September 28, 2012

Hot Friday Flames

A very quick self-promo announcement (tacky, I know.)
Remedy Maker is now available in print. You can find it here.
Also, my book trailer was featured on USA Today!! SQUEE!

Enough of that...let's get to the HEAT of the Flames...
Post your succulent scene. Dare others to do the same. I want some burnin' hot steam that'll torch my eyelashes!!
Go For It!

ps: leave a buy link or web address if you like.

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  1. CONGRATS on the print book Sheri and thanks for this opportunity!
    OK, from the upcoming ESCALATION CLAUSE, Stewart Realty Book 6 releasing NOVEMBER 4 (I'm doing a live book signing at Nicola's Books in Ann Arbor that day!)

    this is the first time this excerpt has appeared:

    Mo was chilled and burning hot at the same time. The tip of his tongue touched his upper lip. “Rafe,” she said, her voice a ghost of itself. “I’m…”
    He was in her space in an instant, his hand grasping the back of her neck, his lips mere centimeters from hers. “What, Maureen?” he asked. A simple question, and one she was prepared to answer. “Tell me what you want.” His lips brushed hers. That tore it.
    “You.” She gripped him, threaded her fingers in his hair and ended all the teasing all the flirting and all the agony in one firm press of lips. He ran his hands up her sides, reached back to flick her bra open and cupped her breast in a quick second. “Oh,” she exhaled, leaning back against the wall. He propped one hand beside her head and ran a finger down her face, around her jaw and touched her lips.
    “You sure about that?” his voice sang in her ears, added fuel to the fire already smoldering in her. Something in his voice, in his eyes, or in the firm torso mere inches from hers made her blink, then suck in a breath and let it go. Let it all go. To give in to the present and everything it represented for her. She nodded, and he kissed her, really kissed her, and she let him. The room disappeared—all she knew was this man, his lips and his hands and his words. “Maureen,” he sighed into her ear, when he broke the delectable contact, making her whimper and want his lips back on hers. “I was saving this for later,” he groaned when she slipped his shorts down. So convenient really, these easy access soccer clothes. “Mi amour,” he groaned. “Quiero cogerte.”
    He tilted his hips. The exquisite velvety sensation of his flesh in her hand made her sigh and groan all at once, embarrassing. Until he spoke.
    “I want to hear that noise all night. That one you make. I love it. And I plan to hear it. A lot.”
    He slid a hand up her thigh, found her panties, brushed them aside. She groaned, gripped his neck and looked into his eyes. “Rafe, I’m...I’m not this person, you know, I… Jesus.” She groaned when his fingertip found her clit and rubbed with intent. She held onto his bicep, and tried not to collapse against the wall. He grabbed her leg and pulled it up, kissing her, stroking her, yanking her shirt up, sucking her nipple. His hands and lips were everywhere, all over her. But she knew what she wanted. “Inside me,” she gasped as he yanked her other leg up, pinning her to the wall, his strong legs holding them in place.

    1. grats on the upcoming new release, Liz! And what an excerpt. Cold. Shower. Now. Needed.

    2. Love the up against the wall stuff. Really nice, and good luck with the release!

  2. Here is a link to the existing Stewart Realty series. Escalation Clause can be pre ordered from All Romance ebooks....

  3. Self promo is not a bad thing and I'm curling up with your book this weekend Sheri!! Can't wait.

    If I may, I'd like to submit a little Friday Flame of my own. From my paranormal romance The Selkie:

    As the first of several orgasms that night reduced her to mush, she lay in his arms, unable to move or reciprocate. Eventually, he removed his lips from her skin. He turned her gently around, sat on the bale and pulled her into his lap, making her straddle him. Her head fell onto his strong shoulders, and she breathed him in. He smelled of the sea. He smelled of her. He smelled wonderful. She embraced him with all the strength she had left, which wasn’t much.
    Calan laughed, and her chest moved as his rumbled. “Don’t tell me you’re worn out, dear heart. I’m not done pleasuring you,” he threatened in silky tones.
    “Please,” she managed to spit out, not even sure how she was planning to end her sentence.
    He gripped her hips and guided her to his cock. She looked down between their bodies. It seemed bigger than ever, formidable. However, there was no hesitation on Calan’s part as he positioned her above him. Holding her there, he whispered, “Maggie, look at me.”
    She did. And he impaled her on his body.
    As her voice escaped as a near sob, she threw her head back down on his shoulder and held him tight. Calan would have none of it. “Woman,” he commanded, “I said, look at me.”
    She lifted her eyes toward his and kept them trained on him as he fucked her hard. His eyes were large and dark and full of adoration for her. A faint sheen of sweat broke out on his face, and she leaned forward and licked it from him, making him thrust even harder. He felt so good, filled her so completely. She felt embraced by a warm sea, buoyed up by salty waves.

    Available here: and all ebooksellers!
    Thanks Sheri.

    1. Love Selkie stories, and I'm glad I dropped by to read Friday Flames and discovered this book. Popping it straight into my to-read list for sure!

    2. Thanks so much JoAnne! That's really kind of you! I do love me some selkies too! Have a great weekend. :)

    3. Had to double check my mythology, but damn! Selkies? That's so cool. I'm off to look at it some more. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Congrat, Sheri on going to print! So exciting! And thanks for hosting Friday Flames!

    Here's an excerpt from my new release, Crash Landing:

    He rushed to the right, his rod too hard to wait. The slurping, sucking, and cries of pleasure continued as he reached the entrance behind which the action took place. The door ajar, he dared a quick glimpse into the room. With a gasp, he stepped back into the hall, but could not take his eyes off the sight in front of him.

    With her rounded pink ass and swollen sex folds in full view, a woman went to work sucking off a man. The musky scent of her desire wound through his nasal passages and drew him closer. She rested on her hands and knees on a platform, while the guy kneeled in front of her. But unlike any beings he had ever seen on the vids of Earth, the guy had blue skin. Not his deep, almost indigo shade, but lighter, closer to the color of the water he’d landed in. Long blond hair flowed over his shoulders, onto his muscular chest.

    The man held the woman’s shoulders with his webbed hands—yes, webbed hands—drawing her on and off his dick. “You have the mouth of an angel.” He threw his head back and thrust faster and faster between her lips.

    The sight stimulated Cael. They weren’t trying to make babies; it seemed they were having sexual relations for pleasure. He yearned not only to bury his face in the wet pussy in front of him, but to taste the man’s blue dick, feel it inside of him. Back on Narien, he’d crafted his own devices made from the soft, flimsy bark of the totmos plant, to experience the pleasure both men and women felt in the stadium, why they cried out during mating, but never seemed injured. And learn he had, anxious to be ready when he reached his thirtieth year and was allowed to mate. He’d turned that age a half year ago, with no one on his ship to be his partner. Would he finally have an opportunity?

    When the man lowered his head again, his brilliant blue eyes flashed open, fixing on Cael.

    Oh shit. But he couldn’t move. He couldn’t stop watching.

    The man slowed his movements to long drawn out strokes, but didn’t stop. “It seems our guest has finally woken up.”

    “And?” the woman mumbled around his cock.

    “He appears healed.” The man winked at him. “And from the hard-on he’s sporting, very anxious to join in.”

    More information and buy links can be found here:

    Thanks again, Sheri, and have a great weekend!

    1. Wowzas, Jessica! HAWT stuff. Looking forward to reading the full story. *fans self*

  5. Thanks for hosting Friday Flames! Love this idea. What a great way to find some new hawt reads.
    Grats on landing a USA Today spot for your book trailer, too. How awesome is that? WOOT

    Okay... I'm posting a scene from Bittersweet Symphony - a old-friend to lovers story set in Wales as told by vampire Estella in Tales from the Coffin bk3 Available to purchase in most ebook stores for just 1.99

    FYI - cariad means love or dear in Welsh. Tis explained in the story earlier on, and thought I best clarify that for y'all.

    He loosened his grip and swept a few errant hazelnut-colored locks from her face. Lingering, he circled his thumb over her cheekbones—whisper-soft—and sighed. “I shouldn’t have let you go, cariad. Forgive me?” His tone had lowered. Husky, all come-to-bed like.
    “Are you teasing me?”
    He shook his head, eyes filled with regret. “Kiss me?” He took his hat off and peeled away his coat, revealing a long-sleeved knit sweater clinging to the curves of his biceps.
    He slammed the door shut with a boot and swept her into his arms. “I’ve always loved you. I didn’t know it until you left. I’m so sorry, Seren.”
    She nodded, pressing into him and clinging for dear life. “Better late than never.”
    Using her tongue, she parted his lips to explore his mouth. His warm, erratic breath and strong hold welcomed her into deeper kisses. Frantic. Desperate. She sank her fingers into the hair curled over his nape and pulled him closer still.
    She couldn’t believe it. She was snogging the mud pie-making, tampon- throwing, Spiderman climbing Owen. Judging by his erection prodding at her stomach, he was as thrilled as she.
    He roamed her bottom over her clothes. At that moment, she resented her mother’s quilted dressing gown. Breasts were next for his attentive touch, and the plump flesh of her tits squished up with the pressure.
    Pulling away, he glared down. “This dressing gown has to go.” He tugged at the knotted rope, loosened the tangled mess, and slipped the granny-styled nuisance to the floor to reveal a red number. Why she’d been wearing it, she’d never know. It wasn’t like she thought anyone would see her in it. But there she was, laced to the nines with her hard nipples poking through.
    “Much better.” He leaned in and flicked his tongue over her semi-exposed nub, causing the delicate mesh of her negligee to scrape at the sensitive skin. Another lick. Then he puckered his mouth around her nipple and lapped at her areola.
    Heat pooled in her stomach. Need swallowed her whole. Starved of his love for so long, she became focused on one thing: Owen sliding inside her and completing her.

    1. This is awesome JoAnne! I have a Welsh hero and he uses the term "cariad"- it's such a pretty word. So endearing...and very hot! Great excerpt!

    2. Okay, I have to say it... the thing I noticed wasn't the sex, it was the *voice*. The rhythm, the pattern of the dialogue--it's very unique and that's HARD to do, especially in a sexy scene. I'm impressed--thanks for sharing.

  6. Congrats, Sherri!

    Here's a little sexy from my newest release Passion's Pain...

    He stood up and extended his hand for her. She took it but he saw the curiosity in her eyes.
    He led her in the direction of the huge floor length mirror that hung on the opposite side of the room and stood behind her, never taking his eyes away from hers in the reflection. She raised her
    hands and wrapped them around his neck, resting her head against his shoulder. The innocent smile she threw him in the mirror shot straight to his balls.
    “Such an eager little girl you are.” He allowed his hands to explore her body, starting with her hips, and then slowly moving underneath her tank top, stopping to touch her stomach with the pads of his thumbs. He pulled the shirt over her head and tossed it to the floor before moving his lips to her neck as his hands found their way to her perfectly aroused nipples.
    “Jack,” she whispered.
    The sound of her sexy voice calling out his name drove him wild with need. He’d taken her in the shower not but an hour ago, but he was hard and ready to go. As he kissed the back of her neck, he hooked his fingers in her tight boy shorts and slipped them down her long, silky legs.
    She stepped out of them and kicked them aside.
    “Perfect,” he said as he took in her beauty. He trailed his hand down, placing it flat against her stomach and pulling her back flush against his chest. “My cock is so hard for you right now.”
    He slipped his hand further down and palmed her wet, hot pussy. She pressed against his hand, trying to seek out more friction. He gave her what she'd wanted by pressing his finger just inside her entrance, moving it along her slick slit.

    1. Mirror's always add a certain spice, don't they? Great scene. :)

  7. Congrats on the print release Sheri! Wow Friday Flames is a great idea. Thanks for letting us all share!

    Here's a little excerpt form my new book, Negotiating Skills...

    “If you turn to page six of your folios you’ll see comparison metrics of this new version versus the original.”
    She paused briefly as everyone around the table began flipping through their folios.
    She stared pointedly at Victor and he gave himself a mental shake. He had been so wrapped up in watching her that he hadn’t wanted to take his eyes away from her.
    He looked down at his own report and began to flip through the pages. When he reached the sixth page his breath caught in his throat.
    Sweet Jesus, he thought before lifting the folio and tilting it in towards his chest, effectively blocking anyone’s view of the page.
    His eyes quickly scanned the other folios around the table. Nothing seemed unusual and no one else seemed surprised in anyway.
    Victor stared back at his folio and gulped in a mouthful of air. On his page surrounded by innocuous technical jargon and charts was an image of a decidedly more graphic nature.
    The image was of Veronica dressed exactly as she was at that moment, but with several important exceptions. The image showed her facing away from the camera. She was slightly bent forward with her skirt raised up around her hips. Her fingers were hooked into her thong which was dragged down just passed the juncture of her thighs giving Victor a perfect view of her luscious ass and pussy from behind.
    Sweat broke across his forehead as Victor struggled to breathe. He was amazed no one heard the sound of his dick smacking the zipper of pants. The image in front of him had him hard as a spike in seconds.
    “Is there a problem, Mr. Rossi,” came Veronica’s husky voice from across the room.
    Victor raised his heated gaze to meet hers. She quirked an eyebrow at him as a small flirty smile played across her lips.

    Negotiating Skills is available for download via Amazon, All Romance(ARe), Barnes & Noble and Kobo.

    More information and Buy Links can be found here:

    1. Love the public factor! Very nice.

    2. Lol, thanks! I had a lot of fun writing that scene :)

  8. Hey - it's your site you get to "shamelessly promo" on it all you want.

    This is an unedited snippet from my latest WIP. Capri's Fate. Capri and Thal are on a yacht in teh middle of the Java Sea.

    "You okay?" Capri's face was lined with worry as she gripped his bicep.
    Thal blinked. "Yeah, I was just thinking."
    "Thinking? You were zoned out." She held up a small brown basket. "Look what I found. I packed some cheese and crackers and a good French Bordeaux."
    "Let me put some swim trunks on. I'll be right back."
    Capri placed the basket in the zodiac and checked her bag. "Sunscreen. Lip balm. Sunglasses."
    Shaking her head, she didn't look up from her bag.
    He placed his finger under her chin and raised her face. Undoing the knot that held the bottom of her shirt, Thal slipped it off her shoulders and let it fall to the deck. "You won't be needing that. Or this." He tugged at the strap of her bikini top.
    Capri's eyes widened as she glanced around. "I couldn't. What if…"
    "There is no what if. There's no one around." He stepped closer and placed his mouth by her ear. "My intentions are not honorable. I loved what happened last night. You were incredible. So free in the giving of yourself and letting me explore you."
    He brushed his lips across her ear. "I want more."
    She raised you gaze to meet his. "So do I." She reached behind and released the ties to her top. It slipped from her body and fell to the deck.
    Overcome by the urge, he leaned closer, pressed his mouth on hers and communicated his lust. A jolt of electricity shot through him when she responded. Her breasts pressed against his chest as his erection grew and pressed into her hip.
    It would only take a moment. He could sweep her to the floor and be between her legs, wallowing in the luxury that awaited him. He pulled back with a groan. Panting, he gasped out, "Let's go, or I'll do you right here on the deck."

    1. Who *wouldn't* want to have sex with a sexy man like that in the middle of the Java Sea? Where's my Dramamine... ? :)

  9. Congrats on going to print, Sheri!

    This is the first of two shorts in my anthology Hot Shots titled Spring Cleaning.

    “The Juicer, eh? This looks promising.” His accent was enough to set anyone on fire. Rough and low.
    Resting one knee on her bed, Sam pushed her back until she was once more reclined against her pillows. His eyes never leaving her face, he put the box beside her and taking her hand, guided it down her plushness until he reached her thighs. The hunger etched in his face made her tremble. He released her to grab the container, opened it, and retrieved the most deliciously scary toy she'd ever seen. Made all of Pyrex glass, the rainbow swirled thing resembled that of a hand cranked orange juicer.
    He held it out to her. “Put it in and crank it. I'll tell you what to do so you can get wet for me. Do it. Now.”
    Blinking slowly she hesitantly did as he asked and as the first inch of ribbed decadence entered her hole, she groaned and spread her legs wider. The widest section of the head was sucked in by her greedy cunt, seating the stubby shaft and wide base nicely within her. Leanore was already slick from his words. How much more wet could she get? With trembling fingers she pinched the ball like knob and cranked a full three hundred and sixty degrees. Her breath came out in a shaky gust, the intensity being almost too much. She rotated again, finally circling the toy inside her at a steady pace.
    “Faster and move it in and out while you do.” He ordered.
    Mindlessly she obeyed and moaned as a coil of desire tightened in her belly.
    “Feels good doesn't it?”
    “Oh god, yes!” She arched her back.
    “Good beautiful. Now stop turning and just ride it until you're about to come.” Sam's husky voice reverberated from the place where the juicer was embedded to her tight nipples.
    Giving them both what Sam wanted, Leanore's hips pumped in unison with the toy's movements and she found herself at that point between heaven and hell. The one she only heard whispers about. Her thighs, fingers, and the mattress were coated in her juices as her musky scent saturated the room. It was a heady combination. Stiffening her body, the ribbed head brushed her sweet spot, making her toes curl in anticipation of her approaching climax. She was right there...almost...

    1. I am now going to go Google "The Juicer." This is what you've reduced me to...

  10. Hey thanks, Sherri!
    Here's an excerpt from Cutaway, the sequel to Action. It's a M/M erotic romance with light BDSM and heavy love!
    Zack’s head hit the pillow at the opposite end of the couch with Steve leaning over him to continue the kiss, which no longer stopped at his lips. Zack’s gaze was riveted as Steve’s lips grazed the pink lines where the flogger had landed. “Steve…”
    “Yes?” He looked up with Zack’s nipple in his mouth.
    Zack lost his words with the brushing of his tongue against the raw skin and Steve’s eyes connecting with his. He crossed his ankles behind Steve’s back and, never breaking eye contact, said, “Please.” Steve kissed him and ducked out of Zack’s legs. Oh shit. I pushed too far. He’s not in the mood. After my breakdown, why would he be? “Sorry.”
    But Steve took his hand to help him stand and said, “Nothing to be sorry for. I want a larger surface to enjoy you on.” Zack looked around the room before walking to the bed he was previously tied to. “What’s wrong?” Steve asked.
    “I don’t know. I feel…watched.”
    Steve squeezed his ass as he helped Zack onto the bed. “Well…I’m watching you. Otherwise, we’re alone.” He pressed his body to Zack’s and whispered, “I really like what I see, especially the heart shaped dimple right here.” His hand went again the area he just squeezed.
    Zack groaned, forgetting about his paranoia. He bent his knees, reclined back on his forearms and made the ‘come hither’ motion with his finger to Steve. “Come get it then.”
    Fingers flying to the button of his leather pants, Steve growled when they wouldn’t budge, “Seriously? This is when leather is a problem.”
    “Want help?” Zack asked, suppressing a giggle, or trying. He crawled across the bed, and reached for the discarded powder. After some struggle and powder, Steve’s pants fell to his boots. His lover’s ankle was more swollen then Zack had seen it in weeks. “Are you—?”
    “Fine, except for the need to be close to the man I love.” Steve joined him on the bed, laying on his side and bringing Zack to him.
    The pause slowed the couple. Naked bodies were drawn together like magnets. Zack pursed his lips and sighed as they were met. Steve kissed to Zack’s ear and down his neck. The simple contact made Zack’s member jump into Steve’s hardened one. Eyes locked. “I love you.”
    “I love you, too.” The words were unnecessary, but comforting as Steve lifted Zack’s leg over his. His tongue prodded Zack’s lips as his lubed finger entered his exposed hole, still stretched from the plug earlier. Through the course of the kiss, Steve slicked himself with the lube and pushed in. “Oh…babe…”
    Tightening his muscles, Zack responded, “Yes,” which could have been an answer, or a confirmation of pleasure. Both seemed most likely.
    Steve’s thrusts went from slow to rapid, and back again. He gripped Zack’s shaft, moving in time with their bodies. Zack’s vision blurred from the assault of sensations as Steve’s cock hit the cluster of nerve ending buried inside, and his thumb massaged under the head of the shaft he stroked. “Please come for me. I can’t hold out much longer.”
    “I thought you’d never ask.” Zack collapsed in his arms upon release.

    Cutaway on Amazon: and AllRomance

    1. LOVED the leather line. That's just awesome. I mean, the sex was very nice, but I rarely find myself chuckling when I'm reading and I think that's a sign of great dialogue. Thanks for sharing. :)

  11. Congrats on the print release, Sheri!! Very exciting to hold that book in your hand, isn't it? Loved the FF this week, as always! Very hot!!

  12. Congrats on going into print!

    Divorce, Interrupted

    It was so right with his male scent surrounding her as they opened the can. He pushed the opened one aside and reached for the other one. Together, they took care of that one as well. She must be getting a fever. Perspiration beaded on her forehead when Todd pushed the can away, but retained her hands. His fingers slid along hers. The trembling had stopped as tremors moved to other parts of her body.

    Her legs were limp noodles as his breath whispered at her ear. “I know I shouldn’t, but, God, I want you.”

    Her voice was a mere whisper. “I need you.”

    She turned in his arms. In a rush, their lips met in a heated kiss. No mere friendly peck. This held all the passion she always enjoyed in his arms. It was magical. It was hot. It was coming home. Her mind was a whirlwind of passion, lost feelings, and remembered hunger. Todd had always been the perfect lover and their months apart setting afire the kinder of her hidden love.

    She clung to his arms as if to a life ring in a stormy sea. His tongue forced its way into her mouth to tangle with hers. He tasted of cinnamon gum and hot passion. A moan sounded in the kitchen. She wasn’t sure whether it was her ex’s or her own.

    A chill shot up her back as she broke apart from Todd for a second to allow him to remove her top. The cold evaporated as he removed his shirt and she plastered herself to his chest. His constant hot body heat an aphrodisiac of remembrance. She moaned as his lips found hers again.

    His fingers tangled in her hair and ripped the rubber band out. The momentary pain gone as he kneaded her scalp with long, strong fingers. An orgasmic thrill shot through her to her core, flooding her with warmth and wetness.

    Her fingers struggled with his belt buckle, while he toe-pushed his shoes off. He helped and his pants slid to the floor, with hers quickly following. His arms cradled her as they fell to the kitchen rug. His hands were everywhere at once as he set her skin on fire.

    Her fingers grasped his thick hair as he expertly undid her bra with one hand and yanked it from her body. Her breasts were cold for a second until Todd’s mouth latched on and scorched her with the heat of his tongue and lips.

    She arched her back, pressing herself to Todd. Wanting to feel every inch of him against her body. An ache built in her throat and tears flooded her eyes. She’d missed every second of this. This feeling alive and loved.

    Todd’s fingers traveled up her thigh to her drenched panties. She whimpered deep in her throat as he teased her, his fingers moving slowly back and forth on the surface of her underwear. Her face heated at the thought of her plain cotton panties. Before, Todd was always begging for teddies and nighties and sexy underwear.

    All thoughts of what she could have worn were gone as Todd ripped her panties to shreds and tossed them aside. Her gasp at his unexpected behavior was lost as his fingers and his tongue plunged into her at the same time.

    The matching rhythms above and below were too much as Lisa knew her climax was
    coming swiftly. Todd swallowed her cries as his fingers moved faster and faster. She closed her eyes and gave in to the passion. She hadn’t felt like this in years.

    Her nails dug into Todd’s arms as his kisses and sexual movements sent her to the apex and over the edge. Her hips arched, her insides clenched, and her cries echoed louder than the torrential downpour outside.

    Her musky scent reached her nose as Todd’s fingers trailed across her body. He reached her mouth and she licked his fingers, coated with her musky scent and his strong, clean smell she loved.

    Her gasps for breath slowed, her heartbeat returned to a normal pace as Todd’s fingers found her breasts and his lips traveled to her cheek. His mouth moved to her ear, with his tongue swirling around and upping her heart rate again.

    “Nice to see your boyfriend taught you some new tricks.”

    Divorce, Interrupted

    1. Okay, that was hot, and then I really wanted to smack him.

      Is that normal? *sigh*

  13. USA Today? That's amazing! I'm so happy that Rhycious is getting all the attention he deserves. Oh, and you, too, of course. :)

    Thanks for letting us share our titillating tales... it's always a great way to find new things that float our boat.

    This scene is from my newest title Making Mina 2: Strings Attached. The first part of the story is currently free at Amazon.

    “Hold on to me. Tightly.”

    With only that warning, Marco began to move in earnest. His hands held her in an iron grasp as he drew nearly all the way out only to slam completely back in so she felt every inch of him pounding through her. Her head fell back, her neck arched until her blonde curls spread wildly behind her, her body bowed in pleasure. Her nails bit into his shoulders leaving little half-moons as he fucked her through the spasms of her orgasm.

    “Oh God,” she cried, as she felt him thrusting, pounding, giving her no chance to come down or catch her breath. “I want you to come again.” That dark voice cut through the haze in her brain, but surely what he was asking was impossible.

    “I can’t,” she moaned as he shifted again, pushing and pulling through the sucking tightness of her pussy.

    “You can, and you will.” Marco lifted her from the bed, pulling from her for as long as it took to flip her face-down into the comforter. He raised her hips in line with his own, her body unresisting, until her shoulders and arms rested on a pillow below him, and he plunged his cock back into her depths.

    This position was new to her but the surprise was quickly overcome by the sensation of Marco reaching even deeper than before, his cock hitting spots inside her that she’d never even known existed. A groan of pleasure escaped her and Marco grunted in satisfaction. He slammed into her, not giving her a chance to adjust. He pressed one palm between her shoulders and pushed her down into the bed, his other hand tight on her hip as he rode her hard. Mina could hear the slapping of skin on skin as he practically bounced off the curve of her ass.

    Mina had never experienced anything like it. Even with Marco before, he hadn’t been this forceful, this insistent. He was lost in her and it was intoxicating.

    Marco slid his hand from her hip, around until his fingers found the point where they were joined. He thrummed across her clit, catching it and worrying it until she felt her climax teetering just out of her reach.

    “I’m going to make you come for me again,” he said, his words were matter-of-fact, but his voice was rough with passion. He rolled her clit between his fingers, once, twice, and then she screamed.

    She was flying. Nothing else could describe the feeling—she barely heard her own ragged breathing, or the slapping of skin as Marco continued to move. He was so deep inside her that she could feel her pussy flexing and undulating along his length, until the contractions finally snapped his control. He grabbed her hips with both hands, his grip was so tight he left bruises in his wake, and began to thrust as much as her body would allow. She pulsed and constricted around him, and he plunged into her, over and over, through the sucking fist of her pussy, until he couldn’t hold back anymore. His balls pulled up tight and he stiffened behind her, coming inside her with a strangled groan.

  14. Wow, I'm swallowing hard. These are great.

    A scene from my soon to be released contemporary bull riding cowboy, Howdy, Ma'am. Never before seen-- (except by my editor)

    Caulder unlocked the door and closed it upon stepping in, but instead of releasing her, he eased her against it, holding her hands above her head. Kissing seemed to never end. She fell into his arms. When he ended the kiss, he nibbled her ear, and whispered, "I want you," and ended it with a lick against her lobe. Slowly, he kissed lower to her neck while unbuttoning the top two buttons and exposing her ample breasts. Velia moaned and her legs weakened. She laced her fingers through his hair and compressed a handful.

    Caulder dropped to his knees and unbuttoned her jeans, pulling the zipper down in one motion. He rolled the waistband of her panties down, lowering them with one tug. She leaned against the door and held his shoulders, consumed by his sexual energy. Her high heels went flying and she stepped out of her jeans without taking her eyes off his face, hungry for what he offered.

    His gaze locked with hers and he smiled. “Mm, sparks in your eyes, sweetie. What do you want, love?" He took a deep breath. "Tell me. Tell me what you want," he said, as he pulled her thighs apart. "Or you're going to get what I want." He smiled when she sucked in her breath. Her legs fell weak. He spread her apart, and she sensed what he was about to do down there. The look on his face excited her. He smiled as if getting ready to take a bite of a sweet treat, and entered her soft, honey slick folds with his anxious tongue.

    Velia's breaths quickened, her legs brittle with weakness. Her emotions grew strong, her body hot. Caulder took her in a way so gentle she screamed without realizing. Her whole insides exploded when the orgasm came unexpectedly, quickly, as if she had been waiting for it most of her life. Maybe she had been. She fisted his hair, pulling, not knowing her strength when hot in ecstasy.
    Once she stopped trembling, Caulder picked her up and carried her to the bed. "I'm not finished with you." He began again, using his fingers to probe, tickle, and stroke until she purred like a rebuilt, classic car motor. "Is that what you wanted? You didn't tell me, I had to guess."

    Her whispers were low, erratic— "You guessed...right."
    "I'm going to do it again, but this time you're free to let go. Let loose your screams, free your wild side.... "

    Howdy, Ma'am Coming Soon
    Mary J. McCoy-Dressel Books

  15. Congrats on the physical book, Sheri. Thanks for this opportunity.

    This excerpt is from my Under water fantasy Series, Brothers of Element Series. Book I “Dagger” by Cora Blu
    After convincing Drew his human female mate to live beneath the ocean with him, they mate for the first time. After allowing Drew, his marine biologist life mate, to label his body while he stretched out on the floor, he’d hit his limit of being teased. Dagger, Atlantic tiger shark king, took over the situation.
    “YOU WILL REMAIN on your knees,” he commanded, removing his robe from her body, seeing the slick, glossy skin between her legs. “You are wet, Drew,” he said, stating the visually obvious while running a finger through the sweet syrup her body gifted him. Her hips jerked in response to his touch. He licked the sweet cream from his fingers, over his tongue. Its gentle, lemon aroma embedded in his mind forever.
    The sight of her kneeling on the white fur rug, forearms braced on the limestone fireplace hearth, offering herself to him, was his dream. That invading, gray stare was peering at him over her shoulder. It gave rise to his hard body, eager for her tight chamber, the walls squeezing him breathless.
    He slid his fingers up the backs of her firm thighs, cupping her behind, thinking that is where he would like to bite her. Her smooth skin tortured him, teasing him to thrust deep inside her tight, wet body. He could not take her so violently, though, although that is exactly how he wanted her. But not this first time and scare her from his bed. No. He would make her love him, slow and gentle.
    “Do not pull away from me,” he said. “You have the most beautiful, round ass.” Pressing his tongue down her center, he found the delicate pinkish-brown flesh another surprise taunting him.
    “Uh,” she groaned, then sucked in a gasp as he lapped the juices easing from her body.
    “You taste of sunshine… warm.” He slid his tongue between her folds, slow and deep, sucking and licking her. Grazing his teeth across her behind, a soft moan escaped her throat.
    He could not believe how amazing they were together. With the tip of his tongue, he found the ridge just inside her and rubbed back and forth. Drew dropped her arms flat to the floor, pressed her forehead down and her behind higher in the air. He found her spot, pressed a hand to her back tipping her hips up higher. When he felt her hand reaching around, urging him closer, deeper. He obliged, working her body, and pushing it past control until her screams were ragged.

  16. This if from my shifter novella One Wild Vegas Night coming out October 2012.

    She felt so fragile in his arms, once again triggering his strongest protective instincts, and he could feel the heat spreading through him where they touched. As they stared into each other eyes, their faces so close he felt her warm breath against his skin, the music slowed to a sexier beat and the mood between them suddenly turned serious.
    Gazes locked, breath mingling, the tension began to build between them until they both trembled from the force of it. Raising her up Sol pulled Hannah to him, pressing his body firmly against her luscious curves, leaving no space between them. He heard her gasp and when his hand dropped down to cup her ass, pulling it tight against his aching erection, she moaned.
    Hannah's hands moved up to grip his shoulders and his other hand moved to cup the back of her neck, clasping her to him. Then he began to move against her, guiding her body in a slow rocking motion. An erotic movement that pressed their lower bodies together even harder, bringing her hot core against his rock hard arousal. He growled low in his throat at the sensation and Hannah's lids dipped, her fingers digging into him.
    "Dios. I want you so much, Hannah. I want to touch you, taste you. I...I need to be inside you." Her lids flew open at his words and he could see the desire simmering in her eyes.

    I'm being interviewed at and if you comment and like my FB page you have a chance to win a copy when its released in October!

  17. This is from my upcoming release, S&M III, Vol. II, which will be out on Monday!


    “Hello, Ms. Harlow,” Scott moaned over the phone. “Are you busy?”

    “I’m just wrapping up something here,” Mariana looked around to make sure none of the interns were going to hear the conversation. She had an idea what direction it was heading to. “How can I help you, Sir?”

    “Ooh, ‘Sir….’” Scott purred. “I think I like it when you call me sir.”

    “Okay, Sir…” Mariana loved hearing Scott’s Southern drawl over the phone. Any insecurities slowly dissipated as the heat between her thighs got warmer. “How can I help you, Sir?”

    “I want you to unbutton the first two buttons of your blouse,” Scott instructed.

    Mariana reached over and unbuttoned her blouse. “Done, Sir.”

    “Good girl,” Scott chuckled a little, “I want you to reach in and massage one of your breasts but try not to be obvious about it.”
    Mariana slipped a hand inside and pretended she was adjusting her bra. “I’m doing it, Sir.”

    “How does it feel?”

    “It feels good, Sir.” Mariana whispered.

    “Is your little friend still there?” Scott asked.

    Mariana knew he was referring to Caprina. “Yes, Sir.”

    “Good,” Scott leaned back in his chair, “I want you to lean back in your chair and begin to play with your pussy.”

    “What?” Mariana surely didn’t hear what she thought she heard.

    “Play with your pussy. You can’t make too much noise, though. Everyone will hear you and we don’t want that, do we?” Scott purred.

    Scott wanted Mariana to get off with Him on the phone and directly in front of Caprina. The thought both intrigued Mariana and turned her on. “No, we don’t want that, Sir.”

    She hastily unfastened her slacks and unzipped them. She slipped a hand inside and was surprised to find she was already wet. She hated that it didn’t take much effort from Scott to make that happen.

  18. UNDERCURRENT by Zenobia Renquist
    Available at Changeling Press
    Erotic Paranormal Romance


    Not enough water had gathered for Hotsuma to form his body but he didn't let that stop him. Using the water flowing from the showerhead as his hands, he caressed Lulu's ample breasts. Lulu arched into the spray with a muted moan of pleasure.

    Her body was still hot and ready from the encounter in the pool room. Hotsuma used that to his advantage. He curved the water between her legs so he could tease her pussy. She spread her legs as far as the tub would allow her and jutted her hips forward.

    Hotsuma inserted one finger into her hole while he teased her clit with his thumb. Lulu moaned loud and long. The sound made Hotsuma's dick ache to be inside her. Soon. The tub almost had enough water for him to form a body. Almost. He redirected as much water as he dared to fill the tub faster.

    In the mean time, his sweet Lulu leaned back against the shower wall and rotated her hips against the hand he used to pleasure her pussy. He wanted to know her taste. Could he taste in this form?

    Buy Now: Changeling Press
    You can also read the full first chapter online at D. Renee Bagby Presents First Chapters

    ~ Zenobia Renquist

  19. I'm Late! LOL This is from MORE SEX Which is FREE Saturday the 29th and Sunday the 30th at AMAZON.

    Pearl embraced him tighter. “You’ve been my lover in all kinds of fantasies, yummy man.”
    “You will have to tell me about all of them and I will make you act each and every one of them out.”
    “Oh, yes! The one where I make you mad and you're thrusting into me while spanking me? It was so god dammed sumptuous!”
    Chuckling at her glee, he rose up, grabbed his discarded tie, and gently wrapped it around her neck.
    As though he had placed diamonds around her neck, Pearl gasped with awe while she watched his actions.
    Cinching it with a looped knot, he intently pulled the knot lower, so it would stay tied while loosely hanging around her neck. Wearing that satisfied, brilliant smile, he towed her toward him with it and kissed her, sticking his tongue into her mouth.
    Pearl dreamed of kissing him and feeling his mouth on hers. The taste of him was so delicious and the sensation of fulfillment it gave her was so much better than dreams. Her body rippled with pure delight as he delved deeper into her mouth with his skillful hot tongue while tightening his hold on the tie, towing her up against his body until her breasts were sliding against his sleek chest. The feel of his warm skin meeting there, as his mouth possessed hers, sent electric shocks from her nipples across her shivering body. Her thigh muscles jerked and she was climaxing as he bit lightly on her lower lip. Oh, God! I came again?


Welcome to my romantic world - I look forward to your comment!