January 25, 2013

Friday Flames (Whew! It's hot!!)

I wonder if I ever publicly thanked Horror author Robert S. Sadler for creating my awesome flaming banner...

Thanks Rob!

 The Flames had a great turn-out last week with over 180 visitors stopping by. (Just in case you wondered)

I've been working on Troll-y Yours, Book 2 in the Centaur series. This is Aleksander's story - and he's one HOT dude!



Kempor Aleksander had thought he’d seen the sexiest female bodies within a hundred mile radius. Voted Most Eligible Bachelor in Boronda fifteen years in a row by Mythic Magazine, the woods crawled with hungry babes. Nothing in his vast experience prepared him for the sight that literally dropped in front of him.

Lush creamy breasts with raspberry nipples that his lips quivered to taste. Round curves of her smooth backside, a delightfully naughty expanse of flesh, called him to stroke with strong passes of his hand.

Damnit, he was in his true form. Oh Pan, why do you taunt me so?

Ella squealed and turned a bright shade of pink. She made a grab for her fallen towel, but Alek reached out and grasped her arm. He splayed his front hooves and drew her closer.

“Al, stop it. I’m naked.”

“Yes, kalos. You are.” He called her beautiful in the old language, because she was . . . and more. Satin divine slid beneath his palm as his free hand moved across her back. The way she wriggled and fought to gain the damned towel made him smile. 

Ella’s face flamed, and she stared at him in disbelief. “What are you doing? Let me cover up.”

Alek ignored her protests. She didn’t fight him as if her life depended on it. In fact, if he read the smoky haze in her pale blue eyes correctly, she was every bit turned on as him—perhaps more.

The very thought swished his tail.

 * * *

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  1. Whew! Can't wait for this book, Sheri! I also can't wait until I have something to share here...so far all of my stuff is too sweet. My characters would blush just visiting your page, lol! Later this spring, though, I'm definitely going to be back to play. If you need a break to cool down, though, here's my sweeter novella's page! http://www.amazon.com/For-Love-Sphynx-Heather-Sharpe/dp/1481922297/ref=sr_1_cc_1?s=aps&ie=UTF8&qid=1359131900&sr=1-1-catcorr&keywords=for+the+love+of+a+sphynx

    1. Hi Heather! *waves* It's great to see you back at the Flames! I love comments, whether it's to share a post or stop and say hi. Your new release is on my TBR list! Best wishes on it!

  2. My first time at Friday Flames. Thanks Sheri!
    The following is a snip from my recent release about a 3000 year-old Native American shaman finding his way in the modern world. Veterinarian Livie has no idea the dog she hit with her car and saved, is actually this man she's falling for --
    The Witchy Wolf and the Wendigo by Rose Anderson

    A short time later, Olivia hurried up the walkway, Ash following behind. Pausing to find the right key to fit into the lock, she said, “I have to file some paperwork before I head home to my—” and Ash surprised her, pulling her into his arms and kissing her. Her sentence ended breathlessly, “—dog.”
    His lower half pressed firmly against hers, effectively pinning her up against the door. With palms flat against the glass on either side of her head, he braced himself and kissed her again, sliding his tongue hungrily between her sweet lips. And there they stood, each lost in the wonder of what the other made them feel, oblivious to the cars speeding past the clinic.
    The next she knew, her shirt and bra had somehow hitched up and bared her breasts to kisses that traced their descent in a fiery path down her neck and left a glorious wash of desire in their wake. There was no mistaking the warm female scent that declared she wanted him as desperately as he wanted her. Just as his head dipped to draw a pink nipple into his mouth, a truck driver’s horn blared as the big rig passed. The spell broken, they jumped apart. Ash looked far more startled than she. Mortified, Olivia quickly covered herself with fumbling hands. Backlit by the lights within the clinic, they’d apparently put on a good show.
    He licked the taste of her kiss from his lips and smiled at her endearing attempt at modesty. After so many years alone, controlling himself was difficult. As much as he craved to lose himself in her, this was not the place for their first joining. Wrapping his arms around her once more, he summoned his willpower, and whispered warmly at her ear, “Oh Livie, I would have you now, but not here for others to see.”

  3. Whoo! Great!

    Mine is from an unpublished ms called Cowboy, Come Home.

    Slipping to the floor, still caught between his legs, she reached for his fly. Shimmying, he helped her tug off his jeans. He kicked them aside, uncaring where they landed.
    “Do you have a rubber?”
    “Yeah. I’ll go get ’em,” he said in a guttural voice.
    She didn’t have to ask twice. Adam hustled into the kitchen where he’d dropped the grocery bag with the coffee and condoms. Grabbing the box, he ripped it open, grabbed two foil packets and carried them back into the living room. He stopped at the stereo system and turned on the CD player. Soft country music filled the air.
    Maura lay splayed across the couch, her legs open. “Come here.”
    He obeyed, opening one of the foil wrapped condoms as he crossed the room. Already sheathed, he moved between her parted thighs. He braced on his elbows, keeping his weight off her, and kissed her again. The tip of his erection moved against her slick opening.
    “Love me,” she pleaded.
    He closed his eyes and moved his mouth to her ear. “I’ve waited so long.”
    “No more waiting.” She urged him to mount her with her hands on his hips. “Now, Adam, now.”
    “I want you, baby.” He pressed forward, heaven waited. “Sweet Eden.”
    She shoved his chest. “Eden? What the hell?”
    His eyes flew open and reality crashed over him. This wasn’t Eden. It was Maura. “Maura. I meant Maura.”
    Moments before her eyes had been filled with desire. Now they were filled with anger and hurt. “The hell you say.”
    She shoved him again, and he stood, erection fading fast. “I know who you are.”
    She climbed to her feet and crossed her arms over her chest. With her dark, curly hair tumbling around her pale shoulders and her eyes flashing, she looked like a goddess. But he didn’t want her. He desired his wife. “Do you, Adam? Because as long as I can remember, it’s been Eden you want. Not me.”
    He stood silent because he couldn’t deny it. Maura was a beautiful girl, but she wasn’t the one he wanted. “I’ll drive you home.”

    1. D'Ann - this is some awesome stuff. It won't be long before this one is snapped up and in print!!

  4. What a concept! Thanks for sharing your snippet, Rose.

    1. Thanks. If you're interested on the legend that inspired it, here's my post at USA Today http://www.usatoday.com/story/happyeverafter/2013/01/09/rose-anderson-the-witchy-wolf-and-the-wendigo/1822015/

      It's a fascinating story given the history.

  5. This is from Revealed, my Erotic Extreme Novel. The couple is taken over by the infamous Marquis de Sade, their secret fantasies are used against them while he takes turns being one or another of them. Some scenes just burned the pages up and I did panic while writing them, lol. I had a reviewer look down on this book recently, she said, RAPE IS NOT SEXY. This poor reader didn't seem to know the difference. I say, too bad for her.
    The layered fantasy was all woven together, wrapped like a vicious madness inside of a web of ultimate lunacy. All commanded by the lord of sexual torment, the master manipulator of lust. It was all so insidious and she didn't know how to get out of it. I must fight this. He just wants to––
    "Open your eyes now."
    She did and gasped as he slid her further onto the desk, her tingling nipples rubbed across the wood as she moaned with need. Her inner struggle and doubts fell aside as his actions became more forceful and more sensual.
    "This is where your fantasy stops." He held her pinned to the desk and caressed her hips with his warm hands.
    Glory shook all over but her fear seemed to evaporate as her inner lust took over. That want she'd felt for Philip and her attraction for Dell's hands and voice urged her on. She didn't want it to stop, she wanted to have it all."Yes."
    He slapped her ass.
    "Oh!" she shouted with alarm as the stinging merged with her need and longing.
    "You were too young to know what Philip should have done next." He slapped her ass cheeks again. "You wanted more than a spanking, didn't you?" He breathed the accusation to her cheek as he rubbed his hard sleek body sensually against hers.
    "No!" She denied it but even as her ass stung from the blows, she couldn't lie to herself about it. She wanted to fight this sexy fantasy game, but her pussy throbbed just as her ass throbbed and her heart pounded with excitement. She wanted him so badly–– all of him.
    He laughed."You lie, little Glory." He shoved his hard cock into her and smacked her ass again.
    The slapping combined with the intrusion felt glorious and she couldn't help how her body reacted. The feeling of his rough treatment was wrong but it felt so good.
    "You wanted this."
    Glory balled her hands into fists. "Yes…" The feeling of him filling her and throbbing inside of her stole her breath away.
    He pumped into her even deeper."For Philip to fill you and love you as a woman."
    Tears rolled down her cheeks." Yes." Her body flowed with his as she slid herself back and forth on his hard smooth cock. She abandoned any pretense she'd held onto before and just allowed the sinuous feeling of him sliding inside of her while pleasuring in it.
    "Like this?"He grinded into her, as she moaned with ecstasy. "Tell me."
    His forceful grasp on her hips propelled his cock in a perfect glide, in and out. She was so wet, powerless to stop herself as she continued to move herself back and forth on him."Yes, I want this," she panted breathlessly.
    "You have it now." He skillfully massaged her nipples."Tell me how much you like it."
    "Oh…" she moaned aloud." I like it, I––"
    "You are addicted to this man Dell as well, true? Wanting his body." He pinched her nipples, lifting her closer, plunging into her faster and harder." His hands, the way he looks at you. Just tell the truth."
    "Yes!" She began to climax." I want him, I need him." Her body coiled with irresistible pleasure.
    "And you will come like a woman with his name on your lips."
    "Oh, oh!" The throbbing intensified and became a living pulsing through her entire body.
    He delved into her again and again while fingering her sensitive clit and giving her erected nipple delightful twists.
    "Oh, Dell, oh!" She came with a helpless gratification flowing through her taut body.

    1. WHEW!!! Set the industrial fans on high, Ms. Leanore Elliott is in the house!

      I'm going to need more than this silly glass of iced tea to cool down after that.

    2. Lol Ms. Flames, this was the book, I stopped writing at the middle, scared that I went too far into the heat and the land of sensuality. I sent what I had to Grammy (Gloria) for her opinion. I had a case of the {Moral Doubts}.
      She read it, and mailed back: "LET LEANORE LOOSE!" This book has her name(Glory) as a the woman character by the way.
      I did get a review recently, saying: Leanore Went too far! LMAO!!!

  6. Man, you ladies are posting straight up hotness! Awesome stuff!! :)

  7. HOT sexcerpts. I burnt my eyeballs.

  8. Wow, steamy stuff! This excerpt is from an unpublished mss,"Decade for Darius." In it, Jess learns what happens between men and women abed....

    Two fingers traced along the v of her crotch, and she squirmed at the rush of fluid making her crave a primal touch she could not yet name.
    “Ooh, somebody’s wet.” Darius traced the growing damp circle on her panties to mark what he noticed.
    “Isn’t that what’s supposed to happen?”
    “It is.” She felt his lips on the lacy edge, then his tongue trailed as well, making her quiver yet again.
    He tugged them off and hooked his hands behind her knees, drawing her buttocks off the mattress. Firm kisses landed on her knees, and her thighs tickled from his hair as he lowered his lips for a very intimate kiss.
    She arched into him; she couldn’t help it.
    Just as she couldn’t help the cry that came from her lips.
    He moaned as he attended her, his tongue and lips and then fingers doing wondrous things to her body and soul.
    He pressed one finger inside her, then two, and she braced with the stretching sensation.
    “Jess, you’re so tight. It’s going to hurt, but not for long. Okay?”
    Words left her. How could anything that felt this wondrous possibly hurt her? She thought she may have nodded, but his finger stroked with surety along her cleft and clitoris, and soon no rational thought lived in her head.
    Her hips bucked, and the wondrous feeling she was beginning to associate with Darius made hot searing liquid spill from her, as well as a throaty cry. He chuckled in a confident, manly sort of way and drew alongside her, burying his lips into the crook of her neck to kiss her.
    Her lids felt heavy, but he didn’t stop this time. No, this time Darius gathered her into his arms and kissed her long and slow, and she had enough sense to realize he still wore clothing.
    Rectifying that situation took very little time, as Darius seemed all too eager to comply with her frantic fingers. Now when he collected her in his arms, she felt his hot skin scorching hers everywhere they touched, and the heady feeling alone made her woozy.
    One of his knees slid between her thighs, and she parted them, instinctively knowing this much. Soon his other knee was there, and Darius leaned up on his elbows to gaze at her. They held each others’ eyes for a long moment before he slanted his mouth along hers.
    She felt his erection press against her swollen flesh and parted her thighs a bit. One hand reached down, and Darius took his time to stroke her clit, part her lips, guide himself by drawing little circles around her opening.
    He eased in, and Jess caught her breath, feeling the flesh stretch with the strange sensation.
    Darius gathered her into his arms, taking fistfuls of her hair in the process, and in one thrust he penetrated her flush to his body.
    It hurt. Mind-bogglingly hurt. Jess felt her eyes snap open and tears leak out as she stared at the ceiling, finding no words-- and no breath-- sufficient to say.
    “Oh my God.”
    But it was Darius who said it, Darius whose face grimaced in pain, Darius who pressed his forehead hard into the pillow. “Are you okay?”
    It was muffled, but he asked expecting an answer, an answer Jess did not know how to give.
    He looked into her eyes and seemed to melt. “I’m so sorry, honey. You’re so damned small. This should be the worst of it, I swear.”
    He remained motionless for a moment, and Jess ran her fingers down his back. She had to know, and she took a deep breath before asking. “Is that it?”
    He propped himself up on his elbows. “Is what it?”
    “Did we make love?”
    He laughed and touched his forehead to hers, holding it there. “Ah, Jess, I absolutely love your innocence. Yes, in the fact that you are officially deflowered-- by your very-honored husband, on your wedding day, nonetheless-- and no, I have not yet begun to make love to you.”


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