May 4, 2012

Friday Flames

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Sizzling heat. Clenched teeth. Desire beyond reason...or rationale.

It's not easy to write a scene that captures your reader's imagination and attention. To hold them in a grip so tight...they go up in flames.

Today, I want you to share your Smoking Hot scene, the one that sends the reader...up in flames.
It doesn't have to be graphic, tension can increase the pounding of our blood. Lead us to the moment, keep us hanging by a thread.

To start it off, here's a snippet from my upcoming release.

Portals of Oz
“Jack,” she moaned.

“Say my name again.” Pleasure like no other washed over at the sound of his name on her lips. His hand brushed her heated core, and he hummed his appreciation. “You don’t wear underwear?” A wolfish grin pulled his lips. “You’re so smooth and wet.”

“I’ve never liked … they’re … I don’t grow hair ….” She couldn’t form a complete sentence as he flicked his teasing fingertips.

“You don’t like panties, and you don’t have hair here?” he helpfully supplied for her. He slid lower down her body, taking a pert nipple into his mouth, drawing on it deeply. The taste of orange blossom honey burst in his mouth, and he groaned the delicious taste of her.

He swirled his finger around her little nub without direct contact. Her hips searched to increase her pleasure, writhing and moaning her need. The succulence seeping from her body was laden with pheromones and musk. Jack inhaled the heat of her. It tempered his cock into steel, and made his head spin.

Excited, hot, her body readied itself for him.

Okay people! I showed you mine - now it's your turn to show me yours. Don't forget to leave your book title so interested parties can rush  out and buy a copy  :)


  1. Hot teaser! Here's mine from Ravished Before Sunrise. :)

    A wicked grin spread across his face and he grabbed her ankles and pulled her
    to the edge of the bed. She gasped at the sudden rush of adrenaline. Her vampire
    knelt between her legs and nipped at her right ankle. The tickling touch of his
    teeth and lips moved up her calf to her inner thigh. He lifted his head and met her
    stare with glowing eyes and smiled with gleaming fangs.

    Ema’s heart pounded in her ears and a seductive voice within taunted her to
    take him. His energy called out to her, and she wanted to answer.

    Without taking his gaze from hers, he lowered his head to place a kiss on her
    mound. When he rubbed her clit, she fisted the sheet to keep from reaching out
    to him, afraid she would lose the battle with the demon urging her to take him.

    1. Hot-Hot-Hot! Love the fangs :) Thanks for sharing, Lia!!

  2. Here is a tease from Volume Two: Alphabetical Assignation - from my Summer's Journey series. (Volume One: Losing Control is FREE on Amazon today and Saturday - 5/4/12 - 5/5-12 incidentally.)

    Keeping me totally guessing, Mark now slid one long finger deep inside my wet pussy as his tongue once again gently explored my labia and teased my clit. He lightly flicked his tongue across my swollen button as another finger joined the first and alternated between slow deep thrusting and searching for the quite elusive g-spot on my upper vaginal wall. I moaned loudly and lustily now, not caring who might hear. At that moment the USC marching band could have been performing a routine straight across the bed, and I would have only responded by thrusting my hips a little harder at Mark’s willing tongue. Somehow another finger found its way to my ass and lightly teased just the opening of my tight passage, its journey made quite easy by the copious fluids now flowing.

    The added stimulation drove me over the edge and my hips thrust up into Mark’s tongue even harder as my wet tunnel clenched and rippled around his fingers. As Mark somehow kept his tongue in contact with my gyrating pelvis and bouncing clitoris, I grabbed his hair with both hands and exploded in pleasure.

    1. Summer - I'm heading over to download your book right away. Whew! Thank you for sharing and steaming the screen.

  3. Whew! Hot, hot, hot! Gonna get all three books! Thanks for sharing, ladies!

  4. Here's a clip from "Fairy Tail" - Available on Amazon

    Thrusting her porcelain ass at me, which looked as if it could crush steel with the slightest clench of her cheeks, she sighed. “Do you like what you see?”
    “Are you serious?” I replied, my eyes devouring every inch of a body I’d willingly chew my own arms off for.
    “Not that I’m complaining, but fairy men are either incredibly stupid, or blind.”
    Holding out her hands to me, she smiled and said, “Oh no, they’re not blind. And they’re definitely not stupid. I suppose it explains why I shouldn’t be here.”
    I was about to ask her why someone like her would have such trouble getting the guys to help her, when she dropped to her knees in front of me and took me into her mouth in one flowing motion.
    The combination of shock and the feeling of her hot, silky lips closing greedily around my throbbing shaft had me reciprocating the flowing motion almost instantly.
    Cumming like a piston release valve, my legs gave way.
    As my back arched and my body turned to jelly, her hands slid around to grasp my ass more firmly than I would have thought possible.
    She seemed to control my fall as I folded back over my knees, and the next thing I knew, I found myself flat on the floor with this cock hungry vixen still firmly attached to me like a limpet, sucking and slurping furiously away like there was no tomorrow. Any man will tell you, the old boy is a little bit sensitive for a few seconds after reaching the height of ecstasy, so her administrations had me twitching and gasping like I was being beaten with a cattle prod.
    That only seemed to arouse her further, and as she continued to fill her mouth with all she could, she contorted round on top of me so she could lower her groin toward my mouth.
    I didn’t need to read an instruction manual to know what to do next. I’ve always loved pleasuring women this way, especially when they’re as smooth as this horny minx was, and it seemed she was as equally enthusiastic about being brought to climax orally as I was.
    Her sex ground hard against my face as my mouth and tongue went to work on her, flicking across her clitoris one moment, burying deep into her folds the next, and causing her to groan noisily around an ever-present mouthful of me.
    I pleasured her mercilessly, making her squeal, my hands flowing over every inch of her body that I could reach, squeezing, kneading, and molding her into a panting frenzy.

    1. My husband applauded your snippet. He'd like to see more of what you write. Thank you, Andrew!!

  5. These are smokin'! Here's a teaser from Wicked Allure, available on Amazon:

    Exquisite sensation stimulated her entire body at the contact and she braced herself on her knees, moving rhythmically against his swiping tongue. Like a dancer, she lost herself to the internal beat of her body. He sucked her little bud and a scream caught in her throat, her body jerking, her nipples hard and hurting. Her breath coming in short pants, Madigan wiggled faster against Zach’s mouth, enthralled and inflamed by the sight of his mouth devouring her wet flesh.
    Noticing that she watched him, he pushed her slightly up and extended his tongue, flattening it against her clit and moving it in short, fluttering strokes. Madigan’s senses reeled at the erotic image. Her womb tightened and she shivered. He continued to lap at her with the flat of his tongue, bringing her to the brink of madness before easing up and refusing her the satisfaction of release. He was using his tongue to inflict the sweetest torture upon her. Licking. Lapping. Stroking.
    Madigan squeezed her breasts together, caressing her aching nipples with her fingertips. “Please, Zach,” she moaned, her voice high and desperate. “Please let me come.”
    At her cry, he reached behind her and slid a finger into her, his tongue still flicking mercilessly against her folds, her own fingers pulling at her nipples. Heat spread from her breasts and into her belly, centering between her legs. Shivers seized her and she convulsed against his mouth, frantic and intense.

    1. Awesome snippet! Loved your last paragraph, great way to end. Thank you for stopping by.

  6. Fanning the Flames of desire - Our own lovely Sheri! Thanks for the opportunity! These are very hot.

    Here is mine from The Implanting, my new upcoming release!

    She stared into his unguarded eyes, and without hesitation climbed astride him, resting her knees on the rock at either side of his thighs. Tilting his head up, she lightly kissed his lips, running her fingers through his wet hair. You feel like heaven. She drew in the sweet flesh of his bottom lip. He softly growled. Waves of want washed over her.

    Trailing his hands up her sides, under her arms, and around her back, he caused her body to throb. Oh God. She placed her lips flush with his and opened her mouth. His tongue needed no further invitation but slid inside, discovering the backside of her lips and the straight edge of her teeth. The ache between her legs became more intense. Moving their mouths in rhythm to the softly drumming current, they explored, teased and tasted in a sensual experience that Abby drank in like spiced wine.

    He grasped on her hips, and pulled them down, settling his erection between. Moaning into his mouth, she encouraged him on. Her heart sought that union with his, and her body searched for intimate release. His arousal pulsed. She smiled against his lips. Her aching desire would be realized.

    1. And realize her desire she would! Whew Kary. Steam is beading on my laptop's screen now! The Implanting - I'll be looking for this!!

  7. Here's a continuation of my WiP Demon Mine:

    Tortured breathing sounded through the room, hitting her ears. She realized it was coming from the both of them and then he was shouting as he released within her filling her with his seed. His cry muffled against her skin as his cock shot threads of his thick cream into her tight recesses. Her legs wrapped tight about him, holding him snuggly to her as her hands ran soothingly up and down his back.

    It was almost too much, too much pleasure and need, her orgasm having left her overly sensitive. She moved against him but his hands stilled her. "No, baby...stay." His words sounded desperate. His words calmed her and made her press even closer to him. She could never comprehend the underlying pain and nervousness she heard in his voice at times like these. The urgency she felt in him, made her wonder. Wonder what could he possibly be worried about? He was so strong, but then there was situations like this where he showed his vulnerability.

    "I wasn't going to Samael. I never want to be apart from you. You know that." His hold loosened from her body, the death-like grip relaxed once more. He stroked his fingers up her body capturing her breasts within them, squeezing and pulling at her nipples, as he thrust into her, his cock still hard and pulsing. She gasped from that hard thrust, then that gasp turned into a whimper as he pulled out of her slowly, leaving only the head of his cock buried within her.

    Her eyes wide she watched him as he moved his hand between them, to grab his cock as he teased it along her lips, wetting his cock completely in her juices as well as his. The head of his cock, encircled her clit and she whimpered arching her hips off the bed.

    "What do you want, Lili?" She hissed as he smacked his cock against her clit. The pain was exquisite. Her hands moved to grip the bedding as she thrust up against him.

    "You, always you and only you." Smack. His cock hit her clit again and she gave a low keening cry. Her eyes closed.
    "Puh-lease Samael...fuck me!" Needy.

    He took her legs, placing them over his shoulders as he positioned himself once more between her thighs. "Baby, I am going to fuck you. Nice and hard like we both want and desire."

    1. Nikki, Nikki, Nikki. You erotic writer you! Well done.

  8. Hot excerpts here!! *fans self*

    Thanks, Sheri for offering your blog to share excerpts!

    Here's one from my debut story, Celestial Seduction, which was published almost a year ago.

    Carrie’s body tensed further as he brought her closer to orgasm. The foreplay started with some reluctance; she suspected sex was simply about breeding on his home planet. He learned fast though and she hadn’t been afraid to teach him. His body screamed sexual god. She took it as her responsibility to show him what it could do. Sex with an alien never entered her mind before, but she’d never imagined an alien to be so virile. She wanted to experience every inch of him.

    He removed his fingers and tasted her, his tongue just as elongated as the rest of his body. She struggled to hold still as it swept around, touching every sensitive spot inside. “I never expected….”

    He moved three fingers inside of her, set together like a cock and took her words away.

    Finding her clit, he learned that rubbing it drove her wild. “You like that?” She heard all the confidence back in his voice.

    As she tried to nod, he plunged his fingers further in. She could only get “uh huh” out as a moan, not wanting to move for fear of losing the sensations. Her moans became higher pitched as he drove into her harder and faster, his thumb rubbing her toward ecstasy.

    She screamed with pleasure as the orgasm tore through her body.

    1. His tongue is as elongated as the rest of him? I LIKE! I want to let everyone know that Jessica is on a book tour right now. Look for her on Facebook and follow her around. It's a study of great writing.

  9. Whew! I just turned on my fan! These are definitely up in flames today! Mine is from Almost Perfect, Read For A Cure Book for May from Decadent Publishing:

    Dazed with desire, she leaned back as he untied his pants. In another liquid movement, he slid them over slim hips so his engorged cock sprang free. She watched it bob before her and her ache doubled.

    “Stand up a second.” When she did, he sat down and turning her around, drew her onto his lap, her back pressed against his chest. He wrapped his arms around her, beginning to explore. One hand cupped her breast, caressing the smooth flesh while thumb and forefinger tweaked her nipple with pinches that sent fire bolts to her core. His other hand explored her mound, a finger circling her clit lightly enough to put her on edge, but not to satisfy. All the while, his tongue swirled over her ear and his lips nibbled down her nape. She couldn’t remember such a sensory overload. Every nerve, inside and out, sizzled in anticipation. She writhed in his lap, her body twitching with desire.

    “You ready?” His dick rubbed between her thighs, hard as stone.


    “Good!” He lifted and slid her down onto his hot, waiting cock. They groaned together, the sounds oddly similar. He rocked them in a gentle glide back and forth, and she forgot about breathing. The rhythm urged him deeper and deeper as his hands fondled both her nipples and her mound. But she needed to touch him. She reached back to grasp his head, bowing her body as he thrust forward into her.

    1. I can't think of a better reason to buy a steamy HOT romance than to contribute to find a cure. Buy your copy today! Thank you for sharing today, Jenna Jaxon!

  10. All I can say is HOLY HOTNESS, BATMAN!!!!

    1. LOL, Brendan! Can you believe the heat level here today?

  11. Whooeee. Hot stuff, ladies. This is from The Cowboy's Baby. Probably what I might query next. It's a little long...

    He kissed her.
    This time it wasn’t slow and easy. His tongue ravaged hers. Tasting, teasing. Pulling away, rushing back. Like a starving man he devoured her mouth. And she kissed him back just as eagerly. She couldn’t get enough of him. She cupped his face with her hands, the slight stubble on his jaw grazing her palms.
    He tugged at the edge of her sweater and she reached between them to undo the clasp on her belt. It fell away and his hand spanned her ribcage, the heat from his hand searing her skin. His fingers brushed the underside of her breast and she moaned.
    She pushed him back until he lay stretched out on the sofa with one foot braced on the floor. Crawling up on him, she nestled between his legs, his erection obvious against her stomach. She wiggled and he groaned into her mouth. Pleased, she did it again.
    “Lady, stop,” he begged hoarsely.
    Instead, she kissed him once more.
    His hands slid under her sweater, running them up her back. His palms were rough from work and their raspy texture against her bare skin created a wave of pleasure through her. The clasp of her bra gave way easily, freeing her breasts. Her nipples hardened more than she thought possible. “Make love to me.”
    She reached for the hem of her sweater and froze in surprise when he placed his hand over hers. “Are you sure, Cat?”
    All the reasons they shouldn’t be together raced through her mind. She looked into his deep green eyes and they vanished. “I’m sure.”
    He took her breast in his hand, large fingers fanning over it. Capturing her nipple between his long fingers, he pinched until it stood erect. Even the lace of her bra against the tip almost too much to bear when he released her to shove her sweater up around her neck. She helped, sitting up to give him room to get it over her head. Her bra fell away, unnoticed.
    Topless, she knelt above him and observed as he undid the zipper on her jeans. Through half-closed eyes, she watched him slide the denim past her hips. His big hands on her bare skin sent a shudder through her.
    “You’ve got to stand,” he said in an unsteady voice.
    Using his chest for balance, she stood and let her jeans fall to her feet. Carefully, she stepped out of them. Illuminated only by the firelight behind her, Cat stood completely nude in front of him. She fought the urge to cross her arms over her stomach, to hide the stretch marks a long ago pregnancy had put there. Instead she lifted her chin, dangled her hands at her sides and stood proudly before him as his eyes roved over her. Only a hungry passion burned in their depths. No disgust. No revulsion.
    He rose off the couch and shrugged out of his shirt and boots. When he reached for the zipper on his jeans she placed her hands over his. “Let me.”
    His hands fell away. And it was his turn to watch as she freed him.
    He lifted his hips and helped her slide his jeans down his long legs and over his feet. She eyed his erection and licked her dry lips. They fit, she knew that, but right now she didn’t remember how she’d accommodated his size.
    “Come here,” he urged.
    When she hesitated for another moment, he placed a hand on her hip and pulled her forward. To keep from falling on top of him, she stretched out beside him. He covered them with a red and black plaid blanket from the back of the couch. With a quick flip, he moved over her.
    She looked into his eyes. “Tanner?”
    “I still don’t have a condom.” She thought bitterly of the box she’d purchased earlier, still stowed in the grocery bag.
    He kissed her, then said into her ear. “I do.”
    Instead of the relief she should feel, her stomach twisted into an angry knot. Risking a pregnancy with her obviously frightened him.

    1. You have tension, both sexual and otherwise. Query this out, D'Ann. I love it. You've kept it so real, incorporating things not normally mentioned in imperfections of the body. *applause*

  12. Have to say I loved every entry! HOT!!!!


    1. ROFL - You're STILL here, Nikki! I love it...

    2. LMAO of course...and I came back again :)

  13. I always swallow really heavy when I read this particular one.(chuckle)
    FROM BEASTS~ King Of Vengeance

    “Say it, Rose.” His fingers rested inside of her as he passed his warm palm over a tingling nipple.
    Valentine’s body jerked as the glorious finger propulsion halted and she shook her head while she gazed at his reflection in the mirror.
    “Tell me,” he purred to her ear.
    A living need for anything and everything he might wish do to her became like a tender aching inside of her. “Make me…” She licked her lips as she stared at his hand resting on her clit in the mirror. “Make me come.”
    Victor lifted her higher and tilted her hips back. “I’m going to watch you come.” He shoved his hard cock into her, the seductive threat rumbling through her.
    "Ahh…" She actually could see him go up and deep into her pulsing slick pussy. “Oh, no." She shuddered violently.
    "Yes, that is what you will do." He thrust into her. "You will come for me and your body will curl with need. I will fill you and satisfy that need. And we’ll watch together, "he promised with another deep push of his cock.
    She could see her body convulse with his powerful thrusting, while utterly helpless to compose herself.
    “Come for me, little Rose. Just let that sweet cream slide over me,” he urged as his solid, throbbing cock thrust inside her again.
    Her body shuddered with the words and she began to climax. "Oh, Oh!" she shouted with astonished delight, as her body convulsed and quaked uncontrollably. Valentine gasped and quivered brutally as she came and she could not look away.
    The glimmering nude image of her own body helplessly caught in a glorious web of ecstasy was the most sensual sight she’d ever witnessed, as he plunged into her again and again.
    His long, sexy body moved with every thrust, his dark eyes glowing to gold and back. His muscled arms rippled as they propelled her hips with the magnificent sliding motion of his marbled and fleshed cock, as more and more of her juices slid along its length. His powerful legs surged with strength as he used them to push his pelvis higher. “You see?” he purred to her cheek.
    Valentine swallowed the capitulating cry that pushed at her throat as she stared into the mirror and saw his hard thrusting cock slick with her cum, go up inside her and slide back from her open pussy.
    “That’s your sweet cream sliding over me, cream which belongs right where it is.” The intense burn from his eyes held her suspended in a vortex of ultimate pleasure as she shuddered with the long climax. Valentine panted and her leg muscles quivered from the power of it, her torso stretching splendidly with a sensuous tensing along her stomach.

    1. There's a reason you're known as Wicked Leanore! You write the most wickedly awesome scenes. As usual with your snippets, the iced tea didn't do the trick. I'm sipping a gin & tonic now. lol

  14. Hee-hee, thank you Flamin' Sheri! The Beasts were my Erotic Epiphany and I was typing so fast I went through almost a keyboard each book! Frinds teased me about smoking keyboards at the time.
    The other excerpts here, are making me look into my own liquor cabinet. WHEW!

    1. I can only imagine the condition of your keyboards by the end. They should be enshrined somewhere behind glass. I'm thinking the Smithsonian...

  15. My, oh, my, babes...there are some smokin' hot scenes here! *opens the window and fans self*

    Here's my contribution from my debut novella, MAROONED IN MIAMI:

    Stephanie’s heart raced as she tilted her head toward his lips. Her fingers stroked the back of his neck and raked through the ends of his hair. Now that all doubt melted away, she felt the heat from the desire that grew between her legs evidenced by the dampness in her panties.

    Jason slowly unbuttoned her blouse and slipped it off her shoulders. His fingers traveled downward and stopped in the valley between her breasts. Lightly, he brushed the fabric of her bra, the only barrier between his hands and her skin. Heat from his touch invoked a feeling of intense desire that flooded her head. Her mind filled with thoughts of how his tongue would feel circling her breasts. Her remaining clothing felt restrictive, and she reached behind and unzipped her skirt, letting it fall to the ground. Wearing only a lacy white bra and thong panties along with her heels, she watched as Jason consumed her with his eyes.

    His gaze moved slow and deliberate from her sexy high heels to her face. He lifted her chin with his thumb and forefinger. “You are so beautiful,” he said as her eyes met his.
    Stephanie leaned in to kiss him, but instead of returning the kiss he lowered himself to the couch leaving her standing in front of him, his sultry stare locked on her. She felt exposed and self-conscious for a split second. But as he lifted her left leg and brought her heeled foot up next to him, she lost her inhibitions. Stephanie’s flesh burned from his stare. She ached to be touched, to be pleased.

    Stephanie sucked in a breath as his fingers traveled from her foot up to her knee and finally caressed the inside of her thigh. She exhaled and felt all the tension leaving her body. Jason pulled aside her lace panties and his fingers gently teased her by moving closer then further away from her slick folds. Stephanie moaned softly and bent her knee to get closer. Her skin tingled and her body yearned for him to continue.

    “Stephanie, look at me, sweetheart. What do you want?”

    She looked down at his dangerous smile and eyes that sparkled in the candlelight. “I want to feel you inside me, Jay.” Her hands were at his lap caressing the bulge in his pants, but he grabbed her wrists and brought them back up to his shoulders.

    “Not yet. Patience, sweet Stephanie. This is all for you. I want you to tell me what you

    His fingers did nothing more than lightly skim across her slickness and down her inner thighs. She understood what it would take to get what she wanted, what she needed.

    Thanks for the sharing opportunity!

    1. You're thanking ME? No, no, no. I need to be thanking YOU! You've been added to my TBR list, and I bet I'm not the only one adding you either! Thank you for stopping by. (whew!)

  16. That was fantastic! Whew! Loved the excerpt!

    1. Thank you for coming by, Krystal! I've been loving ALL the wonderful excerpts.


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