September 21, 2012

Friday Flames

Hot as the dry Santa Ana winds, Friday Flames reaches a flickering heat to readers and writers.

Please feel free to leave your short scene, the one that creates steam for the audience and fogs up our screen. Add your buy link if you have one.

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Here's a quick excerpt from Remedy Maker, now available in print (

Rhycious brushed the hair off her cheek, then let his hand slide behind her nape. He leaned down to find her lips with his own, and she lowered her arms to circle his neck.

 Patience found herself swaying. The movement of his tongue, the soft laps inside her mouth—as if he stroked her inner thighs.

“More,” she said, and twisted her body to get closer to him, forcing his free arm to go around her.

“Any more and I’ll have us naked on the ground.”


An image of warm sun baking on bare skin sounded simply delicious. A step back in time to the days when Nymphs wore little clothing, if any, and lived to frolic their days away.

Rhy’s powerful arms wrapped tight and held her against his hard body, crushing her breasts to his chest. He slowly straightened to his full six-and-a-half foot height. Mouths locked in dueling action, eyes closed, Patience let her boots dangle useless in the air. His groans echoed in her mouth every time she pushed her hips against his.

 Oh, woodland gods. She was so into him. Driving hot, deep, fast, and firm with her tongue, feeling him come unglued—one moan at a time.


  1. Scene from Catastrophic Crosswinds: Part of the Aerosexual Series.
    “There’s nothing you can do to distract me, Drake, absolutely nothing. I’m like a rock, even better than Ben Stein,” I said to him. I couldn’t seem to relax the Cheshire grin that crossed my lips, nor could I tell whether the butterflies tickling my core were caused by him or the flight.
    “Is that so?”
    “Yes, I’m a professional pilot,” I said and glanced over at him.
    He was loosening his harness. Drake reached his long arm across and let his fingers graze against the bare skin of my upper arm. It sent shivers through me and he smirked at my goose bumps. “Are you sure there’s nothing I can do to distract you?” he playfully prodded my breast. I shook my head in response, despite the fact that I missed what the last radio call and had to ask them to say again. There was an alarm going off in my head that I should have listened to, but I was too enthralled by his touch. He reached his hand further across my chest, caressing my breast through the dress as his fingers slipped into the spaces between my buttons. His fingers toyed with the edge of my lace bra and I felt my heartbeat quicken.
    The full expanse of the sky was in front of my eyes, the features of the earth retreating and I took a deep breath as I felt excitement growing within me. I could see the mountains growing as we approached from the East and the ground started to reach up towards us once more; the tall trees grew thicker along the pass and guided us towards our route.

    1. Mile High Club...with the pilot? This looks interesting! Thanks for sharing!!

  2. Awesome post, Sheri!! Delicious!
    I'd love to share one from my contemporary erotic romance Up In Flames.

    She longed to touch him, to run her tongue along the length of his thick shaft and taste him. Inspired, she began to sit up and reached out.
    “No way,” he whispered, looking decidedly evil. “Fair’s fair. Now we take that thong off.”
    “Oh my.”
    “Oh my, indeed.” He hooked his fingers under the elastic and slowly tugged. “Wiggle those delicious hips a little for me, honey. Yeah, that’s it.”
    Panting, Jules watched as he slid the thong down her legs. He tossed it to the side and returned his heated ghaze to her body. He was still standing there, not moving, his muscles clenched. “Why don’t you join me on the bed, Captain?”
    “Not yet,” he whispered. “Jules, let me see you.”
    She blushed again. “You mean…?”
    He grinned his sexy, eat-you-up grin. The one which made her insides roil with lust. The one she couldn’t say no to. And for the first time in her life, Juliet let a man see her. Really see her. She let her legs fall apart and watched as Shane gulped. His penis jumped as he looked at her, eager to contribute to the proceedings. He didn’t say anything for the longest time.
    She should have felt awkward, too, should have felt some modicum of modesty. But she didn’t. It felt wonderful to have him look at her like that. All hungry and appreciative. It felt right. As if he was meant to see her so intimately.
    He finally dragged his eyes up to hers, his lascivious grin now a sweet smile. “I’m sorry. I don’t mean to ogle you. You’re just the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. You take my breath away, Juliet.”

    1. No modesty for that girl! Yee-Haw!! You go Rosanna. Awesome excerpt!

  3. Ha! Love it, ladies! Sheri, you're pretty rocking with your Friday Flames. I'll have to drop in later to read more excerpts. :)

    1. You drop in whenever you want, Melissa! You're always welcome on the Flames.

  4. Hi, Sheri! Your Rhycious certainly is delicious, and I'm sure that was in your mind when you named him that. Here's my contribution (I still have a few other R-scenes and one X in my novel that you haven't seen):

    A kiss is a moment in which two people share the sensations of their lips, and maybe their tongues, their teeth, their noses, their cheeks. In this moment out of time, Hector and Anna kissed with their full bodies, enabled by the arc of Anna’s back to be in contact from knees to thighs to hips to chest to lips. There was no question of fondling; that would wait for later. The bodies were locked, fully engaged though, not counting the hands squeezed under each other’s tops, fully clothed.

    Hector took a step forward. Anna drew her leg backward. This dance step moved them toward the sofa, where Anna took control. She turned their locked bodies to the sofa, and resting her right foot in its lace-up platform sandal on the pillows, slid her hand up to bare Hector’s chest. His left leg followed. Anna’s hands seemed to move without will as she relaxed into the sofa and lifted Hector’s shirt over his head. Freshly bared, Hector’s left nipple, then his right, met Anna’s lips.

    Hector could not remember the last time he was with a woman in this way. Maybe it was the year he quit high school. He had a vague memory of a face, of the hair, a garter – and waking up alone with a real hangover. Was that a girlfriend? A puta? A one-night-stand? As Anna was working his nipples with her lips and tongue, adding light nibbles while running her fingers atop the light hairs on his spine, Hector had flashes of one or two women that he thought he had made love to. Well, not “love,” more like fucking. Those evenings had been lost in a boozy haze; this afternoon, for two people who had spent much of the preceding two years drunk or high the passion unattenuated by chemical influence made the air crackle.

    As if on cue, sunlight from the partially covered window warmed their hips. Anna’s left hand had moved around Hector’s thigh to the front of his leg, stroking his sartorius and tying the jeans-covered thigh to the bare stomach. Compared to the mix of pleasure and slight pain coming from Anna’s kisses on his nipples, the barely-there touch on the tiny hair at the bottom of Hector’s abdomen shouldn’t have been noticeable; but instead, he trembled imperceptibly on the outside, but shuddered and pressed his cheek into Anna’s hair. Was that fragrance always there on that sweet scalp? Had she used a special shampoo? Or was it the moment? The next thing that Hector noticed, the snap on his jeans was undone. The zipper was down halfway, and the meetingplace of stomach, hips, and pubus met Anna’s eagerly exploring fingers.

    Hector did not wear a thong.

    Anna drew Hector’s jeans partially down his thighs, somehow managing not to scrape his most delicate parts with the zipper. Now she deftly pivoted her hips outward, pressing him to the sofa back.
    “Ha! Try to get away now,“ she giggled. Hector’s jeans, now around his thighs, made this impossible.

    Anna popped out of the sofa, and in a stroke, removed Hector’s boots and slipped his jeans off. She drew back, as if she were God and he were Adam, and she was admiring her handiwork, lying muscular and naked before her.

    1. Aquablogger - you are very naughty! Where's your buy link? Holy Hotness!! I like!! Thanks for sharing your excerpt today :) WHEW!

  5. His lips grazed her neck causing little shivers to go down her spine. She pushed closer, feeling the heat of him and her own as their bodies collided. Fear made her hesitate as his hand snaked around to unbutton her shirt, but a moment later she had forgotten it, her attention on his fingers tracing circles around her nipple and then his lips there, making her gasp. Her shirt was gone now and he was working on her jeans, his hands tugging them down. Before she could think, she was naked and felt his gaze traveling across her body. She waited, her breath indrawn as he removed his own jeans, his eyes glued to hers. When they came together she cried out and in response he laughed, his head thrown back in abandon.

    As they moved together, her hips rising up to meet his, she felt everything slide away and she was gone, in another world.

    1. What a sensual escape it is to read your excerpt. Not too wordy - there isn't a need. Minimal explanations. Nice. Thanks for dropping in. I hope to read more of your work again.

  6. I loved reading everyone's FF!! Nice job!! Very sensual and HOT!! Thanks for posting again this week, Sheri!! LOVE FF!

    1. Thank you, Jennifer. It's great to see you here :)


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