April 19, 2013

Friday Flames - Guest Post - Jenna Jaxon

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Today I have a guest whose historical romance is considered unsuitable for readers 17 and under!

Yeah! Bring it on!!

Please welcome Jenna Jaxon and her latest release, Betrothal.


A tug on the string that held her chemise and the garment slackened against her. He gathered the soft shift into bunches at her shoulders then gently urged it down to pool at her feet. A guttural groan drew her to look at his face—and read approval in his frank gaze. She shifted uneasily and wound her hands together, struggling against the need to cover herself. He should see all of her, everything laid bare tonight. He swallowed hard and breathed sharply before running a finger down the cleft of her bosom.

Oh, God. Shivers chased through her at his touch and she swayed, unsure if her legs would hold her.

With a contented sigh, he cupped her breasts, stroked them with strong, nimble fingers. The memory surfaced of running her hands over her body, wondering how it would feel when his hands were on her. Never would she have imagined the glory of his touch.

He leaned toward her chest, mouth poised above her… Surely he would not… Closer and closer, until he touched her flesh. She closed her eyes and shuddered as a moan escaped her, filling the room with the primal sound of need. Nothing had ever felt as wonderful as her breasts firming to the touch of his tongue. Warmth settled low in her belly, and she gasped as moisture gathered between her legs. 


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  1. Whew! I needed that!Congrats, Jenna!

  2. Whew
    Good job, Jenna!
    Mine is from A Cowboy to Keep.

    Cody took most of her breast deep into his mouth, laving her with his tongue. Laney couldn’t stand it another second. She unsnapped the top button of his jeans, and the zipper slid down without help. Reaching under the waistband of his shorts, she touched the tip of his penis. Not enough. She nudged him away from her breasts and, nipping at his pecs, she pushed his jeans past his hips. Freed, his erection sprang against her belly. She took it in both hands as if she couldn’t get enough of him with only one.
    She wasn’t sure if he was quivering or if it was her own hand shaking. She stroked and teased until moisture gathered at the tip, and she knew he wouldn’t take much more. Although not an expert lover by any means, since there had been no one but Wyatt, she knew she had pushed as far as Cody could go.
    Her knees spread apart. He settled into the cradle of her hips, her soft cotton shorts and undies the only barrier between them. With one hand, Cody reached between them and pushed her clothing aside. The cotton brushed over her most sensitive spot, and her lungs felt tight. Positioning himself so the head of his penis touched her vagina, he stopped. She bit her lip. What was he waiting for? If he didn’t enter her now, she would go mad. She opened her legs a bit wider and lifted her hips. His penis slid in a fraction then he pulled away.
    Laney cupped his rear, desperate to feel him deep inside her.
    Still, he hesitated. What was this? Was he teasing?
    She opened her eyes. His eyes were closed, his mouth open, his breathing heavy on her cheek. “What’s wrong?” she whispered in his ear.
    A shudder ripped through him, and he lifted off her with his elbows. He stared into her eyes for a moment. Then he asked in a guttural voice, “Are you on the pill? Or something else?”
    Of course not. She hadn’t needed any kind of protection. How stupid was she? Being young and inexperienced had been her excuse once, but it didn’t fly now. Hot shame flooded her cheeks, and she shook her head. “No. Do you?”
    “Not with me.” He climbed to his feet, his erection standing proudly before him. “And I won’t risk a pregnancy.”


  3. Great excerpt, Jenna! Very hot. Here's mine from my WIP, slated for release at the end of June. The setup is executive husband, Vance, is on a Skype conference call when his wife, Deana, decides to...join him. Hope you enjoy!

    In his peripheral vision, Vance watched Deana unbutton the front of her blouse. Flashes of red teased him. Peeling off her top to reveal two creamy shoulders, she pivoted around. Her hair floated down her back as she swayed to silent music. She glanced at him over an alabaster shoulder with a saucy wink.
    “Well, Korbett,” Makin demanded. “What have you got to say for yourself?”
    Vance ordered his brain to work. “I say the proof is in the data. We’ve done extensive research—”
    “My accountants tell me that’s not proof.”
    Deana’s shirt hit the carpet, her back to him. She had on a strapless, cherry red teddy. With her hips still swinging, she undid the buttons of her jeans. She slithered them slowly down her body, bending over at the same time. The teddy had a thong which showcased her great ass while her black fishnet stockings and Jimmy Choo pumps emphasized her curvy legs. She straightened then stepped from the puddle of clothes and did a slow pirouette. The teddy’s cutouts exposed her luscious c-cups and puckered, rosy nipples. She stalked toward him.
    Holy shit.
    She was really going to do this. She was really going down on him during this call.
    Vance knew if he gave her a sign, she’d back off. He contemplated that, for about a nanosecond. No way was he telling her no. Not with her dressed like that and not with his dick hammering at four times his pulse.
    “Korbett! Can you hear me, man?”
    Vance jumped from his skin, his focus again centered on the computer screen. “Um, yes sir. I’m sorry. The connection is fading a bit for me.”

    1. Lynda, that was fabulous! Great job! A little humor and a whole lotta HOT. Thank you for sharing. I hope you come back again!

  4. WOW. Jenna, that was a wonderful scene. Absolutely glorious!

  5. You know what? I adored this scene so much I had to come back and read it again!
    Bravo, Jenna!

  6. Wonderful scene! I love the cover! All the best!

  7. Thank you so much, Sheri, for allowing me and my h/h to show a little medieval heat! Glad you got what you needed, Kary! Lynda, that was some excerpt! I bet his vision was failing. LOL And Brenda, you are so funny! So glad you love the excerpt. There's more where that came from! LOL

  8. Man, I love that cover! Lovely scene.

  9. I love Hot Historicals and this Time Enough To Love reads most excellent!!:
    I am pinning my first try at heat in a historical novel I wrote in 2009, From the Soul Trilogy By Silver Publishing. It's 1890 and Cessoline learns of 'wickedness'..
    Reeves reached a hand around and grasped a rosy hard nipple with his other two fingers. Her body shuddered as she gasped for air. He smiled but remained silent as he pinched her nipple gently and plunged his other fingers up and into her with an ever-increasing rapid motion.
    "Ahh…" She moaned. "Reeves? Oh, this is —I cannot…" Her words evaporated by the pulsing that ran through her. "You are torturing me!"
    He kept at it and leaned in close to her ear. "Yes, I am, as you have tortured me, little cat. Show me just how wicked you are…"
    The tone in his deep voice caused a huge shudder to ripple through her. "Wha-what?" she stammered. He moved his thumb to her slit and rubbed the most sensitive part there.
    "Ohh!" she nearly shouted as all three assaulted spots throbbed and pulsed with the heated rubbing.
    Reeves felt himself grow harder with her moans of pleasure, and he so wanted to delve inside of that wet warm trembling. He was determined to give her this experience and get her to do what she resisted doing. He could hear her panting as she gulped for air. "Do what you feel the need to do. Move up onto your feet," he whispered in a seductive tone. "Only truth, remember?"
    Cesso released a huge breath, pulled her legs up and sat herself down onto his fingers. "Unh…" She strained and repeated the motion as she squatted over him and started to grind herself with abandon, faster and faster onto his fingers. She felt her juices flow on her thighs as they lapped up and down into the water.
    He watched her greedy thrusts with a feeling of pure satisfaction, his plans for releasing the wild cat, which he always knew was there, urged him on. He placed two more fingers into her, supported her hips with his other hand and let her satisfy herself on his fingers. The motions of her sweet hips swaying in the water caused him to feel an almost painful throbbing in his loins. No woman had ever made him feel such need before, no one but Cesso the Cat.
    The position she was in was so wanton and exposed. "It's so…" Her face flamed with color even as her body was feeling such joy and satisfaction.
    "It's so what…?" He felt her body tense up with an impending orgasm. He pulled his fingers out and shoved himself up into her. "Wicked?" he whispered again and pulled her hips smoothly down with precision to meet with his upward thrust.
    She felt the hum of his voice join with his thrust. A shiver ran up her spine and she screamed out. The feeling of his cock filling her completely throbbed high up into her, especially as she was still in such an open squatting position, and her body went into immediate climax. "Yes, give me—"
    Reeves pumped into her with hard fast thrusts, using her hips to deepen the powerful plundering. The water lapped up and over the tub sides as their breathing grew loud in the room as he came inside of her.
    She shuddered. "Ahh, no!" Her voice filled with helpless ecstasy while she felt the heat of him flow into her, and her body nearly lunged forward out of his grip.
    He held her still as her whole body trembled in his grasp and he flowed into her. "That's my wicked cat…" he purred with satisfaction. He was already contemplating all the different positions he would show her which he had learned from his worldly travels.

    1. Holy history lesson! I turned both fans on high after reading your excerpt! Thank you for turning up the heat, Wicked!!

    2. Leanore, you were writing HOT scenes back in '09. WOW.

    3. Lol, Brenda & Miss Flames (Sheri) I built it up, the first book was hot, the second steamy and the third was semi-erotic. Truth be told the third was my very first trip into the erotic arena. Thanks girls. I still say Jenna burned up this page! lol

  10. Fantastic excerpt, Jenna!!!



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