November 16, 2012

Friday Flames - Turn Up the Heat

It's been a while since I last posted an edition of Friday Flames. And I miss the steamy fun.


I've been pushing myself to finish Aleksander's story, titled Troll-y Yours, the next book in my Centaur Series. This is the novel following Remedy Maker, which is Rhycious's story.

For those of you who have been asking, here's a little taste of what's to come:

Troll-y Yours
Just a little taste . . . a little touch. What could it hurt?
Trained to keep his opponents off balance, Aleksander employed military strategy in overcoming Ella’s final resistance to his charms. While his tongue plunged in and out of her mouth, his fingers played with the points of her nipple—and his other hand stole south to comb through her soft patch of fuzz and dip into the hot wetness he found.
Ella gasped at the invasion of his hand. He quickly caught the sound in his mouth. Her hips bucked outward, but he snaked his arm tight as a vice around her waist, holding her in place.
Prized warm syrup coated his fingers and she whimpered, her shapely hips undulating against his hand. He matched the rhythm to his thrusting tongue.
“Relax, angel.”
“It’s too much,” she said.
“I’ve got you.”
“And it’s not enough.” Her eyes closed, head thrown back, mouth slackened with lust.
Holy horns of Pan. The little Troll was one hot number.
I hope you enjoyed this little taste of Troll-y Yours. Leave your HOT scene below, along with a buy link if you have one.
Looking forward to some tantalizing Friday Flames reading!


  1. Confessions will be FREE this weekend:

    She moved her hand off his shoulder to pull his shirt up over his head so he wouldn’t be cold
    anymore. He might not care if he got sick, but she did. Before she knew it, her lips were against his moist flesh. She kissed his shoulder and then moved down his chest. She let her mouth nibble gently as she moved all the way down his abs to the waistband of his jeans. A soft moan escaped his lips as she continued to move back and forth across his abs. This had always been her favorite place to kiss, just above the button of his jeans. It teased them both; with one flick of the button he would bust free.

  2. That is awesome, Sheri and I eagerly await Aleksander's story!!

    My snippet is from For the Love of a God:

    Before she ever got past the foyer, she spied her friends Sheila and Dino. They were colleagues in the conservation office and had worked with Maia for years. In all probability, they were her only real friends. She hurried over to their little huddle.
    Sheila Flynn’s blue eyes were ablaze with excitement. “He’s here!”
    “Who’s here?” Maia lazily slurped some extra-strong coffee from her eco-friendly travel mug, hoping it would wake her up.
    “Maia, honey,” Dino Di Iorio said, his tweezed brows arched. “You look like shit. And I just know it’s not because you got fucked last night.”
    She turned to him, eyes wider than they had been all morning. “Do you have to be so vulgar all the time?” She frowned and sipped more coffee. “Besides, how do you know I wasn’t … screwed last night? Maybe I was. And maybe it was fantastic.”
    In a sense, it was. But it had all been in her head, as it had been for weeks.
    “Ah, honey,” Dino commiserated. “Did you have another sexy dream last night? About your statue?”
    “He’s not a statue in my dreams, trust me,” she answered quietly. Her sleep had been perforated by intense, sexual dreams featuring the god Eryx. It had been happening for weeks, and she couldn’t remember the last good sleep she’d had.
    Last night’s had been particularly vivid. She’d been wearing an ancient Greek costume, a peplos. He had come to her, removed her clothing, and made love to her with his glorious nude body. Done things to her she’d never done with anyone. Eryx had been so blond and beautiful and hungry for her. Insatiable. When she’d woken up, her panties were down at her ankles and she’d somehow wriggled out of her ratty Monkees T-shirt. And she’d woken up in a frustrated sweat, her body uncomfortable and aching with aborted passion.
    “Well, at least you’re getting some action,” Dino said.

    1. Hey Hey We're the Monkees!!! Awesome excerpt, Rosanna! You know I love your mythic stories. Thanks for coming by and sharing your talent.

  3. This is from my new release, The Tese, now available for purchase!

    Liquid leaked from her core, and he sniffed the air from behind her, his finger tapping lightly on her engorged nubbin. “You smell incredible,” he commented as if the answer were obvious as hell.

    His voice sent ripples of cognizance through her which only ramped her up higher. He released her wrist, and his hands roamed over her lush figure, squeezing her thighs and hips, moaning his appreciation as he went.

    “You know,” he began in a deceptively calm voice, “women with curves have always made me harder than diamonds.” To confirm his admission, he began to grind into her back with his impressive size.

    At her groan, he bent to nip at her neck with his teeth, and she jumped. Pleasure zinged down her body and sizzled through to her toes. Then it hit her. Was this R, her mysterious online lover that she had been chatting with over the past few months? The man, who each night, had her finger herself until she could do nothing but scream as waves of satisfaction consumed her? The implication sent a tide of exhilaration and arousal through her as she moaned once more. “Who are you?” she asked breathlessly.

    “Soon, beautiful.”

  4. From the story "Budapest" in my vampire romance anthology, Tender Bites - and btw, thanks so much Sheri for the hot snippets and the chance to share!

    He clamped his hand around her wrist like he was grabbing a sword hilt, hard and sure and painfully tight--none of the adjectives she would ever have associated with being held by Richard. She had never realized how big he was before, how powerful. He had always seemed hunched, a spider, a scholar. Now he was standing up quite straight, and she realized how broad he was at the shoulders, how big his hands were. "No." For once he wasn’t squinting in the slightest. She had never noticed how blue his eyes were, how intense his gaze could be. "I don't want to tell you anything about it." He dragged her closer, his free hand going to the draped closure of her robe. "I don't want to talk."
    "What do you think you're doing?" she demanded, slightly breathless, as he untied the knot in her sash. He parted the silk and slid his palm around her waist, leaving a smear of grime on her stomach. Blood, she realized, touching the back of his wrist. Dried blood . . . .
    “This.” His hand brushed upward as he stood, cradling her breast. “I’m doing this.”

  5. This was for real as he sent her love with the tender yet urgent kisses. Caressing her mouth with his, he was gliding his hands on her back, down to her round buttocks, and gripping them firmly. “I know we should really wait, but can you let me make love to you?” He asked.

    “You are the man, it’s your choice.” She told him.

    “No it’s not going to be like that with us. I want our love to be what we both want. I don’t want to control you. I want to be with you, half and half, you and me conquering the world. Molly, I want to make love to you and have you feel the love I have for you.” He explained.

    Molly knew she was in love. This time there was no doubt about it. “Let’s go Joshua Adams. I want you to love me as often as you want me. Make love to me. Show me a real man. A man that knows that I am a woman, a desirable woman.”

    Picking her up, he carried her to his room. Kicking the door open, Joshua placed her gently on the bed. “I want to undress you slowly, do you mind?” He asked.

    She shook her head no, as he began removing her clothes. Finally she could stand it no longer and finished the job herself. He chuckled at her, “Impatient are we?”

    “Yes.” She removed his clothes quickly for him. Looking at his naked body, she took in a deep breath and whistled. He was all lean muscle and the one between his legs was stirring and big. In her life, she’d only seen William, the boy he had been sucking and now Joshua. By far Joshua was longer than the others, and much thicker.

    Seeing her eyes, he had to laugh, “It’s okay, I’ll be gentle.”

    Molly touched that part of him. It was smooth but rock hard. He showed her how to hold him and stroke up and down. Joshua also explored her body with his fingers and mouth. Nibbling on her neck and ear lobes, Molly cried out in pleasure.

    When he got to her breasts, she exploded as the juices in her body flowed quickly to her privates. Her moans filled the air as Joshua did so much to her body. More than she could ever have guessed. Working his way down to her privates, she watched as he lowered his head between her legs.

    Saving Molly
    FREE on Amazon Today and Tomorrow
    Link to book:

    Molly didn’t know what to expect when she felt his tongue lick her down there. It felt so good. Then, he touched her hot part he nibbled it lightly with his lips. “Oh, that’s nice.” She sighed. He continued to please her lips. She couldn’t help but move her hips to meet his tongue as he used it to thrust into her.

    “You’ve never had this done have you?” He asked her.

    Lots more flaming heat to come.

  6. Thank you for the opportunity, Sheri.
    Author, Cora Blu
    “The Man He’ll Never Be”
    Lena tells Dillon she’s hungry, while he rows the canoe back to the cabins under the cloudy autumn sky after they’d gone hiking.
    Dillon ran his hand over her leg, gripping her inner thigh. Heat moved up through his touch to her breast. Instantly aroused, she closed her fingers over his, his thumb brushing over her groin, rubbing back and forth. She found her legs opening, without conscious thought from her. His warm lips caressed her throat, leaving a trail of hot kisses to cool in the fall air. She licked her lips enjoying his touch and moaned under his touch.
    Dillon pulled his jacket over her lap. Under the windbreaker, she felt him push the button on her jeans through the hole. His rough fingers slipped over her panties. Biting her lip, she dropped her head back, closing her eyes. Her fingers were biting into his thigh under the jacket, shielding them from anyone they might pass on the bank.
    No longer rowing, Dillon slid a hand under her sweater beneath her jacket, cupping her breast. Lena arched involuntarily into his touch. Reaching back, she cupped the back of his head, moaning, her eyes closed.
    “Reach in the pack back. Grab a piece of fruit,” he told her. Fumbling with the tip of her shoe, she hooked the strap on the backpack. Dillon’s finger was doing impossibly unpublic things to her. Reaching in the dark bag, she grabbed the first thing she put her hand on… a banana. She bit the tip off dragged the skin down to expose the firm flesh of the fruit.
    “Feed me,” he ordered, his voice seductive and persuasive. Angling the fruit over her shoulder, she gulped, watching him bite off a healthy piece. A chill hugged her breast as Dillon’s hand slipped from beneath the sweater. He held her face, still cupping her jaw. Face tipped to the cloudy sky, she accepted the sweet, firm and thick banana from his lips. The aroma was intoxicating and, mixed with the scent of her wild man. It blinded her to anything else going on around them. His tongue stroked her bottom lip as his fingers found something new to play with. “Can’t have my woman hungry.”
    Lena groaned and chewed the sweet flesh. Water lapped over the sides of the canoe as Dillon’s fingers took her on a ride she hadn’t dressed for. Hips lifting off the seat with each dip of his fingers, she thought she might claw the skin off his neck. Waves of pleasure threatened to drown her. Legs cramping, all her control went to not tipping the canoe over.
    Gentle groans thrilled down her neck, tickling her breast, and urging her body to give up the mind-shattering climax she felt burning up through her sex. Lodged behind her, the length of him beneath the khaki pants ground into her flesh through her jeans. If this were summer, she’d shuck those pants off and rock that canoe all across the river.
    Lord, she wanted to hang her head over the side of the canoe, plunge her face in the icy water and let him take her. Lena wanted to howl from the pleasure he was giving her.
    His pace changed, speeding up.
    His mouth clamped on hers, as she gritted back the scream barrelling up through her to yell out over the river.
    “That’s it, baby.” His fingers underneath her bra stroked the tight flesh.
    Lena fisted his hair, grunting out the last of her orgasm. Settling back down to earth after finding her breath, she heard him pick up the paddles and begin rowing them to shore.
    Dillon kissed the back of her head. “We’re not done.”
    “K” was all she had for an answer.
    The canoe crushed over the grass on the edge of the shore and Brett was there waiting.
    “Make the canoe tip over out there and you’re on your own.” He threw up a hand. “Don’t even tell me why it was rocking like that.”

    On sale today and tomorrow along with “Stranded but not Alone.” ($2.85)

    1. Hi Cora Blu! Your excerpt was a combination of merging senses and a balancing act! Great job, it's great to see you here!

  7. "We kissed again – we were ready.
    We didn’t make it further than my living room where I had prepared a fire place log earlier on, so it was ready to go when we came back. I struck a match and soon the room was glowing red. Oliver sat down in front of the fireplace to watch the flames and me, nursing a glass of wine. I slowly undressed down to my fishnet stockings and sexy bodysuit that I had purchased for an occasion like this. Oliver lay down on the carpet, beckoning me to join him. I knelt over him and we started to caress each other without as much as a word. All the talking had been done earlier in the day. Now it was the time for action and unspoken communication.
    At some stage, we made it to my bedroom, partly to be more comfortable and partly because my son had returned home from Germany that day. The last thing I wanted was to be found by him making love in front of the fire with a stranger.
    I didn’t sleep much that night between our lovemaking and my thoughts racing. Men usually just go to sleep immediately afterwards. Instead of sweet exhaustion after sex, or satisfied sleepiness, Cherie goes down memory lane, replaying the day in full motion video and evaluating each scene."
    Excerpt from Next Time Lucky: Lessons of a Matchmaker.
    Available as eBook & paperback from Amazon & B&N

  8. Oh, my! Yummy-yum-yum!

    Mine is from a new ms, Cowboy, Come Home...

    Carrying the bouquet of yellow daffodils meant for Eden, Maura entered Adam’s house. She gave him a flirtatious smile as she stepped over the threshold. Adam ignored the guilt churning in his gut. He hadn’t left Eden; she deserted him.
    Leaving the lights low, hoping Maura wouldn’t be grossed out by the condition of his dirty house, Adam led her to the couch. Swiping a pile of newspapers and unfolded clothes to the floor, he sat and pulled Maura across his lap. He tossed his Stetson aside and wrapped his arms around her. “You smell good.”
    Her tongue touched his ear and a shudder ripped through him. “You taste good.”
    Her words conjured up images of her mouth a lot lower, and his cock jumped to attention, eager for her touch. He wrapped his hand in her hair and dragged her lips to his. There was no teasing, no seductive caresses. Instead, he ravaged her mouth. She met the thrusts of his tongue with equal eagerness. Her hand circled his neck, holding him prisoner. He didn’t need much encouragement.
    He slid his hand under her loose blouse and found her braless breast. Small, taut, enticing. Her nipple hard against his palm. He tweaked it and she moaned. Together, they removed her top and his, tossing them aside.
    She straddled him, her hands cupping his face as he claimed her mouth again. She rode up tight against his erection, their jeans a frustrating barrier. Adam swelled so hard he thought he’d bust through his fly. If he didn’t get out of his Levis, and inside her, he’d go mad. He reached for her zipper, and she helped him slide it down. She bent and sucked his neck, her hair in his face.
    Her black jeans fell open. He kicked off his boots.
    He splayed his hand across her flat belly, and it gave him momentary pause. But his pulsing erection pushed him forward, and his slid his palm down her stomach, under her panties and into the silky curls between her legs. Dipping his middle finger into her wet center, he pressed deep. Until she moaned into his mouth and her hips rocked in a steady rhythm with the tune he set.
    He took his mouth from hers and dipped it to a nipple. He sucked deep, and her vagina clenched in orgasm. Her scream pierced his eardrums before she sagged against him, her nipples pressing like twin shards against his chest. “My God.”
    He smoothed her hair away from her face. “Good?”
    She ducked her head into his chest. “Yeah.”
    A low chuckle rumbled out of him.
    Slipping to the floor, still caught between his legs, she reached for his fly. Shimmying, he helped her tug off his jeans. He kicked them aside, uncaring where they landed.
    “Do you have a rubber?”
    “Yeah. I’ll go get ’em,” he said in a guttural voice.

    1. Yee - freaking - Haw!! D'Ann, you write THE HOTTEST western romance I've ever read! That ain't no lie. Thank you for stopping by the Flames and turning up the heat.


    Evie’s head fell back as Colin sucked gently at the sensitive spot where neck met shoulder, and she slid her hands under his blazer, learning the ridges of his torso through the soft material of his shirt. Suddenly, the only thing that mattered was getting her hands on all that warm muscled flesh, and she was shocked to find herself tugging the material free from his jeans. When her greedy hands burrowed beneath, exploring the contours of his body, reveling in the heat that poured off of him, Colin groaned and wrapped his arms around her, pulling her back in for another drugging kiss.
    The shift pressed his rigid cock against her lower stomach, and she wrenched her mouth away, gasping. He felt huge, and her empty pussy clenched, already damp for him.
    “God, Evie, feel what you do to me?”
    In an effortless move that made her whole body tighten with need, he lifted her, pressing her against the wall again and sliding one muscular leg between hers, forcing her to ride his thigh, pushing her skirt up. The solid muscle rubbed her swollen clit deliciously as he rolled his hips, the bulge of his erection against her abdomen. Colin licked a spot under her jaw and Evie moaned, her nails digging into his back under his shirt as he started a steady rocking motion that was designed to dissolve her whole body into a puddle on the floor in no time.
    With a naughty grin Evie felt rather than saw, Colin slid a hand between them, tracing the lacy edge of her barely-there panties.
    “Bet these are pretty, too,” he murmured.
    His fingers grazed her soft flesh as he tugged the damp panel to the side, and she jerked.
    “What are you – oh, God – ”
    Without the soft silk as a barrier, the rough denim of his jeans rasped directly against her wet pussy, firing nerve endings and sending shards of pleasure ripping through her as he rocked, and rocked, and rocked. Evie whimpered and he swallowed the sound.
    “You’re burning me alive,” he muttered, cupping her ass under her skirt to haul her even closer, rub harder, taking her mouth with his like a conqueror.
    Evie had completely lost control of the situation, a fact that terrified her, but the way he handled her body felt shockingly good, the practiced thrusts of his tongue and hips and the hard cock between them a delicious preview of the sexual delight he had to offer. She felt tension coiling in her abdomen, in her pussy, as he nipped her lower lip.
    “That’s right, baby,” he groaned, “let me give you what you need.”

  10. The ladies took their sherry as ladies do, and the men headed to the lounge for cigars and port. Of course wherever men congregate, politics and finances are on everyone’s mind; that, and the Queen’s upcoming Jubilee. The century would be turning shortly and industry and modernization were keen topics alongside investments and instability in South Africa. Queen Victoria’s bellicose grandson Wilhelm had recently alienated public opinion by his interest in the Cape Colony of South Africa. More than one man in the room felt the foreseeable future held a second Boer war. I found I didn’t have much to say, my thoughts otherwise occupied by my body’s surprising reaction to my wife, and the way the blond Dutchman rolled the end of his cigar between his lips.

    I was certain Ellie would retire when she’d had enough small talk. From the little I knew of her progressive attitudes, small talk of hats and fashion weren’t topics to hold her interest for long. I was unversed in American politics but I doubted half the men in my own House of Lords were as well versed in Britannia’s policies as she was in the politics of her country. My wife wanted the vote. As wise and learned as she was, America was wrong to deny her. In quick order, I found myself lost in thoughts of her. Under a newlywed’s pretense, I downed my port, made my goodnights, and took my thoughts to the deck where I became momentarily captivated by the moonlight sparking upon the water. It was an image that brought to mind the dappled water of Pierre-Auguste Renoir, coupled with the hazy quality of Ivan Aivazovsky’s Moonlit Night.

    Although his invitation had been crystal clear, I was nevertheless surprised when the Dutchman walked up and stood beside me. We talked about sea voyages, Lord Byron, and the feel of a fine Cuban cigar over your tongue. His description was such that I asked him to show me what he meant. He “just happened to have one in his cabin,” he said, “a fine hand-rolled Havana, the same sort that Britain’s own Prince Edward enjoyed.” Primed with innuendo, needless to say, I followed.

    The cabin was dimly lit and private from his sister. After he closed the door behind us, he made no move to light the lamp. In a flash he was on his knees before me. It wasn’t a Havana he wanted rolling over his tongue, but then I never thought it was. He kissed his way up my thighs, switching from one to the other as his fingers deftly undid my trousers. Pulling them down to my knees, he closed his hand around my now hard cock, while his other hand freed his own. This would be no long coupling. It would be short and hard and infinitely satisfying.

    My eyes closed and I held my breath as his warm mouth enveloped me. A man knows what feels good, and my Dutchman treated me as if he sucked himself. He laved my shaft until I was sloppy wet. I couldn’t help but sink my hands into his golden hair to guide him, and my fingers coated with his spicy Makassar oil. He gagged, he slobbered, and he sucked me hard. All the while, the whapping sound of his hard-handed abandon filled the quiet space. I knew his delicious act drove him over the edge, and he made little sounds of surrender as I held him fast and fucked into his mouth; plummeting along tongue and teeth, while my balls slapped against his chin. The groan was unmistakable and I knew he shot his spunk by the feral scent in the air. I gave him the rest in quick short jabs. An instant later my floodgates opened and I pumped into him, thrilling to the carnal duet of his muted gags and straining gulps. He was glorious.
    my blog

  11. Javier panted, sure that one injudicious movement of his hips would bring sticky, hot disgrace against his torso; wishing to prevent this, he pulled away savagely.
    Ofelia nearly screamed her need, his question forgotten; she panted for breath, biting down hard on her knuckles to stifle the sound, and then her husband's body was looming over her face, his hard, throbbing member pushing hotly against her mouth. She parted her lips and sucked the head as hard as she dared, hoping he would return the favour and wondering from where that terrible, selfish, sinner's thought had come. He had never done this before, this wicked, wonderful thing, and she tried to think how he could possibly receive pleasure from her in this position. Usually, she knelt before him, dragging her mouth back and forth along his length, and he buried his hands in her hair, tugging the sable curls as his hot seed spurted forth and he came.
    This position was new and the novelty of it exciting; as she lay back on the bed and he straddled her face, she was close enough to see each curling hair as it thrust forth from his skin, but not too close so that the view before her blurred. She moved her lips, sucking hard on the shaft; in response, he moved his hips back and forth for her; all she had to do was continue her suckling and nibbling.
    Javier cried out and buried his face in her wet heat, nuzzling and suckling at what he found there. The two feelings, one a memory and the other a reality, converged in his mind. Ofelia's mouth was not as hard around him as Keith's had been in his pleasure-giving, and Javier thrust his hips harder at first, seeking that animal roughness, until he realized he could not have it from his wife's lips. She was weeping with need, and he buried himself between her legs again, licking and suckling the tiny replica of a man that a woman's body kept buried like a sweet secret. He paused once to look at it; the raised nub was like a pink diamond now, hard and hot. He pressed the tip of his tongue against it, ignoring the almost-painful scrape of Ofelia's teeth on his shaft as he lost himself in the wonder of the notion that he could feel a rapid pulse, like her heartbeat, against his tongue. Her hips bucked insistently after a moment, however, and though he would not consciously believe it of her, on some level he was certain that she bit down on his engorged member in a desperate push to break him from his erotic reverie and return to the task at hand.
    Something about the closing of her small white teeth around his cock drove him mad; the sharp, deep ache reminded him of another acute pain which had also been followed by stabs of erotic bliss, and Javier's testicles tightened with the roiling orgasm building within. Licking fingers of flame built upwards from his groin and the panting jabs of his hips became more pronounced. He was barely aware of Ofelia's climax, even though the deluge of musky, liquid heat that accompanied it threatened for a moment to drown him before he tilted his chin down and pulled his nose away from her shuddering body; suddenly, he was coming, and the violence of his own release left him seeing stars. -- From Undisclosed Desire, featured on Amazon and Createspace ( in ebook form) and ( in print form). Thank you for reading, and thank you, Sheri, for allowing all of us a place to promote our "hot" stuff! I've definitely found some new reads on here!

  12. Thanks again, Sheri, for the cool promo!

    AFTER PARTY by Zenobia Renquist

    Genre: Erotica Contemporary
    Publisher: Razor's Edge Press
    Length: Short Story
    Price: $2.49

    Buy Link:

    He picked up her hand and shook it. "Tawnie," he called in a louder voice.

    She made a questioning noise but was obviously still asleep.

    "Tawnie, I'm going to fuck you in your sleep. Is that okay with you?" When she didn't react, he shook her arm again. "Okay?"

    She made an affirmative noise as she yanked on her arm.

    Hudson released her. "Good enough for me." She'd said yes. Sure she was asleep, but she'd said yes. That was the excuse he would use if she woke up halfway through. He hoped she did. It would be payback for those times when he'd woken up to her riding his morning wood. Not that he hadn't enjoyed it, but he would have liked it better if he'd been awake for the whole thing. Turnabout was fair play and all that crap.

    After stripping out of his shirt and pants, he coaxed Tawnie onto her back. She made some little incoherent sleep noises before she moved. Hudson laid a kiss on her lips. She licked them again. He wiped some precum onto his finger and then smoothed it over her lips, grinning when she licked it up. The second time he did it he left his finger on her lips. She pushed at it with her tongue. When that didn't move it away, she reached up a hand to swat at it. Hudson caught her wrist and held it with his free hand while he edged his finger into her mouth. She actually started sucking it.

    "Like that, don't you?" He moved his hand in a slow circle and almost laughed at the way Tawnie moved her head to follow the motion so she wouldn't lose hold of the finger she sucked. She even started sucking harder.

    "When you wake up, we're going to have a talk about this little oral fixation of yours. And by talk, I mean you're going to use that hot mouth of yours to get me off." Hudson was finding out more and more new things about his wife and her sexual appetites every day. He was game for almost anything. Tawnie had to know that. Maybe she was being shy or something.

    Buy Link:

    1. Zenobia - you're very welcome and I hope you come back again next time.

  13. Dying Room Only by Renee George
    MMF Menage

    Thanks, Sheri, for inviting us to post our excerpts today!

    Excerpt (MM):

    Rafir moaned, a small escape of pleasure. He gazed down into Alex’s eyes and felt like he was drowning in quicksand. A vampire can’t roll a shape shifter, but it didn’t stop Rafir from thinking the experience had to be similar. This scruffy, dirty street urchin had triggered an animalistic need in Rafir–a need to protect Alex and make him his own.

    The boy had surrendered unconditionally. Alex wanted Rafir to shred him into ribbons of flesh and blood or to fuck him, to claim victory over his body and soul. The problem was, Rafir knew what claiming the boy meant. He’d been there once before, and his pack would not be happy with him bringing a vampire into the fold. Better to kill Alex. Better to end it now.

    Rafir used his free hand to grip Alex’s throat. He clutched tightly and yanked the young man off his lap and brought them both to stand. Alex let it happen. No protest. No fight.

    Rafir turned him away, pushing him into the brick, alley wall. He couldn’t look in his eyes as he ended the vampire’s existence.

    “Do it,” Alex said, encouraging him to take action. “Do it. It’s what I want.”

    Rafir kicked a nearby crate, reached down for a broken wooden shard then wrapped his arm around Alex from behind. He put the makeshift stake against the young man’s chest just over his unbeating heart. “I don’t want to do this,” he whispered in Alex’s ear. “But I can’t keep you.”

    Alex shivered under his touch. His leaned his head back against Rafir’s shoulder he reached his hand around to the werewolf’s cock. He groaned as if he were in the throws of passion. “Do it, you fucker. Just stop talking about it and fucking do it.”

    Confused, angry, and excited Rafir pushed Alex’s hand away and drew both his arms up and over his head. He pinned them to the wall with one hand, then with his other, he dropped the wooden stake, and reached around, unbuckling the vampire’s pants. Savagely, he shoved at the waist until he exposed Alex’s pale and perfect ass.

    “You want to be fucked?” he growled, pressing his jean-clad groin against Alex’s buttocks, knowing that Alex’s cock would be shoved against the brick. He wanted to punish the young man. Punish him for making him feel protective, and most of all, punish him for making his heart race with desire.

    Read the rest of the excerpt here (too many characters for the comment section):

    Buy Link:

    Amazon Buy Line:

    ARe Buy Link:

    Facebook Author Page: Author Renee George

    1. Hi Renee! That's a great last line hook. Thanks for coming by, hope to see you again!

  14. That was just a little tease snippet-- more, please.
    Awesome excerpt.

    Here's one from my medieval erotic romance – Black Dorn

    "Yes, please," Branwyn cried. "Take me, you took Sasha. Take command of my body. Pleasure yourself like you are the gon-dra (prince). I am not afraid of you. I only wish to please you."
    For a few moments Malack did not move. "Sasha loves pain. We spent many nights here where her flesh was red and blood dripped from her. Still, she still begged for more."
    Her eyes grew round. She steadied her voice. "I trust you, Malack."
    He kissed her, not with the tender kiss she had become accustomed to, but a rough hungry one. It seemed not to matter whether she responded. He did not caress her or tenderly stroke the pink flesh of her breast. He grabbed both nipples between his thumbs and forefingers and squeezed. Branwyn bit back the urge to stop him. The pain made her hot between her legs.
    His hand brushed her buttocks then smacked her with a gentle force. It was not a tear inducing pain, but a temperature rising pain. She felt hot, like the summer sun was shining down on her naked body.
    Without warning, his hand cracked across her buttocks. Her yell was involuntary. It had escaped her throat. He repeated his strike, then ran his hand over where he had hit her. His caress removed the sting. He struck again, and caressed her again. This was not the same as when Trea instructed her. That had been a blinding fury of pain, which overwhelmed her into darkness. This she could bear for him.
    "Like?" His hot breath grazed her ear.
    Available at -
    Amazon –
    Smashwords –
    Kobo -
    All Romance Ebooks -

    1. A little BDSM, anyone? HOT as always, Daryl!

  15. This is my WIP, The Nanny, available next month!

    They fell onto the bed and Kieran rolled on top of Tiana. He saw the hunger in her eyes, the need to love and be loved. With a quick movement, he entered her, filling her as she tightly accommodated him.

    They rocked in unison as they surrendered their love to each other. Their mouths hungry for each other as Kieran relentlessly drove into Tiana, solidifying their union and their bond.

    Tiana clutched at Kieran’s back as she climaxed, her body quietly shuddering and a small moan escaping her lips. He soon followed her and became still. He closed his eyes as he emptied in her, relieving himself of the frustration of not knowing where he stood and welcoming the opportunity to explore a new relationship with the woman he loved so much.

    He reached down and captured her lips once again, rolling off Tiana in the process. As Tiana drifted off into a peaceful sleep, Kieran lay awake and thought about what just happened that night.
    He was in way over his head. He just hoped he wasn’t making a big mistake.

  16. Great idea -- thanks so much!

    Out This Week at Changeling Press
    Memphis Heat 1: Stakeout by Shelby Morgen and Marteeka Karland

    Blurb: Jarod took a bullet to the chest. But he didn’t die. And since he woke up, nothing’s been the same. Because while he was lying there bleeding out, he was bitten. By a werewolf. And that thing about silver bullets? Myth. Shoot anything in the mouth, spill its brains all over the sidewalk, and it dies. Jarod’s got no pack, and his bite didn’t come with instructions. What Jarod doesn’t know about being a werewolf would fill a book.
    He can smell his partner’s sexual attraction -- she might as well be in heat. But if he lets Belle have what she wants, will she wake up with a strong desire for raw meat?

    Yeah. Two partners who always have each other’s backs and can share anything -- and everything -- but the one thing they need to share the most.

    Adult Excerpt:
    “You’re a real asshole, you know that, don’t you?”
    “Yes, dear,” Jarod answered with a suppressed chuckle in his tone.
    She was going to smack him any moment now. “That. That right there. That’s the reason you’re paying alimony to two ex-wives. Fuck you and your yes, dear. I’ve had shorter dry spells between engagements. I. Need. To. Fuck. Now!”
    “You’re just bored.”
    Belle squirmed in her chair, practically grinding her pussy against the worn upholstery. “No shit. What gave it away?”
    “Told you not to come. ADD and stakeouts don’t go well together.”
    She pointed the butt of her service revolver at him, resisting the urge to throw it. “Somebody has to watch your back. Besides. You used to be better at keeping me distracted.”
    A sideways grin quirked his face. “We used to have… interesting… ways of keeping ourselves entertained, didn’t we? Not exactly professional, but… “
    “Used to being the operative phrase here. What the hell is wrong with you, anyway?”
    “Wrong with me? I got shot, remember?”
    As if she could forget. “Yeah. And by all reports you should have died. But you didn’t. And ever since you’ve been treating me like… “
    “I’m trying to act like a professional. I’ve been treating you like a cop. Like my partner.”
    He attempted to look offended at that. Nearly pulled it off. Professional, my ass. “We were a hell of a lot more than just partners, Jarod. You can’t deny that.”
    “Yeah, well, maybe if I’d been acting a little more like a cop and a lot less like your lover, we wouldn’t have been in a position where you could have gotten killed.” The bitterness in his tone surprised her.
    She kept her voice low and steady, bottling up the frustrated anger that threatened to overwhelm her. “I wasn’t the one who got shot, Jarod.”
    “Could have. Could have been you first up that alley, just as easy as me. And it would have been my fault.”
    This argument was getting them nowhere. Damn it, she was horny as hell and he was right there! “Shut up and fuck me --” she reached for her police baton --”Or I’ll do it myself.”
    Binoculars focused on the dilapidated warehouse across the street, he didn’t even glance her way. “Go ahead.”
    Did he think she wouldn’t? Staring at Jarod’s lovely backside, Belle unzipped her jeans and shimmied them down her hips enough to give herself access to her pussy lips. It was his own fault. He was tall, handsome, built and reasonably single, if you didn’t count the excess baggage, but she still might have resisted -- if he didn’t smell like liquid sex poured into a cop suit. She wanted to reach over, undo his belt, and suck his cock right down to the root. Then they’d see how professional he could be. Fuckhead.
    With that thought Belle kicked the jeans the rest of the way off and switched the baton around so the handle lined up with her pussy. With one thrust she impaled herself right down to the crossbar.
    Fucker. If he didn’t get off on that, he was gay.
    “Shit, Belle! What the hell are you doing?”

    Memphis Heat 1: Stakeout
    Shelby Morgen
    Marteeka Karland

  17. My first time here... be gentle. :-D

    From Necromancing Nim:

    I thought I knew what to expect from vampire sex. I’d banged Colin, after all, like a screen door in a hurricane. But I was beginning to think I’d made a mistake by taking control instead of letting him do his thing. Because Sebastian was, well…wow.

    I was hesitant at first. He kissed and fondled me for a good five minutes before I finally worked up the nerve to fumble a hand into his pants. When I did, I found a pleasantly long, hard cock waiting behind the zipper of his jeans.

    Yeah. He knew how to use that too.

    I’d demanded control with Colin; with Sebastian, I just let him take the wheel. I have to say it was one of the better decisions I’ve ever made. He stroked and kissed and laved and nipped, teeth teasing my earlobes, my nipples, tugging at the dangling jewel in my belly button. Then he dove between my legs, and the whole world went away.

    Sebastian knew how to do things with his mouth that had probably been forgotten hundreds of years ago and were now only accessible in ancient manuscripts written by Tantric experts in the mists of time. Or to people spread out naked underneath Sebastian. Which was, I have to say, a very good place to be.

    His tongue curled in and out and around my folds, stimulating bits of me even I’d never thought to stimulate. His fingers got in on the act too, holding me open, slipping inside me, finding a spot that made me feel like my eyeballs were going to explode out of my head. I probably made a lot of unpleasantly loud noises. I probably annoyed the hell out of whoever was in the next room. I didn’t care. I just came. Repeatedly. Seriously. I lost count.

    Finally, when I was sure he’d wrung every last quiver out of me, he lifted his head, then lifted the rest of him, and slid inside.

    Buy Link: Samhain Publishing:

    Katriena Knights

    1. Katriena, you did AWESOME!! Please come back again soon and share more of your writing talent.

  18. *Taking a moment to turn up the fan and refresh my iced tea*

    Whew - some hot excerpts here today, or what? I love Friday Flames because it's my chance to give back to all my writing friends who give me so much all the time.

    Thank you. Now...I'm ready for MORE!!

  19. "Nobody Rides for Free" by Sara Jay
    "Come on," said the blond cowboy, smiling at her charmingly. "You can't stay out here alone. It's dangerous! Coyotes and bears and stuff."

    She didn't tell the idiot that such animals would never come within a mile of her out of fear. They faced the direction she was going -- and besides, she could make them go any way she wanted if they chose to divert from her path. She simply simpered, "Well, all right, gentlemen."

    She walked over to them, wondering which one she should straddle first.

    Where had that come from?

    Green Eyes spoke up for the first time, and his voice -- though still notably human -- slid over her like a dark whisper across stone. "Nobody rides for free."

    "What was that?" Sinn asked, perplexed. Surely they didn't expect tribute from her as the queen did? Humans didn't even know of such things.

    "You heard him, darlin'," said Cowboy, his accent more annoying now. "Ass, gas, or grass -- nobody rides for free."

    "I see," she replied. She should just go ahead and kill them. But then she'd have to drag all three bikes herself, which, though not impossible, wouldn't be easy with the queen's insistence of non-flight transportation. "Of course. I can buy your gas at the next station."

    Green Eyes snorted, as if he felt her no longer worth transporting. The other two seemed like they were still game.

    "Okay, little lady, hop on," said Cowboy, and he presented her with a clunky old helmet.

    She almost laughed at the thought of falling off the motorcycle and hurting herself. She'd flutter to the ground and watch them die without much interest, then lug them all to the shrine with her.
    Instead, she maintained her human cover, adjusting the helmet over her long black curls, and got behind Cowboy.

    As soon as he revved his engine up, she felt desire stirring again. Her breasts, pressed against the back of his leather jacket -- something that might normally make her gag -- began to tingle, and she could feel the rough texture against her nipples through her silken shift.
    What trickery was this? No human had ever made her feel so -- so lustful! Only Daka could do that.

    Daka... Just thinking about him made her even more aroused. The vibration of the bike between her legs made her imagine being beneath him. His slick green skin would bob over hers, his spiraled tattoos rendering her dizzy as he dipped himself into her body over and over again...

    Oh, Daka! She could feel her release building and Cowboy must have sensed it because he laughed a little and grabbed her knee. "We'll get some ass out of you yet, princess," he drawled.

    Though she knew he assumed she couldn't hear him over the roar of the engine, her Faery ears made out his words perfectly. Indeed, Cowboy? We shall see about that.

    But as they traveled into the night, she began to think about his words. They wanted ass from her, did they? She, too, wanted some relief, after all. They were not of the Fae. They wouldn't break her contract.

    What of Daka, though? What would he think? He considered humans nothing more than toys as well, and her playing with them would likely not upset him. Especially if she managed to help him play with a human or two of his own later.

    She felt a real smile return to her face. She was going to play with some humans tonight.

  20. Love, love, love all of these. Unfortunatey I have nothing the right size ready.

  21. Great idea! Thanks for the promo opp :)

    Cat Came Back by Anne Kane

    She tasted good. So good. He explored every inch of her mouth, his tongue sliding along hers in an erotic invitation. She responded eagerly, starting a sensual duel that sent heat thrumming along every nerve. It had been so long since he’d dared to hope for this. When her family left Hunter’s Canyon he’d thought he would never see her again. He’d held on to the hope that once she matured, she’d return to her roots. Cats were territorial creatures and their shifter brethren even more so.

    He nibbled his way down the soft hollow of her throat, enjoying the way she purred her satisfaction. He wanted to brand her with the heat he felt, make her yearn for his touch as much as he yearned for hers. Right now, her inhibitions were lowered, and as much as he knew he shouldn’t take advantage, he was going to do his damnedest to make this a night she’d never forget.

    Spanning her waist with his hands, he enjoyed the feel of her soft skin against him. Cat let out a shuddering breath and buried her face in his shoulder. She arched even closer against him, and he gritted his teeth at the exquisite sensation. So soft. So feminine. So very much a woman.

    Her sharp teeth sank into his shoulder in a tiny nip that sent shivers of desire down his spine. Heat raced through him, settling in his groin with a heavy sensation. It would be tough to wait, but he wanted to do this right. She deserved the best, and he was going to give it to her if it killed him. And it felt as if it might!

    Cat let out a low moan as he wrapped one arm around her and gently flipped her onto her back. He stood for a brief moment, shedding his clothes as fast as he could, not caring where they landed. When he skimmed his shorts down over his thighs, his cock sprang free and Cat sucked in a startled breath. He suppressed a smile. What male didn’t want his mate to salivate at the sight of his aroused shaft?

    He leapt back onto the bed and pulled her to him, sucking one perky nipple into his mouth. Damn that tasted good. Scoring his teeth across the tender bud, he felt Cat’s reaction as it puckered into a rosette. Gorgeous! He took his time, playing with each breast in turn. Licking. Teasing. Tasting. He had all the time in the world, and he had no intention of rushing.

    Working his way lower, he explored her silken flesh with his hands, mapping every inch of her luscious body. Curves. Feminine curves that sent the blood rushing to his already stiff cock. Her hips. Her buttocks. Her waist. Her thighs. No pencil-thin model with bones sticking out all over the place. His woman was just that. A woman.
    He slipped his tongue into the slight indent of her belly button. Licking and nibbling, he explored the curve of her hips and the round expanse of her belly. Cat whimpered and moved restlessly.

    “Now. I want you now.” Impatience tinged her voice as he covered her mound with his hand. She bucked her hips against his palm.

    “Not yet. I want you to be ready for me.”

    “I’m so ready, I’m going to explode.” The words came out in a low moan.

    Jacob moved down on the bed and pulled her legs up over his shoulder. Using two fingers, he parted the soft folds guarding her sex. The smell of her juices almost drove him mad, and it took a supreme effort to bring his raging libido under control. Lowering his head, he swiped his tongue in a long slow lick from anus to clit.

    “Oh, ye gods!” Cat let out a strangled scream, her whole body arching against his face.

    Buy here:

  22. He captured her lips with his mouth. His kiss was slow and tantalizing, an erotic invitation to sensual delights. His tongue conducted a leisurely exploration of her mouth, twined, tasted. But he didn’t touch any part of her body.

    Caught up in the whirlwind, she could do little else but curl her toes.

    When he freed her lips, her breath was coming hard and fast. More turned on than she could ever remember, she took another risk. Still gasping for air, she explained, “Most bondage scenarios revolve around a fantasy.” She paused for a beat, gathering her courage. “You said I’d be in charge,” she reminded him. “I want to act out a fantasy.”

    He gave an audible gulp. “Anything specific?”

    “Mmmm-hmmm,” she said around a deep, shuddering breath. One fantasy had tantalized her thoughts and tormented her dreams ever since she’d laid eyes on Nick. Breathing hard, she raised her head. “You’re the white knight. I’m a fair maiden you’re rescuing from the clutches of an evil ogre.”

    His eyes blazed. “I can live with that, darlin’,” he said. “Is this fair maiden conscious or unconscious?”

    A wave of hot desire thickened her speech. “Sleeping. The white knight is trying to awaken her.” Suffused with the heady liberation of surrender, Grace closed her eyes and held her breath. She didn’t have to see Nick to feel the heat of his gaze scalding her skin. The tension became unbearable.

    Then the mattress sank under his weight. Although he didn’t touch her, his body radiated heat. The aroma of sandalwood and hungry male enveloped her. She compressed her lips on the moan that struggled to escape. If the white knight didn’t do something, and fast, she would jump clear out of her skin.

    Amazon (US):

  23. Thanks for the opportunity. This short story is free today through Sunday. It's not erotica, but steamy contemporary romance. B00AHJN4ZW
    Jace knew he was going to lose control soon. And he had one important issue he had to deal with before he lost all coherent thought. He tugged out his wallet, yanked out a condom, and opened his pants.
    When Carlotta gasped, he looked up. She was staring at him. She reached out a hand and touched him, lightly. "Jace," she whispered. "I never thought I would see you again."
    Her fingers trailed over him, and lust roared through him. His plans and scruples disappeared. He swept her up and deposited her on the soft sand. Even as he followed her down, he was pulling up her skirt. Her panties disappeared with one twisting tear.
    He plunged into her.
    Slow down! a faint voice whispered somewhere in his mind. This was how they'd been in their youth, eager and frantic, unable to use finesse, at least until they'd taken the edges off their appetites. But, things were different now. She was wary of him, afraid of being hurt again. He should use her gently.
    But his body wasn't under his control. Instead, it was bucking and pounding like a storm-tossed boat. Carlotta was arched up against him, biting any part of him she could reach. His ear, his neck. He shuddered with pleasure. Her legs wrapped around him and he felt nothing but her soft skin, her wet warmth, and her stinging bites. He gritted his teeth to hang on. He couldn't finish before she came, but his own orgasm was barreling through his body, just as relentlessly as it had when he was a teenager, loving this same sweet girl.
    The thought almost pushed him over the edge. He hung on, his chest pumping at a rate he couldn't have sustained if he weren't a professional athlete. But he had to make sure that this experience was as wonderful for Carlotta as it was for him. She was fighting her attraction to him as hard as she could, and he already had a lot of making up to do. Leaving her frustrated, even if momentarily, would set him back.
    He hitched himself further up on her body and rotated his hips. There! Her high-pitched cry told him he'd hit the spot. She clutched him now with her arms and legs, clinging as he battered her.
    "Carlotta," he groaned. He wanted some word from her, reassurance, or pleasure. Her body was so tense, but it was the wrong kind of tension.
    Her body kept moving in a sexual dance they both knew well. But she closed her eyes, and turned her head slightly away from him. The truth flashed over him. He knew how to make her body sing, but he hadn't gotten inside her head, never mind her heart. She hadn't accepted him back into her life, and he shouldn't have tried to do this tonight. It was too early. She was too badly hurt. He could make her come, but it would be a physical release only. She still wouldn't trust him, or accept him back into her life.
    But the sex had rolled them up in its embrace. Like the sea pounding on the shore, he surged and withdrew, and she followed where he went, like the foam of lace clinging to the surf.
    At the moment when she cried out in ecstasy, sorrow pierced him.
    He knew how to give her an orgasm.
    But he didn't know how to make her love him.
    Free here: B00AHJN4ZW


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