June 22, 2012

New at Friday Flames

Hot erotic author, Leanore Elliott, posted her latest book-trailer that fanned my flames into a wildfire proportions

Whew! It's steamy in here now!

I know other book-trailers are out there with authors who'd like to share.  

Post a trailer link and a book excerpt, and SHARE AWAY!! Don't forget your buy links, too.

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  1. Oh, my book trailer was way tame compared to that. Like Disney movie. :D Not even worthy of posting here.

    This is from my WIP The Turncoat's Temptress.

    Basil's smile was her answer. He put his hands on her waist and lifted Nora onto the edge of the table. The tintype of her fell to the floor. She gathered her skirt in her hands, pulling the material up so that it bunched around her hips. He pulled the thin ribbon at the waistband of her drawers until it came loose, then tugged at them. She shifted in order to let them slide down her legs where they gathered at her shoe tops, leaving her bottom bare against the table. He reached down and tugged the cloth over her shoes. Then she parted her thighs, opening herself to him.
    He moved between her legs, running his hands along her inner thighs, spreading them farther apart. Nora moaned when his fingers brushed the dark curls at the apex of her thighs. The hot center of her burned. She reached for the buttons of his pants where his hardness grew and throbbed behind the rough material of his trousers.
    He sprang free of the confines, hot and ready to take her. She took his length in her hand, remembering the first time she'd done the same. Hidden out behind the orchard at Grandmama's under the blossoming apple trees in the tall, sweet smelling grass. Then she'd been a little frightened and wholly unsure of what to do. In all the exquisite days that followed in Basil's arms she'd learned to trust her body's desires and his. Lips against hers brought her back to the present.
    Proud and stiff, he filled her hand to overflowing. She traced the veins, panting when his low moan reached her ears. He circled his fingers around the bud in the center of her womanhood. A familiar ache filled her, throbbing with need. Basil's mouth pressed her jawline, down her neck, nibbling at her skin as one hand traced up her stomach to tease her nipples, mimicking the circles he made with his other hand. Nerves all over her body came alive at the dual sensations.
    Dampness slicked his fingers; he pressed his thumb against her nub, slipping his fingers along her folds, up and down, taunting her. She arched her hips, silently begging him to enter her. Try as she might to bring his rod to her, he held back. She stroked him, listening to the sound of his quickened breath.
    “Baz, please.”
    “Not yet.” He parted her folds.
    She shivered when he slipped two fingers inside her. Her hand tightened on his member, tugging it with the same unhurried pace he kept. Eyes closed, the fire inside building with each thrust of his fingers, she wrapped her arm around his neck. The scents of bergamot, damp earth, and lover's musk surrounded her. She caught glimpses from his mind, things he remembered from their summer together. Sweaty bodies crushed together, the warmth of wet kisses, whispered promises of love.
    Nora blocked her mind from his. She didn't want to witness those things now. Not when she was spiraling out of control, heading toward a white tunnel of sheer feeling. Her channel tightened over his fingers. She whimpered and he let out a breath that was part laugh.
    “Always so eager. I love that about you.”
    “Baz,” she whispered in his ear, giving him another tug. “Now, my love.”
    The hand she'd cupped his member with flew to his shoulder as he withdrew his fingers and replaced them with his cock. There was nothing gentle about his manner; he filled her with one swift thrust, reaching deep inside. Nora cried out, digging her fingers into his shoulders.
    Their mouths met as Basil grabbed her hips, pumping into her. After tracing his lips with her tongue, she sucked on the lower one. He groaned again, grinding against her pelvis. She wrapped her legs around his hips, bringing him deeper still, squeezing tight around his shaft. He reached between them, placing fingers on either side her nub, squeezing it slightly. His touch brought her to climax.

    1. Great snippet! I want to know when this hits the market.

    2. I agree, Patricia!! Excellent scene.


    4. Looks like the third installment will be just as great as the first two

  2. wowsie, is it HOT in here. Allie, I LOVE that. Whew.

    Mine is from a new ms titled, Cowboy, Come Home.

    Softly, he pushed the door open and went to her. Her damp hair hung around her face, and she had on a fresh white tee shirt and pink sweats. Without a word, he took the stuffed toy from her and set it aside, then gathered her in his arms and carried her to the sofa. She curled against his shoulder, her tears soaking his tee shirt.
    He placed her in the middle of the couch, intending to leave her, but she clung to him like a burr.
    Careful not to crush her, he eased down with her.
    Her arms clung to his shoulders, her legs wrapped around his waist, and her pelvis collided with his. His cock responded, rising. He held in a groan. It had been a long time since they had been intimate. Eden’s pregnancy had been difficult, and she had not been able to make love for the last eight weeks of it. Then, after Shaun died, she hadn’t wanted anything to do with lovemaking.
    He dipped his head and closed his eyes, willing away his throbbing erection. What kind of jerk thought about sex at a time like this? But maybe that’s what they needed? A reminder they still had each other? He nuzzled her neck. She had always liked that. When she didn’t pull away, he tasted her skin.
    She hiccupped. Good, her tears had stopped. Maybe she was getting into it. He moved his lips across her neck, over her cheek, to her mouth. They used to kiss for hours. For a second, he thought she was going to kiss him back. Then she turned her face away. “No.” She pushed his chest. “Adam, stop.”
    He lifted his weight. “Sorry.”
    Her damp cinnamon colored eyes pleaded with him to understand. “Don’t be mad. I just don’t feel like it right now.”
    “I’m not mad.” He rolled off her and sat at the end of the couch. He ran a hand over his head. Frustrated. Tired. Confused. But he wasn’t angry at Eden. He was pissed off as hell at Fate. And at the unfairness of what happened. “I’m going to make something to eat. What sounds good that’s easy?”

    1. Oh what a tease! That poor guy.

    2. She's hurting, he's hurting. And I've gotta read the rest of your story! Thanks for sharing.

  3. From my WIP- Uncertain:

    A voice called out her in her dream. Not just any voice; Lt. Jacobs’ gruff, strong voice.
    She watched him walk across to her, felt his large hands slide over hips, drawing her closer into him, aware of his rigid shaft on her belly. His arms, muscular and taut, closed around her, giving her security and comfort. Alana sighed in peace as she placed her head on his chest, feeling her thighs tremble and her nipples ache as he held her, now stroking her back.
    “Alana, you are so beautiful. After I kiss you sugar, I’m going to make you come so many times you will lose count.”
    He pulled away from her cupped her chin, lips slowly descending to meet hers as his eyes went emerald green, with light flecks of gold deeper within. Alana’s body peaked, went hot and on alert. The inside of her legs were dripping with her own juices, from his touch and from him just making a very hot declaration.
    “Close your eyes, Alana.”
    Alana’s eyes closed quickly, wanting to experience his lips on hers, and everywhere else he wanted. His lips grazed her neck, skimming the smooth expanse of her shoulder. Alana felt his warm breath on her cheek, then a soft kiss of his lips. His hand parted her thighs and he groaned when he found her wet. She dissolved into his arms, panting and writing against his finger. Her hips moved in wanton abandon, feeling the beginnings of orgasm a few seconds away.
    “That’s right, Alana, Come for me.”
    She moaned, keened, wanted this so and as he came closer to her mouth. His arm drew around her waist and pulled her closer into him, with his lips were a mere inches away; she could hear the low growl as he came closer to her waiting mouth.

    1. He seems like a take-charge kinda guy. Can't wait to see this in digital print!

    2. Hi Lynn! Thanks for stopping by. Great title and snippet :)

  4. I don't have a trailer for this book, but that doesn't make it less sexy. In this segment, Police Chief Drake Stillwater has just given Mae Weston a sound spanking, upon her request. (She likes being spanked.) This is a few moments into their after-spanking encounter. The book is The Strong, Silent Type, newly released to Amazon and B&N and the publisher's site, Blushing Books. Amazon link: http://goo.gl/f3XYa

    His fingers traced the seam of her bottom, then slid between her legs. She was very wet
    and slippery. Her hot juices quickly coated his fingers. Her pussy was tight when he pushed a
    finger into her and, once again, he found evidence that she was not an easy woman; it was
    obvious that a man hadn't penetrated her in some time. He pistoned his finger in and out of her as
    she writhed against his hand. When he touched her clit, she cried out his name softly.

    Her clit was swollen and hard, eager to be teased. He manipulated it and she panted
    harder, moaning softly and writhing against his hands. She smelled sweet and musky, with the
    mix of her store-bought and natural perfumes.

    He felt like his cock was going to burst through his slacks, but he wanted her to come,
    wanted to hear and feel her reaction. So he worried her clit and fucked her with his fingers. Her
    body flushed and the writhing stopped as every muscle in her tensed. She gasped and then cried
    out. "Oh God! Drake!"

    It was some of the sweetest music he'd ever heard and his emotions surged along with the
    throb of his prick. Her pussy squeezed his fingers rhythmically along with her panting breath.

    "Good girl," he said softly. Now it was his turn.

    1. This one made me...have to go and cool down for awhile. Pulse rate toooo high, lol.

    2. Patricia Green, you make me scream! (for more that is!)

  5. Woo, ladies! I look forward to this all week!

    Here's an excerpt from Of Eternal Life, available now in eBook format:

    Her body thrummed. Her hands fisted in his shirt, pulling him forward. It was all the invitation he needed.

    His lips settled over hers, the brutal anger of earlier absent from his every movement. Instead, she could feel him humming with intent and controlled hunger.

    She followed his lead and gently sucked on his tongue, and she knew his control had slipped as he groaned harshly into her mouth. His hands fell from her face. One arm wound around her lower back, haulin her against him. The other hand tunneled through her hair, cupping the back of her head to hold her still for a new onslaught of kisses.

    She was no longer pressed against the wall, but held in his arms. Her weight straddled his firm thigh. The increased pressure at the Alex of her thighs sent mouth-watering sensations bounding through her. She gave an experimental rock back and forth and was shocked when she cried out from the pleasure.

    He growled in encouragement. "Yes...Abilene...God. Use me." His hand fell heavily to her ass, cupping her and urgin her body to repeat the rocking movement. Her head fell back in awe, and she moaned in abandon.

    1. I love it when the hero holds the heroine's head for a kiss. It's strong and yet passionate. Very nice.

    2. Yep, powerful, Patricia Green.

    3. Hi Micah! Great to see your work here again! That's a kick-ass ending to your snippet.

  6. What fun! Here’s my video for Clear As Day: http://youtu.be/E1ur-avq5YI

    And here's an excerpt:

    Nate looked back at her and smiled as he reeled in his line. Just a content aren’t-you-glad-we’re-here-together smile that wrapped around her like velvet and steel, uplifting and terrifying and comforting beyond anything she understood.

    Yes, she was glad, and the warmth of that happiness drove back her fears, the real and the neurotic, like sunlight chasing shadows. All that mattered in this moment was sharing that happiness with Nate.
    She rose and stepped across the cockpit to stand in front of Nate, knee to knee.

    He secured the hook and set the pole aside in its holder. Leaning back in his seat, he looked up, gray eyes gone dark with desire.

    As if they were starting some slow and easy dance at the dip and sway of the boat, she straddled his legs and settled into his lap, her knees on the bench cushion, and kissed his mouth.

    She shut her eyes. Brushing her lips over his mustache and beard, she explored his textures, grazing up to taste the soft skin of his cheek, the stubble along his jaw, and the sensitive place by his ear. She slipped her hands under his T-shirt, playing over the planes of his chest, losing herself in sensation, in just being, enjoying the coarse tickle of chest hair, his smooth warm skin, the quivers across his skin as she stroked his tight, sensitive nipples.

    He shifted and pulled off his shirt, dropping it aside on the bench. He settled his hands on her hips, encouraging her to ride against the heavy ridge of his erection.

    She brought her mouth back to tease his, licking lightly and flicking with her tongue Nate’s hands slipped to her thighs, clenched and flexed. Time slid away in the sweet dance of the kiss, the easy rocking rise and sway of the boat adding to the pleasure.

    Pleasure, oh, pleasure. He gave so much. Yes. Words were so hard, but she could show him her feelings.

    Kay rose from his lap, pressing her hand to his chest to make him stay. Dropping her folded beach towel onto the mahogany floor grate, she slipped to her knees between his legs. She tugged at the string of his swim trunks.

    Clear As Day is available in paperback and eBook at The Wild Rose Press: http://ow.ly/bjdrn and Amazon: http://amzn.com/B007RN9STW

  7. Oh, I love book trailers! Here's the link to MAID FOR MASTER http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B5akGE5NVSg&feature=plcp

    And how about a short, sexy excerpt:
    She’d fantasized about being a sexual slave to a man’s desires for a long time now. She’d even taken the time to buy a couple of books on the D/s lifestyle. Those few times she’d tried to communicate her desires to her partners had turned into nothing more than mindless rutting that had left her feeling empty and used. Being tied to a bed while her boyfriend satisfied his fantasies wasn’t the same as the give and take of consensual passion happening below.

    Her hope had been to share this weekend with her fiancé so they could both learn from the experience of others. But Claire understood better than most that plans had a way of disintegrating dreams.

    How she’d managed to let her baby brother’s best friend talk her into keeping her plans still baffled her. Adjusting the butterfly mask, she cast a quick glance around. Claire wasn’t sure she’d survive if she ran into Jonny here at the fetish club of all places. She hoped he was neck-deep in some hot tub with a good-looking co-ed. Goodness knows, she didn’t know what she’d say if he found her strutting around in the barely there leather bra and skirt and heavy knee-high biker boots she’d found in her closet. She would be mortified if he told Ryan of her foolishness. Surely, she’d never hear the end of it. But this vacation wasn’t about her brother Ryan, Jonny or her fiancé or anything else she’d left behind in Indiana. It was about Claire and giving herself permission to let loose and give in to her fantasies.

    Throwing her shoulders back, Claire forced away the gloomy thoughts and turned her attention back to the dungeon. A man hung face-up by a series of knotted ropes. His arms and legs were stretched wide, exposing his torso and genitals to tempting possibilities. Clamps had earlier been applied to his nipples and inner thighs, and a plug inserted in his rectum. He had remained suspended and blindfolded, only able share the woman’s pleasure and pain through her cries of ecstasy. Now two Doms maneuvered a pulley system, lowering him to waist level. Strong hands stroked over sensitive flesh. His cock and balls, restrained in a tight leather harness, swelled against its bindings, anticipation putting everyone on the edge of their seats.

    “Are you enjoying the show?”

    A male voice, thick and rich as honeyed molasses shivered down her spine. When Claire attempted to turn, he pressed into her back. His face nestled against her neck so that only a whisper separated his lips from the shell of her ear.

    “Don’t turn. Just answer. Are. You. Enjoying. The. Show?”

    He spoke softly, each word enunciated clearly. It was such a simple question and delivered with such intensity, Claire could barely fill her lungs. The hard planes of his chest pressed against her. Muscular thighs ran along the back of her legs and against her ass. Gooseflesh rose where his breath caressed her neck. It was all she could do not to lean into the man.

    “I… Well… I…”

    “Yes. Or. No?”

    Power buffeted her but didn’t smother. Rather than drowning, Claire felt swaddled in the absolute security of this man. Her nipples steepled, pressing hard against zippers running along the soft leather cup of her bra. And when she inhaled to speak, the clean scent of soap and fresh air filled her nose. “Yes.”
    Available from Amazon http://amzn.com/B004LB490Q
    and B&N http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/maid-for-master-nina-pierce/1029785120?ean=9781419932557&sort=3&urlkeywords=maid+for+master+nina+pierce

    1. Wonderful trailer. Broad hints of BDSM, but the text is teasing. That's a great combo. Well done.

    2. I love the forceful stuff, you do this so well, Nina!

    3. I'm enjoying the music and video, and grinned when the whips and tied wrists cross the screen! Excellent :) I hope you stop by again next week! Yee-haw!

  8. Hey Sheri,

    Thanks for this :-)

    Thia excerpt is from A Kept Woman

    The water tickled her toes as Arianne digested what Derek had told her. “Make love to me.”
    Derek held her face. “Equals. We have an intangible power over each other. No matter how wrong this is, it’s perfectly right.”
    His hands slid down her back, grabbed the bottom of her shirt and pulled it off. Their mouths locked in a frenzied kiss as four hands struggled to remove clothes. Derek picked her up and walked out into the cool waves. He lowered her into the water, never releasing her kiss.
    Kneeling on the sand, bodies jostled by the gentle push of the waves, Derek’s and Arianne’s mouths made love to each other. Every kiss was a declaration of love and future commitments. Their hands caressed each other’s bodies. Arianne’s fingers intertwined in his hair then glided down the wet skin to his hard thighs. Since Derek’s hands had cupped her bottom pressing their bodies together, she couldn’t grip her prize.
    At last they separated with a gasp. Derek’s eyes flashed with an intensity Arianne had not seen before. “No one tells me what to do. But when you do, it’s such a sensual rush.”
    “I want you, Derek. I want your hands and mouth all over my body. I want you deep inside me.”
    “And I want nothing more than to satisfy your every desire.” He lifted her up and floated her on the surface. Pushing her legs apart, he slid under so her thighs were on his shoulders as he supported her hips and explored her sex with his tongue. The rocking of the waves with the lapping of his tongue created a carnal rhythm deep within her. She abandoned herself to those rhythms. The rise and fall of the water, the pauses as he spit out seawater and his caresses became Arianne’s whole world. Nothing could be any better than this moment. .
    The rough brush of the sand on her shoulders brought her back to the real world. She opened her eyes. Derek had pushed her closer to the shore. She reached for his neck and pulled herself to him. As his hard cock slid into her, she felt the power of his love throbbing within her.
    Using the salt water’s natural buoyancy she raised and lowered herself while he kissed and sucked her salty breasts. With her eyes closed and her back arched, she inhaled and waited for the joyous explosion deep inside. Derek pulled out of her. Her eyes opened. She stared at him, pupils dilated. “Now is when you are the most alive,” he said. “Can you feel it? Your power? The energy of your life.”
    “Yes.” She reached for him, to resettle herself, but he pushed her away.
    “That lust, that animal passion is what drives you. It makes you the incredible woman that you are. Say it. Tell me.”
    “I love you Derek. I want you.”
    “The truth.” His eyes refused to release her stare.
    “I need you! Jeez, I need you. It has nothing to do with the money, or your looks or charm. It is your power. That power of yours to make me give my body completely to you.”

    New Dawning International Bookfair - http://www.newdawningbookfair.com/
    Amazon - http://www.amazon.com/Kept-Woman-bdsm-spanking-ebook/dp/B004PGNB9C
    Smashwords - http://www.smashwords.com/books/view/43872
    Reader Store - http://ebookstore.sony.com/ebook/daryl-devore/a-kept-woman/_/R-400000000000000350757
    BookStrand - http://www.bookstrand.com/a-kept-woman
    If you prefer print books – All Book Stories - http://www.allbookstores.com/Kept-Woman-Daryl-Devore/9781466257245

    1. I love this book! Everyone should have a copy!

    2. It's certainly summer with all the great outdoors going on today! Love it! Thanks, Daryl.

  9. Friday flames is RIGHT!
    I've watched Leanore's sexy trailer before and was so damn impressed. And I tell you after watching it again, I am astounded at her awesome talent.

    1. I tweeted, G-plused, and fb-ed.

    2. Talent, Brenda? Nope, just nuts...lol When you do something and have too much fun doing it? People love it. Thanks for the compliments though.

  10. Master's Hunt is a M/f/f BDSM erotic action adventure romance. Whew! Packed a lot into that one. Here's a link to the trailer: http://youtu.be/G2Hw3aGEZxM It's two minutes of sexy edgy fun.

    Here's a brief x-rated excerpt from the first chapter:

    The artificial waterfall was sweetly serenading, the water in the pool gently lapping the charcoal marble-tiled sides, as Renee and Kevin rocked in the shallow end. Their breaths mingled as they kissed, tongues testing for resistance and finding only welcome. She felt his hips between her legs, there in the softly illuminated water, and stars twinkled at her as she broke from his lips and tilted her head back. He stroked in and out of her firmly, rocking Renee’s body with each thrust as his hands worked the turgid points of her breasts with increasing intensity. The combination of senses was heady. She moaned, and, as she turned her head, her delicate lover, Amiko, leaned in and took her liberated lips with her own, sharing the lingering taste of the man’s bourbon-flavored tongue. Deceptively filigreed, tight gold nipple clamps on Amiko’s small, perfect breasts rubbed against Renee’s shoulder as the women pressed together to kiss. Amiko squirmed on the deck, so close to Renee; close, but not quite close enough for the redhead’s growing ardor. She longed to touch as well as kiss.

    Kevin’s strokes within her increased in force and his fingers tortured her nipples mercilessly. Renee knew he was in his zone, that glorious place she could see in his eyes at these moments. She heard her own small moans punctuating her pants and gasps and cringed as the pain in her nipples shot through her body and settled deep in her womb. She had no control over the responses he wrested from her. Each time Renee moaned, Amiko made an answering sound, her own fingers intent on their masturbatory goal there between her pale legs.

    When Renee cried out sharply at the pain in her breasts, incoherently begging for more, Kevin moved his hands to her ass and, gripping those cheeks with hard, hard fingers, he pistoned as deeply and violently as he could between her splayed legs.

    The pain between her legs from the force of his rough entry was considerable, but Renee would have nothing less. She wanted every sensation, from the pain there, through the lingering ache of her nipples, to the warm Santa Ana winds in her hair, and the sweet scent of Amiko’s wet center not far from Renee’s face.

    Kevin’s exertions shone on his strongly hewn features as a light sheen of moisture and a burning heat from his body, even in the cool water, but it was the focus in his eyes that compelled Renee to greater heights. His gray eyes were gun barrel dark, moving from Renee to Amiko, then back again. He was drinking in the moment and Renee reveled in it.

    Available at No Boundaries Press: http://goo.gl/aS3XP
    Amazon: http://goo.gl/5mpxA
    and B&N: http://goo.gl/rjRO9
    Rated 4+ stars everywhere.

  11. Thank you for the honor MS Flames!
    Might as well face it, we are all addicted! LOL
    This is from MORE SEX....
    With her body shuddering, Pearl was truly panicked now, because if she didn’t keep focused, she would go insane with a rapture she had never known before. In all these months, her imagination never showed her this! Her mind whirled with the powerful sensations of a sexual dream that became a splendorous mind blowing reality while the room whirled and tilted around her.
    “I am going to fill you with my cum, Pearl.”
    The fierce sounding threat was the most invigorating statement she’d ever heard, but it also imbued her with a complete and utter fear that when he climaxed? Her over-stimulated, helpless body would betray her will. “Oh! I won’t be able to—I can’t do it, if you---?”
    He smacked her bare ass cheek hard again, and the sting came with the feel of his cock going up high and in deep, as he flooded her pussy with the warmth of his cum.
    “Ahh,” she screamed out and her lungs heaved.
    “Come for me now, Pearl.” He held onto her hips with a tight squeezing grasp while buried to the hilt inside of her pulsing, slick pussy. His stomach met her bare ass, as his cock throbbed wildly, vibrating against her pussy walls while he shot his fiery satisfaction straight up into her.
    She gasped while her torso grew rigid. Her head arched back until she could see his face, her eyes meeting with the glinting fierce gaze that haunted her for so long, while she helplessly climaxed at his wonderful command. Spots danced in front of her entranced gaze and she heard a roaring sound in her ears. This inexplicable mind-blowing rapture felt like a little bit of death. Her flooded pussy and sexually heightened body simultaneously jerked with a helpless convulsion.
    Never in all her life had she orgasmed to the brink of such a terrifying rapture. The power of her absolute love and need for this magnificent man hit her mind, heart and body with a supreme and ultimate force. Her body was full of hot flushes and cold tingles at the same time while her legs went numb. She indeed wondered if she could die from an ultimate sexual satisfaction as she felt the oxygen leaving her brain. The air left her lungs as she released a resplendent body-deflating gasp of rasping air and everything went dark as she pitched forward and blacked out with pure euphoric bliss.

    1. Very hot excerpt, Leanore. Your English reference to la petite mort was subtle and well-placed.

    2. Such an awesome compliment, Patricia Green! It can truly feel like that if one is careful enough to allow it to happen right. lol

    3. Unfreaking believably hot and awesome.

  12. Whoa! It is hot in here today Sheri! Fabulous excerpts so far today!
    Here's a little something from a WIP call PRIDE RULES. It is rated-x so get your fans out ladies.

    “Yes,” she uttered a small moan and threw her arms around his neck. He stood immediately; his strong arms wrapped around her body and in three long strides was laying her on the foot of her bed.
    She writhed and shivered in excitement as his hands grazed over her bare torso. He tucked his fingers in the waistband of her shorts and pulled them off in one fluid movement. She heard a deep rumble from his throat, very akin to a lion’s roar. Eshe’s eyes widened and she scooted up the bed away from him.

    “Sorry,” he grinned and pulled his black tee shirt over his head. “I just got so damn excited.”

    She watched him slip from his jeans and gasped. His erection was dark and hard. Liquid dripped from her sex. She’d never been so aroused in her life. He crawled up onto the bed and moved to crouch over her. Her breath came in short pants as she waited for him to make the first move.
    His hands ran up her stomach to her breasts and freed them from the bikini. He thumbed her nipple and pinched. She moaned and arched up toward his chest.

    “There’s my gorgeous girl.”

    He twisted a nipple harder and then laved it with his tongue to soothe the sting. His cooling breath trailed down her stomach and he settled himself low on the bed. Eshe whimpered as he slid his arms beneath her hip. When his mouth met her sex she imploded. Every cell in her body came to life. Her eyes rolled back and she screamed. Wave after wave of ecstasy rippled through her straight from her sex, muscles contracted and released. Once her breathing began to slow, she released the death-grip on her comforter and opened her eyes. He was crouched over her with a huge grin on his face, eyes completely gold and catlike now.

    “Yep, every inch is bananas and cream.”

    Eshe could help but laugh outright.

    “Baby, you needed that bad.”

    “God, did I ever.” Eshe nodded her head vigorously and flashed him a white smile. His head dipped to her neck and she moaned as his tongue ran across her collarbone and down to her breasts. Her nipples hardened instantly and she arched her hips into his. His cock lay hard and hot against her thigh and she wanted it so badly, you’d think she hadn’t just come moments ago. She realized her skin didn’t burn quite at badly now as it had a few minutes ago. The pain and aching in her muscles, however, had not abated.

    “Round two.”

    He nipped at one nipple and then the other until they were both standing at complete attention. Eshe squeaked and tried to squirm away but his massive frame held her perfectly still. The teasing continued until she was thrashing beneath him. Her breathing was coming in short pants. Without warning he lifted his body and settled his head between her thighs again. His lips sought her clit and he sucked hard.

    Eshe’s muscles contracted and she arched her back completely off the bed. A throaty scream tore from her throat. Her vision blurred and his mouth never relented. Wave after electric wave rippled through her. Another orgasm slammed her back into the mattress where she mewled and thrashed under his firm hold. She heard a heavy growl of satisfaction as she slowly floated into sexual bliss.
    His knees pushed her thighs apart further and she obliged without hesitation. She was completely open to him. He settled his hips into the cradle hers provided, small as she was and thrust inside her with one fluid movement. Eshe winced at the large intrusion. It had been a long time since her last sexual encounter and that guy had been nowhere near as large as Darren.

    “I’ll take it slow, baby. You are so damn tight.”

    “Maybe your just really big,” she whispered.

    “Why thank you,” he answered and latched onto a nipple.

    Eshe giggled. That was not what she’d been expecting. But, who could expect a man like Darren Hamlin to just show up on your porch out of nowhere? When you were literally in heat!

    1. Looks like a match made in heaven. Wonderful excerpt.

  13. Whew! Had to strip down and turn on the fan after those excerpts! Some great stuff going on here! I'll add my share from 7 Days of Seduction and it's probably X-rated. :)

    “We’re connected in this. A threesome doesn’t work without consent and acceptance. We’re all equal partners. Just relax and let’s enjoy each other.”
    She turned back to Sam who sat cross-legged on the bed. “What do you want me to do, Ash?” He took her hand and laced their fingers together.
    “Play with my breasts, Sam. Knead, kiss, suck, bite them.” She had to grin at his startled expression. “I want them to beg for more.”
    Sam looked to Hunter, who shrugged and said, “You heard the lady.” Sam’s face beamed and he pounced on her. Moments later his lips clamped down on her right nipple and she jumped at the sensation. His teeth scraped along the tip as his other hand rolled and kneaded, rough at first, then gentling to a firm touch. As she settled to Sam’s usual rhythm, her body relaxed and the pleasurable sensations streaked towards her core.
    “Did you want me to watch, Ash?”
    She tried not to show she’d been startled by the sound of his voice. “No, I have a better use for you, Hunter.” She hoped her smile was every bit as wicked as his had been. “I want your head between my thighs, eating my pussy until I explode.”
    “Yes, ma’am!” He chuckled and she could almost see his mental hands rubbing together in glee. He climbed up on the bed and she spread her legs, moaning as Sam tweaked her left nipple then settled his mouth over it.
    The moans grew louder as Hunter licked the inner flesh of her thigh in a straight line up to the junction. He flicked his tongue over her clit then drew it into his mouth and the unimaginable sensation of her nipple and clit being sucked simultaneously had Ashley on the edge of orgasm in minutes. “God, don’t stop!”
    “Which one of us?” Sam raised his head to ask at the most inopportune moment.
    “Both, neither! Fuck, keep going! Ahhhhh.”
    Hunter chuckled and teased her clit with a swirl of his tongue as Sam gave a huge squeeze and suck simultaneously on her breasts. Ashley trembled all over as the climax swept through her, wrenched her until she lay, spent and pulsing.

    1. Whoops. Posted my comment to the wrong place. I got so excited! :) I was going to say that Hunter has got to be one of my "favorite heroes" because he has so much style.

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  15. I have been reading all of these "SEXERPTS" and as the smoke gets thicker, I am asphyxiated with a pure sexual heat!!! Excuse me while I takes some gasping breaths. lol

  16. Here is input for this Friday from Rougarou II my dark werewolf thriller.
    You can check out the book trailer on Rougarou II on Youtube Judith Ann McDowell but it is tame just the book gets hot!

    “Oh, I’ll give you heat,” Paul promised, rubbing the tip of his cock against the soft pink folds luring him onward. A long sigh broke the stillness ending on a cry of both pain and pleasure and he felt himself surrounded by liquid fire as he pushed himself the rest of the way inside.
    Tina wrapped her legs around his hips to draw him ever deeper, her round little bottom bouncing up and down as she raked her long nails down his bared back.
    Out of control Paul bucked and rammed into the satin vault stroking him like a soft velvet hand.
    As chills racked her body, she tightened the magic muscle responsible for crowning her the sweetheart of Parish High. Without warning, she felt hot liquid slam against the slick walls of her pedal-soft tunnel and she strengthened her hold. Keeping him nestled inside until all the throbbing, like a patting hand for a job well done, had ceased.
    Judith Ann McDowell author of Rougarou II

  17. Well goodness. What an awesome bunch of excerpts, ladies! Very nice to come home to after spending all day at work! :)

  18. I'm with Melissa....lol Wish I didn't work Fridays so I could post something of my own...dang day job!

  19. Love all these! Wonderful excerpts, Ladies. I'm sufficiently heated in places I won't mention. Thanks for sharing.

  20. My husband just watched Leanore's video More Sex with me. Hehehe It's a keeper!! And then he said, "I'll read her books." Yes!

  21. Great excerpts everyone... wish I didn't work Fridays too!

  22. An extract from Amateur Porn Wife, from Tales of Masturbation and Imagination, by Tom Covenent.

    Volume 1 A little something for the 'weak' end!
    6 short stories to help you achieve satisfaction

    He returned to his chair and topped up his wine a little, putting the bottle down on the occasional table. He picked up the satellite remote control and switched to a music channel. There was little point trying to watch anything meaningful as everyone was chattering, the conversation was meandering and alcohol fuelled.

    This seemed to please everyone well enough as the music videos were quite raunchy and some of them almost pornographic. Scantily clad well-endowed women writhed around in their underwear, well-built and mainly black men manhandling them in sweaty embraces. It was like being in a porn cinema with your mates as the conversation polarised around the images on the screen, except of course his wife was sitting there in the middle of it all. He topped up her glass several times and each time it seemed as if a little bit more of her bra was visible and it was inevitable that someone would mention her being in a dressing gown.
    It was Jo who first said something.
    “I think you might need to tighten up your dressing gown Mrs D, I’m not sure I should be enjoying myself quite so much!”
    She giggled and flushed, ‘Jo, you shouldn’t be looking!’
    But she didn’t do anything other than to sip her wine. Suddenly the situation seemed to have taken an unexpected step into a fantasy Frank had often imagined. He felt a surge of excitement, quickly suppressed. These things didn’t happen in real life.
    The video on the TV had changed and now there were bikini clad beauties cavorting on a beach, it amazed him that they didn’t expose more, the briefs they wore were little more than string. It was apparent that the guys were appreciating the video and the comments were quite graphic. Carol didn’t seem concerned and was actually commenting along with them. The bottle was empty and he decided to go and get another.
    “Do you mind if we flick through the channels and see if there’s anything worth watching?” asked Jo.
    “I thought you were enjoying the views,” Carol joked.
    “If it’s ok with Carol, then you can help yourself,” said Frank, realising immediately that he had made what they call a ‘double entendre’ comment.
    “Well how could we refuse that offer!” laughed Jo, as Frank headed out for the kitchen, the sound of crude laughter following him out through the door.

    He was in the kitchen for a little longer than planned, hunting around for a corkscrew. He eventually found one and after struggling with it for a bit, managed to open a bottle of Merlot.
    He headed back to the living room and was surprised to see that the channel they had opted for in his absence was one of the pay porn channels they usually had hidden. It was the free view advertising part, showing various short clips. The presenter was a topless blonde trying to speak in a sexy husky voice and sounding like a slut. But something even more surprising was in store for him. When he looked across at the sofa to find his wife’s glass he saw that Jo was openly massaging his wife’s left leg just above her knee while Bob was giving the same attention to her right leg high up her thigh. Her dressing gown was parted high enough to allow a glimpse of her panties as she shifted her hips, in response. She was obviously enjoying the attention but was trying to appear unaffected as she watched the mild but no less arousing clips on the TV. The clips were promising more should we wish to order tonight.

    He was taken aback by the scene in his own living room. It seemed to him that it had leaked from the porn channel. “Would you like a refill?” he asked lamely, offering her the bottle.
    “Oh, yes please!” she said eagerly, from the way she said it, it wasn’t entirely clear to him if this was to the offer of wine or in response to the attentions of the two men. He assumed it was for wine and took the bottle to her...


  23. http://www.amazon.com/Pleasing-Mia-ebook/dp/B008C29XI8/ref=sr_1_3?s=digital-text&ie=UTF8&qid=1342789880&sr=1-3&keywords=gemma+parkes

    Scott realised very quickly that Mia was not like most of the girls he knew. She didn’t talk much, which made it harder for him, but her eyes spoke volumes. Men leered at her but she held Scott’s gaze, if she noticed the attention she was getting, she certainly didn’t show it. He was beginning to think that he actually might be able to get her to come home with him, when she confirmed his hopes with a soft stroke of her finger against the outside of his thigh. He searched her face, unsure if he had read the signal correctly. This time she leaned forward and traced that same finger slowly up his arm.
    Cautiously Scott bowed his head to kiss her and she immediately responded with those large, soft lips. The kiss was powerful, two weeks of pent up frustration came to the fore, as he tried to convey his deep desire for her through one kiss. Mia leaned into him and allowed his gently probing tongue to enter between her teeth to where hers was waiting to greet him.
    Scott held back just a little as the passion he felt threatened to engulf him. He didn’t want to scare her away so he brushed against her tongue softly, though he desperately wanted to push it deep and show her how much he wanted her. She stood up on her toes and wrapped her arms around his neck, pressing her breasts into his chest. He could smell her hair, soft against his face, coconut clean, mingled with her expensive scent. Her mouth tasted of fresh peppermint.
    “Take me home.” she whispered deeply into his ear when they paused for breath. Scott, almost unable to believe his luck, wasted no time at all in getting out of there.
    Outside in the car park he held Mia’s hand.
    “Whereabouts do you live?” he asked her.
    “I want to go to your home.” she replied simply.
    Scott opened the car door for her and thought about his apartment. Had he made the bed? His cock reminded him that this was not a time for self doubt and he began to drive home.
    Mia put her hand on his thigh as he drove. He could hardly concentrate; his cock was already straining against the soft cotton of his boxers. He hoped briefly, that he would be able to last more than a few minutes with her.
    Opening the car door for her once they had arrived gave him time to gaze at her legs. Mia’s dress was very short; sitting down had made it shorter still. She eased her long legs out of the passenger seat and watched Scott’s face as he stared admiringly at them. A very small flash of white thong practically pushed him over the edge; he was definitely going to have to slow things down if he wanted to make the evening last with this girl.


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