October 12, 2012

Friday Flames - Let it burn!

Burn, baby burn!

Did you wear the latest in flame retardant fashion? I hope so, because the Friday Flames will heat you up today!

As most of you know, I’ve been in the computer hutch cave diligently writing away on Book Two of my Centaur Series. It’s going well and I hope to have it ready for your eBook reading pleasure by Christmas.

Meanwhile, I wanted to share some sizzling heat from another writer. Brenda Dyer (Website) has a HOT book out called Love’s Prophecy (Amazon). 

It’s all about vampire love, and like nothing I’ve ever read before. If you think you’ve had your fill of blood-suckers, wait until you read this book. You NEED to read this book!

Love’s Prophecy has the Sheri Fredricks stamp of approval.

You’ll be gnashing your teeth for Brenda's next book in the Prophecy Series, like I am.

Book Blurb:

Dark warriors of might...

Mel is a vampire warrior sworn to hunt and kill demons in the dark streets of Vancouver. But he's burdened with a new assignment: find the meaning behind the Vampire Prophecy. Having no faith in the gods and their empty words, he believes there's no truth to the ancient legend until he meets Breeana, a human woman who bears the mark of the prophecy and resembles the mysterious woman haunting his dreams. When a vengeful demon spies Breeana in his arms, she is marked for death. He must take her from the world she knows until he can eliminate the threat. But the real danger is the role Breeana must play in fulfilling the prophecy and the intense feelings she brings out in him. Mel is forced to choose between his obligations to his kind, the world, and the woman he loves. Can he turn his back on love to let her go, or will he risk her life and bind her to him for all eternity?

Small warriors of light...

Veterinarian, Dr. Breeana Spencer yearns for love and companionship, but the disappointment of failed relationships have taken their toll. She now finds solace in romance novels. But when she meets a mysterious stranger, she's drawn to him by a connection so forceful it shatters all reason, leaving her incapable of resisting him. Yet there's more to him than smoldering good looks and a rock-hard body. As she's drawn deeper into his danger-filled world, she learns she's part of an ancient vampire legend. Breeana fears her future is no longer hers and will not include Mel. As their enemies close in, desperate to destroy them both, she must fight to convince Mel her place is at his side. A life-altering choice is before her—one that will take all her courage and love to make.

Scene: Vampire Warrior Mel has just met human beauty Breeana inside of a nightclub. It’s time for her to go…but Mel isn’t ready to let her leave. Nor does Breeana want to. They’re standing outside in the parking lot next to her truck…


His lips twitched before he smiled. The tip of his tongue flicked out, moistening his lower lip as if getting ready to kiss her. She swayed forward slightly. Her body unconsciously tried to get closer to what it craved. At the same time, he leaned in. When only an inch separated them, she sensed him pull back.

Kiss me you fool, her mind screamed, but Mel took a step back. Indecision clouded his eyes.
Disappointment filled her, though logic told her it was for the best.

A few seconds ticked by before his gaze once more latched onto her lips. This time he was going to kiss her. In answer, her heart thrummed wildly and a pleasurable ache hummed between her thighs.

His head dipped and his long lashes swept lower. She should leave, but her feet wouldn't listen. Deep down she wanted to taste his lips, wanted his tongue in her mouth, her breasts pressed against his hard, broad chest. Right now, she couldn't think beyond that, nor did she care.

Afraid he would change his mind again, she rose up on her toes and placed a hand on his arm.

That was it. The next second his lips crushed hers with a strength that should have frightened her, but it had the opposite effect; it sent her desire soaring to heights she'd never felt before. The taste of beer, male, and raw desire played havoc with her senses.

He gripped the back of her head and his fingers tangled in her hair as his tongue ravaged her mouth.

She groaned and fisted the front of his jacket. Her body vibrated as arousal built to a fevered pitch.

His hands left her hair and smoothed over her shoulders, down to her backside. Cupping her ass, he pressed her closer.

The force of his kiss changed. He nibbled, licked and sucked her lower lip before drawing it into his wet mouth. Breeana wrapped her arms around his neck and molded her body against his, trying to get closer, but it wasn't enough. She wanted to unzip his skin and step inside.

His satiny tongue slipped past her lips and tangled with hers. Raging desire shot from her mouth to her core. In answer, a flood of moisture dampened her panties.

A low growl escaped him. He deepened the kiss, bruising her lips. Breeana felt a sharp sting of pain on her lower lip, but she didn't care. With a growl of her own, she kissed him back with the same passion, clutching at him with desperate hands.

a woman touching a man's chest
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  1. Great excerpt - can't wait to read this one, Brenda.

    I'll trade excerpts from WIP - unedited from my erotic fantasy - Capri's Fate

    "I think it's running water. Come on, this way." Thalpushed more brush out of the way and headed in the direction of the sound. Stepping from the shadow of the forest, he shaded his eyes from the bright light as he stood in a clearing nestled beside a small lagoon with a cascading waterfall.
    "It's spectacular." Capri stood next to him.
    He glanced at her breasts and grinned. "The scenery's nice. Those are spectacular. And I think I need to suck one." He stepped in front of her, lowered his mouth and latched on to her right breast. Teasing her nipple with his tongue made it grow rounder and erect. "Hmm. That's better."
    Thal straightened and cupped her breasts, bouncing them, making her flesh jiggle. He stared into her eyes as he traced around the puckered skin and rolled her nub between this thumb and middle finger. "I love the way this feels. Your skin is so soft. But your nipple is so firm. And so suckable." He lowered his head and pressed tiny kisses along her breast until he reached her swollen bud. He wrapped his lips around it and pulled back until she popped from his mouth. The sight of her aroused nipple and the sweet honeyed taste of her skin pushed his penis to a full erection, which strained against his swim trunks.
    Capri dropped the basket, closed her eyes and moaned. "I can feel myself getting wet already."
    "What can I do to make you drenched?" His cock throbbed at the image of her damp curls and willing pussy wanting him.
    She reached forward and turned his head to face her other breast. His lips grazed her skin. "Suck the other one. Make it as hard. It feels so fucking good when you do that."
    Thal swiped his tongue along her pink nub. It tightened. He lapped across her areola and up the underside of her nipple then zig-zagged the tip of it back to his starting point. His cock begged to be released, not only from the constraints of his trunks, but to free itself deep inside Capri. With a guttural groan, he repeated his action while reaching to knead her other breast.
    Capri wound her fingers through his hair, dragging her nails across his scalp. As he lowered his kisses to her belly, her knees buckled and they sank to the grassy floor.

  2. Oh Daryl, very nice. Something about making love in the great outdoors....ahhh. Thank you for coming by today!

  3. Excerpt from Jesse's Brother:

    Almost to the bedroom. What would it be like? Big bed? Small? She figured it would be clean since the rest of the place was spotless. Nothing was out of place in the bedroom. He had a large, made bed with a warm comforter on it. A small dresser stood in the corner but again, the room was absent of any personal possessions such as family photographs or life memorabilia.

    She crossed the short distance to the bed and sat down. The idea of being alone in Noah’s trailer without him knowing turned her on, even more than she was already.

    What would she do if he walked in? Play innocent? Or maybe she’d get the nerve to actually seduce him. Now that was hot. Walking over to him and sliding his t-shirt over his head. She nodded to herself. If he came in, that’s what she’d do. She pictured her hand sliding down those toned muscles that ridged across his torso. She’d let her fingers play against the button on his jeans.

    Her body slid nicely across the comforter as she unbuttoned her shorts. Images of them together ran through her mind again. After sliding her fingers down her pink panties, she quickly realized that wouldn’t do. She hastily pushed off the jean shorts, along with her panties.

    Samantha spread her bare legs wide apart and let her fingers find the spot of soft flesh that would eventually rock her body. Her fingers started moving into a gentle rhythm as her mind filled itself with images of Noah walking in. What would he do if he found her naked on his bed? Would he tell her to get out, or turn away?

    Jesse's Brother is FREE this weekend!! http://amzn.com/B009NWWW6G

  4. Hi Wendy! I'm happy to say I picked up my FREE copy of Jesse's Brother. Thank you for stopping by, posting your scene, and this great FREE book!

  5. This is from Jason To Jessica, available at Extasybooks.com and Amazon.com



    Mike held me close as I slowly recovered. He reluctantly let me go when I got my feet under me again and it didn't feel like I was going to fold up like a rag doll.

    We got out and dried each other using all the towels in the bathroom. I got behind Mike and dried the man off starting from shoulders and going all the way down to his ankles. As I drew the towel down I got an up close eyeful of the man. I had a strong urge to nibble on his hard buns as my hands toweled him dry. Mike turned around for me to do the front side and I came eye to eye with…yummies.

    I didn't think about what I did. If I had thought about it, I doubt I would have done it. Leaning forward from where I knelt, I took the man’s cock into my mouth. Closing my eyes, I slowly sucked and licked the shaft. The emotions in my head whirled, conflicting, and confused, but they didn't stop me from moving up and down the hard shaft, using one hand to cup his balls and the other to steady myself against him.

    A voice was screaming in my head. Gay boi! Faggot! Bottom Bitch! Queer! I ignored it completely as I groped Mike’s balls and sucked him like a nervous high school co-ed.

    Through the noise of the blood rushing through my ears, I heard Mike groan out one word and felt his cock thicken in my mouth. I pushed forward, taking all that I could just as it jumped and pulsed, shooting his cum into my mouth.

    I swallowed. It didn't occur to me to do anything else. I sucked and swallowed as his cock continued to jump and squirt in my mouth. I let some of the shaft slip out and licked the tip, drawing another loud moan from Mike before he softened.

    Mike backed a step and sat down hard on the bed. I looked at him from where I was on the floor and his eyes fastened on mine…a mixture of pleasure and surprise. Getting up from the floor, I joined Mike on the bed, cuddling against his sweat damp body.

    “Was that okay?” I asked nervously. I had watched the videos and practiced, but a dildo doesn't care if you’re good or not.

    “Better than okay, Jessica,” Mike replied when his breathing slowed. “Much better than okay.”

    1. This is a book to read if you're a bonefide Sci-fi/erotic romance kind of person. I have NEVER read another book like it. Thanks for sharing Starfox!!!

  6. Great stuff as usual! I love the burn! Here is mine from my new WIP - Denim-Clad Cupid.

    Kenni stepped toward Nick and reached out for the additional pieces. He grabbed her wrist and yanked her against him. With the speed of a snake strike his lips were on hers again, but this time they pressed hard and demanding, devouring her like a last meal but savoring too. One arm cinched around her waist and pressed her closer. The other guided her head, tilting it at just the right angle for maximum connection.

    Oh God. He kissed her until she couldn’t breathe, until her knees turned to whipped cream. He kissed her until all her insides melted to goo. She wrapped an arm around the middle of his body, not exactly sure where she was. Her sense of spatial relation distorted and her head spun in a cloud. The only solid thing was him and she hung on tight.

    The backdoor opened.

    Nick groaned and released her. She opened her eyes and tried to focus on his face to get her bearings.

    He trailed a thumb quickly down her cheek and whispered, “Happy Valentine’s Day, Canada.”

    1. I love your title! Great smokey scene, thanks for coming by.

  7. Oh, I love it that you have Love's Prohecy up as a spotlight! A wonderful book!
    I once wrote a book where the Marquis De Sade was taking people over through a magic mythical heartstone. While writing it? I made that leap to Erotica. He was wicked to say the least...lol

    From Revealed by Leanore Elliott
    Her body jerked and she felt herself get wet as he held her hips still and explored her belly with his mouth. She shook badly from the warm sensation of his hot tongue. “Please?”
    He drew his mouth away. “I like the way you say that word.” He titled his head at her. “Spread your legs.”
    Taking a huge gulp of air, she did as he said.
    “Now say it again.”
    “Please?” she repeated it.
    He visibly shivered and reached his fingers toward her open thighs.
    “No,” she whispered.
    “You will say nothing except please,” he growled.
    Glory balled her hands into fists.
    He placed his fingers on her and spread her skin folds “I’ll bet this flavor does send me completely around the bend.” His mouth latched onto her clit.
    “Please!” she screamed as the feeling of his mouth jolted all along her body and she jerked her head higher. He licked and sucked on her his tongue swirling around her slick labia and she could feel herself swell and throb. She shook violently now, as he feasted on her and she seeped with wetness. “Please?” she panted loudly.
    He pulled his mouth away and gazed at her trembling body. “Mmm, tastes like heaven.” He stared at her for a long tense moment. “What’s your name?”
    “Yes, perfect, the pathway to heaven. I will make you come for me, Glory.”
    Despite the fight within herself, her body ruled and need surged through her.
    “Spread em wider.”
    She spread her thighs wider.
    “Now reach down and pull your folds as far back as you can.”
    Glory gasped with shock at this request as her hands reached down to automatically do his bidding. He watched her with an avid fascination as she complied and her clit button was revealed to his eyes. “Mmm, yes.” He stared at her. “Now say it and offer yourself to my mouth.”
    Her body shook so badly that she had trouble remaining on her feet and she adjusted her stance. “Please!” she tilted her hips back until her pussy met with his mouth.
    “I want you to scream please while you cum, do you hear?” he commanded to her tender clit.
    Glory nodded and gazed into his eyes. They exhibited a red glowing and she stiffened. It’s not him doing this. It’s the stone! She trembled as he slowly moved his mouth forward and sucked on her. “Unh,” she moaned aloud.
    He sucked on her with a slow mouth perusal of her entire exposed labia. Raising his fingers up, he shoved two inside of her and her body jerked. He worked his mouth and fingers slowly on and in her. Her moisture grew and she took gasping gulps of air as her body reacted to his sucking and finger thrusting.
    Glory felt her entire body tingle as jolts of pure pleasure ran through her. He sped up his rhythms and she felt herself cum in his mouth. “Please!” she screamed. “Please, please?” She felt cum ooze from her with a straining satisfaction as his mouth continued its ravaging. He sucked harder as though he wanted every drop and his finger pumping slowed.

    1. Please, please, please! Sweet music to a man's ears. Love it!! Thanks for sharing your HOT scene!!

  8. I am fanning my face at all these great excerpts!

    Here is one from my new debut release, Last Chances, which is rated #6 in their current bestsellers at the moment.

    Available at eXtasy Books, and Amazon:



    Leaning over, Garrick began running kisses down the insides of her long thighs, alternating between the two as he gradually climbed higher and higher toward her moist beckoning heat. The scent of her arousal, the proof visible as it glistened between her pink puffy lips, made his mouth water as he drew in her warm musky scent. His rough breaths sawed harshly in and out of his chest, his control nearly shattering as he watched a single drop of her cream escape her core and run down her curvy backside.
    Diving forward before his brain could actually register the move, Garrick pounced on that drop, collecting it on his tongue as the sweet honey flavor burst over his taste buds. A low growl reverberated through his chest as Jen’s gasp of delight reached his senses.
    “I have to taste you, sweetheart. I feel like I’ll go out of my freaking mind if I don’t sink my tongue deep within your pussy and feast on every single drop of your sweet cream as you come all over my face.”
    Garrick barely registered Jen’s squeak of surprise as he dove back down and drove his tongue the full length of her slit, from her tight pink rosette winking at him as her muscles quivered, to her shy little clit, hidden beneath its hood yet peeking out with each twitch her body gave. She gasped as he trapped her clit between his lips, flickering it lightly with the tip of his tongue before suckling it deeply into his mouth. Jen moaned and slid her fingers into the hair on each side of his head, gripping great fistfuls and pulling his mouth firmly against her sex as she rocked against it.

    Jen’s whole body jerked as each lap of his tongue assaulted her clit while he timed the spasms, stiffening his tongue to dive deeply into her sheath with each convulsion her body offered to his hungry mouth. Each desperate cry of wonder passing her lips increased his own mounting desire.He gentled his torment slightly, slipping one finger through her engorged slippery folds to rest against her entrance.
    Feeling no resistance from Jen, Garrick lifted his head to watch her face just to be sure she was still ok. His breath caught in his throat at the sight of this amazingly sensual woman with her head thrown back in utter abandonment. Slowly he pushed his finger forward, entering her tight sheath.
    Returning to lap at her heat again, Garrick murmured between noisy slurps, “Damn, baby, you feel and taste so good. All sweet, hot, wet, and soft like a woman should be. And tight…so damn tight, honey. I’ll ease you open a little before we go any further.”

    1. Is it like 110* in here, or what? WHEW! I can see why you've made the top ten :) Wow Ellen, amazing writing. Thank you for stopping by and...fanning the flames!

  9. Hi Sheri - this is from my upcoming release (November 5th - Lyrical) A MEMBER OF THE COUNCIL.

    He wiped a drop of wine off her full, red lips with his thumb. “Is wishing your opponent
    loses the secret to your wins? Not very sporting, I have to say.”
    “You didn’t answer my question.” Parris’ eyes darkened. Ty couldn’t tell if her reaction
    was based in anger, or desire. He hoped the latter.
    “And you didn’t answer mine.” Twisting in his stool to face her, he opened his legs and
    without thinking, pulled her close and kissed her. A kiss he’d wanted to take since he’d walked
    in tonight. Parris didn’t resist, in fact, she melted toward him, her mouth hungrily seeking his,
    her body soft in all the right places, making him hard.
    He abandoned her arms, instead caressing her back, strong, muscular. He circled around
    her body to find her breasts, soft and firm. Her mouth slackened as he held the round orbs in his
    hands, thumbs seeking nipples. At the right spot, she groaned.
    Slowly, he pulled back. He dropped his hands to his sides, regretfully leaving her soft,
    luscious breasts. Pulling away, ending the kiss.
    Parris stood in front of him, dazed. Quickly, she followed his lead, sitting on her stool.
    She laughed a low, growly sound making him regret pulling back. “Wow, you could have just
    answered my question.”

    You can see the cover at www.lynncahoon.wordpress.com

    1. Ahh! What's her question?? Lynn - all I can say is Yee-Haw! Lyrical and you have a winner coming soon! Thank you for sharing your excerpt here!!

  10. Loved all the excerpts. This is from Lady Caro's Accidental Marriage. the backstory is that Caro was raped and never recovered. She and Huntly had to marry to protect her from another man. This is the first time she's ever made love or told anyone what happened to her.

    As he blew on one nipple, it furled into a tight bud before he took it and her chemise into his mouth again. The fire coursing through her threatened to ignite. How much more could she take before she exploded?
    Soon, she was taking her breath from him. Her fingers gripped his neck. More she wanted more of him. One of his hands kneaded her bottom and the other held her head. “More.”
    Had she really said that out loud?
    He groaned, the ribbons of her chemise gave way and slipped down. Huntley’s teeth grazed a breast, and Caro found herself holding his head to her bosom as he sucked. He rubbed and twirled her other nipple between his fingers. Now she knew what he’d meant when he told her she’d scream with pleasure. That she would desire him.
    Caro wanted to give him everything he wanted, all of herself. What was more amazing was she wanted him and all he could give her. She hadn’t known it could be like this. He was torturing her. Her body sang with desire as he kissed his way down over her stomach. All the spots of tension seemed to coalesce in her mons.
    Her hands clenched the pillows and she brought her knees up and squeezed his shoulders. When she tried to cry out, her breath was gone and the spiraling tension threatened to overwhelm her. In the next instant, the most wonderful feeling came over her and she shook from the inside and shattered.
    Still she knew there was more. Huntley had been caressing her, pleasuring her, for days and taken nothing for himself. She’d seen his tension as he held back. “Please make love to me.”
    He slowly kissed his way back up her body and gazed into her eyes. “Only if you’re sure.”
    His gaze burned like the blue flames of a fire flecked with gold. If she was ever going to put the past behind her, this was her chance. She could dream of him instead of the other. “Yes. I’m ready.”
    Taking her lips in a deep caress, she barely noticed his fingers enter her. They slid in and out causing the fire to light again. When he moved over her, she tensed for the pain, but there was only a stretching and wave upon wave of delight as she reached for the explosion to take her again. She grasped him with her sheath and cried out.
    Her heart swelled with happiness. For the first time since the attack, she was whole again.

    1. Beautifully written, Ella. You took a scene that had potential to go utterly wrong and made it a moment to treasure. Now that's some damn fine writing. Thank you for sharing your scene.

  11. Great excerpt, Brenda!!! And the rest are smokin' too.

    This is from my latest release A Hunter's Blade, available now on Amazon http://www.amazon.com/Hunters-Blade-Dagger-Series-ebook/dp/B009KET33M/ref=sr_1_4?s=digital-text&ie=UTF8&qid=1350087581&sr=1-4&keywords=cera+dubois and after January 2 everywhere.

    Austin is a newly made vampire and hunter of immortals who don't follow the code set forth by his master. Brigit is a Lykan werewolf and has to prove to herself and to Austin that she isn't the one attacking and killing humans during the full moons.


    His eyes danced with hot amusement as he caught her hand and kissed her fingers. “Thirty-three... Thirty-two I guess is where I stopped aging.” She raised a brow, but before she could speak, he asked, “How old are you—physically?”

    “All Lykan change to wolves when we turn thirteen, but physically stop aging when we hit twenty... I turned twenty years old in 1667.” She lightly feathered her fingertips over his high cheekbone and along his jaw line. “Are we going to discuss our crazy age differences, or are we going to make love?”

    He caught her mouth again and stroked down her body, pausing to pay special attention to her breasts and causing all kinds of tingles and shivers. He pushed her against the wall of the shower and kissed her to a feverish pitch as he parted her legs to stroke her. The hot coil of pleasure twisted in her low belly to an almost unbearable intensity.

    They were both heaving for breath when they broke the kiss. He met her gaze again before turning her around and putting her hands against the wall of the shower. He stroked her wet hair to her shoulders as she looked back at him.

    “Do you trust me?” he huskily asked.

    She nodded and swallowed. “Yes.”

    His sexy grin reassured her, and he pressed lightly on her shoulders. “Good. Bend over.”

    A delicious shiver of anticipation ran through her. He caressed down her back to her behind. She tossed her wet hair from her face and met his gaze over her shoulder. His eyes took on a soft low as he touched her with the tip of his erection.

    She expected him to take her fast and furiously, but she couldn’t have been more wrong. He entered her one incredible inch at time until he filled her completely.

    She cried out, and he groaned. He gripped her hips and set a sweet rhythm meant to torture as much as it was to pleasure. She tried moving faster, but he held her hips and controlled the pace. “Austin, more...” she moaned and fisted her hands against the tile.

    Damn, he was going to make her beg.

    But she didn’t have to. He growled her name and kicked things up. The coil spiraled faster and tighter in her low belly, but it wasn’t only her pleasure she felt. His pending release echoed along with hers. Light flashed around her and their sensations tumbled over themselves inside her like water over a waterfall.

    Austin let out a primitive shout and followed her over the edge.

    1. I need to read this book! *writes a note to self* Thank you for sharing this HOT shower scene. Slippery and wet...two great combinations!

  12. Wow! These are all really good! Great job, everyone!


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