May 11, 2012

Friday Flames

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Sizzling heat. Clenched teeth. Desire beyond reason...or rationale.

It's not easy to write a scene that captures your reader's imagination and attention. To hold them in a grip so tight...they go up in flames.

Today, I want you to share your Smoking Hot scene, the one that sends the reader...up in flames.
It doesn't have to be graphic, tension can increase the pounding of our blood. Lead us to the moment, keep us hanging by a thread.

To start it off, here's a snippet from my upcoming release.

She wet her lips and moved a step nearer. "We'd have to work closely together. You cool with that?"

Unveiled hunger smoldered in his eyes. She took a chance. Patience did something so far out of character that she even surprised herself. Lifting to her tiptoes, she turned her face up to his.

Heat sizzled from his arms and soaked into her body. His hot look of surprise was followed by an even hotter response. The moment he lowered his head and took her lips, broiler fans set on high blew over her. 

With a subtle shift of his legs and wicked ass, he burrowed her tighter against him. Apparently, it wasn't close enough, because his hand slid over her hip and pulled her closer into him. His palm continued to move lower, shaping a butt cheek through the thin t-shirt she wore. 

Dampness saturated her bikini panties—she shivered, realizing how unconcealed that sign of arousal was. 

Rhycious chuckled in a low tone, rubbing his hardened pelvis against her. "As far as working together, I'd say we're off to a great start." He let her feel his cock in its engorged splendor, and moved with sensuous play against her mound. 

His teeth nibbled and soft lips worked their magic down the side of her neck. She dropped her head back to give him further entrée. "We'll be totally teamed up. I'm game if you are."

"Should we practice our joint effort, polytima, and see how good we can be together?"

How much hotter could they possibly get? Much as she hated flames, her body burned hot enough to internally combust.

 Okay people! I showed you mine - now it's your turn to show me yours. Don't forget to leave your book title so interested parties can rush  out and buy a copy  :)


  1. WhoooHooo, it's my favorite day of the week. Friday Flames. Your Flame was SMOKING, Sheri!
    I don't have anything to post this week, but I will be checking in throughout the day to read others Flames.

    1. I can always count on YOU, Brendan. Oh, and here's a shameless plug for you:

      LOVE'S PROPHECY. Available at Amazon
      A wildly wicked and adventurous read about Warrior Vampires in a world originally created by Brenda M. Dyer.

    2. LOL, Mike. Thanks for the plug--appreciate it!

  2. Great job, my friend.

    This is from my 2nd, and possibly fave ms, called Rope the Moon.

    Cupping her bare breasts and as his calloused fingertips caressed her nipples into tight little buds, Jacy whimpered and arched off the bed. Her fingers curled around his neck.
    How could he make her want him like this? She felt weightless, as if he could free her to fly. Pressing against him, wordlessly, she begged for more.
    When he took one tight nipple into his mouth and gently bit down on it she thought she'd rocket straight into space. She heard the sounds coming out of her mouth but didn't recognize any of the words. She ran her hands across his bare back and her fingers brushed his scar. Tears burned her eyes. Ten years lost. Wasted time that could never be recaptured. If they could only hold on to some of that time now.
    Her knees fell apart in an invitation and he didn't need any encouragement. She wanted, no, needed him inside of her. To become one with him, to erase all the old hurts. As he stripped her undies away and easily slid one finger into her waiting wetness some of the pain melted away. She wanted him desperately.
    He pushed another finger far into her, and Jacy thought she'd die from the pure pleasure of it. When he moved his hand in a circular motion, she arched and cried out. It had been a long, long time, but it felt like they were together like this yesterday.
    "Don't let it happen yet, baby," he murmured against her mouth. "I want to be inside of you when you come."
    For answer, she thrust her hips against his hand. He pulled his fingers out of her and gently feathered them across the tiny nub at the opening of her sex. Jacy had to have him now--or go insane. Eagerly she pushed his shirt off his shoulders. Nothing could have stopped her from taking what he had to offer, even a herd of stampeding cattle. Her fingertips brushed his scar, and she paused momentarily. There was too much lost time to make up for right then. She nipped at his chest and undid his belt buckle and jeans.
    He helped her then, jerking them off. He breathed against her mouth, "Oh, how I want you."
    As she stroked him, he moaned against her mouth, "Jacy."
    Loving her power over him and wishing it could go on forever, she stroked him until he trembled. Rolling over, she allowed him to mount her with one sure stroke. Briefly he allowed her body to adjust to his size, then he began to move in the age-old rythym that felt so familiar. Need flashed through her and she increased her tempo. She couldn't get enough.
    As Nick rocked her, Jacy felt her muscles begin to contract. She dug her fingers into his back and bit his chest to keep from crying out. It felt so right, so good, to be here and she thought she'd scream from the pressure building inside her.
    He pushed in further. Against her earlobe he said, "Come for me."
    Waves of convulsions rocked her body. He kept moving until she couldn't stand it any longer. She couldn't stand it any longer and her release shook the very depths of her soul. He moved faster, harder, pleasuring her and himself with his body. She shuddered and called out his name.
    "Oh, God, Jacy," Nick moaned. He filled her; hot, hard, hammering until he, too, came.

    1. In true D'Ann writing style, I just love this line:

      Nothing could have stopped her from taking what he had to offer, even a herd of stampeding cattle.

      Wow. ROPE THE MOON - love it. Publish it!!

    2. When do I get to read this one, D'Ann? Yum!!!!

  3. Sheri, how can I resist? I'll share this little tidbit from my romantic caper Lying Eyes. My hero and heroine have been tied up by a couple of thugs.

    She watched him, wanted to touch him. Being tied left her at such a disadvantage. And yet, seeing Mickey in the same condition gave her this crazy sort of rush. This was exactly the sort of trap she was trying to avoid in life. There was something unknown, dangerous, thrilling about this encounter. She tried to remind herself her life could very well be at stake, but somehow, Mickey’s presence gave her much more hope than she’d had before.

    And then her thigh tingled beneath his hot breath. A tug on the cords and a nip of his teeth followed. Her legs tensed as she gasped. “What are you doing?”

    His stubbled jaw brushed her thigh, the sensation of scratchy heat sending jolts of desire up her spine. “Relax,” he whispered. “I’m trying to see if these cords are loose enough to free your legs.” He looked up at her, his eyes nearly black in the stripes of moonlight invading the dark room.

    She gulped nervously. “What for?”

    “So maybe you can get out of here.”

    “Oh.” She felt oddly let down by his matter-of-fact answer. His teeth scraped against her thigh again as he tried to pull at the cords. Iris closed her eyes, blotting out her fears for the moment. Instead, she replaced them with wishes of a whole new kind—foolish, dreamy, not-in-this- lifetime kind of wishes.

    Wishes that he would make love to her. Wishes that she could tangle her fingers in his dark hair and make this a very different encounter.

    “Relax your thighs,” Mickey said. “Let me try this one more time.”

    Iris nearly jumped out of the chair at the sensation of his hot, wet tongue sliding along her flesh and trying to work beneath the cord. She didn’t squeal, but her breathing became more labored.

    Mickey squinted up at her. “Sorry, is this getting to you?” He bent his head and plucked at the cords with his teeth. But she was pretty sure she’d seen him smile.

    “I don’t think this—” another gasp, “—is going to work.”

    “Come on, give me a few minutes. We’re in a bedroom, it’s dark, we’re alone. Just pretend I’m making love to you.”

    Iris held her breath. He hadn’t really said that. “Don’t joke about it, okay?”

    “Who’s joking?” He lifted his face, his gaze roaming over her. “If this is my last night on this Earth, I sure as hell want to spend it with you.”

    Trussed up as they were, Iris knew there was no way to fulfill either of their desires. And though she still didn’t believe him, she was grateful to pretend. “I want that, too, Mickey, but those guys could come in here any minute.”

    1. Amy - I am SO glad you decided to play today! Holy smokes! I love your writing. It's flirty and fun in a serious situation. Kudos!

      Lying Eyes - adding to my TBR...

  4. Smoking, Sheri & D'Ann!

    Here's a tidbit from my latest release, BEFORE THE MORNING (Corpus Brides: Book 2), a romantic suspense/espionage thriller about a spy who leaves the clandestine life all in the name of love, for the man she's always loved.

    Here's a scene of their reunion:

    He steeled his arms around her waist and lifted her feet off the ground. She giggled against his mouth; he smiled, before claiming her lips again. He couldn't get enough of kissing her, of her body pressed to his, and he prayed she would never let him go. Pleasure, as searing as intense pain, shot across his body when she brought up her hands and clutched his shoulders. She stroked her long, slender, delicate fingers across his skin, and each time she softly raked her nails against his biceps, he wanted to gasp.
    Holding her up against him, he took backward steps until he reached the open doorway between the entrance hall and the main reception room. Once inside the room, he pushed her against the wall. He couldn't wait to make love to her, to allow his hands to roam over her body, to kiss his way across every inch of her skin. He released her but didn't stop kissing her.
    She brought up her hands and tangled her fingers in his hair, kept his head in place while she returned each one of his devouring kisses. Repressed passion blazed between them, and he needed her naked—right there, right then.
    She wore some sort of shirt-dress, and he untied the sash at her waist. As he pushed the lapels wide with his hands, he let go of her mouth to trail kisses down her neck, her throat, her collarbone—every area he uncovered while sliding off her dress, he worshipped with his mouth and tongue.
    Small gasps escaped her, proof of the pleasure he brought her. His heart soared to know he did that to her. He'd do more—so much more—to make her happy, to bring her satisfaction, bliss, and solace.
    The dress landed in a heap at her feet, and he reached for her bra. He peeled down one lace and silk cup from her breast, closed his lips on her nipple, and sucked. Bloody hell, she tasted so good, her skin slightly sweet, with a hint of scent that reminded him of maple sugar.
    She gripped his hair tighter, then let go to trail her fingers down his back only stopping when she reached the waistband of his jeans. She reached around to the front, undid the button and zipper, then pushed the trousers and boxers down his body.
    She was as eager for him as he was for her.
    God, how I've waited for you!
    He wanted to look into her eyes, see her need for him, but her body kept him drugged, and he couldn't do anything except take his fix. Ash pulled his legs from the denim and kicked the jeans to the side. Then gently, he allowed his teeth to close on her nipple.
    She moaned and slid her body down the wall, taking him with her. He released her breast and rolled her onto the faux-bearskin rug on the wood floor, tucking her under him. A few inches shorter than he was, she fit perfectly under his body. He undid the front clasp on her bra and stripped her of her lacy knickers. Finally, she lay naked under him, and he marvelled at the perfection of her body. She had perky breasts, a small waist that he could probably span with his hands, and long, incredibly long legs that would drive any man crazy with the desire to have them wrapped around his body when he took her.
    She reached for him, lifted her head, and kissed him. Skin to skin, they met all along their bodies, and searing-hot flames licked along his limbs where she caressed him.
    And when she wrapped those legs around him, Ash thought he'd go mad. She opened under him, and all he wanted was to sink inside her body.

    You can find Before The Morning here, at

    1. Zee - This is SOOO GOOOD! It seems there are some lines that jump out at me and this is yours:

      Bloody hell, she tasted so good, her skin slightly sweet, with a hint of scent that reminded him of maple sugar.

      It gave me a sensory feedback I truly relished. Thanks for stopping by and playing!

    2. Lol, Sheri! Glad this little tidbit worked! xoxo

  5. Oh GOD! I love FF! It's like moist cake with inches of thick icing!

    Here is mine from my short little story in the Melting Hearts Anthology with Ruby Lioness Press titled The Driver's Seat

    But then he was on her, pinning her against the glass door with his massive body. The entry bell jangled with the force. She couldn't catch her breath. His hands roamed her sides. She couldn't move and didn't want to. The heat of him lit her on fire, and every place their bodies met ignited a flame.

    He buried his nose in her hair and blew a moist breath in her ear. "No panties, huh?" His finger tapped their seam under her skirt. "Then won't that make it easy."

    The lazy drawl slid through her like a sharp knife into tender flesh. Goosebumps rose over her arms, and the skin on the back of her neck tightened. Her nipples hardened, and pressed against his chest. His presence crowded and demanded place, making her shrink back, but the door held her in check. He pressed her upper body back against the glass as he snugly fit her lower body against him.
    His ironclad erection bore into her hip. Her head fell back and banged the door. She still couldn't get enough breath, and the sound of her panting shocked her.

    Maybe she should be scared or at least panicked, but all she could feel was the pulsing between her legs and his obvious regard against her hip.

    1. Casea - Congratulations on your latest publication! I'm so happy we're in the same pub house together .

      Best wishes on The Driver's Seat. Your contribution to the RLP anthology is outstanding!!

  6. And since this one's FREE this weekend only, I thought I'd share a snippet with you. :)

    For the release of Book 2, my publisher's marked down Book 1 in the Corpus Brides series, WALKING THE EDGE. An amnesiac woman is on a quest, between London & Marseille, to find her repressed memories. What she finds though, is danger, deceit, secrets, and a man who could've played an important part in her life before...

    She parted her lips when he drew closer. Tension sizzled between them, and she recalled that moment on the streets when he had stood so close to her and had touched her cheek.
    As if he too recalled it, he brought his palm up. The warm skin settled firmly along her jawbone, cradling it in his grasp. She closed her eyes under the feeling of security that spread through her. This feels so right, she thought, pressing her cheek into his palm.
    When his lips touched hers, the fire that had smoldered inside her blazed into a full-blown inferno. She opened her mouth to his kiss. His tongue delved inside to coax hers into surrender. She yielded willfully, her arms going around his neck. His kiss brought her alive, made her yearn for more, for everything, with him.
    * * * * *
    Gerard groaned. Her passion was enough to blow to ashes whatever remaining sense he still possessed.
    She's a killer, his rational brain prodded.
    She isn't going to kill me now, another side retorted. In fact, he'd die if he didn't have her. Not very professional of him, he reckoned, but who gave a damn right now? She made him think—
    Stop that!
    He needed to forget, to focus on the here and now. He released her cheek and reached down to grip the towel, peeling it off her in a rough jerk. She arched against him, and he moved forward, making her take a step back until her body pressed to the velvet-paneled wall.
    Her hand came down from his neck to open the buttons on his shirt, pushing off his shoulder holster in the process. He helped her and shrugged out of the leather, then the cotton garment. His bare skin brushed against hers; her hardened nipples rubbed against his torso. He groaned and tore his mouth from hers to trail hot, fevered kisses along the column of her throat.
    Small, plaintive moans escaped her on rushed exhales as she let him explore the recesses along her collarbone. She wanted him as much as he wanted her—he could feel it in the way she abandoned her body to his touch, to his kisses. He undid the button and zipper on his jeans and pushed them off, kicking them to the side.
    Her leg came up along his thigh, her soft skin sending sparks of desire along his limbs and throughout his body.
    Now. He needed her now.
    Bracing his hands on her ribcage, he pinned her to the wall. She understood what he wanted, and in the blink of an eye, her legs came up, brushing feverishly against his hips, then straddling his waist. Standing like that, his body aligned with her core, and with a none-too-gentle push, he swiftly entered her.
    Even with her face buried in the crook of his collarbone, he heard the moan she tried to stifle. Her soft, velvety lips trailed up his skin to settle on the pulse beating frantically in his neck. Her tongue darted out to caress the throbbing vein, and she rocked her lower body against his.
    He needed no further encouragement to meet her rhythm thrust for thrust. She weighed hardly more than a feather, yet her body took him as if she'd been made for him, responding to the fierceness of his taking her with an equally strong drive begging him to give her everything.
    She screamed and her nails dug into his shoulder blades. The flash of pain arching through him, right when he heard the echo of her pleasure in her heavy breaths, in the powerful contractions of her body, sent him over the edge. He came with a groan, emptying his seed inside her all while his soul felt it was losing himself in her.
    In a way, he had lost himself, because he'd just fucked the enemy.

    Grab your FREE copy here

    1. Thanks, Zee! I just downloaded my FREE copy. Off to share this with others now :)

    2. Can't wait to hear your thoughts in this story, Sheri! Thanks for helping me spread the word :) XOXO

  7. This is from my sexy romantic suspense DECEIVE HER WITH DESIRE:

    The damp heat of Austin’s silky tongue was such a wonderful contrast to the stubble of his beard grazing her breasts. She dug her fingers into his hair, pulling him impossibly closer. All she wanted was his fingers to bring her to the climax her body had refused to surrender for months. The way his mouth and hands were teasing her nipples was driving her crazy. Men in her past had been more a curiosity and had never failed to disappointment. But this man, the one with the talented hands working magic on her flesh was heating her blood to a fevered pitch of need. Deirdre was sure one touch to her clitoris and he would tip her over the edge into the release she so desperately sought.

    “I can’t get the…your dress.” Austin’s hand struggled behind her back. “Oh, baby, frig the zipper!”

    He laughed into her mouth just before his tongue plundered in and swallowed her gasp. In one swift motion, he pushed the dress up to her waist and cupped her mound, his fingers pushing the black thong aside and dipping into her moisture. He dragged her slippery heat to the throbbing bundle of nerves begging for attention.

    “Wet. You are so fucking wet.” Austin breathed the words into her ear before sliding down her torso.

    “No…I…” Deirdre knew what he intended to do and wasn’t at all sure she wanted his mouth on her. “Austin…I…” She couldn’t seem to string a coherent thought together as his teeth grazed her nipple. “Oh, God, I…”

    “Tell me what you want, baby.”

    It had been so long since someone had cared about her pleasure. In all the months with Brianna, their lovemaking was monosyllabic moans, at best. But here, with Austin, just for this night, she wanted to tell him—no, plead with him to satisfy her, but the words wouldn’t come.

    The air gushed out of her lungs on a moan as the rough pad of his middle finger circled her clitoris, the motion sending jolts of scorching pleasure over her nerves. “Yes, there, like… oh, God…yes, Austin…I…” The shocks of bliss shimmied through her, igniting little sparks that flashed up her core straight to her fingers gripping the leather armrest behind her head, anchoring her against his lascivious assault.

    His body slid down her torso, Austin’s fingers never losing contact with her body. His tongue worshiped her belly then her hip bone. He rubbed his stubbled face against the tender skin at the apex of her thighs, the prickly burn adding another dimension to the sensations ricocheting over her nerves.

    All the while, his fingers stroked her, bringing her closer and closer to the brink of ecstasy before widening the circle and pushing deep inside her. Each time he stopped and moved back, he drove her to a higher plateau of pleasure.

    “Deirdre, you’re beautiful, so beautiful. Open yourself for me.” Austin lifted her leg over his shoulder, spreading her wide. He teased the sensitive folds with her thong before pushing it aside. “Gorgeous. Sweet nectar, no man could resist.”

    He brought his mouth to her, laying his tongue flat he trailed it slowly up and down before pressing it deep. Austin mumbled an oath as her internal muscles clenched around his pulsing fingers. Deirdre shut her eyes, focusing on the myriad sensations his lips, tongue and fingers were creating. Feeling the incredible ecstasy building to a crescendo, she dug her nails into the taut muscles of his shoulders, her body lifting to meet the wonderful heat of his mouth.

    “Look at me, Deirdre. Don’t close your eyes.”

    She forced herself to obey, staring over her clenched torso at Austin’s eyes, dark with pleasure. There was something unnerving about how easily he had her trembling on the edge of delirium.

    Because damn, did he know how to please a woman or what?
    Available for Kindle and Nook

    1. Flaming torches of desire! Nina, your opening line is a HIT. Loved it. I hope you'll be back next week. :)

  8. Hot, hot, hot! I'm playing today... this is a snippet from my June 4 release 'What a Texas Girl Wants':

    Grinning, he slowly pulled his arms from the cotton as Kathleen, unable to look away as inch after inch of suntanned chest was revealed to her, tried desperately to calm her racing pulse. For a photographer who spent a lot of time in dark rooms he was certainly tanned. And buff.
    When his eyes fastened hungrily on her breasts she forgot to breathe altogether. Kathleen scrambled from her position against the walnut headboard, grabbing Jackson's ruined shirt from his thick fingers and tossing it across the room.
    She should have tried harder to attract him in college was all she could think as her eyes feasted on his muscled chest, the heavy sprinkling of hair there, narrowing until it disappeared completely beneath his jeans. Was there ever a more perfect picture of the male species, she wondered? Her fingers found his flat nipples and stroked, eliciting a soft groan from Jackson.
    He hurriedly shucked his jeans and then pushed her back against the down pillows. "I don't think either of us will forget this time around," he said, taking her mouth again, this time thrusting his tongue inside as if her mouth alone was keeping him alive.

    1. Kristina, your teaser did its job. They have a past; what is it? It looks like they'll have a future; how did it happen?

      I can't wait to find out. Thanks for coming by with your steamy hot scene!

  9. I'll jump in a play here - from my WIP - Capri's Fate. The "I" in the story is Capri talking and who she is talking to is a male voice the followed her home from the sex toys convention.

    I - casually - waved my arm about. "Can I touch you? See you?"
    "You would not understand our form. But I can touch you."
    A wave of heat slid up my leg.
    "Oooh!" When my breath returned, I asked the most logical question I could think of. "Why are you here?"
    "Earlier tonight you said, 'Let's see what the fates have in store'. Well the Fates have nothing in store for your friend, but for you…."
    I picked up my wine glass and took a couple of good gulps.
    "Lay back and relax. I promise I won't hurt you. I cannot. I can only provide pleasure." His hand caressed my right shin. Let's call it a hand - it's just easier.
    My flesh reacted as if it had been burned. But in a good way. It wasn't pain. Curiously, maybe a little bizarrely, but there was definitely a hint of wicked in the touch.
    The same sensation scorched my left shin. Part of me needed to check if my flesh was flushed and blistered, but I couldn't move. I thought if I did, I would somehow break the spell. A bead of sweat dribbled down my neck.
    With a movement as soft as the brush of a feather, both hands traveled up my thighs and stopped at my hips.
    With a swift sweep, he skimmed my arms, legs, front, engulfing me in his touch.
    My flesh tingled as goose bumps speckled my arms. The only sound I could hear was my breath as the pants escaped my lips. I opened my eyes. My body glowed from the heat.
    An icy snake-touch slithered from my hips to neck. As fast as the coolness touched my body, heat filled its place.
    A feverish fondle on my breast preceded a frosty streak across my neck, followed by a sizzling trail along my spine and an icy tap on my inner thigh. I couldn't focus. My heart pounded in my chest. My breath caught in my throat only to be snatched away by the next gasp. A blissful wave surged through me as I slipped into relaxed darkness.

    1. Oooh!! Nice Daryl. Hehe, I'll go open your crit file and have a more in-depth peek at this one! Excellent flaming scene.

    2. Love it, Sheri. This is an excerpt from FUR BALL FEVER.

      He captured her lips with his mouth. His kiss was slow and tantalizing, an erotic invitation to sensual delights. His tongue conducted a leisurely exploration of her mouth, twined, tasted. But he didn’t touch any part of her body.

      Caught up in the whirlwind, she could do little else but curl her toes.

      When he freed her lips, her breath was coming hard and fast. More turned on than she could ever remember, she took another risk. Still gasping for air, she explained, “Most bondage scenarios revolve around a fantasy.” She paused for a beat, gathering her courage. “You said I’d be in charge,” she reminded him. “I want to act out a fantasy.”

      He gave an audible gulp. “Anything specific?”

      “Mmmm-hmmm,” she said around a deep, shuddering breath. One fantasy had tantalized her thoughts and tormented her dreams ever since she’d laid eyes on Nick. Breathing hard, she raised her head. “You’re the white knight. I’m a fair maiden you’re rescuing from the clutches of an evil ogre.”

      His eyes blazed. “I can live with that, darlin’,” he said. “Is this fair maiden conscious or unconscious?”

      A wave of hot desire thickened her speech. “Sleeping. The white knight is trying to awaken her.” Suffused with the heady liberation of surrender, Grace closed her eyes and held her breath. She didn’t have to see Nick to feel the heat of his gaze scalding her skin. The tension became unbearable.

      Then the mattress sank under his weight. Although he didn’t touch her, his body radiated heat. The aroma of sandalwood and hungry male enveloped her. She compressed her lips on the moan that struggled to escape. If the white knight didn’t do something, and fast, she would jump clear out of her skin.

      His mouth skimmed her cheek, trailed heat down her jaw line, feathered tiny kisses down her neck. He stopped above her right breast. She pictured him staring. Her nipples throbbed with anticipation, longing for the tug of his mouth. She held her breath, squeezed her eyes shut, forced her body to remain motionless. This was too good, too delicious, to break the spell. Her body was on fire simply from imagining his next move.

      The mattress shifted. She opened one eye a slit to find him kneeling between her legs. Closing the eye quickly—-before he noticed the fair maiden was wide awake and more than ready for action—-she waited, clenched and quivering.

    3. Holy Hotness! I can see why you were given such a GREAT REVIEW on Fur Ball Fever!! Congratulations on that, btw.

      Thank you very much for sharing your scene. Whew! *takes a drink of iced tea*

  10. OMG! There are so many hot snippets here today! I'm melting over here! Nicely done everyone! You rock!!

    1. *passes Jenn the fan* You ain't kidding - and there's more below! lol (doesn't that just sound naughty?)

  11. Whew...another awesome week of hotness! Someone pass me the ice water and fan!

  12. Awww one day I'll have something to add here! But I do love reading all your excerpts. Truly great stuff, ladies!

    1. Thank you for not clicking away, but leaving everyone a message to let them know how much you enjoy their writing. It means so much to the authors who slave over their hard won words.

      See you here again real soon, Melissa!

  13. This is a snippet from Hot For The Teacher by me and my fellow co-author Bella Rosso,that is contracted and soon to be published.

    He closed his eyes as her hand went to his chest. He looked like he was losing it and then, finally, he opened his eyes and looked at her. “Say it, Dyani. Say that you want me. Tell me to take you, right here, right now.”
    His words pushed her out of her trance and she found she wanted to tell him that, wanted to at least experience him once before he tired of her. Tired of the game he was playing. “I do want you Caleb,” she swallowed hard. “There I said it. Does that make you happy?”
    He grinned, “Not yet.” He grabbed her by the waist pulling her firmly against his lean, hard body while backing her up against the wall of her office. Then his mouth was on hers kissing her with a passionate hunger, the heat of his body seeping in to her every pore.
    She gasped softly as he grabbed her and pressed her against the office wall. When his mouth settled on hers in that deep and amorous kiss, she was AWOL from all coherent thought. Her hands moved slowly up his chest to cup at the back of his neck as she pressed to him. Her reason had all but escaped her.
    They were both breathless and panting, and Dyani could tell that Caleb needed to touch her just as badly as she wanted him to touch her. His hands pulled her shirt out of her skirt’s waistline and found the skin of her waist and ribcage. She felt his hands tremble as if he was fighting the urge to rip her clothes from her. Instead she felt him pulling her stark white shirt over her head, then heard him groan at the as he looked at her. Her breasts were full and round, they filled out the red-heart shaped bra well. Her dusky areola’s peeked out from the top of her bra.
    “You are so fucking beautiful, Dyani. I can’t take my eyes off of you.” He leaned down and nipped the top of one of her breasts and then the other one. His hand snaked around her and popped the clasp and her bra dropped to the floor. He grunted deeply, “So fucking beautiful.” He growled before taking one of them into his mouth.
    “Ohhh Caleb, oh!” Her fingers moved to stroke into his hair, pressing him to her breasts, thrusting the aching nipple into his mouth. She knew she should be pushing him away, but if she were honest she didn’t want to. She didn’t.

    1. Nikki - congratulations on your contract! That's so exciting. I hope you'll post more soon, and have a link for everyone to buy . Thanks for stopping by to play!

  14. Okay, too HOT in here! LOl You are all making Leanore look like a danged schoolgirl. Well, here is what may happen if you visit The Lightning Pool in Nowhere, Arizona...This is from Book two Gateway to the Sun.

    He blinked at her words and felt an alarm go off in his head. He sat back onto his heels. “Now, Sophie, you had a trauma and---”
    “No!” she shouted as she sat up and unbuttoned his jeans. She reached in and grabbed his hard cock. “Mmm,” she moaned.
    Immediately, he stiffened as her soft fingers grasped him. She stroked him with rapid hard strokes. He had already gone hard, but this caused him to swell painfully.
    Letting go of his cock, she pulled his jeans down further.
    Breathing heavily, all clear thinking flew away as he stood up on the bed. He quickly, took his jeans off. She sat up onto her knees and latched her mouth onto his stiff throbbing cock. He threw his head back as she sucked on him.
    Moaning loudly, she stroked him with her mouth, forward and back several times.
    He thought he would burst as her hot silky mouth caressed him. He reached down and pulled her off. “Are you fucking crazy?” He felt conflicted and full of frustration because he'd lost control. Nothing seemed normal or made any sense. “What are we doing?”
    She sank back onto her knees and put her hands down between her legs “Please Rick, it hurts so much. I need you.” She was rubbing herself. “I don’t know what’s happening, but please!”
    He stared down at her as she massaged herself with a low moan in her throat and he grew hard again at the sound of it. He lay her back on the bed and pulled her knees up.
    “Yes, to have you inside me, again!” She was gasping for air.
    Without effort, he moved his pelvis back. I need to stop; she not in the right frame of mind for this. Again, his body didn’t obey him as he tilted her hips back and plunged high up into her.
    She screamed with ecstasy.
    In answer to her pleasure filled screams, he thrust into her violently and repeatedly. He couldn’t stop now—he had no choice—he just kept plunging into her hot, wet pussy. He was full of lust and heat, and a wild throbbing ran through him as she moaned loudly.
    Her eyes widened, as she seemed to stiffen. “Oh—oh!” she shouted out as she climaxed.
    Lifting her up closer, he continued to pound into her, and felt himself climax inside of her.
    She grabbed onto his shoulders and yanked him down. “You feel the same as you always did, Cutter,” she panted the words out.

    1. It's never Friday Flames unless Naughty Leanore stops by. If everyone likes this scene from her book "Gateway To The Sun", you'll like her other 29 books she has out.

      As always, thanks for stopping by!
      *blasting the air conditioning now*

  15. Hot, hot, hot!!! Now, where's my husband?! GREAT excerpts ladies!

    1. Hehehe - was he standing right behind you?

  16. Angel of Death Book 1

    Demonic pulled away from her for a moment to look into her cat eyes, the silent question hung between them. Now was the time to pull back or it would be too late. She answered his question by opening her blouse to him. Her nipples were hard from desire. His mouth came back down to claim hers in a furious kiss and his hands cupped her breasts toying with them making them ache with need. Mika’s hands traveled over his chest and down his back in a way that goose bumps covered his flesh. He needed her as he’d never needed a woman before in his life and he wanted it to last. As hard as it was he pulled back from her, then he picked her up in his arms and carried her to his bed. Gently, he laid her down. For a moment he simply let his eyes absorb the beauty of her. Her black hair was fanned out across the satin pillow. The soft light filtered in through the window made her skin glow as if she wasn’t part of this world. Her blouse was half opened still exposing her perfect breasts that he longed to kiss. In fact, he wanted to kiss every inch of her beautiful body. For he felt that any moment he might wake up and this would be just another dream and his love angel would once again disappear in the wake of dawn.

    Blessed Be
    Leigh Savage

    1. Love your characters names. Great excerpt, too. I hope you'll keep sharing every Flaming Friday! Thank you!

  17. Loved all the excerpts!

    Lea Ellen {night owl in IL}

    1. Hi Lea Ellen!! Thanks for stopping by.

  18. All of these were truly smokin', another great week at the Flames, Sheri. Nice one, Leigh Savage!

  19. SNOW WHITE AND HER SEVEN LOVERS by Jenna Ives. Available at amazon &

    Today was Saturday. That meant sex with Doc tonight.
    Not only was he a real doctor, but his favorite sexual fantasy was to “play doctor” with me. And frankly, my favorite activity was to spend the whole week thinking up ailments that he could, um, treat me for.
    Yes, Saturday was my favorite day of the week. Not that I’d admit it to my six other lovers. I was very satisfied with — and by — each of them, in their own special ways. But Doc was my clear favorite.
    With a shiver of anticipation, I knocked lightly on Doc’s bedroom door. He looked up from the thick medical journal he was studying at his desk.
    “I’m sorry to bother you, doctor, but I have this pain...”
    A slow smile spread across his handsome face. The game was on.
    “I see.” His voice dropped to a low rumble, and his blue eyes darkened to the sexiest shade of sapphire. I loved it when he looked at me like that. It made me go all shivery inside. “Where exactly would this pain be?”
    “Between my legs, doctor.”
    “Hmm. Is it a sharp pain, or more of a dull ache?”
    I feigned innocence, playing my part. “I’m not sure. It just feels... uncomfortable.”
    “Ah. A medical mystery. Well then, I’ll definitely need to examine you to determine what might be causing it. Take off your clothes and hop up on the bed.”
    “All my clothes?” I made my voice sound sweetly naïve. God, how I loved playing these games!
    “Oh, yes. The discomfort might be between your legs, but it could originate in another area of your body. You never know.”
    “Well… all right, doctor. If you say so.”
    He rose from his chair and headed for the closet. I knew he was going for his medical bag, the one he always kept in the house for emergencies, the one which had been enhanced recently with a few special, er, instruments that he only used on me.
    I shivered in delicious anticipation and slipped out of my clothes, letting them fall haphazardly to the floor. Then I laid on his bed.
    Doc turned from the closet. He was wearing his white lab coat now, and carrying the black leather bag. “Scoot down to the edge of the bed. I need your legs bent, and your luscious bottom right at the edge so I can perform my examination.”
    I did as he ordered. I particularly loved this part of the game — the moment of complete surrender and vulnerability, that nanosecond of breathless anticipation before he touched me for the first time.
    He knelt on the floor at the foot of the bed and gently pried my bashful knees apart. I resisted for only the merest instant.
    He reached into his bag and pulled out his stethoscope. “Let’s listen to your heart first.”
    “My heart? But the pain is between my legs, doctor…”
    “Patience. I have to be thorough in my examination.”
    The stethoscope was ice cold against my chest, but that was nothing compared to the feel of it when Doc purposely moved the round end up the slope of my breast to tease my nipple. I gasped at the shock of cool metal against that sensitive point, but my body responded exactly as he apparently hoped it would. My nipple hardened to a tight little peak.
    “Good. Your reactions are within the normal range.” He slung the stethoscope around his neck. “Now. Tell me if you feel this between your legs.”
    He took my nipple between the thumb and forefinger of his hand, and twisted it in the most deliciously erotic manner. Intense pleasure shot straight from my breasts right down between my legs.
    “Ooooh.” My head arched back into the mattress as my body jerked. “Yes, doctor, I feel do it down there. Is the problem in my breasts, then?”
    “No. That’s just a symptom.” He let go of my nipple and settled himself between my legs. “The real problem is here, but it may be hard to pinpoint. I’ll have to perform several…tests. Luckily, I have a special...probe...that I can use.”
    A special probe? Mmm. I know what I hoped that probe would be…
    He turned his attention between my legs.

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