August 16, 2013

A Moon-Kissed Friday Flames!

Shallow breaths, parted lips. Sexual tension on the page is what makes up
Friday Flames

If you're an author, I invite you to share your smoking hot scene and buy links. 

If you're a reader, I dare you to read with your mouth closed :)

My special guest this week:

Grinelda Markowitz

Grinelda Markowitz (Author, Writer, and My Own Girl Friday)

Grinelda Markowitz writes erotic fiction across multiple genres. She resides in a galaxy far, far away with a trusty pen, a never-ending supply of paper and a fertile imagination. The Moon-kissed Chi, her first e-published book in the genre of erotic fiction, is available on Amazon and Smashwords.

For a bit of recreation I enjoy clay work and attending symphony.  I meet up with friends as we are all able to sync our schedules and I maintain a fairly active virtual life.  Eating out is a passion for me.  I’m always glad to find a new restaurant which warrants a return visit.  I provide administrative support for the BTS Book Reviews eMag ( and am also a Promotions Coordinator for BTS Promotions.

I work at a book store part time.  How clich√©, huh?  And, I also maintain a part-time bread-and-butter job as well.  BION, I’m from California but mislocated to Texas.  We actually have a drive-in theater here, so the trade off is manageable.  I find that embarking on a serious approach to writing rather than the hit-and-miss efforts of previous years has provided a level of focus (yes, I’m a wanderer and a lone wolf) that I had not experienced before.

Thank you, everyone, for stopping in. 

Now for her book!

Title:  The Moon-kissed Chi (The Kalaydan Chronicles:  Book I)
Author:  Grinelda Markowitz
Genre:  Sci-Fi / Fantasy Erotica
Content Rating:  Not PG-13


In the cities of Kalaydan, Arrinay and Bezhyanya, the senior members of the ruling family, are faced with the early maturation of their daughter, Gayadnae.  She must start the training.  It’s Kalaydan law.  Their daughter has other ideas.  After concocting a plan to avoid responsibility and almost succeeding in carrying it out, Gayadnae’s life takes an unexpected turn.

Grayt, the ever-present serving woman to Arrinay, fills many roles and has her fingers in a number of pies.  There’s definitely more to her than is apparent on the surface.  Along with coordinating activities in the Main House, keeping the young mistress in line, and talking to horses, Grayt has a more secret agenda with a graver responsibilities.

A hint of trouble on the horizon and other darker activities weave their way through the backdrop of this delightful tale which takes place in the city of Kalaydan.


In a residential section of Kalaydan City:

Maeb leaned against the window frame and sipped her drink.  She looked down into the candle-lit streets of Kalaydan City and watched the progression of a chandler guildsman down the cobblestones until he turned out of sight.  A plump dog moved back and forth across the street then stopped to scratch on a door.  The door opened and it disappeared through a brightly lit doorway.  She turned from the window when she heard Trendo’s booted steps coming down the hall.  She heard the sound of his satchel drop to the floor.  He strode into the room moments later.

“Hi, Maeb.”  He caught her up in a tight embrace after he closed the space between them.

“Hi, Trendo,” she replied.  “How was your day?”

“It was busy.  I worked with three boys today to master the stopcock.  Two of them are
Terza’s youngest twins and the other is their cousin on Terza’s side.  Seems their fathers have given up trying to teach them to stopcock.”

“I bet that was a rough session.  Terza’s husband taught their other boys and many of their family members as well.  The Warriors’ Guild may have a few reluctant volunteers in about four suncycles.  Did you succeed?”  She slipped her hand into his trews and squeezed his firm buttocks.

“Let’s say I made headway.  I’ll go back tomorrow.  How was your day?”  He opened his trews and allowed them to fall to the floor.  He stepped out of them then drew her more closely into his embrace.

“It was about the same as yours.  I was called to the Main House to meet with the Mistress.”  As his hands rubbed her breasts through her bloozat, she nuzzled his cheek with her lips.

“Oh?  Isn’t it too early for their daughter to start the training?”  His lips grazed hers.

“Well, I would have thought as much, but she’s precocious.”  She looked him in the eyes as her hands followed his hips around and gripped his stanchion.

“So was her mother, but she didn’t start early.”  He released one breast and returned her gaze.  He covered one of her hands with his and guided it along his koq; pressing one of her thumbs into its head.

“Gayadnae has been leeching for at least six suncycles, possibly longer.  She didn’t know until now she’s been doing it.”  He groaned deep in his throat as her thumb slipped around the wet dome of his cod-baby.

“I’d wager she’ll keep you busy.”  His head dropped lower and his lips caressed her neck while his hands wandered under her bloozat.

“What’s more, she pulls from warriors and they don’t even notice.  I was matron for her today while she was with her mother at the guild for a meeting.”  She released him and removed her bloozat.

“I can see why they’d send for you.  Will you be returning to your station as House Matron?”  He rubbed a palm roughly over each nipple.

“I think so.  Our rooms are still empty.  We could move back in if you’d like.”

She sighed deeply and guided him over to a lounge.  She pulled him down on top of her and let her legs fall, one each, over either side.  Her lips sought his again.  He complied.  He leaned on one arm and used the hand of the other to caress and play with her nipples.  Her twin mounds were firm and full.  She sighed when he bent over and allowed his tongue to play over her skin.  She exhaled when he pulled first one nipple into his mouth between his moist lips then the other.  His tongue made lazy circles over her nipple’s surface.

She pulled her kirtle up to her hips and raised them to meet his pleasure pole.  He slid into her tunnel eagerly and without hesitation.  She pulled his shirt up and over his head, letting it fall to the ground beside the lounge.  She played with the soft white down which furred his chest.  Resting on one arm, he slid in and out of her slowly and deliberately.  She directed the chi around them into the dense cloud of his virility.
Their pace was deliberate yet urgent, slow and steady.  Continuing to slip in and out of her well-lubed sheath, his head dropped down and his mouth took in a breast, as much as would fit.  The nails of her one hand raked his back and the fingers of the other gripped one of his twin buns.

“Maudi, give me all of your man milk!”

He said nothing, his mouth still full of nipple and breast.  She worked the other nipple with her thumb.  Her tunnel gripped his rod with all her strength.  As his energy rose she infused it with the chi energy she allowed through the stopcock.  She siphoned his virility with her mind and swirled them both around and through them.  The tempest mounted and raged as they worked their bodies together in earnest.  Once the storm broke, they grunted and groaned and he collapsed on top of her.  She lay there breathing heavily and he lay his head on her chest.  It was moments before either of them spoke.

“I think it would be a good idea for us to move back into the Main House,” he said.  His fingers wandered aimlessly over her skin.

“I think so too.  So, did you use your talents on the boys today?”  She wrapped her legs around his and rocked slowly from side to side.

“Yup!  I drained almost every ounce of virility they had and enjoyed the looks on their faces as their cod-babies shriveled up on their nuggets.  They listened to me after that.”  He covered her mouth with his in a demanding kiss.

“What did they do when you gathered the chi and raised their virility?”  She said breaking away from his lips.

“I think they were more shocked by the decline of their koqs than they were impressed by my being able to direct chi energy.”  He untangled her legs from his and moved further down on the couch.  He sought her grotto with his tongue and lapped their mingled juices as a puppy does a bowl of warmed milk.

“No doubt.  You codlings are all the same when it comes to your virility.”  She giggled and wriggled out from under him.  She jumped up from the lounge and taking him by the hand skipped down the hall, pulling him behind her.   


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  1. My steamy scene:

    “I’m not worried about food right now.” He pressed his lips against the curve of her neck before asking, “Your first time shooting one of these?”
    Her breath came out in a rush as desire crashed through her, making her nipples pucker against the fabric of her bra. “Yes.”
    “How does it feel in your hands?” he whispered in her ear.
    “And?” His fingers slid down her arms and finally wrapped around her hands.
    “Dangerous.” Her thighs started to tingle, her panties dampened, while her core yearned for him.

    Buy Dangerous Flames here:
    My email:

    1. Talk about leaving us hanging!! Awesome excerpt Wendy! Thank you for sharing.

      This is what Friday Flames is all about. Hot excerpts and pulse racing tension!

  2. WOW, Grinelda. Your scene was smoking hot!

    My sexcerpt is from my novel Love's Prophecy, first runner up in the 2012 RONE Awards.

    Mel laid Breeana down, stripped her jeans off, and tossed them to the floor. Her legs flopped open and he almost came right there. The sight of her sheer pink panties, wet with her honey, fueled his desire.

    He dropped to his knees, eased her panties to the side, exposing her sweetness. “I can't get enough of you. No matter how many times I have you, it'll never be enough.” He bent forward and sucked her into his mouth. The taste of her almost sent him crashing over the edge. “God damn, you're delicious.”

    With his tongue and lips he drove her hard, sparing no mercy. Her hips bucked off the bed as another orgasm rolled through her. He held her in place with his hand firmly on her stomach.

    “That's it, come for me.” He drank her in, wringing out every last drop. When he couldn't stand another second, he turned her so she rested on her hands and knees, and ripped off her panties.

    The need to be inside her had his body quaking. He unzipped and tugged his pants to his knees. He found her opening and thrust forward. Her wet warmth gripped him tight from tip to base.

    1. Holy panty ripper! Who needs bodices when Mel's in the house? Yee-Haw!!

      I can see why Love's Prophecy is a winner in the RONE awards - Congratulations!! If you get a chance, please post your buy link. I know there are those you NEED to read more of your delicious story!! Thank you for stopping by - WHEW!

    2. Amazon:
      Love's Prophecy is also available on Smashwords, Barnes and Noble, Sony--wherever e-books are sold.
      Love's Prophecy is also available in print.

      Thanks for your kind words, Sheri.

    3. Only speakin' the truth, sexy-girl! :)

    4. this is way hot makes one want to read more

  3. Um...Yum!! I don't think my RS scenes can compare to that, lol! Whew, gonna go find a fan :)

    1. I beg to differ. I've read your books and you have HOT scenes! You have sexual tension that requires fans on high and plenty of iced tea on hand. I say go for it, Jennifer!

      Burn me!

  4. Very hot stuff this morning!

    Here's something that's (as usual from me) more romantic than steamy, from my new book "Waking Dream" (coming out next week)...

    The next thing I know, I’m lying on the bed – the brand new bed that I didn’t even know we had. And then he’s lying next to me, completely out of breath, his arms shuddering with the effort of hauling me all the way up here. I let him take a few minutes to recover, while I look around at our new bedroom.

    Everything in here is something I saw in the furniture store and loved. There are two matching dressers, made of what I’m sure is real oak. There’s a gorgeous full-length mirror in an iron frame with fancy flourishes at the top. The bed itself is only a queen. The room isn’t really big enough for a king-size mattress, but the frame is, like the mirror, finished with fancy ironwork. It’s beautiful.

    There are even new sheets on it. When could Brian have done this?
    “The furniture is from my parents,” Brian pants. “They offered, and I remembered what you picked out when we were looking last month.” Of course he did.

    “And you had it delivered last night, after the closing.” It’s the only time he could have. He nods; that’s about all the movement he’s capable of at the moment. “So that was the ‘team meeting’ you couldn’t get out of.”

    “Surprise,” he smiles. I shouldn’t be surprised, but I always am. That’s probably a good thing – if I ever stopped being surprised at how wonderful he is, I’d be taking him for granted, and I don’t ever want to do that.

    There’s something I do want to do, though. He’s on his back, and I roll over on top of him. He can barely raise his arms to put them around me. I shake my head. “You don’t have to do anything. You’ve done so much already. Let me handle this…”


    Well, I handled things. And then Brian managed to summon up enough energy to do some handling himself, before we were done. Right now, we’re lying side by side on our new bed, both completely spent.
    “I don’t remember, when did we tell my parents we’d be back?”

    Brian laughs. “Noon, I think.”
    “What time do you think it is?” There’s no clock in here yet, and neither of us is wearing a watch. I could check my cell phone, but that’s in my purse, and it’s all the way over against the wall, ten feet from me. It might as well be ten miles right now.

    “Probably after noon,” Brian sighs. I’m sure he’s right.

    “We have to get up, don’t we?” The movers are coming to our apartment at three o’clock.

    “Probably,” he answers, then he laughs softly to himself. “Tell me something. What would you have done if the bed wasn’t here yet?”

    I roll over to him, run a hand through his hair. I could stay right here on this bed with him all day. “You didn’t look in the trunk, did you?” He knew what would happen when he carried me up to the bedroom. I wasn’t expecting furniture when we got here, but I had the same idea he did all along. “I wanted our first moment in our house to be – well, our first time in our new house. I figured we’d end up in the shower, though. I was prepared. I’ve got clean towels for both of us in the trunk.”

    He puts a hand on the back of my neck, to that spot, and I’m gone. Sometime later, minutes or hours, I have no idea, I hear his voice again. “I like the way you think, lady.”

    No link yet, but here's a link to my Amazon author page -

    1. This is definitely one to keep an eye out for! STEAMY HOT stuff, James. I'm really impressed with the way you, as a man, can write in a woman's POV. Excellent!

      Thanks for coming by!!

  5. My, it's warm today!

    From my RS Ride A Falling Star:

    “Just right.”
    He edged onto the bottom of the bed and took her foot into his hands.
    Ava tugged away. “My feet are ugly. Too much dancing.”
    Ignoring her protest, he kissed it again.
    He made love to both feet with his hands and lips before moving up her leg, sucking, tasting as he went. When it became clear where he was headed, she tried to close her legs. But he placed his palms on each thigh and held them apart.
    “No, Levi. Please.”
    “I want you wet for me.” Then his mouth went there. She’d heard about this, but never experienced it. Licking, nibbling, he teased her until of their own accord her thighs widened. Her stomach tightened. Her nipples hardened. She grasped the sheets, wrapping her fingers in them until they went numb.
    He lifted his mouth and she moaned a protest.
    Sliding a finger inside, he replaced his mouth on her and sucked her clit. She thought she might die from the pressure building in her insides. She lifted her hips to give him full access. He pressed his finger deeper than she thought possible.
    Her climax came so fast and strong, she screamed his name. “Levi! God!”
    He put a second finger inside her and spread them apart. His mouth lapped her. A second wave hit her harder than the first. She panted his name. She let go of the sheets and grabbed his hair as she bucked and cried his name.

    1. *sits up straight and forgets to blink* Pant-pant. You sure can write 'em, D'Ann! WHEW!! Hot stuff.

      Doggone it - you forgot your link, but we can search Amazon for the title. Just let me rest a moment and catch my breath first.

  6. I'm loving all the scenes! Here's mine from my paranormal, A Stone Unturned.

    Nia rose to her feet and unzipped her jeans. Mo raised his arms in the air so she could steady herself using his palms. She slid one leg free, then the other before tossing them on the floor. Next came the tights as she rolled them down her legs, then kicked them to land atop the jeans. She whisked the bracelets off, and tossed them to land atop the clothing.
    Finally, she stood above him wearing black lace boy shorts.
    “I like it,” he breathed.
    “You’ll like this better.” With her knees on either side of his head, she lowered herself so her material-covered crotch was above his mouth.
    Mo slid a hand down her center, purposely making contact with her clit. He wrapped a hand around her waist, bringing her flush against his mouth. He rubbed his nose against the material, inhaling the seductive scent of her arousal. He snapped the waistband. “These aren’t wet enough.”
    Closing her eyes, she shook at the contact. If he hadn’t been supporting her weight, she’d have fallen over.
    He nipped at her clit, and then flattened his tongue against her. A rush of hot liquid poured from her in response. He blew his breath against her crotch and sucked her lace-covered clit into his mouth, his tongue playing back and forth with it. She held on as her body trembled with pleasure.
    He paused and she opened her eyes.
    He chuckled. “You like watching?”
    She nodded because she couldn’t talk. Not with her body coiled, waiting on the next wave of delight.

    Buy link:

    1. Hubba-hubba! *Makes note: Tamara Hunter, buy book*

      WOW! If Nia liked watching, I like reading! Thank you so much for sliding by and cranking up the heat on Friday Flames!!

  7. Wowza, it's hot in her today! Great excerpts!

    1. *sets air-conditioning for a cooler temp.* I got ya covered, Heather!

  8. I don't have anything today, but I loved reading the excerpts!! Great job everyone. I'm glad I have the fan going. Tweeted.

    1. Every Friday, the fan is my friend! Thanks for stopping by during your busy tour schedule, Ella!! Muah!

  9. Replies
    1. *scoots over* Here, sit with me near the fan. LOL

  10. Wow! Thanks everyone for visiting and especially loved all the steamy comments and excerpts. Sorry to be late to the party. Have been knee deep in minutiae for the last couple weeks. I plan to visit "Friday Flames" more regularly.


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