May 25, 2012

Friday Flames

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It's not easy to write a scene that captures your reader's imagination. To hold them in a grip so tight . . . they go up in flames.

Sizzling heat. Clenched teeth. Desire beyond reason...or rationale.

It doesn't have to be graphic.
Tension can increase the pounding of our blood. 
Lead us to the moment.
Keep us hanging by a thread.

Here's a scene that pulls the tension tight.


Her soft skin called to him in whispered undertones aided by his memory. Earthy scents wafted up to tease his nose and his nibbling lips found the erotic spot just below her ear. 

“Smells good too,” he murmured, his lips traveling the juncture between her shoulder and neck. Tattoo-like markings stood contrary to her coloring. He held his breath, waiting for the expected sense of war-inflicted hatred to erupt. Instead, a pressure bloomed in his chest, his heart swelling. Unfamiliar with the new chemistry mixing in his body, he sat back and absorbed the sensation, content to just be for once.

While she chatted about Pan knows what, Rhy ate without tasting his food, mesmerized by the movement of her erotic mouth. Her lips and tongue moved in perfect synchronicity, dancing in and out over her teeth.

Oh. My. Gods.
A vortex of insanity threatened to reach up and pull him in. Incredibly, his arousal inflated to raise a tented gable in his shorts. Never in his life had he wanted a female more. One night with Patience, one week, a whole lifetime—and it would never be enough.

Her nipples were hard under her borrowed shirt that read Blood ‘n Guts. Without realizing what he was doing, he stacked his mug on top of his empty plate, and moved to stand next to Patience.

Wazzup?” Then her eyes drifted down. “Oh . . . my.”

Okay people! I showed you mine - now it's your turn to show me yours. Don't forget to leave your book title and a link so interested parties can rush out and buy a copy :)


  1. I love that is right!

    From Branded...hasn't found a home yet. JJ and Shayla again, picking up where I left off last week...

    She kicked off her boots and turned to him with a smile. The only light in the room came from where hall light shone under the door. Keeping her eyes on his, she unsnapped her jeans and slid them past her hips and feet. With a little wiggle, she shoved them aside with her toe. Hooking her thumbs in her thong panties, she slipped them down, bending to step out of them.
    “You’re killing me,” JJ muttered as he eyed her bare pussy.
    She laughed lightly. “Your turn.”
    Eye contact steady, he unbuckled his big buckle, then unzipped his Wranglers. Only taking his eyes from hers long enough to pull off his boots, he straightened and pushed his jeans and shorts to the floor. She gasped when she saw his impressive erection already poised for action. Damp heat flooded her. “Come here.”
    “Always happy to oblige a lady.” He crossed the room and took her in his arms. His bulging cock pressed against her belly and a shiver raced across her skin. “Let’s get into bed.”
    As if she weighed no more than a minute, he picked her up and deposited her on the king- sized mattress. He joined her, trapping her with his big, lean body. His chest hair tickled her nipples with an erotic sensation that instantly made her want him pounding inside her. Eagerly spreading her legs, she tugged on his slim hips, attempting to bring his body into hers. But to her extreme frustration, he held himself above her, not touching her anywhere. Except brushing her lips with his own.

  2. D'Ann - now that's SMOKIN'! I especially like the teasing heat of your last two sentences. Excellent! Thank you so much for playing today.

  3. Whew! Gettin' hot up in hera! Those are making me squirmy!

    In honor of the 4.5 Star review I got today from Long and Short Reveiws - Here is my sexy snippet from One Knight in Brooklyn!

    His chest glistened in the soft glow of the lantern. He embodied her every desire. Robert kicked off his pants and boxers and slid her panties to her knees, trailing kisses down the middle of her chest and stomach. Her breath hitched in her throat, and she shuddered at the smooth satin of his lips. She shimmied out of the bikini briefs.

    The length of his sumptuous body glowed brazenly in the flickering light and left her gasping. Most girls didn’t go around in search of the perfect dick. Nevertheless, there it rose from a tuft of dark hair, strong and virile. She’d never seen anything more masculine than his unclothed body.

    She sat up to get a better look, and he gave her a cocky half-grin. Her heart skipped a beat. Affection for him flooded her, and she willingly yielded to his seduction.

    Robert leaned in, captured her lips, and forced her back into the mattress.

    1. When you came out with One Knight in Brooklyn, I couldn't WAIT to read it. Such a fun story. Congratulations on the excellent reviews and top ratings. And thank you for sharing your steam here today!

  4. This is my 1st time here, so I hope I do this right.

    This is from Obsession

    She looked up and there he stood with a bottle of wine in his hand.

    “I see you received the flowers.”

    “Thank you,” she replied as she walked slowly toward him.

    You could almost feel the electricity in the air between them, they were like two ends of a magnet searching for the connection they desperately needed. Hudson placed his briefcase and the bottle of wine on the table. She was finally in his arms and their lips met.

    Alex squealed as Hudson took a few steps and she found her back up against the wall. Alex was desperate for him, their hands and lips were all over each other.

    “Alex, God.” Hudson moaned when she undid his pants.

    They wasted no time undressing each other. Alex wrapped her legs around his waist and moaned as he eased into her. He started out slowly, as if wanting to savor the reconnection, but soon the passion swept over them and he took her fast and hard against the kitchen wall.

    Alex lay sated in Hudson’s arms on the kitchen floor as they tried to catch their breaths.

    “I’m so sorry about last night.”

    “You’re forgiven,” Alex replied before she kissed his chest. “But I’m at fault also, it takes two to fight.”

    “I started it.”

    Alex let out a laugh.

    “What’s so funny?”

    “I just realized that we’re lying on the kitchen floor naked in the middle of the afternoon.”

    “Well, maybe we should take this to a more appropriate room.”
    “Like where, the dining room?” Alex teased.

    Hudson laughed and stood up. “I prefer the soft bed over the hard table.”

    1. Loved this line: You could almost feel the electricity in the air between them, they were like two ends of a magnet searching for the connection they desperately needed.

      Thanks for sharing your excerpt (whew!). Loved hearing your online interview today, btw. Great job!!

  5. From Afterburn by Sonia Hightower, available on Amazon, ARe, 1Place, etc.

    Crystal waited what seemed like hours, her legs shaking as she stood there against the wall, her pussy dripping with wetness, her nipples perked so hard they hurt. In reality, it was a mere minutes before Grant came back with a condom slipped onto his shaft. He hadn't bothered to remove the suit. Crystal was aroused even more by this.

    He came up to her, pressing her against the wall. His hands cupped her buttocks and lifted her almost effortlessly. Their mouths mated before he trailed his tongue down her neck, lifting her even higher with his hands, until he found her breasts. Crystal leaned her head back against the wall, sighing with ecstasy as he took first one nipple, then the other, into his mouth. She twined her legs around his waist and thrust herself forward.

    Grant braced her with one arm, holding her up, while he grabbed his cock with the other, and watching her intently, began to rub it against her wetness. He rubbed up against her aroused clit before moving it down and pressing it against her entrance. Crystal felt a storm brewing inside her as Grant continued his motions, his dark eyes watching her, waiting for her to come. "Grant," she gasped. "Need you. You."

  6. It seems early, but I'm already turning on the fan.

    Tara! That scene rocks! You give just enough info to engage the reader's imagination - and let them fly from there. Thank you for sharing from AFTERBURN.

  7. First of all, I love the new pic at the top Sheri, it's really my kind of image...Hee-he. Secondly, I hope the flames are ready for this? It is all out and fiercely edgy. From my about to be released novel... More Sex. This is a scene from a BDSM story...Warning explicit.

    Shaking fiercely, she watched him unzipping his leather pants. “I am going to say I’m sorry first—-Rober,”Jewel whispered with a little fear in her quavering voice. Her body remained in place with her bent over offering, though every muscle she had was tense and expectant.
    Chuckling, he reached out and twisted one of her nipples as it hung down. “For what, sweet Jewel?” He tugged his pants lower and his hard, beautiful cock sprang forward.
    Jewel saw what she’d longed to see before, his luscious smooth cock stood out erect, long and hard and it was because of her. She realized now that he hadn’t been hard before because he liked to dominate. Involuntarily, her body coiled as she literally lurched forward and slid her greedy mouth over his erection and was sucking hard. Oh, the glorious taste and feel of him! Her body jerked and she was already shamelessly climaxing onto her fingers as she held herself.
    Rober did look angry while glowering down at her, sucking on him, her body spasaming with pleasure. With a low growl, he tugged her off.
    “For that.” Breathless, she finally answered his question as she fell to her knees, pulling for air and throwing her head back while she came fully on her fingers with a whimpering cry. Her eyes remained on him, as he stood tall above her. She kept her gaze locked with those fierce, glinting dark eyes of his and the orgasmic waves grew. “Oh!” she cried out. “I have-wanted—to taste—you for so long!”
    Standing very still, he glared at her. “You do know what I must do, Oui?” Grabbing her up, he tugged her close, holding her arm with one hand as he propelled his fingers up into her pussy.
    Her still climaxing vagina muscles clenched tightly around them. “Yes! Oh, yes I do know!” she shouted with a breathless gasping of pure glee.
    At her expectant response, a smile peeked at his lips as though he couldn’t prevent it. “You cannot be allowed to just…” He turned her around. “I will hurt you now, my sweet.” He ran a firm hand over her ass and slipped his fingers over her wet hole, using her moisture to dampen them.
    As he stepped closer, every nerve in her body was on fire. He grasped her hips, forcing her body over and then swiped her anus with his moistened finger. Knowing what he planned, she grew anxious and exhilarated. He is a master! She concluded with a heart pounding exhilaration.
    “I had planned to reward your sweet pussy with this, but you fucked that up.” His tone was calm and even, he was so controlled and yet unyielding.
    Jewel reached back and pulled her ass cheeks wide with pure elation and fear. She never dreamed that Rober could bring this kind of exquisite sublime feeling to her.
    Shunting a finger into her ass as though testing her tightness, he slid it back out.
    Dammit, he was being gentle, she screamed in her mind.
    Abruptly, he delved four fingers deep into her aching, throbbing pussy and she drew in her breath as her torso coiled from the sensation and in the same instant, he smoothly slid his hard dick into her ass.
    Jewel screamed as the delicious peaking of a pain-filled pleasure almost unhinged her.

    1. Hehehe, you like that pic, Leanore? Yeah, so did I. What I bet everyone likes is your darkly seductive selection here. This is some smoking hot stuff! I haven't seen you around much, and now I know why. Your writing cave must be a sauna after finishing MORE SEX. Congratulations on yet another book! Yee-haw!

  8. Thank you Sheri. It has been some intense days at the keyboard for me. Some of these stories will make you squirm and other will make you laugh. Almost there, then it goes to my best editor! Maybe I should have posted the sexy tense scene just before this one that led up to the kinky sex. Chuckle... I read todays line up here and they are hot and intriguing, I say a HOT bravo to all the authors.

  9. Oohhh! Is it hot in here or what? Great excerpts!

    From Her Unlikely Bodyguard, releasing June 15th through BP.

    Jemma Leigh returned to her research and left the men in the kitchen. A short while later, she heard careful footfalls as Ted made his way up the stairs to join her. "You finished with guard duty for now?"
    "Could be that I came up here to do some hands-on bodyguard work."
    "Oooh, I'm liking the sound of that, Teddy Bear." She loved it when they bantered back and forth like this, sexual innuendos abounding.
    "And I'm becoming addicted to your charms, Jemma Love."
    "Addicted speaks of something you crave over and over again. I'm loving the sound of that. Well, let's see about putting a little of my charm to work, shall we?" she suggested as she rose and went to meet him where he stood just inside the door.
    "This is madness," he said between hot, smothering, impassioned kisses. "We should have our ever-lovin' heads examined."
    "Later. We have more pressing issues right now," she declared as she pressed herself against him, the ridge of his erection pushing into the soft, tender skin of her belly. Standing back out of the way, she could see his shaft straining the seams of his jeans as it grew hard and ready for her.
    "Too many clothes," he announced as he danced her inside then closed and locked the door.
    As the lock snicked into place, Jemma Leigh started to undo her blouse, but his hands stilled hers as he requested, "Let me."
    Every button released meant the slightest touch of his fingers as they brushed against her skin. Oh, sweet torment! His hands glided sensuously over her upper body as he guided the blouse over her shoulders and down her arms, letting it tangle at the cuffs, effectively trapping her hands behind her as his gaze continued a slow, carnal investigation of its own. Bypassing her bra, he swept his hands over her curves to rest at the juncture of her thighs. He grabbed her mound through her jeans and rubbed, gently at first, then harder, and harder still, until she was twisting and moaning, grinding her pelvis against the pressure of his hand, seeking some relief from the erotic torture he'd created.
    Suddenly, he withdrew his hand, causing her to whimper in protest at being denied such pleasant sensations. Then she felt his hands at her waist, undoing the fastenings of her jeans, sliding inside to caress her hips as he worked the fabric down over her curves, baring all except the brief patch of curls hiding her pussy from view.
    Running a finger along the inside edge of her thong while the other hand teased the valley between her butt cheeks, he had her body humming at a fevered pitch. Then her eyes shot open as he left her standing there, semi-nude and bereft of his touch, but he'd only put enough space between them to rid himself of his clothes, watching her all the while with an intensity that caused his eyes to resemble rich, malted chocolate.
    He stood proud and erect in all his manly glory, and she couldn't take her eyes off him as he strode to the bed, pulling back the covers before returning for her. He swept away the rest of her clothing as he kissed her senseless. Then he picked her up and cradled her in his arms to carry her across the room, laying her down gently before lowering his body to rest beside her.
    "You know, this is only the second time we've made love in a bed," he stated as he lay on his side facing her, his head propped on one hand while the other rested leisurely at her waist.
    "Yes, I'm well aware of that, so let's get on with it," she teased. Taking his hand and moving it to her breast, she thrilled to his touch as he rubbed and massaged first one, then the other. She delighted in his sudden gasp as she took him firmly in hand to stroke the solid length of him.

    1. This is one of those teasers that leaves me with questions. Who are they? How'd they get to this point. What happens after this? June 15th can't come soon enough. Congratulations on your upcoming release with Breathless Press.

      A bodyguard. I love it. Thank you for coming by!

  10. Oh my...another sizzling hot Friday Flames!

    1. Did you bring the iced tea, Brendan? It's getting HOT in here!


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