March 22, 2013

March into the Flames!

Who wants to share their smoking hot scenes?


 The ones that bring on the steam and cause your readers to pant...



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  1. Good morning, Sheri! Thought I'd fan the flames this morning with an excerpt from my contemporary erotic novella, Almost Perfect. Pam's getting her 1 Night Stand, but with her ex-husband, not her fantasy pirate lover.

    He stood, his eyes darkened like a devil’s in the torchlight and she shuddered with need for him. Was that it? Was his revenge to leave her panting, aching, dying for his touch? If so, this must be the sweetest moment of his life. Roger had never done such things before. Her pussy clenched at the thought. To give her ‘just a taste’ of such exquisite pleasure was cruel.

    Dazed with desire, she leaned back as he untied his pants. In another liquid movement, he slid them over slim hips so his engorged cock sprang free. She watched it bob before her and her ache doubled.

    “Stand up a second.” When she did, he sat down and turning her around, drew her onto his lap, her back pressed against his chest. He wrapped his arms around her, beginning to explore. One hand cupped her breast, caressing the smooth flesh while thumb and forefinger tweaked her nipple with pinches that sent fire bolts to her core. His other hand explored her mound, a finger circling her clit lightly enough to put her on edge, but not to satisfy. All the while, his tongue swirled over her ear and his lips nibbled down her nape. She couldn’t remember such a sensory overload. Every nerve, inside and out, sizzled in anticipation. She writhed in his lap, her body twitching with desire.

    “You ready?” His dick rubbed between her thighs, hard as stone.


    “Good!” He lifted and slid her down onto his hot, waiting cock. They groaned together, the sounds oddly similar. He rocked them in a gentle glide back and forth, and she forgot about breathing. The rhythm urged him deeper and deeper as his hands fondled both her nipples and her mound. But she needed to touch him. She reached back to grasp his head, bowing her body as he thrust forward into her.

    An explosion rocked her with wave after wave of the deepest pleasure she had ever experienced. “Roger! Oh, my God, yes, yes!” She grabbed his arms, the only solid thing to hold onto as her body radiated with ripples of delight then sagged forward, still moaning his name.

    Encouraged by her cries, he thrust harder, lifting them from the chair. His arms bulging with the strain, he crushed her against his chest, cried out, “Oh, baby, yes!” and came deep inside her. He leaned his forehead against her neck, nuzzling her. After a moment, he disengaged, but pulled her around into his lap to cuddle.

    She leaned her head against his chest and listened as the hammering of his heart slowed. She couldn’t have moved if she’d wanted to; all her bones had left the building. Her curiosity, however, was alive and well and burned with a question. “Where did you learn to do that?”

    Almost Perfect is available at Amazon:

    Thanks, Sheri!

    1. Arg! We love us some pirate booty! Hehehe - fantastic excerpt, sure to set the Jolly Roger ablaze!!

  2. Thanks for hosting us again Sheri!
    My snippet is from my latest book Sunburn, a paranormal about Greek god Apollo, and set in a lush Mexican resort!

    As Apollo turned off the tap in the shower, he turned his head to look at Patience. She was sitting on the edge of his bed, glorious in her nudity. She’d retrieved the cocoa-butter lotion and was bent at the waist, smoothing some on her shapely calf.
    Apollo stared, in awe of her beauty.
    The lotion absorbed into her still-wet skin, leaving a sheen on her pretty leg. Oblivious to his gaze, she continued with her other leg. As she bent, there was an adorable roll in her lovely, full stomach. The sight made him hard again. Gods, he adored that stomach, had kissed and licked it a thousand times already. She continued slathering on the lotion, rubbing her hands together and then rubbing it into her thighs. As she did, her breasts jiggled so beautifully he had trouble catching his breath.
    She truly was a Rubenesque stunner. A goddess. She belonged in a painting. In the stars. She deserved a fucking constellation.
    She looked up and smiled. His heart and his cock leaped. “Would you do my back for me?”
    He strode over, so eager to touch her his hands were numb from the tension. “I’ll do anything for you.” He sat next to her on the bed, and took the lotion bottle. Her fingertip glided against his, not easing any of the strain on his hungry digits. He fought the urge to throw her on the bed and fuck her until she begged for sweet release. “Lie down for me.”
    Her eyes darkened with what could only be fresh desire, as astounding as it seemed. They changed from their luscious caramel color to a mysterious, honeyed brown. Patience darted a ravenous look at his engorged cock and licked her lips. She then rolled over onto her stomach, that belly that made him dream, made him want to beg.
    He poured some of the lotion into his hands and then smoothed his hands up and down her soft back, traveling with an aching slowness over her rib cage and shoulder blades. He massaged her muscles until she was sighing and his dick was ready to explode. By the time his fingers were digging into her quivering ass cheeks, she was already crying out for him. She quickly got on all fours and nudged him with her ass.
    “Apollo, please,” she implored. “I need you again.”

    1. What? Nooooo!! You can't leave me hanging like that!

  3. Loving Leonardo:
    I encountered Ellie on her way to our stateroom, and as my blood was high, I closed the door behind us, spun her around, and pinned her to the door with my body. Bold-as-brass, her hand slid inside the front of my trousers and she purred at my lips. “I saw them.” She closed around my now-straining cock and attempted to stroke me in tight confines. I stripped her clothes away until she stood in a puddle of silk and tulle, dressed only in her white stockings and shoes. Pulling the pins from her hair, the cinnamon cascade fell over her like a cape that allowed her nipples to poke through the strands. My teeth lightly pulled her bottom lip. “Whom did you see, my love?”
    Having decided she needed more room, she stopped only long enough to undress me. The object of her fondling now free and at full staff, she immediately returned to her bewitching caress. She stroked slowly and flicked her tongue over my lips before finding my tongue with a taste of sherry upon hers. “Luca and Jerone. I saw them meet at the deck behind the lifeboats. They were kissing. Oh! You like that picture, do you?”
    “Very much.” I kicked my shoes and socks aside to step from my trousers. In my haste to feel all of with every inch of my skin, I forgot to attend to my cufflinks. To my great annoyance, I found both hands trapped inside my sleeves. My struggle to be free only made it worse. I looked at Ellie helplessly, and attempted to raise my hands ensnared by the body of the shirt around my back. The devilish gleam in her eye caught my breath.
    “You want to be free, do you?” she asked, while running her fingernail down the side of my neck, to my chest, where it circled my nipple.
    “Yes.” Her touch made me lightheaded.
    “I’ll help you, but there will be a price had for it, you understand.”
    She tweaked the firm little nub. Thomas and I often played rough; one of us would take charge over the other. His brown eyes often held the very same gleam that I now saw reflected in her blue. My breathing became shallow. “Oh?”
    “Tell me what they might be doing in this very moment.”
    I played dumb. “Who?” My breath drew sharply as her tweak turned into a double pinch. The identical Waterhouse nymphs in my earlier imaginings of Ellie and Felicia danced before my eyes. They were treating one another’s nipples this very way, as one took the reins over the other in their lovemaking. The fancy was followed by a heady thought of turnabout.
    She purred again, “Luca and Jerone.”
    My wife was a minx — a boldly sensual cocktease. “What would you like to know, that I found myself wanting to join them?”
    She palmed me from balls to tip. Leaning close she drew my nipple into her mouth and worried it with her teeth while she suckled. I longed to bury my hands in those cinnamon curls, but I couldn’t touch her with my hands trapped as they were. I told her so. Looking up at me, she let go with a little pop. Her lips met mine as she murmured against me, “And if you had joined them, what would be happening right about now?”
    Where once was lit a gleam, a full flame now shone in her eyes. Mesmerized, I spoke the words, husky even to my own ears. Each punctuated by my returning kisses, “Kissing… stroking… sucking… fucking… ”
    Her brows drew together slightly in confusion, then those blue orbs of hers grew wide as the last puzzle piece of my duo sexuality fell into place. Breath shuddering as she inhaled, I felt a twinge of fear that she might condemn me for the beast I was. Searching her face, I looked for a clue to where her mind was in that moment, but I couldn’t discern a bloody thing. Then that sentient sexual smile of hers played upon her lips. It left me dizzy with want when my body responded by funneling every last drop of blood to my cock.
    She picked up my trapped hands one at a time, and folding back the cuffs to expose the links, freed me from my bonds. Taking me by the hand, she led me to our bedroom and I followed blindly. In a voice sounding more sultry than hesitant, she said simply, “Show me.” Sheri, thanks for hosting!

    1. Very nice! Thanks for stopping in, Rose.

  4. Here it is! Valentine's Day by Jane Leopold Quinn

    "Val, baby, open your eyes," Rafe demanded, his voice raspy with lust.
    She felt him slide her little red satin, heart shaped pillow under her. Yes. That was just perfect to hike her bottom up, level with his lips. He was so tall, and she wanted to do whatever necessary to aid him in his mission.
    "God, Rafe, pleeeeze," she whimpered. All her erotic fantasies coming true, Valentine quivered in anticipation. Stretched out, her bottom balanced on the edge of the bed, her legs tightened around her brother's best friend's shoulders, she panted for deliverance. Thankfully, she didn't have long to wait.
    Their eyes locked on each other's, Rafe's mouth clamped around her clit, and she strained her long legs up and out, widening them to urge him in closer. Val clutched his hair and stood her tippy toes on end, pushing herself into his face. Her back arched as fireworks raced from nerve endings in her core, to her nipples, to her brain.
    "Yes…there…that's it. Don't stop that," she pleaded, her voice rising into hysteria.
    "Yes…" His tongue speared pointedly, then flattened, then swirled. There was that one spot especially. "Oh, God…there." She ground her hips and whimpered. Something else. She needed something else. "Rafe." She panted his name again and again.
    Then his thick, long finger slid through the slick wetness and into her sheath. Ohh. That's it. Another finger speared. And with the rhythmic suction of his lips, the persistent stroking inside her, Val shattered, starting from deep in her belly, radiating through vein and muscle to the tips of the fingers gripping his hair and all the way to her straining toes. Tears poured from the corners of her eyes down to her ears. Violently, she continued pumping her shimmying hips, relishing the aftermath of the humongous orgasm.
    Rafe hung on through Valentine's every movement, every jerk, shimmy, pulse, every quiver. Damn, but she tastes fine. She sounded even better in her orgasmic throes. Keeping his fingers planted deeply inside her, he released her clit and lapped indulgently at her folds and around her opening. He could feel her internal spasms on his fingers and wanted his cock in there. Right now, as a matter of fact.
    Rising, he scooted Val up across the bed, stretching her out full length. As he quickly donned a condom, he watched her, still in the aftermath of the orgasm he'd given her. Her creamy, glowing body and sooty black hair contrasted sharply with her red sheets. He would have laughed if he weren't in pain and didn't have the great need to pound his cock into her. Anyone else would have red satin sheets. Valentine's were red flannel.
    She opened her eyes at that moment. Silver shone, so light against her dark hair. Rafe stretched out over her in push up position--girl push up position--with his knees between her thighs.
    "Come inside me, Rafe," she growled, low and rough.
    She was the most erotic thing he'd ever seen. "In a minute." He fiercely covered her lips with his own. Speared his tongue into her mouth just as he'd speared it around her clit. He felt her fingers in his hair, over his ears, holding him tightly as she suctioned him in. Their tongues tangled in carnal play. He dipped his chest to her breasts and felt the little hard tips tickling through the mat of fur blanketing his pecs.
    Val moaned in complaint when he released her mouth. He gave her one final incendiary kiss, turning it gentle at the last, sipping from her lips. With nips and licks, he worked his way down her long neck, over her collarbone, and onto the generous cushions of her breasts. Jesus. The soft, snowy, cushions with their tight raspberry nipples would flush even darker when he was through with them.

    Thanks, Sheri!

  5. I laughed when I saw the photo - I thought the guy must be new if she has to point out where to go!!

    Short - itsy bitsy snippet from A Kept Woman.

    “I want you.” Her voice was edged with a passionate obsession. Something inside had taken control. Derek had no right to refuse her. She wanted him and he would please her. She straddled him and sat on his chest. “I want your mouth on me and in me. I want you to taste our mingled sex. Push me to my edge. Make me scream.” Before Derek could reply, Arianne settled her demanding pussy over his mouth, placed her hands under his head and held him in place.

    A Kept Woman – erotic contemporary
    Amazon -

    1. Holy Flame Thrower!!!
      And that pic goes with your excerpt! LOL

  6. Baby Stetson-
    Wordlessly, she got to her feet and reached for his hand, pulling him up. She led him upstairs. It was too late to turn back now. Avery took him to her bedroom. When she opened the door, he took in the
    sights of Avery’s room. Beautiful. Elegant. Unique. Just as she was. The room suited her. In one corner set a large vanity table. Hanging from each knob over the mirror were two hats. One was
    considerably worn and aged. That must have been the hat behind Avery’s story. The other, much newer and better shape, he recognized as the one she wore occasionally. A small recliner chair set in
    the other corner, next to the large window. The walls were painted a tan color, and there were photos of Avery’s family and her band covering the walls. As for her bed, it looked to be queen size. A burgundy
    comforter rested nicely over it. She had a wood carved headboard that someone must have handcrafted specifically for her. Carved into the old wood were music notes of all types. Lucas smiled. He was
    going to enjoy spending time in this room.
    He didn’t recall who started it, but the next thing he knew, they were laying in a tangled heap on her bed. Lucas laid Avery on her back, leaning up over her. Her hair splayed all over the bed behind her, and
    she stared up at him with those kiss-me lips. Her intense eyes and creamy soft skin begged to be touched.
    “You’re not going to bolt on me, are you?” she asked.
    He’d hesitated too long.
    “No, sweetheart. I’m not going anywhere right now. This is right where I need to be.” Lucas traced his finger along her neckline and leaned in to kiss her along that invisible trail. He knew he got her when she released a moan. She found the bottom of his shirt and Lucas allowed her to pull it over his
    head. Lucas lifted her up gently and unbuttoned her blouse. Each time he exposed more of her bra, he sucked in a breath. She was so beautiful. Avery’s fingers fumbled with his pants. It wasn’t long before they both were lying naked together. She had an amazing body. Lucas nipped at her naval, darting his
    tongue out, playing, teasing, torturing. He loved the way Avery reacted to him. He pulled away, then leaned in again, moving up her torso to her breasts.
    Then he stopped and just stared at her. Avery’s eyes widened. “What’s wrong?”
    “There’s absolutely nothing wrong. I’m just looking at you. Imagining what to do to you next. And taking in your beauty.”
    Avery’s lips parted again. She wanted to say something, but couldn’t seem to find the words. Lucas smiled at how tongue tied he’d made her. He toyed with her, but the torture was on him too. All he
    wanted was to plunge deep inside her and have his way, but in due time. Right now, he just wanted to
    enjoy the moment.
    “Yes, sweetheart?” He heard the tone. Understood the underlying message. He had her right were he
    wanted. He rolled her nipple between his fingers until she gasped. His lips found hers again. Avery dug her fingers into the back of his neck.
    “I need you to-” She sucked in another breath when he tweaked just a little bit harder. She kissed him
    hard, pulling him to her in a tight grasp. Ah, this was a woman that knew exactly what she wanted and
    needed. He liked that about Avery. She had a fire about her that he admired.
    She whimpered, rocking her hips underneath him. Lucas didn’t want to rush anything. All he wanted
    to do was enjoy her, feel her passion. He longed for the kind of passion Avery had, and he wasn’t about to allow it all to move too fast. Then her hand wrapped around his cock. Just when he thought he couldn’t any be harder, Avery proved him wrong.

    1. Nice excerpt! Thanks for stopping by, Nikki :)

  7. Nice, all!
    This is from my Crimson Romance, Desert Heat:

    A slight, cool breeze slid over her skin.
    She opened her eyes as Mike climbed in with her. “Care if I join you?”
    “No.” Goosebumps rose on her skin, but they had nothing to do with the air. Her nipples pebbled and she crossed her arms over her breasts.
    He reached for a bar of soap. Holding it with both hands he made lather.
    Her breath grew short.
    This couldn’t be happening. She shouldn’t let him do . . . this.
    With soapy hands, he slid along her outer thighs.
    Her legs trembled. She allowed her head to fall back and he leaned in to nibble along her collarbone. The sensation of his seeking mouth on her wet skin was like nothing she’d ever felt before. Her arms dropped to her sides like two useless sticks, leaving her breasts exposed to his hungry eyes.
    He placed his palms over her small, brownish-tipped breasts and the sight of his large hands covering her sent a jolt of desire burning through her body. Her breasts swelled under his palms, pushing her already peaked nipples into his palms. He squeezed and she bent her back to allow him better access.
    All the reasons she shouldn’t be with him flitted through her head. He was Mr. Wrong in so many ways. But he was right in so many others. She was tired of trying to ignore her desire. He was impossible to resist. But it was more than physical. The way he made her feel had more to do with his mind than what he could do to her body.
    His sly fingers teased her nipples until she wanted to beg him to stop, yet wanted to beg him not to. She lifted her head and licked his shoulder. He tasted like clean skin and water. As he pushed her gently against the slick wall, her buttocks touched the cool tile and a shiver flashed up her back.
    She had never been so free.
    She didn’t care.
    Mike wouldn’t shame her or hurt her.

    She lifted her limp arms and circled his neck. His erection pressed against her flat belly and her legs spread in response. There was no turning back. No matter what tomorrow brought, she wouldn’t regret this moment.
    With her uninjured hand, she massaged his neck and he moaned.
    He tipped his head forward and the water cascaded over his hair, turning it dark gold. Taking a step back, he drew a nipple into his mouth and sucked. She rubbed his tight muscles in small, circular motions that mirrored what he was doing with his tongue.

    1. Desert Heat is more than about air temperature, isn't it? I felt the STEAM from here!

  8. Got a chance before I leave to post my FF snippet.
    No buy links for this one yet. Taken from my unedited WIP, Prophecy's Child.

    Katherine lifted her arms to him. “I’ve waited ten years for this. Please don’t make me wait any longer.”

    Oh sweet Jesus. Kal eased himself over her and she enveloped him in her embrace. He hooked an arm under her left knee and pushed her leg up to her chest, exposing her more. The aroma of her desire made his head swim. Pushed passed all reasoning, he rubbed the tip of his penis over her slick folds, and then the head found her opening and slipped inside.

    Her eyes closed and her lips parted.

    He inched in, then retreated. Her sexy moans filled the air, adding more fuel to his raging desire. With another thrust, he entered further, but not all the way.

    “You’re so tight,” he said through gritted teeth. He withdrew; the sweet friction sent his nerves buzzing and his balls tightened. “I want you so bad—you make me burn so hot.”

    “More,” she panted in his ear.

    One more powerful thrust and her damp heat surround him to the hilt. He stopped. The blinding pleasure of being sheathed in her core was the heaven he’d longed for—the heaven he’d craved.

    She writhed under him. “Oh my God, you feel so big.” Her head kicked back and his gaze latched onto her throat and the pulse racing under her skin.

    Snap, went his self control. He pounded in and out of her wetness and his fangs scraped his bottom lip on their downward slid.

    He was inside her—this had to be a dream. But her scent, her tight sex, the incredible, maddening friction were better than any dream he’d had.

    The pressure in his balls increased and his cock thickened to the point of pain. “God damn, Katherine. You’re exquisite.” He nuzzled her neck, seeking out her banging pulse. Gently, he sucked at her flesh, then bit down. The sharp points of his teeth penetrated and a hot spurt of blood filled his mouth. He swallowed and groaned. The sweet taste and power of her blood zipped through him like an electrical shock. Pleasure grew, taking him higher and hotter than ever before. Scents, sounds and the feel of their damp skin intensified. With greedy pulls, he drank her in. He longed for this moment to last, but his need couldn’t be harnessed.

    Katherine stiffened. Her back bowed off the bed and her inner muscles clenched and released. Clenched and released. “Yes, yes, I’m coming.”

    1. Talk about your neck biters!! WOW! I loved your first book, Love's Prophecy. Looks like Prophecy's Child is just as *fanning self* HOT. Your vampires rock, Brenda!

  9. I'm waving my Toasted marshmallow at you Sheri...
    My Combustive Contribution:
    “Tell me all of it.” He stroked her harder. “All that you remember of the last months.”
    “I never—not even when I dreamed of you, thought it would be like this—oh!”
    With a heated look in his eyes, he shoved four fingers in and pushed them deep. He sped up the thumbing of her clit button.
    Pearl was gushing wet, as his fingers slid in and out of her. “I’ve loved you so much for so long and just the fact that you’re touching me, makes me want to come hard. I love your body and your smile. The way you tasted? I would sleep with you in my mouth every night and suck on you for hours. Oh—oh, God!” Her body jerked and she shuddered with pain from holding her orgasm back.
    His dark eyes were intense and fierce as he used his fingers to pull her folds back until her clit was fully exposed.
    “I’ve waited breathlessly every morning for you to appear in the office with my thighs clenched whenever you walked by. My pussy would weep at the sound of your voice. You’ve fucked me in my mind so many times—every position imaginable. Unh!” she yelled with a crazed ecstasy. “And yes, I’ve envisioned you pulling my head down, forcing my mouth onto your luscious cock. I’ve stuck my fingers in every hole I have, pretending it was you, begging you in my dreams to just—?” Her voice broke. “—just fuck me until I died!” Overcome by it all, she threw her head back and screamed.
    At her admissions, he did in fact look stunned as he licked his lower lip. “Good girl, I will always want the truth from you. To think I could have been filling every hole you have and fulfilling your dreams had I known.” He gazed intently at her pussy. “Come for me now, Pearl.”
    Her body immediately obeyed as it jerked and convulsed with an overpowering spasm. “Ohh!” she yelled.
    His wicked smile showed again as he watched her come. “Look at yourself Pearl, down at your pussy.”
    Her eyes dropped, as she grew rigid with her orgasm; her clit was exposed, swollen and pulsing. She couldn’t breathe and she saw a little cum squirt from her clit. “Ohhh—ahhh!”
    He lowered his lips, sucking on her entire labia as her body convulsed and she came in his mouth.
    Pearl was utterly helpless while her thighs opened wider and he sucked harder. “Please, oh!” she begged as he pulled in every drop she had. The drawing was overwhelming as she shuddered violently in his grip. “Please, it’s too much, please?” she pleaded. “I’m so sorry for sucking on you like that—just please, stop?” She’d never envisioned such a wondrous place of need and fulfillment clashing inside of her like this. It was the most terrifying, thrilling thing she’d ever known.
    Relentless, he kept sucking on her, even as her button throbbed painfully with a tremendous pulsing pleasure.
    Collapsing backward with a release of an ecstatic cry, she bounced helplessly to the bed. It was like falling from some lofty height while filled by an extreme heart-pounding adrenaline.
    From MORE SEX, see the video:

    1. Oh THAT'S what I'm talking about. Leanore Elliott is stoking the FRIDAY FLAMES!!

  10. Umm, WOW!
    Yes, I am now all nice and toasty warm :)
    You ladies sure do write some hot stuff!
    Maybe one day I'll get there nerve up to post something. Just not now. Too sweaty. lol
    Have a great one!

    1. I wouldn't want you to be cold! Step closer to the heat...

  11. Here's a snippet from my WIP. Should be released sometime early summer. The set up is it's "date night" for Deana and Vance, but he has to be on a Skyped conference call with a very important client. And Deana doesn't think that should ruin their date...Hope you enjoy.

    His voice trailed off when a flash of color caught his attention. He looked up to see Deana standing in his office doorway. The first thought in his muddled head was that she hadn’t gone out with her girlfriend after all…
    Dressed in a cherry red teddy—with cutouts that exposed her luscious boobs and puckered nipples—she did a slow pirouette. Black fishnet stockings emphasized her curvy legs and her black Jimmy Choo pumps were at least three inches tall.
    Her hair floated around her alabaster shoulders and her normally angelic features looked anything but saintly at the moment. Every salient thought flew from his brain as he stared at his wife.
    “What were you saying, Korbett? Seemed to have lost the sound.”
    Vance snapped his focus back to the computer screen. “I was, um, saying that your tentativeness is understandable.” In his peripheral vision, he watched Deana stalk toward his desk. And him.
    Holy shit.
    She was really going to do this. She was really going down on him during this call.
    Vance knew if he gave her a sign, she’d back off. He contemplated that, for about a nanosecond. No way was he telling her no. Not with her dressed like that and not with his dick hammering at four times his pulse.
    With a siren smile, she disappeared under his computer desk. Since the desk was just a basic table with four legs and a black, lacquer top, nothing impeded Deana in her quest. Another bonus was the desk stood taller than the average thirty inches to accommodate Vance’s six foot, six stature. Less of a chance she’d bounce her pretty little head off the underside of the desk top.
    “Well, Korbett? What were you saying, man?”
    Vance sat forward, now every bit the president of the Tri K Agency. If his gorgeous wife, whose breath teased his left kneecap, was willing to fulfill this fantasy, he had every intention of enjoying himself. And her. “I was saying your caution, while it seems prudent, is completely unwarranted.”
    “My accounting staff—”
    “Your accounting staff probably doesn’t have anyone under the age of fifty. They don’t know a thing about modern advertizing.”
    Small hands traced up his calves, tickling the hair and exploding goosebumps over his entire body.
    “I ask you to look again at the cost analysis chart on page three,” Vance continued. “The initial investment might appear daunting, but as Stu said…”
    Deana widened his legs until hooking his feet on the outside legs of the desk.
    “…if done correctly, Global Tech will make back one and a half times that outlay in the first six months. A year on the outside.”
    Vance focused on Makin’s face as Deana kissed along the inside of his left thigh.
    Makin narrowed his eyes. “And which one of your team is Stu?”
    “That would be me, sir,” Stu answered.
    Admittedly, the twenty-three-year-old didn’t look at all like a number whiz with his stringy dirt brown hair, acne-face and thick glasses. But he was. Thankful that Makin’s attention was momentarily centered on Stu, Vance slouched in his chair a bit, wanting to direct Deana to his aching cock. The shorts he wore had a single button fly. Undo that, put his dick in her mouth and he’d be gone in thirty seconds. Probably twenty.
    But his wife didn’t take the hint. Rather, just shy of his groin, she bit him.
    It took every ounce of his willpower not to flinch. Deana proceeded to worry the bit of flesh between her teeth. It burned and the heat sliced straight to his balls. They curled into painful nodes. She soothed the spot with her tongue. No doubt about it, he’d have one helluva hickey come morning.

    1. LOL, that's a great excerpt!! Thanks for sharing.

  12. "The -- the debt isn't mine," she stammered even as she tore her eyes from his demonic bulge. "I shouldn't have to pay it."
    "Oh, but you will," he insisted, claws slowly rubbing up the length of each of her arms. "And you will love every moment of it."
    Her slight, petite frame shivered. She found herself ashamed once again as she leaned into his dark embrace. The room grew hotter as his talons lightly scratched her back beneath the inside of her prim white blouse. Tisha let the sweat drip from her brow as she slowly closed her eyes again, this time in pleasure rather than denial.
    His lips tasted her neck, slowly leaving drops of ember up toward her ear. She shook, afraid to move, afraid to make a sound, as his cock pressed up against her long pencil skirt. That tail of his snaked right up the cheap fabric as if to peek at what lay underneath. Then it stroked her cunt through her cotton panties.
    She gasped. He chuckled again, placing strange, sweet kisses over her still-closed eyes. "You are already ready," he murmured. His tail slipped past the elastic and over her swollen clit.
    This time she cried out. He issued a guttural groan with her. His cock pressed against her harder, insistent, as his tail flicked over her again and again. Tisha's hips began to tremble. As he inserted his tail into her pussy, she screamed, clutching onto him for dear life.
    "You love this," he hissed in her ear, slicing off the buttons of her blouse with his claw. "Tell me you love this."
    "I -- I --"
    Her voice cracked as his goatee nuzzled her ample cleavage. The demon swiftly brushed her skirt over her hips. He replaced his eager tail with his cock, not fully entering her but simply teasing her with his monstrous tool. He painstakingly rubbed it back over her clit and toward her cunt again as she moaned.
    Snaking across her thighs like a live wire, his juice-covered tail drew lazy circles around her asshole. It teased the entrance in rhythm with the coy brushes his cock gave her. She cried out again, trembling. Plugging her gently, with just the very end of his tail inserted inside, the demon pushed against her harder, giving her the tip of his cock at the same time.
    Somewhere in her mind it registered that a demon shouldn't be so gentle -- that she shouldn't even like this entire experience. But the very thought lay smashed beneath the buzzing pleasure infiltrating all of her senses.
    The man -- the demon -- hadn't even kissed her fully yet, or even got to second base for Pete's sake. Yet here he was fucking her like she'd never allowed anyone to do before. She had certainly never let Jeremy enter her this way, and her first lover -- well, she didn't even remember much about him.
    As the tip of his tail started to barely fuck her in tiny, shallow thrusts, Tisha felt faint. Swaying as the demon's palms cupped her breasts over the top of her simple bra, she was suddenly aware of heat at her legs, her feet. The flames tickled Tisha's bare toes and she shrieked.
    "I made no deal, I swear!" she insisted, leaping back from the fire.
    "But your ex did, and he's not here. That leaves you and me, my dear."
    The demon licked her neck, his goatee scratching her. A rush of heat that had nothing to do with the hellfire flooded her. She twisted away as the slick black tongue wove around her face, then past her lips.
    Groaning, Tisha collapsed into his sweet, sinful embrace. His flames quickly melted every stitch of her clothing. His red eyes burned as his lithe body crashed into hers. He thrust himself into her, his tongue, tail, and cock filling her completely.
    Pain and pleasure spilled from her ass to her pussy, and as she screamed in ecstasy over his forked tongue, the gates of Hell opened beneath the kitchen linoleum and swallowed them both.

    "The Boon Collector" by Sara Jay
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