December 7, 2012

Friday Flames: May your season be scorching and bright

At this time of year, I have many to thank for the blessings of 2012. I can’t possibly name you all, so I apologize and bear with me:

My husband, to whom I owe everything. You’ve been my rock and inspiration, passion and heat. I love you.

Paranormal Romance author, Brenda Dyer:  (website) With your sharp eyes, shit-kicking boots, and ability to motivate via Skype, you helped make 2012 awesome. Thank you, hoser!

Romantic Western Suspense author, D’Ann Lindun: (websiteYee-haw! 2012 brought many things, didn’t it? All of them treasures, and I treasure you.

Upcoming  Inspirational Romantic Suspense / YA Paranormal author, Martha Ramirez: (websiteBlessings come in many ways. Sometimes the message is through a crit. Hugs!

Zoe:  Woof Bark Bark! Without your distraction to kill kill kill, my fight scenes would fall flat. Now go find something to mutilate.

Erotic Romance author, Leanore Elliott: (website)  You’re a rare commodity in my world. Selfless, giving, and have the iron will of a pit bull who’ll never give up! Thank you.

Up and coming Historical Romance author, Melissa Limoges: (websiteFluff or badass, filler or awesomesauce, you’ve given me giggles when I needed to laugh. Thank you. *Air hug*


Please leave your excerpt, buy links, website, and any comments you want.  
Friday Flames is here FOR YOU to showcase your talent and sweat equity.

And now…for my excerpt:

From my Work In Progress titled TROLL-Y YOURS, book two of the Centaur series:

Aleksander lifted his head to brush his lips against hers, gently licking her lips, teasing the corners, nipping lightly on her full lower one. Her lips fascinated him with their sensuous swell, and he learned he loved to kiss and taste them. Nip at them. Lose hours just making love to her mouth. 

Ella parted her lips and he pounced on the perfect moment by slipping his tongue to find the hot slickness of the interior. The hesitant touch of her tongue against his, sent arrows of heat spearing through him. The strike went straight to his throbbing cock and aching balls.

Slow, dipshit. Slow down. He had one opportunity to show her how much he wanted her. How he felt about her—royal duties be damned.


  1. Jordan slid to the side so she could position herself in front of the monitor and keyboard. His hand brushed her thigh, sending sparks through her. It took effort to remind herself that the task at hand was much more important than his thigh resting against hers, or his hand moving to the back of her chair and his fingers playing with a strand of her hair. Denying the temptation was a lost cause. She wanted Jordan, and wanted him bad, but she could only admit it to herself.

    Even though she was supposed to be looking for her daughter, every part of her body yearned
    for Jordan’s touch. It wasn’t only the wanting him but she needed him. That was the unsettling
    part. They were only together to do a job so feelings shouldn’t be involved. They would move on in separate directions as soon as they found Elizabeth. She could not have him.

    She could fantasize about the what-ifs and never have to tell him. She remembered when they were together. The first time they had made love glistened in her mind.

  2. That was a great little excerpt. :-)
    And the people you thanked are all PRETTY awesome.
    This is from my unedited WIP - Capri's Fate - Capri is being guided around a sex convention by the voice who is talking to her.

    The door to the next conference room opened - by itself. I, very hesitantly, walked inside. A lot of moaning and slurping confronted me when I looked toward the stage area and saw seven…no, make that eight naked people engaged in a mass sex event.
    I think the starting point was the girl on her hands and knees, with the male doing her from behind and her giving a blowjob to the male in front of her. Underneath her, sucking on one breast, was a female who was being eaten out by another female, and on the other breast was a female who was being fucked by a female with a strap on. That one was busy giving a blowjob to the male who was fondling whatever body part on whomever he could get his hands on.
    As I watched, another male walked up on stage rapidly working his penis erect. He slid a condom over his cock, pulled up the hips of the prone female who was licking the other female's clit, who was sucking the other female's breast, who was…I think I'm getting a headache.
    He thrust himself into her, increasing the number to nine. A female stripped as she walked around the group trying to figure out where or how to join in. I stepped out of the room.
    "Still not right?"
    My heart pounded in my chest. Ten people? No. I...uh....
    "Try the door on the left. Much tamer. Maybe more your style."
    Okay, that was just embarrassing. My style is tame. Tame means boring, which makes me boring. But, come on…ten people?

    1. LOL! Daryl - that was erotic, heady, and humorous! What a great scene. Thank you for sharing and stopping by. I can't wait for your book to be published. Merry Christmas!

    2. Ha, I am so loving Capri's Fate, Daryl. :)

  3. Sheri, thanks so much for hosting us again! It's been a while since I've stopped by to post, but I have a new book out, and wanted to share some of the steam ;) Check out OF THE KNOWLEDGE OF GOOD AND EVIL here:

    She gasped into his ear with each movement, her breaths growing louder. “Touch me,” she panted.
    Jericho was touching her, so he didn’t slow down for a few more seconds, until he realized that she would only ask if she wanted him to touch her differently. That brought things to a screeching halt.
    He stilled and pulled back slightly. They were both breathing heavily, their breaths fanning across each other’s faces. “Touch you?” he asked warily.
    She nodded frantically, not sensing his change in mood as she wriggled against him to continue the movement.
    Jericho closed his eyes. Touch me. He didn’t know how. He’d been so young and busy climbing rank when he’d first Impulse-paired. Emily had been his first. And his last. And their short time together, little more than a few days, had afforded him little on-the-job training.
    Dahlia finally noticed his reticence. Her head tilted to the side; her frantic breathing slowing slightly.
    “I’m sorry,” he mumbled. “This was a bad idea. Let’s stick with our first plan. We can just . . . take care of ourselves.”
    “Hell no, we won’t do that,” she snorted. “You started this, you’re going to finish it.” And with that, she grabbed his right hand and placed it directly between her thighs.
    Jericho groaned. She was hot. The heat from her center nearly scorched his hand through the fabric of her pants, but rather than pulling away, he melded his hand to the curve of her mound and leaned forward again, closing his eyes and breathing in the waft of her scent.
    Oh, God, he was so screwed.

    1. Oooh, sci-fi? Paranormal perhaps? Now you've got my attention! It's great to see you back at the Flames, Micah! Another awesome excerpt. Have a great holiday season!!

  4. Oh, my friend. You made me cry! Back at ya!

    This is from my current release, Desert Heat:

    She closed her eyes and lost herself in his kisses. He had been gentle earlier, he was less so now. He dipped his tongue into her mouth, seeking, exploring. She tasted, teased. He led, she followed.
    Her breath came short and she had to break away. She said the first thing that came to her. “I need a shower.”
    He took her hands and pulled her to her feet. He led her to the door and kissed her again. In the bathroom, she reached into the shower and turned it on, then stripped shoes, then socks, dropping them on the floor. The room began to fill with steam and she placed her glasses on the sink and stripped off her clothes. She stepped into the hot water and pulled the curtain closed. Tipping back her head, she closed her eyes and let the stream pour over her face and neck.

    A slight, cool breeze slid over her skin.
    She opened her eyes as Mike climbed in with her. “Care if I join you?”
    “No.” Goosebumps rose on her skin, but they had nothing to do with the air. Her nipples pebbled and she crossed her arms over her breasts.
    He reached for a bar of soap. Holding it with both hands he made lather.
    Her breath grew short.
    This couldn’t be happening. She shouldn’t let him do . . . this.
    With soapy hands, he slid along her outer thighs.
    Her legs trembled. She allowed her head to fall back and he leaned in to nibble along her collarbone. The sensation of his seeking mouth on her wet skin was like nothing she’d ever felt before. Her arms dropped to her sides like two useless sticks, leaving her breasts exposed to his hungry eyes.
    He placed his palms over her small, brownish-tipped breasts and the sight of his large hands covering her sent a jolt of desire burning through her body. Her breasts swelled under his palms, pushing her already peaked nipples into his palms. He squeezed and she bent her back to allow him better access.
    All the reasons she shouldn’t be with him flitted through her head. He was Mr. Wrong in so many ways. But he was right in so many others. She was tired of trying to ignore her desire. He was impossible to resist. But it was more than physical. The way he made her feel had more to do with his mind than what he could do to her body.
    His sly fingers teased her nipples until she wanted to beg him to stop, yet wanted to beg him not to. She lifted her head and licked his shoulder. He tasted like clean skin and water.

    1. Hi D'Ann! You totally rocked 2012. Here's to wishing a fantastic 2013 for you! Your shower scene had me trying to skim further down to read more - lol, ever do that? Thanks for sharing your steamy excerpt.

  5. She softly placed her long fingers into his palm. When the door shut, she pulled him into her and ground her hips against his. Mitch hitched her up, his hands sliding beneath her lofty skirt, his fingers digging into the exposed surface of her ass. Squeezing her, he stationed against the smooth hood of his car. Her hands were everywhere, pulling and clawing at his shirt and belt. Mitch shuddered when she slipped her hands under his shirt, raking his chest with her nails.
    “Condom?” He snarled into her ear.
    “Birth Control,” she sighed breathily. “I’m clean.”
    “Me too.”
    “Then we’re good.”
    He probed her with his fingers. “You’re so wet for me.” He couldn’t wait to claim her. Impatiently, he grabbed her hips and pushed his way in. “Christ Jo, you’re so damn hot and tight.”
    She was small and delicate under him; he gripped her thigh high positioning her leg over his shoulder. He dragged himself over her clit changing his angle nudging her swollen clit with every plunge. Jo’s breath became choppy. Her body tensed, she bit her lips as she screamed through her release. She milked him, demanding his seed. He wrapped his arms around her pulling her off the car and pounded into her like a wild man, groaning as he came.
    They slumped against the car. Mitch rested his head against her chest. They were both breathing hard. Neither said anything. Shit! That wasn’t what I wanted to do.
    “Sorry, I don’t normally not make it inside the house. I got carried away.” He stood up pulling her to a stand. Her eyes were dark and sexy, she swayed slightly on her stillettos.
    “I like a man who takes what he wants.” She smiled slyly.
    “Well, right now, I want you in my bed.”

  6. Sheri, thanks for the opportunity!

    "What followed was a lovemaking marathon.
    We started out in the kitchen where I opened a bottle of white wine, leaning against the kitchen counter. Guy kissed my neck, my favorite erotic zone. How did he find that out so quickly? He let a few drops of wine drip into my T-shirt, and then lifted it to lick up the wine that had trickled down my bra. Then, to my surprise, he unbuttoned my jeans and let a drop or two run into my belly button, mopping it up with his tongue. The next trickled into my pants. Guy lifted me onto the counter, started to take off my jeans so that I could embrace him better with my legs.
    “I want to lick you all over,” he whispered. I had no objections.
    “Where do you want to go?” he asked. “To the swimming pool on the rooftop?” That sounded a bit too chilly for me. I led him to my bedroom instead where we continued our exploratory journey on the black sheets. He watched me undress.
    “Do you have whipped cream in the house?”

    Excerpt of Next Time Lucky: Lessons of a Matchmaker Available on Amazon &B&N and on my website.
    Soon in its 3rd edition, new cover and added Dating Tips:How to find Mr. Right.
    Also voted #1 on Goodreads: Best Relationship Non-Fiction

    1. Anytime a bottle of wine is involved, I'm all eyes for reading! Now whipped cream and wine...ahh, lovely. Thanks for stopping by with your excerpt, Siggy! I hope this holiday is sweaty and hot for you!

  7. This is my first time posting to your Friday Flames, Sheri, though I've enjoyed reading the excerpts for some time. :) This is from my WIP, which is scheduled for release early next year. Folks can check out my author page for links to my other titles.
    Thanks for this opportunity!

    She glided her hand along his cock then tugged him closer to where she reclined on her side and opened her mouth. He positioned one knee on the bed beside her and flattened his hand on the wall above the headboard for leverage. Anticipation twisted his balls into rigid nodes. His supporting leg shook and he fought to keep his balance. A drop of precum oozed from his slit. She darted her tongue out and licked it away. He jackknifed forward at the fleeting contact.

    Kira smiled up at him then sucked him into her mouth by slow, lusty millimeters. It was like having his dick enveloped in a warm, wet, pillow. An erotic pillow. He threaded his free hand through her hair to massage her scalp and pumped his hips in time to her easy rhythm. The effortless pace belied the tension mounting in his scrotum.

    Long, exquisite moments passed until he finally pulled from the hot recess of her mouth. She gurgled a protest. He dug the condom out of his wallet, surprised that his hands were shaking. After rolling on the protection, he crawled into the bed, lying on his back.

    Kira slithered on top of him like a sexy human blanket until her legs were astride him, his cock cradle next to her pussy. Wetness pooled at the base of his length. Her wetness. His gut contracted into an unbearable knot.

    1. Hehehe - well done, Lynda!! I don't know the title to your WIP, but I'm sure I will in the near future. HOT HOT HOT!! Have a steamy holiday season. Thank you for stopping by :)

  8. Thanks so much, Sheri for hosting this event!! Here's an excerpt from Going Deep - Mustangs baseball #2.

    Buy Link -

    Excerpt -

    “My turn now,” he said. “Ready?”
    “Yes, Sir. Please, fuck me. Fuck me hard.”
    He couldn’t do anything but fuck her hard. What little control he’d managed to hold onto, his angel had sucked right out of him when she came. The anal beads had been the perfect touch for a backdoor virgin, and he couldn’t argue with the results. Feeling the ripples of her orgasm clench his dick had almost done him in. Somehow, he’d managed to stall his own release in order to push her further. Now that she knew the delights of anal play, he looked forward to extending her education.
    Gripping her hips with both hands, he pulled out and slammed back in. He loved the sound of skin on skin, loved the way her ass cushioned his thrusts, the way his balls flayed against her clit. After her orgasm, her clit had become even more sensitive, and each time his balls had touched her there, she’d moaned and writhed. Letting his thumbs stray to the cleft of her ass, he pushed against the tight rosebud so recently breached and was rewarded with a gasp.
    “I’m…going…to…come…again,” she panted. “I…can’t…stop…it.”
    Shit. He’d never expected this kind of response from her. The muscles in her thighs clenched, as did the ones across her belly. He slipped a hand beneath her for support.
    “Let it come, angel. Let it come.” He pushed his thumb past the barrier.
    She gripped his cock in a velvet vise. He clenched his jaw tight, grinding his teeth. A fireball ignited in the small of his back and rocketed through his groin, setting his balls aflame.
    “Fuck.” Pleasure blinded him, and he shot off like fireworks on the Fourth of July. His body jerked and thrust, each ball of flame erupting from his cock. He fell on top of her, wrapping her in his arms, and she collapsed beneath his weight.
    He rolled to his side, pulling her with him. After releasing her wrist cuffs from their restraints , he lazily stroked her breasts, her stomach, her mound. His fingers flicked across her clit.
    “Ahh,” she cried, thrusting toward his hand.
    He rolled her to her back and settled between her thighs. “Again. I need you again.”
    “Yes.” Her arms wrapped around his shoulders, her legs around his waist, and he slid inside her.
    He’d never get enough of this woman.

    1. Awesome description: ...each ball of flame erupting...

      Wow, Roz! That's some scorching scene you've shared. WOW!! What a joy it is to have talented writers stop by and share their work. I can't thank you enough. Merry Christmas!

  9. There are some GREAT Excerpts!!

    I'm so excited to be sharing one from my debut Novel, The Secret Santa Wishing Well.

    Cheyenne put the phone down on the counter with a smile, and Jacob took that moment to reappear. He caught sight of her happy expression and sauntered up to her, wrapping his arms around her, rocking her gently. “What's got you all smiles? That glad to see me, huh?” He brushed his lips lightly to hers, teasing lightly.
    “Maybe,” Cheyenne said coyly, playing right along. Her pulse raced. In his arms was a great place to be. His touch was always gentle, warm, and loving.
    Jacob fingered the fabric of the shawl. “I think it's time this is removed, hmm?” Gently, he unwrapped it, revealing the low cut dress. He traced a long finger down her neck, to just above her breasts. “By the way, this dress looks lovely on you. Have I told you that?”
    “I'm not sure. But please, stroke my ego some more.” Flirting. Sexy flirting. She'd never been good at it. Jacob brought out the tigress in her or something. She felt like a brand new woman.
    “Stroking. Oh, interesting choice of words, baby. I have some things in mind. Mm, the images you just put in my mind.” His voice went low, rumbling, deep with arousal. He backed her up until they reached the kitchen island, where he then pressed himself up against her, hands running up her back.
    “As much as I love this dress on you, it's in the way.” His erection sent her into waves of chills. Cheyenne moaned softly. She leaned into him, holding on so tight. She took one hand from around him and fingered his buttons on his shirt, trying to undo the top one with just one hand. “Jacob, you're driving me insane,” she mumbled. When she looked up to meet his gaze, his eyes were full of warmth.
    “I think we should move this to the bedroom, what do you say?” Jacob ran his fingers through her hair, keeping her right there with him. “One more time, tell me, are you sure? Because I don't want to push. I want everything to be perfect.”
    “How is this for sure?” She gave him a gentle push from her, grabbed the sides of her dress, and lifted it over her head, exposing her to just her bra and panties. She tossed the dress at him playfully.
    “Oh God, Cheyenne. Oh my God!” Letting the dress fall to the floor, Jacob hoisted her in the air. She squealed in surprise. She wrapped her legs around him while Jacob led her out of the kitchen. Somewhere along the way, she kicked off her shoes. Jacob pressed kisses to her face, careful to make it with out falling because he couldn't keep his attention on where they were going. He came to an open door and rushed through it. He set her down gently on a large bed. He turned the lights on low, just enough to illuminate the room, but not break the spell they both were under. “You didn't finish your job here, young lady,” he teased, pointing to his shirt. He removed his shoes, then pounced on the bed beside her. Cheyenne quickly reached for him, unbuttoning the shirt.
    At the last button, Jacob helped by getting his arms out of the shirt, and tossed it on the floor. His bare chest rippled with muscle. Cheyenne kissed him in right in the middle of it, enjoying the warmth of him.
    “The pants. Get them off,” she ground out between fiery kisses.
    “Mmm. Yes, master.” Jacob pulled back just enough to get them off. He removed his boxers too, springing free his erection. “You're turn, and I'm going to have fun with this. Sit up, princess.” She complied. Jacob fumbled with her bra clasp. Finally, he got it undone, and removed the bra. “Oh, they're beautiful. Mmm...” He leaned in, flicking out his tongue, swiping it across her nipple.
    Cheyenne gasped. “More!” She needed more.

    Barnes & Noble:

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  11. Thanks again for hosting, Sheri. I haven't dropped by for a while. This is an excerpt from The Pearl Witch, a paranormal, SF erotica novel. It can be purchased on Amazon at or Smashwords at

    Happy reading!

    Chris growled and pinched her nipple hard. The pain turned into a delicious spike of pleasure that drove straight between Tarin's legs. She struggled to breathe in the midst of such delight and felt the peculiar downshifting in her lower belly and the lightness in her head that became a buzz when he pushed her back on the bed and raised her silky skirt up her legs. It felt naughty this way, and she squirmed under a new onslaught of pleasure.

    Her eye was caught by a glint behind him and as she shifted, she saw that it was her right hand. It was glowing again. At first it had been a haze across her palm  a pale sapphire haze brushed with gold highlights, but tonight it sparkled a brilliant blue with a gold halo. It made her hand tingle and her pussy thrummed in sympathy.

  12. Awww so sweet! Hugs to you my friend! You are a blessing

  13. Wow, these are all really hot. I don't have anything to post right now.

  14. There was no tenderness in him now; he was all hard, male demand. His hands swept down her body, over her hips and thighs and settled on her sex.
    "Spread your legs," he commanded roughly.
    Helpless, she obeyed the jagged order, the husky sound tinged with more than a hint of desperation. It thrilled her to know he wanted this as much as she did.
    His grunt of masculine intent was so sexy and arousing. It left her quivering, wanting and so slick she could feel the moisture dewing on her inner thighs.
    "Lift your knees." His husky voice rasped against her belly. The pressure of his hands under the globes of her bottom ensured she obeyed.
    He lifted her, left her open and exposed to him.
    He smiled at her.
    All male.
    Fierce, predatory and powerful.
    He blew a hot breath on her swollen sex, the sensation so erotic a moan escaped. Before she came down, his mouth descended, lips surrounding it and he suckled, hard.
    She shuddered and screamed, rising off the bed.
    As she climbed toward a climax, two long fingers slid inside her, pressing deep. Upward, forward until she was lost to everything except the insistent demands of her body.
    A shuddering gasping sob escaped as her whole body convulsed in spasm after spasm.
    Before she fully came down from that pinnacle, he was there, his hard arousal prodding the entrance to her body.
    She strained upwards. Wanting. Needing.
    But Keir was in no hurry.
    When he claimed her mouth, she tasted her juices on his tongue. Salty and erotic. He deepened the kiss. Hard, carnal and slightly cruel.
    He teased her, his long hard cock just entering her a little and then withdrawing. Growing desperate, she lifted her body upward. She wanted more. His ravenous kiss had her gasping and panting and writhing under him.
    His hands slid under her body and he lifted her and then with one hard thrust, embedded himself inside her.
    Oh yes this was what she wanted.

    An excerpt from Lovers'Lies

  15. Hi Sheri, thanks for the Flames - these excerpts are awesome! There are a couple of upcoming releases that I've now added to my watch list :) I'd love to share a small excerpt from my January 2013 menage a trois release, SEX CLUB SECRETS - it's the third instalment in the GODS OF LOVE series that began with PLATINUM PASSION and APHRODITE CALLING:

    That hard-on was the most magnificent he'd ever seen. Bar none. Huge and hard and quivering, even through the window he could make out shiny juice leaking from the blood-engorged tip. The man was primed and ready to fuck and Ella hadn't even laid a finger on him, yet.
    He glanced down at himself and met the eye of his own member staring straight back up at him. His lips twisted as pot, kettle and black came to mind.
    "I want to taste you, Anteros."
    Ella's voice was low, husky. He'd never heard her talk like that before, and the sound sent his body into overdrive. He desperately wanted to hear that vibration of sexual need when she next spoke with him.
    Where had this wanton version of his friend come from? Why had it taken him so damn long to see what had clearly been right in front of his nose?
    She was leaning forward now, dipping her head towards that enormous hard cock, and her tongue slipped out to run itself over the moist tip. He knew what that pre-cum would taste like, spicy and sharp, and he ached to take her mouth in a kiss that would reveal the dual flavor of her own nectar coated with Anteros.
    A bead of moisture tipped his own member and he ran a thumb lightly over the top before reaching up to dip it into his mouth. He sucked on his thumb for several seconds, imagining it was her tongue.
    The moan hurt his throat as it burst out.

    If anyone wants to read PLATINUM PASSION first, the buy links are listed here:


    Thank you!

    1. Excellent snippet, Jennifer! Platinum Passion sounds HOT HOT HOT! *growl* Thank you for sharing and stopping by. Have a very happy holiday!

  16. Wow, Sheri. Thank you so much for the thank you. Believe me, you made 2012 awesome. This shout-out made my day. You're so cool!

    It's been a long time since I posted an excerpt, but I finally have one from my unedited WIP called Prophecy's Child.
    In this excerpt Kal--hero--is trying his damndest to seduce the heroine, Katherine. She is doing her damdest to resist, but she gives in...

    The urge to yank the shirt over her head and lay her down on the sofa was so strong he almost couldn’t hold back. He longed to tug off her pants and bury his face between her thighs and reacquaint himself with her taste, her scent. He needed to hear her cries of ecstasy as she came. He wanted her honey on his tongue, his lips, and down his throat.

    But her lack of involvement cooled him somewhat.


    Kal stilled his lips. Just as he decided to release hers, she gasped and her mouth crushed his.

    With a deep moan, Katherine’s arms twined around his neck and her tongue met his in a sensual duel. She fisted handfuls of his hair and held his head still with a strength he didn’t know she had.

    Her breasts flattened against his chest and her pelvis and thighs wriggled against his cock, making it ache even more.

    Oh fuck, yeah. Intense desire crashed through his last shred of self-control like a tornado taking down a row of trees. His fangs broke through his gums and slid down, but he forced them to retract. Soon enough he’d show them to her and taste her blood, but now was so not the time.

    Her sexy little whimpers egged him on. He lifted her, wrapping her legs around his waist. Katherine’s nails dug into his scalp and she rubbed her sex against him, adding more fuel to the already bonfire sized fire that raged through him. She nipped his bottom lips; the sharp sting torqued his arousal and bloodlust higher until he almost lost control over his baser urges and took her right then and there, fucking and biting her like an animal.

    1. Kal is so freaking HOT!!! I want him to bite ME! Katherine better get it together, because hot, handsome Kal can bring it over here and .... hey! I'm a married woman! LOL Thanks for stopping by, hoser. You knocked me out of the ballpark with your excerpt. AWESOMESAUCE! Merry Christmas.

    2. I'm so GLAD you enjoyed my sexcerpt.
      And a Merry Christmas to you!
      LOL, I guess it's now time to say Merry Christmas, lol. I'm going to say it so much it'll piss you off.

  17. I am following Brenda around, I think, lol. What a hot Sexcerpt to Bren! I came here to post (late) and what did I read? Sniffle, lovely and honoring Sheri Flames!
    Well, this SEXCERPT has never been seen by anyone. It is from Nowhere Arizona BOOK three "The Lightning Legend":

    Devon tried to take a step back.
    “Oh no, you’re not getting away this time!” Scooting forward, she latched on and took his entire length into her hot mouth.
    “Ahh,” he exclaimed with shock. “No, Mad---“
    She stroked him with her mouth, back and forth and the feeling was the most divinely sensuous thing he’d ever felt and he couldn’t even speak.
    Pulling her mouth away, she stuck her pink tongue out to circle the tip.
    His entire body shuddered from the pleasure of it. He knew he should stop her, because what he warned of might happen, but he just couldn’t seem to think straight. If the Brave showed up, he wouldn’t remember anything later. That warrior was unpredictable and powerful, Devon had felt lucky that he’d never really hurt Maddy.
    He gazed down at this incredibly sexy wife he was lucky enough to have. She was moaning and squirming on her knees and he was amazed by her reaction to this particular act that he had never allowed to happen before. It was really turning her on, and he found himself fascinated as he watched her take him deep in her throat. His legs were unsteady. He’d never felt this fragile in all of his existence as a human before.
    Her sensual moaning grew loud while she stroked him repeatedly with her soft but blazing hot mouth.
    Devon reached down to grasp her silky red tresses, fully intending to pull her ravenous mouth away. He found that instead, he was using her hair to stroke her face forward and back over his bulging cock. He simply gave into the rapturous feeling and enjoyed being blown for the first time in his existence. “Ohh,” he groaned aloud. Astonished, he realized that he was climaxing without knowing it was coming. He’d always been in control of that part always, until her mouth controlled him like never before in their lovemaking.
    Madeline’s body jerked as her muscles seemed to tighten in her body.
    Astounded, he stared at her luscious form while his body quaked. She is actually having an orgasm while he climaxed into her mouth. He threw his head back as he felt her mouth drawing on him, she was sucking on him as he came! He released a low rumbling moan and the room spun around him, he fought for control. He wouldn’t allow the Brave to appear, this was his time, his supreme glory and he intended to be the man who enjoyed it all.
    Amazement at what she’d just done to him rolled over him as he grasped her head and tugged her off.
    Her big green eyes were glazed with passion as she smacked her lips and lowered her tongue to get a last drop of cum that had beaded at his tip.

  18. *picks self up off the floor and crawls back on the chair*

    Holy Hotness. What a wealth of eroticism. This excerpt is dangerous!! LOL Someone is going to need a fire extinguisher for their computer after reading this. Awesome - I can't wait for Book Three.

    Oh, yeah. Have a very Merry Christmas, my Wicked friend! Whew!

    1. I will just keep friends like you around and it will be Holidays full of"CHEER" Sheri girl! Waving at sexy,Brenda too!

  19. “Not as close as I want to be with you.” His hand smoothed down her side until he was molding her hip, loving the shape of her and wishing he could look into her eyes. Maybe. Someday.
    Presley felt her pussy dew. The thick hard ridge of his erection was right at her mound. She held herself up over him and drug her pussy up and down over it and loved it when he stiffened and groaned.
    “My God, woman!”
    “I need you, you belong to me. Do you want to belong to me?” she whispered his words back to him and Zane thought his heart would pound so hard they could hear it in the next county.
    “I don’t think I have a choice.”
    “You always have a choice,” she spoke in a tone that could have been used by a courtesan. Presley was in full seductress mode, and she had no clue that he was already putty in her hands. Sitting up, she scooted back and sat on his legs, taking the heavy weight of his erection in one of her small delicate hands. Zane lay there – completely at her mercy – as she began to stroke that silken little fist up and down his cock, pumping him with a sure, firm motion designed to drive him fuckin’ crazy.
    “I do belong to you. You’re all I can think about,” his voice cracked as he felt one small lick of a velvety tongue. “I think about kissing you, rubbing these round, luscious tits, sucking those puffy nipples and sinking my cock into a pussy that has to be the snuggest, tightest, wettest little piece of paradise in the world.”
    God, she was wet. “I think about you, too, Zane.” Before she said more, she leaned over and placed her lips right on the tip of his cock and slid them down, but kept her mouth tight – one, long sucking kiss that had him bucking his lower body off the couch. She had to hold on or she would have fallen off of him.
    Pulling her lips from him in a slow sucking motion that ended with a little pop, she told him more. “I love to recall how you make me feel when you press deep inside me – how good it feels when you stretch me and your cock drags over that one spot that makes me want to scream your name to the rooftops!” Beneath her his big body shuddered. Presley felt powerful. “I think about how it feels when you hammer into me, how I love for you to lose control and feel all the power in your thrusts. I love how your hips pump and how I can feel you all the way to my womb. And when you cum and all of that rich cream shoots up inside of me, I just melt.”
    God, he was horny! His little angel was becoming a vixen. “Tell me more.” He loved it.
    “My nipples ache so much. They want to be sucked.” She moved over him, dragging her tits over his chest, the nipples dragging in the light dusting of hair. He charted every move and when he knew she was near his face, he opened his mouth. “Do you want to suck my tits?” She drug one nipple over his lips and he lapped up at it like a hungry tom-cat. “Oh, that feels good. Now this one,” and she drug the other tit across his face. Zane had had all he could take. He stopped her movements with a firm clasp of his hands and opened his mouth wide, capturing the entire areola and nipple in his lips. And he inhaled them, ate at them, sucked and licked and kissed until she was humping his stomach and groin, spreading Presley honey all over him. “God! Yes! More! More!” she demanded as she came hard, her nails biting into his shoulders. The frantic movements she made as she scrubbed her wet pussy over the length of his massively aroused cock, alone, were almost enough to make him cum.
    “Damn! You came just from my lips on your tits. If you aren’t the sweetest, sexiest woman in the world, I don’t know who is.” Zane lifted her and held his cock up and – thank God – she eased herself down onto it – slowly. They both exhaled sighs of utter ecstasy and relief. “Shit, yeah. You are heaven to fuck.”

    This is from "I'll See You In My Dreams - Hell Yeah!V"
    Sable Hunter

    1. *turns on third fan full blast*

      Do you ever read a passage and realize your mouth is hanging open? LOL - yup, that was me just now! I don't know who loves Friday Flames more, me or my husband!

      Thank you for stopping by and heating up the house. May you have a STEAMY HOT holiday! *wipes sweat*

  20. "A Flight of Fantasy" by Helena Harker

    Here's the first scene:

    “Alexia grabbed Edward’s shirt and pulled him on top of her. Slipping her fingers under the fabric, she dragged her nails from his shoulders to his lower back, deliciously aware of the taut muscles rippling in response to her touch. His skin smelled of leather and freshly cut hay. Bits of straw poked through the blanket she’d placed on the floor of the empty stall. A breeze wafted from the open stable door, cooling her bare legs. Edward’s lips found her breasts. He kissed them gently, then hungrily, making her whimper. Locking her ankles around his waist, she opened herself to him and curled her fist around the length of his cock.”

    Someone nudged my elbow, jolting me from the audiobook version of Raw Passions, Erica Collins’ latest erotic novel. Disoriented, I looked up. The airport security guard glared at me and snapped, “Ma’am!”

    “Sorry!” The novel droned on in my ear buds. “This is pure bliss, Alexia thought, closing her eyes as his cock entered her wet slit. Edward liked to start at a slow, steady rhythm, letting the passion build. He compared lovemaking to feeding a fire, nurturing a tiny spark until it flared into a blaze that —”

    “Your watch. Your shoes.” The guard frowned deeply, both black brows knitting together. “Do you have a laptop?”

    He pushed a plastic tray in front of me and I slipped off my three-inch red pumps with the decorative metal bands at the toe. Bad choice for the trip, but I wanted to look my best when I arrived at the romance writers conference. Besides, they were the only pair of shoes that matched my brand new business jacket and over-the-knee skirt.

    Thickset and broad-shouldered, the security guard probably used to work as a bouncer in a bar. Or he competed as a cage fighter. Yes, a cage fighter! That explained the hook in his nose. And the tattoo peeking from his shirt cuff. One of the inevitable consequences of being a novelist—well, an aspiring novelist—was spending an inordinate amount of time inventing the histories of people I ran into. My imagination was about as easy to stop as a herd of stampeding horses.

    The guard scowled. Why couldn’t airport security personnel be pleasant every now and then? I deposited my carry-on next to the X-ray machine and removed my laptop, careful not to get tangled in the wire that led from my earpieces to the phone I’d stuffed into my pocket. I prepared to walk through the metal detector.

    “Excuse me,” the guard said gruffly, tapping his left ear and pointing at me.

    My phone. “Sorry,” I mumbled again, embarrassed at being so absent-minded, suddenly aware that several passengers had joined the line behind me. Blame Erica Collins’ sizzling prose for my lack of attention. Digging into my pocket, I searched for the off button, hitting the volume button instead, but, of course, in the wrong direction. Alexia’s heated cries blasted my eardrums. I yanked the phone out and it slipped from my grasp. Oh, shit no, no, no, no, no! The wire that joined my ear buds to my cell phone disconnected and the phone tumbled across the rubber mat and through the metal detector.


    I inhaled a sharp breath. Break apart. Please shatter into little pieces. Cell phones always broke when they hit the ground, didn’t they?

  21. Awww!!! Sheri, you are such an awesome person. You totally just made my day, chickie! As usual. :) And that was a great excerpt, too! You know, you have me anxious to read more and more of Alek and Ella's story. Can not wait!

    And very hot excerpts, ladies. Friday Flames is definitely one of my favorite feature posts. :)

  22. Hi Melissa! Were you surprised? Hehehe - you'll have more of Aleksander's story soon!
    Have a very Merry Christmas :)

  23. A fine bunch of excerpt to enjoy a cup of coffee with. Thanks Sheri! Here's mine from Loving Leonardo ..a polyamorous Victorian quest for Leonardo da Vinci's lost book.

    She turned to me in surprise and our eyes met but no words were exchanged. I rose and stepped from the tub. Reaching a hand to her, I helped her out on the rug then took the Turkish towel and patted her dry with trembling hands. It was never the brandy that caused last night’s tremor. It was her.
    She stood with her back to me covered in gooseflesh. How fine her bone structure was. Christoffer Wilhelm Eckersberg painted a back such as this in his Woman Standing in Front of a Mirror. My hands glided up and down her damp warm arms, and the gooseflesh smoothed away. Because Ellie was so slight, I had to bend to kiss her shoulder. She was a swan covered in the finest down, and my lips overjoyed at how soft they found this experience. I kissed her neck, sweeping my lips to her ear where a small gold-and-garnet bob dangled from a tiny hole. I took it between my teeth and lightly pulled, stretching the lobe as it followed. Releasing it, I traveled on to the line of her jaw. With her pulse against my lips, I could almost hear the blood as I passed over her jugular. My hands came around and swept across her pert high breasts and firm yet pliant nipples.
    My cock found her as compelling as my mind did, for close as we were it sought familiar ground. I gripped myself with one hand and slowly dragged my spar along the split of her bottom as my other hand ran free upon her.
    She turned to me then, the look in her eyes possessing a heat I knew corresponded to my own. Meeting that gaze, I felt the shift inside me. Only suspecting this truth the day before, I knew with a certainty then and there that I wasn’t the homosexual I’d always thought myself to be. Like Lord Byron and Hans Christian Andersen, I was bisexual — an androgynous epicene who took delight in all. I was immersed in delight.

    Taking her in my arms, I slid my cock between her sleek thighs and she tightened her legs around me, effectively trapping me along the warm furrow of her sex. The heat emanating there made me dizzy to discover it. I could do nothing else but press forward. Locked in this intimate embrace, I bent my head to kiss her. I no sooner had my lips upon her when the first bell rang, signaling our fifteen minutes to dress for dinner. Her lust-dilated eyes became huge and her hands went to my chest as her upper body arched away from mine. “We have to dress!”
    Reluctant to lose this moment of self-discovery, I drew her back and nuzzled the side of her neck. “Why?”
    “For dinner.”
    “You’re my dinner.” I drew her close once more and lightly bit her ear. She made a little noise halfway between a squeak and a gasp. It was adorable.


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