September 27, 2013

Friday Flames is Through the Wall

Romantic comedy author
Melodie Campbell 
joins us today!

Melodie will start us off with a steamy selection from her book (which I rated FIVE stars)



He grabbed my arm and swung me around. Then his arms were around me, his mouth on mine and there was madness. I clung to him like a drowning swimmer fighting to stay above water. His fingers twisted in my hair, pulling me closer. I fell into him, his coal black eyes, his strong embrace, the fire in his body, in his kiss.

He laughed when we broke apart. "It's as I thought."

He put his mouth to the place where my neck meets my shoulder. And then―dear God―he bit down hard. I cried out in shock. His hands ripped my dress from the neckline, yanking it down my arms, frantic to get it off my hips.

My breath came in gasps. "Wait, I―"

We were on the bare ground. His mouth found my breast, taking as much of it as he could. His right hand cupped the other one, kneading it, rolling the nipple between his thumb and finger. Then he latched onto that and I roiled beneath him, moaning, my legs already apart.

His mouth was on mine again, demanding more, and I felt him moving against me. Heat surged over me, through me. He raised his face, looked into my eyes and then arched over me. He took me swiftly, his control slipping, changing to frenzy.

This was no dream, but something more sinister, wild and frightening. I fell into a world of ghostly images, envisioning the pounding of waves and the roaring of men in battle. A broadsword appeared in my hand.

Then I heard the growling, savage need of the man inside me.

I cried out.

He yelled a triumphant, haunting roar and then the ground melted away from me and the only thing keeping me from sinking down into the bowels of the earth were his arms around me.


Note from the Author: 

The Land’s End series starting with ROWENA THROUGH THE WALL is meant to be fun, comedic fantasy, and indeed, has been called “Hot and hilarious!” plus “The Princess Bride with Sex” by reviewers.  But in this excerpt, I set out to present the other side to the story…the overwhelming passion that Rowena experiences in this medieval world through the wall.

Note from Sheri:  I'm telling you - grab this book!! I couldn't put it down and laughed from start to finish. 

NOW ON SALE!  For the next three days, ROWENA THROUGH THE WALL is on sale for 99 cents!  (regularly 3.99)

“Is that a broadsword on your belt, or are you just glad to see me?”

When Rowena falls through her classroom wall into a medieval world, she doesn’t count on being kidnapped – not once, but twice, dammit. Unwanted husbands keep piling up; not only that, she has eighteen-year-old Kendra to look out for, and a war to prevent.  Good thing she can go back through the wall when she needs to…or can she?

“Hot and Hilarious!”  Midwest Book Review

“Jack Sparrow meets Stephanie Plum”  Former editor, Distant Suns Fantasy Magazine
Warning:  This book is not a sweet romance.  It is a sexy, funny, rollicking adventure that some may find outrageous! Continues in Book 2.


Rowena Through the Wall (Imajin Books) is available at:,,,, Smashwords, and Barnes&Noble.

Follow Melodie’s comic blog at

Melodie Campbell got her start as a comedy writer, so it’s no surprise that editors have called her work ‘wacky’ and ‘laugh out loud funny’.  She has over 200 publications, including 100 comedy credits, 40 short stories and 5 novels.  She has received six awards for fiction, and is the Executive Director of Crime Writers of Canada.


If you have a steamy scene you’d like to share, please do so in the comments section! Don’t forget your buy links.

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    1. Thank you, Brenda! I must be getting braver. But I think my crime writer friends are in shock.

  2. I loved Rowena Through the Wall, and the next book following as well. Both EXCELLENT!
    Here's my contribution to FRIDAY FLAMES. From my sensual fantasy romance, PORTALS OF OZ

    Abelia's eyes widened when his engorged cock sprang free of his jeans, then she licked her lips and smiled. A subtle hip rotation coupled with her unconscious pelvic thrust, and he nearly came unglued before they even began.

    One-handed, he shoved his pants down, past his thighs.

    Jack hooked an arm behind her knee and stretched her leg up high. With his other hand, he held his rigid penis and bathed the spongy head in her fiery pool of wetness. Her legs flexed, thighs spreading to welcome him, the sight too erotic to bear. A luscious show played as he slipped and slid against her flared pink skin, his cock jerking at the contact with the moist heat. Throbbing and swollen, the head of his cock notched at her snug opening.

    He leaned forward and kissed her hard, sweeping inside so she could taste herself on his tongue. In careful, controlled bursts, he pushed inside her snug body by excruciatingly slow inches. Her little tight channel swallowed him up, every agonizing increment.

    Abelia threw her head back, keening in loud gusty huffs.

    Need consumed him in a roiling storm, and his breath grated fiercely as he wrestled to focus. To stay in control. But it was hopeless. Jack was too primed, the deep-rooted throb of his body an unbearable thrill. He pulled back, and slammed home hard. Again.

    And again.

    In an instant, her breath hitched and she gasped with unbound pleasure.

    While his lips explored her throat, he felt her moan vibrate against them as her body burst around his cock. Convulsions ripped through her that endeavored to squeeze the essence out of him.

    Never before had he felt a splintered impact of pleasure as he did right now with her body milking him in turbulent upheaval. And never had he experienced such a sense of amazing satisfaction when she lay breathless and seemingly boneless beneath him.

    Close to the edge of a mind-blowing cliff, he lurched forward once more. He ground himself so deep into her womb that he felt the rising wave of his release from a different plane within him.

    Abelia lifted her sweet thighs to wrap them higher over his hips. It sank him further into her, and he shattered.


    1. Oh sweet hotness, Sheri. This scene is boiling!

  3. I loved the Rowena books, too - great stuff!

    1. Thank you, James! So kind of you to comment.

  4. This comes from my newest --Enchanted Skye -- a story of Alexander MacCodrum, a Selkie trapped by an ancient and potentially deadly charm. Here, overcome by grief and circumstances beyond her control, Jenna gets locked in the room with Alex and ends up drinking too much scotch. After getting off to a very bad start, she warms up to him..or is that the scotch talking?
    Standing before with a blazing hard-on, his breath froze at the look in her eyes.

    Jenna watched him strip his clothing. Sultry slurred words hurried him along. “You have a very …nice…” Her words trailed off. She licked her lips.

    His mind extrapolated the rest he wanted to hear. “I’m glad ye think so, love.” He was driven. Never in his life did he want a woman as badly as he wanted her.
    He held himself. Words husky with desire, he whispered in awe, “I ache for ye, Jenna. I ache like I never have.”

    Kneeling at the end of the bed, he kissed the top of her foot. Her knee once more swung to and fro. Seeing invitation in that sensual display, he kissed up the length of her leg, murmuring heated declarations of desire between kisses. Though a part of him was keenly aware they didn’t know one another, another part of him was certain he’d known her soul forever. “I can hardly control this hunger for ye. Will ye allow me to love you, Jenna?”

    “Hunger?” she asked breathlessly, as though his words weren’t fully registering.
    Again the knee stopped, this time falling wide.

    “Aye, hunger. I’ve thought of nothing else since I first set my eyes upon ye.” Ascending now, he kissed the place above her knee, relishing the heat of her on his lips. Kissing her smooth inner thigh, he murmured against her flesh, “Will ye allow this starving man—” he kissed the velvet between, “—to bring ye pleasure?” He kissed again firmly this time. Tasting how ready she was on his lips, he licked them before asking, “Please say yes, Jenna. Please.” When she didn’t answer, he raised his head and blinked in stunned disbelief. Jenna MacLeod was out cold.

    The moment popping like a soap bubble, Alex broke into a hearty laugh and rose. His arousal quickly faded but not his desire, and it left him with an odd ache in his chest. Drinking in the tousled beauty on his bed, he told her regretfully. “Ah, my love, I warned ye the scotch was too strong.”
    Read the charm in Amazon's "Look Inside"

    1. I absolutely LOVE this excerpt, Rose! Well done! And your Selkie is a man after my heart with his sense of humor. *added to my TBR list*

  5. Maggie reached down and grabbed a particularly large and scary edition of The Oxford Unabridged English Dictionary and held it up over her shoulder with both hands. She continued to inch toward the body. Finally her vision broke the edge of the last bookcase hiding him and all the air rushed out of her lungs. He was huge, large, ginormous, and every other large adjective she could think of.

    He was also very naked.

    She moved in further, against her better judgment; the instinct to make sure he was okay was more than she could resist. She scooted books out of the way with the toe of her shoe as she moved toward the man. He certainly wasn't dead; she knew what death looked like, so she kept the book up in a throwing position. Finally close enough to check his pulse, she crouched down, much to her hip's dismay, and felt the strong beat of his heart under her fingertips. He was alive, definitely alive, and his skin was so hot to the touch it almost burned.

    It had been far too long since she had seen and appreciated a naked male body, and his was certainly something to appreciate. But obviously, she had to do a damage and injury check. She started at his feet and progressed upward until she got to his face, cradled by books, and found herself staring into the bluest eyes she'd ever seen in her life.

    The eyes shifted from her face to the book. In a blur of movement, so fast she couldn't react, he had the book in one of his hands, his body over hers and her wrists in his other hand. There was a stunned moment of stillness. They were both breathing heavily, chests rising and falling, touching where his body held hers to the ground. He was the first to recover, throwing the book at a nearby pile and reaching to grip a wrist in either hand.

    Wearing a look that swore vengeance, she wrapped her legs around his waist in a grip strong enough to crush ribs, and then neatly smacked her forehead against his. Rearing his head back, he dropped a wrist and tentatively brought his hand to his forehead, checking for blood. In that split second Maggie grabbed her fallen weapon and hit him square across his cheek.

    Loud muttering curses exploded from him in a deep accented voice. Before she could rear back he wrenched the book from her hand and threw it while still holding the other wrist. It ricocheted off the other books as he regained control of her. Books dug into her back but she barely noticed with her bare legs wrapped around his narrow hips and his chest pressing her body to the ground. Maggie stared him down with a look so menacing even the most insane of people would have released her, but the look he gave her in return was all heat.

    Excerpt from Legend's Fall by Monica Corwin

    1. Wow! She must really like books! I wonder how many she came armed with. Poor guy, it's a wonder he stayed in the mood. Sounds like an interesting read. :) Thank you so much for stopping by!!

  6. Here's a scene from my paranormal romance novel, Love's Prophecy. This scene is a little tamer than I normally post--but the book is filled with plenty of steamy scenes.

    Mel nudged her legs apart with his knee. From behind, he reached around and slid a hand over her belly, her hips, coming to rest between her legs. He rubbed her through her jeans in a slow rhythm. Knowing the answer, he asked anyway, needing to hear her say the words. “Why could you hardly wait?”

    Breeana rocked back and forth, grinding herself against his hand. She leaned the back of her head against his shoulder. “That feels so good.”

    “Breeana.” Her name came out in a breathy whisper. He growled, nuzzling the back of her neck up to the base of her skull. The fresh smell of shampoo—nectarines and berries—tantalized his senses. He had to slow down, he was losing control; wanting to strip her down and drive himself deep into her body. He needed to take her slowly, savor her, but he was way past the gentle stage. His arousal pounded through him like a living monster, demanding to be satisfied.

    He bit down, pinching her skin between his teeth. “Was this why you could hardly wait, sweetheart?”
    She rocked harder. He could tell her orgasm was close by her frenzied movements.

    “Sweetheart, I could hardly wait myself.” He slowly pierced her skin with his fangs. Her warm blood filled his mouth with its intoxicating flavor. He drank while stroking between her thighs.

    1. LOVE your vampires, Brenda. They're so HOT and yummy good. *Sheri flicks on the fan* Getting a little warm in here, I think!

    2. Nice Brenda. Think we'll call you and Sheri the Steam Queen's.


  7. Hey Sheri, I'll see your steamy and up ya volcanic. LOL. Hugs.

    Too Grand For Words

    “Patience—Mr. Porter—is also a virtue.” She slid her breasts down his chest, her tongue lingering on his nipple as she rolled it in her teeth.
    Her warm breath blew across his skin, and the anticipation made his desire crush every thought except for her. Slowly, she rid him of his pants, agonizingly so. Her lips roamed across his hips, her tongue leaving a sizzling trail down to the root of his shaft, but not taking him into her mouth. She toyed with him until he thought he would explode. When her sweet lips barely graced the end of him, licking off the bead of lubrication that said his body wanted hers, he couldn’t help but let his fingers tangle in her soft hair as he called out her name.
    She teased him with only her sweet little tongue. He thrust his hips off the couch wanting more, and he begged all right. She enticed him to the sharp edge of ecstasy, and then her fingers wrapped around his thick length, his body jerking with her touch.
    “Sweetheart, please.”
    When her moist mouth finally encircled him, it forced a groan from deep inside. The pleasure of her lips loving his erection made him crazy. “Oh God, Moira, don’t stop.” To see her beautiful, soft lips taking him into her mouth was enough to make him let go. Her tongue made his body spasm with pleasure each time it flicked at his head. How could something so dainty give him so much pleasure? He felt like he was having an out-of-body experience as every touch lifted him higher. It wasn’t raw or fast. Her love graced him like she did, gentle, sensual and unbelievably erotic.
    Her small hand cupped his sack, and her fingers explored him, riding along the length of him. Every move felt more erotic, every lick of her tongue more stimulating than the next. He could barely see through his undiluted passion. She stood for a moment, and let her skirt drop to the floor.
    When she ran the tips of her fingers through her own sweet silk then sensually covered his head with it, his body seized with pleasure. The memory of being inside her tore through him.
    “I want to taste us together,” she whispered as her tongue lapped at him, and when her lips slid over his shaft again, licking up their sweet mingling silk, it shot him over the edge of the cliff. His body jerked fiercely with the sensation. She sucked on him so hard his shoulders pinned themselves to the back of the couch, his hips arched with a sizzle that shot through him.
    He couldn’t help himself as a primal groan raced from his throat. He didn’t have an orgasm, he had a seizure as his body erupted in an explosion so violent he thought he would pass out.

    1. Well slap my a$$, Natasza! Mr. Porter is very impatient in all the sexy ways. If that doesn't heat up your screen, I don't know what will!

      It's heating up, here at THE FLAMES....

    2. Holy flying BLEEP BLEEP, and BLEEEEEEP!
      Natasza, this scene is explosive!!!

  8. Such wonderful excerpts. Here's mine from The Garnet Dagger:
    With her hand in mine, I moved her to me. Hungrily, my lips sought hers. I yearned to show her my love. I pressed her against me, my fingers played over the curve of her hips. As we kissed, her hands touched my face, and then tugged at my trousers. Heat pressed against me.
    Then her lips trailed kisses down my chest.
    Shyly, she gazed up at me. Fingers unfastened her cloak. The material floated down in a circle behind her. Mesmerized, I watched her hands loosen the laces of her gown. At last, she eased the gown over her head and tossed it aside.
    I forgot to breathe.
    Her breasts were full, and seemed to yearn for my touch. Flat stomach flowed down into the curve of her hips. A golden triangle of curls between her legs captivated me.
    Nervous, my hands fumbled at my trousers.
    A giggle floated on the breeze as I struggled to remove my trousers, now lodged over my boots.
    Celeste pushed my hands aside. Eased up the material, she then tugged my boots off. Next my trousers were gone and on the ground. I leaned forward taking Celeste with me. Her cloak spread out beneath us. I kissed her until we both panted for breath, and yet wanted more.
    In worship, my lips sought her body. At hearing her in-drawn breath when my lips grazed her nipple, I kissed each in turn. I opened my mouth over one of her taunt breast and suckled until her fingernails grazed down my back. Then I gave equal measure to the other breast until she ground her hips into me.
    My groin matched her urgency. Of its own accord, one of my hands toyed at the junction of her thighs. I kissed her lips. Moisture touched my fingertips and I growled in anticipation. Her hips pressed against me as if showing the steps to this ancient dance.

  9. And? And? Ahhh! I better get the book so I can read what happens next. Thanks so much for stopping by, Andrea!

  10. Hot stuff today!
    From an untitled WIP:
    Starla sipped without tasting. She moved around the spacious room, stopping at the complex entertainment system. A multitude of knobs confused her. “How do you turn this thing on?”
    He brushed up against her back, reached around her and flipped one of the knobs. His breath was warm on her ear. “Like this.”
    Soft country music filled the room. His erection pressed against her bottom told her more than the stereo was turned on. She tilted her head sideways and he nibbled her bare neck. Shivers danced up and down her spine.
    One by one, he removed the hairpins she’d so carefully placed in her updo until her hair tumbled around her shoulders. She gave her head a little shake. He grabbed a handful of her hair, moved it to the side and nipped her earlobe.
    Starla’s knees trembled and she rested against his broad chest for support.
    His hands cupped her breasts, the slinky material of her dress a sheer barrier between her breasts and his palms. He pinched her nipples through the fabric until they stood erect. Hooking his thumbs under the straps of her dress, he slid it off her shoulders and down her arms. With nothing to hold it up, the slippery fabric slid over her hips to the floor and landed at her feet in a celery-colored puddle. She stood bare in front of him except for a satin thong.
    He touched it. “I like this. Very sexy.”
    Goosebumps covered her skin.
    His hands covered her breasts again, his fingers plucking her nipples until they were rosy and aching for his mouth.
    He spun her around to face him. “You’re so beautiful.”
    “Thank you,” she managed.
    His eyes were hooded, dark with desire. “I want you.”
    She crossed her arms over her chest. “Not here.”

  11. I know your cowboys, and they're HOT! I know they'll be two-stepping to the bedroom in a few more paragraphs - Yee-Haw!! Thanks for sharing, D'Ann!

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  13. Here's a little excerpt from my Regency romance:

    “As long as you live, no one will ever hurt you again.” He leaned over and took the very tip of a nipple in his mouth, flicked then grazed it with his teeth. He swept the entire breast with his tongue, sucking and teasing the turgid point, while kneading the other breast with his fingertips, exploring the luscious curves and dips of her glorious body. The lush delights of her body, normally hidden from sight now lay free and open to his heated perusal. The hills and valleys of her breasts and belly, the delectable swell of her bottom all comprised a magnificent topography his fingers itched to explore.
    He watched her dark and intent. “Do you like this, my sweet? I love the feel of your skin.” His fingers continued their stroking and touching, but he watched her expression carefully, making sure he didn’t push her too far, too fast.
    Her heart pounded in her breast, as she nodded. Caught up in a vortex of whirling sensuality she was blinded by desperate passion and need. His fingers inched up her gown to stroke her bare leg above her stockings and garters. The touch of his hands, though light, remained imprinted upon her skin, as if he’d branded her by fire. But the sickening dread never arrived, there was no anxiety from his touch. Only a hunger, an unsatisfied yearning to feel his hands slide up her leg.
    And then her world shuddered to a halt as for the first time, someone touched the curls. She quaked with embarrassment at the wetness she sensed there, yet she pressed closer to his questing fingers. The intimate sound of his fingers sliding against her slick, fevered flesh were hot, lush and needy. A sound echoed in the room, dark and fevered. With a start, she realized it came from her.
    Her hips arched toward him, shameless in their greed, craving more of his touch. Her grasping hands pulled up his fine lawn shirt as she kneaded the broad strong muscles of his back. He continued to torture her, slipping and sliding with long torturous strokes at the juncture of her legs.
    She whimpered, biting the inside of her cheek. Nothing could stop her pushing up against his hand as he continued to stroke and slide against that swollen, pulsing ache between her legs.
    One devious finger delved into her body. She stiffened, her gaze locked on his. Gone was the carefree, laughing young man she knew, and in his stead remained someone dark and passionate, exhibiting a raw intensity she’d never before witnessed. A jolt of excitement rippled through her. Another finger slid inside her and he began to thrust them in and out. Her hips moved of their own accord. She couldn’t cease even if she wanted to.
    A shimmering wave rose from deep within her. Torn apart by a passion she’d yet to understand but knew she couldn’t control, panic quaked through her body.
    “Tristan?” Her voice quavered then broke. “Wh-what is happening to me?” She didn’t want to admit her fear.
    “Let go, my love,” Tristan coaxed against her lips, his fingers unceasing in their delicious torment, “Let go and look into my eyes. I want to see your soul when you shatter for me.”
    My love. Their gazes locked and in that instant her heart tumbled down into his. She came apart, her throbbing around his fingers as if to hold them within her body. With his agile thumb, he swirled around her pulsing nub as she fell to pieces in his arms.
    “You are my heaven, Victoria.” Through her passion she heard his voice urging her on. “Come for me again, sweetheart. Fly with me beyond the stars.”
    “Oh God, oh God, Tristan, I can’t anymore, I’m going to die.” She sobbed, clutching his shoulders. He brushed his lips against her mouth, her eyelids, her cheeks.
    Deep inside a tightening pulsed within her body. Her nipples hardened, her passage clenched, and her head thrashed upon the pillow. Stars exploded behind her eyes as she tightened her legs around Tristan’s fingers.

    1. Nancy! What the heck is the name of your book? Is this out yet? I hope to see more of Tristan and Victoria. Whew! They're a HOT couple!

    2. Not yet..get ready to send it out and pitch it! Right now The Duke's Frozen Heart (although he seems pretty hot here huh?)

  14. Here is an excerpt from RANSOM, a book penned under Erica Sutherhome, one of my other pen names.

    He squeezed her breast, and that secret place tingled, became wet again. She shifted on her feet, uncomfortable with the sensation. “Are you quite through?”
    “I haven’t even begun. Would you like to find out what more can be done? How good I can make you feel?”
    She shivered, and refused to give him the satisfaction of a reply.
    Groaning, he grabbed her and lifted her against him. Then he carried her into an adjacent room, where he slammed the door behind him. He deposited her naked on the mattress and when she went to cover her breasts with her hands, he pushed her hands aside and put his lips on her nipples. She shivered again, and her fists clenched, this time on his hair. It didn’t even cross her mind to yank on it. She offered herself to him without regard.
    And then his lips raced down her belly and fastened on her most intimate place and she gasped. “You can’t,” she whispered.
    “And why not? This is the place where I can provide the most pleasure. You won’t regret it, I swear.” Then he resumed his exploration with tongue and lips, groaning as if her flavor pleased him.
    Involuntarily, her hips rocked wildly against his mouth. The heat was burning, a blinding light behind her eyes, and she was helpless to stop it. It was only a few minutes before she screamed on the most beautiful release she’d ever felt. Her muscles tensed, then relaxed gradually. She felt like she was drifting on a cloud, and distantly was aware that he still explored her thoroughly with his tongue. A shockwave shot through her once more, and she squeezed his arm.

    1. ...his lips raced down to her belly. LOVE IT!

  15. Great excerpts!! I don't have one this week, but I will next Friday!! Tweeted.

  16. From my up-coming release Chasing Love
    As soon as the door clicked closed behind them, she turned the tables on him. Tugging his western shirt from his pants, she jerked the shirt open, thank goodness it was snaps, and using the shirt tails as handles, walked backwards towards the bed, pulling him along in her wake.
    When the back of her knees hit the mattress, she flopped back onto the bed, pulling him down on top of her. Chase’s submission ended there. He took over with a vengeance, pinning her to the bed and taking her mouth. Damn the man could kiss. There was nothing gentle about his seduction, he ravaged her mouth, licking, nibbling, and sucking her lower lip into his mouth. She returned his attentions. Her hands refused to be still, outlining every hard muscle and sinew of his back, sliding down to cup his ass and grinding her hips into the impressive erection that rested at the juncture of her thighs.
    Chase made quick work of removing her tee shirt and paused when he saw the pink lace push-up bra that lovingly cupped her size D breasts. Between her position and the bra, the upper swells of her breasts spilled out over the pink lace. Her deep red nipples were easily visible through the sheer fabric. She watched as he shifted his weight to one hand, freeing the other to slide along the curve of her flesh. His lips followed the path of his fingers and he placed tender kisses along the swell and then dipped his tongue into her cleavage. She arched her back and his hand slid under her body and undid the clasp in one practiced move.
    A groan escaped his lips when her bountiful breasts were released from their confines. He buried his face between the mounds, nuzzling his way to one engorged nipple and suckling like a hungry child. Samantha sighed in bliss. Though her breasts were large, they were very sensitive and she loved to have her nipples sucked. She grasped the back of his head, holding him to her breast and he drew harder on the bud. His teeth scraped against her nipple, biting with just the right amount of pressure and Samantha arched and moaned.
    Gliding her hands down his neck to his chest, she pushed the shirt off his shoulders and dropped it to the floor beside the bed. Throwing her leg around his hips and pushing on his chest she flipped Chase to his back. Samantha rubbed her nipples along the rough hair on his chest, kissing his neck, his collar bone and making her way to the hollow where his throat met his chest. Her hands roamed Chase’s body as she continued her explorations, seeking out all the places that made him squirm. When she brushed along the side of his waist he tensed, ooh, ticklish? That could be interesting.
    She burrowed her nose into the fur of hair sprinkling his chest, just the right amount, enough to be sexy, but not like Bigfoot. Finding his nipple with her mouth she licked the small brown peak and Chase shivered with desire. Samantha drew up onto her knees, letting her hands trail to the waistband of his jeans, she began to undo his impressive belt buckle. Her hands grazed his swollen cock and his hips lifted to meet her touch.

    1. Forget the air condition! I need a refrigeration unit installed. Tamara - WHEW! You gotta throw us a bone (hehehe) and give us a website or blog where we can follow you so we can jump on release (hehehe) day! I can't wait for this one. WOW! Thanks for sharing your HOT Friday Flames excerpt!

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  18. Hi, Sheri,

    Thanks for the op to post an excerpt about my upcoming Cosmo Red-Hot Read from Harlequin (Oct 2013) In NAKED SUSHI Pepper O'Malley is a girl who writes code and gets caught in the copy room at midnight with her pants down. She can't believe it when the guy she thinks is the new video game designer comes on to her, a tech-head. What she doesn't know is that he's an FBI hottie trying to get the goods on her sleazy boss...


    The stirrings of a powerful orgasm built inside me. That delicious spiraling up of something intangible swirling around inside you. Promising you a taste of pleasure beyond what you’ve experienced; pleasure and you wi’ll do anything to capture it.

    I couldn’t hold back much longer.

    I leaned forward over the copy machine, pushing my buttocks up against him, urging him on. His body stiffened against me and he yelled out, his voice ragged, vibrating off the walls.

    The room swayed in front of my eyes, the steady rhythm of sex, sex, sex beating in my brain like frenetic drummers with a ceaseless energy that refused to stop. A surge much like an electrical charge gripped us both, racing through his body and into mine.

    Then he came.

    His explosive climax set off an out-of-control response in me. I went wild, crying out, thrashing about and slamming my hands down on the platen glass of the copy machine. Crazed, frantic, lost in a whirling abandon, I slid my sweaty palms all over the machine. Wild, pawing, and scratching like a she-wolf in heat .

    Oh, my God, it was good.

    It didn’t last.

    In a wild moment of abandonment, I pushed the Copy button by mistake. A powerful white light flooded into my face as the light bar moved back and forth, blinding me.

    I hit another button and a blaring alarm went off.

    Oh, shit.

    I was a goner.

    NAKED SUSHI is available for pre-order on Amazon

    Follow my blog at: Confessions of a Working Girl

    1. First of all, I love sushi. Therefore I love the title of your book. And what better way to eat sushi than naked? Two thumbs up on your copy machine sex scene. LOL! Best wishes on your book release!!

  19. Have I said how gorgeous I think this site is? It is absolutely stunningly beautiful (and I'm a career marketing director!)

    1. I'm sorry, what did you say? Could you repeat that, please? (hehehe) Thanks, Melodie!!


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