September 7, 2012

Friday Flames!

The main reason I began Friday Flames was to help fellow authors showcase their work.

I chose to focus on Steamy Scenes, one of the biggest draws of the romance genre. When authors take the time to write and tell me of their success after posting their scene on Friday Flames...

I have to CROW about it!!

"I liked, tagged and bought your[ book] when you posted an excerpt on Friday Flames. Which, by the way, after I posted a scene from my first contemporary on there a month ago, that day it came out and sold thirty copies. It's still going strong. Keep up the Friday Flames. :)"
~Cora Blu

Congratulations! Thank you for sharing your success with me. I wish you all the best.

Now - let's keep that FLAME burning HOT and BRIGHT!
Post your steamy scene!


  1. That's awesome Cora, and you too Sheri! Congrats on a terrific idea!

    1. Thanks, Rosanna. Looking forward to reading more from your latest release...something about a Selkie?? lol

  2. This site, I believe, gave it the launch I hadn't expected. Gripping the sheets is a good thing.
    Thank you Sheri and Rosanna.
    Cora Blu

    1. You're welcome. Congratulations on a very successful career!!

  3. Fantastic!

    I'm showcasing an unpubbed WIP, A Real Bad Burn...

    Garth and Claire:

    “Garth, please.”
    “Please, what?”
    She licked her lips. Why was he making her plead? He had to know she was almost at the jumping off place. “Please make love to me.”
    Without responding, he bent and blew over her again.
    Tears leaked from the corners of her eyes. This isn’t what she wanted, she needed to come with her husband inside her, but she felt helpless to stop the orgasm building in her. Like ripples on a pond, the shivers grew until her legs shook and she couldn’t hold back any longer. A cry ripped from her mouth as her orgasm washed over her.
    Finally her shaking subsided, and she turned to her husband.
    He rolled over on his back and covered his eyes with one arm. Claire stole a look at his penis. Still soft. What could she do? Gathering her courage, she slipped down the silk sheets and took him in her hand. With gentle strokes, she tried to coax an erection. But his cock refused to cooperate and stayed soft as a deflated balloon.
    She licked her dry lips. She had never been good at this. With resolve, she moved down and took him in her mouth. He tasted sort of like a plastic toy she’d put in her mouth as a child. Using her tongue, she tried to do what her hands could not.
    “Just stop,” he commanded coldly. “It isn’t going to work.”
    A little relieved, more disappointed, she stopped and sat up. Reaching for the sheets, she wrapped them around herself. “What’s wrong? Is it me?”
    “I’m tired, that’s all,” he said.
    Claire snuggled next to him and hugged his waist. “It’s okay.”
    Without replying, he reached for the light on the nightstand and turned it off. In a few minutes he said, “Go to sleep, Claire.”
    She toyed with the covers, trying to find the right words that wouldn’t sound needy or whiny. “Couldn’t you stay home with me tomorrow? We could have Elena fix us a nice lunch, maybe lie by the pool?” She gathered her courage again, rolled over and cupped his face, pressing her lips to his. “Or maybe hang around in bed?”
    He grasped her hands and moved them away. “No, darling. I have a meeting in Lubbock
    at noon.”
    Disappointment flooded her. “Soon?”
    “Soon. I’ll sleep better in my office, darling.” He kissed her cheek, stood and left.

    1. That Garth! Ugh!! Claire deserves better. Hehehe - thanks for posting, D'Ann!!

  4. Today I will be sharing something from my YET to be released Nowhere Three book: Nowhere, Arizona: The Lightning Legend
    “Oh no, you don’t!” she ordered as she jerked his underwear down again. “You will not put such a delicious treat away!” Climbing up on her knees, she grabbed his cock and tugged him closer.
    He was startled by her using his dick as a tow. “What the hell, Maddy?” He almost stumbled as he was pulled forward.
    She looked up at his face. “You have never let me do this and now I want to show you that I do love your um—endowments.” She gave him a hand stroking.
    Devon was alarmed. “I don’t let you, because I may lose control.”
    Madeline lowered her face to his ramrod stiff hard on. “That is exactly why I wish to do it. You make me go wild and I literally lose my mind. Why won’t you allow me the same pleasure?”
    “Because Maddy, who arrives when I lose it?”
    Maddy smiled. “We are not in the Lightning cave or anywhere near the pool.”
    Devon tried to take a step back.
    “Oh no, you’re not getting away this time!” Scooting forward, she latched on and took his entire length into her hot mouth.
    “Ahh,” he exclaimed with shock. “No, Mad---“
    She stroked him with her mouth, back and forth and the feeling was the most divinely sensuous thing he’d ever felt and he couldn’t even speak.
    Pulling her mouth away, she stuck her pink tongue out to circle the tip.
    His entire body shuddered from the pleasure of it. He knew he should stop her, because what he warned of might happen, but he just couldn’t seem to think straight. If the Brave showed up, he wouldn’t remember anything later. That warrior was unpredictable and powerful, Devon had felt lucky that he’d never really hurt Maddy.
    He gazed down at this incredibly sexy wife he was lucky enough to have. She was moaning and squirming on her knees and he was amazed by her reaction to this particular act that he had never allowed to happen before. It was really turning her on, and he found himself fascinated as he watched her take him deep in her throat. His legs were unsteady. He’d never felt this fragile in all of his existence as a human before.
    Her sensual moaning grew loud while she stroked him repeatedly with her soft but blazing hot mouth.
    Devon reached down to grasp her silky red tresses, fully intending to pull her ravenous mouth away. He found that instead, he was using her hair to stroke her face forward and back over his bulging cock. He simply gave into the rapturous feeling and enjoyed being blown for the first time in his existence. “Ohh,” he groaned aloud. Astonished, he realized that he was climaxing without knowing it was coming. He’d always been in control of that part always, until her mouth controlled him like never before in their lovemaking.
    Brand New book out today>> DIRTY AS SIN AT AMAZON

    1. Love this: Her mouth controlled him!!! Yes! Now that's a mental picture if I ever read one. Thanks so much for posting and LOVE your cover on Dirty as Sin.

  5. The following super steamy adult excerpt is from Beyond Honor, my first M/M romance!!

    As he entered, he noticed the bathroom door ajar and saw Michael standing on the other side, pulling his shirt up over his head. White tape wrapped around his upper torso on one side, and Michael winced as he unfastened his jeans.
    His ribs were definitely bruised.
    Jared swallowed hard, standing there, watching, unable to look away. No matter how badly he wanted to leave, his feet wouldn’t budge.
    Michael lowered his jeans and then his boxers, causing Jared’s cock to throb. Michael was gorgeous, with tanned skin, a tapered waist and an ass that curved perfectly, firm and supple.
    Jared couldn’t help it. He rubbed his dick through his tightening jeans. He’d never seen anything so appealing.
    When Michael turned around, his rather large cock dangled between his legs, and Jared instantly wondered what it would feel like hard and in his hand. His pubic area was well groomed and trimmed very neatly, and his thighs were muscular and strong.
    Michael looked up, and the two men made eye contact.
    Jared squirmed and quickly removed his hand from his crotch. His face burned as hot as a bonfire. Shit! He turned to go, but as he made it to the door, Michael rushed from the bathroom then reached out and grabbed his arm.
    “You don’t have to go.”
    Jared jerked back and licked his lips. He struggled not to look down. If he did, he wasn’t sure what would happen, but he was sure it wouldn’t be good. “Mike, I-I should leave.”
    The desperation in Michael’s tone tugged at his heart.
    Jared backed against the door and stared into Michael’s eyes. “Please don’t.”
    “Don’t what?” Michael pressed his lips together and inched closer. “Don’t make you admit that you’re attracted to me?”
    Jared shook his head as Michael leaned into him.
    “Don’t tell you that you’re all I think about?”
    Hot breath spilled over Jared’s neck as Michael quickly invaded his personal space. A warm hand gently took his, and in seconds, Jared held Michael’s cock in his hand.
    Michael caressed the back of Jared’s fingers, prompting him to stroke his shaft. “See, it’s only flesh and blood, just like yours.”
    Jared held his breath and squeezed his eyes shut as the softness of Michael’s dick began to take on a different shape by hardening in his hand. He felt powerful. Strong. To know the effect his touch had on Michael excited him in a way he’d never been thrilled before.
    All on his own, Jared continued to stroke it.
    Michael leaned in and began to kiss Jared’s neck. Soft moans vibrated against the tender skin on his throat, encouraging Jared to stroke faster.
    Clicking sounds echoed throughout the room as his hand became slippery by the juices spilling from Michael’s cock. Jared didn’t have to look down to know instinctively what was occurring. He’d jacked off thousands of times. He’d know that sound anywhere.
    Michael flattened his hand on the door beside Jared’s head, keeping his body far enough away so as not to interrupt the event. He ran his tongue up Jared’s jaw-line and toward his lips, then plunged it deep inside Jared’s mouth.
    His taste was as sweet as it had been that morning, maybe even more so. “Fuck.”
    Michael kissed him again and then pulled back, panting hard in Jared’s ear. “I’m gonna come.”
    Jared’s heart pounded. He’d never pleasured a man to the point of explosion, and the feeling of complete and utter supremacy flooded over his whole body. He opened his eyes and looked down as Michael’s swollen cock pulsed in his hand. The tip dripped with satiny, clear pre-cum. Excited, Jared’s fist slid up and down even faster.
    Michael sucked air through his teeth. “Fuck yes.”
    Jared licked his lips, savoring the way Michael reacted to his touch.
    Michael moaned, and then all of a sudden, he came.
    One sweet burst after another of hot milky fluid spurted onto Jared’s fingers. In that instant, Jared felt like a god.


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