; all thoughts of his body, his lips, his hands, that’s all gone in an instant. At least for me. But poor Brian! I got him worked up nearly to the point of – anyway, I shouldn’t have done that.

    1. Hi James! Glad you joined us again this week. I know my husband would love it if I called him more often to talk like this. Nice job!!

  4. WHOA, Stacey, that was such a smoldering scene.

    1. Thanks, Brenda! It holds a certain place in my heart. *big grin*

  5. She rested her arms on his shoulders and claimed his mouth so possessively that he lifted her easily and carried her to the bed. She pulled his shirt off and unbuckled his jeans to slide her hand inside his briefs.
    Bruce groaned from the mere pleasure. He suddenly felt aggressive, so he lifted her shirt away from her body and detached her bra, and claimed a creamy white breast, flowering her pink and taut nipple with sensual kisses. He turned and supplied the other breast with the same treatment.
    She moaned softly and stripped him quickly. She unfastened her wraparound skirt and glorified in his surprise as he saw that she was not wearing panties. She forced his head down against her breasts, and he continued to tease them. She moaned again, and instinctively brought her thighs up to hug his sides. She lifted his chin and kissed him slowly as he entered her warmth easily.
    He felt encompassed by her softness, by her love. He held onto her hips as he went with her. And as the climax was nearing, he felt her legs wrap around him, and he pushed harder, felt lost inside of her.
    Payton felt it nearing and clenched her fingernails on his shoulders. She claimed his mouth once more and when it came, she broke away, releasing but a cry of ecstasy. Her head fell back onto the pillow, her shining hair like a red cloud.
    He groaned softly and withdrew. He took hold of her body and pulled her onto her side, careful not to crush her swelled abdomen. He sighed into her hair and smiled.


  6. Congrats on your new release! Sizzling!
    Thanks for posting!


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