January 18, 2013

Friday Flames

I've been rather inconsistent with the Flames lately. For those of you who email or contact me on Facebook asking for some heat...I thank you!

Would you like to see the Flames go back to every other Friday? Perhaps only once a month? When you share your SMOKING HOT SCENE below, let me know what your preference is.

  Copyright (c) 123RF

Here's a scene from my Erotic Fantasy Romance, REMEDY MAKER.
(Winner of the Paranormal Romance Guild 2012 Reviewer's Choice Award,

  * * *
A little coffee, some discussion and bargaining, and I’m good to go.

Patience took hesitant steps out of the bedroom with bare feet. She cleared her throat. “Good morning.”


Sleep creased her face, her hair lay mussed and wild about her shoulders. Heat coiled low in his belly; his scrotum tightened inside his pants.

He was in deep shit.

In his waking mind, the plan seemed so easy. None of the sexy details were filled in. Now, with her standing in front of him looking like she’d been tumbled hard in the sack, all he could think of was . . . getting hard in the sack!


No! Not that word.

Glorious brown hair, liberally streaked with auburn, floated in waves over her shoulders and cascaded down her back. He watched her like a slow motion movie. She lifted her hands and pushed the heap away from her face, her breasts jiggling with maddening temptation.

“Hey there.” He grabbed open the lower door of the cold box and hid behind it, adjusting himself through his jeans. Guileless, her innocent eyes held no condemnation for his Centaur breeding.

Patience was born decades after the last arrow flew in hatred. Her people had committed horrendous crimes, but he had murdered as well. He was the villain here, not her. The proof stood right before his eyes, looking so damn beautiful—a felony on two legs. 

* * *

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Have fun everyone - and keep the flames BURNIN' HOT!!


  1. I love the idea of a regular Friday Flames. It's a fun mini-post. Thanks so much for hosting it Sheri. Love your centaur's thought too - a felony on two legs. Nice!
    Here's mine from my polyamorous Victorian love story with a hunt for Leonardo da Vinci's lost book - Loving Leonardo.

    She turned to me in surprise and our eyes met but no words were exchanged. I rose and stepped from the tub. Reaching a hand to her, I helped her out on the rug then took the Turkish towel and patted her dry with trembling hands. It was never the brandy that caused last night’s tremor. It was her.
    She stood with her back to me covered in gooseflesh. How fine her bone structure was. Christoffer Wilhelm Eckersberg painted a back such as this in his Woman Standing in Front of a Mirror. My hands glided up and down her damp warm arms, and the gooseflesh smoothed away. Because Ellie was so slight, I had to bend to kiss her shoulder. She was a swan covered in the finest down, and my lips overjoyed at how soft they found this experience. I kissed her neck, sweeping my lips to her ear where a small gold-and-garnet bob dangled from a tiny hole. I took it between my teeth and lightly pulled, stretching the lobe as it followed. Releasing it, I traveled on to the line of her jaw. With her pulse against my lips, I could almost hear the blood as I passed over her jugular. My hands came around and swept across her pert high breasts and firm yet pliant nipples.
    My cock found her as compelling as my mind did, for close as we were it sought familiar ground. I gripped myself with one hand and slowly dragged my spar along the split of her bottom as my other hand ran free upon her.
    She turned to me then, the look in her eyes possessing a heat I knew corresponded to my own. Meeting that gaze, I felt the shift inside me. Only suspecting this truth the day before, I knew with a certainty then and there that I wasn’t the homosexual I’d always thought myself to be. Like Lord Byron and Hans Christian Andersen, I was bisexual — an androgynous epicene who took delight in all. I was immersed in delight.

    Taking her in my arms, I slid my cock between her sleek thighs and she tightened her legs around me, effectively trapping me along the warm furrow of her sex. The heat emanating there made me dizzy to discover it. I could do nothing else but press forward. Locked in this intimate embrace, I bent my head to kiss her. I no sooner had my lips upon her when the first bell rang, signaling our fifteen minutes to dress for dinner. Her lust-dilated eyes became huge and her hands went to my chest as her upper body arched away from mine. “We have to dress!”
    Reluctant to lose this moment of self-discovery, I drew her back and nuzzled the side of her neck. “Why?”
    “For dinner.”
    “You’re my dinner.” I drew her close once more and lightly bit her ear. She made a little noise halfway between a squeak and a gasp. It was adorable.

    1. Oh boy do I need another cup of coffee. Here's my link: http://www.amazon.com/Rose-Anderson/e/B004XDGWL6/ref=sr_ntt_srch_lnk_2?qid=1358519395&sr=1-2

  2. Hi Sheri, thanks for hosting Friday Flames. Here's my flamer.
    Ancient Ties
    From her position lying back against his chest in a hypnotized state, eyes narrowed, breathing shallow, she watched his hands slipping over and around her breasts. Her tongue scraped her upper teeth. She hadn’t known before how much pleasure there could be in watching him squeeze and play with her. She arched up into his hands. Even well acquainted with his lovemaking, she still marveled at what he could do to her body. Uncontrollably, she stretched again, offering even more of herself. “Ahhh, God.” She clutched the nape of his neck.
    “Janney,” he ground out, his hot tongue flicking into her ear.
    The torture was delicious.
    He slid his hand down her body. She cried out at the loss of pressure to her nipple, her head rolled from side to side in protest, then stopped when his fingers pressed between her legs. “Ah, yes.” She rocked her hips up and agreeably parted her thighs, snuggling even further, if it was possible, into his embrace.
    Under the water he fondled her, stroked her, sliding his fingers along both sides of her throbbing clit, and circling around the entrance to her body. A low, strangulated growl escaped her. He knew so absolutely what pleased her. She had to bite her lower lip to keep her cries low, her throat aching with the frustration of holding them in. She didn’t want any of the servants hearing them.
    “Let it go, Janney. I want to hear you,” he rumbled in her ear, his warm tongue spearing inside.
    “Someone…” she gasped, her scalp prickling in ecstasy.
    “No one will come,” he assured her. “Except you.” He gently thrust his finger inside her.
    She groaned then, loud and long.
    Again and again he thrust, her squirming hips drawing his fingers farther inside. She felt the thick cock pressed against her backside become harder every time she writhed against him and hotter still at her every moan. She didn’t think she could survive it one more minute and pulled away from him.
    “What?” he complained.
    “Marek.” Her sob became a growl. “I want you inside me.”
    Stepping down into the pool, he lifted her. “Put your legs around me.” His eyes glittered before his lashes lowered with pleasure.
    The solid length of him, every thick, ridged inch, filled her. Her slick muscles grabbed him, pulled him in, pulsated around him. Held him tightly. She whimpered, her chin resting on his shoulder, mouth open in ecstasy. She squeezed her legs around his waist. Water, warm and womblike, swirled gently around their bodies joined beneath the surface.
    He nudged her, began to withdraw, preparing to thrust.
    “No,” she said thickly. “Don’t move.” She slid her arms around his neck, her breasts pressed flat to his chest, and pushed her fingers up into his hair. She bit his shoulder, and forced her hips to be still. “I just want to feel you inside me. Feel the beat of your heart.” It was ecstasy the touch of their skin, their arms around each other, his body filling hers. Tears rolled down her cheeks. “I love you, I love you.” Then she began moving, gently swaying against him.
    He responded.
    “No. Let me,” she whispered.
    She perfected a slow, restrained rhythm grinding into him, grinding against the hair at the base of his cock. She gasped at the sensations sensations of being open so completely to him, of being stretched so fully by him. Lost in some private world, small movements, she wanted small movements.
    Under the water, his fingers flowed over her, around the connection of their bodies. She was open to him. Vulnerable. Oh, yes. His sure, aggressive fingers circled and stroked, teased her back hole. Her fingers curled into claws, scraping down his neck, across his shoulders, her breath ragged.

    My Romance: Love With a Scorching Sensuality

  3. I love the humor in your snippet, Sheri!! I need a signed copy of your book! How can I get one? And the other ones are HOT! Thanks for heating up my cold day here in Michigan where its a chilly 22 degrees outside! Now I'm a little bothered too, lol! Thanks, ladies!

  4. Yay! FF are back! This is from The Secret Santa Wishing Well Available now:

    Jacob fingered the fabric of the shawl. “I think it's time this is removed, hmm?” Gently, he unwrapped it, revealing the low cut dress. He traced a long finger down her neck, to just above her breasts. “By the way, this dress looks lovely on you. Have I told you that?”
    “I'm not sure. But please, stroke my ego some more.” Flirting. Sexy flirting. She'd never been good at it. Jacob brought out the tigress in her or something. She felt like a brand new woman.
    “Stroking. Oh, interesting choice of words, baby. I have some things in mind. Mm, the images you just put in my mind.” His voice went low, rumbling, deep with arousal. He backed her up until they reached the kitchen island, where he then pressed himself up against her, hands running up her back.
    “As much as I love this dress on you, it's in the way.” His erection sent her into waves of chills. Cheyenne moaned softly. She leaned into him, holding on so tight. She took one hand from around him and fingered his buttons on his shirt, trying to undo the top one with just one hand. “Jacob, you're driving me insane,” she mumbled. When she looked up to meet his gaze, his eyes were full of warmth.
    “I think we should move this to the bedroom, what do you say?” Jacob ran his fingers through her hair, keeping her right there with him. “One more time, tell me, are you sure? Because I don't want to push. I want everything to be perfect.”
    “How is this for sure?” She gave him a gentle push from her, grabbed the sides of her dress, and lifted it over her head, exposing her to just her bra and panties. She tossed the dress at him playfully.
    “Oh God, Cheyenne. Oh my God!” Letting the dress fall to the floor, Jacob hoisted her in the air. She squealed in surprise. She wrapped her legs around him while Jacob led her out of the kitchen. Somewhere along the way, she kicked off her shoes. Jacob pressed kisses to her face, careful to make it with out falling because he couldn't keep his attention on where they were going. He came to an open door and rushed through it. He set her down gently on a large bed. He turned the lights on low, just enough to illuminate the room, but not break the spell they both were under. “You didn't finish your job here, young lady,” he teased, pointing to his shirt. He removed his shoes, then pounced on the bed beside her. Cheyenne quickly reached for him, unbuttoning the shirt.
    At the last button, Jacob helped by getting his arms out of the shirt, and tossed it on the floor. His bare chest rippled with muscle. Cheyenne kissed him in right in the middle of it, enjoying the warmth of him.
    “The pants. Get them off,” she ground out between fiery kisses.
    “Mmm. Yes, master.” Jacob pulled back just enough to get them off. He removed his boxers too, springing free his erection. “You're turn, and I'm going to have fun with this. Sit up, princess.” She complied. Jacob fumbled with her bra clasp. Finally, he got it undone, and removed the bra. “Oh, they're beautiful. Mmm...” He leaned in, flicking out his tongue, swiping it across her nipple.
    Cheyenne gasped. “More!” She needed more.
    “Not quite yet.” He went for her panties, with one swift move and a lift of her butt, he got them off. “Oh yes. Here we go. Naked, on my bed. All mine.” He moved to the center of the bed, pulling her with him. “Where should I start? I'm going to touch you everywhere, Cheyenne. I'm going to make you scream. You are a beautiful woman, inside and out.”

  5. Hi, Sheri, thanks for posting Friday Flames. Here's mine from "Storm of Desire."

    With a groan, he crushed her mouth in an urgent kiss. She parted her lips, welcoming his possession, as she slid down on the sofa, Aiden moving to lie on top of her. Slipping her arms around his neck, Sam kissed him with all the pent-up sexual frustration she’d been afraid to release.
    “Sam,” he whispered against her lips. He nibbled on the corners of her mouth and trailed hot, hungry kisses along her jaw line.
    She squirmed beneath him, her hips seeking his erection. Moaning under his touch, the storm inside her drowned out the storm outside.
    “Keep still, baby,” he muttered. “You keep moving like that, it’ll be over before it starts. We’ve got all night.”
    He slipped his hand under her sweater and cupped one breast, massaging her through the thin lace of her bra. Uttering tiny cries, she wound her fingers in his hair. It was as silky as it looked, as silky as she remembered.
    “Your breasts--so beautiful,” he murmured. He continued caressing and massaging until she bucked under him, nearly crazed with wanting him.
    “Easy, sweetheart.” He grabbed the edge of her sweater and slipped it over her head. Then he tenderly and expertly removed the skimpy red bra and threw it on the floor.
    Her nipples puckered and her juices flowed, wetting her panties. She was so ready for him.
    He took one breast in his large hand, rolling the peaked nipple between his fingers. “Beautiful.”
    Still cupping her breast, he captured the other nipple in his mouth, sucking, licking until she was a puddled mass of need.
    “Aiden,” she breathed.
    He kept up his relentless worship of her breasts, his talented hands and mouth working their sensual magic, taking her higher and higher, closer to the peak. It had been so long. She felt her climax building, a flame burning out of control. Purring her pleasure, she twisted her fingers into the soft fabric of the sofa.
    Her climax rolled over her in fiery waves, and she moaned his name until she finally lay still beneath him.
    Aiden held her close and kissed her hair. “Liked that, did you?”
    “Yes,” she croaked. “Oh, yes.”
    “You’re so responsive.” His soft breath whispered against her neck. “I remember how I made you come just touching your breasts.”
    His mention of that other night hit her with the force of the sleet outside. Humiliation and guilt reared up. She pushed against him and struggled to sit.
    He released her and she quickly stood, then bent to pick up her discarded clothing, holding the sweater over her nakedness.
    He stared up at her, the desire in his eyes slowly replaced by confusion. “Sam, what’s wrong?”
    She stared at him for long moments, her body on fire. She didn’t know what she felt for him. Lust? Love? Or was he just a convenience, someone to take her mind off her problems? Until she knew, she had to resist Aiden’s pull. For his sake.

  6. I think I need more coffee too. Here are the buy links for "Storm of Desire."


    http://goo.gl/kVAJ7 BN
    http://goo.gl/fPp7u Kobo

  7. I like the Flames whenever you choose to post them.

    Hot stuff here today!

    This is from an unpublished manuscript called Cowboy, Come Home:

    Shy, she let him take off her clothes.
    Nude, she lay in front of his hungry gaze.
    Slimmer than the last time they had made love, without the slightly swollen belly and breasts of early pregnancy, she wondered if he found her new body appealing. Her hands curled into the comforter as he dipped his head and took her left nipple in his mouth and tugged deep. Her head fell back into the pillows and her eyes closed. He switched breasts, crossing back and forth between them, raining kisses on the underside of each. Settling between her parted legs, he cupped the back of her neck and tangled his fingers in her hair.
    Mingled begging and crying came deep from within her. “Please, Adam—”
    His mouth claimed hers, silencing her.
    Their tongues tangled together in a furious rush. She reached between them and circled his erection with her hand. God, he was hard, hot and heavy. She stroked him until shudders rippled through his body.
    “Want inside,” he gasped.
    His hand slipped over her flat belly, between her legs.
    A finger sought the entry to her body, slipping deep inside. His knuckles brushed her clit and waves started deep in her toes and washed upward, growing in intensity with each touch from his hand. She bit one of his nipples and he grunted in a sound of half pain, half satisfaction.
    He sucked one of her peaked nipples, then the other again until she thought she’d die from pleasure. He pushed deep with his finger until her body clenched around him. She moved her hand lower and cupped his balls until his erection jumped in response. With the familiarity of old lovers, she squeezed just hard enough to make him squirm.
    Grasping his slim hips, she pulled him close. He slid his hand from between her legs and braced them on either side of her head. She parted her thighs, and with one deep thrust, he imbedded his cock inside her. He filled her so completely it was as if he became part of her soul. The breath whooshed out of her lungs.
    “Adam,” she pleaded against his chest.

  8. Hot sexcerpt, Sheri. All the sexcerpts are on fire today.
    Here's mine from my current--unedited--work in progress, Prophecy's Child.

    Kal tore his mouth from Katherine's and trailed quick kisses over her cheek. “Christ, Kat. I’ve missed you so much: your touch--your sweet taste.”

    “I’ve missed you too,” she said before tugging his lips back. Her mouth slanted over his and her tongue penetrated his mouth, retreated, then swept back in.

    She missed me?

    He kissed her deeply. She moaned and arched into his body, her hands clutching at him as if she were afraid he’d vanish.

    At that moment he knew it was true. She had missed him. He could feel it in her kiss, her touch.

    His heart swelled and with each frantic beat, love poured out, flooding his veins.

    Between kisses, he asked, “Your bedroom? Where is it?”

    She bit the underside of his jaw. “Down the hall, last door on the right.”

    Kal cupped her ass and pressed his hard length against her core. She gasped and gyrated her hips as he carried her down the short hallway. He pushed open her bedroom door then laid her on the middle of a queen size bed. Light from the hall spilled across the navy blue comforter.

    After stretching out beside her, he fanned her ebony hair behind her head and stared into her hooded, dark-chocolate brown eyes.

    Her beauty took his breath away. Her skin was pale and smooth—not even a freckle marred its perfection. Her lips were parted and slightly swollen from their kisses.

    Kal recognized her sexy, dreamy look. She was as turned as he. The knowledge made him feel powerful.

    She leaned up an elbow, gripped the front of shirt and tried to pull him down to her. But he pulled back.

    A frown crinkled her brow. “Kal? What’s wrong?”

    He smiled and traced her lips with a forefinger. “Nothing. Everything is perfect—you’re perfect. I want to pinch myself to prove this is real. I’ve dreamt of this…” He swept a hand down her side, following her womanly curves. “For so long. And I want to savior the moment.”

    She purred and arched into his touch.

    Oh damn. His gaze latched onto her full breasts rising and falling under her sweater with each breath she took. His mouth watered and his fangs slid down, but he forced them back.

    Katherine hooked her hand behind his head and pulled his face close to hers. “No more talking. I want you now.” Her long lashes fluttered as she closed her eyes.

    His body tightened as desire soared. Claiming her lips, he kissed her hard. When he pulled back they were both panting. “I want you too, Kat, and nothing can stop us from making love.”

    Kal gripped the bottom of her sweater, ready to pull it from her.

    Katherine jerked back and shoved against his chest. “Do you have a condom?”

    It took him a sec to understand her words, but then he smiled and nuzzled her neck. “No, but it’s okay. I don’t have any diseases.”

    Apparently this wasn’t what she wanted to hear because the next moment she scrambled out from under him and jumped off the bed.

    She crossed her arms over her breasts as she paced the room.

    Confused and more turned on than he’d been in years, Kal’s voice was hard when he asked, “What the hell, Kat?”

    She stopped at the end of the bed and glared down at him. “The last time we didn’t use a condom I ended up pregnant and alone. So sorry if I don’t want to chance it.”

    Kal closed his eyes and rubbed his forehead. He needed a minute to allow his mind and body to catch up with the abrupt change in position. One second they were sharing a passionate kiss, the next…not.

  9. FROM HONEY RED, my latest Menage for Real Life, available on Amazon, B&N, All Romance (where it is a best seller!)

    He reached down and cupped her ass, held her against the unmistakable press of his erection. “Seriously, Ian,” she gasped when he reached up and grabbed her hair again, bringing a sharp edge of pain to the many sensations coursing through her.
    “If you tell me you’re a virgin I won’t believe it.” He mumbled around her skin, licking, kissing, teasing her so much she thought she might orgasm without him even touching anywhere near her sex. Her hips angled as her core started a slow, inevitable meltdown, one she’d had no frame of reference for and that scared and thrilled her all at once.
    “No, but I’m sort of, well,” she gripped his head, threading her fingers in his hair as he eased that hand back up her shirt and flicked open her bra with one practiced twist of his fingers. “Like a born again virgin. I mean, I haven’t had sex in so long I…oh Jesus,” she groaned when he leaned down to flick his tongue across her nipple. She didn’t even remember the shirt coming off.“ I am rusty at best. The guy I, um, well, I don’t even know if…shit…Ian…and if it’s possible for a hymen to grow back due to general disuse…ah, God…yes.” She hissed and shivered as her pulsing sex sought contact with something. His lips, teeth and tongue were all over her breasts and nipples. He shoved his thigh between her legs, grabbing onto the counter to steady them.
    “You’re in great hands sweetheart,” Ian growled as he popped her jeans button, unzipped her and had them down around her ankles in seconds. He put his foot on them, helping her step out as his mouth found hers again, kissing her so hard the room darkened around her. “Allow me to reintroduce you to the amazing, dangerous mystery of orgasm.” He grinned into her lips and Hannah let herself own a half second of sheer bliss as visions of their night together, with dinner, Jamie, the beers, all of it blended into a stupid little domestic fantasy. She shoved it out of her head.
    “Okay, I’m game, Donovan. Show me what ya got.” She squealed when he picked her up and plunked her on the kitchen counter, shoving aside paper towel holders and other crap in his way. As he kissed his way down her neck, to her breasts, sucking one nipple then the other so hard her back arched up and she shook with the need for release she put her fingers in his thick hair. “Just this once you understand because we both need it. No other reason.”
    “Nope, no other reason, but it’s gonna be epic. And I for one cannot wait to see just how red headed you really are,” he grinned, holding her gaze has he stripped off her panties, leaving her totally naked on his kitchen counter.
    “You won’t be disappointed I don’t think – fuck!” she grunted as he found his target, touching her swollen, enervated flesh. He kept his lips on hers, kissing, caressing her mouth, gentle and earnest and amazing while his fingers kept up their dance on her sex. He rubbed, then stroked, then slid some combination of fingers inside stretching her and making her gasp.
    “Now, let’s see if I can’t find…oh, yeah, there it is.” He went deep, pressing high up behind her pubic bone just as his lips found her nipple again and his thumb kept contact with her clit. The combination made her cry out, slap a hand over her mouth in case it woke the kid. But her hips bucked towards him and her arms wrapped tight as he held on and stroked and sucked her until her every molecule seemed to shimmer, hover on the edge of something. She finally gave in to it, groaning and clutching him as her world pulsed, and she saw stars at the edges of her vision. She sighed, and he held her tight, letting her ride out the climax as long as she wanted.
    “Christ almighty, Donovan. I think you should bottle that shit and sell it. Forget all that cascade hops, Bavarian malt crap.” She shivered as he pulled his fingers out of her, put them to his lips and sucked.

  10. Links for HONEY RED: http://www.amazon.com/Honey-Red-ebook/dp/B00AU5FRBW/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1358538499&sr=8-1&keywords=honey+red

  11. I missed Friday Flames! Since you had this the last time? YOU WON AN AWARD! WOOT! lol
    I looked into my heat vault and The Beast series is still so full of Hot supernaturals!
    She gloried in the sensual movements, but was bereft that he wasn’t inside of her. His tongue skillfully trapped hers while he smoothed his hands to her bare breasts and tweaked her nipples with his strong fingers.
    Moaning aloud, an overwhelming need engulfed her. "Why do you withhold yourself?"
    Lycian smiled, but did not speak and reaching down, he slid a finger across her clit and stroked it while building an increasing rhythm.
    Anticipation built in her and her passion became a wild need.
    They floated down.
    Pushing her legs wider, he bent her knees and held her there.
    "You are to keep tormenting me?" Her breathless words broke the strained silence.
    "Yes, just as you have tormented me." He thrust his marbling cock deep into her.
    At the violent thrust, Bella screamed aloud.
    His body stilled while he gazed into her eyes.
    "Oh, Lycian, it hurts," she cried out.
    He calmed and his skin turned to flesh.
    "There." A satisfied relief filled her voice.
    Lycian changed to marble again and thrust deep. "Torment, which you’ve given me." Impassioned rage shone from his eyes.
    "Oh!" she cried aloud.
    Stilling again, he smiled at her. "Pleasure that you give me," he spoke softly while he gently stroked her pussy with his throbbing cock.
    Ecstatic pleasure filled her senses with his words as her skin rippled and changed back and forth with each powerful thrust he gave to her. Her body arched and she met his deep demand with her own. "Lycian, I love you!"
    His plunging rhythm halted.
    "Do not stop," she pleaded.
    Lycian lowered his lips to hers. "Repeat it."
    Bella swallowed heavily at the fierce expression he wore.
    "Repeat it!" His demand echoed around the room, causing a tremble to vibrate through her body.
    Her eyes filled with tears. "I do love you, Lycian."
    He kissed her tear washed cheeks, and moved sensuously inside of her again.

  12. Hi Sheri, been a while since I did this. First time I did it, I didn't have anything published! Now here we are and I have 6 books out. I'm sharing On Angel's Wings which came out December 17, 2012 from Evernight Publishing.

    Everything about him thrilled her, and she constantly had wet panties when she thought of him. She fought the urge to just pull his pants down and to have him fuck her. No, she wanted something deeper than just that. They could fuck any day. Today, she needed him in the rawest and deepest form. She wanted to feel him at the most basic level with her heart and soul bared to him.

    She kept her hands at his pants, not inching them down yet. Swirling her tongue around his nipple, she smiled as he groaned. It was amazing to her how responsive the male anatomy could be. Tugging at the nipple with her teeth, Alexa was encouraged by his hands that went in her hair and held her to him.

    “Mmm, oh yes, that’s wonderful, Alexa.”

    Bringing her head up, she switched attention to his other nipple but this time adding in suction from her mouth. His low growl sent pleasure spiking up her spine, and she couldn’t resist nipping him there. He grunted and pulled her head back, gently slanting his lips over hers with a soft groan.

    He placed her hand at his pants then released her. She knew what he wanted just with that gesture. Undoing them, she jerked them down his hips and freed him. Unable to stop herself, she glanced down and at his cock. God, it was beautiful. He was beautiful. She knelt before him, taking his cock in her hand and stroked him slowly.

    “Alexa…aren’t I supposed to be taking you to bed?”

    “Yes, but it’s my turn.”

    The head of his cock had a pearly bead of pre-come and she couldn’t resist giving it a swipe of her tongue. She peered into his eyes as she licked the head of his cock again and then placed the tip in her mouth, slowly suckling.

    He arched into her and gripped the back of her head. With short and shallow thrusts of his hips, he slid his cock all the way into her mouth and she moaned around it. She placed her hands on his thighs, feeling the power there as he fed her his cock. His taste hit her tongue, and she purred as a swirling hunger hit the pit of her stomach and went straight to her throbbing clit. Pulling back a bit on his cock, she licked around the head, swiping underneath with quick little flicks that produced a growl from him.

    She was just getting started, and he slipped from her mouth. Alexa grumbled in protest, then he picked her up into his arms and settled on the bed with her in front of him, face to face. She gazed at him and leaned up to kiss him lightly, before she lay back against the pillows.

    “I guess now you’re actually taking me to bed.” She winked at him and he chuckled.

    “Yes, I guess now that’s exactly what I’m doing.”

    He reached for one of the condoms they’d left out on the nightstand opened it, donned it, and put the wrapper on the same nightstand. Turning back to her, he smiled and positioned himself over her, nudging her legs open with his own. Taking his cock in hand, he set it at her entrance and thrust forward, seating himself into her fully.

    Her breath caught and she placed her hands on his shoulders, wrapping her legs up high around his waist. She whimpered as he hit so deep within her she could swear he touched her cervix.


    Buy link: http://www.evernightpublishing.com/on-angels-wings-by-nikki-prince/

    Thanks for having me,
    Nikki Prince

  13. I love Friday Flames!

    Here's mine from my April 1, 2013 release, HEARTSTRINGS. Which is on my website www(DOT)sarawalterellwood(DOT)com.

    “At this point I don’t care,” she murmured and pulled his mouth back to hers. “I want you inside me.”

    He carried her to the front door. She fumbled with her key, while he suckled the soft skin behind her ear, making it damned hard to concentrate. When she finally got the door open, they didn’t bother with the light; he went straight through the house to the master bedroom.

    He set her on her feet and buried his fingers in her hair as he kissed her. She pulled his shirt out of his jeans and yanked open the pearl snaps. His chest quivered under her touch. He broke the kiss as she explored the hard muscle and contrasting textures of the curls and smooth skin.

    She undid the clasp and tie, then he shucked the shirt. She bit her bottom lip as the dim moonlight from the windows limned his wide chest and muscular shoulders. She ached for him and couldn’t wait much longer. As she reached for his belt, he reached around her and unzipped the dress.

    He took possession of her mouth, his tongue plunging deep, imitating what they both wanted. Before his jeans slipped down his toned legs, he pulled a condom from his back pocket and placed it on the bedside table. He pushed the dress from her shoulders and it fell to the floor, followed by her bra and panties, then he lifted her against him again and laid her on the bed.

    Moaning his name deep in her throat, she arched against him as he brushed his thumb over a puckered nipple. She reached between them and found his heavy erection. He broke the kiss with a hiss and caught her hands.

    “You’ve got to slow down, baby.” He pulled her arms over her head.
    “I don’t want slow.” She arched her body into him again. “I want you inside now.”

    He growled and nuzzled her neck. “Jesus, I think you’re gonna kill me.”

    “No, you’re killing me.” Was that breathy voice hers?

    He shuddered then pulled back. “How can I want you this much?” he asked in a gravelly rumble that stilled her heart. “How did I survive without having you before now?”

    For a long moment, she searched his gaze. What did he mean by that? “I swore this wouldn’t happen. But I want you so much I can’t breathe.”

    Trailing openmouthed kisses down her throat, he stopped to nibble on the skin over her racing pulse. His facial hair tickled her oversensitive skin as he placed soft kisses over her breasts and suckled on the hard points of her nipples.

    “Seth, please.”

    He took the condom and quickly sheathed himself. Her heart pounded so fast and hard against her ribs she feared it would crash out of her chest. He was so big and it had been so long since she’d had sex. She hoped she could take him.

    When he lay over her, he captured her lips with his. Legs wound around his hips, and arms clasped his shoulders, she held on to him, afraid to let go.

    When his erection touched her, he closed his eyes and groaned deep in his chest. She moved against him, and he entered in a single thrust.

    “Oh, God, Abby...you feel so good.” His head went back; his jaw clenched taut. His shoulders and chest tensed. He was so beautiful, her soul wept.


    He met her gaze with one heavy with desire as he moved over her and within her, finding the perfect rhythm.

    Her nails bit into his shoulders as she urged him to move faster. Her body pulsed around him, taking him deeper. He consumed her, and she wanted to consume him. He dove into her over and over again, rushing them both to completion.

    He gripped her hips, lifted her, angling her pelvis. She cried out at the jolt of pleasure flowing through her. A rattling groan came from his chest as she tightened around him, drawing him deep into her. His biceps bulged, and his face contorted with strained control.

    Had she ever felt like this?

  14. Oh man! I love Friday Flames!! It's a nice Friday highlight to drop by and read everyone's steamy excerpts. Great stuff, ladies! :)

  15. A felony on two legs - love it - Sheri!

  16. Here's a snippet from my WIP.... Grace and Anthony are enjoying a romantic weekend away, and oooooh does it get steamy!!!!!

    He didn’t often get Grace completely naked, especially in the bright light of day. Occasionally, her shyness would still rear its ugly head, but she wasn’t protesting. With every touch, she seemed to relax more. Were it not for the flush covering her breasts and that her nipples had pebbled into hardened buds, he would have thought she was falling asleep on him. Kneeling between her thighs, he decided it was time to take up the heat. Pressing his face against her mound, he inhaled deeply, savoring the musky scent of her desire. He closed his mouth over her, sucking the damp swollen lips of her sex into his mouth, before plunging his tongue between them. He found her clit unerringly, working it deftly. When she gasped and speared her hands into his hair, holding him in place, he increased the pressure, lifting her legs so that her thighs draped over his shoulder. Pressing more deeply inside her, he continued to tease and torment that little bundle of nerves.

    “Please, Anthony... I need you!”

    Pulling his mouth away from her with one last, lingering lick that had her crying out, he moved up until he could kiss her lips, sharing the taste of her. “Taste how sweet you are, Grace,” he urged, dipping his tongue into her mouth. “The taste of you drives me wild.” She kissed him back eagerly and he cupped her breasts, kneading the soft mounds with a gentle touch. His thumbs coasted over her nipples, thrumming the hardened peaks until she was moaning beneath him. The silky skin of her inner thighs glided over his hips as she wrapped her legs around him, opening herself to him. There was no clearer invitation. He pressed his cock against her, nudging the thick head between her damp folds, feeling her clinch around him. She was so blissfully, perfectly tight as he pressed into her, gliding in inch by inch. Her nails dug into his shoulders, scoring his back as she arched against him, his name a breathless cry on her lips. He loved that he could make her so wild, that his restrained and ladylike secretary became wild an uninhibited for him--only for him.

    Grace’s head fell back against the pillows. She couldn’t think, could barely breathe. Her entire existence was centered on the point where their bodies connected. The intense, exquisite pleasure of having Anthony inside her. The hard, thick length of his cock filled her to perfection, her body stretching to accommodate him. Every flex of his hips, every subtle movement inside her seemed to stimulate new nerve endings, ratcheting the pleasure to even greater heights. Her lips parted on a soundless cry, her neck straining and her breasts pressing firmly against his chest. His hips circled against her again, dipping and retreating, thrusting into her. He repeated the motion and Grace shattered. She felt her sex clench tightly, and then she simply broke apart. Everything in her body melted. Heat rushed inside her and then the most intense pleasure as her body pulsed and fluttered in that ancient rhythm. It was only seconds later that Anthony followed her over the precipice. He thrust deeply once more and she felt the first hot jet of his cum. Her hands slid down his back, cupping his firm buttocks and holding him to her, keeping him pressed deeply inside her as he came. Her body continued to ripple with aftershocks of pleasure. His lips pressed against hers, another feather light kiss, and the only sound in the room was their ragged breath.

    1. By the way, that was from me, Seraphina Donavan. Not sure why it didn't show my name!

  17. Down the Yellow Brick Road: Mind Games by D. X. Luc

    A gentle breeze wafted through the cavern and Dorothy went to cover her breasts but was met with a growl from Toto. That one sound inflamed her. Her pussy reacted immediately by becoming slick with moisture. Another gust had her nipples tightening into little pebbles and at that same moment he cupped each fleshy dome in his warm palms.
    He massaged them building up on the pressure until he was practically squeezing them. The dull pain didn't bother her as she would have thought and by the time T moved to tug at the nipples Dorothy nearly came on the spot. He resumed massaging them with shifts from rough to soft playing havoc on her sensory system before stopping to cup her breasts like a bustier would.
    “Reason one why you're my perfection. These stunning breasts and how they fit my hands just right. I could play with them day and night without ever growing tired.” To drive the point home, Toto pinched the nipples between his fingers and twisted them until she groaned.
    He dropped his hands down her body outlining her curves and dips. “Reason number two. You aren't a starving girl but a real woman with real meat. I could nibble on you forever and never crave another.”
    T's words were making her hotter than a witch's tit and when he went lower to mold her lush globes Dorothy thought she would die from the desire he awoke in her.
    His eyes remained locked on hers as they continued to stare into the wall. “Reason number three and it's simple. You have the ass of a goddess. If you ever tell me to kiss it I will with glee, my love.”
    She blushed and laughed as the image of him, in his dominant glory kneeling to kiss her rear came to mind. Dorothy almost turned to give him a sweet kiss in gratitude for his making her feel better but was cut short when he slipped back around to palm her pussy.
    Dorothy gasped as he pressed up and rubbed against her engorged clit. Due to the steam that hung dense in the air she began panting, struggling to find a way to cool down the rampant fire he was coaxing. Her knees quaked as his ministrations brought her closer to the precipice of orgasm.
    Toto growled in her ear and the vibrations shook her from head to toe and back to where his hand worked her fiercely. “Reason number four and my favorite. Your sweet, sinfully succulent pussy. My pussy.” He emphasized that thought by cramming his four fingers into her aching hole while maintaining the friction to her button.
    Dorothy opened her mouth to try and speak but only managed a strangled outcry with each thrust of his skillful digits. Her hips bucked erratically as her body struggled to achieve that glorious completion.
    She jerked when he licked at her earlobe once more pushing in deeper. “Finally, reason number five. You are the only one for me, my mate, because you are my soul's true love.”
    “Oh god, T!” Dorothy moaned feeling the pot boiling over. So crazy he made her with the words and his touch she barely heard him still speaking.
    “Do you understand now that there will never be another for me? That you are mine and I will claim only you?”
    “Yes! I want you to claim me T. Please.” She begged him, she knew and she felt no shame in doing so.
    “Good girl.” Then as quickly as he brought her to the tip Toto pulled out his fingers and left her in unsated frustration.
    With an incredulous look Dorothy whirled to stare at him, mouth hanging open. That was the second time she had been brought that close to coming only to be left high and dry.
    He had the audacity to smile. “We have to get back and start in the workout room, Dorothy. I promise though, you will cum but only through your complete submission will it happen. You will give me your everything won't you love?”

  18. What great excerpts. Sorry I'm so late, I've got friends visiting.
    Here is mine from The Temptation of Lady Serena, which will be released by eKensington this fall. My blog is http://ellaquinnauthor.wordpress.com

    Cool air swirled around her legs as he lifted her gown, she sighed as he slowly filled her. Robert held her hips, anchoring her to him as he drove deeply into her. She shivered.
    This was the first time they’d made love outside of her bed. The elicit excitement heightened her pleasure. The knit of his pantaloons rubbed against her. His musky scent, his hands gripping her, caused her body to spin out of control. Robert thrust harder and deeper as she contracted around him. Serena sucked in a breath to cry out.
    “Shush—you can’t make any noise.”
    Robert’s deep, soft voice caressed her. Serena shook as her need built again and mewed. How did he do this to her?
    “I’m going to come into you,” his voice sinfully wicked. “I want you to feel me spill my seed. While we’re having luncheon, as my semen runs down your legs, you’ll feel me still in you. I want you to remember this.”
    Serena exploded again just before the warmth he’d promised spewed into her.

  19. These are some wonderful excerpts. Here is mine from The Seduction of Lady Serena which will be released by eKensington this fall. My blog is http://ellaquinnauthor.wordpress.com.

    Cool air swirled around her legs as he lifted her gown, she sighed as he slowly filled her. Robert held her hips, anchoring her to him as he drove deeply into her. She shivered.
    This was the first time they’d made love outside of her bed. The elicit excitement heightened her pleasure. The knit of his pantaloons rubbed against her. His musky scent, his hands gripping her, caused her body to spin out of control. Robert thrust harder and deeper as she contracted around him. Serena sucked in a breath to cry out.
    “Shush—you can’t make any noise.”
    Robert’s deep, soft voice caressed her. Serena shook as her need built again and mewed. How did he do this to her?
    “I’m going to come into you,” his voice sinfully wicked. “I want you to feel me spill my seed. While we’re having luncheon, as my semen runs down your legs, you’ll feel me still in you. I want you to remember this.”
    Serena exploded again just before the warmth he’d promised spewed into her.

  20. Hi Sherri, okay here goes, this is from my new WIP that I am fine tuning for release in Sept/Oct. A little hotter then what I usually write, but I'm truing something new. Its from the next book in my Fallen Angel series.

    She tried to smack him again but he grabbed her hand. “I hate you!” She wanted to scream as he came in close to her.
    He slipped his arm around her back. “No, you don’t. We both know that.”
    Gabbie couldn't resist him anymore. He had this way of taking all the anger she had and channeling it into something else. She threw her arms around his neck and kissed him, letting the anger that fueled her body take over.

    They ended up in his room, half naked against the wall. She was fighting to undo his jeans as he already had her off and bunched up on the floor somewhere. “You fucken jerk, why do you do this to me? Why do I want you so bad?” She said breathlessly trying hard to remember she had a boyfriend and he would be waiting for her.
    “Because you still love me. You know I want you just as bad. God I missed these tits.” He took her nipple into his mouth and bit down the way she liked it.
    She wasn’t going to let him off so easy, she was going to make him work if he wanted her this bad. When he started to rub himself against her she stopped him cold. Gabbie walked over to the bed and sat on the edge.
    “You want me so bad, crawl for me jerk.” She ordered him. It was a side of her he didn’t know. She was going to make him pay for breaking up with her.
    “Hmm, I always was the one who gave the orders. I kind of like this side of you though.” He commented as he crawled like she asked.
    She had him now; the poor baster had no idea how she was going to make him pay. She would get him all hot and bothered begging for her body and then she would leave. That was her plan, until he started kissing her ankle and letting his hands glide along her legs. Rolled her head back as his hot wet lips moved up her legs she had to remind herself to stay focus on her plan.
    “Gabbie, I need you. I need to taste you.” Kevin begged her.
    She grabbed him by the hair and made him look into her eyes. “Are you sorry for hurting me?” She asked him aching for his lips to touch her there. She had to stay in control; she had to stick to the plan.
    His fingers slid into her. “I’m so sorry. I’m begging you please; I’m so hot for you.”
    He knew how to make her cave. His fingers worked her to the point she would yield to him. The minute his hot mouth touched her there, her plan fell through. The table had turned; it was now her begging him. She wanted every inch of him deep in her, slamming her like he used to. Grabbing him by his hair she pulled his head up and slid on the floor with him. She kissed him with a renewed hunger, tasting herself on his lips. His hard sex felt as if it was pulsating between her legs. “I hate you so much right now.” She said breathlessly as the stubble from his face brushed hard at her neck while his lips nibbled at her throat.
    “How bad do you hate me? Bad enough to smack me again?” He knew she wanted him. The way her body reacted to his showed him that.
    She smacked him across the face again hard and then felt him grab her arms and force them against the bed. His rock hard sex was at hers now, the wetness making him slick. He grinded hard against her, waiting for her to say the word. “Oh god, Kevin, now, don’t make me beg you, just fuck me now.” She cried out losing the will she thought she had.
    He let her arms go and as soon as she threw them around his neck he picked her up and put her back onto the bed. She wanted to cry feeling him in her again, feeling the touch from him she had long for for almost 2 years. He still had the passion they shared but there was a roughness about it now and she was as rough as him. The years of anger and hurt they both had felt came through in their passion causing them both to find an explosive release in each other’s arms.

  21. Yowza! All these sexcerpts are amazing!
    What a talented bunch of authors!

    1. I agree Brenda Dyer. EXCELLENCE IS IN DA HOUZE! Heat and scorching flames everywhere! lol


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