July 26, 2013

Friday Flames welcomes Brenda Dyer

I admit - I'm a HUGE fan of paranormal romance author Brenda Dyer. Over the weekend I had the opportunity to read her latest release.

All I can say is WOW. My review that'll soon go up on Amazon gives Brenda's book a FIVE STAR rating!

Here's the blurb on Prophecy's Child:

His secret will shatter her world.

Katherine Colby’s life splintered ten years ago when her lover suddenly vanished, leaving her with more than a broken heart. But when Kal unexpectedly makes an appearance, her safe, dependable existence is shattered once more. Drawn into Kal’s deadly world of vampires and demons, she must now put aside her hurt and anger and learn to trust him. Can she forgive past deceptions and find the courage to love again? Or will she turn away the one man who owns her heart and soul?

Her secret will change his life.

Powerful, and lethal, Kal is a vampire warrior, sworn to protect humans from demons. Loving Katherine too much to pull her into his dangerous world, Kal deserted her, believing his decision was best for them both. But not even time could assuage his yearning for the woman who has captured his heart. As fate tosses them together once again, Kal must fight to win Katherine’s trust and forgiveness before evil separates them forever. But is he ready to become the man she needs him to be? Or will he lose the one woman he can’t live without?

Sounds interesting, huh??


Kal rubbed her shoulders. “Take off your shirt. I need to see you.”

Nervousness put a damper on Katherine’s arousal. Although she’d been lucky enough to escape pregnancy without stretch marks, her body had changed. Her breasts were larger and her hips had a more mature roundness to them. Would he still find her attractive?


Only one way to find out. She grasped the bottom of her green cotton shirt and pulled it over her head. Thank God she wore her red satin bra and matching panties.

He inhaled, and his eyes darkened. “Now your bra.”

With trembling fingers, she unsnapped her bra. As her breasts sprang free, her nipples puckered. The flimsy garment slid down her arms, to the floor.

“Sweet Jesus. You’re stunning.” Kal bent and tongued one of her stiff peaks. The light touch traveled straight to her slick sex. He sucked one nipple into his warm mouth. The sensation sent a rush of moisture to dampen her panties.

She gripped his hair, holding herself steady and trapping him where she needed him. “Kal…yes…that feels so good.”

“You taste so goddamn delicious,” he growled against her skin before kissing his way across her chest.

His soft lips and the scrape of stubble on his jaw created an agonizing ache between her legs. If this kept up, he’d bring her to orgasm before they hit the bed.

Her other nipple strained for his attention. His mouth closed over it, drawing the tight nub deep. A delighted gasp escaped her as his tongue flicked the peak back and forth.  

With both hands, Kal pushed her breasts together and continued to suckle.

Katherine closed her eyes. Her world centered on the wet tugging motion. God, she was so hot. This sweet torture would surely be the death of her.

Releasing her breasts, he then smoothed his hands over her butt, pulling their lower bodies together. “Now your pants.”

She stepped back and undid the button on her jeans. His wild stare lent her courage. The zipper came next. She shoved the soft denim down her legs.

Pure male desire gleamed from his eyes. “You’re more beautiful than I remembered.”


Oh yeah...now that's what I'm talking about!

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  1. Love it. Love the cover and LOVED the book.
    From my contemporary romance - Circles Interlocked

    Robert brushed her cheek. "You wanted to make last night some perfect romantic movie scene, but you were too tired and too tense to enjoy it."
    "I wanted everything to be perfect for you."
    "And I want everything to be perfect for both of us." He held out his hand waiting for the glass of ice water.
    Puzzled, Julie handed it to him. He reached in, pulled out an ice cube then placed the glass on the counter. Sucking the juice off the cube, he held it in his hand and slithered it down Julie's back.
    "You were too concerned about me. Sex isn't about one person. It's the mutual gratification of two people."
    A small moan escaped her mouth.
    "Think of it as the process, not the outcome." He slid the cube along her side, down her arms and around her face. "Never rush. Take it slow. Indulge. Explore. Satisfy."
    Savouring both the eroticism and the coolness, Julie let him explore her body. Her breath became sharp as he let the cold, wet liquid drip onto her chest. His tongue flicked at the rivers of water and drips rolling down her breasts. "Last night would've been a can of soda - fizzy, sharp and you chug it down. And while animal sex is great." He paused as he slipped a nipple into his mouth. "It wasn't what you wanted last night to be about."
    Julie grabbed the counter before her knees gave out. She was lost in his physical touch and the sensualness of his voice.
    Dragging his teeth along her nipples, he pulled his head back. "I want our love to be a great bottle of wine. You sip it. You roll it around in your mouth. But you never ever chug it." He lowered himself to his knees, dribbling little kisses down her belly. His hands pushed her thighs apart as his tongue found her sex.
    Time paused as Julie focused on what Robert aroused within her. Soft moans escaped her lips. His pace didn't change. His tongue moved like he was idly licking an ice cream cone. And she was melting.

    1. LOVED your last two lines! WHEW! I think I'm melting, too. It's great having you at the FLAMES, Victoria!!

  2. Great excerpts. This is from The Temptation of Lady Serena which goes on pre-order next week.

    His thumbs skated over her breasts, singeing her. Lighting her fires. Serena moaned as need for him exploded through her. He was an addiction. All he had to do was touch her and she was ready to offer herself to him. He lifted her derrière against him. Pressing her to the hard bulge in his pants.

    “Serena, I need you now.”


    Robert kissed her deeply. “Here”

    She panted and her heart raced. His hand moved between her legs, stroking. “How much time do you think we have?”

    In two long strides he’d reached the door and locked it. “Enough.” Robert flashed her a wicked smile. Her heart missed a beat.

    “Bend over the table.”

    The throbbing that started in her breasts shot straight to her core. Serena did as he asked.

    “Spread your legs for me,” he whispered, stroking between her thighs. He lifted her skirt up over her back.
    Cool air swirled around her legs as he lifted her gown, she sighed as he slowly filled her. Robert held her hips, anchoring her to him as he drove deeply into her. She shivered.

    This was the first time they’d made love outside of her bed. The elicit excitement heightened her pleasure. The knit of his pantaloons rubbed against her. His musky scent, his hands gripping her, caused her body to spin out of control. Robert thrust harder and deeper as she contracted around him. Serena sucked in a breath to cry out.

    “Shush—you can’t make any noise.” Robert’s deep, soft voice caressed her.

    Serena shook as her need built again and mewed. How did he do this to her?

    “I’m going to come into you,” his voice sinfully wicked. “I want you to feel me spill my seed. While we’re having luncheon, as my semen runs down your legs, you’ll feel me still in you. I want you to remember this.”

    Serena exploded again just before the warmth he’d promised spewed into her.


    1. Congratulations on the pre-order! Serena is a naughty girl. But then, so is Robert! They're both Flame-worthy! Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Wow, Brenda!!!! Wow, everyone!
    Mine comes from my almost-released, Ride A Falling Star:

    Her climax came so fast and strong, she screamed his name. “Levi! God!”
    He put a second finger inside her and spread them apart. His mouth lapped her. A second wave hit her harder than the first. She panted his name. She let go of the sheets and grabbed his hair as she bucked and cried his name.
    Still thrumming like a guitar string, she moaned when he lifted his mouth and pulled his finger from her. He planted a trail of kisses up her abdomen and paused to suck each of her too-sensitive nipples.
    He stretched out beside her and they kissed like it was their last goodbye. His tongue and hers met, mated. Backed off and did it again. She tasted herself on his lips and somehow that made her stomach clench again.
    This time she didn’t need him to guide her, and she stroked his cock until it pulsed under her palm. He put a small package in her free hand. “Put this on me, baby. I’m not going to last much longer and I want to be inside you when I come.”
    His words lit her insides and she opened the condom and rolled it over him with shaking, eager fingers.
    As he eased over her, and the head of his cock prodded her opening he hesitated. “Are you ready? Need to ride me instead?”
    Even if it hurt like hell again, she wanted him like this. “I’m okay.”
    He eased inside, inching forward until he filled her fully. Her nails raked down his back and over his tight buttocks.
    Freezing, he asked, “You okay?”
    “Am I hurting you?”
    A little uncomfortable, but no pain. “No.”
    He pulled out a fraction, then eased back in. When she didn’t flinch or protest, he picked up the tempo. He kissed her again, his tongue matching the rhythm of his pelvis. She lay still until he guided her hips to meet his thrusts and her bottom rose off the bed. Each drive eased her discomfort until it vanished, replaced by pleasure.

    1. Cowboys are so considerate. *sigh*
      Love your excerpt!

  4. Wow! Very hot stuff today! I've got a bit from "Waking Dream", which will be out next month...

    I head into the shower, leaving Brian to go back to bed for a little while longer. But he doesn’t. I turn the water on, and there’s his hand, pulling the curtain aside, and now he’s stepping into the tiny shower with me.

    It’s not remotely big enough for two, but I don’t care; I feel a warmth spreading all through my body that’s got nothing to do with the hot water. He takes my face in his hands and kisses me, and my legs go weak. I collapse against the back of the shower, the only reason I haven’t fallen down is that there’s no room for it with Brian in here, too. He breaks the kiss and whispers into me ear, “You’re not the only one who made promises on Christmas Eve.”

    He kisses my neck, and – oh, my!

    Every inch of my skin is hyper-sensitive; I can feel every single drop of water from the shower as it hits me, but that’s nothing compared to the feel of his hands, his lips, as he makes his way lower and lower, until – oh! I can barely breathe. I – it feels – oh, God! Don’t stop! Please, don’t ever stop! I don’t know if I say it out loud or not, but it doesn’t matter because – oh! – he isn’t stopping!

    It’s as though time is slowing down, every second stretching out longer and longer. I hear myself moaning, and I have just enough awareness left to reach behind me and grab a washcloth off the hook, stuff it in my mouth and bite down on it to keep from shouting out and waking the whole house. He’s on his knees now, my whole body is shuddering, I – I – I…

    …I don’t know how much time has passed. I’m still in the shower. My legs are barely holding me up. I’m still shaking, and I still feel every individual drop of water from the shower. Brian is very gently washing me. I’m completely spent – that’s a hell of a way to wake up. He more than paid me back for last night, I’d say.

    He takes his time getting me clean; he even washes my hair for me. By the time he’s done and I’ve rinsed off, I’m – well, not really close to normal yet, but at least I can walk out of the shower under my own power.

    “Wow,” is all I can say.

    “Just wait until Friday,” is his answer. If it’s better than what he just did to me, I might have a heart attack. And it’d be worth it.

    1. Hi James! I can't wait until August!! SQUEE!!

  5. Wow and I should be writing, but I had to stop in today.
    Thank you Sheri. This is my latest ms releasing mid August
    "Stand By Me" Volume III in the Blakemore Saga, by Cora Blu, coming soon. Loving teaser if you've read Volumes I & II and know who Kenya and Jonathan are.

    "Now let your hands slide down to your naval. Draw circles around it with your finger until I tell you to stop."
    Adjusting her hips on the cushion, Kenya shot a glance around the room. Agitated, she peered back over her shoulder and he waited for her to do as he'd said. He watched her finger lower to her naval never touching her stomach. She was embarrassed and uncomfortable about the weight. The weight he thought looked good on his woman. Kneeling on all fours he faced her. Kenya's stomach rose and fell under her heavy breathing, but she drew the circles around her naval. After each circle, he crawled closer. Kenya's breathing sped up, highlighting the ragged beat of her pulse in her neck. "Wet your finger drawing it slowly around your naval." She stopped and blinked several times before raising her hand to her mouth. Shaking his head, he warned, "Not from there," nodding toward her swollen sex, he pulled his bottom lip between his teeth anticipating the taste of his wife. He crawled closer bracing his hands on her knees. His lungs beat at his ribs his breathing labored watching her touch herself. Slick and wet. Kenya drew the wet finger around her naval as he slowly eased her legs apart; the full view of his woman excited him further. Lowering his face to her stomach, he licked a trail following Kenya's finger. The tangy and sweet liquid danced over his tongue and he couldn't suck her finger into his mouth fast enough.
    Cora Blu

    1. HOT HOT HOT!! You need to write faster, Cora! Buahaha...

  6. BRENDA!!! Wow, have you evolved...in so many wonderful ways. Great excerpt and I'm so dang proud of ya! This new book will soar!

    Did Brenda EVER notice the main girl character's name in My Velvet Series? Nope...kind of did it and forgot to tell ya! lol
    Ms. Sheri Sunshine: I brought a tiny snippet of Honky-Tonk cowboy fun to The Flames today... from Crushed Velvet:

    Her cowboy was lying flat out on the big brass bed, helplessly moaning while she licked a trail along his thigh and up to his hard erection. She then followed the silky forbidden path all the way up his shaft and to the tip. Licking around it with a taunting lapping, she felt her own moisture bubbling up between her thighs.
    Trevor growled like a savage and sat up with an abrupt swiftness.
    Bren gasped as her body was propelled from the edge of the bed.
    Luckily, he caught her before she hit the floor. “Shit! Oh, sweet velvet. I’m so sorry!”
    Laughing and breathless, she didn’t speak as he hauled her back to the bed.
    “I told ya! I can’t take that stuff! Now look what I almost did!”
    Bren was chuckling with mirth and leaps of adrenaline rushes.
    Shaking his head, he swiftly tugged her further and lay on his back, taking her up by her hips and planting her squarely on top of him.
    Her pussy slid neatly and succinctly down and over his huge, hard rod. “Oh!” she gasped out at the filling.
    “You can still be in charge, sweet girl.” He grinned up at her and reached up to perform double handed tweaks of her nipples.
    Her body almost jumped from the nerves it enlivened in her. “In charge?” she panted.
    “Yeah, ride me, Miss Plush.” He grinned. “I will be your obedient steed.”
    Bren was still full of exhilaration as she smiled down at him. “Well mister cowpoke, you seem to have the reins.” She peered down at his hands on her boobs.
    He looked unsure. “I could stop?”
    “No!” she yelled, then clamped a hand over her mouth. “I mean…” She dropped her hand. “Please, hold the reins for me, steed.”
    He chuckled. “You are just the most…” He raised his pelvis to fill her completely. “…delightful mistress.” He bucked his hips.
    Bren hung on for dear life. Moaning at his filling of her, she breathlessly spoke, “I’m beginning to wonder about just who’s riding who—cowboy!”
    Trev laughed and reached a hand down to find her clit button.
    “Oh no!” Bren admonished. “That’s not—”
    He stroked her button, tweaked her nipple and raised his pelvis again.
    “—Faiirrr…” Bren capitulated and orgasmed right on the spot. "Unh…”
    “Had to—” Trevor panted now too. “—take the reins.” His body grew rigid as he kept his eyes on her. “Watching you is too—much for this stallion.”

    1. Yee-Haw!! Ride 'em, Bren!! Fan that stallion with your hat! Love your books, Wicked Leanore. And my husband LOVES that I love your books! *wink-wink*

      I'm filled with such happiness with your excerpt here today - and all these HOT, exciting stories just waiting to be snatched up and read.

    2. AHHHHHHHHHHH, Leanore, lol. First, what an amazing and smoking HOT sexcerpt. Second, I love your heroine's name, hehehehe.

  7. Hot diggety! What wonderful sexcerpts on the Flames today!

  8. Dropping by kinda late - not gonna leave an excerpt just a simple statement

    BUY BRENDA'S BOOK - IT IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    - did I leave enough ! go make my point?


  9. Fantastic excerpts, ladies! And congratulations to you, Brenda! Very happy to see you released Prophecy's Child. Woot!


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