July 6, 2012

Friday Flames

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I'll start us off with a scene from
Remedy Maker
release date July 27, 2012
He growled and bit down gently, holding her flavor inside his mouth a moment. Base mythological nature would have him mark her as his mare, the same way Centaur stallions of fabled old identified their intimate herd.  

A love bite that claimed her as Rhy’s personal property. The thought provoked a compelling hunger as he slid and flicked against her engorged clit.

Patience couldn’t hold back any longer, didn’t want to keep it in. She keened in huffs of “oh, oh, oh . . . .” Tighter and tighter her womb coiled, clamping down on Rhy’s insistent fingers. The soft bedding beneath her back shook and swayed, and rope suspensions creaked in unison. 

He knelt on the hardwood floor and she thought if he weren’t careful, he’d have bruises by morning.

But who the hell cared now?

The rapture she had experienced with Rhycious once before, teased just out of reach. Inflamed with resplendent longing, she delved her fingers deeper into his hair, holding his mouth against her anxious core.

He took her passion between his lips and sucked hard. That was all it took to detonate a convulsing release. Inside of her, a dam broke and let loose a rushing waterfall.


  1. Hi again, Sheri! I'm counting down the days until Remedy Maker! The big day is coming up fast!

    Here's another excerpt from OF ETERNAL LIFE, available now through Crimson Romance (http://www.crimsonromance.com/crimson-romance-ebooks/crimson-romance-book-genres/paranormal-romance-books/of-eternal-life/):

    She gave another experimental squeeze, and he groaned in that sexy guttural way he had when she’d done it the first time. When she slid her hand from the base to the plum-colored head, his hips kicked forward to follow her.

    God, this made her feel powerful. Sexy.

    She repeated the movement again, and this time, a single tear wept from the tip of his length. His groan was more desperate this time, but Abilene didn’t notice. All she could see was that glistening droplet.

    Her mouth watered to taste it. To taste him.

    Would he let her? She looked at his face and was struck by the expression he wore. His eyes were hooded and glazed. His lips were parted and wet, as though he’d been licking them while she had been focusing her attention elsewhere. His breaths were coming in pants

    In a second, she knew he would let her do anything to him she wanted. And she wanted her mouth on him.

    She began by kissing his chest while she gathered her courage. His breathing changed. When she moved down to his stomach, he brought a hand up to the back of her head.

    “Abi …baby, what’re you — ”

    She was about to lose her nerve, so she went for it. She closed her eyes and pressed a tentative, open-mouthed kiss where the droplet of moisture lay.

    Eli moaned harshly, his back arching off the bed, and his fingers tangling in her hair.

    Abilene groaned from deep in her chest. God, he tasted …amazing. She licked her lips, then licked him with the flat of her tongue from base to tip, relishing every new flavor.

    “I can’t …believe you’re — ” Eli was panting desperately. “Abilene …it’s so …God!”

    He reached down and grabbed her jeans, tearing them the rest of the way off her legs. “I’m not coming without giving you this, too.” He grabbed her by the thighs and swung her around until her knees where planted on each side of his head.

    1. Ooh Micah I just read this. Going to have to stop by and add this to my TBR.


    2. Micah - your scene is HOT! I bet Nikki and I aren't the only ones adding Of External Life to our TBR list. Thanks for stopping by!

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  3. wow! Nice job, ladies!

    Mine is from Branded, an unpubbed ms....
    It is JJ and Shayla...

    He captured her hand with his and moved it to his cock. She wrapped her fingers around him and squeezed until he moaned into her mouth. With slow, purposeful strokes, she milked him—until she didn’t think he could hold off much longer—and she released his straining cock. His sigh of disappointment sent a shock of desire straight through her.
    Impatient for him to be inside her, she brushed his hand away when he slid it between her legs. “No. I want you inside me.”
    He chuckled, the sound rumbling from deep inside his chest. “Bossy. I like it.”
    She laughed and pulled him over on her. “You have no idea.”
    “Well, boss lady, wait just a minute.” He rolled away, and in the dark she heard him rustle around for his jeans, then tear open a condom package. After another minute of silence, he crawled back across the bed. “Where were we?”
    “Right here.” She took his hand and threaded her fingers through it.
    Fastening his mouth to hers, he rolled on top of her. He was a lot taller than her, and he had to scoot up about a foot until his erection pressed against her opening. Without warning, he pushed inside, filling her. Shayla gasped. He was bigger than she realized and the sensation wasn’t completely pleasurable.
    “You okay,” he asked softly.
    “Uh-huh.” Her muscles tightened around him.
    “You want me to back out?” The concern in his voice brought unexpected tears to her eyes.
    She wiggled her hips. “No.”

  4. Since Nikki's post was so hot she melted her ISP, she asked me to post on her behalf. Take it away, Nikki!!

    Hot snippet Sheri...here's mine from my upcoming release shorty story Mocha Kisses 7-16-12 from Mocha Memoirs Press (www.Mochamemoirspress.com)---I hope you enjoy.

    The backs of her knees hit the mattress and she fell onto it with a chuckle. He moved to her side, leaning on his elbow to look down at her, half on the bed like she was. She groaned as his hand cupped a breast, tweaking her chocolate-tinted nipple before he bent his head to suck it in his mouth. His lips wrapped around the whole areola, taking part of her breast with it.

    "Oh!" She gasped.

    Closing her eyes, she cupped the back of his head, holding him to her. A moan escaped her when his lips pulled from one breast and then switched to the other. When his lips left her breasts, her eyes fluttered open and she gazed at him. Leaning close, he ran his tongue between her breasts slowly gliding towards her belly button.

    She panted when he nipped at the skin above her belly button and then felt him move his body from over hers, pushing her legs open. He grinned up at her as he settled between her thighs.

    "Mmm you never mentioned you were shaved with only a landing strip." He kissed the top of her mound.

    "Ah!" She cried out as he blew lightly on her sensitive skin. His breath felt cool against her heated flesh. "You never asked. I didn't think that was something to discuss over lattes." A light sheen of perspiration glistened on her abdomen and she arched, eager to feel more of his touch.

    “Stay right there, I'll be right back." He left the room quickly and she frowned. Her frown quickly disappeared when he came back into the room with a squeeze bottle of chocolate. She laughed softly, propping herself up on her arms and watching as he approached.

    “And what, pray tell, do you suppose you’re going to do with that?” Oh, she knew exactly what he was going to do and she wanted him to do it. But it would be fun to hear what he had to say on the matter.

    “I thought it would be great to add a little more chocolate to my chocolate.”

    She giggled. “Sounds like someone has a serious sweet tooth.” She gasped as he moved forward and drizzled chocolate on each of her nipples then leaned close to lick it off with a swipe of his tongue. Her head fell back and she let out a moan. The next thing she felt was light flicks of his tongue against each breast.

    “Oh I have a serious sweet tooth for you. Lay back Meri, I’ve been waiting a long time for this sweetheart. I want to savor you.” She fell back, watching the warm liquid flowing from the bottle in a balmy drizzle between her breasts then in a thin line to her pussy. He was even making heart-shaped designs with the chocolate. His tongue followed that trail as he licked her clean, causing her nipples to ache. He licked every drop of chocolate from her flesh and by the time he’d consumed the last puddled heart, she was panting. She felt goose bumps rise on her flesh as she anticipated what he would do next. She squirmed on the bed, aching for so much more than his tongue.

    "Spread your legs baby. Let me see how wet you are."

    She opened her thighs, turned on even more by his words watching the emotions play over his face. He swallowed hard and looked up at her. "You're beautiful baby, and you're dripping wet. I see how badly you want this. Tell me, have you been a naughty girl and played with your pussy while you thought about me?"

    Her breath caught. "Yes, I have," she admitted.

    1. I love when women write erotica. It has all my reader cookies and my personal turn on cookies. Good going!

    2. MY ISP nearly burned up with this post! Whew!

    3. My fave line.... “I thought it would be great to add a little more chocolate to my chocolate.” AWESOME JOB!

  5. LOL thank you Sheri. I hope everyone likes this snippet. Nikki

    1. Woo, Nikki! I'm not a huge fan of dialogue during sex, but I would be if it was all like this! You've got some great lines in here!

    2. Micah thank you! This is a short that had to be under 4k so I felt having them talk was a necessity. I appreciate your feedback.

      I loved writing this story.

    3. I dunno, Nikki. This might be your best work yet! Wah-hoo!!

    4. Thank you Sheri! Aiming higher as always...working away at other stories.

  6. Gemini Rising is a dark fantasy and not hot, hot, hot, but I wanted to share a snippet.

    The tight red sweater and painted-on jeans molded voluptuous curves. Mary was definitely not wearing a bra. Pert nipples stretched the ribbed fabric. She whispered a sultry laugh, and he tore his gaze from her breasts. Mischief sparkled in her eyes. She inched closer, invading his comfort zone. Her perfume made him lightheaded. His face and hands were hot. The saddle astride his arm felt heavy, and an erection made his breeches feel too tight. Damn, the snug pants would show her the effect she had on him.

    “Here, let me help you.” Mary reached for the saddle, her fingers brushing the knot to the left of his zipper.

    Caught completely off guard, he stiffened. She smiled and winked. If he bent and kissed her, would she stroke him harder?

    Mary cocked a denim hip, smiling as she settled the saddle on a rack. “You’ve grown very tall over the summer.”

    “Yes.” He imitated her bold gaze.

    She ran a finger down the front of his shirt. “Yes, quite tall.” Her gaze followed the caress, drifting to his erection. “Those breeches fit you like a glove.”

    He swelled hotter, desire muddying his thoughts. “Riding breeches must fit or they’d chafe.”

    “I see.” She lowered her head, gazed at him through her lashes. “How old are you? Sixteen? Seventeen?”

    “We’re eighteen in August.” The master trembling before a servant? Alain squared his shoulders, gazed down at her from the distance separating them.

    Mary winked, shot him a mischievous grin. “You’re a beautiful boy.” Her fingers boldly explored his cock. “Who dresses to the left.”

    What should I say? Do you want me to whip it out and let you play with it? Shyness gripped him. Shock paralyzed him, but his heart thundered. He imagined Mary spread-eagle like the girls in the men’s magazines. His hand lifted to touch her breast, but she danced back.

    His voice came husky. “What do you want, Mary?”

    “Give it another six months and we’ll see.” The gardener’s daughter laughed low in her throat, whirled and undulated away, swinging her hips like a cat in heat.

    Buy Link: http://www.double-dragon-ebooks.com/single.php?ISBN=1-55404-978-4

    Thanks Sheri! Loved the other excerpts! Linda Nightingale

    1. What a sexy snippet. I loved it. Another to the TBR


    2. "Whip it out and play with it?" Oh, I loved this...Yes, Linda Nightingale!

    3. Steamy scene. Sexual tension. Beautifully written. Awesome.

  7. Hi Sheri,

    Thanks for hosting these excerpts. My computer has melted and my TBR shelf is groaning. :-)

    Here's an excerpt from my contemporary fantasy. What do you get when you mix Xenia The Warrior Princess with Stranger Than Fiction and throw in a little InkHeart? To find out read THE SWORD AND THE PEN.

    Available at Amazon


    "You'll enjoy this more." He handed her a hotdog smothered with all the fixings.

    She took the offering and sniffed it. The aroma of grilled meat, onions, mustard and ketchup must have pleased her, because she took a bite. A look of delight spread over her face. In seconds she had devoured the hotdog and reached for a hamburger.

    Fascinated by her appetite, he almost forgot to eat. Most women he'd known-- his mother, Wanda and Hillary-- merely nibbled at their food. They always claimed to be on diets, yet never seemed to lose any weight. His grandmother had been the exception. Until her death, she'd eaten anything and everything and never gained an ounce. She'd claimed magic kept her thin.

    Seri ate with gusto and didn't seem interested in counting calories or carbohydrates. Whatever she did in life she kept her body trim and fit. The pile of food diminished. She glanced at him. Her hand paused as she reached for the now melting ice cream.

    "Why aren't you eating?"

    The sudden suspicion in her tone reminded him to tread carefully. He grabbed a handful of fries.

    She relaxed and picked up the dish of ice cream. "What is this?"

    "Chocolate ice cream. You'll like it."

    "Mmmm," she groaned around a mouthful. "This is astonishing. I think I could easily live on this alone."

    "It's full of fat and sugar, and loaded with calories."

    "I know fat and sugar. But what are calories? Are they dangerous?" She gave the now empty container a wary glance.

    "Only to your waistline."

    Understanding spread over her face. She grinned. "Ah, I see. You fear I'll grow obese and lazy."

    "No, I didn't mean that… I only meant…well, I…" He stumbled.

    She leaned forward and placed her fingers over his lips. "I but tease. Only the very rich and powerful can afford to grow stout and indolent. And those that do so, soon lose their wealth and their power to those who are hungry."

    Slick from the fries and cool from the ice cream, the feel of her fingers against his lips sent a jolt of awareness straight to his groin. Without thinking, he sucked one finger into his mouth. The taste of salt and Seri exploded on his tongue.

    Her voice trailed away. He pushed aside the tray with the remains of their lunch and leaned across the concrete table. She pulled her hand from his mouth and replaced it with her lips.

    She tasted of chocolate, cool chocolate ice cream. The smell of grilled hotdogs and onion rings filled his nostrils. But the hunger inside Brandon wasn't for food. Eager for the taste of the woman he kissed, he ran his tongue over her lips. They parted on a sigh and he delved within.

    Hot and tangy, her flavor sucked him in. Heat burned away rational thought as he lost himself in the kiss. Their tongues thrust and parried, the tempo increasing with every breath. Not satisfied with the limited contact of their mouths, he put his hand around the back of her head. Soft red curls twined around his fingers.

    Honk! Honk!

    "Hey man! Get a room!" a loud voice rang out. Laughter followed, as a car filled with teenagers pulled into the lot.

    Brandon jerked away. His elbow cracked against the stone table. Pain ran up his arm. He welcomed the distraction. Seri looked dazed as she settled back on her bench.

    1. "Her flavor sucked him in..." I love this!

    2. Leanore picked up on the same line I did! Whew! Thank you so much for sharing your scene.

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  9. Oooh I loved this!

    Nice snippet. Gonna have to check it out.


    1. Ahhh! Antonietta removed it before I could read!! Why, oh why????

  10. I think it is so awesome that this Sexy Epiphany you had is making some sensual waves, Sheri!!!
    Free Today at Amazon: Lace & Leather:
    Lacey grinned and knelt to undo her shoes. She stood up to remove them and Jess's arms came around her. “Hey, wait, you're not supposed to---” Her words were cut short when he lifted her and bent her over. “Oh!” she shouted.
    “You push a man too far, little Lace,” he growled as he shoved his ready, hardened cock into her.
    “Ahh!” she screamed, her legs almost buckling as he went deep and she struggled for air.
    Jess pumped her thoroughly while holding her hips. “Mmm, you gave me the idea, showing me that pretty rounded behind of yours,” he whispered breathlessly to her ear. “I'm gonna plunder you until you scream for me.”
    Lacey didn’t fight him, as all she could do was moan helplessly from the pounding pleasure as he plunged himself repeatedly into her. Her moisture slicked his cock and the feeling of the hot wet friction spurred him on. “I just can’t seem to satisfy myself yet,” he growled, and gave her an even more profound stroke.
    Lacey was gasping and shivering all over. “Jess…” she panted. Her body tightened with a resplendent spasm while being held in his grip.
    Jess enjoyed himself thoroughly and hearing her moan his name gave him even more fuel to feed an already blazing fire. The unquenchable thirst that burned in him for this female amazed him. He smiled with sensual delight while he fondled her nipples and kissed the skin along her neck. Lowering his hands, he bent her over even more and grabbed her hips with a tight grip. The tilt of her body made her even more vulnerable to the pumping pleasure he was about to increase inside of her. “You're such hot, wet woman—sinfully dripping all over me like that.” He shoved deeper into her silky wet depths as the erotic image of her body's helpless throes of ecstasy drove him to pound her even harder.
    “Ahh!” Lacey yelled with helpless ecstasy in her voice.
    “Yeah, Lace, scream for me.” He moaned aloud from the feeling of her moist pussy sliding on his hard shaft. Her body was being plunged by him. This all-consuming maddening desire for her just grew on its own and he couldn't seem to stop any of it. His throbbing erection held long and he intended to watch her come for him. Her sweet depths of satin skin held to his rigid hard cock, while he slid her body back and forth over it. She became slick and even wetter with his powerful thrusts while her quivering thighs were smeared from her own sweet juices. He could feel her body spasm with a climax.
    “Unh...” she moaned aloud. Her body jerked rigid in his arms as he grasped her nipples with his fingers and gently twisted them as she came on him. “Jess!” she screamed out, while her body quaked from the throes of a long shuddering orgasm.
    Jess experienced such a pure jolt of satisfaction as she screamed out his name. Conquering like this was something else altogether in this world of erotic bliss. Her sensual feminine sighs and begging moans did immediately reinforce his pleasure, pushing him to climax as he peaked with her.
    To top off her pleasure, he sensuously stretched her torso out and massaged her swollen clit. The sexy hold seemed to also finish off the feeling of absolute sexual perfection, as he relieved his own built up passion for her with a long climax inside of her.
    “Please, Jess!” she pleaded softly. “Oh, please?”
    Jess forgot everything. The quest, the plan and the blood thirst. At the moment, the only thirst he had was for this supple, soft woman he couldn't seem to get enough of, as she continued to give him more gratification than he ever remembered having in his life. “Yes, woman, you do please me,” he breathlessly answered to her flushed cheek.

    1. Love it. I so remember this hot scene from the book!

    2. FREE BOOK ALERT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      I know it's summer and it's hot. I have my air conditioner set at 78*. A fan is blowing across my desk. AND IT'S STILL BLAZING IN HERE! You've taken the heat index up ten notches, Naughty Leanore!

  11. Great posts today guys - I'm positively swooning here.

    My offering today is from my short story Summer Queen featured in The Dark Hunger - Paranormal Erotic Compendium. This is a follow up the previous compendium Withering Darkness which was paranormal horror but the bad guy Malum was so delicious I had to write about him again. Enjoy!

    “Out!” Malum roared, hurling his mistress from him. Both she and the servants quickly fled in fear.

    His hand whipped up to grab Julie by the hair and, ignoring her futile struggles, he dragged her to the far side of the room where manacled chains hung down from the ceiling. Chains he always kept there for his pleasures and her punishments.
    “I will never set you aside Julie, you belong to me,” he roared.

    Julie trembled but did not cry out as he pushed her against the wall and forced her hands above her head. As Malum locked the manacles round her wrists a dark and powerful sense of lust caught hold of him.

    “It has been too long since your last lesson sweetling.” His voice had dropped to a low rasp and as he ran his hand down the side of her face, her half closed. “And you need to be punished for your defiance.”

    Julie’s pale face betrayed her fear and his burning gaze moved over her body, her breasts rising and falling with a rapid movement. So lovely, so enticing. And she thought she could stop being his queen?

    Once again Malum’s vision turned hazy, his rage gripping him, and with a snarl he began to tear at her gown. Her whimpers and sighs stoked his heated emotions and soon the thin fabric was torn from her, leaving her naked and helpless before him.

    Grabbing her shoulders he spun her around to face the wall and forced himself to step away. He needed to regain control or he could easily hurt her, which would interfere with his plans.

    Breathing deeply, Malum stepped to the bed and swiftly removed his clothes. However this played out, it would end with him buried inside her or one of his mistresses so he had no need for clothing. As his shirt and trousers dropped to the floor, Malum turned to look at Julie, his breath catching at the sight. The graceful curve of her back, the swell of her buttocks, the dark spill of her hair against her pale skin, the tremble of her muscles as she hung from the chains.

    Waiting for him. Waiting to feel the sting of the lash or the touch of his fingers. She was so lovely and so utterly at his mercy. Lust . . . heated, possessive, consuming lust wracked his body. He needed to touch her, to feel her, to force her body to react to him.

    Available for Kindle through Amazon


    1. I love your use of Compendium, SJ Thomas. Plus, you make this man so sensually wicked. He doesn't know that she has his heart, does he? This makes me want to...read it! LOL

    2. Holy whips and chains! I've GOT to read this one. Your excerpt had to riveted to the screen. WOW!!!

    3. Thanks guys - Wicked Leanore not telling as I wouldn't want to spoil anything and Sheri it did feel very naughty writing it and when my mum read it!!! This is one of my fav stories so far and one day I want to go back and write the rest of the story as I love Malum!!

  12. Wow, everyone - hot-hot-HOT (fanning self)! Here's something a little hot and a little sweet from INFAMOUS (my socialite meets soccer dad contemporary)

    His kisses were wine and candy. She was drunk and insatiable for him—an addict craving her addiction. She moaned in denial when his mouth moved away from hers and along her jaw. His teeth found the lobe of her ear and she moaned again. She fastened her mouth over his skin, holding him firmly with her teeth so her tongue could taste his salty flesh. She pressed her face into his shoulder and inhaled, filling up her senses with Morgan.

    His hands moved down her body, lifting her hips and shoving a pillow under them. Then he was sliding into her, hard and sure, just where she wanted him. She wrapped her arms and legs around him and clung to him. She wanted him close, his heart beating next to hers. She wanted in this one small way to feel like she belonged to him, belonged with him.

    As if he knew what she was thinking, he pulled her tighter against his body. His mouth was on hers again and they were joined in every way possible, as close as two people could ever be. She was losing herself, sinking right into his skin so that there was no more Jessica, only Morgan. He surrounded her with his scent and his taste and overwhelmed her with the pleasure of his body in hers. He was cradled close between her thighs. At the end of every slow thrust he rocked even closer, grinding himself against her until the sensation was almost pain. When she thought she couldn’t stand it any more, he held her closer still, until she gripped herself around him in a shattering orgasm.

    Want a little more? I've got the full 1st Chapter FREE at http://www.irenepreston.com/ or go straight to Amazon where INFAMOUS is only $3.82 today: http://amzn.to/buy_infamous

  13. Thanks so much for doing this, Sheri.

    This excerpt is from the Pearl Witch by Theda Hudson, a very hot paranormal erotic novel.

    Sipping at the wine again, Tarin savored the taste in her mouth, holding it there so she got the full effect. When she swallowed, she pulled Chris' face down to her and kissed him deeply.
    Yes, the rising ambergris flavor mixed in with the wine. It tasted like something thick, earthy, old. She had no idea what ambergris actually tasted like. She just knew it was an ingredient in old perfumes, some kind of whale by-product, but it sounded exotic and the word fit what she tasted.
    The taste of first rate sex.
    It always rose immediately now when she thought about sex.
    Chris groaned as he cupped her breasts. “You always feel so good.”
    He clenched the hair at the nape of her neck the way she liked. It made her feel weak, no, it was like a switch turned everything off, the way a kitten became limp and compliant when you scruffed it.
    Her left hand tingled, and briefly she wondered if she had carpal tunnel or something, but then he pulled her head back and worked her mouth while he unhooked her bra and slid one hand up underneath it to lift a breast. She arched her back and pressed her sex into his hard on.
    He growled and pinched her nipple hard. The pain turned into a delicious spike of pleasure that drove straight between her legs. She struggled to breathe in the midst of such delight and felt the peculiar downshifting in her lower belly and the lightness in her head that became a buzz when he pushed her back on the bed and raised her silky skirt up her legs. It felt naughty this way, and she squirmed under a new onslaught of pleasure.
    Her eye was caught by a glint behind him and as she shifted, she saw that it was her right hand. It was glowing again.

    buy link http://www.amazon.com/dp/B007881TDY

    1. Well now, you certainly left off at a good spot (good hook). Thanks so much for coming by today!

  14. From the upcoming second installment of The Progeny Series titled BLOOD BONDS.

    Chuckling, his mouth returned to hers for another salacious smooch. She tensed as the tip of his tongue slipped past her lips. This kiss was too passionate for their current predicament. Warmth crept downward as the effects of their close contact completely overwhelmed her restraint. Her left hand twisted into his raven locks while the right explored the growing bulge in his pants.
    “C’mon on baby,” Shauna whispered as her hand migrated to his back to strain him closer. He had the look—the one that made everything between her thighs pulse with undeniable desire. He most certainly wanted her. “Take me into the room, Ascher. I want you...now.”
    Even as his mouth whispered, “I want you, too, but we can’t,” anxious fingers defied his words, walking along the hem of her skirt, raising it up her thigh. His hand slipped into her panties, massaging her moist mound as his eyes darkened with lust. “Is this what you want?”
    “Yes. Oh, please.” She squirmed to make herself closer, hoping to force his fingers inside her. “Please. I’m okay. I promise,” she breathed while unzipping his pants. Her fingers warmed with the velvety smoothness of his cock against her hand. “You like that don’t you, Ascher? If we’re quiet, no one will know.” She gave him a firm squeeze and felt every nerve in her body light up like Vegas strip lights, vibrating and pulsating with desperation and raw yearning. “It can be our little secret. C’mon baby. I need you inside me.”
    His hands moved to her blouse, loosening three buttons so that his fingers could tease the nipples through the thin purple fabric of her lace bra.
    Delicious sensations erupted in her breasts and melted down to her core. The heat from his mouth and the sensual sliding of his tongue along her neck sent threads of electricity rushing through her lustful form. The warmth and wetness welled until she felt herself gush with her arousal.
    Ascher moaned into her mouth as his body pressed her flush against the wall, his hips circling as his erection grated against her palm. With hurried hands, he freed one of her breasts, taking it into his scorching mouth.
    “Yes, baby. Yes.” Her hips rocked back and forth, synchronizing with the languid tongue swipes against her erect nipples and the teasing of his fingers on her clit. She was on the edge and approaching the point of no return. She pushed against him, attempting to lead him into her room, but he held her firm against the wall while continuing to suckle at her.
    The telltale footsteps coming up the stairway annoyed Shauna. She hardly got a second to spend with Ascher alone. Now someone was coming to ruin the few precious moments she’d managed to steal with him.
    Ascher quickly zipped his pants, fixed her skirt, secured her breasts inside her bra and buttoned her blouse before his brother turned the corner.

    THE PROGENY buy link: http://www.amazon.com/The-Progeny-Series-ebook/dp/B0074535P6/ref=sr_1_2?s=digital-text&ie=UTF8&qid=1341600013&sr=1-2&keywords=the+progeny

    1. LOL, this is H.O.T--HOT!

    2. Just in the nick of time, too! LOL Sexual tension, a little humor, and this makes for a GREAT read! Thanks for dropping in.

  15. I love the very last line... LOL That Ascher is quick...HEE-HE

  16. Oh my goodness! A friend of mine told me I needed to check out the Friday Flames, and she was SO right. :) You all are amazing! I hope mine measures up. :)

    This is from Making Mina: The Best Revenge, newly released on Amazon. It's a short (est. 30 pages) erotic story written to introduce a couple who will be appearing in at least 3 more stories. Hope you like it!

    He lifted his head to look into her eyes and smiled a dangerous smile.

    “I told you earlier I would make you forget him.”

    Mina had no doubt. Her knees trembled beneath her and she was grateful for the doorframe holding her up.

    “I should never have let you go,” he whispered, so low that she had to strain to hear him. “You were so close it made me crazy. Wanting to touch you, to taste you, to see if I could shake that iron control you had over yourself.”

    His thumb was tracing a circle around her nipple, narrowing its path as the areola puckered beneath it. The heat from his hand seared her skin and she shivered in reaction.

    Light glinted in his eyes.

    “You like that. You like this too.” His hair brushed against her flushed skin as he bent and took the pebbled tip into his mouth, and she couldn’t resist sliding her fingers into it, coaxing his head even closer.

    “Marco, please,” she groaned, not really knowing what she was asking for.

    “Please?” he asked. “Please what, mia adorata? This?” He rolled her other nipple between his fingers. “Or is this what you want?” he continued. His hand slid between her legs and she was lost. She gasped as she felt the wet lace of her panties being pushed down around her thighs, his fingers teasing until finally she felt them slide between her pussy lips. She moaned softly. It felt so good.

    “I love that sound,” he said, “but it isn’t enough. I want to hear you louder. I want to hear you scream.” He looked into her eyes as he stroked her. “Scream for me, Mina.”

    Buy link: http://amzn.com/B008GUEA8E

    1. Tacie - Congratulations on your release! I like that he tells her what he wants!

    2. The challenge is getting her to tell him what SHE wants, but he's working on it. :)

      Thanks for the support, and thank you SO much for doing this for us. You rock!

    3. Friday Flames couldn't do it without awesome writers like you - so YOU rock!

  17. These are some HOT excerpts! Here's a snip from my latest release, Dangerous Proposal:

    “Say my name, Lena,” he commanded softly. “I love the way it sounds when you say it.”

    Lena bit her lip. Once she did this, there was no going back. It would break the unspoken barrier between them. But how could she deny him anything when he was looking at her the way he was?

    She suddenly became aware of Alec’s arousal pressing against her back. Her pulse quickened. He tucked a lock of hair behind her ear, tightening his hold on her.

    She took a deep breath. “The lake is beautiful, Alec.”

    Alec drew her toward him. He pressed his lips against hers. His kiss was soft, smooth as rose petals. She reached for him, letting her palms fall against his chest.

    Alec’s shirt was warm, damp beneath her hands. No doubt it was wet from the swim he’d taken earlier. She blushed, recalling the way she’d stared at his hard, naked body. Sliding her hands along his muscled torso, she allowed herself to be drawn more tightly against him.

    Alec moved his hands lower, bringing them against the small of her back. He urged her downward toward the sandy ground. She felt herself coming back against the blanket.

    Breathless, he broke their kiss, looking deeply into her eyes. It was as if he was asking her if she wanted to continue. Lena hesitated. She knew all too well where this night would lead. But she couldn’t stop what was happening between them. She didn’t want to.

    She trembled as Alec’s hands inched upward, coming beneath the fabric of her blouse. Her skin tingled with warmth as he found her breasts. Gasping, she leaned into his touch as his fingertips stroked her nipples. She shivered, the desire to feel him all over becoming overwhelming.

    Alec’s lips melted against her neck. He suckled gently, tickling her skin with his tongue as he smoothed his fingers over her sensitive flesh. Losing her hands in his wavy hair, Lena drew him close. Exhilaration swept through her as she felt him unhooking the clasp of her bra. He took it off, along with her shirt, tossing the garments onto the blanket beside her.

    Alec cupped her breasts, rubbing them tenderly. Groaning, she arched against his palms. He lowered his head, bringing his mouth against her skin. She sighed as he painted wet circles, causing her nipples to harden with need.

    Her fingers found the way to the top button of Alec’s shirt. Her heart pounded as she undid the first, then the second. She gazed at his muscular chest, Jack’s threatening words coming into her mind.
    Alec Westwood is a treacherous wolf in sheep’s clothing. He’s keeping things from you. Things that can and will destroy you.

    His smile was mischievous. “Go on, Lena,” he whispered insistently.

    Buy Link: http://www.bookstrand.com/dangerous-proposal

    1. Very mysterious and compelling. I know I wanted to read more! Wow - thanks for coming by today! And thank your friend for recommending Friday Flames! Grins!

  18. I am BURNING up in here! Quick - someone throw a bucket of ice water on me!

  19. Wow, hot!

    Mine is from Branded...JJ and Shayla.

    He chuckled, the sound rumbling from deep inside his chest. “Bossy. I like it.”
    She laughed and pulled him over on her. “You have no idea.”
    “Well, boss lady, wait just a minute.” He rolled away, and in the dark she heard him rustle around for his jeans, then tear open a condom package. After another minute of silence, he crawled back across the bed. “Where were we?”
    “Right here.” She took his hand and threaded her fingers through it.
    Fastening his mouth to hers, he rolled on top of her. He was a lot taller than her, and he had to scoot up about a foot until his erection pressed against her opening. Without warning, he pushed inside, filling her. Shayla gasped. He was bigger than she realized and the sensation wasn’t completely pleasurable.
    “You okay,” he asked softly.
    “Uh-huh.” Her muscles tightened around him.
    “You want me to back out?” The concern in his voice brought unexpected tears to her eyes.
    She wiggled her hips. “No.”

    1. Back out? What? Is he crazy?? LOL Nicely done, D'Ann! Thanks for posting. Loved it.

  20. Gotta love Friday Flames!! Thanks for sharing, ladies! Very hot, awesome excerpts.

    1. Hi Melissa. Are you fanning yourself like I am? I've got two fans, the air conditioning, AND a tall cool drink. Whew. Still hot in here.

  21. Oh.My. Is it hot in here? Gonna go crank up the air conditioning. You ladies are awesome! These snippets are ON FIRE!!! Thanks for sharing! Whew!

  22. Jemma Leigh burrowed into Ted's warmth and gathered the strength she needed. All too soon, it was more than his strength she wanted, and she began to unbutton his shirt, covering the exposed flesh with tiny, intimate kisses. Pushing his shirt off his shoulders, she reveled in the satiny, sinewy strength and the sense of security she felt in his arms. She rubbed against him, needing to feel him, flesh to naked flesh, and she unbuttoned her blouse, letting it fall from her shoulders at the same instant as Ted's hands reached to undo the fasteners on her bra.
    "This is becoming a habit," he joked. "Are you sure this is wise?"
    "I need to feel alive, Teddy. He's not going to take this from me too," she asserted. Her bra followed the path of her blouse, and she closed the gap between their bodies, delighting in the feel of his hair-roughened chest against the sensitive skin of her bare breasts as she rubbed herself back and forth, creating a more intense friction than she'd ever known. She toed off her shoes and undid her jeans, pushing them down and off. "Make me feel alive one more time, Teddy Bear."
    Spanning her waist with his hands, he picked her straight up and held her as he fused his hot, wet mouth around a turgid nipple. Desire turned into a red-hot raging passion as she tangled her fingers in his hair and wrapped her long legs around his waist, trying to pull him closer. When he finally sat her bottom on the hardwood table, she was barely coherent.
    Leaning back on her elbows, she spread her legs wide and wriggled forward until she had her bottom at the very edge. She watched him fumble with his zipper in his hurry to sheath himself inside the warm center core she so blatantly displayed to incite him even further. Ecstasy will soon be ours was her one final thought as his impatient hands pushed his pants down around his hips.

    From: Her Unlikely Bodyguard http://www.breathlesspress.com/her-unlikely-bodyguard


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