October 26, 2012

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  I offer a Halloween memory. . .

A Three-Legged Wonder

Various Halloween scenes flee flood the remembrance of my childhood. There were scary years and others scream-laugh funny. As an adult, I still gag smile at the antics of my friends and family.
My mother is a clothing designer by trade. So Halloween consisted of home-made costumes. In my recollection, there was only one year in which I wore a costume my mother didn’t entirely make for me. Nothing against my in-house designer's imagination—all her guises were works of art—but forcing helping to create my own costume made it the best Halloween ever.

My best friend, Kelley, and I were eight years old. Her mom provided us with tempera paints and thick brushes, along with two paper grocery sacks.
We decided to be a two-headed monster. This consisted of painting our "heads" on the sacks and having my mother sew a shirt and three-legged pants large enough to house two kids.
It took us almost a whole week of practice, walking side by side with our inside legs tied together, to find our cadence beat. And then…the big night. Halloween.
We dressed at my house and preened for pictures. Hobbled to her house for more pictures. With plastic pumpkin buckets in hand, we set off.

(c)creative commons

And promptly fell down her front stairs, ripping the shirt and tearing the pant seam. How the paper sacks stayed intact, I'll never know. I was crying, Kelley was screaming, her mom was laughing, and their damn dog attacked my pumpkin bucket.
We made our rounds through the neighborhood that night, a two headed, three-legged, limping monster.
I haven't seen Kelley in a long time but keep in touch with her mother. She and I have groaned laughed over my favorite Halloween many times over the years.
Remedy Maker
Confidence settled within him after making a decision on the next step to fulfill his ruler’s wishes. He leaned toward the radio, flipped the switch, and let the music roll over him while he set about making coffee in the stovetop percolator.
The twenty-first century was by far his favorite time to live. Natural cure innovations abounded, and the music jammed. Nodding in time to the deep bass thump, Kid Rock rapped out his wish to be a cowboy. Rhy tapped his toe on the wooden floor and swung his shoulders to the steady rhythm.
A little coffee, some discussion and bargaining, and I’m good to go.
Patience took hesitant steps out of the bedroom with bare feet. She cleared her throat. “Good morning.”
Sleep creased her face, and her hair lay mussed and wild about her shoulders. Heat coiled low in his belly; his scrotum tightened inside his pants.
He was in deep shit.
In his waking mind, the plan seemed so easy. None of the sexy details were filled in. Now, with her standing in front of him looking like she’d been tumbled hard in the sack, all he could think of was . . . getting hard in the sack!
No! Not that word.
Glorious brown hair, liberally streaked with auburn, floated in waves over her shoulders and cascaded down her back. He watched her like a slow motion movie. She lifted her hands and pushed the heap away from her face, her breasts jiggling with maddening temptation.
“Hey there.” He grabbed open the lower door of the cold box and hid behind it, adjusting himself through his jeans. Guileless, her innocent eyes held no condemnation for his Centaur breeding.
Patience was born decades after the last arrow flew in hatred. Her people had committed horrendous crimes, but he had murdered as well. He was the villain here, not her. The proof stood right before his eyes, looking so damn beautiful—a felony on two legs.

What are YOUR plans for Halloween?

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  1. Great story, Sheri!! Sounds like a fun Halloween! And loved the excerpt for this fabulous book!! Thanks for the giveaway!!
    My plans for Halloween, since my kids are all teenagers, is to dress up in my scary witch costume, and stand out on my decorated porch, and hand out candy! We live in town so we get tons of kids! I love it!! I always had to take the kids trick-or-treating, but now I get to stay home and pass out candy! I buy close to 500 pieces every year and go through almost all of it! fun times :)

  2. trick or treating with the kiddos this year! great post! mygirls01(at)yahoo(.)com

  3. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL....sorry, I really shouldn't laugh, but the picture I have in my head is awesome--and hilarious.
    I had no idea your mom was a clothing designer. K-ool.
    See? I learn something new about you with each interview, blog hop, or review.

  4. Sounds as if you and your friend had a ball. What a great memory! Happy hopping!

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  6. OMG! That is hysterical, Sheri!! My plans would be staying in and probably reading and spending time with my hubby. We don't hand out candy because we live on a main road and don't get any trick or treaters.

    1. ckinney - CONGRATULATIONS! YOU ARE MY BLOG WINNER! Look for an email from me soon.

    2. I got your email, Sheri. What'd I win, what'd I win?! LOL

  7. I am taking the kids trick or treating then when they are in bed, I am watching "Halloween"! It is my tradition for this day!

    Awesome Blog Hop!

    susanmplatt AT hotmail DOT com

  8. I'm going to sit at home with candy just in case I get trick or treaters. :P

    smurfettev AT gmail DOT com

  9. I'm going to a Halloween party tomorrow night at my nephew's then handing out candy Wednesday night. I may get about 5 trick or treaters. That's one of the bad things about living in the country. Or maybe a good thing since I get to eat all the candy. I can't wait to start reading remedy maker. It's going to be so good!

  10. I'm planning on digging a nice, comfy hole in the center of my bed and lay down to read. I have not done Halloween in a while.


  11. Great story Sheri! I can just see two bedraggled girls limping, holding onto one another to stay upright. Great excerpt too!

  12. I will bunk down with a great read!! havebookwillsurvive at gmail.com

  13. This was laugh out loud funny and I'm not even kidding. I'm swiping your slash through the 'real' word tactic from now on!!! To all who haven't read Remedy Maker yet, get it...it's got Sheri's hand-print all over it, and makes me smile every time I flip a page!

  14. Hi all New here and laugh hard! Thank You!!
    I have a Teen , who will be doing her own thing for Halloween.

    Im going to be giving out Candies , actually went and got the candy today, had to make sure it was candy that DD & I don't like!!!!!!!


  15. Woohoo! Happy Halloween! I love blog hops and this one is HUGE! So many old friends to visit and new friends to meet. I will spend Halloween night watching the littlest ones having such a good time trick or treating. Thanks for being part of the hop and for the chance to win. <^_^>
    reneebennett35 (at) yahoo (dot) com

  16. Hahaha great post, Sheri! No big plans here. I'm buying a huge bag of assorted candies and some beer. Maybe take in some horror movies on tv. Sounds good to me. Happy Halloween, chickie. :)

  17. Great halloween story. Even at such a young age, you suffered for your art. Do you think that 3 legged man is real or a hoax. I never know, because if you were born with three legs back then, you would end up being a carnival act.

  18. love the story, and sense i have a little one ill dress up with the kids and go trick or treating.

  19. I live in the country - we count the # of kids we get - the record is 9. We buy a BIG bag of chocolate bars and after the 9 kids have visited - we get to eat the rest!
    Love your Halloween story.

  20. No plans other than watching scary movies.


  21. I will be taking ny 7yr-old and about 5 friends trick 'r treating...
    Then after they've had their fun i'm more than likely will take up the rest of the night with a good book...


  22. I will be slinging booze this weekend and on actual Halloween, so I'm going to be worn out. I'll be going home and getting into some scary movies! samantha12jane@gmail.com

  23. For Halloween I plan to pass out treats at the house. I just moved into today I think it will be a great way to meet my new neighbors.
    leanna.hiner @ gmail.com no spaces

  24. Thank you for sharing a Halloween memory. I'm sorry you got hurt, but laughed about the dog.


  25. What a fun memory--and I love the layout of your blog here--the colors, the font, and the pictures you chose here are perfect! Please put me down for the contest!

    akasarahmadison at gmail dot com

  26. For now it's just to hang out with my family while they give out candy but that could always change lol
    Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  27. My son just turned 4 so this is his first year really going out trick or treating... Then we just plan on handing out candy, drinking apple cider, and eating leftover candy. Thank you for the stop on the blog hop!
    Maycee Majors

  28. We will stay home. Might get candy, but not many kids drop by, so we'll see. Thanks for being part of the hop


  29. Great story and so funny!

  30. We are going to the haunted house that our good friends are putting on and our son is a monster in. It should be a fun night!


  31. great memory :)

    Im staying in a handing out candy


  32. Great memory! Happy Halloween!! Thank you so much for the awesome hop and giveaway! :)

  33. We plan to watch movies.


  34. I am just staying home and passing out candy to the neighborhood children.

    orelukjp0 at gamil dot com

  35. woops fingers too fast... email is
    orelukjp0 at gmail dot com


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