June 15, 2012

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I'll start us off with a scene from
Remedy Maker
release date July 27, 2012

* * *
She wet her lips and moved a step nearer. "We'd have to work closely together. You cool with that?"

Unveiled hunger smoldered in his eyes. She took a chance. Patience did something so far out of character that she even surprised herself. Lifting to her tiptoes, she turned her face up to his.

Heat sizzled from his arms and soaked into her body. His hot look of surprise was followed by an even hotter response. The moment he lowered his head and took her lips, broiler fans set on high blew over her. 

With a subtle shift of his legs and wicked ass, he burrowed her tighter against him. Apparently, it wasn't close enough, because his hand slid over her hip and pulled her closer into him. His palm continued to move lower, shaping a butt cheek through the thin t-shirt she wore. 

Dampness saturated her bikini panties—she shivered, realizing how unconcealed that sign of arousal was.

* * *

Okay people! I showed you mine - now it's your turn to show me yours. Don't forget to leave your book title so interested parties can rush out and buy a copy :)


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    1. I agree! Can't wait to get my hands on the Remedy Maker!

  2. Love that scene!

    Mine is from my just released, A Cowboy To Keep...

    He took most of her breast deep into his mouth, laving her with his tongue. Laney couldn’t stand it another second. She unsnapped the top button of his jeans, and the zipper slid down without help. Reaching under the waistband of his shorts, she touched the tip of his penis. Not enough. She nudged him away from her breasts and, nipping at his pecs, she pushed his jeans past his hips. Freed, his erection sprang against her belly. She took it in both hands as if she couldn’t get enough of him with only one.
    She wasn’t sure if he was quivering or if it was her own hand shaking. She stroked and teased until moisture gathered at the tip, and she knew he wouldn’t take much more. Although not an expert lover by any means, since there had been no one but Wyatt, she knew she had pushed as far as Cody could go.
    Her knees spread apart. He settled into the cradle of her hips, her soft cotton shorts and undies the only barrier between them. With one hand, Cody reached between them and pushed her clothing aside. The cotton brushed over her most sensitive spot, and her lungs felt tight. Positioning himself so the head of his penis touched her vagina, he stopped. She bit her lip. What was he waiting for? If he didn’t enter her now, she would go mad. She opened her legs a bit wider and lifted her hips. His penis slid in a fraction then he pulled away.
    Laney cupped his rear, desperate to feel him deep inside her.
    Still, he hesitated. What was this? Was he teasing?
    She opened her eyes. His eyes were closed, his mouth open, his breathing heavy on her cheek. “What’s wrong?” she whispered in his ear.

    A shudder ripped through him, and he lifted off her with his elbows. He stared into her eyes for a moment. Then he asked in a guttural voice, “Are you on the pill? Or something else?”
    Of course not. She hadn’t needed any kind of protection. How stupid was she? Being young and inexperienced had been her excuse once, but it didn’t fly now. Hot shame flooded her cheeks, and she shook her head. “No. Do you?”
    “Not with me.” He climbed to his feet, his erection standing proudly before him. “And I won’t risk a pregnancy.”
    Was he implying she would? Laney tugged her shorts and panties back in place and reached for her discarded T-shirt. What did he think of her, that she just lay down with any man who asked? Since Wyatt died, she’d only gone on two dates and hated both encounters. No one had even tempted her to have sex before now. It wasn’t because she didn’t miss it, but no one had measured up to her husband’s memory.

  3. Dylan paused at her bra clasp silently giving her a chance to stop him. Instead she entwined her fingers in his hair. Taking that as an okay, he undid the tiny hooks and took her breasts in his hands. They fit his hands perfectly. As if they'd been made just for him to hold.
    Soon just touching her wasn't enough though. He needed to see her.
    Dylan forced himself to break their kiss and yanked her Red Sox shirt off. It landed with her sensible no-frills cotton bra on the floor somewhere. For a minute he just looked at her.
    Perfection. Even better than he'd imagined.
    “Not fair,” Callie whispered tugging at the shoulder of his shirt as he trailed kisses down her neck.
    Not having to be told twice, Dylan tugged his shirt over his head barely stopping what he was doing to her. The feel of Callie's skin against his was more than he could take.
    Bed. He needed to get them to a bed. Without stopping his assault on her lips he scooped her up off his lap and headed down the short hall. Using his shoulder he pushed open the bedroom door.

    From The Teacher's Billionaire available at http://is.gd/zzKypP and NOOK starting this weekend

    1. Ooo, a TEACHER story?! You've got me ;) We need to feel sexy too!

    2. Christina - thank you for sharing! Best wishes on your book launch. Congratulations!

  4. Love this scene, Sheri!

    Mine is from my just released, A Cowboy to Keep...

    He took most of her breast deep into his mouth, laving her with his tongue. Laney couldn’t stand it another second. She unsnapped the top button of his jeans, and the zipper slid down without help. Reaching under the waistband of his shorts, she touched the tip of his penis. Not enough. She nudged him away from her breasts and, nipping at his pecs, she pushed his jeans past his hips. Freed, his erection sprang against her belly. She took it in both hands as if she couldn’t get enough of him with only one.
    She wasn’t sure if he was quivering or if it was her own hand shaking. She stroked and teased until moisture gathered at the tip, and she knew he wouldn’t take much more. Although not an expert lover by any means, since there had been no one but Wyatt, she knew she had pushed as far as Cody could go.
    Her knees spread apart. He settled into the cradle of her hips, her soft cotton shorts and undies the only barrier between them. With one hand, Cody reached between them and pushed her clothing aside. The cotton brushed over her most sensitive spot, and her lungs felt tight. Positioning himself so the head of his penis touched her vagina, he stopped. She bit her lip. What was he waiting for? If he didn’t enter her now, she would go mad. She opened her legs a bit wider and lifted her hips. His penis slid in a fraction then he pulled away.
    Laney cupped his rear, desperate to feel him deep inside her.
    Still, he hesitated. What was this? Was he teasing?
    She opened her eyes. His eyes were closed, his mouth open, his breathing heavy on her cheek. “What’s wrong?” she whispered in his ear.

    A shudder ripped through him, and he lifted off her with his elbows. He stared into her eyes for a moment. Then he asked in a guttural voice, “Are you on the pill? Or something else?”
    Of course not. She hadn’t needed any kind of protection. How stupid was she? Being young and inexperienced had been her excuse once, but it didn’t fly now. Hot shame flooded her cheeks, and she shook her head. “No. Do you?”
    “Not with me.” He climbed to his feet, his erection standing proudly before him. “And I won’t risk a pregnancy.”
    Was he implying she would? Laney tugged her shorts and panties back in place and reached for her discarded T-shirt. What did he think of her, that she just lay down with any man who asked? Since Wyatt died, she’d only gone on two dates and hated both encounters. No one had even tempted her to have sex before now. It wasn’t because she didn’t miss it, but no one had measured up to her husband’s memory.

    1. Noooo! Dang, D'Ann. Amazing emotion! This is the one that came out around the same time as Wild Horses, yes? Congrats. Can't wait to see how it turns out between these two!

    2. Wow. That was powerful, D'Ann. The almost encounters keep us on the edge of our seat, and have us groaning OHHH when the opportunity misses. Love this scene.

  5. Just a teasingly little snippet this week - From A Kept Woman -

    Derek stepped into the room. Staring at Arianne's shoulder length brown hair, Derek let his eyes admire Arianne. Her chocolate brown eyes looked in his with a slight embarrassed but proud aura. Her face was tense, but Derek knew her beauty would only intensify when she allowed herself to relax. His mouth yearned to taste her. To explore the sensations of kissing and being kissed by her perfect set of lips. He let his gaze rest when his visual tour reached her breasts. She had been bold enough to tease him with a glance and the briefest of touches. His finger tip tingled at the memory of the moment.

    Continuing down to her navel, a slight grin crossed his lips as the promise of what was hidden by her blue jeans caused a stirring in his own groin. Long legs, he loved women with long legs. Running his tongue up the inside of a thigh always brought out the deep purring sounds which caused the heat in him to grow. His patience had been reached, after clearing his throat he managed to say, “Go into the bedroom, strip and lay on the bed.”

    New Dawning International Bookfair - http://www.newdawningbookfair.com/

    Amazon - http://www.amazon.com/Kept-Woman-bdsm-spanking-ebook/dp/B004PGNB9C

    Smashwords - http://www.smashwords.com/books/view/43872
    Reader Store - http://ebookstore.sony.com/ebook/daryl-devore/a-kept-woman/_/R-400000000000000350757

    BookStrand - http://www.bookstrand.com/a-kept-woman

    IF YOU PREFER PRINT BOOKS – All Book Stories -

    1. I'm just following Micah right down the page here! LOL

      Daryl - you certainly gave your character life. Thank you for sharing this!

  6. Great snippits. D'Ann, he was cold. Here is mine from LORD BEAUMONT'S BRIDE.

    She panted and her heart raced. His hand moved between her legs, stroking. “How much time do you think we have?”
    In two long strides he’d reached the door and locked it. “Enough.” Robert flashed her a wicked smile. Her heart missed a beat.
    “Bend over the table.”
    The throbbing that started in her breasts shot straight to her core. Serena did as he asked.
    “Spread your legs for me,” he whispered, stroking between her thighs. He lifted her skirt up over her back.
    Cool air swirled around her legs as he lifted her skirts, she sighed as he slowly filled her. Robert held her hips, anchoring her to him as he drove deeply into her. She shivered.
    This was the first time they’d made love outside of her bed. The elicit excitement heightened her pleasure. The knit of his pantaloons rubbed against her. His musky scent, his hands gripping her, caused her body to spin out of control. Robert thrust harder and deeper as she contracted around him. Serena sucked in a breath to cry out.
    “Shush—you can’t make any noise.”
    Robert’s deep, soft voice caressed her. Serena shook as her need built again and mewed. How did he do this to her?
    “I’m going to come into you,” his voice sinfully wicked. “I want you to feel me spill my seed. While we’re having luncheon, as my semen runs down your legs, you’ll feel me still in you. I want you to remember this.”

    1. Oh...GOD. Um, is there a purchase link for this?

    2. Micah - I just messaged Ella for you. And I certainly agree, this is awesome writing!

    3. Micah, Thank you so much. It's not published yet, but if you follow me on any or all of the following, you will know the minute it is.
      Facebook page at Ella Quinn, romance author
      twitter quinn_ella

  7. Wow! The flames are getting intense in here! I'm going to add fuel to the fire!

    This is from Hog Wild:

    Lula rocked from side to side, almost whimpering in unbearable anticipation of his next touch. Jesse grasped her hips and tumbled her onto her back, and pounced, bearing down on her. He stopped inches from her face and she stared into the blue eyes of an angel in the face of a devil. Hovering, his mouth poised just above hers, his lips parted and he licked across the seam of her mouth, down her neck and across the swell of her breasts. Lula closed her eyes and moaned. Her pussy was on fire, throbbing and weeping. She could barely keep from grabbing his dick and thrusting it home.

    Jesse’s mouth abandoned her, and Lula opened her eyes in time to see him grab a pocketknife from the coffee table. He flicked it open and her heart sped up at the sight of the wickedly sharp blade. He poked the tip under the edge of her tube top, the chill of the blade against her skin raising goose bumps. She held her breath as the knife snicked forward, parting the fabric with a soft ripping sound. The blade hit the floor and he urged his tongue on its journey across her breasts, licking the nipples, biting, sucking. First one then the other, until she frantically pushed him lower.

    New Dawning International Bookfair: http://newdawningbookfair.com/

    Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Erotic-Three-Twisted-Fairy-ebook/dp/B0052F3K64/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1339771045&sr=8-1&keywords=jenna+jaxon

    Thanks, Sheri!

    1. When removing a shirt the conventional way just takes too long ;) Nice touch!

    2. Ok, who's going to pay for that top? LOL Thanks for posting, Jenna!!

  8. Good Morning - Mine is from The Bull Rider's Brother - Available for purchase at fine, digital stores every where... (Amazon/BN/iTunes)


    “I need you,” James said.

    She shut her eyes and felt damned. “I was headed to bed.”

    “All the better.” James swung her into his arms. He kissed her soft and slow. “Ready for this?” He waited for her answer before taking the next step up the stairs.

    “This doesn‘t mean anything.” Lizzie leaned into him, placing her hand on his chest, drinking in his smell. Sweat, salt, and a hint of Stetson, Memories clawed to the surface, overwhelming. “It‘s just sex.”

    “It‘s not.” He stopped and waited for her to look at him. “It‘s never just sex with us, Liz, we make love. Remember?”

    Too well. She‘d pushed him away the first time he‘d asked because of the terms he‘d used. She wanted love and romance; he‘d wanted release. But even then physical intimacy had meant more to him than he could admit. He could barely admit what it meant to him now, but he‘d be damned if he‘d let her call what happened between them just sex.

    Slowly, she‘d lifted her head and searched his eyes. An electric current ran through him. Already he couldn‘t tell where his body ended and hers began.

    “I remember,” she whispered—regretfully James thought. Then she leaned back into his chest, her hand softly rubbing his neck, and he thought maybe he‘d imagined it.
    Quickly, before she could change her mind, James took the rest of the stairs to Lizzie‘s bedroom two at a time and kicked the door shut behind them. He was home.

    1. Lynn, I remember this scene. So hot! Love a man who can take the stairs two at a time while carrying a woman!

    2. Anticipation + Adrenaline = YEE-HAW!!! Thanks for coming by!

  9. Yummy, ladies!

    This is from my paranormal OF ETERNAL LIFE (http://www.crimsonromance.com/new-release-romance-ebook/of-eternal-life/). In this book, touch is pain-related, as in, the longer they put off--ya know--the more they hurt:

    She lost her balance.

    Everything went into slow motion. Abilene began to fall. She reflexively reached out to Eli just as he was doing the same toward her. Their hands grasped one another as Abilene crashed into the mattress, pulling Eli down with her. His weight crushed her as he fell onto her, their bodies pressed chest to thigh.

    They both froze.

    Oh, no, Eli’s panicked mind raved at him. He should have been more careful. Should have stood further away. He was riddled with guilt, but the guilt was heaviest in the part of his mind that was rejoicing that he could feel every lush curve of her body pressed against him.

    “Don’t pull away,” she moaned. “Please.” Tears filled her eyes. “It hurts so bad when you pull away.” Her breath was shaky. One lone tear rolled down her cheek.

    “God, baby, no,” his voice was so rough, he wondered if he was fighting his own tears. She was wrecking him. “I won’t pull away.”


    1. WOW. What a concept. Now that's different and fresh. I LIKE!! Thank you so much for sharing this on Friday Flames. Wow...

  10. Thanks for hosting this, Sherri!

    Three's A Crowd by Ella Jade
    FREE this weekend on Amazon... http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00884O3S0/ref=rdr_kindle_ext_tmb

    "Wake up, baby."

    This has been one fucked up ride.

    He opened his eyes to find Sierra straddling him. He blinked a few times, trying to focus and get his bearings. They were in their bedroom. He must have missed the alarm. The sunlight streamed in through the blinds and he could smell the coffee brewing from the kitchen.

    "Time to wake up, sleepyhead."


    She was naked and stroking his cock. His favorite way to wake up.

    “Baby, you were having some dream.” She giggled. “I didn’t even do anything to you yet and you’re rock hard.”


    Interested? Get your FREE download this weekend only on Amazon...http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00884O3S0/ref=rdr_kindle_ext_tmb

    1. Hehehe - I've downloaded my free copy. Hope everyone else did, too. Thanks for stopping by, Ella :)

  11. "Whatever it was – a naked man next to me or the excitement that had built up in my head the weeks before. I did not push him away when he started to eat me after the pizza. For dessert, I suppose. It must have been my sexual deprivation.
    I wonder does a man ever have these doubts and worrying thoughts, philosophizing whether to fuck someone when he has the urge? We women tend to weigh the pros and cons, consider the implications, alternatives, and long term prospects. Or am I being presumptuous here thinking that I am talking on behalf of all of my gender? Men, on the other hand, don’t need a reason, just a place.
    This guy had promised me over the phone to lick me like an ice cream cone and here he was, determined to have a go at it. “Baby,” he crooned, “you are all wet. And I want your dirty knickers. I want to take in your aroma.”"
    Excerpt from Next Time Lucky:Lessons of a Matchmaker

    Here Cherie is in LA meeting somebody over the Internet.Get it on Kindle http://amzn.to/Mcczxz

    1. Oh great. Now I have pizza on the brain. And a whole lot more. LOL Great scene, thanks for sharing.

  12. This snippet is taken from Love's Prophecy available on amazon.

    Mel lay Breeana down, stripped her jeans off and tossed them to the floor. Her legs flopped open and he almost came right there. The sight of her sheer pink panties, wet with her honey, fueled his desire.

    He dropped to his knees, eased her panties to the side, exposing her sweetness. “I can't get enough of you. No matter how many times I have you, it'll never be enough.” He bent forward and sucked her into his mouth. The taste of her almost sent him crashing over the edge. “God damn, you're delicious.”

    With his tongue and lips he drove her hard, sparing no mercy.

    Her hips bucked off the bed as another orgasm rolled through her. "Mel...oh yes, yes."

    “That's it, come for me.” He drank her in, wringing out every last drop. When he couldn't stand another second, he turned her so she rested on her hands and knees, and ripped off her panties.
    The need to be inside her had his body quaking. He unzipped and tugged his pants to his knees. He found her opening and thrust forward. Her wet warmth gripped him tight from tip to base.

    1. Whew! I've read Love's Prophecy twice, and it never cools down. Awesomesauce.

  13. From The Heart You Own:

    She swam over to a rock outcropping illuminated by sunshine. Pulling herself out of the water, she stretched out on her stomach, the heat of the sun-warmed rock relaxing her. Her mind turned to the night at the hotel and her response to his touch. She lightly ran her tongue over her lips, remembering the feel of his mouth on hers. Heat suffused her body thinking how his hands felt on her skin. How the weight of his body pressing her into the mattress felt so right. The memory of his mouth skimming over her breasts was so vivid she felt her nipples pucker in response. The heat from the rocks made her long for the heat of his body. Need to feel him touching her, loving her, overtook her. Lying in the warmth of the sun she let her mind run free.
    Her body ached for his touch. It was one thing she was sure of.
    I wish he were here.

    Available at Amazon.com, B&N.com and Itunes.

    Thank you again for this site. It's great reading all the snippets. Lot's of book shopping in my future!

    1. Hi Diane - thanks for sharing today. I totally agree about loading up on some fine reading.

  14. Just One More by Stephanie Beck--available in paperback and ebook :)


    "And the sleeping arrangements?" Gav asked.

    Adam knew this question had been weighing on the other man. Gav had played thirds in relationships before. Usually, the third was a plaything, in for pleasure, out for the intimacy.

    "You'd be in our room. The 'our' would include you," Adam told him. "I'll steal your t-shirts to wear to bed, and we'll share the task of warming Kit's cold toes every night. We'll have amazing sex when we're all in the mood together. We'll have nearly as amazing sex in pairs if the third is in the mood to watch or sleep. There won't be favorites, but, because we've been together so long, Kit and I might slip up there on occasion. You'll have to be patient with us, Gav."

    "And once our open relationship includes you," Kit said, "it turns into a closed one. We don't cheat or lie, and we tell each other if our needs change."

    Adam watched to see what Gav's reaction to that big rule would be. It was one he supported wholeheartedly. Within the terms of their relationship, he and Kit had never once cheated. They were open, honest, and made the decisions and compromises needed to keep them happy. But his heart was hers. Always. If Gav decided to take the plunge, Adam's heart would grow to include him, and he would never cheat on him either.

    Loyalty and faithfulness in an open relationship seemed like oxymorons, but not the way he and Kit worked. They were a unit, a family. If Gav chose, he could be the piece that had been missing from the start.

    Gav covered his face and rubbed much harder than Adam would have rubbed any place on his lover's body. He didn't like to see Gav being so rough with himself. He hated when the other man treated his body harshly. It was because no one else had cared for him. He saw himself as worth less than most and acted on that vision. If he'd quit being stubborn, Adam would try every day to prove him wrong. There would be fabric softener for Gav's clothes and something sweet for him when he wanted a treat. It was the little things Adam knew he and Kit took for granted that would make the most difference with Gav.

    "I don't know." Gav didn't look past his hands at either of them as he spoke. "I'll think about it. There's nothing in there I don't think I can do, I just…I need to think."

    "That's fine, Gav," Kit said gently. "Time is something we have, and we'd never rush you."

    "I know that." His sigh was heavy and haggard. "I know all the good things about you guys, and Kit, it's nothing in you that's missing. It's me. You have to know that. No matter what happens, it's not you. It's me."

    "But I love you just the way you are," she replied. "So that means there's something amazing in you if you'll let it out."

    1. This certainly looks like an interesting read. I'm glad you stopped by today.

  15. Here's a snippet from Bargain with Lucifer, written by my alter ego, Icy Snow Blackstone:

    He was awakened a few hours later by chill air touching his skin. Sometime during the night, he'd kicked the covers to the foot of the bed. Luc started to sit up, reaching for the coverlet, only to stop as he felt a weight on his stomach.
    The night light was still on and in the dimness, he could see Julie, lying crosswise the bed, her head pillowed against his stomach, one hand resting on his thigh, fingers barely inches from his penis. He could feel warm little puffs of breath wafting across it.
    There was no way he could move without disturbing her and he didn’t want to do that. Oh, Julie, move your hand...just a little closer, petite!
    He lay that way for several minutes more, enjoying the sensation of Julie's breath flowing over him like a soft warm stream, until the frigid air in the room made him shiver.
    Julie must have felt the cold, too, for she rolled over, straightened, and snuggled closer against his side.
    When his hand closed around her breast, she stirred slightly, and surprisingly, pressed a soft kiss on his chest before burrowing her cheek against it with a sleepy murmur.
    Gently, he began to stroke the soft, warm globe, brushing his thumb across the nipple. She moved again, not trying to escape his hand but actually pressing against it, then placed her own over his, muttering softly.
    The hand on her shoulder rose to touch the soft tangles as Luc kissed the top of her head.
    Julie touched his cheek and planted a gentle kiss on the underside of his chin, then surprised him by raising her face to his. Luc caught her chin with one hand, and kissed her.
    He knew the exact moment she came fully awake.
    For an instant, she stiffened--he waited for her to pull away, perhaps berate him for his eagerness--then relaxed, and pressed her mouth against his.
    He felt the soft lips part, claimed them again, kissing her roughly this time. Hands grasped her shoulders tightly, tongue thrusting into her mouth, feeling the startlingly warm, almost shy, flick of her own tongue against his.
    He kissed her forehead, cheeks, chin, trailing a row of nibbling caresses onto her throat, brushing aside the blonde hair to kiss her neck, then slid the slender strap off her shoulder.
    “No--” She caught at the strap but he pulled her hand away, gently.
    “It’s all right. I won’t take off your gown. I promise.”
    Sacre, I can't believe she's so modest! I'll have to work on that!
    “It’s not that.The light--”
    “The light?” It was so dim he could barely see her as it was.
    “Turn it off. W-we always turned off the lights.”
    “You made love in the dark?” His voice rose, though he hadn’t intended it to. “Merde!” For the briefest moment, he hesitated. “I’m sorry, Julie. Perhaps I’m rushing things.”
    Her answer was even more surprising. “No, you’re not.”
    She pressed her body against his as he slid his hand under her breast and raised it gently, bending to kiss the nipple through the fabric, nuzzling it until it grew taut. He caught it between his teeth, tasting the fabric, making it cling wetly.
    Julis’s arms went around his neck, hands in his hair, holding his head against her breast. She drew in her breath with a quiet little moan.
    He caught at the strings of the bikini, fumbling one-handed with each tie, then tugged it off her and tossed it away.
    Slim legs spread beneath him. He slid one hand between their bodies, brushing gently across the soft mound. It was too dark for him to see but he knew how she must look. A golden triangle of curls hiding that soft pink bud that waited eagerly to be stoked with desire.
    Luc raised his head. “Do you still wish me to turn out the light?”
    “No, I'll just close my eyes."
    It sounded like a challenge, one Luc gladly accepted.

    1. Hi Toni, thanks for stopping by! I hope this is available now :)

  16. I thought I would join in this week. This is from my contemporary romance - Circles Interlocked.

    Robert returned with a large glass of cold orange juice. The ice cubes tinkled against the sides. Julie's naked back was to him. He reached around to hand her the drink. "I could tell you were tired, and trying hard not to let me see it. I knew what I was doing. Although, it wasn't exactly what I'd planned out for the evening."
    Julie took a long swallow and let the cool, wet liquid slip down her hot, dry throat.
    He brushed her cheek. "You wanted to make last night some perfect romantic movie scene, but you were too tired and too tense to enjoy it."
    "I wanted everything to be perfect for you."
    "And I want everything to be perfect for both of us." He held out his hand waiting for the glass.
    Puzzled, Julie handed it to him. He reached in, pulled out an ice cube then placed the glass on the counter. Sucking the juice off the cube, he held it in his hand and slithered it down Julie's back.
    "You were too concerned about me. Sex isn't about one person. It's the mutual gratification of two people."
    A small moan escaped her mouth.
    "Think of it as the process, not the outcome." He slid the cube along her side, down her arms and around her face. "Never rush. Take it slow. Indulge. Explore. Satisfy."
    Savoring both the eroticism and the coolness, Julie let him explore her body. Her breath became sharp as he let the cold, wet liquid drip onto her chest. His tongue flicked at the rivers of water and drips rolling down her breasts. "Last night would've been a can of soda - fizzy, sharp and you chug it down. And while animal sex is great." He paused as he slipped a nipple into his mouth. "It wasn't what you wanted last night to be about."
    Julie grabbed the counter before her knees gave out. She was lost in his physical touch and the sensualness of his voice.
    Dragging his teeth along her nipples, he pulled his head back. "I want our love to be a great bottle of wine. You sip it. You roll it around in your mouth. But you never ever chug it." He lowered himself to his knees, dribbling little kisses down her belly. His hands pushed her thighs apart as his tongue found her sex.
    Time paused as Julie focused on what Robert aroused within her. Soft moans escaped her lips. His pace didn't change. His tongue moved like he was idly licking an ice cream cone. And she was melting. Her grip slipped off the counter and she collapsed, knocking Robert onto the floor.
    Snapped back to reality, a passion flared deep within her. It erupted as she ran her hands along Robert's body trying to touch everywhere. Their mouths met with a hungry ferocity. Tongues intertwining as pulses raced. Julie led Robert to her bed. She knocked him onto it and then like a cat, she pounced.

    It's only available on Kindle - Amazon - http://www.amazon.com/Circles-Interlocked-ebook/dp/B005S8LI46

    1. *applause* Thank you for stopping by, Victoria! Love your last line. Hope you'll stop by again real soon!

  17. Here's a snippet from my upcoming release The Cliff (Coming this September! )/

    “Lanie, do I have to spell this out for you?”

    “Yes please. Spelling, definition and then use it in a sentence.”

    And then he just kissed me. It was a soft gentle kiss that sent a shock wave from my lips right to my girliest of girl parts. When he pulled away, not very far away, he just stared into my eyes with something that was not looking at me like a sister. What was he searching for?

    "Could you please spell that again?" I murmured. He relaxed, laughed softly and kissed me again, this time allowing his tongue to brush across my bottom lip. I was melting.
    It took everything not to pounce on him and do all the naughty things that were suddenly running through my head right there on my porch.

    "Use it in a sentence, please." I whispered with my eyes still closed, my head still tilted.

    "Of course."

    He crushed his lips to mine, pulling my body against his. I was lost in him. His tongue began swirling with mine and my head began swirling too. We remained in this sentence, which was slowly approaching a paragraph. I didn't care, I would have been happy kissing a novella with him.

    1. Anna, congratulations on your upcoming release! SQUEE! How exciting. I know just how you feel :)

    2. Thanks so much! I am so excited to unleash The Cliff on the world of readers. SQUEEEEEEEEEEEE

  18. I'd like to add an excerpt written under my own name, from Runaway Brother:

    They burst through the door, Nick giving it a kick with his heel and sending it slamming shut. Then he was kissing Sidney again and her mouth was opening to his. His tongue thrust inside and touched hers…Oh God, this is what I wanted…what the Hell am I doing…and he didn’t care. Not
    even if it was wrong or he was taking advantage or being taken advantage of or if Gus came busting through the door or Bubba and Kyle and Jess all attacked the apartment at the
    same time. He and Sidney were here and they
    were…going…to…make love!

    At some point the flimsy little straps on the top of the sundress snapped. His hands strolled across her back, stroking warm soft flesh, outlining the gentle triangles of her shoulder blades, dancing down the ridges of her spine.
    He felt with surprise her answering touch against his own bareness. When did my shirt come off? Where did it go? Who the hell cares?

    Mouths still locked together, bodies touching, they stumbled to the bed. Sidney reached it first, collapsing backwards upon it. Nick pulled away long enough to seize the hem of her dress, whip it away and send it flying with a gesture worthy of a matador twirling his cape. She was
    wearing black bikini panties. Conservative enough. Not thongs. But they didn’t stay on long enough for him to consider. The panties joined the dress in its flight across the room.

    Somewhere she’d lost her shoes so they didn’t matter. Then he was ridding himself of his own clothes, boots, jeans…never taking his eyes from Sidney’s where she lay on the bed, head on the pillow, one hand curled around it, just looking at him.

    There was a moment’s worry. Will this bed hold two
    people? He abruptly brushed the thought aside.
    When he crawled across the bed and lay down beside
    her, she put her arms around his neck and gave one long,tremulous sigh. She kissed him. Again. And again. And… Nick buried his face against her neck, inhaling. God, she smells so good. What kind of soap does she use? She smells like…cherries? Mmm. Made his mouth water. Make him
    want to lick the scent away. He tried. She giggled. He ignored that and kissed his way down to her breasts, cupping them again as he had in the barn. His thumb brushed a soft nipple, felt it react and harden, becoming a little stone under his touch.

    He bent his head, kissing that little nubbin, then drawing it into his mouth and gently sucking off that sweetness, leaving aroused, hot flesh in its place. The other hand traveled downward, brushing between her thighs. She was wet and hot and he could swear he felt a frantic pulsing
    matching the throbbing in his own body. Oh, Sidney…

    “Are you ready?” She came up for air long enough to whisper.

    Ready? Sidney, I’ve been ready since the day I met you. He didn’t say it, just rolled over so he lay on top of her, pelvis grinding against hers, chest crushing her breasts. He gathered her into his arms, savoring the heat trapped between them, took a breath, and…

    “Damn it, no! We can’t. I don’t have any…” Why the
    Hell hadn’t he been prepared? Stopped by the drugstore before they came home, crude as that would’ve been? They couldn’t do it. And oh God, he was so ready, so hard, so…stupid.

    1. LOL! Talk about strangled moments! This is great, Toni. Thanks for posting.

  19. Here's a snippet from FAIR PLAY available at http://amzn.to/LTltUG - http://bit.ly/K0rQla - http://bit.ly/LTqlsK

    “Beautiful,” he said, moving closer. His sensuous tones washed over her. “Your hair looks like warm caramel and feels like silk.” His hands moved to her face as he peered deep into her eyes and lowered his head. He kissed her slowly, taking his time to savor her taste and the texture of her mouth.

    His tongue outlined her lips, then traced her bottom lip, making her gasp with desire. Her mouth opened wider, inviting him to explore the recesses. Shivers of heat radiated throughout her body when his tongue touched hers. Totally forgetting the bikini top she had clutched in her hands, she wound her arms around his neck, feeling the soft hair at his nape as she caressed him with her fingers. She arched into him, wanting to feel his skin against hers, and felt his body harden with his need. He deepened the kiss, sending flames of fire racing through her blood, making her breasts ache for his touch. Wants and needs she didn’t even know she possessed came rushing to the surface, begging for relief. Her body craved his, and the relief she instinctively knew only he could give.

    Jace tangled his hands in her hair as he devoured the sweetness of her mouth. He’d meant to just taste her, but once he tasted, he became greedy for more. Deepening the kiss, he demanded a response from her, and when he got it, he demanded more. With a need to meld her body to his, he moved his hands to her hips and pulled her toward him as his blood pulsated throughout his body, feeding his increasing desire.

    1. Janna, very nice! Like this line: Shivers of heat...

  20. Whew! That's a spicy meatball!

    Here is mine from my shelved title - TUG. It's extra naughty.

    As he pulled from the kiss, he whispered, "I want to fuck you. Can I?"

    My knees went out. I threw my arms around his neck to keep from slipping to the bottom of the tub. He spoke my desire, stabbing through any meager resistance I may have had and allowing my passion to bleed from the gaping hole. This is what I want. What I've needed.
    His hands slid over my body. I'd wanted him from the moment I saw him. More than I'd ever wanted any man. Enough to risk Vincent's wrath or even losing him. The horror of what I was about to do, even knowing Vince would be coming any second, paled compared to the burning, incessant need to join with this man. "Please. Fuck. Me."

    He licked my ear. "You know we'll be punished if he catches us?"

    A shudder ran through me as I envisioned us both bent over the bed. Vince would never tolerate another guy fucking my pussy. Especially not Tug, whose skill was…extraordinary. The thought of possible punishment made the forbidden act even more tantalizing. And I almost wished Vince would walk in.

    Tug lifted my thighs and pressed me back against the tiled wall. I wrapped my legs around his waist as he slid into me. So good. Just as I'd imagined, he filled me in an empty place that hadn't even existed until him, and I knew I would never be the same.

    1. Oh! You naughty girl you! Now tell me, WHY IS THIS SHELVED? This needs to be out there, Casea. :)

  21. Thank you so much for this opportunity to share a hot snippet with your readers. (I love heating up the summer. ;) ) This excerpt is from my erotic suspense novel, HEALER'S GARDEN:

    Brenimyn shifted, lying next to her, his erection hot and hard at her hip. Jahara wanted to protest, to ask him to leave the room, but his fingers tangled in her hair and he pressed his lips to hers. Desperation overcame fear and she opened to the wet heat of his mouth. He tasted of wintergreen and smelled of fresh air and male heat, something thoroughly masculine, and not totally unpleasant. His tongue filled her mouth, tangled with hers, delving deeper as if he couldn’t completely get his fill. Her fingers dug into his thick curls, holding him tight to her.

    Broad palms smoothed up her belly, pushing away her hands and cupping her breast. Brenimyn’s fingers danced from one fleshy mound to the other. All the while Ishawny’s mouth suckled and nibbled her clitoris, her fingers roaming the slit, finger-fucking her clenching cunt. The rough pad of Brenimyn’s thumb grazed over the beaded peak of her nipple. Moans of urgency rose in tandem with the only music filling the heated air.

    Brenimyn trailed kisses down her neck, licking and nibbling her flesh, igniting blazing embers of desire everywhere his mouth touched. Jahara’s nerves were raw. Fire burned through her veins. Her head was dizzy with the sensations rippling over her muscles. She couldn’t stop the growing wave of ecstasy pushing her upward, slamming her body with a pulse-pounding need to climax.

    The two worked well together. Jahara bucked against Ishawny’s oral assault, even as Brenimyn’s fingers sent jolts of pleasure from her breasts straight down her core. She stumbled along the edge of bliss, desperately wanting to fall headlong into total release. The two seemed to revel in their ability to keep her suspended in this needy limbo.

    “A neuro stimulator, please,” Jahara begged.

    “I have something so much better.” Brenimyn kissed her gently, sweeping the hair from her forehead. “You just need to trust me.” The man shifted away from her and Jahara moaned at the loss of his weight and heat. His laugh rumbled through her. “I do believe she’s ready, Ishawny.” The two seamlessly switched positions and Brenimyn’s calloused fingers replaced the satin heat of the woman’s mouth at her throbbing clit. Jahara groaned in protest. Her release was so close, her body demanding completion.

    “Don’t fret, Jahara, I’ll help you find the relief your body seeks.”

    “No, I don’t want you.” Even in the sexual fog muddling her thoughts, Jahara understood what Brenimyn intended to do. As much as her body screamed for climax, it didn’t want what he had to offer.

    “Brenimyn’s gentle.” Ishawny laid kisses over Jahara’s face.

    “I am all that is between you and sweet pleasure.” Brenimyn’s words shivered over her skin.
    Available from Amazon http://amzn.com/B0035N1UO4
    and B&N http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/healers-garden-nina-pierce/1100323447?ean=9781419961694

    1. Hi Nina! *waves* So good to see you here again. The summer is hotter today since I read your scene. Whew...

  22. He didn’t resist as he answered her need. With trembling hands he spread her thighs wide, burying his face in her mound of curls, the musky smell of her heightened arousal driving him almost beyond his control.
    She was everything he remembered, and more, as she urged him on. Her low moans escalated to small screams as his searching mouth found the tiny nub hidden within the petal-soft folds of her womanhood. With wild abandon he flicked it with his practiced tongue, tasting at last the sweetness she had denied him for so long. As he felt the first spasms rack her body, he held her hips in place so as not to deny himself a single drop of the sweeter-than-honey moisture that laved upon his tongue.
    With a boldness, born of wanton need, she watched as he lifted his dark head, his heated gaze mirrored with the same burning lust as her own.
    “Tell me you haven’t missed that,” he challenged her.
    “I can’t!” she cried, rising up to pull him over her.
    Fated Memories by Judith Ann McDowell
    World Castle Publishing

    1. Hi Judith! I'm so glad you were able to make it by. Fated Memories looks like a HOT read :)

  23. Hot stuff everyone!

    Here's mine from my upcoming release A Hunter's Angel http://www.thewildrosepress.com/index.php?main_page=index&manufacturers_id=980.

    The kiss was full of fire and love as they took turns ravaging each other’s mouths. Grace moaned and threaded her fingers into Ian’s curls. Without breaking the soul-bending kiss, Ian whisked her up into his arms. A beat later, he laid her on the soft mattress of her bed.

    When he pulled away, she opened her eyes and smiled. Ian stood away from the bed, and she raised herself onto her elbow. His sexy grin was hot enough to burn off her clothes, but instead she watched him remove his, one item at a time. She held her breath as he undid the last button of his shirt. As it slid off his shoulders, the bands of muscles moved under the surface with barely contained power.

    Next, he moved his long, eloquent fingers to his belt buckle. She
    asked, “Have you ever played the piano?”

    He undid the fly of his pants. “I can play several instruments.” He flashed that grin again and held his pants just over his hips. “Are we back to twenty questions?”

    She let a groan escape her lips. After he kicked off his shoes, he pushed the pants over his hips and let them drop to the floor. He moved toward her, as nude and as perfect as Adam before the Fall in the Garden of Eden.

    He climbed onto the edge of the bed and leaned over her. A hairsbreadth above her lips, he huskily said, “If Eve looked as tempting as you do fully clothed, she wouldn’t have needed the fruit from the Tree of Knowledge to seduce Adam. And she definitely wouldn’t have needed the Serpent’s temptations.”

    She laughed and wrapped her arms around him. “No fair! I can’t read your thoughts.”

    He smiled brazenly at her, his eyes afire with his desire. “I figured my mind would be an open book right now.”

    1. Hehehe, I think he has more than mind reading in store for Grace. Looking forward to your book launch!

  24. Great snippets everyone! This is my first time here. This is from my June 19th Harlequin release, OUR FIRST DANCE, available on Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/0373862679?ie=UTF8&tag=httpwwwgoodco-20&linkCode=as2&camp=1789&creative=9325&creativeASIN=0373862679&SubscriptionId=1MGPYB6YW3HWK55XCGG2

    The fingers of her free hand traced his brow, “You look tired.”

    He smiled devilishly, “I’m not that tired.”

    “Oh you’re not?” She giggled when he bobbed his eyebrows.

    “No ma’am.” His mouth lowered to hers.

    “Come to bed with me,” she avoided his mouth, took his hand and pulled him to his feet.

    “I thought you’d never ask.”

    “I’m not asking;” She pulled him towards the bedroom, “I’m demanding.”

    “I don’t like aggressive women,” he frowned in mock indignation as she undid his tie and slid his jacket from his shoulders. His shirt quickly followed.

    “We will see about that.”

    She pushed his shoulders until he fell across the bed. She followed him down, straddling him, undressing him slowly, and driving him crazy with butterfly kisses and light caresses all the while skillfully avoiding his advances. Even when he was almost insane with desire, she continued to sweetly torture him.

    “Do you like aggressive women now?” She kissed him deeply and then moved away, “Do you?” She removed her robe and slowly, deliberately brought him inside of her.

    “Yes!” He hissed the word sitting up, arms going around her, mouth attaching to a breast.

    Her slender arms held him close, fingers anchoring fast to his head as he continued to ravage her flesh. He pulled her tight, lifting his head and fusing his mouth to hers as she took him with her for a ride on tumultuous, stormy seas.

    Her body expertly milked his. His mouth fastened on her other breast. Her back arched gracefully sending more of her firm breast into his greedy mouth. Feverish hands roamed across her back to her hips, pulling her tighter when she sought to teasingly withdraw. Hands on his head, pulled his mouth away from her flesh to fuse hotly with hers. Their tongues made wild love and their bodies fervently mimicked their urgent, passionate dance.

    1. Great dialogue. I'm so glad you came by today, Judy! The count down begins for your book release. FOUR MORE DAYS!! Yay!! Congratulations with Harlequin!

  25. From A Facebook Affair by Tara Chevrestt
    Also on AllRomance, Breathless Press, Bookstrand, B&N

    Kelly was not put off by the surprising aggression in his kiss. Instead, she was drawn to it. She lost all sensible thought when his warm mouth crushed hers under the city's neon lights. As his tongue probed past her lips and the inches between their bodies disappeared, she felt not only desired, but definitely good enough for this amazing man.

    She was grateful she had used an after dinner mint as she kissed him back, reaching her tongue out to meet his own, feeling it dance around his. With a shudder of pleasure, she welcomed the feeling of his growing hardness against her belly. A rush of elation coursed through her veins. This man wanted her. This gorgeous man desired her. He was aroused for want of her. And she wanted him back. Kelly could not deny the growing dampness between her legs as their kiss deepened, as he crushed her in his embrace. She moaned and grasped his shirt lapels, trying to pull him closer to her, trying to engulf him entirely with her mouth. His hands grabbed her buttocks and clasped her lower body to his own.

    Suddenly, Brandon's lips left hers with a groan, leaving her gasping in surprise and disappointment. As she caught her breath, she peered up at him with a hidden question in her eyes, all too aware of the inches now between their bodies. She felt the chill of the air penetrate her dress where just seconds before, his body had warmed her. Did he not like kissing her?

    "What's wrong?" She tried to keep a quaver out of her voice, tried not to appear rattled when all she wanted was his lips on her again and his body pressed against her.

    Brandon took a deep breath and placed his forehead against hers. "I just remembered that we are on a busy street in full view of everybody, acting like horny teenagers." He laughed and looked into her eyes as he clutched both of her hands. "I think we need to go somewhere more private. Though I don't have any clients here, you may not want your reputation sullied and well, I may be sullying it if we stand out here much longer."

    1. They sure were acting like horny teens! LOL Great scene and GREAT book title! Thanks for sharing, Tara.

  26. Fabulous snippets today! Here's mine from upcoming novella OPEN HOUSE with Ruby Lioness.

    “Where are we going?”
    “The kitchen.” She slid her hand into his shirt and grazed one of his nipples with her fingernail. He shuddered and flashed her a grin. “I’m going to have you for dinner.”
    “I thought you already were,” she answered.
    “That hardwood wasn’t the best atmosphere.” Rebecca laughed and then sucked in a gasp as her bare back and shoulders met the cold granite of the kitchen island countertop. His hands moved to her waist. He quickly unbuttoned her slacks and slid them down her legs, dropping them on the floor.
    Robert lifted one leg and trailed kisses from the ankle up to her stomach. His kisses burned and she worked hard to steady her breathing. She was struggling not to come just from the soft touch of his warm lips. Her body flooded with desire. His hands and lips moved back down her opposite leg until he was standing at the end of the island between her legs.
    He hooked his fingers in her panties and she lifted up to allow him to easily slide them down. She met his molten gaze with a moan as she watched him drop them to the floor with her slacks.
    “Rebecca you are the most beautiful creature I’ve ever seen.” He placed several warm kisses along her other thigh as he pulled her closer and laid her legs up on his shoulders. “God, you smell so good. Like cinnamon and sugar.”
    “I… you–” Rebecca found herself unable to form a coherent thought. She gripped the edge of the countertop as his face dropped between her legs. His gorgeous mouth was on her bare sex and she bucked her hips as he nibbled on her clit. Strong arms wrapped around her hips and held her still as he flicked his tongue back and forth before thrusting it deep inside her.
    “Oh, god,” Rebecca moaned and rocked her hips. “Please.” She heard herself begging, but she didn’t even care. Her entire body was trembling and every time she came close to peaking, he would slow down or back off. “Please.” She begged again and heard him chuckle. Damn man was laughing at her. Her body needed to come so badly it hurt.

    1. Hi Krystal! *waves* Nice to see another member from "The Pride". I'm curious when Open House releases, this is gonna be good!

  27. Here's my snippet from BEST LAID PLANS, being released 7/2 from Crimson Romance.

    Before he was fully naked himself, he yanked her panties down below her knees and leaned against her until she was on the edge of the bed. Kneeling in front of her, he slid them down as far as her ankles, removed both her shoes, and pulled the scrap of black lace over her feet.

    “This is no longer a formal affair, and I’m feeling overdressed.” He stood and began to unbutton his shirt with what she considered agonizing slowness. When he sat on the edge of the bed with his back to her to remove his shoes and socks, she sat up and caressed the back of his neck. As soon as his hands were free, she grasped the collar of his shirt and slid it down and off his arms, revealing a tanned, well-muscled back with a patch of whiter, ridged and puckered skin covering most of his right shoulder blade. It appeared to be a scar from a bad burn, but this wasn’t the time or place to ask him about it.

    He stood and stripped off his remaining clothes, then turned and faced her. She was pleased to see he looked as good without the tuxedo as he’d looked in it. Finally he grinned and bent over her, tantalizing her with a probing kiss while maintaining a strangers-on-the-dance-floor distance between their naked bodies.

    “Are you trying to make me beg?” she managed to gasp when the kiss ended.

    1. Elizabeth, congratulations on your upcoming book release! And the countdown begins :) SQUEE! Your scene is steaming!

  28. This is from my story In Love and War. Hope you like it.

    Dylan’s deep rich laugh mingled with hers and he held open the shower door for her. “Get in there.”

    Ariela stepped under the spray and turned, completely unprepared for how fast Dylan moved on her. He pressed her up against the cool tile wall, her body suddenly a living buffer between two temperature extremes.

    The feel of Dylan’s chest hair brushing over her breasts made Ariela’s nipples retract even tighter. Tantalized by the sensation, she mashed herself against him, desperate for full-body contact. She scuffed her chest and stomach rosy on him. Dylan’s right leg invaded the space between her thighs and she rode it slowly, scraping her calf across his coarse leg like a cat, moaning as she rubbed herself sensitive.

    Dylan pinned her hands out flat against the wall and held her there. Now she was immobile, dangling over his thigh, her toes just brushing the tiles.

    Could this be what the word ravish meant? Ariela wondered. It was unbelievably hot, thrilling. Ariela’s heart thumped wildly as Dylan made slow, deliberate love to her mouth. His tongue swept over everything, tasting, teasing, and stroking her in ways she never knew were even possible. She’d never been kissed like this. Then he drew her tongue into his mouth and performed a guided tour there. It was the most erotic moment of her life – so far.

    Ever so gradually, Dylan eased back and admired Ariela, still immobilized beneath the spray. Her lips were swollen and red, her eyes glazed with passion.

    “You . . . are . . . stunning,” he told her then used his upper thigh to nuzzle between her legs. He smiled at the gasp it elicited.

    1. Tara! Is this available yet? LOL Your word imagery is HOT. Thanks for coming by today :)

  29. WOW! this spot has grown so much! Congrats my sweet Sheri!
    I wanted to keep it shorter and a little tamer for once.
    From my new book, More Sex...Pearl has loved her boss for a year and he never knew it. This is from Dedicated:
    Swiftly, he unzipped his pants and pulled his cock out.
    Pearl took in a deep breath and moisture bubbled from her tightening pussy. “Ohh.”
    He looked down at himself. “See? Erect and hard as a God dammed rock!”
    Her mouth almost watered with want as she nodded. His cock was long, smooth and magnificent, even better than her imaginings.
    “I haven’t been hard in a long time, Pearl. Except—in the office, whenever I was looking at you.” He shook his head at her. “I seem to need…”
    Pearl hung on his every word, but she badly wanted to actually reach out and touch him. His cock was just as yummy looking as she had dreamt about.
    “Pearl—reach into your skirt and finger yourself.”
    Complying immediately, she slipped her fingers into her panties and caressed herself while staring at his hard erection.
    “Mmm,” he let out a deep moan.
    At the sensuous sound, her body fluttered.
    “You just obeyed me without pause, sweet girl.”
    All she could do was nod. 'Yes, I would do anything you wanted and you don’t even realize it.' But the desperate, pledging words stayed in her head.
    “Let me see you doing it,” he ordered. “Take the skirt off.”
    She kept one hand on her clit while rubbing herself as he had instructed and tugged her skirt down with her other hand.
    Pensive, he watched her struggle to do exactly as he ordered. “Oh God, Pearl. You are the one for me, aren’t you?”
    Huffing and puffing with the effort of her maneuvering, she swiveled the skirt down and tried to tug her underwear down with one hand. “Yes, all for you—only you.” Her attention was on the clumsy task of fighting with her panties.
    He stared and let out a shocked sounding gasp as he watched her fingering herself and tearing at her panties.
    After a long moment, she finally managed to get them down to her knees.
    “Stop, Pearl. That’s good enough, just leave it.”
    Halting as he’d instructed, she gazed down at his stiff, hard cock which now stood straight out. “Oh, my.”
    “Tell me what you want, Pearl.”
    “I want to do anything and everything you want me to do.”
    At her seemingly honest answer, he stilled and released another low, sexy groan as his cock nearly throbbed before her eyes and she could see a little pre-cum drop out of his tip and slide down the shaft.
    The sensuous sight shook her badly and she nearly jumped over to wrap her legs around him and drive herself down onto that gorgeous cock of his. “Oh…” She clenched her thighs together to keep from acting on the overpowering urge.

    1. My, my, my Naughty Wicked Leanore. I LOVE THIS! You've been hiding in your writing cave, and it's been well worth it. Bravo, sexy girl.

  30. I see some awesome heat on here. I'm melting!!! LOL Judith Mcdowell? You joined in the flames, oh my dear...So proud of your flair for heat!

  31. Wow. These are all amazing. Mine is from Her Dark Knight:

    Quickly she unbuttoned his trousers and pulled him
    out. He gasped when her hand went around him,
    sliding up his length, then down to cup his bollocks.
    He surged forward, his eyes drifting closed, every
    nerve ending on fire.

    She slid down the wall and took him in her mouth.
    Her moist heat surrounded him. Her tongue swirled
    around his tip and he cried out. Bracing his hands
    against the wall, he hung his head to watch her lips
    surround his shaft. The scene below him was so erotic
    he knew he didn’t have much time left. He was racing
    toward climax, his bollocks tightening as the pressure

    buy link: http://www.amazon.com/Her-Dark-Knight-ebook/dp/B005UPRRBA/ref=sr_1_3_title_0_main?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1339791578&sr=1-3&keywords=Sharon+Cullen

    1. *turning up the fans to high*
      I'm just going to get some iced tea. Yup, that's where I'm going. That's a HOT scene, Sharon. Wow.

  32. *fans self* Wow, you guys!! Okay, here's my snippet, from my current release, What a Texas Girl Wants:

    "You can tell me anything you want or nothing at all. What is it that I should know about Jackson Taylor at this very moment?" she asked between kisses.
    His hands moved to the waistband of her skirt. "Nothing comes to mind," he said gruffly.
    "Thank God," Kathleen said and lowered her mouth to his.
    With trembling hands, Kathleen framed Jackson's face, drawing her fingers from the back of his jaw to his chin. In a quick move, his hands parted the silk folds of her robe, caressing the soft skin of her stomach. Sucking on his bottom lip, she let her hands drop to his waistband, pulling his tee shirt up and over his shoulders. Letting it drop on the deck beside them, Kathleen took a moment to look at him.

    1. Hi Krstina! *waves* Congratulations on your latest release. I'm so glad you found time to come on by :)

  33. Here's my snippet from Wicked Allure:

    She ground against his thumb and he increased the pressure ever so slightly. Soft moans and breathy sighs escaped her lips. She was aching for him and had been for days. A slow burn began to spread out from her center and her resistance crumbled.
    Once more. She could indulge her deepest desire and allow herself to be with him, just once more. She’d sort through everything else later.
    His tongue touched the rim of her ear, always a sensitive spot for her and her heart began an even more frantic rhythm, the nerves beneath her skin prickling in rising pleasure. When he drew his hands away to undress her, her eyes fluttered shut.
    Once she was completely naked, he grabbed her waist and dragged her body up until her wet heat settled against his mouth. Exquisite sensation stimulated her entire body at the contact and she braced herself on her knees, moving rhythmically against his swiping tongue. Like a dancer, she lost herself to the internal beat of her body. He sucked her little bud and a scream caught in her throat, her body jerking, her nipples hard and hurting. Her breath coming in short pants, Madigan wiggled faster against Zach’s mouth, enthralled and inflamed by the sight of his mouth devouring her wet flesh.
    Noticing that she watched him, he pushed her slightly up and extended his tongue, flattening it against her clit and moving it in short, fluttering strokes. Madigan’s senses reeled at the erotic image. Her womb tightened and she shivered. He continued to lap at her with the flat of his tongue, bringing her to the brink of madness before easing up and refusing her the satisfaction of release. He was using his tongue to inflict the sweetest torture upon her. Licking. Lapping. Stroking.
    Madigan squeezed her breasts together, caressing her aching nipples with her fingertips. “Please, Zach,” she moaned, her voice high and desperate. “Please let me come.”
    At her cry, he reached behind her and slid a finger into her, his tongue still flicking mercilessly against her folds, her own fingers pulling at her nipples. Heat spread from her breasts and into her belly, centering between her legs. Shivers seized her and she convulsed against his mouth, frantic and intense.

    Buy Link: http://www.amazon.com/Wicked-Allure-ebook/dp/B007S6QX5U/ref=cm_cr_pr_product_top

    1. One thing I enjoy at Friday Flames, well besides getting singed, are the quality of stories here. Madigan is a great character name! Thank you for stopping by. I hope you'll be here next week :)

  34. OOOh, Leslie Ferdinand! Hello, again! That was NICE!

  35. Thanks so much, Sheri, for letting us share here. Really enjoying all the excerpts.

    Here's a taste from my contemporary romance, Clear As Day, available at The Wild Rose Press: http://ow.ly/bjdrn and Amazon: http://amzn.com/B007RN9STW

    She rode him, unhurried and teasing, her lithe sun-kissed body tormenting him with pleasurable payback, her angle and pace riding him perfectly, deep and succulent. He feasted his eyes on her: her face flushed with passion, eyes dark and mysterious, her plump pink bottom lip caught between her teeth, the glossy mixed browns of her hair sliding and swaying over her shoulders. Her firm breasts and tight rosy nipples beckoned his mouth.

    Resistance was futile. He caught her, sitting up and tugging her close to latch his mouth onto her breast, greedily sucking and nipping and licking. She shifted her weight, her head thrown back, eyes closed, her body slowing and her breathy gasps deeper.

    Kay was close, trembling and panting, driving him on, the clasp of her body on him tightening higher and higher, riding him faster and faster.

    Her friends quip burned in his mind. Frustration with the limbo he’d existed in, the need to come fast, the need to hold off and make them burn hard mixed in crazy heat.

    He tumbled them over, pinning her beneath him, and he seized the lead, driving hard. Her eyes flashed and she cried his name.

    Almost there. He needed to say it now, stop editing himself, but his I love you caught on his groan and straining breath, and all he could do was lock his eyes with hers and will her to understand: We’re a hell of a lot more than friends. I’ve waited so damned long for you.

    You’re mine.

    1. I could *see* the scene in my head. Awesome! Great ending to your snippet. Thanks for sharing, please come back. I'm here every Friday :)

  36. She's here, matchbook, lighter and Gasoline in hand. I wanna say how great it is to see an author helping others just for the joy of it. This idea? Shows a great capacity for creative genius!
    Thank you, Miss Flames for all that you do.

    1. Aw thanks, you Sexy Wicked Leanaughty! I wonder who is helping who at times. Because when Friday rolls around, I sure need the fun this blog provides me.

      Miss Flames. I like that!! Thank you.

  37. Thanks so much for this opportunity. Here is an excerpt from SCORED my smokin' hot romance about the captain of the England football team and a sassy female sport's journalist who finds out just how talented he is off the pitch as on it!!

    Amazon US - http://www.amazon.com/Scored-ebook/dp/B0085MQSA6/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1337925243&sr=8-3

    Amazon UK - http://www.amazon.co.uk/Scored-ebook/dp/B0085MQSA6/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1338274701&sr=8-1


    “You told me…” he said, “that…”
    “What?” Okay, now I was really nervous. His eyes were thin slits; I could only just make out that perfect shade of deep-ocean blue through his lashes. “What did I tell you?”
    “That you weren’t seeing anyone.”
    “I’m not.”
    He stepped toward me, big and brooding. His sudden indomitable expression was more than a little disturbing.
    I backed up and my shoulders hit the cool mirrored wall.
    He followed, penning me in. He was all acres of perfect flesh, toned muscles and steely determination. My stomach somersaulted, my heart rate rocketed and I gripped the brass bar that lined the elevator. I’d never felt so physically small in my life.
    “So who was the guy who thought it was okay to wrap his arms around you at the press conference?”
    “That was just Phil.” My voice was a little squeaky, but I wasn’t complaining, I was surprised I could even speak. Why the hell would Phil matter to Lewis?
    “Just Phil?”
    I nodded. “Yes, just Phil.” I could smell Lewis now, a combination of chlorine, soap and raw maleness. As he spoke his sweet breath breezed warm onto my cheek and sent a sizzle of awareness shooting down my middle, tickling my nipples and creating a buzz in my clitoris. This man did seriously dangerous things to my body, like letting it think it was in charge of my brain.
    “So he’s not your boyfriend?”
    “No, definitely not. Phil is a work colleague who gets a bit flirty now and then. But I hardly know him really.”
    I wasn’t sure if I’d said the right thing because a small muscle flexed and un-flexed in Lewis’ cheek and his nostrils flared.
    “Really, there’s nothing between us,” I said. “I’m free as a bird, no one to answer to, no one to—”
    “Stop talking.” He glanced at the elevator dashboard then turned his attention back to me.
    “Because I want to test a theory.” He nipped my chin between his thumb and index finger, tilted my head and dropped his face until his lips were just a hair’s-breadth from mine.
    “What theory would that be?” I whispered, wondering if my knees would continue to hold me up for more than another few seconds. Damn, he was so close. I felt completely consumed by him.
    “The kiss-and-tell theory.”
    “Oh, well I—”
    My words were cut short as his mouth connected with mine. Smooth, pliant lips and a softly probing tongue taking possession, owning and controlling.
    A small whimper mewed up from my throat. Fuck. Lewis Tate was kissing me.

    Scored has received several 5* reviews as well as The Golden Nib Award at Miz Love Loves Books :-)

    You can find out more about my streamy stories here - http://www.lilyharlem.com/index.html

    Thanks so much for reading!

    Lily Harlem

    1. Hi Lily, thank you for making Friday Flames one of your stops! congratulations on your success with Scored. From your snippet, I can see it's well deserved. Best wishes to you!

  38. Very nice snippet, Sheri. By the way, you spell your name exactly like my sister does. Kind of rare. :-)

    1. Alicia - Is there Irish in your family, by any chance?

    2. No, no Irish. Is that an Irish spelling?

    3. Aye, according to my sweet Irish granny, who supplied the spelling of my name, it tis.

  39. Here is a snippet from my latest release, Soul Seducer through Crimson Romance. Thank you for giving us this opportunity!

    He stared, as if mesmerized. “You’re wet for me. I can see the dewy moisture glinting down here, between your lips.” His hand moved lower, and her thighs parted.

    Crazy. This is crazy. Stop it now. But she couldn’t. Didn’t want to.

    Heat gathered between her legs. She wanted to reach up and grip his shoulders. Wanted him to turn human . . . to make love to her. Dare she ask him? No. She should stop this. Stop it now before. . . .

    A searing cool-warm friction between her legs caused all thoughts to cease.

    “Oh. Yes,” she gasped.

    “Yes?” he whispered, still holding her gaze.
    She nodded, twisting her head back and forth against the cushions as sensation tightened between her thighs, moving upward into her abdomen . . .her breasts. Her back arched. Her hips rode his hand, up and down, into the soft give of the couch beneath her, then into the thrill of his touch.

    “If I were human right now, I’d taste you, sliding my tongue in and out, over and over until you come.”

    “Yes,” she groaned out again.

    “Then, I’d bury my cock deep inside you. I’m so hard for you right now, Audra. Do you know that?”

    Her eyes traveled downward, to the bulge in his jeans. Amazing. How his body could have the reaction of an aroused, human man, yet she couldn’t actually touch him, feel him. God, she wanted to feel him.

    “I want you . . . inside me,” she bit out.

    “I want to be inside you,” he answered back. “But for now, this will have to do.”

    His hand continued to stroke. She could almost feel his fingers sliding around in her wet folds. An urge tugged from deep within her belly.

    Buy links:

    1. Holy Hotness! The Crimson Romance authors are burning it up! Thanks for coming by - and I hope to see you again soon.

    2. :-) Thanks, Sheri. I'll stop by again sometime.

  40. Hi Sheri, thanks for the opportunity to share!

    Here's a snippet from my paranormal menage romance, Platinum Passion (Gods of Love #1), featuring a long-married couple in need of a passionate reminder, and Pothos, the ancient Greek god of sexual yearning who does his best to help them out :)

    He’d dipped her again, a little deeper this time, yet his arms were not even straining at the effort of holding her weight. She could feel his phallus pressed against her hip, her body stroking up and down the length of him as he repeatedly raised and lowered her into the water.
    He was doing that on purpose. And it felt so damn good.
    One of her arms was around his neck and she clutched at dark strands of silken hair.
    “Pothos,” she gasped. “It’s like you’re…manipulating the waves or something. It’s…I—”
    “The erotes command the power of Aphrodite,” he said, dipping and lifting, over and over. “Our desire, like our mother before us, was born of the sea.” The words made no sense to her, but the foaming crest of each small wave continued to caress her like a lover until she couldn’t concentrate on anything but their touch. Now it felt like his fingers, now his tongue. The warm night air and the contrasting cool ripple of water.
    Over and over.
    Until she couldn’t take any more.
    “I can’t hold on,” she gasped. “I think I’m going to…” A wave once again whispered along her slit. “Oh God, Pothos, I’m going to come—”
    “Yes!” His voice was fierce, triumphant, and at the sound she came apart in his arms, bucking and shrieking through her orgasm as he continued to hold her in the path of the gentle but insistent tide.
    Then, as she finally quieted, he moved further out into the ocean and lowered her all the way until she was immersed up to her neck. He was still holding her clutched against him, but now she could feel a trembling in his arms. “That is only the first of many tonight,” he said.
    She reached up and touched his cheek in wonder. “What about you? I can feel your need, Pothos.”
    “My need is enormous,” he admitted, and she chuckled.
    “I know that,” she said drily. “But—”
    “Shh.” He placed a brief kiss on her lips. “My needs will be sated this night. Do not worry, little one.”
    He put her down and she stumbled in the waves before strong arms pulled her close and held her. She rested her cheek against him, enjoying the vibration of his strong heartbeat. They stood like that a moment longer before he took her hand and led her back to the water’s edge. The sand was so fine it felt like silt beneath her feet. They stood in the balmy air, moisture dripping off their bodies, listening to the relentless slap of the sea as it met the shore. The folds of flesh along her slit, caressed only minutes earlier by that same tide, were still so heavy it almost felt like her womb was about to fall out. His unsated cock jutted out in front of him, a stark reminder that there was more to come in this encounter. Again she was assailed by the scent of musky passion.
    The scent of Pothos.
    She wished even harder that her husband was here to enjoy this moment with them, and as if he sensed her thoughts, Pothos smiled.
    “Now we are ready for Jake,” he said, and pointed back up the beach.

    Buy links
    Amazon: http://amzn.com/B006LUHIDK
    All Romance ebooks: http://tinyurl.com/7wxjahp

    Aphrodite Calling, the second novella in my Gods of Love series featuring Himeros, god of sexual desire and Gina, a post-surgery transsexual woman, will be out next weekend!

    Find out more at: http://www.jenniferlynne.com.au

    Thank you!

    1. Jennifer, thank YOU for taking time to share your scene. This is one of those snippets that teases in more ways than one. LOL Not knowing what happened, or what happens next will drive people crazy!

  41. LOL, thanks, Sheri! I'll stop by again soon with a snippet from the next in my Gods of Love series, Aphrodite Calling. Release date next weekend!


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