July 20, 2012

Friday Flames

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I've been reading the most scorching, HOT scenes these past few weeks - the ones that require the cooler blowing iced air on me full-blast.

It's not easy to write a scene that captures your reader's imagination and attention.
Today, I want you to share your Smoking Hot scene, the one that sends the reader...up in flames.
It doesn't have to be graphic, tension can increase the pounding of our blood. Lead us to the moment, keep us hanging by a thread.
Remedy Maker debuts on July 27th, in just one short week.
Here's a sneak preview to wet yourselves on:
Patience wet her lips and moved a step nearer. "We'd have to work closely together. You cool with that?"
Unveiled hunger smoldered in his eyes. She took a chance. Patience did something so far out of character that she even surprised herself. Lifting to her tiptoes, she turned her face up to his.
Heat sizzled from his arms and soaked into her body. His hot look of surprise was followed by an even hotter response. The moment he lowered his head and took her lips, broiler fans set on high blew over her.
With a subtle shift of his legs and wicked ass, he burrowed her tighter against him. Apparently, it wasn't close enough, because his hand slid over her hip and pulled her closer into him. His palm continued to move lower, shaping a butt cheek through the thin t-shirt she wore.
Dampness saturated her bikini panties—she shivered, realizing how unconcealed that sign of arousal was.
Rhycious chuckled in a low tone, rubbing his hardened pelvis against her. "As far as working together, I'd say we're off to a great start." He let her feel his cock in its engorged splendor, and moved with sensuous play against her mound.
His teeth nibbled and soft lips worked their magic down the side of her neck. She dropped her head back to give him further entrée. "We'll be totally teamed up. I'm game if you are."
"Should we practice our joint effort, polytima, and see how good we can be together?"
How much hotter could they possibly get? Much as she hated flames, her body burned hot enough to internally combust.
Okay people! I showed you mine - now show me yours.
Don't forget to leave your book title so interested parties can rush out and buy a copy :)


  1. Great excerpt, Sheri (with an E not an A)

    This is a continuation of last week's - from my twisted fairy tale - Sexy Red Hood.

    Their hands slid down Red's body to her groin. Chopper's thumb and forefinger rubbed and circled her nub, while Will's hand teased the opening to her pussy. The pressure on her clit intensified as Will slid two fingers deep into her wet, hungry cunt.
    A deep purr of contentment emanated from her throat. She pulled Chopper's face to hers, parting her lips as his mouth neared. Their tongues danced an intimate waltz, while in Red's cunt, Will's fingers mimicked the thrustings of Chopper's tongue.
    Releasing Chopper, Red reached up to pull Will's mouth to hers. Chopper moved lower and sucked a nipple into his mouth. The slurping sounds of mouth on mouth, mouth and nipple and fingers thrusting into liquid heat were mixed with the groans and moans of the fully aroused creatures.
    They were no longer humans in the true sense of the word. All three had slipped back to the deepest and most powerful of their basic instincts and at that moment it ruled their existence.
    Chopper eased down and settled between Red's knees. Will's mouth withdrew from Red's. His eyes were dark, his brow furled and a low growl sounded in his throat. Resting his weight on his hands, Chopper wiggled his cock into position, ready to slip through the carnal wetness dripping from Red's pussy. He closed his eyes. A blissful smile crossed his face. Red opened her legs, offering herself to his swollen cock and the pleasures he could deliver.
    Quick as a cat, Will got on his knees and shoved Chopper away from the prize. Red groaned in frustration. Chopper raised up on his knees, ready to defend what was his. Will snarled a dangerous threat. Chopper hesitated. Will moved to the empty place between Red's legs.

    New Dawning International Bookfair - http://www.newdawningbookfair.com/
    Amazon – http://www.amazon.com/Sexy-Hood-Twisted-Fairy-ebook/dp/B0055L1KJY
    Smashwords - http://www.smashwords.com/books/view/66071
    All Romance Ebooks – http://www.allromanceebooks.com/product-sexyredhood-562333-149.html
    Kobo - http://www.kobobooks.com/search/search.html?q=Daryl+Devore&t=none&f=author&p=1&s=averagerating&g=both

    1. Well! Now, isn't THAT intriguing??!! Little Red Riding Hood is all grown up - and she's doing the wild thing!

  2. Great excerpts so far! Love Friday Flames, even though I normally don't get the chance to post...but today is different..WOOT WOOT.

    I'm sharing a steamy kiss scene from my soon to be released contemporary romance Two-Timing the Boss...it'll be out August 24th. I'm so excited. Here's my snippet :)

    “Then why are you talking? Kiss me, Keller.” As
    his name tumbled from her mouth, she gripped his
    jacket and tugged him toward her. He lowered his
    head and their breath mingled. Before his lips
    touched hers, she sagged against him in surrender.
    His mouth fell on hers, crushing the small gasp
    trying to escape.
    He didn’t give her time for second thoughts.
    Keller growled deep in his throat. The hand along
    her neck folded over her nape while his other circled
    her waist to scoop her soft body into his hardened
    length. She moaned and he savored the sound. When
    she ground against him, tiny jolts of pleasure shot
    from his center to encompass his entire body.
    Heat traveled through him with the power of an
    electrical storm wherever their bodies touched.
    Somehow her hands made their way from outside
    his jacket to fist into the white, crisp cotton of his
    dress shirt beneath. One button tore from the fabric
    and plinked to the black tarmac pavement. The
    sound seemed to split into the stillness of the night,
    adding to his arousal.
    His lips slid down her chin, throat and hovered
    over the time bomb ticking at the base of her neck.
    When he flicked his tongue over the sensitive spot,
    her fingers dug into his chest as if his shirt didn’t
    separate her touch from his skin. He nibbled her
    flesh until she shook. With a guttural sound coming
    from deep within her chest, she arched her throat to
    give him easy access. And he didn’t hesitate to take
    full advantage of what she offered.
    With swirls of his tongue he increased the
    pressure of his kisses, pulling her closer, lighting the
    trail along her neck. He made his way to the soft
    skin behind her ear and inhaled her sumptuous
    perfume, then nibbled close to her lobe. Her skin
    burned beneath his lips as he retraced his path
    upward and crushed her lips with his hard, precise
    mouth. Her body quivered as his kiss softened into a
    caress. Their lips moved over each other and tiny
    sparks shot through his veins.
    When she moaned again, he took the
    opportunity to thrust his tongue deep inside her
    mouth and let it move in powerful strokes along her
    more timid one. He ran his hands down her back and
    pushed her up against his middle, so she’d have no
    doubt about his arousal. About her effect on him.
    One of her hands slid in a languid caress down
    his chest, trekked over his abdomen and rested
    against the zipper of his trousers. Her palm cupped
    his bulge and she applied a small squeeze of
    pressure. Heat spilled from her touch to his most
    sensitive part and he ground against her touch.

    1. Christine Warner - you applied sensual tension in just the right spot! I can't wait for Two-Timing the Boss to release. Congratulations!!

  3. HOT HOT HOT!!!

    This is from my WIP - Uncertain- Enjoy!!!

    As soon as the words left her lips, he appeared to grow another two inches right before her eyes, his shoulders squaring. A wave of dangerous arousal rolled from him and every fiber in her being lit up, searing her from the inside out. His face morphed into something wicked. His breathing accelerated. His nostrils flared. His fists clenched and released more than once. She gulped.

    Had she bitten off more than she could chew?

    Her nipples beaded under his possessive gaze and she shrank back against the elevator frame, seeking some kind of stable beam to support her before she hit the hardwood floor of the hotel. Roving his eyes over her he moved in closer, leaning into her personal space. His scent, earthy, woodsy with a hint of spice, overwhelmed her senses and her eyes slid shut, inhaling deeper to keep his smell incised in her memory. His hand wandered to the small of her back, drawing her into his hard body, crushing her into him. Her eyes flew open and she met his shadowy stare, unable to tear away. He projected an energy and power that undeniably had moisture collecting in her folds and her body beginning to rattle.

    Slowly, he brought his mouth to the curve of her neck and with a gentle nip of his teeth, she whimpered. His warm tongue snaked its way from her earlobe up to the top of her ear. His chest rose and fell in sync with the rough breaths that coated her ears. Alana sighed and took her hands to his waist, needing to feel him even closer to her than he already was. He obliged, pressed into her so she could feel her effect on him that didn’t waver from holding her close earlier. His cock was damn hard and she licked her lips at the thought of feeling him buried in her, to the hilt, while she hung on for dear life.

    Toying with him, she bounced her gaze to his and caressed his arms leisurely, licking her lips.

    “Someone is aroused.”

    The flames she saw in those green depths startled her. A strong sexual magnetism built between them, had been for weeks. Another side of Seth was being uncovered to her, one she yearned to see. Passionate. Adoring. Tinged with dominance. The man was a true-blue guy; caring, warm, funny as hell and easy to be around. Modest, respectful and determined. She knew from the beginning that there was something very special about him. She saw him being a great father and husband. Her chest began that familiar snug. Her blood turned honey-thick.

    Something clicked. Her eyes fogged over and she gasped. It was happening.

    She was falling for Seth and hard.

  4. HOT! HOT! HOT! this morning, ladies! Whew! Fanning more than the flames this morning!

    And I'm going to heap on the coals. :) Here's my hot scene from Only Scandal Will Do:

    A need to meet his challenge drove her to tug his shirt loose, pull the cascading folds over his head and drink in the clean lines of him. Broad, muscular shoulders to narrow waist, he was perfect in form. She drew him close, rubbed her cheek against the downy mat on his chest, breathed in the musky masculine scent that was his. The steady beat of his heart taunted her, so she flicked her tongue over a flat brown nipple.

    “God, Kat!” His body jerked and below, where her abdomen pressed, a surge of movement startled her. An expression of mingled shock and delight replaced his smile. “You wish to play with fire, madam?” he murmured hoarsely, bending his head as he captured her face in his hands. He seized her lips with his, plunged his tongue inward, and the floor, the room, the manor itself melted from existence.

    Moans came from the back of her throat, and she was afraid she would faint at the tantalizing feeling of him inside her mouth. By the time he fastened his lips again on her neck and rained tiny kisses downward, she could hardly breathe. His mouth grazed the swell of her breast and her eyes popped open. Her chemise had joined the dress on the floor, leaving her completely naked. Then he engulfed her nipple in his hot, wet mouth.

    And I finally have a buy link for Scandal! http://www.amazon.com/Only-Scandal-Will-Do-ebook/dp/B008MNDCS4/ref=sr_1_5?ie=UTF8&qid=1342791945&sr=8-5&keywords=jenna+jaxon

    Thanks as always, Sheri, for the opportunity!

    1. Jenna Jaxon is in the house! Whew!! Congratulations on the release of Only Scandale Will Do - it's delicious!

  5. Burning with desire, he reached out. “I’m
    completely nude under the sheet—are you sure this is
    what you want?”
    Constance let her silk negligee drop to the floor.
    “Yes, Alex!” Then she reached over her head and
    released the French knot in her hair. The beautiful gold
    strands of hair spilled down on her breast. Taking Alex’s
    outstretched hand, she guided his strong fingers to her.
    Delicately, as if he were touching velvet, he stroked her
    softness. Taken by desire, Constance stepped forward
    as his fingers slipped deep into her moist body. “Oh,
    yes, Alex! I’m ready to move on,” she moaned.
    From "Hearts Can Change in Time" by Ron Hanlon. Due out Late Aug 2012. For more info check out paperbackwriter201.com. To pre-order please go to https://secure.mybookorders.com/order/ron-hanlon

    1. What a vivid image your snippet gives! Thanks so much for sharing today.

  6. Hot Hot Hot ladies! Its burning up in here!! So to help out the heat heres a small scene from A Bitter Reunion released today by Ruby Lioness Press! I hope you enjoy it!

    Their knees buckled at the same time as they rode the pleasure of touching each other to the ground. The plush rug was soft on her bare flesh. His lips left hers only to travel a hot path down her jaw to the hollow of her neck. His kisses were like soft, warm velvet caressing her skin as he laid her down on the rug and covered her body with his. She felt his need hit her like a tidal wave crashing on the shore. Her body molded perfectly to his as he nudged against her for entrance. She raised her hips to grant him better access and felt his hard member breach her. He moved slowly to give her body time to adjust to his intrusion, but she was so hot and ready for him that he slid home like he had belonged inside her all along.


    1. WAHOO!! IT'S RELEASE DAY!! Congratulations - and thank you for dropping in to celebrate with us at the Flames!

  7. Whew! ::fanning myself:: These are all great! I'm away from all of my files today so I can't post an excerpt but I'll enjoy everyone else's.

    1. I'm fanning myself too, Sharon. It's getting mighty hot in here!

  8. from the upcoming 6th Stewart Realty book in the award winning series. Find info and links on the first 4 best selling installments at www.lizcrowecom

    She smiled, and held out her hand. The drip-drip-drip of cold water hit the towel and shorts covering his aching cock. He tried to let it cool him. “Hey Brandis, long time no see. I’m hanging at your house this summer but that should be okay since you still live over on Church Street and Jack’s one of your roommates for the summer. Want some help with those cans this morning? I don’t have to work until noon today.”
    He smiled at her, and was thrilled beyond measure at the way her face relaxed when he took her hand, shook it once. But then, as if his body had no relation to the brain in his head he stood and tugged her into a quick embrace. “We always hugged hello and goodbye. No need to stop that, it there? Go all formal?” He spoke into her jet-black wet hair. Her breasts mashed into him, and he tilted her chin up, a little alarmed to see tears in her eyes. She shook her head and when he finally kissed her it felt like he’d been kissing her forever.
    She shifted in his arms, seemed to mold herself into him, and yanked the towel off him in one motion. Surprised but not unhappy about it, he deepened the kiss, plunged his tongue into her mouth, encountered hers. Fisting his hands in the long tangle of her hair he groaned, cupped a breast, ran his hand down her back to her ass and up, unable to settle. He felt like a rookie. How did she do this to him? He could maneuver himself between the legs of the hottest girl in any room in an eye blink. Why did this moment with his old friend Maureen..the very young, younger sister of his good, over protective friend… make him fumbly and breathless and ready to plow into her like a sixteen year old kid?
    “Wait, stop,” He broke away, trying to get himself under control. She stared at him, her breasts heaving, the glorious hard peaks of her nipples poking through the wet bikini top making his mouth water.
    Trying to remember his manners and fighting the voice in his head reminding him to get the hell away from her now, he angled his hips, reducing her contact with his poor, aching shaft. But she grabbed him and shoved their bodies back together, all the time staring at him like she wanted to speak but had no words.
    “What,” she whispered. “You want this as much as I do.” She ground against him, and he bit back a groan. She kissed him then, and he let her, let her lead as his brain spun with the odd twin sensations of horny and a strange sense of protectiveness. She broke away, her breathing ragged, her eyes wild. He could smell her then, the lusty pheromones making him dizzy and lust addled. But he gripped her face, kissed her gently and stepped away.

    1. Ah, Liz Crowe! Cant wait for this one! You'll have another winner on your hands!

    2. Welcome Liz Crowe to Friday Flames! Your Realty series is HOT HOT HOT!! Thanks so much for coming by today. Hope to *see* you and your excerpts again soon!

  9. My fingers are scorched! Awesome excerpts everyone! I'm including an excerpt from my newly-released paranormal Sweet Hell. I hope it tickles your fancy...among other things...

    "Gazing into his surprised eyes, she began to push up the hem of his gorgeous robe, growing more excited with each inch of his exposed thighs. His chest rose and fell with sharp, quick breaths in response.
    “What are you doing?” he whispered.
    She offered him a small smile, doing her best to look sexy. “What I’ve been wanting to do since the first time you ordered coffee from me. Since I first laid eyes on you.”
    Her candid comment silenced him. His jaw shut, and he just watched her, his eyes wide with amazement and long-withheld lust. Keeping her eyes trained on his, she moved the hem right up to his waist and was gratified to see he went commando under that sexy toga.
    No chance for padding there.
    Nestled between his legs was the most glorious cock she’d ever seen. She’d suspected it would be big, but this was frankly insane. Almost too big, too thick. Would she even be able to wrap her mouth around it? But then it throbbed for her, and she changed her mind.
    It was perfect. She couldn’t wait to taste him.
    She lowered herself, and Dionysus made a strangled noise of carnal agony. Snuggling in between his firm legs, she got comfortable.
    And licked.
    In her head, she swore. He was that tasty.
    Out loud, Dionysus was letting loose a string of curses she barely understood, no doubt in Greek. Then he switched to English, possibly for her benefit. “Ah, fuck. By Hera’s fragrant pussy, that feels so good!”
    Josie giggled, pleased at his reaction."

    Cheers, and thanks for reading! Thanks for sharing, Sheri!
    Rosanna Leo
    You can find the book at http://www.liquidsilverbooks.com/

    1. Congratulations on this release, Rosanna! Wow, this snippet has me dripping...uh, sweat. Whew, where's my iced tea?

  10. LIz you ROCK!!!!!

    1. Hehehe, don't be shy. You don't have to be annonymous around here. We won't tell you visited, will we people?

  11. *snicker* "to wet yourselves on." Sheri, you're my hero.

    I'm giving away a copy of OF ETERNAL LIFE at Coffee Time Romance today! (http://coffeetimeromance.com/CoffeeThoughts/books-and-me-a-love-story/)

    Here's a little teaser. It's more sweet than sexy this week, but it's one of my favorites:

    He heard a noise from Abilene’s side of the room. It sounded like she was fighting against the urge to cry.

    Know the feeling, he thought, as he felt his anger at her soften even more. He resisted as long as he could.

    He cleared his throat. “Abilene?”

    She gasped, and he could hear her struggle to become even quieter. She didn’t want him to know she was upset. Against his will, that admiration he’d been fighting warmed his chest.

    “What’s wrong?” he whispered, immediately cringing. What’s wrong? Besides being attacked at gunpoint, being kidnapped, and then being held hostage by a stranger who demanded cryptic bedtime stories?

    Guilt joined the admiration.

    Oh, great. That’s just…great. He sighed and began to crawl over to her tiny, shadowed form. He huddled over her, careful not to touch her in any way.

    “Hey — ” he began. What was he doing? Was he going to comfort her? That would be counterproductive. And if he were in her shoes — which he had been — he wouldn’t accept comfort from his captor anyway. He was at a loss.

    “It’s s-so dark,” she moaned, curling tighter.

    His nostrils flared. She’s afraid of the dark? He eyed her incredulously. Well, that’s… disarming.

    Damn it, it was fucking endearing was what it was. A force inside him fought to offer her protection, to reward her instead of punish her for revealing this weakness to him.

    “Okay,” he wracked his brain for a way to accomplish that without alarming her further. “It’s okay.” Maybe she would feel better if she knew she wasn’t alone? He moved closer to her to sit cross-legged at her back. He edged forward until his knee grazed her spine.

    She stiffened, and he cursed, moving away at once. You’re an idiot, he told himself. The last thing she would want to be reminded of in the dark was that he was there.

    But once his knee was no longer in contact, she gasped and clutched at him over her shoulder.

    “No!” she cried. “It’s better.” She shuddered and continued in a wavering voice. “It was better for that second.”

    He inhaled, completely out of his element. This was powerful stuff. That what he was offering was working, that he had made it better, even for a second — he exhaled and edged forward again.

    When he made contact with her once more, she breathed out her relief and edged even closer to him until his thigh was pressed flush against her back. His breath caught in his throat.

    “Eli,” he whispered.

    She stiffened.

    “My name is Eli.”

    She breathed his name from between parted lips, and Eli felt his heart skip a beat, then quickly make up time.

    Holy God, she was … consuming. He couldn’t look away from her now-relaxed face and moonlit curls.

    “Sleep,” he murmured to her. “I’ll make sure you stay safe.”

    She curled her hands beneath her chin in answer. He stared in rapt attention as her breathing slowed.

    And he was still guarding her when she slipped deeply into slumber.

    1. HOT can be the lead up to something bigger. Tension filled and imagination roaring. You've got it all here, Micah. Heading over to Coffee Time Romance now! Grin!

  12. Those are all so hot, I'm fanning myself. Here is mine from my WIP, Lady Caro's Accidental Marriage. Be warned, it's the first draft. My CPs haven't even seen it yet.
    He enveloped her in his arms. How could he still smell of fresh air and the sea? His lips descended on hers and she shuddered in delight. Running her hands greedily over his back and reveling in the strong muscles flexing as he caressed her. George had been strong and lean, but he never felt like this. She rubbed her cheek in his chest, soft hair tickling her as she searched for and found his nipples.
    With the first lick, he moaned. She found the other one and grazed it with the nail.
    “Horatia, how does the gown come off.”
    She reached down, touched his already hard shaft and stroked. “Buttons in the front.”
    Cool air wafted around her legs as he rucked her skirts up to her waist. A deep shiver shot through her as his fingers probed and fondled. “Get rid of it now.”
    His hand held her hip as she leaned back and quickly unfastened the small pearl buttons which were the only things standing between him his naked body and hers. Finally the last on came loose. She shrugged as he tugged on the gown, soon it slid off her hips and in a soft swoosh fell to the floor. Need and desire overwhelmed her. Horatia pulled his head down and kissed him with all the longing all the years of denial built up.
    When he lifted her, she wrapped her legs around him. “Horatia, my love, it’s been a long time for you. Slow down a bit. I don’t want to hurt you.”
    She knew she was already wet for him, and she wasn’t waiting any longer. “I’m not an innocent. Take me, take me now.”
    John had a very good idea how experienced she was and thanked God he wouldn’t have to bother with a virgin for a wife. But it had been many years for her. Walking to the bed, he placed her in the middle of it and followed. He tried to kiss her slowly, but her lips were hungry and demanding. When he thought to ravish her with his tongue, she caught it and sucked. Lightening coursed through his veins as she struggled to placate her. He’d never had such a woman. Reaching down he stroked her curls and rubbed the small nubbin, she made a sound between a moan and a soft growl. When he inserted his finger into her sheath, it was hot and sodden, like silk to the touch and tight. “You may need some time. Let me…”
    She arched up and gave a sharp noise of frustration. “No, I am ready. I need you inside me now.”
    “Very well. But we do this my way.” John entered her slowly, withdrew and entered again, giving her sheath time to stretch. Horatia met him thrust for thrust. Moaning deeply. What had George called her? His hori. John believed it. And she was his now. He plunged deeply, possessing her and making her his. Horatia shook and cried out. Her sheath convulsed around him so strongly he couldn’t withdraw to push again. His heart pounded and a roar filled his ears. With a groan, he spilled his seed and collapsed. For the first time in his forty-two years, he’d been taken by a woman instead of the other way around.

    1. I LIKE this lady! What a great "rough" draft. Whew! *ice cubes to forehead*

  13. This is an early scene in my WIP, so far without a title. It's not quite as racy as some here, as it's just the beginning of a relationship, but it got my senses going when I wrote it. Enjoy. :)

    She tentatively reached out and touched Dal’s cheek, wiping the bit of frosting away from his lip. The gesture seemed so natural, so intimate. She suddenly felt embarrassed.

    He took her hand and brought it close to his mouth. He delicately licked the frosting off her finger. Electricity flowed through her finger tip all the way through her body, sending delicious stirrings deep within. She shivered. That was a feeling she hadn’t experienced since, well, she couldn’t remember when. She met his gaze, mesmerized by the twinkles in his deep, brown eyes. She found herself swallowing again, willing this moment to last. Her lips parted; she had a need for more oxygen as her heartbeat raced. Her tongue lightly licked her lips; they felt dry as she pulled in air.

    Dal leaned forward. She waited. She looked at his lips. They were so tempting. She looked back to his eyes; they were focused on her lips. She could feel his breath against her cheek. She closed her eyes in anticipation. His lips gently touched hers, sending tingles through her body. All her nerves suddenly awoke; all those neglected, ignored feelings surged in her body, awakened from slumber from his kiss like Snow White in the fairy tale. His kiss was light, tender. She allowed herself to kiss him back. Her lips opened slightly in invitation. He accepted, and kissed her more firmly, tasting her lips, the faint remnants of chocolate. Her head spun as he pulled back. For a split second, she followed him, then realizing he was pulling back, she did, also, disappointed that it was over.

    She licked her lips, wanting to remember the sensation of his kiss. She opened her eyes, then looked up at him. A small smile fluttered his way . She blushed again.

    Dal was gazing at her intently, as if he were memorizing her face. His breathing had increased; she saw his chest rise and fall quickly. She reached out on impulse, and placed her hand over his heart. His heart was racing, like hers.

    1. That's brilliant - very sensual.

    2. I'm with SJ - Sensual is HOT. Varying degrees of steam help heat the scene :) And you turned it up! Thanks for sharing!

  14. Scorching as always guys. Here's a little snippet from One Wild Vegas Night a shifter novella I have coming out in October from Breathless Press. I had the cover art today and its amazing. I'll be posting it on my FB page in a bit if you want to check it out (www.facebook.com/sjthomaswpr). Enjoy:

    Hannah's hands moved up to grip his shoulders and his other hand moved to cup the back of her neck, clasping her to him. Then he began to move against her, guiding her body in a slow rocking motion. An erotic movement that pressed their lower bodies together even harder, bringing her hot core against his rock hard arousal. He growled low in his throat at the sensation and Hannah's lids dipped, her fingers digging into him.
    "I want you so much, Hannah. I want to touch you, taste you. I…I need to be inside you."

    Her lids flew open at his words and he could see the desire simmering in her eyes.
    "Tonight has been like a dream. Here with you is like a dream. I feel like I can do anything." Her voice was a low whisper and Sol pulled her closer, his lips brushing her temple.

    "And what do you want do to?" His voice had also dropped low; almost a growl and he felt her shiver in response.

    She pulled back to look up at him, a determined light coming into her eyes. "I want to kiss you."

    The next instant Sol's lips found hers, so soft and warm against his, and he kissed her with a pressing sense of urgency. She matched the movement, yielding to him when his tongue pressed forward, her lips parting to allow him to taste her mouth. He teased her lips and the tip of her tongue with his and when she moaned he deepened the kiss, pressing her even tighter to him.

    Hands grasping, muscles tensing, lips and tongues moving together, they clung to each other, any pretense of dancing forgotten. Sol was harder than he'd ever been in his life, his whole body thrumming with desire, and he could feel the heat between Hannah's thighs even through their clothes. Her scent was flooding him till all he could see, feel or think about was her, every instinct driving him to get her away and make her his.

    Sol wasn't sure which one of them broke the contact first but when they pulled back they were both panting. Hannah's lips were red and swollen from the force of his kisses and her skin was flushed, giving her a wanton look that made his stomach tighten with need.

    "I have to have you Hannah. I can't wait much longer."

    "Me neither, I want you so much. Just take me back to the hotel Sol, please."


    1. Oh I sure hope they made it to the hotel and nothing waylaid them! LOL They're HOT for each other! Whew!! Can't wait to see your artwork :)

  15. I'm loving these scenes y'all. Keep 'em coming. The following scene is from Till Surrender. It's MM and book 2 in my Paranormal Security Council series. It's available here: http://bit.ly/IzdBFc should you feel the need to read more.


    “I want you to quit. Now. Today.”

    Saint couldn’t help it—he burst out laughing. Sure wasn’t expecting that. “So soon? I’ve only just arrived.”

    Ryken frowned, the arousal in his eyes all but replaced by anger. “I don’t care what you tell my brother, but I want you to leave tonight.” Desperation flared on his face for a second, but he recovered smoothly, settling on a commanding sneer instead.

    Lips curved, Saint slid his gaze down the tight length of Ryken’s body. Past the red T-shirt and tan leather jacket, to the dark jeans riding low on his hips. He licked his lips at the thick bulge growing bigger by the moment. “Scares you, doesn’t it?” Bringing his attention back to Ryken’s face, he saw that confused arousal was back.

    Deep splashes of red coloured Ryken’s cheeks. “What scares me?”

    Saint closed the distance between them with a grin, his cock swaying within the loose confines of his sweats with each step. “The pull you feel between us scares you. The fact that I get your cock hard scares you.”

    Ryken’s jaw dropped and his eyes bulged.

    Saint kept going. “The fact that you see my face when you’re with David scares you.”

    Ryken jerked as if struck. Guess that one hit home.

    Saint leant forward, sniffing the side of Ryken’s neck. The other man’s heat scorched him, making his eyes slide shut. Ryken stiffened. Wave after delicious wave of arousal crashed over Saint, but he couldn’t act on it. He needed to drive Ryken away. “I can smell him on you, Ryken. David.” He spat the name out. “Did he fuck you? Give you what you needed?”

    Whimpers left Ryken’s throat. His hands moved up, grabbed Saint’s forearms, the blunt nails sinking into his skin. Saint snatched Ryken’s hands away and pushed him backwards, slamming him into the door. A muted gasp escaped Ryken’s parted lips. Their gazes met, clashed, those gorgeous blues begging.

    God. God.

    Ryken licked his lips and Saint was on him in a fucking heartbeat, tongue sliding inside wet heat, fingers tangling in silky blond locks. Ryken melted into him instantly, his cock straining between them, right leg lifting to wrap around Saint’s waist. Saint grunted into his mouth, reaching down to palm Ryken’s jean-covered ass.
    Such a bad idea, yet Ryken’s taste made Saint feel drunk. He should slow down, think things through, but Ryken rocked on him, grinding his hard cock over Saint’s, and he couldn’t fucking think any more. Saint squeezed Ryken’s ass and slid his tongue over Ryken’s before pulling back a little. Through narrowed eyes, he saw Ryken’s lips, shining from his ministrations, and caught the plump bottom lip between his teeth.

    Ryken clutched Saint’s neck, hips rocking, head tilted back. Tiny mewls drifted from his throat, making Saint wonder at the sounds Ryken would make when he slid into Ryken’s ass. When Ryken came.


    1. Thanks for stopping by and posting, Avril! I'm totally diggin' on the name of your series!

  16. Wow, I need some ice.
    Here is an excerpt from White Rose of Avalon, my Arthurian romance, a hotter re-telling of the familiar tale. In my version, Morgaine and Lancelot are lovers. Thanks for letting me share. Kelley

    She pulled her mouth from him and stood, guiding him to the flat stone altar. "Lie down," she commanded. He did as she commanded and she pulled his arms up above his head, tying them with a long strip of leather to a slender rock pillar above his head.

    Morgaine climbed up, straddling him. She kissed his mouth, darting her tongue around his lips and brushed her lips down his neck, lightly blowing into his ear. Lancelot moaned, squirming beneath her. She trailed her long hair down his chest and just as she reached his groin, she pulled up.

    "Ohhh, don't stop now." He struggled with his bound arms.

    She teased his manhood with her nether lips, rubbing herself along his shaft and pulling away. "Do you desire me, Lancelot?" she cooed into his ear, blowing on his earlobe.

    "Yes, by the gods, yes, woman! I want you!"

    "Give me pleasure and I will let you have your way with me." She inched her way up his body and sat on his chest, her sex resting on his chin.

    His tongue licked her rigid bud, sliding in and out of her. She lifted herself up, crouching near his mouth. She moved her hips with the rhythm of his tongue, in and out. As his tongue moved out it rubbed against her sensitive clit.

    "Faster," she commanded, breathless. His tongue quickened, flicking back and forth like a wind-stoked flame, rubbing against her engorged pink nub. Her hips moved in circles against his tongue, the pressure building until she exploded in waves of ecstasy.

    She straddled him and licked his nipples, slowly trailing her tongue down to his groin, careful not to touch his quaking shaft. Up and down she licked him until he squirmed in agony. His manhood was so hard it felt like a river rock. Smiling, she reached up and untied his hands.

    1. Loved it! This is a winner for sure! Thanks for giving us all a peek at your work. Hope to see you here again soon!

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  17. Whew! I need ice...and a man. LOL. Honey, where are you?

    From my next Crimson release...Shot Through the Heart coming out in August...

    He brushed a strand of hair off her cheek. His fingers were gentle and she tipped her head toward his caress. He slipped his fingers behind her neck and brought her lips to his. The kiss, like his touch, was tender.
    She splayed her fingers across his chest. Under them, his heart pounded. Derrick’s mouth urged hers open and their tongues danced together. He lifted her so that she straddled his lap. She pressed against him until his erection rose against her belly. A longing so fierce it rocked her took Laramie by surprise.
    She reached for the buttons on his shirt. Snapping them open, she stroked his chest. Fine hairs slid under her fingers and she traced them to his waistband. She teased him a little by running her fingertips along the rigid length of him. He moaned into her mouth, making her soar with womanly power.
    His palms skimmed over her ribs and outer swell of her breasts. She hurried him by lifting the hem of her camisole and tugging it over her head. He dipped his mouth to a nipple. She wrapped her hands around his neck and leaned back to give him full access. Holding both breasts with work-roughened hands, he teased her nipples with lips and tongue until she dug her fingers into his shoulders.
    Desperate to be closer, Laramie unsnapped the button on his jeans then slid the zipper down. With his legs trapped between her thighs, taking his jeans and shorts off wasn’t easy, but together, they freed his erection. He kicked off his boots; his clothing stayed wrapped around his knees. Winding her fingers around him, Laramie whispered in his ear, “Very nice.”
    His chuckle vibrated against her neck.

    1. Shoot me through MY heart - and pass the ice. LOL at the pants pooling around his knees :)

  18. Thank you Sheri for opening your home again. I finally decided to stop fogging up the window and add something. My first Contemporary Interracial Romance went live today.

    “Stranded but not Alone.”
    He smoothed a hand down her firm behind, nipping her hip as she moaned under his touch. “Arch your back more, honey,” he instructed, positioning himself behind her slipping on protection from the night table. “You were expecting me, weren’t you?”
    “There’s more than one,” she said, her voice muffled against the mattress.
    “I’ll try and get to them all.”
    “You’ll be here all night.” Her hips moved back into him, her body soft and loose—giving.
    “We have time.” He had to swallow the lump in his throat to finish. “Is this what you’re searching for?” he asked as he slid inside her, her muscles gliding over him in a wash of liquid fire, pulsing against his throbbing flesh.
    “Uh…” The sheets fisted beneath her fingers, Sim’s stomach pressed into the mattress. He braced his hands around her waist, thumbs just to the inside of the dip in her waist and held her in place. Listening to her labored breathing, he took in the smooth brown skin of her back and followed it down to her tailbone. The way her firm behind curved away from his thighs let him fit snug as he entered her body. He needed to be closer, hear her breath catch as he slipped inside.
    He stretched out over her back, threading his fingers through hers gripping the sheet. They moved as one. Listening to her heartbeat with his face pressed to her back. Her skin moist under his face. It was more intimate then face to face. Every twitch she made under him was a reaction to his efforts. He closed his eyes, inhaling the scent of their lovemaking.
    “Damn you feel good,” he said, rolling his hips up into her. His words slurred along her spine dropping a kiss behind each thrust.
    “Slower… a little… Oh… like that, just like that.” She preened, hooking her foot behind his thigh. Finding the rhythm she liked, he arched his back and gave her everything she asked for in long drugging pulls.
    Available today at allromance today and amazon and B&N tomorrow.

    1. WOW - Cora Blu! Congratulations on your release TODAY!!! SQUEE!!! And the fact you shared with us today means the world to me. Thank you! Best wishes on this very HOT story.

  19. Enjoy this excerpt from Bad Boy Blake, releasing from Ruby Lioness Press on November 2nd.

    Gina rose and walked toward him. He pushed his chair away from the table and she straddled his lap. “I can’t think of anything I’d like better.”

    Her arms came around his neck, and he met her halfway, their lips connecting, teasing, coaxing a response. Passion swelled within him. In moments, his erection pushed against the seam of his jeans. Blake stood, his hands under her bottom, securing her in place as he backed her against the wall. Their lips never parted as he reached down with one hand, unzipped his pants and freed his cock.

    He took her then. Entered her silken warmth with one mighty thrust that had her crying out for more. And more he gave, pumping his length up into her time after time, working her until her muscles tightened around him and her juices gushed forth, molten hot. She cried out his name as she climaxed. Hearing it was the impetus needed to spark his own orgasm. Him and her, together. This was meant to be. With one final thrust, he sunk his shaft deep inside, kissing her as he experienced the thrill of making love to her again.

    Her legs still wrapped around his waist, he withdrew long enough to carry her through to the bedroom. “This time, we’ll take it slow and easy,” he promised.

    “Take me any way you want me, Blake. Just don’t stop.”

    A chuckle began deep in his throat. “Lady, I couldn’t stop now even if I wanted to. You rocket me to oblivion and beyond.”

    “Then let’s get that rocket fired up again. I’m aiming for the moon this time.”

    1. LOVE love your last line. You nailed it.

    2. Thanks, Sheri! :)

  20. Here's an excerpt from my upcoming release, S&M III, which will be out on October 10th:

    “Get on the bed, My pet,” He ordered her and Caprina quickly got on the bed.

    Scott joined her on the bed and handcuffed Caprina’s wrists to the bedposts. He slipped the blindfold over her eyes and His hands wandered all over her body. He squeezed her breasts, feeling the softness of them and played with the nipples between His fingers. He smoothed His hands over her taut stomach and dangled with the butterfly belly ring.

    He caressed her inner thighs; they were warm and He felt her fire. Her chocolate folds were closed tight and were glistening with moisture and heat. He was careful not to venture into the spot she wanted Him to touch her the most. Instead, He wanted to feel her energy, her passion, her love for Him. “Have you been a good girl?” He finally asked her.

    Caprina violently nodded. “Yes, yes I have, Master!”

    “Ooh…” He purred. “I wonder how I should reward you.”

    “Master…” Caprina whispered.

    Scott dipped His head down and inhaled Caprina’s exhilarating scent. “You smell perfect for Me, My pet.” He finally inserted a finger. She was hot and wet. “You’re ready for Me.”

    1. Get ready for October 10th! Better stock up on the ice...

  21. The gruff bachelor Flann finds that he is unsure how to approach the headstrong virgin Mariana...From FIRE & SILK by Erin O'Quinn

    When she lay back on his pillow and invited him to discover her secrets, Flann was so choked with emotion that he could only touch her mouth with his finger. Then he moved it down over her chin and throat, down to the breasts that lay hidden inside a nest of lace. His finger traced their swelling, and he watched as she began to tremble just a little.


    God, how can I bring her to joy and yet not frighten her? His question was close to a prayer, he realized. The answer came to him as he touched the cool skin of her breasts. Gently. Softly. Slow as a deep-running river.

    He raised one of her little hands and put her fingers in his mouth one by one, licking and sucking as though each finger was a nipple, or the little nub that lay hidden between her legs. He was rewarded with a soft moan. Her eyes flew open and she opened her mouth as though to speak, and then she closed her eyes again and smiled.

    Keeping his lower body away from her, he bent to her breasts, and his tongue began to seek what lay under the lace. When he found her nipple, his groin engorged with blood and began to move under the fullness of his léine, and he was glad had changed from the tight britches that would reveal the full contour of his erection. He sucked first one dark nipple and then the other, drawing his mouth off almost completely before engulfing her breast in his mouth and suckling again. Now she had begun to groan softly, and he could feel her buttocks moving on the linens.

    Slow, slow, soft as coming dawn, his mouth left her breasts and traveled down her flat stomach to the hairs of her groin. When his tongue found the soft skin underneath, she cried out, “Oh! What are you doing?”

    “Shush, shush,” he told her....

    1. Flann is great! I love him! Fire and Silk - awesome title. Thanks for coming by today and turning up the heat!

  22. The Boss' Intern
    By Maria Piork

    .99 cents at Amazon >>> http://amzn.to/Lyi36F
    An excerpt of my first eBook:

    Mike’s large frame was crushing her and she could barely think or breathe, every cell in her body screamed to be possessed by him, here, now. A guttural sound escaped her lips and she quickly pulled away reaching for the emergency lever. Mike looked at her as the alarm sounded off and Kelly just smiled, “I just bought us about eight minutes of privacy.”

    A wicked grin on his face, Mike wasted no time; he hiked up her skirt and said, “Take your underwear off.” Kelly removed the undergarments stuffing them into her purse. Mike then guided her to raise a leg up to his hips; in one swoop his hand covered her center, his fingers exploring, “You’re soaking wet.”
    She sobbed, “I wanna come…”
    He smiled a wicked smile and assured her, “You’ll come alright.” He then opened the folds of her sex and flicked her bud. She whimpered and began swaying frantically.

    Kelly’s reaction to his fingering had set him ablaze and it was all he could do to keep himself from unzipping his trousers and burying his cock inside her. However, he needed to exercise restraint not only did he not have a condom, but eight minutes would never be enough for the likes of him. So with the clock ticking Mike immediately reached in curving his middle ever so skillfully and in a flat minute Kelly had bucked against him, moaning uncontrollably Mike captured her mouth quieting her frenzied screams and instructed, “Hold on to the rails.”She did as she was told and Mike was quick to kneel in front of her promptly parting her folds sucking on the engorged bud. Sweet nectar filled his mouth and he drank in her warm release.

    1. Whoa - now that's some HOT writing! WHEW!!

  23. FROM REVEALED: I called this book 'A Wicked Muse Erotic Extreme' novel.
    Two thieves meet over a special object. The booty? The heartstone of The Marquis De Sade. It takes them over and they cannot seem to stop...LOL

    Dell jerked as her hot, moist pussy slid down over him. The sensation of smooth, silky, wet satin encompassed his dick while her soft scent assailed his senses. “Uhn...” he moaned.
    “Yes,” she purred at him. “See?” She moved her hips up and then forward on him.
    He groaned loudly from the unbearable enjoyment it gave him.
    She sped up her rhythmic movements and lowered her breasts to his face. They were perky and rosy tipped with a perfect luscious hardening, and so inviting.
    On fire now, Dell helplessly licked his lips with anticipation.
    “Take them; they're yours for the tasting.”
    The male in him just couldn’t resist, even as his logical orderly mind shouted at his foolish, weak capitulation. Well, I am helpless to refuse, tied up like this, right? He stared at her lively, inviting expression. Do I really have a choice?
    Dell ignored Mr. Logic as the primitive male in him took over. He latched onto the sweet temptation that was her nipple and suckled it. Oh, God. He’d never tasted anything as sweet. With ravenous greed, he sucked on her nipple, his body coiled with gratification from her slick sliding up and down on his painfully erect cock.
    Her body jerked in response to his hot mouth. He drew his tongue over the offered nipple and moaned while sucking harder on her as her hips grinded relentlessly on him. He could see her muscles tighten and her whole body grow rigid.
    “Yes!” she breathed the word out as her wet pussy tightened around his erection.

    1. This is one of those excerpts that I read with my mouth slack and eyes unblinking. Then I want to take a cold shower...or read it to my husband - whichever steps in my path first. Holy Hotness...

    2. LOL this is from what...page 8? The Marquis had them at it almost constantly throughout the story. Unblinking? You crack me up Ms. Flames!

  24. Loved seeing Patience's POV up there at top, Ms Flamin! That and all the rest here was making my monitor smoke, lol. Oooh the heat!

    1. Between the smoking monitors and condensation rings from the glass on my desk, I'm heated through and LOVING it!!

  25. Thanks for sharing, ladies. You all know this is one of my favorite times on Fridays! Perhaps one day I'll have something to add. :) I'll be looking forward to more scorching scenes next Friday!

    1. We just LOVE having you here with us, Melissa!!!

    2. Can't wait to read it, Melissa L.!

  26. Enrico's hand dropped from her forehead to caress her cheek, his fingers skimming over the bruises Vince had left. Then his thumb traced over her swollen lip, his face darkening. “I could kill him for this.”

    Kate felt a jolt. Did he mean that? He looked so grave. She didn’t want him to do something foolish; he’d already taken enough risks for her. “I’m okay. Just a little beat up. I’ll be fine in a few days.”

    He crouched down beside her and took her hands in his, resting them in her lap. “I will protect you from now on. I swear it. You will never be unsafe again.”

    Kate’s throat constricted painfully and tears threatened to spill down her cheeks again. Jesus, how did he know just what to say? This man who looked at her with such tender eyes couldn’t possibly be a mobster. Certainly her faulty Italian was to blame for what she thought she’d overheard.

    Enrico leaned forward, one of his hands going to the back of her chair, the other releasing her hand and cupping her knee. He was now just inches from her, his eyes darkening with care, with… desire. Kate inhaled in surprise, her body suddenly on alert. He smelled sharply masculine, like citrus and pine trees mixed together, a hint of something that was all him underneath. He was too close, much too deliciously close. Her heart hammered out of control. She should stop this. She was still married, even if her husband had tried to kill her.

    Enrico let go of her knee and placed his fingers under her chin, tilting her mouth to meet his. Kate stiffened, but after his lips touched hers, she relaxed. She did want this. After all that had happened today, she needed a distraction. And Enrico qualified as a big distraction. As well as a big “fuck you” to Vince. After all, why should she feel any loyalty to a man who wanted her dead? A man who’d called her a whore?

    And so what if Enrico was thinking about marrying someone else? All the better. She had no intention of staying here, with him. She wanted out of Dodge, as soon as possible.

    And, since Vince already thought she was fucking Enrico, why not do it for real? Enrico was certainly handsome enough. Drop dead, as her cousin Terri would say. But she wasn’t planning to marry Enrico or have a future with him, or—

    Enrico pulled back from the kiss. “Was it that bad?”

    “No, no.” She blushed.

    “But you did not enjoy it.” He sat back on his heels. “I promised I would not push you, and yet I have done so. I apologize.”

    She put a finger on his lips. “Stop.” Placing her hands on his cheeks, she urged him toward her. “Let’s try that again, shall we?”

    This time she forced herself to stop thinking, forced herself only to feel, only to hear. The satiny brush of his lips across hers, the touch of his hands on her face, his fingers tracing her cheekbones. The groan low in his throat when she opened her mouth to his, when she let their tongues touch. He groaned again, the sound more urgent when she opened her mouth wider, her tongue swirling around his.

    He pulled her up from the chair, his large hands gliding down to her ass, cupping the cheeks and crushing her to him greedily. When she felt the bulge of his erection against her belly, a warm tingle ran through her, zinging down between her legs. She rubbed against him.

    My God, he was an amazing kisser. And if she wasn’t mistaken, his body was going to be amazing too. He was all hard slabs of muscle and sinew, granite next to her softness. She ran her hands across his wide shoulders and down his back, unable to resist squeezing his ass. It was hard enough to bounce a quarter off. Jesus. This was going to be out of this world—

    He broke the kiss, both of them breathing fast. She looked up at him, confused. Why was he stopping?

    “Are you certain you want this?” he asked. “A lot has happened—”

    “I’m sure. Very sure.”

    His lips curved into a slow smile. “Then we need some place more private, yes?”

    Title: Revenge (Blood and Honor #1)
    Author: Dana Delamar
    Buy link: http://bit.ly/IsK5Dd

  27. Gristle knelt by [Wynn’s] side. “It was hard to get away,” he said by way of apology.
    “Hard, ie. Get away? Never.”
    Gristle saw that Wynn was still in the teasing mood that had so surprised him this afternoon and that had fired him to the fullest. He pulled the blanket away from the boy’s body and found him stark, butt naked, wearing only a huge erection.
    “I enjoy seeing ye in the silk,” said Wynn.
    “Why? Is it not too soft? Too woman-like?”
    “Nay. Not at all. It is like Roman armor, yet revealing the sword underneath.”
    “Then perhaps I should wear it while I fuck you.”
    Wynn seized his blanket and turned over, and Gristle heard his throaty laugh. He took the time to caress the boy’s shoulders and back before he straddled him and drew his own blanket up around himself, in case someone should wander near.
    He leaned into Wynn’s ear, the new custom he had performed with him only. “How much?” he murmured, licking his ear.
    The boy turned his head until his lips met Gristle’s mouth. “All of it. All of it,” he said, his voice husky and low. Gristle moaned involuntarily and slid down his back. Wynn had already rolled his own blanket into a ball under his butt, arching it high for him, and Gristle began to suck and spit into his anus. He entered with an ease that astonished him, and he pulled out, then in again, each time sinking deeper.
    “God... you are…tight, sweet, tight,” moaned Gristle, and he began to push and pull at the boy’s ass until he felt his fist-tight balls hit against the boy—hard, harder. Beneath, he felt Wynn stroking his own groin in time with his thrusts. That was all it took to make him come, exploding the way a ram batters a wall. “Now, now,” he whispered fiercely to Wynn, helping the boy to time his climax.
    Afterward, he held Wynn against his chest. He felt the viscous wetness of his shrunken groin and knew that the boy, too, had come. They lay together for a long time, until Wynn said the words that one of them needed to say.
    “You must leave soon. Before dawn finds us belly to belly, or worse.”
    Gristle loved the boy’s new teasing manner. Perhaps he always had it, and he was only now beginning to feel at ease with him.
    Gristle spoke into his mouth. “I need more before I go.”
    “Then have your will with me.”
    Gristle slid down the boy’s lithe body until he found his marvelous cock, ready for him. He caressed Wynn’s smooth butt, then found his tight asshole, marveling at how he could have fit in there just a while ago. Stroking his anus, then his overlong balls, he began to lick the broad blade of his prick.
    “I want to enter ye,” said Wynn.
    Oh, God, thought Gristle. No one has ever said that to me. “You can try.” His voice sounded strangled.
    “Then turn over,” his lover said.
    Gristle turned, and suddenly he was being pummeled by the boy’s blunt prick, far too thick to penetrate his own virgin ass. He spread himself as best he could, while Wynn pushed and moaned. He stopped, and Gristle felt him licking and sucking at it, the same way he always moistened his way inside. It felt so good that he relaxed and spread himself again, using his hands to push his cheeks far apart. Then Wynn actually slipped inside, and Gristle for the first time in his life felt what his lovers must feel—a sliding, rubbing, raging cock insisting on satisfaction.
    The boy suddenly stopped, and Gristle knew that he had come, for he felt the wetness smearing his asshole and his inner thighs. He turned around, again belly to belly with his lover.
    “How did that feel?” Gristle asked.
    “Exactly like I was fucking ye in the ass. I loved that.”
    And then they kissed, Gristle having the final thrusts of the night with his searching tongue, while Wynn sucked and moaned his pleasure.
    Sometime close to dawn, Gristle slid from the arms of his lover. Never let him go, he reminded himself. Never.
    WARRIOR, RIDE HARD by Erin O'Quinn http://www.bookstrand.com/warrior-ride-hard

  28. Just wanted to let readers know that in the historical romance WARRIOR, RIDE HARD (excerpted above) the alpha male Gristle is 40 years old, and Wynn the pony trainer is about 21. So no hanky panky underage sex here!


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