July 13, 2012

Friday Flames!

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Sizzling heat. Clenched teeth. Desire beyond reason
...or rationale.

It's not easy to write a scene that captures your reader's imagination and attention. To hold them in a grip so tight
...they go up in flames.
Share your Smoking Hot scene that sends the reader
...up in flames.

It doesn't have to be graphic, tension can increase the pounding of our blood. Lead us to the moment, keep us
...hanging by a thread.

My story Portals of Oz, part of the Love Down Under anthology, is releasing today.

Portals of Oz

“Jack,” she moaned.

“Say my name again.” Pleasure like no other washed over at the sound of his name on her lips. His hand brushed her heated core, and he hummed his appreciation. “You don’t wear underwear?” A wolfish grin pulled his lips. “You’re so smooth and wet.”

“I’ve never liked … they’re … I don’t grow hair ….” She couldn’t form a complete sentence as he flicked his teasing fingertips.

“You don’t like panties, and you don’t have hair here?” he helpfully supplied for her. He slid lower down her body, taking a pert nipple into his mouth, drawing on it deeply. The taste of orange blossom honey burst in his mouth, and he groaned the delicious taste of her.

He swirled his finger around her little nub without direct contact. Her hips searched to increase her pleasure, writhing and moaning her need. The succulence seeping from her body was laden with pheromones and musk. Jack inhaled the heat of her. It tempered his cock into steel, and made his head spin.

Excited, hot, her body readied itself for him.

Okay people! I showed you mine - now it's your turn to show me yours. Don't forget to leave your book title so interested parties can rush out and buy a copy :)


  1. From my twisted fairy tale – Sexy Red Hood.

    His eyes were dark as his gaze locked onto Red's. He was less than a breath away. His aftershave made her head spin. Will's fingers grabbed the front of her blouse and ripped it apart. The sound of the buttons falling to the floor mixed with Red's gasp of surprise. His hands pulled her bra over her breasts a moment before his mouth latched onto a swelling nipple.
    A second pair of hands pulled down her skirt and dropped her panties to the floor. She looked down. As Chopper's deep blue eyes gazed up at Red, he stroked his fingers across her wet slit.
    Will scooped her into his arms and carried her to the bed. Bending down, he released her and she fell back, bouncing on the soft mattress. By the time she sat up and removed her bra, both men were naked and on the rise. She touched Chopper's cock.
    Chopper pushed Red gently backward onto the bed. Will grabbed her legs and spun her so she sprawled in the middle. She felt the bed shake as both men climbed on. Chopper lay down beside her and faced Red. Their lips met with a hungry passion as his tongue slipped into her mouth. Red moaned as their tongues danced together.
    Kneeling between her legs, Will ran his fingers teasingly up and down the insides of her thighs. His hands massaged the muscles in Red's legs then slipped under her and continued the same kneading motion on her buttocks.
    Chopper released their kiss and lowered his lips to Red's breast. His tongue flicked at her nipple. The mattress rolled as Will crawled up on the other side of Red then laved her left breast. As if in silent coordination, one tongue teased her left breast as the other nipped her right. In unison, both men sucked in a nipple and rolled it around in their mouth.

    New Dawning International Bookfair - http://www.newdawningbookfair.com/
    Amazon – http://www.amazon.com/Sexy-Hood-Twisted-Fairy-ebook/dp/B0055L1KJY
    Smashwords - http://www.smashwords.com/books/view/66071
    All Romance Ebooks – http://www.allromanceebooks.com/product-sexyredhood-562333-149.html
    Kobo - http://www.kobobooks.com/search/search.html?q=Daryl+Devore&t=none&f=author&p=1&s=averagerating&g=both

  2. Sheri, congrats on your release (Oh my God, are we allowed to use that word in Friday Flames?)! You've gotta be over the moon right now, and that was so, so sexy!

    Here's an excerpt from OF ETERNAL LIFE, which is available now through Crimson Romance (http://www.crimsonromance.com/crimson-romance-ebooks/crimson-romance-book-genres/paranormal-romance-books/of-eternal-life/):

    “You feel so good,” she breathed into his ear, and Eli fought the urge to snort in disbelief. He felt good?

    When he had himself under control again, he began a slow, thrusting rhythm. He turned his face to plant an open-mouthed kiss to the throbbing pulse in Abilene’s neck, licking the spot languidly.

    In response, Abilene wrapped her legs around him and dug her heels into the backs of his thighs.

    “Abi …killing me,” he groaned, his measured speed picking up slightly.

    “Yes,” she cried, turning her head and biting his ear.

    Eli broke.

    Both of his hands snatched her up beneath her ass, tilting her hips to accommodate his now-frenzied thrusts.

    Abilene cried out again, raking her nails down his back and burying them into his backside. She matched his rhythm, rocking her hips in time with his, and ending each searing thrust with a life-altering grind against his pelvic bone.

    Eli had to clamp his lips closed around the brutal yells that left his body with each movement, and they were only growing in volume the closer he brought them to release.

    He’d never been a loud lover, but Abilene was turning him into an animal. He couldn’t keep quiet in the onslaught of sensation and emotion she brought him.

    God, he was loving his woman. He never wanted to stop, but he felt his orgasm curling at the base of his spine. He reached between them to squeeze her clit gently.

    “Soon … Abi,” he panted against her neck. And as soon as the words left his mouth, he felt the tremors of her release as her core convulsed around him.

    He looked down at her as her arms clutched him. She cried out his name and looked straight into his eyes as she came apart in his arms.

    1. I'm finding that throwing the ice water in my face cools me down faster than drinking it. Wow.

  3. I have a release today, too, also with RLP. Sheri, let's you and I party. :) Here is a Friday Flame from Maiden Behind the Mask...more funny than steamy, but honestly, my favorite part! Maiden is available on Amazon, Ruby Lioness Press, and Smashwords. http://rubylionesspress.com/shop/maiden-behind-the-mask/

    Ricardo began to back her toward the large bed in the center of the room, still devouring her mouth with his own. He stepped away from her long enough to undo the ties at his breeches, watching her for any sign of fright or doubt. Only desire and curiosity shone in her dark eyes. He had barely tugged on his ties when his rigid manhood sprang out of its confines and into the open air. Slightly embarrassed he hadn’t been smoother in his disrobing, he struggled to come up with some reassuring words of nonsense and love.

    But his bride surprised him yet again.

    “Well,” she said with a smile, “that hombre is saying olé, loud and clear.”

    He blinked, his rigidness clutched in his hand, not knowing whether to laugh at the joke or be offended as their wedding night wasn’t a time for laughing and his manhood was certainly nothing to jest about! But as Catalina offered him a smile—a smile so sweet, how could he but forgive her?—and stepped forward to replace his hand with her own. Aye, Dios Mio! I could fall in love with this woman. I could get drunk on her charms every night.

    And as his breeches fell to the floor and her fingers found his buttocks, he decided he was, indeed, drunk, and he hadn’t had a drop of tequila. He wasn’t going to need it.

    1. LOVE this! Sweet and sexy at the same time :)

    2. I could get drunk on HIS charms! Nice job!

  4. This are all really great. Mine is from Lord Beaumont's Bride.

    Serena grabbed his hand and tugged him to the desk. “Show me how much you want me.” She shoved aside the files and raised her skirts.

    Robert growled and lifted her onto their massive partner’s desk. He claimed her lips and took all she willingly gave. Their tongues tangled. He tilted his head and devoured her. Serena struggled to keep up. She speared her fingers through his soft curls, pressed her breasts into his chest, and moaned when he claimed them as well. Pure lust lanced through her.

    She reached down to unfasten his buttons, and his erection sprang into her ready hand. Serena caressed the soft skin. “This is mine. You are mine.”

    Robert pressed her back onto the desk. No sooner had she spread her legs then his hard shaft nudged against her entrance.


    He held her hips and with one hard thrust buried himself deep within her.

    1. *fanning face, applying ice packs* Holy mackerel...

  5. Ooooooh wow. These samples are H.O.T!
    I'll be back later to read more.

  6. This sample is taken from Love's Prophecy.

    Breeana gripped his sinewy shoulders. Her nails raked his skin as she tried to anchor herself. His mouth on her breasts drove her wild, and when his fangs nipped her there, the pleasure made her almost black out.

    “Mel...please…I need you to...” She writhed on the bed.

    He kissed each tight bud, then kissed and licked his way to her navel.

    “What do you need, sweetheart?” His breath brushed against her stomach. “Tell me what you want me to do.” He shifted lower until he lay between her thighs. With a fierce growl, he pushed her legs further apart and swore when he looked at her most private place. “You're perfect. So beautiful.” He leaned forward and stroked his tongue up her center.

    She jumped at the light touch and then grabbed a fist full of his hair. “Mel, I want you inside me.”

    He rubbed her throbbing, wet flesh with a finger in a gentle rhythm. “Not yet, sweetheart. Not yet. I need to taste you. I want to feel you come against my mouth. I want to hear you scream with ecstasy.”

    1. Mel IS THE MAN!!! The vampire of my dreams.

    2. OMG! Brenda! I am fanning myself...this was achingly yummy...Hee-he

  7. OMG, too good!

    Mine is from Cooper's Redemption, hopefully a new Crimson sometime...

    “Cooper, I need you now.”
    He hesitated. “I don’t have anything,” he muttered. “Not with me . . .”
    Elizabeth placed her fingers against his lips, then silenced him with a kiss. “Hold on.”
    Getting up, she went in the bathroom. Rummaging hurriedly through her cosmetic case, she found a pack of nearly-forgotten condoms in the bottom. They’d been stowed there for the getaway she’d taken to Tahoe with a group of girlfriends last summer. The stash was exactly as she’d left it. Gina, Elizabeth’s best friend, had insisted she buy a box of assorted flavors and colors. Blushing, Elizabeth protested. The stash wouldn’t been needed. She hadn’t exactly been the belle of the ball.
    Thank goodness she remembered the rubbers tonight. Picking two of the plainest styles—she doubted Cooper was into mint-flavored ripples—she slipped back into the bedroom.

    Climbing back in the bed beside him, she straddled his thighs, opened the wrapper and smoothed the contents over his erection. When he would’ve rolled her over, she teased, “Maybe I’ll just keep you like this for awhile. Torture you a bit.”
    “No,” he said harshly.
    Elizabeth couldn’t hold back the cry that escaped her lips when he reversed their positions, moving over her and thrusting inside her without warning. She hadn’t been expecting that maneuver and pain filled her as completely as he did. “Cooper, please stop.”
    He only slammed into her two or three times before a shudder seemed to shake from his very bones before he collapsed on top of her.

    1. Wham! Bam! Thank you, Ma'am! String him up!

  8. Those are fuel for the fire for sure!

    Here is mine from the newly aquired TUG, Book One in The Seduction of Sin Series

    "Oh God, Vince. I'm so close."

    He pushed hard and deep, and his seed surged into me with strong pulses. His husky moan shot me over the edge, and my pussy clenched and released around his pulsing cock, causing him to jerk with each contraction. I didn't have the strength to hold up my body. I collapsed on the bed and stretched my arms out in front of me, plopping my cheek against the quilt with my ass still high in the air.

    Vince pulled out and fell next to me with a low chuckle. "Oh. You were worth the wait."

    Our ragged breaths evened. I closed my eyes and spooned into him.
    A heavy sigh broke the silence, and Vince and I raised our heads at the same time to look across the room.

    "That was the hottest simultaneous orgasm I've ever witnessed. At least the ones, I wasn't a part of." Tug flashed a devilish smile at us. "May I join you?"

    1. Oops! A little erotic private show? Hehehe - nice one.

  9. Beasts~A Different Life: This is about the middle of a Fifteen page continuous, insatiable love scene.
    He tossed her onto the bed and Alex gazed up at him. He was probably the best-built man she’d ever seen. He stood tall with smooth skin and sinewy muscles, long muscled legs, lean hips and… She blushed. Built!
    A wicked smile teased at his lips at her visual exploration of his body. He slid into bed next to her. "I have done without you for a long time, and I will get my fill." He grasped her face with both hands and kissed her, his tongue paring with hers.
    Alex felt her breath stolen by this man. And I may lose more than that if this continues.
    "Up on all fours." His voice fell low.
    She swallowed heavily, but did as he said.
    He stood away from the bed, gazing at her for a long moment. She turned her head to look at him and felt moisture seep out of her pussy, as he drew his lustful gaze over her. His eyes roaming over her bare body, made her feel hot all over.
    Tugging her to the edge of the bed, he eased his fingers into her, and explored her wet opening. She gasped loudly and shivered at the feeling. This pleasure was an unfamiliar sensation for Alex. Her wetness grew while his warm fingers slid against her slick clit and desperate need engulfed her.
    Grasping her hips, he lifted her to his body. She held her breath with anticipation even as her body trembled in his grasp. "Do you want me, Alex?" he whispered to her ear.
    "Yes." Her voice trembled badly. She realized instantly the addiction she already felt for this stranger, who held her bare body in his hands. He shoved into her and reached around to circle her nipples with his fingers. Her entire body throbbed while a sweet ache filled her. His hard cock thrust into her repeatedly. I don’t even know him. But I do want him. I want this!
    Shoving hard and deep into her heaving body, he used his hold on her body to drive her back onto his hard cock. She screamed with mindless pleasure while ecstatic waves rolled over her.
    "Still want me?" he challenged.
    "Yes!" she shouted while he moved against her. "Yes!" Panting, her body reacted with greediness to his violent grinding. His cock went deep into her and she knew for sure this new addiction held her in its consuming grasp.

    1. Fifteen pages of erotic sex? Oh, I am so snapping this book up! Oh, but wait...I already have this one! Hehehe. The temperature just went up another ten degrees. Whew!

      Thanks to Wicked Leanore.

    2. Holy s*&$!!! Now this was smoking.
      I loved the line: "Do you want me, Alex?" he whispered to her ear.
      That gave me goose bumps!

  10. Dark Warrior: To Tame a Wild Hawk at Ruby Lioness Press

    Amanda Kane has spent years with a secret society of Lakota women, who taught her the ancient ways. She has sought the help of the Grandmothers, from beyond the veil, to help her stop the man behind the mask. They point her to the visions she has always had of the man she’s destined to marry—a cowboy who will help save her ranch. But Hawk is no ordinary cowboy. He carries a powerful secret. A secret that leads to betrayal.


    He was magnificent—standing there, waiting for her to reach his side. And soon after she did, their lives became irrevocably woven together. Mandy likened it to a silvery, invisible thread, joining their hearts. And she knew the Grandmothers smiled.

    She felt rebellious right now with their sure vision of her path. A path with Hawk … their lives entwined. Her heart pounded—fanciful thoughts. But her mind soon followed down the path her heart had taken, with what would have been—could have been—had she not insisted this marriage be in name only.

    “Second thoughts already?” his whisper caressed her face.

    She shook her head at Hawk. “No, the marriage has its merits,” she answered, trying for a neutral tone.

    He let that jab slide, grinning. “I wasn’t talking about the marriage—exactly.”

    Startled, she looked up and was captured, completely off guard, by the intense look in his gold eyes. He’d read her mind again, drat the man; or was her body giving her away?

    She should look away—really she should—but suddenly she couldn’t remember why.

    “Give over, Mandy,” he whispered. His gaze refused to release her from the fine thread he was weaving around her. She was caressed by it—captured by it. And each time, the web grew stronger. “You want this marriage in every way, every bit as much as I; admit it, Mandy.” His low voice fanned the flames.

    Mandy opened her mouth, then shut it. She fought for control, lost, and opened her mouth again, but the words of denial wouldn’t come.

    His hand touched the side of her face, his thumb sliding possessively over her lips, stroking her bottom lip again and again until she thought she would faint with pleasure.

    She’d made a fatal mistake with her heart, thinking she could control this. She should have listened to the danger signs—to all the warnings, and now it was too late. There was no holding back—any part of her; at least, not anything strong enough to hold back this tide of love—and desire. Even though the love part lay only on her side.

    She’d been a fool.

    And her heart was going to pay the price; but she couldn’t stop now.


    Hawk’s intense, green-gold eyes searched her face, and knew the exact instant she surrendered, and only by iron will did he wait to hear the words.

    Words avowing her complete surrender.

    She nodded.

    He shook his head. “Say it,” he softly commanded. “Tell me what you want.”

    Mandy’s tongue darted out to moisten her lips and heard Hawk groan. She swallowed, her eyes closing for a moment with her body’s reaction to that simple sound. The fires were rapidly burning out of control. “You.” She looked into his golden gaze. “I want you.”

  11. Well, well, well, we meet again, ladies. :) Very steamy excerpts!! Love it! :)

  12. Covert Mission: Undercover Cop, Book 2 in my Thunder Creek Ranch series with Evernight.

    His hungry eyes devoured the sight of her gorgeous breasts, their plumpness threatening to spill out over the top of her lacy bra. “Lady, that’s one mean set of titties,” he said before swooping down to cup their fullness, bringing one rosy peak to his mouth. She tasted like the purest of honeys. He suckled one and then the other, her soft moans egging him on. He wanted to please her – give her pleasure such as she had never known.

    Her hand fumbled with his belt, and he reached down to undo it himself, gratified when she immediately loosed the snap on his jeans and lowered the zipper to take him in hand. Cool fingers did nothing to cool his longing for this long-legged beauty as she began to work his cock. Her fingers slid up and down the length of him until he thought he’d go mad with want.

    He cupped her mound through her jeans, pleased at the dampness he found there as he rubbed back and forth, his other hand now undoing her jeans. Soon, they’d shoved the rest of the clothing to the floor, and he lifted her in his arms to lay her gently on the bed, before lying beside her.

    The moonbeams cast a silvery glow to her features, her midnight black hair seeming to shine with a silvery aura. “You are so beautiful,” he said as he smoothed the hair back from her face. He leaned forward, planting an array of kisses across her forehead, her nose, and then finding her mouth again. One arm slid beneath her, and he hugged her closer, content to let his other hand roam at will. He loved the feel of her, the satiny texture of her skin, and the silky smooth length of her hair as his fingers sifted through it to caress the nape of her neck.

    All too soon, it wasn’t enough. He worked his way down her body, stopping en route to suckle and knead her breasts until she squirmed beneath him in glorious abandon. Whatever inhibitions had kept her pushing him away were gone, lost in a sensuous sea, and he hoped they’d never return.

    When he went lower and reached to spread her thighs, she surprised him by swinging the leg over his shoulders, opening herself up to him in a way he had dreamed of night after night. He dove into the warm, moist heat like a man searching for liquid in the driest of deserts. He laved and suckled her clit, rejoicing in her pleas for more. When the first orgasm came, he lapped up every drop. Then, and only then, did he rise to reach into the nightstand drawer and retrieve a small foil packet.

    “Let me,” she said, as she climbed to her knees beside him.
    She ripped off the package with her teeth and spit it out then took her time rolling the condom on over the tip and smoothed it down his length.

    Oh, sweet torture!

    He lay back on the bed as she ministered to him, fondling his cock and balls until he was rock hard and ready to burst. When she straddled him, enclosing him in her wet heat, he almost exploded. He held her still for a moment, taking deep breaths to calm his raging libido then he moved. She matched his upward thrusts to her downward movements, riding his cock as if it was second nature, as if they’d been together like this before. No hesitation, no timid shyness. She wanted this joining as much as he needed it – needed her.

    He rolled her over and thrust harder, faster, deeper. His hands reached to massage her breasts, and she arched her back to accommodate him. Her insides tightened, squeezing the head of his cock, and he knew she was close to a climax. He leaned forward and captured her mouth in a demanding, passionate kiss. She pulled him tighter, wound her legs around his hips and ground her pelvis against him in an effort to assuage her need as he pounded her pussy time and time again. When the dam burst, he collapsed in a heap by her side. He smiled. He could’ve sworn he saw stars.

    1. Whew! I thought the smoke was clearing from the room, and then Lorraine posted her excerpt it the broiler fans hit high! HOT STUFF!

    2. Thanks, Sheri! Glad you enjoyed it! :)


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