September 20, 2013

Friday Flames is burning HOT!

Five things I love about Friday Flames:

   I’m introduced to awesome authors I may not otherwise meet.

         *    My Friday starts off sizzling!

      *    Reading the hot work of others is better than Starbucks.

          *   I get to decorate my page with pics of lickable men!

       *   Helping others gives me a sense of joy.

 Here’s a steamy scene from Remedy Maker, the first book in my Centaur Series.

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Taking possession of Rhycious’ mouth, Patience had just found his tongue when she abruptly arched her neck and broke away to gasp. His cock rode her, building the pressure below.

“Touch me more,” she said. “I love the way your hands feel on my skin.”

Insistent lips burned a path to her ear. A wet swirl traced the curved shape. Rhy nipped her neck, and then licked the sting, all while pushing against her, simulating the love act, his hard breath came fast, matching hers in tempo. 

Patience spread her thighs wide and raised them higher on his waist, tilting her hips to receive maximum stimulation. Behind the zipper of his jeans, his erection hit her clit…and she cried out.

In the comments below, please share your sexy scene and let’s steam up the screens!

Thank you for coming by Friday Flames!


  1. whooo-eeee! Love that book!

    From The Cowboy's Baby:

    cupping his firm ass.
    He broke away long enough to untie the loose knot at her waist. She shook the sleeves of the too-big robe off, letting them puddle around her waist. Then she slipped out of the borrowed T-shirt and held it like a shield until he took it from her and dropped it on the floor. Her turgid nipples ached in the cold winter air. Her skin prickled as if she’d stepped outside.
    “Cold?” he murmured into her mouth.
    “No,” she whispered back.
    He bent and took one of her nipples into his mouth, sucking deep. With a little cry, she arched her back and dug her nails into his shoulders. His heated mouth on her nipple nearly shattered her right then and there. Wrapping her legs around his waist, she pulled him so close she could feel his erection through his pajama pants and her suddenly wet bikini panties. He ran his thumbs under the edges of her panties, stopping just short of brushing over her ultra-sensitive center, teasing until her legs trembled. Her body ached, wept, and she dropped her legs and spread them, silently begging him to touch her there.
    Instead, he let go of her breast and dropped one kiss after another down her middle. With his tongue, he traced the edge of her outie bellybutton. Cat had always hated her bellybutton, but in that moment, she’d never trade it for another. Glad for the dark, she didn’t flinch when he tracked kisses over her lower stomach. If the light had been strong enough, he would have been able to see the faint, silvery lines crisscrossing her abdomen.
    Reminders of her long-ago pregnancy.
    Like a splash of icy stream water had splashed over her, Cat froze. She shoved his head. “Quit.”
    “Huh?” He lifted his mouth from her belly. “Why?”
    She crossed her arms over her chest. “Because this is a mistake, that’s why.”
    He stood straight and hugged her close, running his hands up and down her back. “What’s wrong?”
    God help her, the feel of his work-roughened hands on her skin nearly weakened her. But she fought for control. “I’m not ready for this.”
    “You were more than ready a minute ago,” he said in her hair. “What’s stopping you?”
    “I’m not sixteen anymore.” Her face heated. “And I don’t have a condom.”

  2. Loved them. Here is mine from the Seduction of Lady Phoebe that released yesterday!

    Marcus groaned, covering her lips with his into a deep kiss. He crushed her against his hard body. One hand moving down over her derrière, holding her into him, his other hand moved over her breast, finding the nipple under the thin muslin of her gown.

    “Where does this gown fasten?” he asked urgently, breathing against her.

    “In the front.” Sensual flames shot through Phoebe’s body, heating her, making her breasts throb and ache for his touch. She rubbed her hands over his muscular chest, reveling in the feel of the soft hair covering it. She desperately wanted to feel her body naked against his. “Take me now Marcus, I need you.”

    Marcus stepped back a little to look at her. He’d not known her hair was so long, curling almost to her waist. He lifted it and twined his hands in it, then held her face as he kissed her again. She was so beautiful.

    He worshiped her and devoured her with his eyes. He unfastened her gown and stays before untying the ribbons of her chemise. Caressing her silken skin, he pushed the garment over the swell of her hips until it fell softly to the floor. He lifted her into his arms and walked the few feet to the bed. Holding her close, he crawled onto the bed and stretched her out beside him.
    Marcus needed to touch her, all of her. “Oh, God, Phoebe, you are beautiful.”

    She searched his face. “Am I? Even like this?”

    “Especially like this.” No woman could ever be more perfect.

    He kissed the corner of her mouth and rubbed his thumbs over the light pink buds topping her breasts. She gasped, and arched, pushing the perfect peaks up toward him. He grazed her bottom lip with his teeth, before nibbling her chin and throat, then took one furled bud into his mouth and suckled, while rolling her other nipple between his fingers. She tasted of honey and woman. He switched to her other breast, and she moaned, low, anguished, and needy. He returned his lips to hers, drawing her into a kiss, while moving his palm over her stomach, down between her legs. He stroked, building her flames higher, urging her on until she opened her legs, and he eased one finger into her, then a second. His fingers’ thrust matched his tongue’s, as he played with the pearl nestled in her curls. He wanted to roar with pride when she cried out, convulsing around him.

  3. Hot stuff already!!!

    Here's mine from my vampire paranormal romance, Prophecy's Child.

    Katherine stepped back and undid the button on her jeans. Kal's wild stare lent her courage. The zipper came next. She shoved the soft denim down her legs.

    Pure male desire gleamed from his eyes. “You’re more beautiful then I remembered.”

    Sexual power coursed through her. His words, coupled with his look, answered her earlier question of whether he still found her attractive.

    He knelt down and ran his calloused palms up her calves, the back of her thighs, then massaged her butt. “I’m going to taste you now.”

    Kal’s words cranked her arousal up another notch. He was simply stating a fact, not asking for her permission.

    His fingers hooked the top of her panties, and with slow, torturous tugs, he peeled the red satin down her legs.

    “Sweet perfection.” He lifted one of her legs and draped it over his shoulder, exposing her most private area to his burning gaze.

    (Hurry. I can’t take this much longer.) His warm breath fanned over her moist sex. She trembled, waiting for his next move—for his tongue and lips.

    And she didn’t have to wait long. The next second, his tongue dragged across her aching clit. Intense pleasure exploded through her nerves. She grabbed onto his head to hold herself up.

    His silky blue and black hair brushed her thighs as he nuzzled deeper, stroking, licking. “Oh fuck, yeah. You’re so sweet,” he said in a low, rough voice.

    Katherine glanced down. Eyes closed, nose and mouth buried in her folds, he sucked her swollen flesh. Pressure built, climbing, higher and higher. Her breathing turned to shallow gasps. She gripped handfuls of his hair, anchoring herself to Earth. “Kal…oh yes…don’t stop.”

    His soft groans vibrated her clitoris. She closed her eyes and focused on his mouth and tongue.

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  4. Whew! Those flames are HOT today! All three of those scenes are smoking. I think mine's quite tame by comparison. It's from Only Scandal Will Do, my Georgian romance:

    A heated blush crept up her face, but she nodded and eased his jacket over his shoulders. The lush garment fell to the floor with a plop and she ran her hands down his arms, feeling the strong interplay of muscles beneath the fine linen shirt. From his torso, she traced his taut belly upward to his chest, then further, and shook loose his cravat. The lace-trimmed neckcloth fluttered to the floor. She undid first one, then the other button on his shirt, feasting her gaze on the display of soft golden hair and smooth skin as she unveiled his beautiful body. Seductive smile still in place, Duncan watched her, daring her to continue.

    A need to meet his challenge drove her to tug his shirt loose, pull the cascading folds over his head and drink in the clean lines of him. Broad, muscular shoulders to narrow waist, he was perfect in form. She drew him close, rubbed her cheek against the downy mat on his chest, breathed in the musky masculine scent that was his. The steady beat of his heart taunted her, so she flicked her tongue over a flat brown nipple.

    “God, Kat!” His body jerked and below, where her abdomen pressed, a surge of movement startled her. An expression of mingled shock and delight replaced his smile. “You wish to play with fire, madam?” he murmured hoarsely, bending his head as he captured her face in his hands. He seized her lips with his, plunged his tongue inward, and the floor, the room, the manor itself melted from existence.

    Moans came from the back of her throat, and she was afraid she would faint at the tantalizing feeling of him inside her mouth. By the time he fastened his lips again on her neck and rained tiny kisses downward, she could hardly breathe. His mouth grazed the swell of her breast and her eyes popped open. Her chemise had joined the dress on the floor, leaving her completely naked. Then he engulfed her nipple in his hot, wet mouth.

    Available at Amazon:

    Thanks so much, Sheri! It's good to be back here after such a long hiatus. :)

  5. Hello, Ms. Flamin' Sunshine
    BEASTS-King Of Vengeance
    With a wicked smile, she turned around on all fours, raising her bare ass. "Spear me, then," she challenged.
    "You feel no fear?" He stared down at the vulnerable position, in which she’d positioned herself.
    "I only feel the need to have you inside of me."
    Payne reached for her, but hesitated.
    "Haven't you ever wondered what it would be like to just have a woman who can take all of you?” She pushed her bare ass back further and rubbed her wet self across his erection. “Take every beautiful, throbbing inch of you and every thrust with no harm?"
    He grabbed her hips and moved her closer to the edge, though he still seemed to hesitate.
    Valentine shoved herself back; his erection was so complete, she easily found her target and took him in. "Give me all of you," she growled with a hungry sound as she slid her slick pussy forward and back over his pulsing cock. "Unh," she purred with quivering satisfaction.
    Payne grasped her hips and thrust upward with a hard push.
    "Ahh!" she screamed with excruciating pleasure.
    He stilled.
    "Give me more!" she pleaded.
    Moving her hips forward and back, he pumped her full force, his powerful body trembling. He marbled and lost control, as he mindlessly slammed her soft body with potent lust-driven grinds.
    Valentine gasped and squirmed while she gloried in it. The penetration went deep and her body vibrated fiercely in his grasp. The pounding filled her like nothing in this world. A climax took her and she felt her own hot cum release over his sliding shaft. “Oh, yes!" she shouted with breathless joy.
    The bedposts rattled and the room began to rumble as he satisfied himself inside of her.
    The sensation she found herself drowning in was like being on hell’s wings, floating toward heaven's gates. As she felt his cock marble inside of her, she drew her convulsing body higher. The position shifted a little as they floated from the bed.
    His hands came around her, grasping each breast with his fingers.
    "Ohh," she moaned aloud.
    Payne’s body tensed as he kept thrusting into her and he held still just as he started to climax. He growled and the walls shook again as he held her suspended.
    Valentine felt the power from his body emanate through her as it rolled through the room like a wave of fantastic electricity, while a searing heat flamed along her skin. I know I can do this—I can handle what he’ll give. “Come inside me, my king." Her body shuddered and heaved from the feeling of his swelling cock pulsing in her.
    99 cents

  6. Holy doodle all the damn day. Hot sexcerpts!

    Here's a scene from my paranormal vampire romance novel, Love's Prophecy.

    Mel kissed each tight bud, then kissed and licked his way to her

    “What do you need, sweetheart?” His breath brushed against her stomach. “Tell me what you want me to do.” He shifted lower until he lay between her thighs. With a fierce growl, he pushed her legs further apart and swore when he looked at her most private place. “You're perfect. So beautiful.” He leaned forward and stroked his tongue up her center.

    Breeana jumped at the light touch and then grabbed a fist full of his hair. “Mel, I want you inside me.”

    He rubbed her throbbing, wet flesh with a finger in a gentle rhythm. “Not yet, sweetheart. Not yet. I need to taste you. I want to feel you come against my mouth. I want to hear you scream with ecstasy.”

    Replacing his finger with his tongue, he circled her sensitive flesh. He slipped two fingers inside, moving in and out of her body with the same slow steady rhythm as his magical tongue.
    Breeana looked down her body. His broad shoulders were bunched between her spread thighs. The sight and feel of him there was too much. With burning intensity, her orgasm barreled down on her. As the tremors started, her head kicked back against the pillows. Her body curved upward as she shattered.

    “Oh God, Mel. Yes.” Her body continued convulsing as wave after wave of ecstasy tore through her. When she finally floated back down, she couldn't move. Her limbs were heavy and weak, as if fashioned from wax.

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  7. Thank you! Here's mine from The Garnet Dagger - fantasy / paranormal

    With her hand in mine, I moved her to me. Hungrily, my lips sought hers. I yearned to show her my love. I pressed her against me, my fingers played over the curve of her hips. As we kissed, her hands touched my face, and then tugged at my trousers. Heat pressed against me.
    Then her lips trailed kisses down my chest.
    Shyly, she gazed up at me. Fingers unfastened her cloak. The material floated down in a circle behind her. Mesmerized, I watched her hands loosen the laces of her gown. At last, she eased the gown over her head and tossed it aside.
    I forgot to breathe.
    Her breasts were full, and seemed to yearn for my touch. Flat stomach flowed down into the curve of her hips. A golden triangle of curls between her legs captivated me.
    Nervous, my hands fumbled at my trousers.
    A giggle floated on the breeze as I struggled to remove my trousers, now lodged over my boots.
    Celeste pushed my hands aside. Eased up the material, she then tugged my boots off. Next my trousers were gone and on the ground. I leaned forward taking Celeste with me. Her cloak spread out beneath us. I kissed her until we both panted for breath, and yet wanted more.
    In worship, my lips sought her body. At hearing her indrawn breath when my lips grazed her nipple, I kissed each in turn. I opened my mouth over one of her taunt breast and suckled until her fingernails grazed down my back. Then I gave equal measure to the other breast until she ground her hips into me.
    My groin matched her urgency. Of its own accord, one of my hands toyed at the junction of her thighs. I kissed her lips. Moisture touched my fingertips and I growled in anticipation. Her hips pressed against me as if showing the steps to this ancient dance.

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