June 8, 2012

Welcome to Friday Flames

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I'll start us off with a scene from Portals of Oz, being released June 29, 2012.

Abelia's chin tilted up of its own accord, and her eyes fluttered closed. He brushed his lips against hers as he spoke. "You're right. You're not what you appear to be, sweetheart. You're more." 

Claiming her lips, he crushed her to him. His tongue explored the moist recesses of her mouth, sending delightful shivers racing through her. Jack smiled against her seeking lips. 

"I need to tell you." Cool fingers tingled his scalp as her nails scratched wonderfully through his hair. 

Inflamed by the vitality racing through his blood, he tugged her off the stool and deepened their kiss, enjoying her excited response. Her hand slid down his neck to cup his face, and she pulled slightly away.
"Jack. We need to talk."

Some sixth sense brought his thrumming body and mind back into the moment. Her eyes held a guarded look, and she worried her bottom lip. A lip that was full and red from kissing. He didn't want to let her go; she fit so perfect against him. But whatever Abelia needed to say, it appeared important.

Jack concentrated on placing space between them. Heat from her body disappeared the moment he took a step back. The last bloody thing he wanted to do was fucking talk. 

And fucking was all he wanted to do. 

Okay people! I showed you mine - now it's your turn to show me yours. Don't forget to leave your book title so interested parties can rush out and buy a copy :)


  1. Loved it, Sheri!! Very hot! I actually did it! I posted mine this week! Here it is from Hard Core, coming out in October from Lyrical Press:

    Cristian nuzzled her neck, snuggled closer, seeking her warmth. The bristle of his unshaven jaw rasped against her skin and set her belly on fire. His hand opened on her waist, his fingertips brushed the underside of her breast. She drew in a sharp breath, her eyes squeezed shut. She should get out of bed. Find more sheets to warm him.
    Yet, as his breath shuddered over her neck and stirred her hair she remained in place. Lightly, his thumb circled her nipple. It hardened instantly. Her breath quickened, her back arched, silently telling him how much she liked this. With a low growl he nipped her neck where the pulse beat wildly and she gasped, her body aflame.
    Her breath came in quick gasps through parted lips. Alana didn’t stop him when his hand slipped lower to trace the waistband of her sleep pants. Her blood coursed through her veins, her body primed. This had never happened before, not with any other man she’d ever been with. She shouldn’t, but she wanted to know more of the pleasure wanted to beg.
    His hand slipped inside, caressed past the barrier of her panties. The feel of him made her moan, long to feel him inside her, move wantonly against him, and urge him closer to what she wanted so badly.
    He found her center, stroked gently, skillfully took her to heights she’d never known existed. She refused to think about what she was doing and who did it to her. All she wanted was this pleasure she hadn’t known in a long time.
    Her hips moved against his hand and she buried her face in his crooked arm to smother a moan. He touched her like he had done this a thousand times before. Like he knew her, knew how to touch her, tease her, control her. Her body no longer belonged to her. It was his.,but to him
    She teetered on the edge, waited for him to take her over as his lips grazed her ear.

    That was fun! Thanks, Sheri!

    1. I remember this, Jennifer! Totally hot scene! I can't wait for this book :)

    2. Aww, great to see you here, Jenn! Can't wait for Hard Core to come out - congratulations!

  2. Thanks for this opportunity! Love the Portals of Oz. Talking is so overrated! LOL

    Here's a snippet from INSIDE HEAT - my steamy, baseball themed romance.

    She didn’t know what to say. It seemed she had heard Jason correctly. He’d asked her to go to bed with them, tonight. More specifically, he’d suggested licking her body – all over – and allowing her to do the same. It hadn’t been her overactive imagination, spurred on by too much wine. As appealing as that sounded, and she wouldn’t lie to herself, it did sound appealing; she wasn’t into that kind of thing. At least she didn’t think she was. She didn’t do no-strings-attached-kinky-ménage sex.
    “I’ve got to go.” She jerked her purse off the back of the chair as she stood. Her head swam, and this time, she knew it wasn’t entirely the fault of the alcohol. She was off balance, but she couldn’t blame it on drinking – not entirely. She made it as far as the front door, and turned to ask the maitre d’ to call a cab. Two towering males blocked her way.
    “We have a car waiting. We’ll take you home.” Jeff slipped an arm around her waist while Jason signaled to a car parked down the street. The sleek black town car pulled to the curb, and a moment later Megan was in the backseat, flanked by the two sexiest men she’d ever seen. Jason asked for her address, relayed it to the driver, then closed the partition, sealing them off from the world.
    One hot hand skimmed her thigh, sneaking under the hem of her dress to stroke dangerously close to her throbbing parts. Another slipped around her neck, long fingers massaging her nape as the thumb stroked her jaw, gently turning her face in the opposite direction from where the other hand had come from. She found herself looking up into Jeff Holder’s eyes. Before she could form a protest, he bent his head and took her lips in a kiss that loosened every muscle in her body, and did serious damage to her moral fiber. The hand on her thigh tugged, and her legs slid open. Fingers stroked a path to her core, and she groaned against Jeff’s lips as another set of fingers joined the fray. Her thighs spread wider in silent invitation.
    She fell under their sensual spell. A strobe of traffic and streetlights flashed against her closed eyelids as the car glided through the near empty streets. Jeff’s lips coaxed and promised. Together, their skilled hands opened, explored and pleasured her beyond anything she’d ever felt before. Soft words of encouragement whispered across her consciousness, urging her on toward the peak of pleasure. When at last she found it, Jeff swallowed her scream, then gently laid her head back against the seat.

    INSIDE HEAT is Available in print and eBook -

    Amazon -

    B&N -

    1. **Fanning Self***

      Seriously - where's the ice water?

    2. holy doodle! yup, that's hot.

  3. WOW! You ladies set a high standard today! HOT HOT HOT! Loved them both.

    Mine today is from 7 Days of Seduction: Hunter and Ashley are experimenting with wax play on Day 5.

    The first drop of candle wax hit the cheek he had just kissed and she shrieked, as much from surprise as from the dart of pain that welled forth. The image of a needle plunging into her ass rose in her mind. “Give a girl some warning, why don’t you?” Brief though the sting was, it set up the corresponding dread of the next drop.

    “No anticipation, no fun, Ash.”

    Another drop seared the opposite cheek and she clenched them together as she gripped the bar at her head. “This is supposed to give who pleasure?”

    A stream of burning sensation sang its way up the small of her back. Ashley squealed and ground her face into the towel. “Stop! Stop, Hunter. I don’t like this!”

    “How about one more try?”

    “It burns. Is my back blistered?”

    He chuckled. “No. There isn’t even any redness under the wax.”
    Another searing stream across her left cheek brought her up off the towel. “Stop it, Hunter! Stop! Stoplight…Red! Red!”

    “Okay, babe. Relax. Let me try something else.”

    “No! Don’t try anything—“ Blessed coolness stroked up her heated flesh. “Ahhhh. God that feels good. What did you—“

    “Ice. It can also be used in conjunction with wax play. I hoped you’d like one or the other.” As he spoke the ice traveled smoothly over her back, up to her shoulders. She’d have thought it too cold, but he didn’t linger in any one place, so the sensation had sensual overtones not the painful ones of the hot wax. Rivulets of cool water snaked down her flesh, creating a pleasantly familiar tension in her groin. Perhaps part of this adventure had merit after all.

    A clink of ice on glass and a glacier cascaded over her butt, first one cheek, then the other. Then the icy delight slid down the crack of her ass and she groaned as the tension wound tighter. He paused just before the place she imagined her asshole to be, and her anticipation soared. Would he really…?

    The hard cube kissed her tender flesh and Ash shivered, though the cold was only part of it. Round and round he rubbed as trickles of melting ice dripped down to her pussy. She started to pant and moan as sparks gathered low in her belly.

    Thanks so much for the Friday fun, Sheri!


    1. You're welcome, Jenna! Thanks for coming by.

  4. Kilts & Kraken
    By Cindy Spencer Pape
    Steampunk Romance
    Carina Press http://bit.ly/L3nw9K

    The sky could have rained fire and Magnus wouldn’t have noticed. Her lips were strong but soft, demanding and giving all at the same time. He slid a hand up her spine, and eased the other inside her wrapper to cup one heavy breast in his palm. Geneva groaned into his mouth and nipped his lip, which he took as permission to continue. Unbound by a corset, her figure was lush and feminine, flexible and resilient as willow. When he brushed her nipple with his thumb through the thin lawn of her nightdress, she pressed her flesh more firmly into his hand and speared her own fingers through his hair.

    He deepened this kiss, letting her feel his need, and splayed his hand across her breast.

    “Magnus, you make me ache.” There was wonder in her voice, reminding him that she was likely new to this endeavor.

    “We should stop.” It might kill him, but he would. A lady deserved more from her first time than a rushed coupling on a stone floor.

    “Mmm. We should stop long enough to go inside, at least.” Her soft laugh caressed his ear. “I have French letters in my medical bag and there’s a bed in the infirmary.”

    “Lord bless clever women.” He hadn’t even thought about protection—four years of celibacy would do that to a man. Magnus had her halfway to the watchtower stairs before she stopped laughing. They snuck down the servant stairs of the castle like naughty children. Once they locked the door of the infirmary behind them, Magnus lit a gas lamp and they fell together on the bed whooping with laughter. “You make me feel like a boy.”

    “Now that’s where we differ.” She disentangled herself from his arms and fetched her bag from her desk, rooting through it to come up with a handful of paper envelopes. “You make me feel all grown up.”

    Perhaps she wasn’t as inexperienced as he’d led himself to believe. There was no hesitation in her gaze as she stood before him and let her wrapper and her nightgown drop to the floor.

    His breath caught in his chest. “You’re beautiful, but of course you know that.” Her creamy skin glowed, its speckling of freckles a dusting of gold in the low lamplight, complimenting the burnished copper of her hair. Eve, come to life, or maybe Venus, rising from the sea.

    She shook her head, her curls bouncing, but made no coy move to cover herself. “No. But thank you for making me feel as if I am.”

    1. Cindy - your opening line rocks! Thanks for stopping by.

  5. Thank you for allowing us to post our darlings. What a great bunch of hot snippets to jump start our weekend! LOL!

    Here’s a little snippet to tease you into reading more from PIGMALION and the rest of my anthology, KILLER KISSES.

    She rubbed against him, and her legs felt weak. She whispered, “I’ve been struggling to keep my hands off you for four months.”
    “We’ve waited this long, this is going to be special—for both of us.”

    He nibbled at her shoulder, and began kissing his way down to the base of her neck. “Time to take this off.” Her turtleneck sweater slid up over her long curls, exposing her black camisole. “Next.” He peeled the spaghetti straps down, removed the silk lingerie, then her bra. His lips hovered over her breasts, his breath warming her, thrilling her nipples.

    Levisa moaned and shuddered with anticipation. She cupped her hands under her breasts, offering them up to him with abandon. She had never been this free with a man before. She’d always felt like an observer, not really involved, when she’d made love. But this time, this man, this aching need was different.

    Oh my God, I’m so in love with him!

    In a nearly hypnotic state, she watched him lightly lick her left nipple and then take it into his mouth, sucking and pulling. She groaned and grabbed his firm butt, pressing hard against the outline of his erection.


    “Not yet.” He took her nipple between his teeth, tugging lightly. Levisa gasped as his hands slid up her skirt, between her legs, and stroked her thigh a torturous inch below her silk thong. She pulled at his waistband and unzipped his pants, barely recognizing her own voice thick with lust, “My turn to drive you wild.”

    “I like the sound of that.”

    “Get over here,” she ordered. Slowly, intent on teasing him, she eased his jeans down. As he stepped out of the pant legs, she tiptoed her fingers down his back, beneath the waistband of his underwear, and grabbed his butt. “Did I tell you, you have a perfect ass?”

    A look of surprise flickered across Sam’s handsome face; then in a in a flash, still watching his expression, she yanked his briefs down to his ankles. His beautiful penis stood at attention, long and hard, waiting to be of service.

    “Oh my,” she whispered in awe. “I admire a man who’s happy to see me.”

    KILLER KISSES is available at http://www.amazon.com/dp/B0080LR1XA

    1. You're welcome! Thanks for sharing and come again.

  6. Oh those are lucious! Yum Yum! Thanks for sharing.

    Here's mine from Three Weeks with a Sheikh.

    He ran his hands down the sides of her torso and hips then back again. A trail of fire sweeping across her bare skin in their wake. He tickled his fingers around the circumference of her breast, making smaller circles with each pass and nearing her nipple, which hardened and throbbed in anticipation. But with agonizing leisure, his finger trailed more slowly over her skin. Her arms fell beside her body in helpless abandon, and her chest heaved as if in exertion. Bridling for the moment of contact, her back arched to force his hand to the needy flesh. She whined out against his mouth. Her clit throbbed.

    His hand stilled and lifted. He pulled from his kiss and gazed mischievously in her eyes, "What is it you desire, amira?"

    Shit. He was one of those guys. "What do you think I want, dickhead?"

    He cocked an eyebrow, danger burning in his eyes. Fear shot through her, and she gulped. He continued to stare. Her clit continued to throb.

    "I want you to fuck me."

    He frowned. "I'd rather make love to you."

    "Potato, patato. Whatever you want to call it. Just mash it, big guy."

  7. From The Submission by D.F. Krieger and Sonia Hightower, available on Evernight Publishing, Amazon, All Romance.

    This time, Katia wanted to give back some of the pleasure she had received the night before. Sylvia moaned as Katia placed her hands on the woman’s luscious breasts, tweaking the nipples between her thumbs and index fingers, massaging the outlying mounds with the heels and palms of her hands.

    Though throbbing herself, Katia was determined to pleasure her domme, to just once wield some power over her… She felt immense satisfaction as she placed her mouth over Sylvia’s pussy. She blew on it softly, gently, not stopping the massaging movements on the other woman’s breasts. A low, guttural sound encouraged Katia to take it one step further, and she licked the wet nub, once, twice, three times, before lapping at the hairless, wet quim like the kitty her domme loved to call her.

    The woman’s scent engulfed her, aroused her. Katia pressed her tongue harder against the pussy, burying herself in it, lapping the sweet nectar with a quick tongue. She moaned, allowing her tongue to vibrate against the hard nub. Sylvia gasped and arched her back.
    Katia removed one hand from her mistress’s breast and placed first one finger, then two into the woman’s pulsing mound. The mattress beneath them grew wet, and this time, it was Sylvia that purred.

  8. *waves hands in front of face to clear away the smoke* Holy flamin' freaking, fabulous, hotness, Batman! Love all the snippets.
    Flame on everybody!

  9. Hi Sherri, thanks for the opportunity to post a snippet from Petting Kitty, a Quickie sequel to Bend Over, Cowboy, available today from EC! To celebrate Tall's birthday, he and Kitty invite another woman to their bed and nothing is off limits!

    Petting Kitty
    by Paris Brandon
    Available June 8, 2012
    Ellora’s Cave: http://www.jasminejade.com/p-10133-petting-kitty.aspx

    The house was cool and every sense was engaged as she picked up
    the fresh green of the salad he’d been making, the bite of citrus from a bowl of lemons on the counter next to it. Food was the last thing on her mind as he led her to the little Navajo-print chaise lounge in front of the stacked stone fireplace they only used when the evenings were chilly.

    A sliver of sunshine fell across them as Tall lowered her onto the chaise. Kitty scooted to the edge and placed her booted heels on either side of Tall’s knees as he knelt in front of her and spanned her waist with his hands.

    “Merry is going to be late. I think we should start without her,” he rasped and strafed his tongue across the wispy, barely there yellow fabric that covered her breasts. He closed his lips over one nipple.

  10. These are all some truly hot snippets! One way to warm up an already hot afternoon:)

  11. Thanks for the opportunity. Here's a hot snippet from my steamy reunion romance, "Storm of Desire."
    Available exclusively at Amazon.

    With a groan, he crushed her mouth in an urgent kiss. She parted her lips, welcoming his possession, as she slid down on the sofa, Aiden moving to lie on top of her. Slipping her arms around his neck, Sam kissed him with all the pent-up sexual frustration she’d been afraid to release.

    “Sam,” he whispered against her lips. He nibbled on the corners of her mouth and trailed hot, hungry kisses along her jaw line.

    She squirmed beneath him, her hips seeking his erection. Moaning under his touch, the storm inside her drowned out the storm outside.

    “Keep still, baby,” he muttered. “You keep moving like that, it’ll be over before it starts. We’ve got all night.”

    He slipped his hand under her sweater and cupped one breast, massaging her through the thin lace of her bra. Uttering tiny cries, she wound her fingers in his hair. It was as silky as it looked, as silky as she remembered.

    “Your breasts--so beautiful,” he murmured. He continued caressing and massaging until she bucked under him, nearly crazed with wanting him.

    “Easy, sweetheart.” He grabbed the edge of her sweater and slipped it over her head. Then he tenderly and expertly removed the skimpy red bra and threw it on the floor.

    Her nipples puckered and her juices flowed, wetting her panties. She was so ready for him.

    He took one breast in his large hand, rolling the peaked nipple between his fingers. “Beautiful.” Still cupping her breast, he captured the other nipple in his mouth, sucking, licking until she was a puddled mass of need.

    “Aiden,” she breathed.

    He kept up his relentless worship of her breasts, his talented hands and mouth working their sensual magic, taking her higher and higher, closer to the peak. It had been so long. She felt her climax building, a flame burning out of control. Purring her pleasure, she twisted her fingers into the soft fabric of the sofa.

    Her climax rolled over her in fiery waves, and she moaned his name until she finally lay still beneath him.

    Aiden held her close and kissed her hair. “Liked that, did you?”

    “Yes,” she croaked. “Oh, yes.”

    “You’re so responsive.” His soft breath whispered against her neck. “I remember how I made you come just touching your breasts.”

    His mention of that other night hit her with the force of the sleet outside. Humiliation and guilt reared up. She pushed against him and struggled to sit.

    He released her and she quickly stood, then bent to pick up her discarded clothing, holding the sweater over her nakedness.

    He stared up at her, the desire in his eyes slowly replaced by confusion. “Sam, what’s wrong?”

    She stared at him for long moments, her body on fire. She didn’t know what she felt for him. Lust? Love? Or was he just a convenience, someone to take her mind off her problems? Until she knew, she had to resist Aiden’s pull. For his sake.

    Cara Marsi

    Romance & Redemption


  12. hi sheri, thanks for the opportunity. wow, there are some hot snippets here.
    this is from my rom/com novella:

    Excerpt from Sew Happy Together by Nora Snowdon
    Available June 17 where all fine e-books are sold

    “You’re so beautiful.” His breath tickled her ear.
    She shifted her body closer, her hands sneaking under his shirt to explore the soft skin of his stomach and along the ridges of his rib cage. She slid his shirt up and Arthur raised his arms obligingly. When she got the shirt half off, Ariel realized it wasn’t going to come off the rest of the way without her undoing one more button. Meanwhile, he was trapped with his arms stuck above his head. Ariel’s face flushed in embarrassment. Arthur murmured something incomprehensible into his shirt. God, how could she be such a klutz? She decided to make the best of the situation and pretend she meant to do it.
    She kissed from his collarbone down to his chest watching Arthur squirm in blind captivity. Then she lightly licked his nipple. She was shocked at her boldness, but it was fun seeing Arthur’s body react to her touch. She felt braver with him being unable to watch her. She trailed her fingertips down toward his waist and followed with her lips. His muscles danced under her touch and she heard him groan.
    She kissed the top of his hipbone just above his jeans, lightly trailing her fingertips under the waistband of his jeans. His discomfort was palpable as he tried to disentangle from his shirt. Ariel finally took pity on him and undid the offending button. As soon as he was free, he wrestled her onto the bed.
    “You’re a wicked woman. Taking advantage of a poor, wounded, man, like me.”
    “I know.” She chuckled. “Do you want some help with your jeans, too?”
    “Hmm. I’d probably be safer removing them myself.”
    She lifted one eyebrow at him. “But do you really want to be safe?”

    1. Hmm, does he want to be safe? Thanks for coming by!

  13. Thanks so much for letting us share here. Really enjoying all the excerpts.

    Here's a snippet from my new contemporary romance, Clear As Day, available at The Wild Rose Press: http://ow.ly/bjdrn and Amazon: http://amzn.com/B007RN9STW

    With the I love you he wanted to say straining at his throat, Nate tugged Kay down into his arms and drifted his fingers over her spine. He had to do something about the tension gripping her. She’d stayed with him while he slept. That was a change, a very good one, but he still needed to soothe and distract her before she slipped away and disappeared into her thinking, planning, and painting. He let his hand circle in an easy, undemanding caress.

    Why not say it? Doubts? No, no doubts at all. He felt it, he meant it, he’d even typed it into e-mails, but why keep swallowing his I love you now?

    “So, you missed me?”

    Her elusive grin flashed. “Well, it’s nice having someone else clean the fish for a change.” Soft giggles escaped her, and her tension released under his hand.

    “Ah hah! An ulterior motive all along. Here I just thought you wanted my body.” He chuckled and tickled her side, and dove in for the sneak assault of kisses on her sensitive ears.

    Want me for more.

    Stifling her giggles, she caught his hand to her side. “Hmm…it is such a lovely body. I’m very fond of it.” She made a playful show of ogling him head to toe, her glowing smile making his formerly sated body wake right up and his heart crack with joy.

    He stroked his thumb over the lush handful of her breast, teasing the pert nipple, smiling at her catch of breath. “I may have mentioned I had some fantasies…” He tugged her over to straddle him and stroked his hands over the soft curves of her bottom.

    “Anything in particular?” She leaned forward with her hair spilling over her shoulders, her breasts playing hide and seek behind the silky locks, and she teased her body over his rapidly hardening shaft.

    Her eyes filled with laughter, and the sweet curve to her mouth was pure feminine mystery.

    He sucked in his breath and arched under her. “Anything you want, babe.”

    1. Congratulations on your release - and thank you for stopping by today.

  14. Windswept Shores by Janice Seagraves

    Megan dreamed about Jonathan coming home late at night. He slipped into bed and spooned her. She felt his hand caress her breast, so she moved over a bit. Fondling the other one, teasing the nipple until it hardened. She pushed against him. “Touch me, please.”

    His hand drifted down as she spread her legs. It found its way into her panties, then cupped her mound. She moaned and encouraged his hand to explore her folds until she grew wet. “Yes, oh yes.” His fingers brought her tantalizingly close to an orgasm.

    “You like that, luv? Would you like to try an Australian kiss? It is just like a French kiss, but down under.”

    Megan’s eyes flew open. “Seth, get off me!”


    “I said get off,” she snapped through gritted teeth, then shoved him with her back. “I was having a dream! You took advantage of me!” She jumped out of bed, hurried to the bathroom and slammed the door.

    “Must have been one hell of a dream,” he called after her.

    “It was,” Megan whispered, splashing water on her face. Her sex throbbed, while she shook with need. She took off her clothes and turned on the shower. Getting in, she massaged herself. But it was the thought of Seth touching her that finally brought the release her body craved.

    No, I can’t let myself get close to someone else. Jonathan, damn you, why did you untie the raft? We were supposed to be together forever, but you set me adrift. Did you even care where I ended up? Why did you act like our marriage was unimportant? Why did you turn your back on me and get a mistress?

    Hot tears joined the water running off her face, as she once again grieved for her marriage and her husband.

    1. It's so nice to see you here. Thank you for stopping by!

  15. I got nothin' today. These are smokin'. Speaking of, I need a smoke. And you *know* my hubs isn't home, right?

    Great job, everyone!

  16. don't have time this week - so I dropped by and read through - crap - shouldn't have done that - now I'm really behind.

    Great excerpts.

  17. Stopping by late so I just read through the posts. Wow, It's warming up in here, time to turn on the fans!!!! Loved them all.
    My kindle is filling up. Maybe next time I'll check my e-mail earlier.
    Enjoyed the excerpts. You guys are all amazing. :}

  18. Super hot ladies! :D

  19. I've been absent from Friday Flames for a while but here I am! These are all so hot I'm not sure I'm even playing on the same field. This is from my romantic suspense, Deception.

    “Don’t you worry, angel. I’ll take good care of you.” He parted her thighs with his knee, his cold, wet skin sticking to her. His eyes had gone dark, his pupils dilated. His nostrils flared right before he leaned in and took her mouth in a possessive kiss. He plunged inside her and she winced, her body stretched to its limit, burning with the intrusion.

    He stopped and stared down at her. “Look at me, Kate. Look at me so I know I’m not dreaming.”

    She stared up at him. “I’m right here, Luke. Feel me?” She lifted her hips and he groaned. “Right here with you.” She wrapped her arms around his neck, pulled him closer. “Always,” she whispered.

    Buy link: http://www.amazon.com/Deception-Love-Edge-ebook/dp/B001DUGN2U/ref=sr_1_4?s=digital-text&ie=UTF8&qid=1339209131&sr=1-4

    1. You may have missed a few, but WOW did you make up for lost time! Thanks for stopping by, Sharon!

  20. Ladies, woo! I found my new favorite hang-out for Friday nights!

    Here's an excerpt from my paranormal romance Of Eternal Life, which just came out on Monday. It's available through Crimson Romance (http://www.crimsonromance.com/new-release-romance-ebook/of-eternal-life/)

    He crowded her against the wall and placed two fists on either side of her face. “You will not lie to me,” he growled.

    Oh, God. She’d pulled the damn tiger’s tail. She squeezed her eyes shut, and her hands flew to his chest to push him away, but he didn’t budge. “I’m sorry,” she whispered.

    The muscles below her palms shivered, and her eyes flew back to his face.

    Unidentifiable emotion raged in his eyes, but Abilene was almost positive that it was no longer anger.“Don’t touch me.” His voice shook, and Abilene jerked her hands back as blood flooded her cheeks.

    “I wasn’t—I….”

    A slight tremor shook his shoulders, and Abilene’s words drifted off. Her palms burned from their contact with his body, and she curled her hands, trying to ignore the sensation.

    “I can still feel your hands.” He swore. “I can still feel your body from when we woke up.”

    Abilene licked her lips, and his gaze zeroed in on the movement. His brows drew together. He made a noise of distress. “I’m sorry for what I’m about to do,” he whispered just before his lips settled over hers.

    His kiss was brutal. A punishment. Their teeth clashed together, and he pressed Abilene more firmly against the wall as he ground every inch of his tensed body into hers. She gasped, caught off guard, and he plunged his tongue into her mouth, invading her.

    Her tension drained in a flash, and she leaned into him with a plaintive moan. His flat blue eyes were sparking. A flush painted his cheeks, and his lips were parted. Harried breaths caressed her kiss-moistened lips. She’d never seen the face of a man lost in passion, but every feminine instinct she possessed was screaming at her that he was utterly lost—in her.

    He’d hardened into swift arousal the moment their lips had touched. His erection prodded her belly. At the thought of that part of his body hard and unforgiving, something primal swept through her.

    His body responded to her groan, hardening even more, and she couldn’t prevent an inexperienced squirm against him. He immediately rocked his hips into hers, then he bit off a curse as though he were trying desperately not to do it again.

    But Abilene was already moving against him, wanting more. His firm thrust had been magnificent. She was dying for him to do it again.
    “Eli,” she pleaded, rubbing her face against his arm where it stretched by her head to clasp her wrists.

    He hissed in a breath. “God . . . Abilene.” His brows drew together. “You want this?”

    Want. Oh, she most certainly wanted. Her entire body, her existence, was flooded with the feeling. If he didn’t do something soon, she would unravel at the seams.

    In frustration, she nipped at his arm with her teeth. “Please.” She punctuated the whispered entreaty with another frenzied movement of her hips.

    The groan that tore from his lips was long and low. “Holy God.”

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