May 24, 2013

Friday Flames - Troll Style!

It's been exactly one week since the release of Troll-y Yours.

In my book, that's cause for celebration! 
So let's have some steamy SEX!



Alek squeezed his eyes shut. The breathy sound of his name on her delectable tongue would be his undoing. But he wanted his name, his full name, to pass between her lips before he tumbled them over the edge.

“My name is Aleksander. Say it.”


He hooked his arm around one of her knees, lifting her leg high. Pulling back, he drove into her hard.

“Oh, yes! Yes…Aleksander.”

“That’s my girl.” He added a playful slap to her ass. “Say it again.”

This time Ella’s voice strained. She arched and threw her head back. “Al…Aleksander!”

“Yes, Kalos?” He pounded her in earnest now, his scrotum tightening, pressure building. If he gritted his teeth any harder, he’d chip the points off. Strain of holding back was almost painful, and he closed his eyes tight.

Ella’s short nails sank into his skin where she gripped his forearms. “I’m—Holy Titans!”

Faint spasms gripped the head of his deeply buried cock. The milking sensation moved up his shaft with increasing strength and speed. Beneath him, Ella’s body bucked. She cried out, moaning long and low. Her small hands moved to cling to his back and if she drew blood, he could really give a shit.

This was ecstasy at its peak.

The best he’d ever had.

With a subtle shift, Ella reached down and grabbed a handful of his hardworking ass, pressed him into her and forced him to lag his frantic movements.

“Gods,” he moaned. “Please.”

The slide and drag was more than he could bear, his whole body felt the sensation. Tight, wet, hot, she enveloped him. She moved beneath him in a slow pumping rhythm.

He didn’t last long.

Explosions of white-hot rapture, and he was there. Aleksander stiffened his arm braced beside her shoulder, slapped his hips once more to hers, and let loose his climax.

Buried deep, liquid energy erupted from his body into hers, creating a shockwave that ripped him in two.

Time stopped. The forest fell away. All that remained was a perfect female Troll who gathered his depleted body close.


Troll-y Yours, Book 2 of the Centaurs Series
A BBW Erotic Fantasy Romance
Grab your copy HERE.


Now let's crank the heat in here! Authors, post your steamy erotic scene. Leave your buy link, too. 

Readers: Post a comment (if you're not too shy!). Let us know if we're fulfilling your fantasies.


  1. Wow - that was one hot scene. Going to get a cold glass of water after I post my snippet. It's not a hot - just a bit steamy.
    From the 3rd book in my Circles Trilogy - Circles Interlocked.

    Robert returned with a large glass of cold orange juice. The ice cubes tinkled against the sides. Julie's naked back was to him. He reached around to hand her the drink. "I could tell you were tired, and trying hard not to let me see it. I knew what I was doing. Although, it wasn't exactly what I'd planned out for the evening."
    She took a long swallow and let the cool, wet liquid slip down her hot, dry throat.
    He brushed her cheek. "You wanted to make last night some perfect romantic movie scene, but you were too tired and too tense to enjoy it."
    "I wanted everything to be perfect for you."
    "And I want everything to be perfect for both of us." He held out his hand waiting for the glass.
    Puzzled, Julie handed it to him. He reached in, pulled out an ice cube then placed the glass on the counter. Sucking the juice off the cube, he held it in his hand and slithered it down Julie's back.
    "You were too concerned about me. Sex isn't about one person. It's the mutual gratification of two people."
    A small moan escaped her mouth.
    "Think of it as the process, not the outcome." He slid the cube along her side, down her arms and around her face. "Never rush. Take it slow. Indulge. Explore. Satisfy."
    Savouring both the eroticism and the coolness, Julie let him explore her body. Her breath became sharp as he let the cold, wet liquid drip onto her chest. His tongue flicked at the rivers of water and drips rolling down her breasts. "Last night would've been a can of soda - fizzy, sharp and you chug it down. And while animal sex is great." He paused as he slipped a nipple into his mouth. "It wasn't what you wanted last night to be about."
    Julie grabbed the counter before her knees gave out. She was lost in his physical touch and the sensualness of his voice.
    Dragging his teeth along her nipples, he pulled his head back. "I want our love to be a great bottle of wine. You sip it. You roll it around in your mouth. But you never ever chug it." He lowered himself to his knees, dribbling little kisses down her belly. His hands pushed her thighs apart as his tongue found her sex.
    Time paused as Julie focused on what Robert aroused within her. Soft moans escaped her lips. His pace didn't change. His tongue moved like he was idly licking an ice cream cone. And she was melting.

    1. Hotness overload! Victoria, you've done it again! I really enjoyed those last 2 sentences. Hehehe Thanks for coming by and warming me up!

  2. Love. Love . Love. That excerpt. Whew!
    Here's a tiny one from Capri's Fate.

    "I think it's running water. Come on, this way." Thall pushed more brush out of the way and headed in the direction of the sound. Stepping from the shadow of the forest, he shaded his eyes from the bright light as he stood in a clearing nestled beside a small lagoon with a cascading waterfall.
    "It's spectacular." Capri stood next to him.
    He glanced at her breasts and grinned. "The scenery's nice. Those are spectacular. And I think I need to suck one." He stepped in front of her, lowered his mouth and latched on to her right breast. Teasing her nipple with his tongue made it grow rounder and erect. "Hmm. That's better."
    Thall straightened and cupped her breasts, bouncing them, making her flesh jiggle. He stared into her eyes as he traced around the puckered skin and rolled her nub between this thumb and middle finger. "I love the way this feels. Your skin is so soft. But your nipple is so firm. And so suckable." He lowered his head and pressed tiny kisses along her breast until he reached her swollen bud. He wrapped his lips around it and pulled back until it popped from his mouth. The sight of her aroused nipple and the sweet honeyed taste of her skin pushed his penis to a full erection, which strained against his swim trunks.
    Capri dropped the basket, closed her eyes and moaned. "I can feel myself getting wet already."
    "What can I do to make you drenched?" His cock throbbed at the image of her damp curls and willing pussy wanting him.
    She reached forward and turned his head to face her other breast. His lips grazed her skin. "Suck the other one. Make it as hard. It feels so fucking good when you do that."
    Thall swiped his tongue along her pink nub. It tightened. He lapped across her areola and up the underside of her nipple then zig-zagged the tip of it back to his starting point. His cock begged to be released, not only from the constraints of his trunks, but to free itself deep inside Capri. With a guttural groan, he repeated his action while reaching to knead her other breast.
    Capri wound her fingers through his hair, dragging her nails across his scalp. As he lowered his kisses to her belly, her knees buckled and they sank to the grassy floor. Shifting himself to a better position, Thall continued his trail of butterfly caresses to her lower belly. He stopped and flicked his tongue in and out of her belly button.
    Her stomach jiggled as a soft chuckle emerged from her throat. "I know a much better place where you can use that tongue action."
    "Just trying to find where you hid that special place. Am I getting warm?"
    He moved an inch further along her belly. "Warmer?"
    And another inch. His lips pressed against the band of her bikini bottom.
    "Getting hot." She arched her hips.

    1. "Getting hot" indeed!! Tropical steam, so sticky... I'm need to put ice cubes in my coffee now! Whew!

  3. Trolls! I love trolls!!!

    Here's a bit from INFAMOUS. Don't know if it's flaming - but it's fun and pretty steamy.
    “You kids stay out of the house while you’re wet. I’ll find the chips.”

    Jessica’s eyes flew open at the sound of Bitsy’s voice. Morgan had gone still. She clutched at his shoulders, straining to hear what was going on outside the pantry.

    Bitsy’s sandals slapped against the floor as she passed the pantry door. Jessica could hear her put a bowl on the counter and begin rifling through the bags of supplies stacked on one counter.

    She pushed against Morgan, trying to dislodge him. They had to get dressed before Bitsy decided to try the pantry, but Morgan wasn’t cooperating.

    “Morgan,” she hissed.

    “Shhhh.” His voice was a whisper of warm air against her ear. “You don’t want Bitsy to hear you.”

    She shifted her hips, trying to slide her feet down, to ignore the way the little movement pressed him inside of her. “Morgan, we—”

    “Shhh.” His hands under her thighs held her firmly in place. He ended the command by scraping his teeth lightly down her earlobe, sending a little shiver through her.

    She was very aware of every sound in the dark, of the rough plaster against her back, and Morgan’s length still embedded in her, his lips next to her ear as they listened to the noises in the next room. He was still, so still and hard and close. In spite of herself, her muscles contracted around him.

    In the kitchen, Bitsy had apparently found the chips and was ripping open the bag and dumping them into the bowl. As she walked across the kitchen to put the bag in the trash, Morgan moved, sliding her up the wall, lifting her slowly until she was almost free. Then, before she could breathe a sigh of relief, he lowered her again and thrust up to meet her.

    He was embedded all the way to the hilt, grinding against her in a rush of sensation. She sucked in a breath as her body responded, her legs tightened around him to pull him in even closer.

    Jessica squeezed her eyes shut and struggled for control, tried to remember that she was the hostess and this was wildly inappropriate at a children’s party. But June Cleaver had deserted her. The earlier cold was a distant memory. She was burning up. Giving in, she wriggled her hips against Morgan.

    “That’s my Jessie,” he breathed. He adjusted his position so her back was braced more firmly against the wall. She felt his hands moving under her thighs, pulling and lifting so she was completely open to him. Then he was moving in her, slow and controlled. In the dark, she was hyper-aware of every sensation—the cold wall on her bare skin, the smell of mesquite still on his skin, the slow slide of his body in hers.

    Her breath came in short gasps. She clutched his shoulders, bunching the fabric of his shirt. He was right there with her, moving faster and faster. The dark didn’t matter anymore, it was only the two of them alone in the universe. She heard herself moan, and Morgan’s mouth was on hers, silencing her.


    For a second, she almost remembered why she should be quiet, then he gave a final thrust and they were both flying through the dark, his mouth hard against hers to muffle the sound.

    Amazon UK:
    Barnes and Noble:

    1. Ha! I love this, Irene! So very original - and in the pantry! LOL - I'll never view kids parties the same. Well done! Your steam level is top notch. Thank you very much for coming by and sharing your scene.

  4. Love the excerpts. Here's mine from Storm of Desire, my award-winning erotic novella.
    She slipped her hand between them to caress his cock, marveling at the thickness, at his masculine power, wanting him, needing him, to fill her. “Aiden, please.” Her words came out on a tortured breath.

    “Not yet, sweetheart,” he growled. In one swift movement, he tugged her nightgown all the way off and flung it to the floor, then lay on the bed and settled her next to him. She shivered at the sudden draft of cold before he grazed his hand over her breasts and down her belly, leaving a heated trail. She gloried in his enjoyment of her. She felt no modesty, only pure feminine pride.

    “I’ve dreamt of you like this,” he whispered, awe in his voice.

    She skimmed a hand over the smooth muscles of his chest. “I’ve dreamt of you, too.” The admission flowed from the deepest part of her heart. Her voice shook. “I want you again, Aiden.”

    “And you’ll have me.”
    Also available at Nook, Smashwords, Apple and KOBO. KOBO Smashwords BN

    1. Perfect ending to your snippet! Well done :) I look forward to reading more of your excerpts on Friday Flames!

  5. Loved all the sexcerpts. HOT, HOT, HOT!!!

    1. I like that word: sexcerpt
      Thanks for stopping by, Brenda! Looking forward to your next release - Prophecy's Child (SQUEE!)

  6. Hot excerpts everyone!! Sheri, I can't wait to read this book!!!

    1. Good to see you here, Jennifer! Aleksander's story is pretty darn hot.

  7. Snippet from my new release Cinda's Fella:

    Besides their breathing, the only sound in the room was the rasp of her zipper as he undid her denims then pulled them down over her hips. They pooled at her feet and he picked her up and settled her on the edge of the desk, causing her jeans to slip off and onto the floor. She was in a pair of silk bikini panties and a t-shirt that was emblazoned with her business name, Midnight Cleaners.

    He drug his mouth from hers. “This is your last chance to say no…” He was gently massaging her back. He’d always had strong, capable hands that turned her to putty.


    “Please what, Cin? It hasn’t been that long that you don’t know who I am to you.” He pulled her t-shirt up over her head, tossing it to the floor. When he cupped her breasts and kneaded them, she arched into his hands. She cried out as he nipped the tops of her breasts.

    “Who am I to you, Cin?” he said once more, a bit firmer than before.

    “Master Nico...”

    1. OOOOh! I like this, Nikki! Love the spin on the fairytale. I can tell this is going to be HOT HOT HOT! Thanks so much for sharing.

    2. Thanks so much Sheri. I had loads of fun writing this story and the others in the series.

  8. Some hot excerpts here. Looking forward to reading this book also.

    1. Hi Karen, thank you for your comment! The weather may be cool in some parts, but it's hot in here today. :) I hope you enjoy the book.

  9. Sheri, and everyone else, these are some hot excerpts. Mine is from my second Regency novel, The Secret Life of Miss Anna Marsh, which release for pre-order in June.

    It might be wrong, but she wanted this. Streaks of intense pleasure coursed through her as she responded to his caresses. She could barely think, but she had so many questions. How could he make her feel like this? How did he know what to do? And if this was what a man and a woman did together, how could any woman not like it? Her body ached and wanted more. She twisted and moaned, and finally got her hands under his jacket.
    Drat. She’d forgotten to take off her gloves. “Sebastian, I want to touch you.”
    “Umm, do as you wish.” He moved to the other breast.
    “I still have my gloves on.” Her heart pulsed and fire flooded her body. She could barely get the words out. “I can’t take them off while you’re doing that.”
    “Let me see.” He lifted up and quickly removed her gloves. “Now, where was I?”
    Anna tugged at his shirt and it wouldn’t budge. She settled for rubbing her palms over the soft linen of her shirt. His skin burned beneath her hands. When she ran her fingers over his muscles, they tightened.
    He groaned and attended to her breasts with renewed vigor, before laying claim to her mouth. She rubbed greedily up and down his back, reveling in the feeling. “Sebastian, is it always like this? So wonderful?”
    “Only with you. If I do something you don’t like, tell me and I’ll stop.”
    Want him to stop? Her heart raced and the breath to answer wouldn’t come. Cold air drifted up her legs. His hand touched the back of her knee before moving to her inner thigh. She shuddered. Soon he touched her curls and rubbed the place that ached so much. He seemed to know just what to do.
    She arched up and tried to put her legs around him. “Oh, Sebastian, that feels so good.”
    He chuckled, “Wait just a moment and it will feel even better.”
    One finger slide into her and little shudders ran through her. He removed it and filled her again. His mouth came down hard on hers. His tongue caressed and sucked hers, causing an inferno. She couldn’t think or breathe. If he kept this up, she was going to explode. It was as if it was a warm summer day and she was in an eddy being carried out to sea. She trembled as warm waves of bliss washed over her. Her heart filled with love for him. If only all this could last.
    Rutherford held her gently to him, nuzzling her hair and placing soft kisses on her head. “Did you like what I did?”
    For a moment, all she could do was smile, but something was wrong. “Sebastian, what about you? Is there something I should do?”
    “No, I’m fine.” His inner beast roared at him to take her up on her offer. He shoved it away. Not yet. He didn’t mind using seduction to help her choose him, but he’d not go further than this until she said yes.

    If you'd like to know more about this and my other books being published this year, please visit

    1. Very sultry, very good. I'm left to wonder what he did with her gloves! LOL Congratulations on your next release, Ella. I love the title of your book.

    2. Thanks so much, Sheri!!

  10. All I can say is wow. Here is one from my latest, Daughter of Night, historical fantasy with Greek mythology--Two mortals are caught in the midst of the battle between the Titans and Olympian gods.

    “Stop,” he ordered. Taking Becuille's hand, he pulled her toward him. Holding her chin with his hand, he forced her to stare into his eyes. “In the bedchamber, I wish you to look at me. In here, I invite spirit.” He glanced at Ninuba “Leave us now.”
    “Whatever you wish, Lord Callileon,” Ninuba answered, her voice tight, barely containing her outrage.
    The bed shifted as Ninuba rose from the bed. She sensed the concubine glared at her back. Unblinking, Becuille gazed into Callileon's eyes.
    “Yes, like that.” He pulled her toward him. Kissing her with dominance, he grasped the back of her neck. His lips felt harder than her goddess or Ninuba's lips, but something in the way he overpowered her excited her. It was unlike anything she had experienced before.
    He pulled away. His eyes held a strange light in them similar to surprise, and for a moment, his usually hard eyes softened. The change in his demeanor caught her off guard. The mixed emotions she sensed from him and the mixed emotions she experienced for him, from hatred to desire, confused her.
    His eyes hardened again to their usual cold blue. “Now I will break that spirit,” he announced, flipping her over onto her knees with ease. His strength was like that of a well-fed lion. He entered her from behind, rutting her like a powerful beast, his balls slapping against her backside with savage passion.
    Feeling his powerful body plunging into her caused a raging fire in her gut. With her own hand, she caressed herself to orgasm, plunging over the cliff just as he jerked and groaned with a forceful orgasm of his own.

  11. Well jeez, talk about heating it up! Awesome excerpts!

    1. Yay! So glad you made it. Aren't these just slap-your-ass delicious today??

  12. you over heating my pc
    Iwisely brought popcorn.
    but cant type



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