July 5, 2013

Friday Flames is Finding Flight!

Welcome to another edition of Friday Flames, where scorching scenes are all aflame!

I invite writers to choose a steamy excerpt from their books or works in progress, and share them.
I dare readers to sit with an icy-cold drink at hand and enjoy the many posts.

Today I welcome Heather M. Sharpe to the Friday Flames stage. I met Heather a few years ago when the rough-draft of Remedy Maker evolved. Having much in common, we instantly hit it off.

Take it away, Heather!

Can her gift help her find an everlasting love?

Blurb: As an Enforcer for a secret society of shapeshifters, Ledger Arneau is offered a chance to retrieve his wayward brother before The Council puts out a warrant for his arrest. When the trail goes cold, he is willing to try anything to pick it up again, even if it means bringing in an outsider. 

Corinne Winters is able to find any missing object, except her own, by concentrating on it. She’s always dreamed of using her skills to help locate missing people. After an embarrassing setback with the local police department, she jumps on the opportunity to use her skills to help Ledger. 

Corinne finds a love she didn't know she was looking for with Ledger, and discovers a new depth to her talent when they are together. When her new love and his brother disappear back into the secret society, Corinne must stretch her talent beyond anything she ever imagined to bring them home. Unaware of the circumstances surrounding Ledger’s disappearance, Corinne races across the country on his trail. When she finally locates the brothers, she witnesses the unbelievable, and flees in terror. In order to claim the love of her life, she must find a way to accept him and his secret.


“Please,” she whispered, bringing one leg up to hold him tighter to her and arching her back to brush her lips against his. He held himself firm against her until she tentatively touched her tongue to the softness of his lips. Then, it was as if a dam opened, and he crushed her to him. He released her wrists so his hands were free to roam, his lips melded tightly against hers.

Ledger softened the kiss enough to nip and tease her lips while one hand skimmed down her side to the hem of her shirt. His fingers danced there where her shirt had risen slightly, exposing a small strip of bare skin. Corinne wriggled beneath him, trying to deepen their kiss and encourage his fingers’ maddening caress to explore further.

She felt his lips curve into a smile. “Impatient?”

She growled and took control of their kiss, refusing to let him back away and return to the light teasing of before. His fingers continued their dance against her side, brushing just below the waistband of her pants and under the hem of her top, but no farther. She arched her back, relieving the ache in her breasts somewhat by brushing them against his firm chest. Finally she felt the warmth of Ledger’s palm against the skin at her waist as his hand slid beneath her shirt and up to caress her breast. A tingling fire spread from the warmth of his grasp to the rest of her body.

Determined to feel more of the glorious warmth, Corinne gripped the hem of his shirt and tugged until it caught at his shoulders. She whimpered in indecision. She didn’t want him to move his hands or lips now that they were finally where she wanted them, but she needed to feel more of his skin against hers. With one final tug, she decided that her hands could wander freely enough with his shirt bunched around his shoulders. That decided, she let her hands roam across the tight muscles in his back and shoulders. What was it about tracing those flat planes that could make her insides melt?

Bio: Heather M. Sharpe lives on 6 acres in Central Kansas with her husband, perfect baby boy, mother-in-law, and sister-in-law. In case the house isn’t full enough, it also includes four noisy dogs, one cat who inspired For the love of a Sphynx, another who torments him, and a lizard.  At night, all of them think they need room on the bed (except the lizard, thankfully). 

Up until the birth of her son, Heather taught elementary school.  Now she chases around her toddler and writes whenever he naps long enough to turn on the laptop.  When not writing or chasing the baby, Heather enjoys hanging at the lake, waking up early to tear up the water on the wakeboard or wakesurf board, and making s’mores.

Make sure to check out Heather’s website and Facebook page to keep informed of all her newest projects.  

Thank you, Heather! 

For those who post their HOT & STEAMY excerpts, please include buy links if you can. It helps to make it easy for those who want to run out and buy!

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  1. Thank you for letting me share my steamy scene today! I look forward to reading some scorchers today!

    1. You started the race, babe! Kick back and enjoy the fun.

  2. I would love the ability to find missing objects! Okay, here's my short, steamy excerpt from my new book due out in two weeks.

    In addition to lust, Star heard tenderness in his voice. He really did care for her, and was looking out for her best interests. Adam was acquainted with Tristan and knew his intense sexual nature. The fact that Tristan had attempted to seduce Star in a roundabout way did not sit well with Adam, but the three of them had sorted that out and come to an understanding. That he was now willing to work with Tristan was a good sign.

    “I take off your shirt and undo your pants.”


    “You might have a weapon hidden. Next item on your list.” Her breath was coming faster now. The air in the room seemed heavy and she could almost smell the tantalising musky scent he emitted when he was aroused. She wriggled again, trying to find a comfortable position. Her nipples had tightened almost to the point of pain, and she rubbed her hand across them to relieve the ache.

    “They will allow those with magic to practise freely, as long as they don’t call attention to themselves or hurt others. Go on, what happens next?” Adam said, his voice thick with desire.

    “I search you for weapons. A very thorough search. I have to check between your legs, in all the crevices, to make sure you don’t have anything concealed. Next item.” Sopping wet now, Star slid one hand down the front of her pants.

    “They provide instructors for those coming into their magic. Star, I don’t want to talk about that anymore. I want you to tell me what happens next, with you and me on the ground.”

    “I wrap my hand around your cock and squeeze. Hard. You have something I want, and I have to coerce you to give it to me.”

    A moan let her know Adam was as hot as she was. She stroked her wet lips and circled her clit with one finger, as she gripped the handset with her other, sweaty hand.

    “What do I have that you want?”

    Pre-order your copy now and save 10%


    Naomi Bellina
    Adventurous erotic romance

    1. We'd never lose our car keys again! Would we, Naomi? :) Holy hotness! You left a cliffhanger of an excerpt there! Love your tag line: Adventurous Erotic Romance. Yup, that sums it up!!

    2. Oh, me too. I'm always losing things. In fact, that's one of own traits I share with Corinne. I love books with magic. I'm definitely intrigued!

  3. Whew! Nice ones!
    From Mississippi Blues:

    Suddenly, all of Lindy’s bravado fled.
    She couldn’t believe she’d been so bold as to tell this man she wanted to sleep with him. Straddling him, all she had to do was roll off and flee. His hands gripped her waist, although she knew he would let her go in an instant. But something held her still. She looked into Jace’s eyes and delicious shivers rocked her body. This is where she wanted to be.
    Leaning forward, she touched his lips with hers. The gentle kiss lasted only a second before she sat up and studied him. His eyes were closed, his lips parted slightly. Her hands roamed across his bare chest. Slipping her palms across his flat, brown nipples and the light trail of blonde hair trailing down the middle of his chest, she reveled in the sensation. His body, so different from hers, fascinated her.
    His chest rose and fell faster, but his hands stayed motionless at her waist as she toured his bare upper half. Like a masseuse she gripped his shoulders, skimming her fingertips down his muscled arms until their hands met and intertwined at her middle. A kind of frustration was building in her. She longed for him to touch her, too. Her nipples pushed against the soft cotton T-shirt she wore and wet heat pooled between her legs. With a gentle tug, she guided his hands under the hem of her shirt, and then dropped them.
    Her breath came in short, heavy rushes as his fingers splayed out over her ribs. And stopped. Stealing a glance at his face, she was surprised to find his dark eyes on her, a slight smile on his lips. As she stared, caught in his gaze, he removed his hands from her ribs and caught the back of her head with his palms bringing her down to kiss him again.
    This time the kiss wasn’t soft or short.
    His mouth tore at hers like a starving animal. His tongue plunged in and out of her mouth like a preview of what his body would do with hers. Twist for turn, move for move, they met, retreated; their mouths arcing together like a current. Lindy felt his hands in her hair, holding her to him. Even if she could have, she wouldn’t have pulled away. Her body needed to have him inside her, now, and she reached for the waistline of his jeans, her fingers curling around the denim material.
    With a quick, seamless move, he rolled over, turning Lindy under him. Their mouths still locked in battle, he released her head and tugged the hem of her gray tee up over her belly and breasts, leaving it pooled under her arms and chin. Leaving go of her mouth, he moved to her right breast and breathed across her sores, now scabbed. His warm breath seemed to heal her. The sensation of him taking her nipple in his mouth was so remarkable she cried out and dug her nails into his belly.
    “Did I hurt you?” Tenderly, he kissed the swell of her breast, where she was uninjured.
    “No.” It was all she could manage.

    1. BUY LINKS!! I gotta finish this book!! Whew! I like this line, "His mouth tore at hers like an animal." Yee-Haw!!!

    2. Nice! Love the steamy scene, but also curious. .. how did she get hurt? Guys I'll have to get the book to find out!

  4. Heather and Naomi, your sexcerpts were HOT, HOT, HOT!!!!

  5. Here's an excerpt from my latest release Three's a Crowd.

    Taking off my clothes and stepping into our shower, I closed my eyes and let the water cascade down my head, over my shoulders and down my legs. The sound of the shower curtain forced me to open my eyes. A naked and very aroused Alex was climbing into the shower with me.

    “Mmm. I’m all sweaty, too. If I wash you, will you return the favor?” He said with a mischievous grin on his face as he grabbed the bottle of body wash and poured some into his hands. Running his sudsy hands over my body, I felt tingles from my head to my toes.

    “I love the feel of your hands on my body. You make me come alive.” Grabbing his face between my hands, I pulled his lips close to mine.

    Gently kissing him because of his earlier injury, I lightly ran my tongue across his lip. Feeling bolder as his mouth opened, my tongue darted into his mouth and teased his tongue, making him groan.

    “You’re playing with fire,” he said through clenched teeth.

    “It’s a good thing we’re in the shower then because you haven’t seen anything yet.” Running one of my hands down his chest, I felt the softness of his chest hair under my fingers. Letting my hand travel lower, I reached down and encircled his cock with my hand, gently pumping once, twice then stopping before beginning again. Each time I stopped, Alex’s groans got louder.

    Suddenly he grabbed my waist and bent me over toward the shower wall and shoved his cock into me.

    “I can’t take your teasing. I need to be inside your tight pussy.”

    Buy Links:
    Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Threes-a-Crowd-ebook/dp/B00CTCDHVQ/ref=sr_1_1?s=digital-text&ie=UTF8&qid=1368974389&sr=1-1&keywords=melissa+keir

    B&N: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/threes-a-crowd-melissa-keir/1115320553?ean=2940016615738

    All Romance Ebooks:https://www.allromanceebooks.com/product-three039sacrowd-1185386-148.html

    1. *clicks the air conditioning on* WHEW! Now that's some HOT writing! Welcome to Friday Flames - yee-haw!!!

    2. Whew! Yep, good turn on a fan. :-)

  6. Great scenes today!!! LOVE reading these!
    Here's mine from FINDING HOPE - Pool of Souls Book 2
    One of Adrian’s hands left her thighs. He was sliding it up to a breast. He cupped it and kneaded before beginning to roll the nipple between his thumb and forefinger. She gasped when he pinched just a little. The nipple responded and instantly hardened. At the same time his fingers were torturing her nipple, his mouth continued to torture her sex.

    Suddenly the licking changed to sucking. He pulled her engorged clit into his mouth hard. His fingers clamped down on the nipple he’d been playing with and a sharp pain shot through her. She growled through a scream. Her body convulsed and shuddered. The biggest orgasm she’d ever had rippled through her, burning from the inside out. Muscles tightened. The sensations seemed to shatter her hold on reality. It was glorious.

    The pain had pushed her past her thoughts and allowed the pleasure to completely flood her consciousness. He’d gotten her out of her head.

    She was semi-aware of being laid back on the bed. Soft pillows cushioned her head and neck. He backed away from the bed for a moment, rustled through a bag, and returned completely naked. His wet boxers were gone. He quickly slid a condom into place and crawled above her.

    “Are you with me?”

    “Mmmm,” she moaned and nodded.

    Addison traced her fingertips along his defined shoulders and down his carved biceps. He was beautiful —his face, his body, his cock. She wanted that big, beautiful cock deep inside her.


    “Yes,” she purred, kissing a trail from his shoulder to his neck. A few tiny nibbles from her teeth on his neck seemed to be all the assurance he needed. He pressed a knee between her thighs and settled into the cradle of her hips. “How did you know to do that?” she murmured against his skin.

    “Sweetheart, you were thinking so loud it hurt.”

    His cock slid to her entrance easily. She was more aroused than she’d ever thought was possible. He’d given her an orgasm before even coming close to entering her.

    She squealed. His fingers pinched hard on a nipple. This time it was the opposite breast.

    “You are doing it again. Stop thinking, Addison. Enjoy the moment. Breathe.”

    She nodded and took a deep breath, trying to clear her mind. He laved her sore nipples with his tongue, moving back and forth between them until she was shuddering all over again. Another orgasm was rising. Who knew?

    Her breaths were coming in short pants. He slid slowly inside her pussy, inch by glorious inch. Her body stretched to accommodate his girth, and she wrapped her legs around his thighs, pulling him even deeper. So good. He reared up onto his knees and grabbed her by the hips, driving hard.

    After a minute or so, his pace slowed. He ran one of his hands across her stomach. The feather-light touch tickled, and she bucked.

    “You are exquisite,” he murmured, drawing his fingers across her sensitive stomach again.

    “Stop!” She giggled and swatted at his hand.

    He grinned at her again. “Flip over.”

    It wasn’t a question. Not even a suggestion. The authority behind the order touched something deep, stroking a part of her to life that had never been touched. He pulled out of her slowly and released her hips. She scrambled to her hands and knees, eager for whatever he might want. He seemed to know what her body needed, and by God, she was going to let him have his way.




    1. Grinning here...like this part: Flip over. Excellent scene, thanks so much for sharing, Krystal! The heat is climbing to scorching levels today!

  7. This tale by Heather looks so danged awesome. It's gonna be a hit! Then there's some real hot bits on here today!
    Today, I wanted to share from Nowhere Arizona Book Two Gateway To The Sun: This is what happens if you go swimming in The famed Lightning pool, it's waters are somehow an aphrodisiac.Beware of the little pools in the mountains above Nowhere,

    Rick kissed her back while staring into her eyes. She stared back and he knew this was Phoebe. She'd never closed her eyes when he'd kissed her; she always looked directly into his. Feeling a shock of what all this might mean, Rick broke the kiss.
    “Oh, man, what hot sex!” She exclaimed with a laugh.
    With a start, he blinked his surprised eyes at her.
    “More!” She moved him down closer. “We will do it and do it all, until we just can’t breathe anymore!” She latched onto his mouth and moved her hips up and down.
    He was still inside of her and he was still hard. Rick believed that he should talk this out with her, but he closed his eyes and felt her moving on him. He pulled her tighter to his body, and as his eyes remained closed, he suddenly knew it was her. The scent he’d sensed before was Phoebe. He began to move slowly inside of her as he lowered his lips to her nipple and covered it with his mouth.
    She moaned aloud with satisfaction.
    Rick rose up and away from her.
    Phoebe tried desperately to grasp onto him with her thighs.
    He swiftly turned her over, and she rose up on her knees. With another jolt of lust, he pulled her to him and raised her legs up.
    Panting again, she gasped with astonishment. “You remembered my favorite.”
    “Yes,” he growled and pushed into her.
    “Ahh,” she screamed out and shoved herself back to get more.
    He pumped her again and again, feeling that he couldn’t get enough of plunging himself into her.
    “Rick!” she shouted as she came again. “Don’t stop!”
    Smiling, he grabbed her nipples from behind. “Don’t worry, I can’t seem to.”
    She drew in gulping breaths and her body heaved with it.
    Breathing heavily, he felt under her and stroked her labia.
    “Unh, unh!” she cried out with a desperate tone.
    Grinding his hips in a circle, he forcefully swiveled her hips with the grinds.
    “Oh!” she yelled again.
    “More?” he teased.
    “I can’t,” she gasped the words out.
    Pulling her up, he sat her onto his lap. “Do it all, you said.” Helpless, she was still gasping. With a relentless movement, he shoved her down onto his still throbbing hard cock.
    “Unh,” she whispered with a shocked sound as her body tightened on him.
    “Does that feel good?” he whispered to her ear with a growl as he reached around and rubbed her clit.
    “Yes, yes!” She was moving herself up and down on him.
    He reached his other hand around and grasped her nipple with his fingers.
    “Oh, God, I’m going to—” She gasped for air. “Again!” She was coming as she sat on him. “We could die from this!”
    He felt his cock swell as her flowing moisture nearly soaked his lap and he thrust up high and met her climax with his. “Then we will die, since we cannot seem to stop.” His body stiffened as he came.
    Nowhere Series at Amazon>>> http://tinyurl.com/o79tx29

    1. Thank you, Leanore! Hmmm, if that's what happens in Nowhere, Arizona, maybe I need a vacation. .. :-)

    2. Ha! I was thinking the SAME thing, Heather!! Book me a room, I want some lightning action!! WHEW! We're cooking in the Flames now!

  8. Whew! Heather, that scene was flamin' hot. Bet there's more where that came from too!
    My excerpt is from my medieval romance Betrothal, on sale this month on Amazon for .99!

    He stroked her back, skimming his fingertips all the way down to brush her buttocks. She whimpered as her need for him grew with every moment they were together. Geoffrey shifted and pressed her onto her back. His ragged breathing sounded harsh as he traced her ear’s outline with his tongue, pausing to suck on the lobe. The tremor that coursed through her had nothing to do with fear—desire possessed her now. She clutched the back of his head, twining her fingers sinuously through his sleek hair. And urged him lower.
    He returned to her nipples, and they hardened once more at the stroke of his tongue. He slid his hand smoothly down her body, sending flutterings everywhere. When he rested his hand on the tangle of curls above her closed thighs, heat streaked inward to her core. A throbbing beat began inside, so strange a feeling that embarrassment and fear reappeared. She whimpered and tensed.
    “Relax, sweetheart,” he whispered. “Open for me.” He pressed her knees apart.
    She took a deep breath and spread her legs. He brushed his fingers against her intimate flesh. Her breath rushed in and out of her chest. Too much. Too quickly. She turned her face into the pillow. It might remain permanently red.
    He touched something there among the curls. A low moan rolled out of her throat and streaks of fire blazed between her thighs.
    She writhed with her building need. No one had told her what a man’s touch would do to her. Or that there was a hill to crest. She fought now to storm that hill, straining against his hand, following his rhythm. He could do what he willed—they desired as one.
    Geoffrey traced the folds of her opening, and she whimpered when he slid a strong finger into her. Here it was: the moment with the man she loved. A flick of pain then she wrapped around him in welcome. Gently, he stretched and massaged, exciting her—preparing her.
    Once more, he dipped his head and stroked his tongue against her breast. He slowly moved his finger, caressing her inside. A sobbing moan burst from her lips as she arched upward, her body gripping him, convulsing as wave upon blissful wave coursed through her. She clutched his neck and tried to drag enough air into her lungs. Drained, she lay panting, as if she had danced another farandole.
    He withdrew finger and mouth, but before she could protest, he moved above her, kissing her eyes, cheeks, mouth. “Are you all right, sweetheart? Did that please you?”
    She managed a short nod. Her breathing slowed as she turned half-closed eyes to him, sated. Geoffrey’s eyes darkened, and his lusty stare filled her with yearning for them to be one in truth.

    Available at Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Betrothal-Time-Enough-Love-ebook/dp/B00CF6UZFW/ref=sr_1_1?s=digital-text&ie=UTF8&qid=1373029060&sr=1-1&keywords=betrothal

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    2. Oh I love a medieval romance!

    3. ...fire blazed between her thighs.
      We like fire here at the Flames. This is our kind of Steamy romance! Thank you for sharing, Jenna!

  9. My excerpt is from an erotic paranormal. Visit my blog by July 8 to enter a giveaway: katyaarmock.com.

    His gaze dips to my lips, which are pressed into a thin line of anger. “Fuck this.” And then he is kissing me. Hard.

    I try to pull away, but one of his hands has come up behind my head, pulling me tight to him. He runs his tongue along my lower lip. I groan, not sure if I still want to get away or open up to tangle my own tongue with his.

    He slides his other hand down my arm, cupping my butt and pulling me tight to his firm body. My traitorous hips rock into him of their own accord, his hard cock pressing into me in a delicious way. I briefly consider kicking him where it counts in a last-ditch effort to flee, but my mutinous mouth has decided to open, and the electricity of his tongue on mine goes right to my core, weakening my knees.

    He lifts me up, our lips still locked, and my legs grow a mind of their own and wrap around his torso. He stumbles us toward the bedroom, never breaking the kiss. My hands take pleasure in further messing up his beautiful mane of hair.

    When we reach the bed, he tosses me down, all the gentleness of our previous lovemaking gone. And that’s just fine with me. A giant claw extends from one of his fingers and he cuts my tee and bra right up the middle. His claw retracts and he pounces on my breasts, furiously kneading one while nipping and sucking the other. I arch into him, moaning.

    My mind works well enough to have a moment of fear that he’s going to rip off my jeans. “These are my favorite jeans. Don’t shred them.”

    The rumble of his laughter carries into the breast he’s suckling. He rises up enough to reach down and undo my jeans. “I guess I’ll just take my time getting them off then.” His voice is husky as his hand snakes inside and pushes down my jeans and underwear. He kisses the sensitive skin of my hip and continues to trail wet kisses down my legs as he slowly slides my pants off.

    He drops them on the ground, looking down at me with such heat in his eyes that I can’t even remember why I was so mad at him. I’ll worry about that later, I decide as he licks up my leg, spreading them wider as he nears my core. “I think my patience has ended.” He swirls a finger around my entrance and then slides two fingers in roughly. I buck and just about orgasm right then and there, but his pause brings me back down.

    He begins a slow rhythm that rapidly builds. He flicks his tongue over my clit, and I begin to writhe, my hands going wild in his hair. He latches on and I’m exploding, screaming out my ecstasy. I barely come down from the high before he kicks into high gear again, sending me over the edge. I lose track of what I’m doing, where I am. It’s a good thing we’re in the country so no one can hear me scream and swear.

    I fall back to the bed, lazy and slack, but Jorge isn’t done with me. He effortlessly flips me over, pulling my hips up and taking me from behind. I balance my weight on my elbows. My voice is rough from screaming, but I feel another orgasm building as he pounds into me, his hands holding my hips firmly in place. Sweat trickles down my back toward my neck as we both move toward release.

    And then he is roaring, his jaguar in control of his vocal cords. His cock pulses in me as my inner muscles spasm. My scream blends into the echo of his roar. He holds me in place for a few seconds as our twinging muscles relax, then we collapse to the bed, both of us breathless.

    “Now that is what I call being.” His voice is lazy and cocky.

    I want to punch him for his smartass remark, but I’m too sated to move. “Glad you enjoyed your own object lesson so much.”

    1. Animal magnetism in its richest form! Hot stuff!!

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  11. Whoa that was amazing Heather!

    Okay since everyone is posting theirs, here's mine.
    From Cold Warriors- futuristic/erotic romance

    Amazon buy link-- http://www.amazon.com/Cold-Warriors-The-Universe-ebook/dp/B00BH5NNMY/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1373056285&sr=8-1&keywords=clare+dargin

    “Also….” He paused, trying not to stumble over his words. “I’d like to apologize for my behavior the other day. It was unprofessional and uncalled for.”
    It wasn’t much of an apology but it was all he could muster at the moment. Shifting his weight from one foot to the other, he wondered if she would become emotional and demand an answer for what had taken place? Or scream sexual harassment…. He braced himself, waiting for a response.
    “I’m glad it happened.”
    Shocked, his eyes widened and his pulse quickened. He swallowed, forcing moisture into his dry throat. Her frank words hit him deep. The hole his wife left in his heart ached, almost killing him inside. Relationships, attachment, belonging to someone, needing another—those feelings were supposed to have been dead along with his wife. And here they were again, rearing their ugly head. Women were too dangerous to love because they wound up abandoning you, leaving you to face life alone.
    He glanced at his left hand. He used to wear his gold wedding band as a tribute to the love he and his wife shared. Then it became a constant reminder that she was gone. ow he wondered if he was ready to have a ring on that finger again. Fear entered his heart.
    “I’m not sure I am,” he replied, softly.
    “I really am.” The sincerity in her voice was evident. “It was the first time I felt alive since I’ve been here, and I don’t regret it one bit.”
    He didn’t know what to say. His first clash with her had distracted him to the point of madness. It had been some time since he’d had such a powerful encounter with a woman. The last one to push his buttons that hard, he wound up marrying.
    Caitlin was stubborn, mouthy, somewhat insubordinate, and filled with an innate force he had not seen in sometime. She had no problem in standing up for who or what she believed in. He didn’t like the feelings she stirred in him. He dare not consider them. Especially with her. She was a subordinate and a cryo. It was against regulations for him to even think of starting anything with her.
    He shifted his stance. His heart pounded in his ears and breaths quickened. “Ms. Driskoll. I don’t know what you expect from me.”
    “Nothing more than I expect from myself.”
    Before he knew it, he crossed the distance between them and swept her into a searing kiss. He caressed her body, touching every curve. Arousal sped through his body like lightening causing his cock to swell and become rigid. He dug his fingers in her hair and hungrily dominated her mouth, his tongue delving in, playing with hers. Gripping her waist, he lifted her up and placed on her the table. She arched her neck exposing her creamy skin. He nipped and bit at it enjoying its smoothness. He reached up and caressed her breasts, a need filling him to see them, taste them.
    He was ready to slip off into oblivion when he remembered himself. It was the middle of the day; they were in a briefing room and would be caught. Breaking off the kiss, he raised his hands in surrender.
    “Jesus,” he said in between breaths.
    “What?” she panted, as she straightened her uniform.
    “Please leave. Just go.” He closed his eyes, wrestling his feelings into submission. Holding them down, he shuddered. Dear God, help me. He needed her so badly. His breathing slowed to a normal rate. When he opened his eyes, she was gone.
    “Sir, you’re needed on the bridge,” the voice on the com said.
    “Be right there,” he replied, grateful for the distraction.

    1. What an amazing excerpt, and I love the title! Thank you so much for introducing me to your work! I hope you come by again some time!

  12. I've tried to post an excerpt but no matter how much I cut out of it, I keep getting a message that it has too many characters. Oh well! I'll just enjoy all of yours.

    1. Tammy - if you send me your segment (don't forget buy links), I'll post it for you. YOU have some STEAMY scenes that need to be shared!

  13. I had to pop back in and say I enjoyed these today. Thanks for flaming up our weekend, Sheri!


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