August 10, 2012

Friday Flames!

I'm sorry to post so late in the day! Time just got away from me and I thought I had pre-scheduled a Flame last week.

That's what I get for thinking...

Feel free to share your STEAMY scene - the ones that make your reader


And I'll be by to comment and drool in a little while...


  1. Hi Sheri! I'm happy to be here, early or late!
    From For the Love of a God:

    Maia couldn’t speak, couldn’t move. When she’d first met Eric, she’d known he was a total knockout. The most orgasmic man she’d ever met. How he’d ever managed to kick it up a few notches, she didn’t know.
    He was in a tux. A gorgeous tux draping so intimately over his muscles it looked as if it were fashioned by horny magic elves. The black silkiness of the fabric made his green eyes pop and showed up every single blond highlight on his head. Which was amazing because he’d slicked his wavy hair back with a really delicious smelling gel, so she really shouldn’t be able to see his highlights, but she could … and she was babbling, even in her own head.
    It took everything in her power not to haul him into her apartment and rip his clothes off and suck the life out of him like a vampire at a bloodbath.
    He gave her a little, intimate smile, making her knees knock. “Come on, beautiful.” He took her hand and squeezed. “I’m going to want at least one dance with you before I have to start wrestling the other men off you.”
    She blushed so hard, she was sure she resembled her elderly Aunt Hilda that time she figured out the latch on her dad’s liquor cabinet. She let him lead her out the door. And when she heard him muttering, more to himself than to her, her blush deepened.
    He was saying something about trying not to kill any man who even looked at her.

  2. Love this line: It took everything in her power not to haul him into her apartment and rip his clothes off and suck the life out of him like a vampire at a bloodbath.

    You write HOT scenes! Thanks for sharing.

    1. I agree with Sheri. A very smoking HOT scene!

  3. Brand New... 'DIRTY AS SIN' ---Unedited

    Soft slinky like material was wound around his wrists and he realized that she’d bound him. Whoa, this was unexpected. Her hands pressed on his shoulders and he lowered to his knees. He was larger and stronger, but he allowed this submissive play to see where it might lead. He’d been woman handled before and this was Ava after all.
    She moved away and he wondered if she were just going to leave him there. She had looked angry before. He mused about how he might explain such an occurrence. He opened his mouth to speak and his lips met with her pussy lips. He breathed the heady scent of Ava in.
    Her hands wove through his hair and she pressed his face to her mound.
    His cock was now painfully hard and he stuck his tongue into her folds.
    Ava moaned low as he gave her licks and she spread her folds open for him. She controlled his head by using his hair with one hand. He suckled her and plunged his tongue in and out of her, wanting and wishing to taste her cum. Rex was beyond hot, he was on fire, this woman had that affect on him, he lost all self-control yet again, as he devoured her with his mouth.
    Her panting grew loud as she rode his face. “Oh, Rex…” she gasped while her body tightened.
    Rex was almost there himself and his cock was already weeping from the sexy feel of her sweet pussy on his lips. He loved the taste of her and he now remembered how it always made him hot.
    Her hands tightened on his hair, as he tasted her squirting, his cock exploded as he climaxed while her juices were like honey on his tongue and he sucked on her clit until he heard her sigh and her body relaxed.
    Rex was panting and there was a mess in his black thongs. The woman had entirely used him and he would do it again in the very next moment, if she wanted it.

  4. Wow! Is your new book a Domina? It's so cool to read it in his POV. I'm looking forward to this :) *giggle*

    1. This what Rex does, Miss Flamin': A little of his Preface:
      Meet Your Man For Hire

      Sexy Rex… His work was every man’s dream and every woman’s fantasy.
      His calling was a true religious experience. His field of endeavor is to please women, he loves all sizes, all colors and as long as they are the age of consent? He will most certainly oblige you. Rex uses his talents to get you off, his favorite part of the job? To make you scream and cream until the sun comes up.
      Not your average Man of the Night, Rex stands at 6 feet 5 inches with a long hard bod, well muscled legs and a long thick cock. His mouth is imbued with a sweet, silky tongue and with it, he can perform magic. His fingers are some of the most exquisitely talented digits you’d ever want to feel. Black, silky hair, a dazzling smile and emerald hued eyes completed the all male, purchased package.
      {A man who aims to please}

  5. Ah, he's a man for hire! Hehehe. Not only is his description HOT, he's a tall drink of water, too. You've done it again. Congratulations!

  6. OMG! Those rock my lower regions. Here is a portion of Devil's Brand which releases in October. You can find the complete chapter on my blog

    “If you come without permission, you will be punished.”

    Punished? Shit, was he trying to hold me off or help me along. I groaned, using every ounce of control I possessed. I was on the brink. I couldn't contain it. I'd never felt so ready to orgasm in my life, and wrenching my climax back was like trying to stop a waterfall with my hands.

    He pulled the vibrator away. My body downshifted, and I winced.
    I huffed, “May I please come?”

    He smiled and shook his head but replaced the vibrator.

    Damn his CEO butt to hell.

    Nothing had ever felt as titillating, forbidden, as that vibrator teasing my ass and his tongue teasing my clit. He applied light pressure to each in alternating pulses that burned through my core like magma.

    My body revved again, and I teetered on the edge. “Fucking A. That feels good. Oh. Ohh God. I’m ready. Can I please come?” Everything dimmed. Only release mattered. Only that glorious point of no returned I reached for. I was going to come whether he said so or not. I couldn't wait anymore. “I'm. Going. To come.”

    “No. You. Are. Not.” He growled.

    “Can't help it.” I abandoned control. My hand slammed the desk.

    He lifted his head to glare at me with fiery topaz eyes. He removed the vibrator just as I fell into a broken climax.

    Frustration filled me. “You son of a bitch.”

    “That insubordination will cost you, Miss Lowe. You are slated for immediate docking.” A hint of a smile played across his lips.

    Anger and betrayal shot through me, dousing my arousal “What?” I stopped, realizing my punishment had been his intention all along. He wanted to push me past endurance, seeing when I would disregard his command. “You’re crazy.” Intense training?

    Ignoring my outburst, he thrust his mouth to my clit and pressed the vibrator urgently against my ass. One hand flattened on my hip, holding me firmly in place. The harsh, abrupt assault sent me back over the edge.

    I came. Hard.

    Anger dissolved as explosions of pleasure racked my body. Only the tight juncture between my legs held any conscious part of me, and even that seemed iffy. My hips jumped and spasmed. I vaguely felt Devon’s fingers fucking my opening, the inner walls contracting as he pressed against my sweet spot. My ass tightened and throbbed. His velvet tongue on my clit was heaven.

    “God. So good. So fucking good.” I'd never had oral sex like that before or anal play. I liked it. No—I loved it.

    My body still clenched and pulsed in the afterglow of orgasm.
    Devon lifted his head from between my legs. His smug look held the promise of revenge, but my eyes drooped and my body poured like liquid lead, trying to spill over the desk.

    I raised my head to find Devon’s gorgeous gaze locked on to me with his dark eyebrow arched. He sat relaxed in his chair and leaned forward to nip my thigh. I whimpered.

    A wicked grin spread over his face. He opened his bottom desk drawer and pulled a black—Holy Shit—anal plug from a disturbingly large stash of sex toys. My arms and legs, already weak, turned to jelly.

    He'd said he would punish me, and I knew he would. According to the handbook, he had a myriad of options available. My breath came in uneven gulps, and my heartbeat sped as I watched him.

    He quirked a dark eyebrow over sparkling eyes and waved the plug in my face. “Your punishment, Miss Lowe.”

    1. Hurt so good...come on, baby, let me hurt you so good!! Like John Cougar Mellencamp's song - your story has all the makings of a hot new hurt. Love it!

  7. A short scene from a new WIP called Cowboy, Come Home.

    He placed her in the middle of the couch, intending to leave her, but she clung to him like a burr.
    Careful not to crush her, he eased down with her.
    Her arms clung to his shoulders, her legs wrapped around his waist, and her pelvis collided with his. His cock responded, rising. He held in a groan. It had been a long time since they had been intimate. Eden’s pregnancy had been difficult, and she had not been able to make love for the last eight weeks of it. Then, after Shaun died, she hadn’t wanted anything to do with lovemaking.
    He dipped his head and closed his eyes, willing away his throbbing erection. What kind of jerk thought about sex at a time like this? But maybe that’s what they needed? A reminder they still had each other? He nuzzled her neck. She had always liked that. When she didn’t pull away, he tasted her skin.
    She hiccupped. Good, her tears had stopped. Maybe she was getting into it. He moved his lips across her neck, over her cheek, to her mouth. They used to kiss for hours. For a second, he thought she was going to kiss him back. Then she turned her face away. “No.” She pushed his chest. “Adam, stop.”
    He lifted his weight. “Sorry.”
    Her damp cinnamon colored eyes pleaded with him to understand. “Don’t be mad. I just don’t feel like it right now.”
    “I’m not mad.” He rolled off her and sat at the end of the couch. He ran a hand over his head. Frustrated. Tired. Confused. But he wasn’t angry at Eden. He was pissed off as hell at Fate. And at the unfairness of what happened. “I’m going to make something to eat. What sounds good that’s easy?”

    1. The emotional depth of your current WIP goes without saying. You'll have no problem finding a home for this one, D'Ann. I'm so humbled you chose to share this on Friday Flames. Thank you.

  8. Ha, awesome stuff, ladies!! I'll join you one of these days. :)

  9. This is from my frist contemporary Western release--Gambling on a Secret (Book 1 of The Colton Gamblers) due out Jan 2013 from Lyrical Press:

    He sucked in a hissing breath and tugged at her panties. They fell to her ankles, where she stepped out of them. Thinking beyond the primitive need pounding through his veins was impossible. He lifted her onto the edge of the table.

    “Dylan.” She moaned, arching into him, when he nibbled first one taut nipple and then the other. Her fingers flexed in his hair, holding him close to her.

    Under his hand, the skin of her inner thighs was buttery soft. He stroked her hot, slick sex. She arched into his hand and called his name again when the first quakes of orgasm shattered her. He let her ride out the waves until his erection pulsed with painful need.

    With unsteady hands, he sheathed himself in the condom. While he kissed her long and deep, she wrapped her legs around his hips. He thrust forward the same time she pulled him to her. They both groaned at the connection, breaking the kiss. He moved within her fast, hard and deep.

    Her head fell back, and she gazed at him through heavy-lidded eyes. The erotic beauty of her lips parting on a moan, the long auburn lashes over passion-darkened eyes, and the hungry flush of her freckled cheeks made his knees weak. Fire boiled in his low belly. She flexed her fingernails into his shoulders, and her muscles tightened around him, drawing him deeper.

    He caught one of her rosy nipples between his lips again, pulling the hard raspberry into his mouth. She clutched at his shoulders, let out a high keening sound, and shuddered around him as he pounded deep inside.

    She was slick and so hot that he thought he might burn up before the end. Combined with the contractions of her inner muscles, the sensations wrenched a release out of him that curled his toes. He cursed and trembled as he emptied himself into her. Struggling to fill his lungs with air, he rested his forehead on her shoulder, afraid he’d slide to the floor in a boneless heap.

    She turned her face and placed a kiss next to his ear. “Wow. That was amazing.”

    “You feel so good. I want you again.” He kissed her.

    She held him close and sucked on his tongue. When she moved on him, she felt too good.

  10. Dylan seems to know what he wants. Lucky girl! Thanks for stopping by today and Congratulations on the upcoming release!

  11. This one got edited out of my forthcoming 3 Through History: Love in the Time of Republicans, but people who read it found it pretty hot.

    Flora took another cigarette out of the rosewood box and lit it. This one was not kretek. Flora dragged deeply, held onto the aromatics in the smoke as long as she could, hacked a few times and beckoned to Anna.

    “It’s called a torpedo. Here.” Flora moved her lips, holding the joint for Anna to take, right up to Anna’s. Anna’s narrow European nose slid alongside Flora’s wider Aztec features. Their lips brushed, holding opposite ends of the joint but meeting in the middle, Flora’s eyes sparkled, and her left wrist rattled as she lifted it to Anna’s shoulder. Their feet brushed accidentally. Flora gripped Anna’s left foot with her right toes. Anna tried to focus on the joint.

    “Who wants to play “Spin the Bottle?” asked one girl. The girl, Magdalena, was not known for outrageous suggestions; in fact, she has hardly known at all. Magda was a rail-thin, shy girl who had barely started her periods. But the joints, the dancing, the music, and the mood were just right, so the girls began. Anna had nowhere to hide.

    Anna turned toward Flora. She sat in her sari, which had loosened to the point where it really didn’t hide much, and beamed a big cannabis-driven welcome. Anna slid up to Flora’s lap, turned her shoulders to Flora, and presented her lips.

    Flora took the lead. Her bare left leg slipped over Anna’s left leg, and her toes gripped Anna’s calves. Her right thigh caressed Anna’s back underneath her halter. Flora had given herself over completely to the moment; Anna half-embraced it and half fought it. But her lips responded on their own. Her hands found pleasure in Flora’s rich tan skin. She willed her jaw to release its slight clench, and to accept the eager tongue that pleaded for partnership.

    Moments of self-consciousness and near-panic swirled with moments of pleasure. Relax. This doesn’t mean anything. Flora’s eyes had narrowed to slits, like those of a cat paralyzed by pleasure. Anna saw that the game was over. The other girls had paired off, and were exploring each other, moved by marijuana and the moment.
    In one moment, Anna nibbled Flora’s ear, and Flora kneaded Anna’s right nipple. In another moment, Anna shivered in fear and somehow, in revulsion. Flora was fully engaged in fantasy. As Flora ran her tongue down Anna’s neck and cradled her hip with her free hand, Anna searched her mind, desperately trying to find the source of her discomfort so that she could let herself enjoy what was happening. Her brain was flooded with cortisol even as her right thigh hugged her friend’s bare hips, sari having fallen gently away. How could she pull back now? What kind of rejection would her friend feel? Was there another joint somewhere around? Her flesh was pulsing, but her mind was throbbing. As Flora pressed on her shorts with her left hand while kissing her nipple, Anna tried to stop her hips from doing what came naturally.

    “Flora! Stop!” she gasped.

    Anna stopped Flora’s progress by hugging her so tightly that she could not move. Even this defensive move brought pleasure, which generated loathing from that voice that Anna had been trying to silence for the last twenty minutes. Flora felt the shiver through Anna’s spine – she had no choice but to stop.

    “What’s wrong?” Flora felt a flash of panic through the haze of cannabis and hormones. She pressed her cheek into Anna’s breast, moved her hand to a less desperately sexual position, and for the first time that afternoon, experienced self-consciousness. She noticed that Anna had not pulled away, and that their legs , feet, and toes still belonged to each other. Maybe…

    “I can’t do this.”


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