August 30, 2013

Unleashed at Friday Flames!

For me, there really isn't anything better than turning my blog over to someone else. To let them heat up the screen and scorch you senseless.

My guest today will do all that....and more!

Take it away, Felicity Heaton!

It’s wonderful to be here at Sheri’s blog to talk about my latest release, Unleash, which is the sixth book in my Vampire Erotic Theatre romance series, to you all. I’m going to share an excerpt from the vampire romance novel today, but also mention that you can get the first book in this series, Covet, for FREE at selected Amazon Kindle, Kobo Books and Apple iBooks Stores!

You can find all the links for the Covet special offer (and two other free paranormal romance ebooks) at:

Now how about more about the book, including a nice excerpt…

Unleash (Vampire Erotic Theatre Romance Series Book 6)
Felicity Heaton


A powerful vampire lost deep in his bloodlust, Snow is a savage animal, mindless with rage and a thirst for violence, and trapped with no hope of awakening from an endless nightmare… until a song draws him up from the abyss, restoring his sanity but leaving him haunted by the sweet feminine scent of lilies and snow, and fragmented familiar lyrics.

When the mysterious and beautiful songstress reappears in Snow’s room at Vampirerotique, she awakens a fierce protective streak and stirs dark desires that drive him to claim her as his female, even when he knows his touch will destroy her innocence.

A single forbidden taste is all it takes to unleash emotions in Aurora that she shouldn’t possess, tearing her between duty and desire, and luring her into surrendering to her wildfire passion and embracing hungers that burn so hotly they threaten to consume them both.

One act of kindness can lead to one thousand acts of sin though, each a black mark against the bearer’s soul and another grain of sand that slips through an hourglass. The clock is ticking and time is almost up. Can beauty save the beast?

Unleash – Excerpt

Aurora clutched his shoulders, tiptoed and moulded her hot body against his front, her belly pressing into his hard cock and tearing another moan from him. She ran one hand up his neck to his hair and her fingers tangled in it, nails scraping his scalp, driving him out of his mind.

Rain poured down on them and thunder rolled menacingly overhead.

Snow planted his hands against her lower back, gathered her flush against him and leaned over her, kissing her harder and losing himself in sensations that felt foreign to him. It had been that long since he had held a woman like this and kissed one.

He shook that thought away. He had never held a woman like this, clinging to her as though his world would end if she escaped his grasp, and had never kissed like this either, his passion pouring out of him because it was overflowing and he couldn’t contain it. A dam had burst and he was powerless to resist the violent flow that swept him along, pulling him under at times until he felt as though he was drowning.

Gasping for more.

Lightning cracked above them, the flash registering even with his eyes closed, and the hairs on the back of his neck prickled. His senses blared a warning he was too far gone to heed.

The electricity in the air was nothing compared with the intense energy that blazed between him and Aurora.

Their desire put it to shame, burning at a billion volts, far beyond their control.

Aurora ran her short nails down his arms, clawing at his wet skin, and he growled and gathered her closer.

“Need you,” he husked and she didn’t deny him.

Unleash is available now from all Amazon Kindle, Kobo Books, Apple iBookstores, and Barnes and Noble Nook, and in paperback.

Find links and a fantastic 5 chapter downloadable sample at:

Books in the Vampire Erotic Theatre romance series

About Felicity Heaton:
Felicity Heaton writes passionate paranormal romance books as Felicity Heaton and F E Heaton. In her books she creates detailed worlds, twisting plots, mind-blowing action, intense emotion and heart-stopping romances with leading men that vary from dark deadly vampires to sexy shape-shifters and wicked werewolves, to sinful angels and hot demons!

If you're a fan of paranormal romance authors Lara Adrian, J R Ward, Sherrilyn Kenyon, Gena Showalter and Christine Feehan then you will enjoy her books too.

If you love your angels a little dark and wicked, Felicity Heaton’s best selling Her Angel series is for you. If you like strong, powerful, and dark vampires then try the Vampires Realm series she writes as F E Heaton or any of her stand alone vampire romance books she writes as Felicity Heaton. Or if you’re looking for vampire romances that are sinful, passionate and erotic then try Felicity Heaton’s new Vampire Erotic Theatre series.

In 2011, five of her six paranormal romance books received Top Pick awards from Night Owl Reviews, Forbidden Blood was nominated as Best PNR Vampire Romance 2011 at The Romance Reviews, and many of her releases received five star reviews from numerous websites.

If you want to know more about Felicity, or want to get in touch, you can find her at the following places:

I want to read everyone's excerpts! The HOTTER the BETTER! Make us sweat, make us MOAN! Let us fall in love.

(and don't forget your buy links!!)


  1. Wow, Felicity! I'll have to check that out - that was a heck of an excerpt to wake up to this morning!

  2. OK, here's my excerpt. This is from my next book, so it's still a work in progress. TO set it up: Sara and Brian just had their first really nasty fight, and they're about to have their first "makeup sex"...

    (and here's the link to the current books, on Amazon:

  3. I’m clutching Brian’s hand so tightly that he has to be in pain, but he’s not saying anything. I’m still shaking a little bit. We’re back at Joseph’s house. It’s just one o’clock, and it looks empty; Joseph and Mary are at work, and their son will be taking the girls around campus for at least another hour.

    The house is empty. We have the whole place to ourselves.

    We’re in each other’s arms, our lips meet and a moment later – I don’t even know how it happened – we’re on the floor, limbs entwined, my blouse and his pants off, thrown in the corner. I need – I want – oh, God, he’s touching me right there – I can’t – no!

    “Brian,” I pant. “Brian! Stop! We can’t.” This isn’t our house. We can’t do this – not right here on the floor in their living room.
    He’s backing off of me, then he reaches down to pull me up. “Come on. Upstairs,” he says. I hear the hunger in his voice. I feel it all through my body. But…

    “No. Not upstairs,” I say. I don’t know how I’m keeping any control of myself at all. He gasps as my hand, entirely of its own accord, slips into his boxers. I slowly, reluctantly pull it back. We can’t go upstairs. We can’t do this in his son’s bedroom. But – if we don’t – oh, God, I’m going to die if we don’t, right now!

    We figure it out together, in the same instant, and we don’t need words. He starts off for the garage, pulling me along. Just a few seconds later, we’re in the minivan. I’m on my back, stretched out on the middle row of seats. I can feel the seatbelt buckle grinding into the small of my back, and I couldn’t possibly care less. The only thing I can think about is Brian, his strong, solid weight atop me, his lips and his tongue moving from my own lips to my neck to – oh!

    I don’t even know where my bra went. Probably wherever his boxers ended up. It doesn’t matter. The only thing that matters is – oh, yes, that! Keep doing that!

    I put a hand through his hair and pull his head back. I want to see his eyes, to see the desire in them, and – that’s not just desire. That’s an animal hunger burning there. He wants to devour me, until there’s nothing left at all. I pull his head back down and that same feeling is in my kiss. I – God, I need him! Now!

    And there he is, he’s – no! What is he doing? Why is he…?

    He pulls away from me, his hands braced on the seat. He’s shaking; he’s barely controlling himself, about a millisecond away from just tearing at me like a wild beast. Why isn’t he doing that? Doesn’t he know that’s what I need? And what I need to do to him?

    “Sara,” he breathes. “Sara, we can’t.” His self-control is just inhuman; I can see how he’s trembling with the effort. “It’s too soon. Another week. Six weeks.”

    I find my voice, shaking my head. “Brian, no. It’s OK.” My hands are all over him, moving slowly, caressing those trembling muscles. Yes, they say you should wait six weeks after a c-section. But five is good enough. “It’s like,” I say, and I’m amazed that I can summon up enough rational thought, “like going in the pool after you eat.” My left hand reaches out to him, surrounds him. strokes him, and his control almost fails; he buries his head in my neck and begins nuzzling me, biting me. With my right hand, I pull his head back up, force him to look at me.

    My left hand moves off of him, and now I’m touching myself. I bring it back, running it up his chest, leaving a moist trail behind me. When it gets to his lips, he sucks at it hungrily. I almost go over the edge just from that, but I somehow pull myself back from the brink. I don’t want to go without him. “It’s just a guideline,” I manage to say, panting myself now. “The water’s fine, Brian. I want you to dive in…”

    I wrap my legs around his, and with all my strength, I pull him down to me. There he is – there he is! Oh, God, yes! His full weight is on me, his lips on mine, we’re connected in every way, every inch of our bodies touching, and…and…

  4. Here's my contribution for today's sexy Flames! From the first book in the Centaur Series - Remedy Maker. (winner of the PRG Reviewer's Choice Award and Finalist for the RONE Award in fantasy romance):

    “Should we practice our joint effort, polytima, and see how good we can be together?”

    How much hotter could they possibly get? Much as she hated flames, her body burned hot enough to internally combust.

    “Rhycious!” she cried out, going for a scolding tone. But it came across like a sensual invitation.

    His arm tightened around her waist, drawing her the wasted millimeter of space nearer. Patience’s mind spun. A man who wanted her was holding her in his arms. She closed her eyes. His mouth traveled up her throat, licking and sucking, until he settled over her lips once more. Persistent and demanding, his tongue slid along the seam until she complied and opened.

    He charged right in like a Centaur warrior would, drawing her tongue into battle with his. Feinting and parrying, they slid sensuously against one another.

    “My gods, Patience. You taste so damn good.”

    And Rhycious tasted of pure Elysium, sending a tingle of exquisite warmth to a spot deep within her. A breathless tension coiled. “Your coffee tastes better than mine.”

    His hand cupping her bottom alternated between kneading the cheek and rubbing sumptuous circles. The clench of desire increased between her thighs. She moaned her approval. His other hand traveled upward from her waist and settled under the heavy fall of hair, massaging the base of her skull.

    Rhycious backed her up until her knees hit the couch, and buckled. He followed her down, arranging her body to stretch out beneath him, his hips spreading her thighs wide. Leaning on one elbow, he used his free hand to push the hair off her face. His feral gleam intensified, and his tawny eyes bore into hers.

    Buy Link:

    1. Love Rhy! I'll be back later to see what everyone else has to share!

  5. HOT, sexcerpts today.I'll be back to post one of my own--just have to pick out a good one, lol.

  6. Hey Sheri! Hot huh?
    Too Grand For Words" by Natasza Waters.

    “Steven, what did you want me to say? You didn’t even know what to say.”

    He hooked his fingers around the lace panties that clung to her hips, drawing them down to the chair. Running his hands back up her skin he stopped at her waist. “The truth would have been good.” Grasping her ankle, he guided one foot to balance on the glass of the tabletop.

    “What’s the truth?” she asked quietly, as he gently kissed her thighs.

    “That I’m the man who can love you like you should be loved.” His lips followed the gentle curve of her hip until he reached her clit, and he sucked it deep into his mouth, tasting the wetness that had already dripped between her thighs. His tongue plunged inside the fold of her sex, and she fell back the few inches against the wall. Her legs trembled in his hands with every flick of his tongue. He licked the sensitive tip, waiting a second and then brushing it again, taunting her.

    “Oh God, Steven.” Her palms flattened against the wall for support.

    Leaning away, he loved her with his fingers able to watch her face and her body trembling beneath his hands. “Oh yeah, sweetheart, you look so beautiful when you’re like this.” He felt the familiar burn inside him begin to eat up his logical thoughts.

    Yanking her into his arms, he swung her onto the bed. “I need to be inside you, Moira.” She was so wet the sweet silkiness rolled down the cheeks of her ass. He groaned with the sight, and slid his fingers through her wetness until they were drenched, and then palmed his shaft, lubricating himself. A shot of pleasure scorched through him, and it made his entire body shudder.

    Her lips parted as her lids became heavy with passion, watching him. “Baby, do what you want,” he growled. He pumped himself slowly as she curled around onto her knees. When her lips slid over the head of his shaft, his body jerked with pleasure. Her wet tongue felt so good with its sensual touch. He covered her small hand as she stroked the length of him, showing her what he liked.

    She reached between her thighs and covered him again with her silk. “Oh yeah, Moira. Fuck, that is hot when you do that.” He drew away from her mouth, and pulled her up the bed. He breathed out, trying to get control, but the raw need for her sat deep in his stomach. “You want me, just as much as I want you,” he said, gently rubbing the tip of her nub with hard then soft strokes, keeping the heat burning in her, seeing it in her green eyes.

    “No, I don’t,” she said weakly.

    His tongue teased the sensitive area above her hardened clit, and she gasped, her legs drawing apart. “Your body can’t lie to me, even if you want to. You burn hot, sweetheart, and I want that heat.” He bent her knees, opening her wide for him. He knelt in front of her, and took his shaft in his hand, guiding the tip into her. Her silk covered the end of him, and he shuddered with restraint. But there wasn’t much left in him, not after today. “Baby, I want to be deep inside you,” he growled, slipping his head in and out of her with slow, erotic thrusts that made her hips rise to meet every plunge. Her lips parted as she propped herself on her elbows, her head falling back.

    “Tell me what you want, Moira, tell me what feels good, baby.” He could barely talk, the passion coiling tight inside him.

    “Deeper, oh God,” she cried out, when he filled her.

    Deeper and deeper he buried himself in her tight channel. The friction made his desire fly off the charts. Her muscles responded, clamping down on him with sweet acceptance. “That’s it, baby, squeeze me. God, that feels so good,” he groaned. Thrusting inside her, he lost his mind with every delicious stroke. Every second brought him closer, until they both shuddered with release.

    Available at:

  7. Very steamy stuff today!
    From my contemporary western suspense, Ride A Falling Star:

    “Levi. I—”
    He shifted so that she was under him, but he held his weight off her. “You have a rule, Ava. Remember?”
    She managed a nod. “Yes.”
    “Rules are rules.”
    “You’re right.” Her voice came out strangled.
    He moved his mouth a fraction of an inch closer. “We shouldn’t break rules.”
    “Probably not,” she whispered, “but—”
    “But, what?” His lips brushed hers so lightly she wasn’t sure she hadn’t imagined it.
    “Maybe we could make an exception.” She circled his neck with her hands and pulled his mouth to hers. “Just this once.”
    He had to outweigh her by a good fifty or sixty pounds, but he didn’t seem heavy as his body settled over hers. His lips claimed hers, hot and insistent. Slowing, he took his time and explored very inch of her mouth with his tongue, promising something more. Much more.
    His erection pressed against her stomach, and her body tightened.
    She slid her hands up and down his powerful back, loving the way his muscles bunched and played under his skin. Her nipples pressed against the thin fabric of her tee, begging for his touch. With their mouths locked together, she reached for the hem of her t-shirt and tugged it up. Only when there was no choice but to break apart did they stop kissing long enough to tear the shirt over Ava’s head and throw it to the floor. Goosebumps rose on her skin and her nipples hardened in the cold air.
    The fire had burned down to coals, but she couldn’t have cared less as Levi smoothed a strand of hair from the corner of her mouth. “You’re so beautiful.”
    “Thank you.” She met his gaze. “I’m not very experienced—”
    His kiss silenced her.
    She forgot what she had been trying to say when he reached between them and gently squeezed her right breast before taking her nipple between his fingers and pinching it. She slid her hands into his short hair, loving the soft texture against her fingertips.
    Removing his mouth from hers, he dropped kisses across her cheek, down her neck and across her collarbone. His mouth lingered on her throat, tasting, teasing.
    Her breasts swelled under his hands as he played with her nipples, tugging and releasing. Deep inside, her belly constricted.
    Her body heated.
    All chill vanished.

  8. Hi, Sheri! Here's mine:

    His masculine need for her seemed overwhelming, but it answered a silent call her body had made. Fara was hot, her blood racing with a growing heat. She felt she would explode or go mad in mere moments if the ache within her was not satisfied. Heedless of anything else, she brought her leg up to hug his other side, following suit as he'd silently instructed her to do. His able hands worked at the buttons of her dress and then eased away the fabric. He loosened the laces of her corset and removed her shift. The cool air was upon her naked body and she almost had second thoughts before he began to touch her again. Fara moaned softly as he brought a thumb roughly across a dusky nipple, and then captured it with his mouth, tugging gently. She arched against the ministrations of his lips and tongue. He pulled away suddenly, and she grasped at his arm, instead getting handfuls of his shirt.
    “Darling,” he teased, “unless you want to be a selfish lover, you'll allow me to undress.”
    Instantly, she released him and watched as he stepped back from the bed, stripping himself of his shirt to expose a tanned and wide expanse of chest muscle and a flat, toned belly. Entranced, she whispered, “Grant, perhaps you should close the door.”
    He chuckled and complied. Returning to her, he unbuttoned his slacks and pulled off his boots, shucking both, and then slid his bare body over hers once more. She swallowed, her eyes wide and searching his searing gaze. His manhood was frighteningly close. “Will it be all right?” she whispered.
    Grant laughed softly. “'Twill be glorious. Before it's over, you will beg for more.”
    She liked the sound of that and a smile tugged at the corners of her mouth. “You are awfully certain of your ability to perform.”
    He grinned. “Mademoiselle, there is no one else to take my position. I am certain of that now, and I will relinquish it to no man.” He nuzzled her neck and kissed her lips gently. “Any objections?”
    “You are naked, Grant. You hold me at a disadvantage.” She sighed. “However, none come to mind.”
    He nodded and kissed her again. “Let the battle begin. May the best man...or woman win.”
    “The stakes are high.” Fara moaned as Grant locked his lips onto her breast again. “Hmm. What are we fighting for?” She arched her body against him as his fingertips found the soft, flame-covered skin at the apex of her thighs. She gasped, writhing beneath him.
    “Our hearts,” he whispered.
    Well, she held one over him for that. The heat built inside her body and her mind abandoned her momentarily, leaving only her carnal instincts. “Grant,” she moaned. “Grant, please.”
    He drove into her, that thin barrier of skin pierced. There was a dull pain, but there was also a reward in what they were doing. She cried out with each stroke and he took her lips almost possessively. She felt his hesitance, however, the care he took for her inexperience. Her senses reeled with the flavor of his mouth, the caresses upon her skin, the motions he made.
    Fara felt him deep within her. When he set a faster pace, she met it with her need for him. Then, she wrapped her legs about him and arched her back as he drove into her again and again. A movement came within the recesses of her soul and she cried out, clutching him to her. Then she heard him groan against her ear.
    Many minutes went by and the rapid beating of their hearts lessened into a steady rhythm.

  9. Loved reading the excerpts from everyone and Felicity I have to check out more of your work!

  10. Inleash sounds FANTASTIC and wonderfully naughty. (My cuppa)

    From WIP- Bk 3 in the Swamp Magic Series

    Dead Man Rising

    "She also wanted Trick shaking with need. She wanted to send him over the polite edge into no man’s land where only here, now and fucking existed. No storm, no past mistakes, just them.


    Making love was great. It fulfilled both the body and the mind. But then times like these came along. When life turned so damn deadly and wonk ass backwards, only a hard, true take me now fuck could ease what ailed.

    This was one of those times."

    Bk 1- Swamp Magic (available in print as well as ebook)

    Bk 2- Under the Full Moon :

    Also, following along with me on all my misadventures at or over at my blog, the YakPad:

  11. Thank you. Here's mine from Viking Fire, it's the first time Kaireen and Bram are alone and she recently discovered they are to be married within a fortnight - even though he his a Viking, one of her enemies:

    Outside he released her, but blocked her path to re-enter the hall.
    The music resonated around them. Leaning against the far wall, she crossed her arms.
    She was two feet away from him, but he was too close.

    “I thought the air would clear your head.” He cocked his eyebrow, examining her.

    “My head is fine, thank you.”

    “Aye, and the rest of you is fine to look at too.” His thick dialect chased shivers through her.

    Her hands smoothed her gown. She caught herself and stopped. At seeing his grin, her frown deepened. “I believe it’s improper for you to stare at a lady so.”

    “Would you rather I stare at you on our wedding night?” She opened her mouth to speak, but he continued. “Whilst you are without clothes?”

    “I assure you, sir, we will have no wedding night.” Her blush radiated from her chest and spread between her legs.

    “You wish to wed during the day then?” He took a step closer. “Very well, daylight will be all the better to see you.”

    Music and laughter from inside filtered through the night air. He strode toward her.
    She braced for his advances, wondering if she had the strength to inflict enough pain
    to make him reconsider. Part of her wanting to run, the other part daring him closer in challenge. God’s toenails, how could she have forgotten her dagger?

    A breath from her, he stopped. Her heart hammered in her chest.

    His fingers brushed aside a strand of her auburn hair that had slipped from her braid.
    The brief touch sent fire coursing through her. Afraid her legs would give way she leaned farther against the wall.

    1. AHHHHHHH, starting V.F on Tuesday!

  12. So many hot scenes!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH--that's me doing a drive-by screaming, lol.

  13. Seriously hot scenes!! All of them and Erotic Vampire Theatre -- What's not to love about that! Holy dripping fangs that's intense! Thanks for sharing. Sheri - I love that scene from Remedy Maker too!

  14. These are such hot scenes!! Thanks to every one for sharing. I don't have anything today, but soon!


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