September 14, 2012

Friday Flames!!

Tickle our fancy with your sultry scenes. Don't leave your whole chapter, LOL. Just a snippet will do.

...and your buy link, if you have one.

Here's a portion from my work in progress, tentativelly named Troll-y Yours:


Trained to keep his opponents off balance, Aleksander employed military strategy in overcoming Ella’s final resistance to his charms. While his tongue plunged in and out of her mouth, his fingers played with the points of her nipples—and his other hand stole south to comb through her soft patch of fuzz and dip into the hot wetness he found.

Ella screeched the invasion of his hand, but he quickly caught the sound in his mouth. Her hips bucked outward, but he snaked his arm tight as a vice around her waist, holding her in place.

Prized warm syrup coated his fingers and she whimpered, her shapely hips undulating against his hand. He matched the rhythm to his thrusting tongue.


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It's your turn! Go for it!


  1. Oooh, hot one, Sheri! I finally made it and am posting a FF of my own! Here's a snippet from Hard Core, available now in print, and to your ereaders on October 8!

    Buy at: Amazon and Barnes & Noble

    Cristian nuzzled her neck, snuggled closer, seeking her warmth. The bristle of his
    unshaven jaw rasped against her skin and set her belly on fire. His hand opened on her
    waist, his fingertips brushed the underside of her breast. She drew in a sharp breath, her
    eyes squeezed shut. She should get out of bed. Find more sheets to warm him.
    Yet, as his breath shuddered over her neck and stirred her hair, she remained in
    place. Lightly, his thumb circled her nipple. It hardened instantly. Her breathing
    quickened, her back arched, silently telling him how much she liked this. With a low
    growl he nipped her neck where the pulse beat wildly and she gasped, her body aflame.

    Thanks, Sheri!!

    1. I totally screwed up and posted the blog early. Oy vey...but once it was up, I thought what the heck?

      Thank you for your SMOLDERING HOT scene. It's just the little pick-me-up I needed this morning!

  2. Oh, that was good, Miss Sheri! Nice!
    I'll give you a little taste from my new one The Selkie:

    God, she needed him inside her. “Calan.”
    “I’m coming, lass,” he grunted. But, rather than sink deep inside her, he surprised her by flipping her belly down onto the bale. “As it happens, Maggie love, despite all that food at the pub, I could still eat.”
    He knelt on the floor, situating himself between her legs again, and drew her bottom toward his face. Gripping her by her ass, he thrust his face into her cleft and licked. Maggie grasped the edges of the bale, insane with pleasure, as he ate her pussy from behind. Over and over, his tongue penetrated her slit and slid through each wet fold. She’d never felt wetter and more aroused, and gasped as he drank up each last drop of her womanly essence.
    He was insatiable, and Maggie didn’t think she’d ever felt anything so decadent.
    Until his tongue moved toward her ass.

    Thanks Sheri!! Always lots of fun.

    1. Oops- sorry- here's the buy link!

    2. I'm LOVING the Selkie..OMG I'm to this part yet!

    3. UGGG, I meant I'm not to that part yet...and hot stuff Sherri!

    4. Wiping my forehead off - That was HOT! And funny at the end! I can't wait to read your book, Rosanna. This is fabulous. Thank you for sharing!

  3. I'm going to play... Naughty Little Bedtime Stories releases Monday. It has 12 Erotic short stories...

    Here is a peek into the menage story Spicing Things Up

    Tina placed her purse on the floor, made her way over to the bed, and sat down. “Well, boys, how is this going to work exactly?” she asked in a smooth voice.
    “I really don’t think we know,” Marc stated.
    “I think we should just relax and go with the flow,” Rick said softly.
    “I agree.” Tina stood up and unzipped her dress, letting it fall to floor. She watched as their eyes roamed over her body. “Okay then, let’s get this party for three started,” she said in a very sexy voice.
    Marc walked over to Rick and kissed him passionately as Tina looked on. They unbuttoned each other’s shirts and discarded them. Tina was becoming more aroused as she watched them make out. She licked her lips as she crawled on the bed and positioned herself on her hands and knees. Rick came to the side of the bed and lightly caressed her back as he undid her bra, letting it fall down her arms. Tina tossed it to the side as Marc stood behind her.
    “Tina, we just want to worship your body first and bring you pleasure, okay, baby?”

    Beachwalk press link:

    1. Ooh-wee, Tamaria!! Hot stuff, girlfriend!!
      And thanks for the comment. LOL.

    2. I like the way Tina agrees! *giggle* Best wishes on Naughty Little Bedtime Stories. Just the thing to spice up an evening!

  4. Hi Sheri, so nice of you to share your blog for Friday Flames. Much appreciated.

    Here's a short passage from Land of Falling Stars, a Civil War erotic romance.

    Arrested by Sophia's beauty, long moments passed before Gavin found his tongue. "You didn't come to see about my wound." Another timeless moment crept by. "You should know, unless you leave, things will never be the same between us. There's no going back."

    She took a step toward him.

    "If you're looking for prettified words, you won't hear them from me. I'm not Jesse."

    "You never were."

    His resolve to stay clear of her evaporated. He strode toward her, grabbed her by the wrist, and pulled her hard against him. Her eyes flew open and a startled gasp left her lips. "You should be afraid, Sophia, you don't know what you've started."

    "Gavin," she whimpered and rested her head against his chest. "I can't fight it anymore." She lifted her head and searched his eyes. "I don't know what's happening, I don't care." A tear slid down her cheek. "I want you, I need you."

    * * *

    1. How interesting! The topic has GOT to be a huge seller. I mean, has anyone read a Civil War erotic before?? Thank you for sharing with everyone, Keta!

  5. I come with a favorite couple of mine.... From Book Two of Nowhere, Arizona
    Dev hefted her up and turned her around.
    Shaken up by the rapid moves and mood changes, she took a deep breath as she felt his hands on her hips.
    “I like the way your bedroom is decorated.”
    Madeline blinked her eyes with further confusion. “What?”
    Tilting her ass higher, he bent her over the dresser.
    Gazing up, she saw her face in the mirror over the dresser. Oh, he's talking about the mirror? Her gaze shot over to Dev's reflection.
    His eyes were dark with passion again. “I wanna see your face while I plunder you from behind.” With a direct and smooth aim, he forcefully shoved his hard and ready cock into her.
    Sucking in her breath, she felt it go all the way up in one smooth hard thrust. Her eyes widened and her body grew rigid with immediate pleasure.
    “Yes, look at how that makes you feel,” he purred low at her and gave her a couple of sweet languid strokes with his cock.
    From the glorious feeling of the super sexy sliding, Madeline closed her eyes.
    “No, Maddy, look.”
    Madeline was embarrassed again. “I can't it's too—”
    Dev pumped her hard and fast, cutting off her words.
    “Unh,” she groaned with delight and his hands reached around grasping her nipples, pinching them.
    Her eyes popped open at the force of his actions.
    Her body convulsed with delight and sensual pleasure as she gazed at his reflection and saw the blue light in his eyes as his cock grew harder and longer inside of her. “Mmm!” she moaned and looked at her reflection. She saw his fingers flicking her nipples and her juices seemed to seep from her pussy as the heat and friction built from his strokes into her. Her helpless panting grew loud as the force of his plunging grew. It feels so good, she thought, how glorious! Her body shook terribly as she began to come.
    Dev avidly watched her face in the mirror. “So hot when you come on me like that. Dripping that sweet honey all over me, so wet and so warm…”
    With his erotic moves, the heated friction in her wet pussy and his sex-laced words, her muscles clenched all over as she quaked with an enormous climax. “Ahh!” she screamed out, as her body was rocked with waves of ecstasy and she felt his hot cum flow into her. Her thigh muscles grew rigid from the overwhelming orgasm as he pulled her back while stretching her torso out.
    “Look at how sexy you are when you come,” he purred into her ear. “Come on my cock, Maddy…”


    1. I did you say? LOL I've totally lost my train of thought. What am I doing here??....oh yeah, I'm supposed to be commenting back. Hell, I'm taking five... WHEW!!

  6. Thank you, Sheri for another opportunity to share with your readers.
    This short story is free on Allromance. “Desmond” From my Brothers of Element Series, an apology from a bullshark shifter to his dolphin shifter wife. Carina is king Dagger’s former surrogate and married to his head of security, Desmond. Jealously can find even the strongest of shifters.
    ---Love scene already in progress---
    He answered her plea, as only her Desmond could—completely. He teased one tight bud. Serrated teeth pulled it between his lips, fingers twisted in her hair. Her lips parted on a scream stuck in her throat. The intense pleasure locked her vocal cords, leaving the moan and scream trembling through her chest, pulsing around her heart. Arching her back to a painful curve under Desmond’s delicious assault, he suckled her swollen flesh seconds before his rhythm broke. His body stiffened. Corded muscles tensed under her hands that she closed over his thick biceps. One rough thrust from him and the words poured from her mouth.
    “Yes… yes, Desmond,” she cried out, arching into his thrusts.
    “You take the breath from my very soul, Carina.” His voice came out winded and hints of Grey Goose and reed grass filtered to her nose. He bowed his head down, eyes closed.
    In response, she tightened her inner muscles around the swollen thickness filling her. Centuries of mutual love and respect pressed at her mind. Desmond fed memories of their love to her in mini scenes from the moment he first saw her as a young girl when the Atlantic was young. Then times he felt less than worthy of her love. The way his chest ached with desire and pride catching glimpses of her around the territory.
    Her release roiled down through her body, tapping and tickling muscles already on the verge of giving out from the intense pleasure, instead tightened for the climax bearing down on her.
    His stimulators, slick with moisture, twisted up her calf, working her sensitive body to a whipped peak of creamy pleasure under Desmond’s forceful thrusts deep within her.
    Desmond threw his head back. “Carina,” he yelled out under the crystaled ceiling glittering above the waterfall. The vibration triggered her release. Her hips arched away from the pillow. His rough thrusts pinned her hips back down, taking her body on a blinding ride of ecstasy.
    “Desmond…” she hollered. Together, eyes closed, they collapsed, their ragged breathing echoed as they lay, feet hanging over the ledge. Warm water threaded gently between their toes. Carina’s flushed skin now hypersensitive to its warm caress.
    Focused on the sparkle of the ocean beyond the viewing window across the room, they lay merged in a sweaty embrace.
    Sated and content, Carina listened to their breathing resume a semblance of normalcy. She trailed his hands that were reaching over the low ledge to cup the rich mineral water. It tickled as he dripped it down over her flat stomach. He massaged soft circles over her fevered skin, playing along her naval with his middle finger
    She found the energy to speak. “When did I lose your trust, Desmond?”
    Thank you, Cora Blu.

    1. Wow - aquatic shifters!! Now that's an interesting concept. The last line certainly raises a question :) Nice job! Thanks for posting!!

  7. Great snippet, Sheri! Here's mine. This is from Deadly Obsession (currently on sale for 99cents pretty much everywhere, but here's the Amazon link:

    He claimed her mouth in a deep, soul-searing kiss. This afternoon, she’d wanted to possess him, but now he was possessing her. And she was giving him everything she had, everything she was. An ache began deep inside her and soon she was begging him to be filled, claimed. “Nic! Please… take me.”


    Her brows popped. He couldn’t deny her now. His long hard erection pressed against her stomach, evidence he wanted her as much as she wanted him. “No?”


    “Have sex with me?”


    Sometimes Todd had liked dirty talk in bed. Maybe Nic wanted that? She met his piercing gaze and in her most seductive voice said, “Fuck me.”

    He bared his teeth. “I will never fuck you.”

    What the heck did he want her to say? “I’m dying here. I need you inside me.” His dark, lust-filled expression turned soft as his eyes lingered on hers. What did he see there? He didn’t want to fuck her, and he didn’t want to have sex. A lightbulb flickered on in her head. Pushing past the emotions strangling her, she whispered, “Make love to me.”


    Thank God.


    1. Oooh, Kristine! I hope you sell a million copies! Emotional depth abounds in just this short snippet. Thank you (wow!) for sharing.

  8. From an unpubbed ms called A Real Bad Burn:

    While he watched, she stripped out of her tank top and jeans. Her lacy bra and panties followed. He’d seen her nude before, but standing in the moonlight she looked like a goddess. Without a word, she ran and dived in the lake. When she surfaced she beckoned him with a little wave and teasing smile. He stripped and ran to join her.
    Wrapping herself around him, Harley Jo whispered against his ear, “Make love to me, Kell.”
    He carried her to the edge of the lake and placed her in the sand with little waves lapping around them and explored her mouth as though he’d never tasted her before. He wanted this moment to last forever, but the building pressure in his groin reminded him it wouldn’t. Dipping his head to her breasts, he teased one taut nipple, then the other, with his tongue and teeth until she cried out and pulled his head closer. She arched her hips toward his and he groaned.
    His already strained-to-the-max cock jumped when she reached for his erection and stroked him.
    He couldn’t wait much longer.
    Sweat beaded oh forehead as he concentrated on her, not him.
    If she didn’t slow down they were both going to be disappointed.
    Forcing himself to concentrate, he slipped his lake-wet fingers over her damp, soft hair and slick clit until she spread her thighs for him. Biting his lip, he rolled over on top of her and inched the head of his aching cock into her tight, wet body. His blood boiled and sweat beaded on the back of his neck and his arms shook as he fought for control. He would not hurt her more than he absolutely had to.
    When he met the barrier of her hymen, he forced himself to pause. “Are you sure?”
    “Just do it,” she moaned.
    With a final push, he claimed her virginity.
    And she smiled. “You’re mine now, Kell.”

    1. This maybe unpublished...but not for long. Sweet torturous steam. Oh yeah. Thank you for posting this. Yee-haw!

  9. It's been so long since I've posted on here! I freakin' love Friday Flames. I swear, Sherri, you don't even know how much I look forward to Fridays!

    Here's a snippet from my upcoming release, S&M III. due out on October 1st:

    Mariana let out a frustrating breath and stood up. The rope once again rubbed against her swollen nub and she carefully walked over to Scott’s chair. He turned to face her and He placed His hands on her waist. He felt how hot she was and how it was making her ache just standing there in front of him.

    “Do you have class tonight?” He looked up at her.

    “No,” Mariana answered.

    Scott slapped her ass. “You know how to address Me.”

    The sting of the slap heightened the feeling Mariana had from the rub rubbing against her nub. “No, my Lord,” Mariana corrected.

    “Good. I’m officially off right now and guess what?” His eyes had a twinkle in them.

    “Am I going to get off with you, my Lord?” She asked.

    Scott stood up. His erection was restricting His slacks. He began to undress Mariana, letting the clothing fall onto the floor. He undid her slacks and she stepped out of them. He pulled her hair down from the bun and the long curly strands fell down.

    He fisted the curls into his hands and a low, guttural moan escaped his lips as He admired her naked body. He gently pulled back her hair and Mariana softly whimpered. The light rosebuds on her breasts were erect, matching the arousal already between her thighs. He caressed her body with his fingers, trailing from her neck down to her core and back. He felt her desire, her heat, and knew she wouldn’t be able to wait much longer.

    1. I take it He, the one addressed as my Lord, doesn't have a name? *giggle* Best wishes on your upcoming release!! So glad you came back to visit the Flames again. We missed you.

  10. Wow, ladies. Very steamy scenes! I've missed Friday Flames the past few weeks. So glad to be back for my Friday fix. :)


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