April 26, 2013

Friday Flames - Guest Post with Daryl Devore

Fellow writer and critique group friend, Daryl Devore, releases a sexy new book today.

Congratulations! Isn’t that cover HOT?

Capri has returned from the sex toy convention with some new purchases. The voice that followed her home has some erotic playtime in mind.


I rippled my fingers across my nipple, which traitorously responded. So did my lower parts. They tingled. The bustier was much tighter than I would have hooked it. My breasts were forced into a way-out-there position. My body liked the restraint. I tickled myself again. My nipple grew firm. Playing with both, I squeezed and pulled until they stood erect and pinky-proud.

"They're beautiful. Continue," the voice urged.

To the flesh on my breast, my fingers were like ice cubes. My areolas contracted. My nipples stiffened. My next touch changed to sandpaper—rough and scratchy. Tingles shivered through my body. Hot, cold, rough, soft—each new sensation was a surprise.

Sweat trickled down my neck. Pressure built deep inside. My hand turned palm up, and the vibrating nipple clamp fell into it.

It took me a moment to figure out what to do. No, Thall didn't send the instructions along, and I hadn't had a chance to read them yet. My bad.

Unclasping it, I encased my nipple then hit the tiny switch. A squeal escaped me as a tiny electric pulse shot through my aroused dusky tip. The other clamp floated in front of me. I secured it onto my left nipple and held my breath.

Snap. Snap.

A surge of lust rushed through my body then centered in my crotch.


Snap. Snap.

The electric pulses were titillating—pun intended—and random, and I found myself waiting for the next. They didn't fire together. Nor did they go off in even patterns. I lay back wallowing in the random sensations they delighted in me. I wanted this to last for hours. A small thought nudge me. How long do tiny cell batteries last?

The arousal gel poured itself over my upper thighs as strong fingertips raked the insides, forcing my legs apart.

Arousing was so the wrong term for the lubricant. Fire would be a more apt description. I've been cooler after a tough hour of hot yoga class.

Sweat rolled in streams from me, yet all I did was rest on silk pillows having my nipples erotically zapped. I pulled my knees up and let them fall. I was fully exposed, and horny as hell. I wanted to be fucked. Needed to be fucked.

The bottle of warming gel flipped pouring liquid heat down my crotch. My glass penis hung, head down, aimed between my legs.

"Do you want it?"

I groaned.

"Do you want it inside you—mercilessly driving you to a screaming orgasm?”

Do the Fates understand the term – duh!

A hand separated my vulva and began long glides up the insides of my labia. I sighed and sunk to the edge of bliss.


Snap. Snap.

Damn! Forgot about the nipple clamps.

The long fondles turned to tiny flicks tickling my labia and inner thighs.

I squirmed and wiggled. Fire danced over my body. "Touch me!"

"Where?" His voice brushed past me ear.

"My clit."

Every sensation stopped. I think my heart did too. I didn't breathe.

Time-stopping, scorching strokes on the smallest part of my body. My fingers dug into the pillows as I experienced the most mind-fucking sensation ever and released an intense scream of joy.


"Again?" His voice was soft and tinted with humor.

"Yes!" It was more of a snarl than a polite response.

I waited. The nipple clamp zapped me. I squealed. His petting dragged across my clitoris with molasses speed. My heart raced, my breaths were shallow pants as I arched my hips up and spread my legs as wide as I could. "Touch me again. Please."

Total bitch in heat, and I didn't give a damn.


HOT stuff! I need to turn the ceiling fans on.

For more of Capri’s Fate, click on the links below.

Please feel free to post your steamy HOT scene! And don't forget your website links.


  1. Thanks for letting me be your hot poster today.

  2. Good grief! I need a cold shower!

    1. hehehe - yes! That's the response I wanted.

  3. Now that was HOT, sexy, and cold-shower inducing, lol.

  4. Oh, my. I need my fan and a very cold drink. Great excerpt. I tweeted.

    1. Ice sales are going up today - cooling everyone off.

  5. Ok, Sheri, her you go. It's nothing near as hot as Daryl's. This is from my debut novel, The Seduction of Lady Phoebe.

    He kissed the corner of her mouth and rubbed his thumbs over the light pink buds topping her breasts. She gasped, and arched, pushing the perfect peaks up toward him. He grazed her bottom lip with his teeth, before nibbling her chin and throat, then took one furled bud into his mouth and suckled, while rolling her other nipple between his fingers. She tasted of honey and woman. He switched to her other breast, and she moaned, low, anguished, and needy. He returned his lips to hers, drawing her into a kiss, while moving his palm over her stomach, down between her legs. He stroked, building her flames higher, urging her on until she opened her legs, and he eased one finger into her, then a second. His fingers’ thrust matched his tongue’s, as he played with the pearl nestled in her curls. He wanted to roar with pride when she cried out, convulsing around him.
    He sat up onto his knees, holding her before him.
    She glanced down at his erection and her eyes widened.
    “Tell me if you want this.”
    She swallowed and nodded. “Yes. I want all of you.”
    “Then don’t think.” He nudged her head up and kissed her again.

    Buy links: Amazon US: http://amzn.to/10kE1aI

    Amazon UK: http://amzn.to/175Kkho

    Amazon Germany: http://amzn.to/XIAMG3

    B&N: http://bit.ly/XIAT4A

    Kensington: http://bit.ly/Z5XEAi

    1. What are you talking about, Ella? That was pretty damn HOT!!! Whew! Thanks for posting.

      Where's the ice cube tray...

  6. Yowsers, Hot! Loved it, Daryl :)

  7. All right, I'll play. This is From Baby Stetson:

    The hot water felt so good! Avery lowered herself into the tub, her back leaning against one of the jets. Lucas cupped his hands and tossed a large handful of bubbles in her hair. Water splashed at her face. “Lucas!” she sputtered, splashing back. He caught her hand mid-splash.
    “I’ve got you now.” He knelt before her, trailing kisses up her arm, to her neck. Lucas let go of her hands and instead cupped a breast.
    Yes you do. In the palm of your amazing hands.
    A cry rippled from Avery’s throat when Lucas dipped his head to suckle her breast. She arched her back, and the pressure of the jet stream slammed
    right in her lower back, only driving her need and desire for him higher. Lucas lifted his head just for a second and focused his dark eyes on her, filled with the most desire she’d ever seen. Avery took that moment to strike. She reached for him, pulling his face to hers for a kiss. He tasted so divine, and he matched her kisses with the same intent.
    “I never felt so much until you, Avery,” Lucas mumbled between kisses. “I feel alive, thanks to you.”
    Avery said nothing. Instead, she cupped Lucas’s face in her hands. She could only stare at that sexy face for so long until she buried her face in his chest. “I don’t know what to say to that.”
    “I don’t need you to say anything, I just felt like you should know.” Lucas cradled her head, his strong arms keeping her secure as he held her tight. “I’m falling for you, Avery.”
    Had she heard him right? Did he really say what she thought he did? Avery lifted her face to meet his gaze.
    “I need you, Avery.” Lucas’s voice cracked, thick with emotion. His arms tightened around her. “I want to make love to you so bad. I want to feel everything with you, Avery.”
    Lucas had so much emotion tonight. His words, his actions lit a fire within her that could possibly never be put out. Avery ignored any slight reservations she held about getting this involved with him again and reached for him. Avery guided Lucas’s cock to the entrance of her vagina. Slowly, Lucas entered her. Immediately, Avery cried out with pleasure. She was about to explode. The water, the feel of Lucas’s hands running all over her body and the

    way he moved in and out slowly, he was going to drive her to desperate measures.
    Lucas’s lips met hers once again, his teeth nipping at her bottom lip lightly. She groaned beneath him. “Are you comfortable? Is this okay?”
    “It’s perfect, Lucas. Everything is perfect,” Avery whispered. And it was. He was so passionate, catering to her every need, want and desire. There was no denying the look in his eyes, in his touch. Lucas had come alive with her. Away went his reserved attitude, instead replaced by a man who no doubt would give his all to her.
    She wrapped an arm around his neck and drew his face closer. With her other hand, she ran it through his hair as he thrust faster, deeper into her. Their bodies molded into one, the water splashing over the edge of the tub.


    1. Avery and Lucas,
      Sitting in a tub,
      He went low,
      And felt her nub.

      LOL - GREAT post, Nikki. Thanks for sharing!

    2. OMG OMG.....LOLOL...Thanks ALOT I just spit my raspberry tea on my keyboard thanks to you!!! LOL

  8. Wow, that was hot! Congragulations, Daryl!

  9. That was a hot time all the way around! Daryl, congratulations! I've officially been turned on by a voice! After reading your excerpt and then Ella's and Nikki's I'm real glad the ac is on!

  10. Very sexy, very hot...I remember you tellin me you were writing this one. Congrats.

    Nikki Prince.


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