June 29, 2012

Friday Flames

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Since the book trailer I featured last week left my screen charred, I thought I'd link another, created by Wicked Muse.

I LOVE this book trailer!! Okay, so I'm a bit biased.

It's not easy to write a scene that captures your reader's imagination and attention. To hold them in a grip so tight...they go up in flames.


Her soft skin called to him in whispered undertones aided by his memory. Earthy scents wafted up to tease his nose and his nibbling lips found the erotic spot just below her ear.

“Smells good too,” he murmured, his lips traveling the juncture between her shoulder and neck. Tattoo-like markings stood contrary to her coloring. He held his breath, waiting for the expected sense of war-inflicted hatred to erupt. Instead, a pressure bloomed in his chest, his heart swelling. Unfamiliar with the new chemistry mixing in his body, he sat back and absorbed the sensation, content to just be for once.

While she chatted about Pan knows what, Rhy ate without tasting his food, mesmerized by the movement of her erotic mouth. Her lips and tongue moved in perfect synchronicity, dancing in and out over her teeth.

Oh. My. Gods.

A vortex of insanity threatened to reach up and pull him in. Incredibly, his arousal inflated to raise a tented gable in his shorts. Never in his life had he wanted a female more. One night with Patience, one week, a whole lifetime—and it would never be enough.

Her nipples were hard under her borrowed shirt that read Blood ‘n Guts. Without realizing what he was doing, he stacked his mug on top of his empty plate, and moved to stand next to Patience.

Wazzup?” Then her eyes drifted down. “Oh . . . my.”

Okay people! I showed you mine - now it's your turn to show me yours. Don't forget to leave your book title and a link so interested parties can rush out and buy a copy :)

On your mark...
Get set...


  1. THat was hot, Sheri!

    Here's mine from A HUNTER'S ANGEL (releasing July 20)
    This is from Chapter 2....

    Darkness swarmed Grace. She tossed to her side as the dream dragged her deeper, her heart pounding and her core warming at the whispered memory.

    Ian’s fingers worked the clip holding up her hair. She shook it over her shoulders. He covered her mouth; his kiss was tender and demanding at the same

    He sucked on her lips and delved into her as if she was life itself. She craved his touch and wanted to touch him. Grabbing at his shirt, she ripped at the buttons. His smooth skin heated under her hands as muscles and sinew strained with powerful strength.

    He lifted her into his arms and carried her through her apartment to her bedroom. She arched into him as he laid her on the bed. A firestorm blazed to life within her core when he pulled her sweater over her head and opened her bra. He latched onto one of her nipples and then the other, leaving them tingling bundles of unsatisfied nerves.

    She flexed her fingers into his hair, demanding him not to stop, but then, he moved to her belly.

    “Ian, please, I need you inside.”

    As Ian kissed up her body, more passion-filled words filled her. The rest of their clothing fell away. He ravaged her mouth, exploring every crevice, sharing his sweetness. He tasted of the finest vanilla, and she couldn’t get enough. She wrapped her legs around his waist. His erection, long and thick, probed her aching center, and she moaned into his mouth. She pushed toward him, and he joined their bodies with one powerful thrust. Grace clawed at his back, afraid to let go. With each movement, he seemed to
    go deeper, touching places no one else ever had.

    His tongue thrust into her mouth in perfect harmony
    with his body, fusing them together. He nipped at her mouth, until something sharp pinched her lip. Ian growled, almost feral in sound, and he moved his lips from hers.

    She moaned as he licked down her jaw line and her neck, igniting a fiery trail. He settled on the base of her throat over her rapid pulse.

    “Grace...I can’t stop...”

    When her orgasm hit, light exploded through her, taking her to a gleaming paradise where every wish was instantly granted.

    “Ian...yes...take me...”

    She jolted awake. Breathing hard and covered with a
    light sheen of perspiration, she shuddered again with an aftershock from the orgasm. Grace whipped the twisted sheet and comforter off her body. As she ran a hand through the knots in her hair, she swung her legs over the edge of the bed.

    1. Woohoo! Come on July 20th!! I loved the way you describe her orgasmic "trip". Yeah, it's like that for me, too.

  2. https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/171086

    Extract from 'Amateur Porn Wife' - one of 6 hot stories.

    ...his language began to become more explicit, even cruder and she was allowing it, despite the rules she had insisted on. He referred to her breasts as tits, her bottom as her arse and then he told her to spread her legs wide and thrust her cunt at the camera! Frank thought, that’s a step too far, but saw to his amazement that she just did as he had instructed without hesitation.

    Now Jo told Ben to strip to his underpants and climb onto the bed with Carol. Frank had never seen anyone undress so quickly, Ben was on the bed with his wife almost immediately. His underpants were sexier than Frank’s, black trunks. Frank took heart from the fact that Ben was flabbier and his wife wouldn’t fancy him, even though his underwear was sexier. His belly was hanging loosely as Jo instructed him to assume a position on all fours, to crawl like a dog toward her.

    “Now lick her panties,” instructed Jo. Frank was stunned at this instruction, again he thought Carol would call a halt, but he was surprised and a little shocked and disappointed in her when she said nothing. He thought perhaps she hadn’t heard the instruction from Jo, but as Ben approached her, his balding head between her knees, she lifted her thighs toward him. He watched intently and scarcely believing his own eyes as Ben’s tongue extended wetly and then, the instant it touched his wife’s panties, saw him began to lap just like a dog. She moved her thighs in rhythm with the bobbing of his bald head. Frank’s cock stuck up like a flag pole as he watched a man licking his wife’s panties....

    I hope you enjoy!

    1. Well MR. Annonymous. Yes, I looked you up and see that you're a MISTER!! Hot damn! Welcome to Friday Flames, Tom Covenent.

  3. Thanks for this opportunity Sheri. Here's a short excerpt from my debut novel, Eternity, releasing August 15th from Soulmate Publishing.

    God, Roman's scent shot through Stella's blood stream like nicotine to a three pack-a-day smoker that had quit puffing a week ago.

    He bent her body to his and molded every inch to his strength. Pressed against the entire length of him, his heart thudded, echoing her
    loneliness and his anguish. In this moment, they were one.

    She didn’t want his arms around her. Naked, that’s what she desire most, to peel his shirt off and touch his perfect body. Briefly, his arms tightened as she pushed away, but he released her and stepped away. She grabbed his belt. His silly expression made her giggle as her nervous fingers fumbled with his buckle, belt, button and zipper. Laughter came to a choked halt when her hands dipped in the waistband of his briefs and she sprang his erection free. Tip glistening, her thumb ran over the wet opening and delighted in the passionate gasp her single finger evoked from him.

    She fisted her hand around him and rolled her palm over the sensitive tip. His hips jerked when she gave a gentle squeeze and stroked downward. From the roll of his eyes and rhythmically pulsing of his hips, she commanded his passion.

    As he commanded hers. The heat between her legs gathered. She stroked, up, around, down, and watched his face contort into painful pleasure, then pulled her hand away. He nearly snatched her hand back, but Stella met his lust-crazed eyes with her tongue licking her lips.
    Slowly, she circled his tense body. The first time or the hundredth, the sight of him made her breathless. She stepped in front of him and unbuttoned her pants.

    “We can't do this.” His hand stopped the descent of her zipper.

    Please teetered on the tip of her tongue.

    He drew in a harsh breath. “I’m your bodyguard. Nothing more.” Still hard, he stuffed himself back into his pants and walked away.

    1. Hi Tmonique :) Congratulations on your upcoming release! I bet Roman wishes he had an upcoming one, too. LOL!

    2. Thanks Sheri!

  4. Hahahaha! "Wassup?" Love it, Sheri!

    Another excerpt from OF ETERNAL LIFE, which is available now through ebook (go here for another sneak peek and buy links: http://www.micahpersell.com/Of_Eternal_Life.html)

    He smiled down at her, and she gave a shy smile back. He made sure to focus on her eyes before he began to withdraw his finger. Her breath hitched. When he had withdrawn almost completely, he thrust back into her all the way, grinding the heel of his hand against the swollen nub throbbing against his palm.

    She cried out his name and arched her back. He did it again, and this time she rocked her hips into his thrust, bringing them both closer to the brink of release. He set a rhythm with his hand, and she matched it.

    Abilene threaded the fingers of both hands into his hair and pulled him back down for a searing kiss. Their tongues moved in tandem with the thrusts, and Abilene’s hips began to urge him to move faster.

    Their breaths mingled. Eli could no longer keep from thrusting against her and moved close once again to grind against her hip.

    God, everything felt so good. He’d never experienced anything like this before in his life, and he could see himself getting easily addicted to Abilene’s body. To her responses. To the wet silk clenching and unclenching around his finger.

    He circled her most sensitive spot with his thumb, and she came apart under his hand. He pulled from the kiss, not willing to miss a second of watching her come.

    1. Hi Micah! Your last paragraph has me fanning my face. Whoo-wee! Hot stuff.

  5. Oh my damnit! Those are great. I love Rhy. He is...delicious.

    Here is a brief snippet from my newlly-dug-out-of-the drawer-and-dusted-off story, TUG.

    He laid his forearm on the table and drummed his lean fingers as he studied me and my almost-empty glass. "Been waiting long, Ms. Barnes?"

    My heart rate jumped at the sound of his casual tenor, and my breath caught in my throat as I squeaked out, "Not too long, Mr. Tugland."

    "Please call me Tug." He flashed a wolfish grin as he stroked his chin. "Have you ordered?"

    I shook my head afraid my voice might fail again.

    He gestured for the waiter then pinned me with his stare. "Do you know what you want, Ms. Barnes?"

    A loaded question if ever there was one, and the throb between my legs had a definitive answer. My face flushed with heat, and I stifled the desire. What the fuck was I doing? "Uhh…I'm ready to order."

    He chuckled at my response then glanced at the menu.

    Tug's lithe body spoke more to speed and agility than brute strength, like the physique of a tennis player or track star rather than a linebacker. But the sheer confidence reflected in his eyes left little doubt if he lacked the strength, he more than made up for it with brains and balls.

    The waiter took our requests and returned with another drink for me and one of the same for him.

    He dipped his finger into the amber sweetness and sucked it off. My heart rate spiked up to the fake grapes, and I licked my suddenly-dry lips.

    His emerald eyes glittered with an ancient evil that reminded me of the Egyptian exhibit at the Houston Art Museum. "Ms. Barnes, I suppose you're wondering why I approached you."

    I swallowed. "I must admit, Mr. Tugland. I'm curious."

    "Tug, Ms. Barnes. Like the small boats out in the harbor. Like what my mouth wants to do to the hardened nipple I see thrusting against your blouse."

    My breath seized, and I crossed my arms over my chest. Caused by a chill that had nothing to do with air temperature, goose bumps rose up over my body, and the hair on the back of my neck stood at attention. But other parts of me had no trouble heating up.

    He briefly caught his lower lip between his teeth. "So you're curious, are you? You do know the adage about curiosity, Ms. Barnes?"

    1. Ooh, first person, huh? Cool. Love the name - Tug. You've incorporated the humor that is seen in all your books. Perfect!

  6. Holy, HOT, HOT, Hot!

    I was reading these flames while drinking a coffee, lol. Not a good idea.

    LOL, Vortex of insanity...love it.

    1. If anyone asked what my favorite line is in Remedy Maker, that might be it! What the backflow of caffeine, it can be a bitch. lol

    2. I could say something awkward now..

    3. LOL, say it! Bet it is the same thing I was thinking!
      Hey Sheri, what about emotional vortex?

    4. An emotional vortex? Hmm, I like that!!

  7. Oooh, these are smokin' hot today! Cold shower is a must. But before I go--a snippet from one of my current WIPs, As Long As You're Mine. This is Rafe and Samantha's wedding night.

    He had already touched her, had taken her in bed and felt all her wonderful womanly curves beneath him. Felt the hot, tight grip of her flesh around his shaft.

    That memory broke the spell. Rafe dragged her head to him, fastening his mouth once again to her silky, firm lips. A shrug or two and his silk robe slithered to the floor. He clasped her to him, breath now jagged panting as he slid his mouth down her neck, over her collarbone to the valley between her gorgeous breasts.

    “Oh, Samantha,” he moaned, and felt her answering shiver. “You are magnificent, my love.”

    His mouth covered first one, then the other nipple, tasting the sweetness of her flesh, savoring the soft white skin of the breast before stroking the pretty pink tips until they puckered into hard points. He drew the whole nipple into his mouth, sucking until she moaned loudly, thrust her hands into his hair and pressed his head to her. When he teased her with teeth and tongue her cries became frenzied and her body bucked beneath him. Her response acted as a potent aphrodisiac, and his shaft swelled in answering need.

    His mouth strayed lower, across her abdomen, swirling around her navel, down toward the golden nest at the jointure of her thighs. When she realized his intent, he heard a strangled “No!” and she tried to pull his head up. He disengaged her hands and laced their fingers together, raising his head to gaze at her outraged face.

    “Trust me, love.” He squeezed her hands and lowered his mouth again, seeking the delicate peak of her sex.

    1. Very nice, Jenna. Love the way you use your words to paint the picture.

  8. Sizzling as always. This is from Pleasure Bound, my short shifter story out 3 August in Ravaged anthology from Breathless Press:

    His cock throbbed painfully, and when she straddled him the head touched her soft, wet heat and he hissed in a breath. "Been so long since I've had a woman," he said with a groan. So long since I've known anything but pain.

    She paused, right on the edge of sinking down along his swollen length. "It's been a while for me," she admitted. Her voice was breathy, enflaming his senses, and driving up his lust.

    "Put me inside you, Celeste," Logan ordered.

    Slowly, so slowly he wanted to scream, she moved herself down his rigid, aching shaft. A cry left her as he filled her, her body shuddering and tensing around him. So tight, so wet. He groaned. He hadn't even touched her and she was dripping for him.

    "Ride me," he snarled and she started to move against him, her hands and legs digging into him, the pain only adding to the sensations rippling though him. In the darkness of his misery, she was like the sun after the winter, her heat and life bathing him, washing away some of the torment.

    After a few gentle rocks, Celeste really began to move against him, her hands gripping his shoulders hard, her nails digging into his skin. Logan titled his head toward her. "Kiss me."

    She shook her head. "No."

    Logan gave a frustrated groan but all he could do was take what she would give him. Let her use his body and cock in this way.

    Seemingly lost now, Celeste was moving against him wantonly, rocking on him again and again. His cock filled her perfectly, their bodies made for each other, and her obvious arousal and need pushed him close to the edge.

    "So close, Celeste, going to come," he gritted out and then his orgasm took him, his cock pulsating inside her, his seed shooting deep. She clamped her hand over his mouth and he roared against her palm, breathing in her scent as waves of blistering ecstasy shook his body. So...damn...good.

    Half a second later, while he was still shooting inside her, Celeste tensed and gasped and then she was coming too, her sex grasping him even tighter. As her orgasm hit she dropped her head to his shoulder, her cries muffled against his skin. Feeling her shudder and spasm against him, Logan buried his head in her hair, breathing her in, needing desperately to kiss her, but as her moans subsided she lifted her head too quickly for his lips to press against hers.

    1. SJ - Congratulations on your August book release! Now that's exciting. But not as exciting as your snippet - hehehe.

  9. Whooo! Fabulous start to a Friday Sheri!

    Here's a scene from a WIP titled Pride Rules. Hope y'all enjoy!

    “So that’s what this is…?”

    She looked up at him and he wanted to lose himself in those glacier blue eyes. He slid into the chair opposite Eshe and handed her a warm plate with one of the steaks and a scoop of potato salad. She took it and dove right into the steak. If he didn’t know better, he’d think he was feeding a starving grizzly bear. If only all girls would eat like her…

    “Yep,” he finally replied. The chair creaked as he stood. “Can I get you something to drink?”

    “Yes, please, some water.”

    He strode back to the kitchen counter. Her cabinets were so organized. Everything was in a line, stacked and grouped by color. The rest of her apartment was not a stellar example of a neat person. He pulled out two glasses and filled them with ice and tap water.
    A satisfied groan from the table turned his head. A grin tugged at the corners of his mouth. Eshe had finished her steak and was eyeing his plate.

    Darren moved back to her side and set her water glass on the table before gracefully sliding back into his chair. He sipped his ice water before setting the glass on the table.

    “Did you want some of my steak?” Their eyes connected and her cheeks flushed a rosy pink. She was embarrassed. Why did he find that so cute? And since when did he consider women cute? Why was he getting attached? She wouldn’t want him to stick around. She was a lion –even if she was only half.

    “I–” She started. “Sorry. I eat a lot, especially after using my gift.” Eshe scooted from her chair and was digging in the fridge before he could even respond.

    “I don’t mind sharing, Eshe.”

    “Oh, no. You eat your food.” The refrigerator door muffled her voice. She set a huge red bowl on the counter and grinned. “I have pudding.”

    Darren swallowed and shifted in his seat. A pleasure-filled mewl came from Eshe’s mouth and he was instantly hard. He watched her scoop out a generous helping, stash the big bowl back in the fridge, and sidle back to the table. Her hips swayed enticingly as she walked. The urge to throw her over his shoulder, haul her back to her bedroom, and slather her with the pudding flashed through his mind.
    With the grace only a lion possessed, she slid back into her chair and met his heated gaze. Her tongue kept darting out, whetting her lips in anticipation for that first bite. The scent of sugar and banana drifted to his nose. He took a deep draught of the sweet scent and laughed. Banana pudding!

    “That whole bowl in the fridge is banana pudding?”

    She licked her spoon and nodded. “Yep.” Darren’s body shivered and he pushed his lion down. Her tongue trailed along the edge of the spoon.

    “So… I…” He swallowed and tried to gather his thoughts. She was making it really hard. His lion was clawing just below the surface. Mate! A mischievous glint flashed in her eyes and she licked the spoon clean again. “God, Eshe.”

    She giggled. “So you were telling me about the lion orgy.”

    Darren choked on his steak and coughed until it dislodged from the back of his throat. “Ummm, no. I think we are done with that subject for a few minutes at least.” He straightened in his chair and met her flashing gold eyes. Wait! They were gold! Her irises were elongated as well… “Eshe, breath deeply.”

    He kept his tone low and calm, a slight rumble underneath. No sudden movements. Eshe continued to stare at him, but her eyes were glazed. He watched her fangs distend and fought to remain still.
    No, no, no, this shouldn’t be happening. She said she couldn’t shift.

    “Eshe, baby, look at me.”

    1. Krystal - this is really good! You're building the sexual tension in increments for the reader. Nice job!

  10. Wooo, it's almost too hot for me here, lol. This is from Revealed. Two thieves steal a stone and it turns the person who holds it into a flaming sexual being, controlled by the Marquis De Sade.

    “You will say nothing except please,” he growled.
    Glory balled her hands into fists.
    He placed his fingers on her and spread her tender skin folds “I’ll bet this flavor does send me completely around the fucking bend.” His mouth latched onto her clit.
    “Please!” she screamed as the feeling of his mouth jolted all along her body and she jerked her head higher. He licked and sucked on her, his tongue swirling around her slick labia and she could feel herself swell and throb. She shook violently now, as he feasted on her and she seeped with wetness. “Please?” she panted loudly.
    He pulled his mouth away and gazed at her trembling body. “Mmm, tastes like heaven.” He gazed at her for a long tense moment. “What’s your name?”
    “Yes, perfect, the pathway to heaven. I will make you cum for me, Glory.”
    Despite the fight within herself, her body ruled and an aching need surged through her.
    “Spread ’em wider.”
    She opened her thighs wider.
    “Now, reach down and pull your folds as far back as you can.”
    Glory gasped with shock at this request as her hands reached down to automatically do his bidding and she exposed her tender skin.
    He watched her with an avid fascination as she complied and her clit button was revealed to his eyes. “Mmm, yes.” He grinned at her. “Now, say it, and offer yourself to my mouth.”
    Her body shook so badly that she had trouble remaining on her feet and had to adjust her stance. “Please!” she tilted her hips back until her pussy met with his lips.
    “I want you to scream ‘please’ while you cum, do you hear?” he commanded to her tender clit.
    Glory nodded and gazed into his eyes. They exhibited a red glowing and she stiffened. It’s not him doing this. It’s the stone! She trembled as he slowly moved his mouth forward and sucked on her. “Aah,” she moaned aloud.
    He sucked on her with a slow mouth perusal of her entire exposed labia. Raising his fingers up, he shoved two inside of her and her body jerked. He worked his mouth and fingers slowly on and in her. Her moisture grew and she took gasping gulps of air as her body reacted to his sucking and finger thrusting.
    Her entire body tingled and quivered helplessly as jolts from the oral incursion coursed through her. He sped up his rhythms and she felt herself come in his mouth. “Please!” she screamed as her body convulsed with undeniable ecstasy. “Please, please?” Cum seeped from her pussy with a straining satisfaction as his mouth continued its glorious ravaging.
    He sucked harder as though he wanted every drop and his finger pumping slowed.
    Helpless to halt or ignore this magnificent pitching orgasm, her body collapsed backward. She fell onto the end of the bed and bounced while releasing helpless panting breaths.

    1. Holy Frigidaire!! I need a dip in glacial waters after that one. *takes sip of water, but the glass is empty* Naughty Leanore - your writing knocks me over!

  11. Hi, Sheri! Definitely another steamy Friday in here. :)

    Here’s another excerpt from my contemporary romance, Clear As Day. For buy links and more: http://babettejames.com/books/clear-as-day/

    Enough starlight illuminated them to see the hunger in her eyes. She meant it. Considering he wanted her more than he needed to breathe, her plea wasn’t a hardship to agree to. They needed to talk, they would talk, but for now, maybe it was simply time to turn the brain off. Maybe if he just continued showing her how he felt, that would be enough. But he wouldn’t hold back the I love you’s anymore. That was a promise to her—and to himself.

    He straddled her between his legs, gliding his hands over her rear, caressing and drawing her close to ride against his aching erection. He caught the hem of her tank tee and in one swift motion, stripped the top over her head and dropped it aside onto the nearest chair. Kissing her deep and slow, he backed her to the tent door, his hands on her hips, her breasts grazing and rubbing against his bare chest.

    They broke the kiss barely long enough to unzip the tent and duck inside to fall on the cot. Kay fumbled to rezip the tent, while he worked on stripping her shorts down. He abandoned his efforts on the shorts, letting her wriggle them off under him, while he focused on her breasts, suckling at one while fondling and teasing the other. Nate rose up on his knees, hands planted on either side of her shoulders, and took her mouth hard and hungrily. Kay caught his waistband and pulled at his trunks, yanking them down enough for him to work and kick them off, still not breaking the kiss. Then time vanished and it was all hands and kisses and nips and stroking and frantic breathing and racing hearts.

    Nate flung himself to the side, catching his breath and grabbing for his kit beside the bed, searching for the condom before he did anything stupid. His hands shook. He dropped the damned thing twice and finally got himself covered. Then he was between her legs, leaning over her, his body aching for her, and he caught her wrists in his hands.

    Kay locked her eyes on him, deep and dark. Her hair tumbled all wild around her beautiful face. Her hips rose, welcoming.

    1. Babette - it's great to see you here! I'm glad you left your buy link today!! Whew!

  12. These are all great and very hot. Here is mind from my WIP, Lady Caro's Accidental Marriage. Caro and Lord Huntley were forced into a marriage. Huntley's determined to make a real one, but Caro has never recovered from being raped.
    As he leaned over, placing kisses on her neck, her gown and stays fell away. She rose and he drew her garments off her arms and slowly pushed the gown over her hips. When she was clad in nothing but her chemise, he took her in his arms and carried her to the bed, holding her to him, as a child would a doll as he climbed in.
    But when he rose over her, she froze with fear.
    Huntley backed away and leaned against the pillows. His fingers caressed her jaw as he studied her. “Tell me how he hurt you.”
    Fear threatened to strangle her as it had before. “I—I don’t like to think about it. When I do, I have bad dreams.”
    Tightening his arms around her, he said. “If we want to have any kind of marriage, we need to get rid of him.” He whispered against her ear, “Tell me what he did, and I’ll replace those memories with new ones.”
    It had happened with the kiss. Could it come about with the rest of it? “I’ll try.”
    He touched his lips to her hair. “When you are ready.”
    Closing her eyes, she swallowed. “When I told him I didn’t want to marry him, he tried to kiss me. It was horrible. His lips were wet and slimy.
    Huntley fluttered kisses on her lips before he tilted his head and lightly ran the tip of his tongue across the seam. She opened her mouth and touched her tongue with his. The caress heated her and sent tiny flames flickering through her.
    Raising his head, he asked, “Like that?”
    Some of the tension left her. “No, not like that.”
    “Look at me,” he said.
    When she met his eyes they showed concern, but something else as well. Something she didn’t understand.
    “Then what did he do?”
    “He.” She shuddered, and he stroked her back until she was ready to go on. “He grabbed my breast and twisted. Caro sobbed and tried to blink back the tears.
    Huntley’s hand closed over her breast and kneaded lightly. His thumb caresses her nipple and a warm need fill her where the fear had been.
    “Like this?” He asked again.
    She shook her head. “No, nothing at all like it.”
    “What did you do?”
    Keeping her eyes on his, she replied. “I tried to scream, but nothing came out.”
    Without moving her gaze from hers, his hands roamed down her body, touching her so softly and intimately, leaving a trail of flames. “Do you want to scream now?”
    Moaning she tried to move closer to him. “No.”
    “The next time you scream,” he whispered, “I promise you it will be with pleasure.”
    The golden flecks in his eyes burned brighter, and she caught her breath. “And then he hit me, and held me down, and hurt me.”
    His voice was gravely as he asked, “Where did he hit you?”
    She touched the side of her mouth, and he lightly kissed it. His fingers caressed her mons and a high sigh escaped as he slipped on finger in her and caressed. “Caro, let me make love to you.”
    With each stroke, the tension in her core rose. She didn’t understand what she was feeling, but her legs opened to encourage him, and a primitive need clamored to have him inside her. “Yes.”

    1. Cute title, Ella. That alone raises the curiosity. Reading your excerpt here seals the deal!! Thanks for sharing today.

  13. A favorite part of Friday for me! Loved the excerpts ladies! :)

    1. It's my favorite day of the week. Thanks for coming by and enjoying part of your day with me.


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