August 17, 2012

Friday Flames!

Welcome to another posting of Friday Flames - where sizzling words can set you on fire!

Feel free to share a snippet of your steamy scene. And don't forget a buy link or where we can find you. Inquiring minds will want to know!

Here's scene from Remedy Maker, which can be found here.

“What are you smiling about?” Patience sat in the tub. Her long legs stretched out in front, hair piled up on her head and held in place by his screwdriver again.

Rhy unglued his tongue from the roof of his mouth. “Buckles and straps.” All that bare flesh glistened in clear steamy water. Pebbled nipples floated. The hard little nubs just dared him to take a bite. He swallowed hard. “More hot water?”

“Wash my back?”

“Only if you’ll wash mine.”

Alrighteous.” Naughty Nymph flashed a sexy grin.

Thank Bacchus’ horn—or was it Pan’s?—he had shorts on, because the sound barrier broke in his haste to join her. His legs straddled her slim hips from behind. With both of them in the tub, the warm water rode high on the rim.

He swirled a bar of soap over the wet washcloth and rubbed her back; each crowned vertebrae received special attention. Not wanting to neglect her other delectable body parts, he reached around to personally hand wash the front of her as well.

Very well.

Now it's your turn!!


  1. Oh, my!

    This is from a WIP called A Real Bad Burn. Garth is a little twisted.

    He exited the car, knocked twice and then waited.
    In a minute, the door opened and a woman motioned him inside.
    Low light kept her face shadowed, but he knew what she looked like. He didn’t care about her facial features; all that mattered was her skeletal frame, curly auburn hair and the double D breasts her black and silver negligee barely concealed.
    With her back to him, she blew a ring of smoke and motioned him toward the bedroom. “Go to bed. I’ll come in shortly.”
    With dragging feet, he made his way to her bedroom and undressed. With a sigh, he
    rested back on her comforter. He had nicer things at home, but the maroon silk under his bare body soothed him like nothing there did. Everything in her room had been chosen with the intent to seduce a man. Smoky jazz floated from hidden speakers, old-fashioned portraits of voluptuous nudes adorned the walls and expensive sculptures of naked women in erotic poses sat on the dresser and end tables. Even the potpourri on the dresser smelled musky, nothing perfume-y.
    He’d almost drifted off when she came in.
    She rubbed out her cigarette in an overflowing ashtray on the bedside stand. Then she placed her hand on his shoulder. “Did you have a good day, baby?”
    He twisted away and faced the wall. “Lousy.”
    She lay beside him. “Tell me about it.”
    Snuggling against his back, she splayed her hand across his chest, then slowly slid it lower. Her fingertips slipped under the band of his shorts. “Let Mother help.”
    Her hand slid under his shorts, and circled him with a firm grip. Then she began to stroke. When the pressure in his balls began to build to near unbearable, and his muscles tightened, she released him. Without opening his eyes, he knew what to expect. She tugged him onto his back, straddled him, but didn’t allow him to enter her. Instead, she took his head with both hands, moved her see through garment aside, then guided his mouth to her right nipple. “Suck, baby.”
    Obeying, he took her nipple between his lips. In an old game, one she knew well, he tugged at it until she dug her nails into his chest. Only when his mouth began to ache did he let go. “Did I do good, Mother?”
    She laughed her throaty smoker’s purr. “Fine, baby. But Mother needs you to make her even happier now.”
    He turned his face away. “No.”
    She slapped him hard enough his head snapped into the pillow. “Do as you’re told.”
    Tears leaked out of the corner of his eyes. “I can’t.”
    “You can, and you will.” She took his hand and placed it between her legs. “Touch me.”
    Fumbling, he unfurled his fingers and jabbed at her opening. “I can’t do it.”
    “Like this.” She took his wrist in her hand and showed him how to put his finger in her pussy, how to please her. “That’s Mother’s good boy.”
    He stroked her tentatively.
    “Push in harder,” she demanded.
    He shoved his finger into her until she came, shuddering, clenching his wrist with an iron grip. Spent, she bent over him, her Marlboro scented hair falling into his face, her breasts crushing against his chest. Her breathing slowed, and she touched her tongue to his ear. “Now, your turn.”
    A shiver slid across his heated skin. “I don’t know what to do.”
    “Don’t worry. Mother will show you.” She slithered back until she was poised over his cock. Holding it, she guided it into her. Then she leaned forward again. “Fuck me, baby.”
    With a cry, he grabbed her hips and thrust up into her. Once, twice. He came with a shudder that left him weak, drained. Shoving her off him, he turned and curled into a ball, one hand cupping his slack nut sac. “I hate you.”
    Without answering, she opened her dresser drawer and withdrew a pack of Marlboros. After lighting and inhaling, she sighed. “But Mother loves you, darling.”
    A shudder of revulsion ran down his spine. “Get out.”
    She put the cigarette out, kissed his forehead and left him in silence.

    1. Garth is one sick puppy. His mom really screwed him up. I wish everyone could read this book - because I have and it's great.

  2. The Cuckold by T.L. Adams -- Excerpt:

    They drove home without saying a word. Mick knew. He knew -- despite her silence -- Carrie's mind was racing with her private imaginings. He knew she was thinking about Jack, Mick's new boss. He knew she was fantasizing about him. He also knew if he kept his mouth shut, tonight he would be Jack, the object of Carrie's lust. So long as he didn't open his mouth and blow it, tonight he would get the fucking of a lifetime even though Mick knew her mind would be elsewhere.

    Mick knew why Carrie married him. It wasn't because she loved him; Mick knew that. It wasn't because he made a lot of money or even might someday. Carrie was out of Mick's league and he knew it. She married him because he understood Carrie's needs.

    As they approached their suburb, Carrie reached across the center console and squeezed the bulge between Mick's legs. He was right. She wanted a hot, hard cock to fill her tonight. Not his, Mick knew that, but tonight he would do.

    Driving slowly along their quiet street, Mick pressed the remote garage door opener on the car's sun visor and the door began its grind upward.

    "Pull in and shut the door," Carrie purred as she groped for his zipper and freed his cock. Before the door was halfway down, Carrie had fully engulfed his manhood and was pumping her mouth furiously over Mick's hot foreskin. Carrie had skill, no doubt. Mick seldom lasted very long when she went down on him. She pulled up briefly to order, "Cum in my mouth!! I want you to cum in my mouth, right here!"

    "Right here? Right now?" Mick hesitated.

    "Yes, fuck yes, I want to taste your cum," she growled.
    "But what about …"

    "Shut up and fuck my mouth," she demanded as she returned his cock to her mouth.

    Damn, this feels good, Mick admitted and his worry about their babysitter just inside subsided momentarily. In less than two minutes, Mick was racing past the point of no return.

    "Cumming. Cumming. I'm cumming," Mick grunted as his balls unleashed their fury into Carrie's mouth. She continued stroking him as she gulped his thick load before sucking hard to drain his balls completely. Then, as suddenly as she had started, she sat up and unceremoniously tucked his flaccid penis back where it belonged.

    "Zip it up," she ordered, "while I go pay the sitter. I'll send her out and you can take her home."

    "'kay," Mick answered weakly, feeling as drained as his nuts.

    1. Gosh, I wonder what they did earlier that evening! LOL Thanks for sharing :)

  3. Excerpt from "The Tow Truck by T.L. Adams:

    "I 'spose it don't," Bobby Joe responded, "Now, you hold her down while I get outta' these clothes." Billy Ray clamped his hands around her wrists and Bobby Joe unzipped his Carhartts.

    Lauren was right. Bobby Joe spent a lot of time at the gym. His pectoral muscles bulged out like women's breasts but were rock-solid. His stomach was ripped into 6 distinct sections and his biceps resembled two large knots between his elbows and shoulders.

    "You gonna' hafta' sit on her like I am," Bobby Joe instructed, "else I ain't gonna' be able to git outta' my coveralls." Billy Ray pivoted and planted his bare ass on Lauren's midsection the instant Bobby Joe moved.

    She watched Bobby Joe's coveralls drop to the floor. She didn't turn away as he stepped from his boxers. She wanted to see what she'd grabbed minutes earlier. Bobby Joe's cock resembled his build -- short and stocky -- and his balls were small and tight. Unlike Billy Ray's slender, tubular cock, Bobby Joe's was cigar-shaped. It bulged in the middle like his biceps. It reminded her of the thick stogies her Grandpa smoked before he died. Unlike his brother, Bobby Joe owned a razor and new how to use it. His man parts were shaved smooth except for a buzz-cut patch above his cock. Lauren stifled laughter thinking about how their man-scaping mirrored each one's hairstyle.

    "This should be interesting," Lauren thought.

    "Meghan, that was her name," Billy Ray announced, "Meghan from Morgan City."

    'Yeah, you're right, Billy Ray," Bobby Joe confirmed, "I knew it started with 'M.'"

    "She sucked a mean dick, didn't she?" snorted Billy Ray as Bobby Joe resumed his grip of her wrists.

    "Shut the fuck up and get her clothes off," Bobby Joe ordered. "Or you gonna' fuck her through her trench coat? Billy Ray slid his bare ass down her body to keep his weight on her while he untied the fabric belt at her waist. Quickening his pace, he pulled the coat open and tore at her blouse till the buttons popped off and flew across the room. He ripped open the white blouse and exposed her mounds of creamy flesh filling Lauren's lacy bra. Billy Ray grabbed a handful of her milk-white breasts before tugging at her front-clasp bra. Twisting the clasp, he freed her breasts for his pleasure, diving toward his target, sucking on her pale skin before zeroing in on Lauren's pink, erect bull's eye. His tongue circled the darker skin first, alternating from one breast to the other. His lips closed around her swollen nipples, first one, then the other, sucking gently on each other then sucking harder. When Billy Ray's teeth gripped her nipples, Lauren felt a shock wave course through her.

    1. M/M/F - very interesting. Billy Ray and Bobby Joe - good ol' boy names! Thanks for sharing this one too.

  4. HEY MS. Flamin! Beta reader said just today, this book was the dirtiest thing Leanore ever wrote...Well... it is about a man of the night and I will leave the book Trailer link.
    Rex wrinkled his brow. “What is your name, sweetie?”
    She twittered and set her glass down. “Samantha.”
    He swung his gaze over to the quietest of the pair.
    He unzipped his pants and their shocked gazes dropped.
    Tugging them down a little, so they could get a glimpse of his proof, his erection was visibly in full force while straining against his briefs. “My cock never lies.” He gazed intently at them. “I wait for women like you. Day after fucking day in my work, while the skinny women with their tummy tucks and fake tits, go in and out of here.” He released a heavy sigh and thought briefly of the one woman who stood out in his mind above and beyond all others. Sweet full curves, luscious large breasts and hips you could grab onto and use to your advantage. Ava…
    Rex shook away the memory that made him hard immediately. “I would close my eyes while doing them and pretend that they looked at least fifty pounds heavier, than they actually are.”
    He closed his eyes and told the honest truth, they had all been one woman to him—the woman who had got away.”I would reach around them and grab their small breasts in some cases, and fill my mind with images of girls like you, just to keep my hard on.”An image of long red hair that held a floral scent, flowing across his chest, and luscious full hips pressing against him, floated through his memory.

    1. I feel sory for Rex! All he wants is one woman - Ava. Lucky beta reader. Where do I sign up? LOL Thanks for sharing your latest book release with us on Friday Flames! Wow...

  5. Ava is in reality my superfan...Ava got to be his love in the book! When I asked her 6 weeks back, if I could use her name as the heroine? She flipped! LOL She has given every book I've ever written a review! She of course wanted to beta for it. Thanks Sheri. This comes out next week.

  6. Hot, real hot.
    Hot & Spicy excerpt, small nibble, lol.

    Hot & Spicy taste.......

    Jessy shivers. He’s so hot, y he’s burning up. His passion is
    dragging me with him. Jessy feels his mano go under her skirt y
    feels him stop with surprise. Jessy starts to grin. I know he didn’t
    expect me not to have panties on. I truly couldn’t resist teasing
    him, y he makes me feel so sexy.
    Jose Enrique pulls back groaning as he realizes that she
    didn’t have any panties on. He gazes into her ojos as his mano
    continues up and in between her silky thighs. I can feel how hot,
    how moist she is for me. He continues to softly, gently part her
    silky hot flesh, and slowly touches her hot essence. He sees her
    close her ojos, moans into his ear.
    He feels her instant hot reaction to his touch, loving her. She
    tightly clutches him driving him loco. He is barely able to control
    his desire. He closes his ojos, gently pulls his mano out bringing
    it up to his lips. Jose Enrique then opens his ojos, gazes into
    Jessy’s ojos, and slowly consumes her essence. Jessy whimpers
    with need.
    “Are you hungry, mi amor? Do you want to eat?” asks Jose
    Enrique as he slowly moves his mano down under her skirt
    again. He goes to the center of her, touching her hot essence once
    again. He brings his mano to his lips to taste her.
    Hot & Spicy, De La Cruz Saga by P.T. Macias

  7. The Cowboy, by T.L. Adams. Excerpt:

    "The elevator doors had almost closed when a chubby fist wedged itself between the partitions and the elevator reopened. There was a Mason's convention in town and six of them, portly and balding … and drunk, stumbled into the "up" car. One was too drunk to keep his mouth shut and uttered something like "look at the stems on that tomata'" but his buddies shushed him then apologized for him. She waved it off as if it was nothing but was glad when the "ding" of the seventh floor turned their attention to the opening elevator doors. At least most of them were still sober enough to not make bigger fools of themselves.
    She walked down the seventh floor hallway counting the doors -- 722, 720, 718, 716, 714. Brass script numbers glistened against the ox-blood painted doors. Sally decided to open the envelope before she slid the card into the door lock. Just in case.
    Once again, Sally pulled the white linen paper from the envelope and read it: "Slide the key in. Open the door. Go inside. Don't turn the lights on. Don't open the drapes. Leave it dark. Completely dark." She was glad she opened the envelope first; she would have turned on the lights. Maybe she should anyway. She paused for a moment, mustering her courage, then smiled. It was so him. "Oh shit," she laughed, "here goes." The magnetic key-card worked perfectly this time. Of course it would.
    She couldn't make out anything in the darkness of the room -- no furniture, walls, nothing. She couldn't even read the rest of the instructions. There was nothing but darkness. But she did remember the room from before. It was a suite, she remembered that. She knew she was in the living room and there was a bedroom off to the left. "I'll find the john," she muttered to herself, "that's what I'll do. Find the john, close the door, turn on the light and read the rest of this note."
    Feeling her way through the bedroom door, she felt the firm grip of a man's hands grabbing her arms from behind. No words. No talk. There was no sound -- just a force pulling her backwards toward him, wrapping himself around her, swallowing her body into his. His breath was hot against the back of her neck as he guided her to the bed, lifting her onto the bed in one fluid motion. The bedspread had been turned back, its cool white sheets now pressed against her face. She couldn't see anything -- not the bed, not the sheets, not him. It was him, wasn't it? Suddenly, the rush of burning adrenalin surged through her as she wondered if it was him. She couldn't tell. It was too dark. It felt like him, she thought. Her mind raced in a whirl of arousal and uncertainty. His hands were about the right size, solid and cowboy rough.
    "Is that you? Is it? Tell me."
    The "Shhhhhh," she heard in response was deeper and gruff. She couldn't tell from that. His familiar scent was masked by an after-shave she didn't recognize. It had to be him. Didn't it?
    His hands ran through her hair then down the side of her face to her lips. His fingers fondled her mouth, coaxing her jaw slack so he could slide his fingers between her lips. Her lips responded hungrily, devouring them as he explored the warm wetness of her mouth. She felt him unbuttoning her blouse, pulling its silkiness away from her pale skin. She wanted it to be him but more than that, she didn't want it to stop. Sally felt his hands caress her breasts, gently at first, then roughly. Her intensity grew to match her stranger-lover's.
    She could feel his hardness now, pressing against her backside ... "


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