April 20, 2012

Friday Flames

Sizzling heat. Clenched teeth. Desire beyond reason...or rationale.

It's not easy to write a scene that captures your reader's imagination and attention. To hold them in a grip so tight...they go up in flames.

Today, I want you to share your Smoking Hot scene, the one that sends the reader...up in flames.

It doesn't have to be graphic, tension can increase the pounding of our blood. Lead us to the moment, keep us hanging by a thread.

To start it off, here's an unedited portion from my upcoming release.


"I feel so… hot inside." She managed to rasp out.

"Gamóto, woman. Don't say shit like that." No sooner had the threat left his mouth, when his slick fingers breached her folds and entered the slippery realm.

Euphoria of him fondling the one place she needed it most drove her hips to wriggle and throat to moan. He leaned back to shove up her t-shirt in a wadded mass above her breasts. Arousal and cool morning air tightened her nipples. She welcomed his crushing weight, feeling secure and safe beneath him.

Rhycious' eyes locked on his latest discovery, his mouth hung slack. "My gods, Patience. You're so—" 

His words broke off and his mouth came crashing down on her breast. His warm lips took a distended point deep into his mouth. The heat and sucking motion moved in time to the fingers pushing insistently between her legs. Thighs spread wide by his big body, he had total access to her. She almost cried from the want of him.

Okay people! I showed you mine - now it's your turn. Don't forget to leave your book title so interested parties can rush  out and buy it :)


  1. This is taken from my debut novel, Love's Prophecy. Sorry my sample is so long.

    With a tug, Breeana pulled her borrowed T-shirt over her head and smoothed her hands up her sides, and then cupped her breasts. Her thumbs flicked her nipples until they hardened.

    Mel's burning gaze was riveted on her breasts.

    Drunk with sexual power, she ran her palm over her stomach, then touched herself between her thighs.

    He growled, low and throaty, and his fangs slipped into view. He pushed his erection against her bottom as his eyes, completely black now, narrowed. His breath wheezed in and out while his hips continued pumping up and down in a steady rhythm.

    Perfect. He was good and trapped. She scooted down his body and pushed his T-shirt up around his neck. Her hungry gaze devoured the sight of his large pecs and broad shoulders.

    Damn, he is well put together.

    She grazed his flat nipples with her teeth. He hissed and arched off the bed. Breeana kissed a path down his hard, rippled stomach. “Do you want me to stop?” She unsnapped the button of his jeans and eased down the zipper. “If you do, then tell me now.”

    If she wasn't so turned on, she would have laughed at the intense expression on his face. Wild desire flashed in his eyes, matching hers. His muscles contracted and he fisted the comforter. His only reply was deep ragged breathing. She tugged his pants down to his knees and peeled his boxers over his huge shaft. The head of his penis reached his navel, thick and hard, and it twitched with each harsh breath he took.

    With both hands, she gripped him. A clear drop of moisture glazed the tip. She rubbed her thumb over it and his breath caught in his throat. Slowly, she bent forward and took him into her mouth. The exotic taste and scent of him made her dizzy.

    His head kicked back against the pillows and he closed his eyes, a deep moan hissed past his clamped teeth.

    She quickly found a rhythm that had him begging her not to stop. Licking and sucking, she brought him to the edge numerous times before he grabbed her shoulders and hauled her up his body. He gripped the back of her head, his fingers tangled in her hair, as his mouth plundered hers with wild, savage abandon.

    He broke the kiss, stood, and tried to yank his jeans off. Breeana covered her mouth to hold back her laugh. In his frantic attempt to strip, he hopped around on one foot, his socks, pants, and boxers were a tangled mess around his ankles.

    Finally naked, he knelt at the foot of the bed.
    Her heart thrummed with excitement. “Did you like that?”

    He ran his hands up her calves and parted her thighs. He lifted her foot, kissed the sole, and rested it on his shoulder. “I liked it too much.” He circled her swollen, wet flesh with a finger. “Now it's your turn.”

    1. *takes a sip of diet Dr. Pepper*
      Whoo-wee! That's a fantastic scene, Brenda. Thank you so much for sharing a portion of your latest release on Friday Flames! Wow!

  2. This is the first EVER sneak peek from "Revelations Out Of Darkness"

    Kaliska gently pushed him back on the bed and then climbed up on top of him. She took his big hands and placed them on her thighs. She pulled his hand up her thighs onto her tiny waist. She continued to direct him and lead his hands up to her small breasts. Once she had used his hands to tease her dark nipples erect she led them up to her face where she nuzzled them and placed gentle kisses on his palms. She moved the hands back into her silky hair and then leaned in close to kiss him once again on the lips. While they were kissing she began to grind herself against him, he moaned in pleasure and gripped her hair tighter as they kissed. He had such a tight grip on her hair that she could barely pull away from his face to speak, but when she did it was a husky whisper that he could taste on his lips, “I want you inside me.” He was more than happy to oblige.
    She was careful not to hurt his ribs and allowed his hands on her hips to control the speed of their motion. At one point she was leaning down on top of him as her hips gyrated slowly with the rhythm of his hands. He was lost in the rhythm of their bodies when he suddenly felt the oddest sensation. it had the hint of pain and yet was calming at the same time. It took him a few seconds to realize she was licking his neck wound the way a dog would. He turned his head towards hers and met her turning face for a kiss. His own blood was salty on his lips but instead of being a turn off he simply let himself melt into the moment.

    1. This certainly leaves me wanting to know more! Is her tongue magical? Does her saliva have healing agents? Perfect snippet that left me hanging!! Best wishes on this book, Rob. Thanks for coming by!!

  3. This excerpt is from A STRANGER'S KISS by Roxy Boroughs, part of the Bandit Creek Books series...

    Slowly, carefully, he followed her back down to the mattress. But Amy felt like a stick figure, her limbs rigid and unyielding. It took Sam another ten minutes of kissing and caressing to get her to open for him.

    He settled his elbows between her thighs, his hands snaking around to cup her bottom. The first touch of his mouth on her flesh was like a jolt of lightening. Hot, wet, electric. His tongue carved a line down her folds, each stroke making her tremble. She grabbed a handful of the blanket, was tempted to stick a wad of it between her teeth to keep from crying out.

    She felt a strange pressure building, a heaviness at her core. She was breathing hard, bucking like a pony, sweat beading between her breasts, the sensations Sam was creating in her body – incredible.

    When she felt as though she couldn't get any higher, she did – up and over, her inner muscles quivering. A wondrous feeling of release pulsated through her. She felt boneless, liquefied, reduced to a puddle. As languid as a cat dozing in the noonday sun.

    Sam leaned over her and smiled. "You see? Trust has its advantages."

    1. A Stranger's Kiss by Roxy Boroughs is available through Amazon as an ebook.

    2. You use great metaphors that added to my imagination. Nice excerpt, thanks for sharing!!

  4. Whew. It's getting hot up in here.

    1. I'll turn the fan up two notches to high for you! lol

  5. Great job!

    Mine, from an old ms called A Real Bad Burn, in the hero Kelly's POV:

    For a few minutes he drove in silence, and as if the old Ford had a mind of its own, it turned toward the high school. Behind the gym, he parked and turned on the radio. How many times had they made out back here? Too many to count. Tired, both body and soul, he leaned his head back and closed his eyes. “So talk.”
    Instead of an answer, she got out and came around to his side of the truck and opened the door. She slid her hands up his left thigh and rested them near his crotch. When he didn’t shove her hands away, she deftly unbuttoned his Levis and opened the fly.
    His eyes snapped open. “Jesus H. Christ. What are you doing?”
    “Only what you want,” she purred. “And what I want.”
    He was rock hard, damn her. “I don–”
    She slipped his cock out of the slit in his boxers and bent to take the pulsing head in her mouth. The sensation of her warm, wet tongue on him sent a shudder through him. God, they had been good in bed. His balls tightened. He could come in a minute. His cock jerked. No, not with her, and not like this. Rougher than he meant to, he shoved her away. “Stop it.”
    She squeezed his balls through his jeans. “You don’t mean it.”
    He gritted his teeth. “Yes, I do.”
    She stomped around the front of the truck and climbed inside.

    1. Talk about torturing your characters!! This is a book that needs to be published. Go forth and submit, D'Ann. And I say that not only as your crit partner, but as your friend. (plus, I'll make you a bet...)

  6. This excerpt is from my Antholoy-Submit to Your Fantasies- The Domme I Asked for.....


    A throaty, raspy woman’s voice rang in his ear, making his cock go from half-staff to full-on salute. He began to turn to face her when she abruptly jerked him forward. The sudden movement shocked him.

    “No turning around, Benjamin.”

    She patted his ass and worked her moist tongue on his ears, nipping the lobes with her teeth. So, Sophia was hiding a naughty side to her?
    A chortle escaped his lips as he asked, “Damn, the shy ones are always the sex kittens, aren’t they?”

    She chuckled and continued to snake her tongue now to his neck, offering another nip of her teeth. He hissed and shook from the feeling of her tongue there, wondering what her tongue was going to feel like on the shaft of his rod as he looked into her eyes beneath him. He reached behind him to touch her and she swatted his ass again, this time harder than before. Another hiss escaped his lips.

    “No touching, Benjamin. Be a good little boy, and you will get so much from me. Understand? Nod your answer.” Her voice went from throaty and soft, to now husky and challenging.

    Where in the fuck did this demanding minx come from? Shock resonated through him. Nodding yes, his eyes snapped open when she reached around to cup his dick through his jeans, rigid and pulsing. Her fingers touched lightly, almost not there at all; now he couldn’t stop the groan that fell from his lips. His knees went slack and she laughed again.

    “You have a nice sized cock, Benjamin. Perfect for my tight cunt. Know that I will want to meet him later and introduce myself properly. IF that time comes…”

    You may purchase here...

    1. Oooh, annonymous. You need to leave your naughty name. But I'll find you on Amazon...yes, I will.

      Thank you for posting your STEAMY scene.

    2. Lynn Myshe' Joseph is the author's name. :-}

      Lea Ellen {night owl in IL}

  7. Hey All...

    Mine is from my newest release Crossfire of Love...

    Lorenzo placed both of his hands on the door on either side of her shoulders. “Are you sure you want to go?”
    Gabby nodded.
    He moved the backs of his fingers across her cheek, down her throat, and over her breasts. Her nipples immediately pebbled under his touch. She closed her eyes and let him explore her body. His hands seemed to be everywhere all at once. She felt his fingertips rubbing against the silk of her shirt, and they were creating the most wonderful feeling over her nipples. He slipped his other hand under her skirt and to the inside of her thigh, gently squeezing it.
    “You’re sure you want to go out tonight?”
    She didn’t want him to stop touching her. She was sure of that. She arched her back and pushed her breasts against his hand. He moved toward her, closing the space between them and pressing his hard cock against her thigh. He brought his lips to her mouth, but she turned her head. She wanted to resist him, but he was doing things to her body, creating feelings she’d never experienced before.
    He moved his lips down her neck and over her breasts. “You don’t want my mouth on your lips?”
    Lorenzo dropped to his knees. She looked down at him with lust-filled eyes. Her breathing was erratic and her head was spinning. What is he doing?
    He trailed his hands under her skirt and yanked it up over her hips, revealing her black, lace thong.
    “How about I put my mouth on these lips?” He pressed his mouth against her heated center and slowly ran his tongue along her covered slit.

    You can find more at...


    1. Ella Jade, you little tease! Hehehe *adds another book to the TBR pile* Thanks for sharing!

  8. Thanks for this opportunity: This is from my best selling-Auld Lang Sigh - Free this weekend on Amazon Kindle.

    “Nice view,” Ella commented looking out over the city and then back to his straining erection.
    “No complaints here.” He grabbed her and spun her to face the double windows. He kissed a line down her back as he reached around her to place her hands on the glass.
    She made a needy sound as he wiggled a thigh between her legs to widen her stance. Bending slightly forward, she waited in anticipation as he slid a long finger along her slick heat.
    The moonlight bathed their naked bodies in the floor to ceiling windows. Up against her back, he pressed her shoulders to the glass. The stark contrast of the cold glass with his hot body made her gasp. He held her in place and rubbed his cock against her.
    “I want you Ella. I’ve wanted you for longer than I can remember.” Ella bit her lip as he slowly gave her an inch at a time. His cock filled her too full. The heat and hardness stole what was left of her breath. His muscled thighs hit her butt to take the last bit of him.
    A sound tore from her throat. It had been too long since she had been touched and held. Had she ever been wanted with this much consuming fire?
    Hunching forward, he laced his fingers with hers and thrust in short shallow digs, his stomach and chest tight against her back. Just when she thought she would die, he slowed.
    “Look up,” he whispered against her ear. Bursts of fireworks exploded over the city skyline, bathing them in color. He slid out of her. He turned her to walk back, tumbled her onto the bed, and then came down over her. The length of him slid into her again. “Happy New Year,” he said, as he kissed her deeply.
    She barely felt the shimmer of her orgasm subside, when it began to build again.
    “That’s right, Ella, I want all of you.” Lee added to the pace. She clutched at his shoulders, matching his demands. His dark eyes were clear and focused on her. He seemed to enjoy watching the intense pleasure on her face.

    1. Ella and Lee sound like they know how to ring in the New Year! Thank you for sharing and dropping by. I wish you many, many downloads this weekend!

  9. My sample is from my newest release, Bound by the Mist.

    As she pulled his head down toward hers, her eyes only open halfway, the sensation of skin against skin wrung a sigh from her. At first, the kiss was tentative. Soon it deepened, lips opening and yielding to the other. First hers. Then his. Lost in sensation, she never wanted to wake from it. The rasp of his tongue inside her mouth melted her body into molten honey. He drew her lower lip between his teeth and delivered gentle nibbles before bathing the slight sting away with his mouth.

    She pressed her body into his, and his arousal prodded her stomach. He moaned and guided them to a nearby bench. Pulling her down onto him, he settled her in his lap, her legs on either side of his hips and her knees on the stone. Her gown rode up to the back of her calves. Hopefully no one would pass by or they may get an eyeful of leg. Plus, their position wasn’t exactly modest.

    His shaft pressed against her sex, and she groaned. Yeah, a very compromising position, one that had the heat flowing in her core. His arm snaked around her waist and anchored her firmly to him. He captured her lips in a demanding kiss, his other hand gripping the back of her head. She responded back to his nips and bites. His moans were the finest music she’d ever heard.

    She placed her hands on his shoulders, but that isn’t where they wanted to be. And she couldn’t deny them their fun, so they slipped down farther, over his collarbones down to his nipples. He gasped into her mouth. After tormenting him for a few more seconds, she moved down and explored his ribs. Lean muscle rippled under her fingertips.

    She meandered her hands up and pressed one flat, the palm resting over his heart. The beat was fast and strong, just like he was. She rubbed against him, his sex stiff against hers. His hand slid up her leg, and once at the knee, snaked under the skirt of her dress. He drew little fiery paths over her outer thigh before his calloused fingers ghosted over to the inner portion of her thigh. There, his touch sent those electric currents straight to her neither region. When he ventured farther, her breath froze in anticipation. But as his fingers slipped under the edge of her underwear, he froze.

    He growled and drew his hand away, breathless, flushed, and looking like he could kill something. Her core clenched in need. Why’d he stop? She thumped her forehead against his breastbone. His fingers slipped under her chin, halting her actions and making her look up.

    He pointed to a tree with a frown. The leaves rustled, and someone stuck an arm through the greenery to wave at them. As quick as it has appeared, the hand disappeared into the cover again. Cal gasped and warmth stole over her face. “Oh.” Well damn, that put a damper on their heated moment. Their first time shouldn’t be aired on the Erian equivalent of a bad reality show.

    1. http://www.amazon.com/Bound-Mist-Mists-Eria-ebook/dp/B0071EY6BW/ref=ntt_at_ep_dpt_3

    2. LOL!! Oh Lisa - that was precious. I loved it. Sooo close, then AHHH! Bound By The Mist - We'll all remember that title. Thanks for sharing your tease!

  10. Here's an excerpt from my first self-published novella, Teach Me, Master. Vince is in the process of convincing Triss to play with him with a bit of phone sex.

    Triss knew it was him before she picked up the phone. “Hello?”

    “You started our game without me, pet.” Vince’s rebuke whispered against her ear.

    “I didn’t.” Triss denied, then recalled the scene she’d been writing.

    “I saw you, Treats. You were flushed, just like you get before you climax.”

    The flare of his lighter cut through the fog beginning to form. Through the half-closed curtains of her bedroom window, she could see him on the balcony of his condo across the street. “I was working on a scene.” No way was she going to confess that the scene was about him. “I’m kinda tired, maybe we should --”

    “Then let me relax you. Go turn on your bathroom light and take off your clothes.”

    There was no give in his voice. She either followed his commands or … Or what? There were some nights Triss worried that what she was doing was wrong. That the good girl she’d been brought up to be was slowly losing ground to the dark, fantasy driven bad girl Vince’s attention coaxed out of her. “We should stop. This isn’t right.” Even as she protested, Triss did as instructed, shutting off the lamp on her nightstand and moving into the adjacent bathroom and turning on the small nightlight.

    It provided enough illumination she could clearly see her bed.
    Much as she might fight it, there was no denying she wanted it. Wanted this. Wanted Vince commanding her.

    Vince chuckled. “How isn’t it right, hon? Neither of us are married or in a relationship. And you know you love it when I make you come. Almost as much as I love doing it.”

    Triss couldn’t deny he was correct.

    “Put the phone on speaker. I want to tell you a story while you disrobe. Once you’re naked, get out the vibrator I gave you for your birthday and get on the bed.”

    Triss hesitated, her body throbbing, the crease between her thighs hot and growing wetter by the moment. “I don’t think I should do this.”

    “Then tell me to stop calling and hang up the phone. I’ll never force you, Triss. It’s all about giving you pleasure.”

    He wasn’t lying. His words weren’t empty promises. Triss knew if she said the words, he’d hang up and never contact her again. And she didn’t want that. “Do you want me to get the lube out as well.” She’d made her decision. For now.

    “Are you wet?”

    Triss felt her cheeks grow hot. “Yes.”

    A rumbling purr sounded through the phone. “Then we don’t need the lube.”

    “Okay.” Triss activated the speaker and set the phone on her bed. From the nightstand she grabbed the vibrator he’d given her but she’d never used, and tossed it onto the bed. When her hands reached up to pull her tee shirt over her head, Vince began speaking.

    “This afternoon, when we ran into each other in the breezeway, I imagined stripping your jeans down your legs and eating your sweet little pussy.”

    Triss gasped at the visuals blooming in her mind. “What if someone --”
    “I wanted that. Think how good I could make you feel, pet. My mouth, my fingers, my tongue fucking in and out of your tight body while another man watches. Sees how hot, how wet you are, knowing he can’t touch you. Unless I say he can.”

    Teach Me, Master is available through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and All Romance eBooks.

    1. Qwillia, that is one...hot...scene. My mind can certainly race from this point and fill in the blanks. Great job of creating a mental picture. Thank you for stopping by. I hope you'll be here next with more.

  11. This is from my latest release, Spell Struck

    Courtney escorted the realtor to the door, turning the lock the instant it slammed shut. “You really like this place, don’t you?”

    “Yeah, I want it bad.”

    “As bad as you want me.” She reached for the front of Alex’s jeans, pulling him in for a kiss.

    “I’ve never had my very own place before,” he answered when they came up for air, “and this condo is amazing.”

    Courtney pulled the sweatshirt over her head.” As amazing as these?”

    Alex cupped her breasts gently running his thumb over the ring in her left nipple. “There’s nothing more amazing than getting you naked in my brand new home.”

    “Good answer.” She tugged at his shirt, helping him pull it over his head. Then she ever so gently ran her tongue around his matching nipple ring. “Getting these rings right next to our hearts, that was so fucking romantic.” She circled her tongue around the ring one more time. “Have I got your heart, Alexander Kafelnikov?”

    Where the hell did that come from? Courtney had never been the type to get all sappy and romantic with a guy.

    After a sharp inhale of breath, he said, “That and various other body parts.”

    She recovered by grabbing onto the waistband of his jeans and pulling him towards the counter separating the living area and kitchen.

    “I believe the body part I’m most interested in is right in here.” She went straight for his zipper before dropping to her knees to take his cock in her mouth.

    He was hard from the get go. Just the way she liked it. Teasing him, she ran her tongue down his shaft, lapping at his balls and tracing her way back up to the head of his penis with delicate tongue flickers.

    Looking up at him, she asked, “wanna bend me over than counter and pound the hell out of my pussy?”

    “That’s an offer no man could refuse.” Alex pulled her up to where he could kiss her roughly and sink his hands into the back of her sweats to grab at her ass.

    His finger slid further down to find the right spot sliding into her and making her want more. She untied the drawstring on her pants and let them slip to the floor.

    Courtney bent over the kitchen side of the counter. “I want you to think about my ass every time you’re in here making a protein shake.”

    He smacked her butt hard enough to give her skin a pleasant tingle. “As if I’m ever not thinking about you.”

    “Just shut up and do me already.”

    Thanks for reading, and if you'd like more there is another excerpt and buy links from my webpage - http://www.jezebeljorge.com/p/seances-suplexes.html

    1. Kitchen sex...is always fun. Thanks for sharing your excerpt.

  12. This is an excerpt from BLIND HER WITH BLISS, the first book in my sexy romantic suspense series available from Amazon http://www.amazon.com/dp/B004W9BX7Y and B&N:

    “Does it ever get tiresome watching it?” Julie asked, daring to dip her toe in the waters of seduction.


    Good, her question threw him off-kilter. “You know. The people and what they’re doing? You see the two men and that woman over there?” Julie leaned to the side so Demon could see around her as she pointed to a shadowed corner of the bar below. “I thought they were dancing, but there’s definitely something more going on.” A nervous giggle escaped her lips. “The man in front is definitely buried deep in the woman, and the man in back…well, I’m not sure what he’s doing. But with their mouths open that way, I’m thinking they’re all really enjoying themselves.” She leaned back, her bottom grazing his thigh.

    “Oh, they’re definitely getting it on.” Demon braced his hands on either side of her, pressing the solid plane of his chest against her back. They were both testing the waters. “And yes, I get tired of watching.” He leaned close to her ear, his breath the only thing separating his lips from her skin. “They put in extra spotlights that shine on the platform for me so I don’t have to stare at them all night. I mean, even a saint would get a hard-on seeing people go at it for three hours.” He rubbed against her. There was no mistaking his arousal.

    Julie was enjoying their brazen flirtation. “I suppose you’re right.” She turned around to face him, purposefully rubbing her breasts across his chest. He didn’t move. “Did you originally bring me up here to relieve a little of that tension, Demon?”

    “I don’t think you want to know what I was thinking before we got in the elevator.”

    She tilted her head and cocked a brow, inviting him to share. “Oh, but I think I would.”

    “This is probably a very bad idea.” He took a step back, but she moved with him.

    She’d come this far and she had no intention of stopping now. “Maybe I was a little tipsy in the elevator, but I’m stone-cold sober now,” Julie said, laying her palm in the center of his chest. Her gaze swept the strong lines of his face, gauging his reaction. Even in the muted light of the office she could see the hunger sparking in his eyes. “We’re way past the stage of chivalry, Demon. I don’t need your protection.” She slid her thigh up his leg, surprised by her own audacity.

    “You think that’s what I’m doing?”

    She dragged a nail through the dark whiskers along his jaw, thrilling in the quick inhalation of his breath. “Oh, you play the animal, but the heart of a gentle man hides in here.” She kissed the center of his chest, her body warming with the power of her seduction.

    “Then it may shock you to learn I intended on having my way with you when we got up here. That phone call pulling Elvis away was his attempt to give me privacy.”

    “No more than it would shock you to learn that’s what I’d hoped.”
    Thanks for reading.

    1. Nina: Your scene builds such curiosity of who they are, why they watch, and what will happen next. Great job! I hope you share more next time.

  13. Thanks Sheri for letting us post here. Wow, what a lot of steamy stuff. My TBR pile just keeps growing and growing. :-)

    Here's an excerpt from my sci-fi romance STAR CRASH which I just re-released as an ebook.

    Cora glanced at the walls then turned her wary gaze back to him. "That doesn't change anything. I still don't want you."

    "I think you lie. Let me touch you."

    Cora's feet refused to move as the man moved closer. She fought to keep her eyes from focusing on his maleness. She didn't remember Alexander's male equipment being so large, so intimidating . . . so enticing. Reluctantly she raised her gaze to his face. The years had added bulk to his body, fine lines to his face and a few strands of gray in his hair, but the features were still Alexander's.

    His resemblance to Alexander, combined with the remnants of the stimulating oil on her skin, dissolved her determination to resist. His musky masculine odor filled her nostrils. Her breasts ached to be touched, her nipples hardened in preparation for the feel of his lips. Her sex throbbed with the need to be filled. Alexander or not, who would it hurt if she chose to enjoy herself with this man? It had been so long.

    His large, calloused hand slid around the back of her neck, and she shuddered and closed her eyes in surrender. He lowered his head. His lips on her throat sent a bolt of liquid heat through her. She gasped. Feather-light hands stroked down her back. Unable to stop herself, she arched into him. His erection pressed like a hot brand against her belly. He bent and closed his lips over one breast. She quivered in delight as a wave of pleasure broke over her.

    "I would go slow, but find I cannot. I must have you now."

    Dimly Cora recognized he spoke in Standard, but his next actions drove rational thought from her mind. With a groan he cupped her buttocks in both hands and lifted her. Instinctively she wrapped her arms over his shoulders and clamped her thighs around his hips. Spreading her legs to accommodate his thighs opened her to a touch of air. It felt cool against her dampness.

    Hard, hot and throbbing, his erection rested at her entrance. She strained downward, trying to impale herself on him. He held her away.

    "Easy. I am large. I would not injure you."

    "Do your best, big boy. I'm ready." Rotating her hips, she brushed her moistness over the head of his cock. When he groaned, she laughed in triumph. "I want you hard and fast and--now!"

    At her command, his restraint broke. With one quick motion he thrust upward. She gasped in a combination of pleasure and pain as he plunged into her. Filled to overflowing, she struggled to breathe. Nothing she'd learned of sex with Alexander had prepared her for the sensations engendered by having this man inside her.

    1. Great scene - hot action. Thank YOU for coming by, Elysa!

  14. Thanks for doing this, Sheri! There are some great excerpts here so far!
    I'd like to share from my latest release Remind Me, available from Ellora's Cave http://www.jasminejade.com/p-10005-remind-me.aspx.

    He moved his hand up farther, stopping just shy of her pussy. Despite the warmth of the sun, she shivered. Something much hotter than the sun was building inside her and she had a pretty good idea of where Pete’s game would lead.
    After all, he had mentioned fucking in the middle of the main shipping channel. She just hadn’t thought he was serious.
    “Don’t worry,” he said. “I know exactly what I’m doing. Just a nice, quick fuck and then I’ll be right back at the controls. You know I won’t let anything happen to you.” He paused and winked. “Except maybe a spectacular orgasm.”
    Just Pete’s words were enough to almost make Serena come on the spot. Her pussy tightened and she squirmed, hoping to shift herself enough that his hand would land where she now desperately wanted it.
    No boats were anywhere near them. If they fooled around or even fucked here no one would see them.
    “You like that idea, don’t you?” Pete said. “I hope so, because I do and I’d love to put it into action. Take off your shorts.”
    She hesitated only a second. The insanity of having sex out in the open where anyone might encounter them was countered by how much it turned her on. Of course the danger of being seen existed but it truly wasn’t much of a danger. No one was around to see them. It was only the possibility that existed.
    Apparently in Pete’s opinion she hesitated too long. He yanked down the zipper of her shorts and struggled with the button. “Take them off.” He gestured at the front of his own shorts. “Can’t you see what you’re doing to me, lying here like this? I need to fuck you, Serena.”
    A hot chill shot through her at his words and the intense yearning in his tone. She couldn’t remember the last time he’d spoken to her that way. Until now, she hadn’t realized she missed it.
    She pushed his hands away and unfastened the button. “You worry about your shorts and I’ll worry about mine.”
    “I don’t have to take mine off.” He stood, undid his shorts, and pushed them down just enough for his cock to spring free. “I’m ready. What’s taking you so long?”

    1. Karenna - I agree. There's some face-fanning scenes here alright! And yours is one of them. Boat sex in the open. The thought brings a smile to my face.

  15. First time visiting. Been a reading a lot of great scenes.

    My scene is from my contemporary romance - Circles Interlocked. It's available on Amazon KDP. http://www.amazon.com/dp/B005S8LI46

    He brushed her cheek. "You wanted to make last night some perfect romantic movie scene, but you were too tired and too tense to enjoy it."
    "I wanted everything to be perfect for you."
    "And I want everything to be perfect for both of us." He held out his hand waiting for the glass.
    Puzzled, Julie handed it to him. He reached in, pulled out an ice cube then placed the glass on the counter. Sucking the juice off the cube, he held it in his hand and slithered it down Julie's back.
    "You were too concerned about me. Sex isn't about one person. It's the mutual gratification of two people."
    A small moan escaped her mouth.
    "Think of it as the process, not the outcome." He slid the cube along her side, down her arms and around her face. "Never rush. Take it slow. Indulge. Explore. Satisfy."
    Savoring both the eroticism and the coolness, Julie let him explore her body. Her breath became sharp as he let the cold, wet liquid drip onto her chest. His tongue flicked at the rivers of water and drips rolling down her breasts. "Last night would've been a can of soda - fizzy, sharp and you chug it down. And while animal sex is great." He paused as he slipped a nipple into his mouth. "It wasn't what you wanted last night to be about."
    Julie grabbed the counter before her knees gave out. She was lost in his physical touch and the sensualness of his voice.
    Dragging his teeth along her nipples, he pulled his head back. "I want our love to be a great bottle of wine. You sip it. You roll it around in your mouth. But you never ever chug it." He lowered himself to his knees, dribbling little kisses down her belly. His hands pushed her thighs apart as his tongue found her sex.
    Time paused as Julie focused on what Robert aroused within her. Soft moans escaped her lips. His pace didn't change. His tongue moved like he was idly licking an ice cream cone. And she was melting.

    1. Wow. Just wow. I'm adding more books to my TBR pile than I could possibly read - lol. I hope you stop by again!

  16. Great excerpts, everyone!

    Here's a sample from my bdsm romance novella, VALENTINE SUBMISSION - free this weekend on Amazon.

    As she descended the stairs, a wonderful aroma reached her. She found Jack in the kitchen, fully dressed
    and pulling an egg casserole out of the oven. The coffee was already made. A basket of steaming biscuits and a
    fresh fruit salad sat on the table. Damn. He’d gone all out.
    Fucks like a beast and cooks like a champ. Be still my heart.
    “Good morning, sleepyhead. I was about to wake you up.” He placed the casserole on the table and
    crossed the kitchen to gather her in his arms. One of his hands delved into her hair, and his other hand slipped
    inside her panties.
    “What have we here?” he asked, sliding his fingers around in her moisture. “What have you been
    thinking about, pet?”
    She blushed feverishly and tried to move away, but he pushed two thick fingers up inside her slick
    channel, holding her in place. She whimpered against his cheek.
    “I asked you a question and I expect an answer. What have you been thinking about, pet?”
    “You, Sir,” she replied. “I’ve been thinking about you.”
    He placed one quick kiss on her lips and released her completely. He arched a dark eyebrow at her. “You
    weren’t pleasuring yourself, were you?”
    Her eyes widened. “No!”
    “Good. While under my roof, you will only receive your pleasure from me – or else you face the
    consequences. My house, my rules.”
    “Yes, Sir,” she stammered, her eyes still wide. She had asked him to teach her submission, but this rule
    came as a surprise.


    1. *applause* I know I just downloaded my FREE copy! Excellent! Thank you for stopping by. Feel FREE to do so anytime.

  17. Lots of incredible scenes. Thought I'd add one from my current WIP - Capri's Fate.

    . Something red caught my attention. I turned my head and watched the bustier slip off the bed.
    Hmph. Must have missed. I picked it up and dropped it on the duvet then turned to get to my pajama top. The mirror's reflection arrested my gaze as again the rubicund, satin teaser slid over the edge of the bed and tumbled to the floor.
    What the…?
    I glanced down at the crimson pile. "Are you trying to tell me to put you on? Oh crap, now I'm talking to my clothes."
    What the hell, why not? Nobody is going to see me. And I've always wanted to try one on.
    I let it dangle off my fingertips for a few moments while I pondered how I was going to fasten it. I didn't think yoga class had made me flexible enough to reach behind and attach each hook. In a flash of brilliance, I put it on backward, hooked up the clasps and jerked it around until the back was in the back.
    Next, I had to adjust, what were at the moment, my very squished boobs to get them comfortably into the push-up cups. Then I wiggled my hand into a very crowded space and manipulated my nipples into the peek-a-boo holes. A bit awkward, but I was successful.
    When I glanced at my reflection in the full-length mirror, I giggled. My sexy red bustier with the peek-a-boo bra looked adorable with my sleeping kitten flannel pajama bottoms. Hey, gotta like flannel p.j.s. They keep me warm on cold winter nights.
    "Take your pants off."
    I spun around. "What the…?"
    "Take your pants off. Put this on."
    My drawer slid open and my black lace thong (my secret indulgence) floated over to my bed.
    Okay, I am way drunker than I thought.
    "I followed you home."
    "There are stalker laws." Listen to me. I'm threatening a voice. A voice that can move underwear.
    "Change, get a glass of wine and I'll explain."

    1. Daryl - is this a paranormal with a ghost? A spirit? What?? Oh, I want to read more...nicely done!

  18. Cathleen Ross Her Prisoner
    "Take me, Samia. I dare you."
    Despite her instinct that he wasn’t as helpless as he appeared, she leapt onto the dais and straddled him.
    His breath quickened with each rise and fall of his broad chest. His gaze roved over her body, focusing between her legs. “You have the prettiest woman parts I’ve ever seen. I want to taste you.”
    “That is forbidden.”
    “Scared you’ll like it? Honey, I’ll have you writhing over me.”

    1. It's forbidden, huh? We always want what we can't have! Thank you for sharing with us.

  19. *tssss* That's the sound of hot!

    From "Enslaved By Starlight," my first science fiction romance in the SFR anthology HOTTER ON THE EDGE.

    Transformed by empathic crystals into the perfect paramour, Benedetta Galil is the last treasure of her fading world. When raiders attack-seeking to corrupt the crystals and conquer all of charted space-she gives herself as a prize to the one man in the universe who values freedom over power. Mercenary sheership Captain Corso Deynah left oppression behind him on a burning planet and has no use for a sex slave, even one as seductive as Benedetta. But while he stubbornly resists her body, her fierce spirit tempts him, and he will risk everything--his ship, his seclusion, the very stars--to win not just her passion but her love.

    * * *

    The touch of his mouth was exquisitely tender, almost tentative. The dance of desire she'd been taught started with the slow slide of his tongue along the seam of her lips. The glissade mesmerized her so that she forgot the steps she should follow and instead sank her hands into his hair to anchor his mouth to hers.

    He echoed her grasp, and they clung together as if the Asphodel were falling into the sun and this was their last breath. Certainly Benedetta's body felt the rising heat and pressure all around her. He shifted his thumbs along the points of her jaw, forcing her mouth open farther, and tilted his head over hers, taking the kiss deeper. She moaned into his throat, and his knee thrust between her legs, pinning the fragile folds of her veils to the bulkhead. She dropped her hands to grasp his hips and angled herself to ride his thigh.

    He lifted his head with a gasp, his hold falling to her shoulders. "Etta…"

    "If you're going to say something stupid or rude, please just kiss me again instead."

    His hands flexed, driving into her flesh. "Fuck."

    "That was the idea."

    "Don't think you can control me, princess. Not with your crystals, not with your kisses."

    She lifted her chin until their lips were only a breath apart. "There would have been more than kisses."

    * * *
    Happy weekend reading!

    1. Nice excerpt, Jessa. You chose your excerpt well, 'cause now I want to read more! Thanks so much for coming by.

  20. Hello,

    This sample is from "Fairy Tail" available through Amazon.com


    I turned to find someone lounging on my couch!
    My body instantly tensed and I automatically reached for the Magnum, never letting my gaze wander from the intruder. If I wasn’t mistaken, the person on my couch was a woman.
    I couldn’t see the face hidden in shadow, however, I could see a knockout body that was close to six feet tall, and endowed with enough curves to require hazard traffic signs. The intruder’s body was barely covered by the flimsy excuse she was wearing for clothing. That kinda gave my finely-tuned cop senses one hell of a clue.
    I was so surprised that instead of reacting in my usual aggressive manner, I merely extended the universal form of greeting appropriate for such occasions. I growled, “Who the fuck of you?” instantly regretting my crass choice of words.
    A voice out of the darkness responded, “I’m sorry if I surprised you, but I’m a fairy.”
    “No shit!” I replied, vainly trying to fighting off instant visions of Elton John mincing about in a chiffon number.
    “No shit,” she echoed, leaning forward onto her knees so that her face emerged from the shadows and into the bright moonlight.
    She sat there looking at me, partially silhouetted in that shaft of silvery-white light streaming in through the window, all six feet heaven of her, with her chin resting in her cupped hands.
    My hand paused just above the gun, my middle finger gently stroking the smooth metal of the trigger guard. Subconsciously, I wondered what it would be like to use that finger on her.
    I must admit, I glanced into my glass and then at the bottle on the side, thinking I was either dreaming, or that some kind soul had taken the trouble of breaking into my apartment and spiking my vodka in a daring “trick or treat” escapade before I came home. I didn’t really care which, because whatever was sitting on the end of my couch didn’t look like any fairy I’d ever seen in books or films, or even heard of.
    She moved again, sitting back and drawing her knees up to her chin. The moonlight was sufficient for me to see she wasn’t wearing any panties.
    Well this is getting more and more interesting by the minute!
    I stood there, parading my erection like a flag for all to see, wondering what on earth to say next when she added, “What I mean is, yes, I’m a real life fairy, and I literally love to fuck.”
    Now I knew my drink must’ve been spiked. There was just no way anyone as drop dead gorgeous as her would say anything so blatant to someone like me. Not that I’d have put up any resistance.
    Sensing my discomfort, she stretched up from her seat to confirm exactly what effect she was having on certain parts of my anatomy, and once she saw the evidence, she smiled and resumed her former position. Except this time, her legs were a little wider apart and she gave me an even hornier look, so much so, that I frantically began looking for some glass to smash so I could willingly crawl over it toward her.
    “I shouldn’t be here,” she said, shaking her head in an almost apologetic way.
    Removing the gun so she could see it, I said, “Why, are you afraid I’ll shoot you? You don’t have to worry, because this thing doesn’t have a hair trigger. It’s big and you have to squeeze it very hard.”
    Looking coolly back she calmly said, “I do hope you’re talking about your other gun?” And just to make sure she had made herself clear, she jutted her chin at my loins and added, “The one you’re failing to hide under your towel.”
    This was definitely going the way I liked.
    She continued. “You don’t have a hair trigger do you?”
    To be honest I was ready to shoot there and then! I’d never been so turned on in my life, but suddenly her mood seemed to change……..

    Thank you for reading and visiting.

    1. Hi Andrew - ooh la la. This looks like a fun read. Thanks for sharing and stopping by!!

  21. From DEADLY OFFERINGS, available on Amazon in ebook or print format.

    She listened as he checked each room upstairs. She watched him as he came down the stairs, placing his gun in the back of his jeans. He had an odd gleam in his eyes as he stared at her.

    “All clear, right?”

    He didn’t answer. Instead he backed her against the door and kissed her with such intensity it made her heart hammer against her ribs as explosive currents surged through her. She should be pushing against his chest to stop him, but she was pulling him closer so she could feel his hard length pressed against her. And she was kissing him right back. She tightened her arms around his neck.

    He swept her into his arms and climbed the stairs until they reached her bedroom. She held on tight, covering his neck and face with gentle kisses. He kicked her door closed and locked it as she nibbled his ear lobe. When he put her on the floor, she struggled with his leather jacket until he took it off and threw it on the love seat. She pulled on his shirt until he lifted it over his shoulders. She ran her fingers over his pecs loving the hard smoothness of his muscular body.

    He backed her closer to the bed and placed his gun, cell phone and wallet on a small table. Then he pulled her back into his arms and hungrily reclaimed her mouth. His tongue sent shivers of desire racing through her.

    He tugged her denim jacket from her shoulders and sent it flying. He lifted her shirt over her shoulders and then unbuttoned her jeans and pulled the zipper down. She sat on the bed to remove her Reeboks, and then shoved her jeans to the floor with her foot. Her bra was the next to go then her panties.

    Not taking his eyes off her for a second, he pulled off his boots, and eased her back on the bed. He lay on his side, balanced on one arm as ran his fingers around the curve of her breasts, then down to her belly button then down more until he was cupping her.
    “Oh, my God.” A sharp burst of bliss surged through her as she arched, wanting him never to stop.

    His mouth moved over her breasts, his tongue tantalizing the buds which had swollen to their fullest.

    God, she wanted this man. She wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him into a kiss, then another. She wasn’t satisfied until she felt the full length of him crushing her body to the bed. She arched against him again and again showing him the tempo to bind their bodies together. She felt the roughness of his jeans rub against her and realized he was still wearing them. Her fingers raced to unbutton the fly and pull on the zipper. He got up and shoved his jeans to the floor. He reached for his wallet and she heard the wrapper rip before he covered himself.

    He returned to her covering her with the wonderful weight of his body. She arched her hips up to meet him as he pushed inside her. She gasped at the force of it and wrapped her legs around him. Her body melted against his and was filled with him as he thrust again and again, until he shattered her world into a million glowing stars.

    1. Thanks for coming by and sharing your excerpt. It sure is getting HOT in here!

  22. From A Facebook Affair by Tara Chevrestt. Available on Amazon, Nook, Breathless Press, AllRomanceEbooks, Smashwords, 1Place for Romance, and Bookstrand.

    He attempted to lay her on the bed, but she jumped back up again, wiggling out of his grasp. She turned on him and shoved his torso, causing him to fall back instead, his legs dangling off the bed. She could be aggressive as well. She began to slowly peel off her remaining clothing as though performing a striptease. Realizing what she was doing, Brandon smiled smugly and placed his hands behind his head, his manhood throbbing in full view. "Quite a bat you've got there," she teased, throwing her bra across the room where it landed on a lamp.
    "I told you I was going to give you some lessons." The bat in question moved up and down provocatively.
    Kelly tugged off her jeans and enjoyed the sight of Brandon's widening eyes as she revealed that she was wearing nothing underneath. "Damn." He whistled with appreciation.
    "So," Kelly stepped forward, moving at a seductive pace until she stopped before him. She shot him her sexiest smile as she straddled his legs. "Let's play ball." With those words, she threw him a wrapped piece of foil she had grabbed from the nightstand. "Put on your glove, baby." Brandon needed no further encouragement and expertly caught it in his catcher's hand, grinning at her sense of humor.

    1. I like humor in my books, and you didn't disappoint. Thanks for sharing, Tara!

  23. From THE SURRENDER OF LACY MORGAN by Suzanne Ferrell available now at Ellora's Cave Publishing http://www.jasminejade.com/p-9070-the-surrender-of-lacy-morgan.aspx

    Now was the time to show her he was in control and she was at his mercy.


    She blinked. “Pardon me?”

    “You heard me. Take off your clothes.” He stepped back, then pulled the rickety straight-backed chair up against the wall. A glint from inside the carpetbag on the bed caught his eye. He strode over and pulled the Colt out of her bag. He slipped it into the pocket of his duster, then sat in front of the only exit. “Now strip. I want to be sure you don’t have any other weapons.”

    “That was the only gun I have.”

    “Darlin’, my mama didn’t raise a fool and you’re trying my patience. Start with your shirt.”

    Her eyes narrowed like an angry cat ready to draw claws and attack. Would she?

    He arched a brow, drew her pistol from his pocket and checked the chamber. Clean and fully loaded. He pointed it in her direction.
    Her hands clenched into fists at her side. For a moment he thought she’d refuse, almost wished she would. His anger would like nothing more than stripping her of all pretense to show the harlot
    beneath the façade.

    Then, slowly, she inhaled, lifted her chin and straightened her spine. Something in her eyes, courage or defiance he wasn’t sure which, struck a spark deep inside him.

    Almost as if she dared him to watch her, she lifted her hands to the front of her shirt. One after another she released the buttons. The top opened to reveal the silky white garment beneath. When she shrugged out of the top, her dark nipples stood taut and visible beneath the thin silk.

    Even covered, her breasts were magnificent. Not too big, but certainly enough to fill even his large hands. They stood tight and full against her chest. He clenched his hand tighter around the handle of the Colt, then relaxed.

    She folded the top and laid it carefully on the bed, then she turned back to face him.

    “Now the pants.”

    With an inhaled breath, she pulled off her boots. Then she unfastened the front of her pants and wiggled them over her hips. The loose camisole gaped to give him a bird’s-eye view of her breasts as she bent to push the dungarees down her long, shapely legs then struggled to step out of them.

    Quinn swallowed hard as heat surged to his already stiffening cock. She was a means to an end nothing more and he needed to remember that fact.

    As with the shirt, she folded her pants and laid them on the bed, then turned to await his instructions. She was stripping all right, but not of her own will and she wanted to be sure he
    understood. He read it in her posture and the fire in her eyes.
    Standing before him barefoot and in her silky underwear, she looked like a goddess ready for sacrifice. “Satisfied? I have no hidden weapons.”

    Oh, she had weapons, all right, and they were still hidden.

    “All of your clothes.” Holding the gun steady, he waved his free hand to indicate her undergarments. “Now.”

    She glanced at the open window to her right before she reached for the ties lacing her camisole together. Anyone walking past could look in and see her stripping for him. The idea of exposing her
    nakedness to others had his cock straining to get loose.

    Her fingers worked quickly and he almost missed the subtle shaking in them, so fascinated was he by the growing vision of her skin and breasts. She obeyed him, but she wasn’t used to undressing in
    front of strangers. He didn’t know why the idea pleased him, but it did.

    Dakota would love watching this. Too damn bad, someone had to get the woman a horse.

    Besides, they’d shared more than one woman in their travels. Quinn was glad he’d have this memory for himself.

    Once she stood before him proud and naked, he drank his fill. He wished he had time to tame her, slow and seductively, bring her to obey his will of her own accord.

    1. I like westerns, and I like this! Thank you for giving us a teaser of your work. I hope you'll join in again with more!

  24. OMG! These are HOT! My book doesn't come out until October so I don't have links or anything to post until then. For now I'm going to enjoy reading everyone else's! Nice job, all!

    1. Hi Jenn! You can post WIPs too if you want. I'm glad you stopped by. Your book is coming out soon, and I can hardly wait!

  25. This is from Clockwork Captive by Anh Leod, exclusively on Amazon:

    He noted faint marks striping the insides of her thighs.
    “You’ve been whipped, and often. Is Mrs. Teagarden a harsh mistress?”
    “My patrons enjoy such things,” she said, her mouth pulling to one side.
    “Really? I’ve found it is the men who enjoy being beaten. All those brutal schoolmasters from our youths, I imagine.”
    Her eyes sharpened for a moment as if waiting for him to continue, but he couldn’t make polite conversation when he was staring at the treasure between her legs.
    “A certain class of men enjoys aggression,” she said. “They like striping my inner thighs, then listening to me cry out as their skin slides against mine while we fuck.”
    He swallowed hard at her crude language. Her inner fire attracted him. He put his hand to his trouser-front and adjusted himself. “Do you like the pain?”
    She smiled, though he didn’t think emotion reached her eyes. “I tolerate it well. See?” Bending her head toward his, while still holding his gaze, she let out a low moan of pain.
    An erotic thrill coursed through him at that musical moan, even if it was mere artifice. The dark, sexual tone heated his blood and his hand shook where it held cloth against her upper thigh. No wonder she specialized in the perversion.
    “One would almost think you craved it,” he said.
    Her breasts rose as she inhaled deeply before her head turned to a small highboy in the corner.
    The room was so small she could open the top drawer without moving closer to it. A small selection of crops of varying widths rested inside.
    “What excites you?” she asked. “Any of these?”
    He couldn’t suppress the slight shudder. Moans were one thing, but the whips revolted him. This delightful creature deserved pleasure, not pain.
    “Not that.”
    She closed the drawer with an air of satisfaction softening her lips, as if he’d passed a test. “No? I wonder why you chose me.”
    “Your portrait in the hallway below challenged me.”
    “Most men want to master the girl in that portrait.”


    1. Dark. Mysterious. Whatever is he up to? Why do they meet? Nice excerpt that totally leaves me hanging.

  26. This is from "The Pearl Witch" an erotic paranormal novel available at Amazon, Smashwords, ARe, and other fine outlets.

    Sipping at the wine again, Tarin savored the taste in her mouth, holding it there so she got the full effect. When she swallowed, she pulled his face down to her and kissed Chris deeply.
    Yes, the rising ambergris flavor mixed in with the wine. It tasted like something thick, earthy, old. She had no idea what ambergris actually tasted like. She just knew it was an ingredient in old perfumes, some kind of whale by-product, but it sounded exotic and the word fit what she tasted.
    The taste of first rate sex.
    It always rose immediately now when she thought about sex.
    Chris groaned as he cupped her breasts. “You always feel so good.”
    He clenched the hair at the nape of her neck the way she liked. It made her feel weak, no, it was like a switch turned everything off, the way a kitten became limp and compliant when you scruffed it.
    Her left hand tingled, and briefly she wondered if she had carpal tunnel or something, but then he pulled her head back and worked her mouth while he unhooked her bra and slid one hand up underneath it to lift a breast.
    He growled and pinched her nipple hard. The pain turned into a delicious spike of pleasure that drove straight between her legs. She felt the peculiar downshifting in her lower belly and the lightness in her head that became a buzz when he pushed her back on the bed and raised her silky skirt up her legs. It felt naughty this way, and she squirmed under a new onslaught of pleasure.
    Her eye was caught by a glint behind him and as she shifted, she saw that it was her right hand. It was glowing again. At first it had been a haze across her palm  a pale sapphire haze brushed with gold highlights, but tonight it sparkled a brilliant blue with a gold halo. It made her hand tingle and her pussy thrummed in sympathy.
    Chris pulled the other side, flipped the panties away, and knelt, holding her down, spreading her thighs as he inserted his tongue into the cleft between her thighs.


    1. TheaH - thank you for playing along on Friday Flames. A glowing hand? Sounds interesting - wonder what else it does...

  27. Thanks for this opportunity Sheri. Here is a small sample of Her Wanted Wolf from Secret Cravings Publishing. Renee Michaels

    And now you’ve got me more than thinking. You have me wanting.” He caught her bottom lip between his teeth, nipped it, and eased back to study her.
    Sabine sighed. Her body softened with expectancy of what was coming. He ran his lips along her jaw and slipped a hand between the lapels of her robe to fondle, tease, and arouse. His hands and mouth on her always heated her blood, making her heart beat at the speed of a jackrabbit.
    Needing a taste of him, she offered her lips.
    Drew claimed her mouth with a teasing voraciousness. He eased up off her body without breaking the kiss. At the same time, he fumbled with the belt at her waist. The sash slithered off at his insistent tugs. The front panels of her robe gave in to gravity and fell open. The silky slide of the feather-light cloth caressed her bare breasts. Her sensitive nipples hardened under the slight friction.
    Drew released her lips and contemplated the tight pink nubs with blatant masculine appreciation. His intense scrutiny made her feel wholly feminine and desired.
    Charmed, Sabine chuckled and reached up to cup his face, wanting to participate fully in their loving. She cherished these moments when they were alone together, she hoarded them like a miser.
    He struck, as swift as a snake, and captured her wrists.
    As he’d taught her, she twisted her wrists to break his hold, but he offset her action by loosening his grip for a short time before capturing her limbs again to pull her arms above her head.
    “I want to touch you,” she complained.
    Drew leaned in and nipped her chin. “Not yet. I want you completely at my mercy.” He bound her hands with the sash and lowered them to rest over her stomach, his hand holding the belt like a leash.
    Intrigued, she relaxed. Sabine’s brow rose in question.
    His only response was the mischievous sparkle in his eyes.
    It stoked her curiosity and aroused her at the same time. Sabine’s breath hitched in her throat and her skin heated. She was eager to see what new experience he was about to share with her.
    How she wanted him. Her desire uncoiled and morphed into a burning need.
    Sliding down her body, Drew settled between her thighs. Their gazes connected and she gulped when she saw the fierce hunger in his eyes.
    Sabine shifted restlessly under his perusal. Drew stared at her with a gaze tinged with speculation.
    Drew allowed the length of the belt to slide over his palm to catch the tasseled end of the tie in his hand. Sabine gulped when he trailed the tendrils between her breasts and over her stomach.
    Mesmerized, Sabine watched it slowly glide down her belly in a sinuous motion.
    She held her breath. Her passage pulsed, and she wondered how it would feel when it

    touched her clit.

    1. Such a tease! Thanks for sharing your excerpt!

  28. Wow! Hot excerpts! Thanks for allowing us to post here, Sheri. :)
    My excerpt is from Zakia and the Cowboy, Book 1 in my Thunder Creek Ranch series.

    “I can’t wait another minute.”
    The next she knew, they were both naked, lying entwined on the blankets. Making glorious, abandoned love in the moonlight turned out to be an aphrodisiac in itself. It was like nothing she’d ever experienced before and hoped she’d experience again, and soon.

    It felt like the power of the entire universe was behind her as she straddled him and rode, pushing down and lifting up, his powerful shaft pulsing and thrusting deep. Their sweat-slicked bodies shone in the moonlight. She saw his hands reach for her, felt their warm touch on her breasts as he cupped their fullness and squeezed, spurring her on to move faster as she continued her midnight ride.

    Suddenly, she was on her back in the hay with Luke still inside her. He leaned forward, kissing her lips and fondling her breasts, taking his time.

    “Luke, move! Fuck me now.”

    “Tsk, tsk, my love. Such crude language, but it gets my vote.”

    He began to move again, slow, tortuous moves, grinding his pelvis against hers, creating a magnificent tension that had her grasping his shoulders and holding him tight as she rotated against him. When he pulled back, he thrust deep and hard, faster, harder, demanding completion until they succumbed with one last exultant cry into the still night.

    “I really do like the way you scream my name,” Luke remarked as his breathing neared normal. “You are one hell of a woman, Zia.”

    1. Zakia and the Cowboy is available at:

      Amazon, All Romance Ebooks, and Bookstrand.

      For more info on titles available, visit my website at: http://lorrainenelson.weebly.com

    2. Hi Lorraine! Glad to have you and that delicious excerpt here. Stop by anytime!

  29. Well! These excerpts above?Have pulled the level of heat up tp blazing high. lol whew...So, I'm bringing Beast heat...lol
    This was one of my very first erotic scenes from Beasts~The Eyes Of Constance
    Breaking the breathless sensual plundering of her mouth, he flipped her around, moving her up against the dresser.
    Their extraordinary rippling reflections were there in the mirror. Constance panted hard and it was as if a living flame leapt beneath her skin. Jack lifted her hips and bent her over, the mirror above the dresser casting his forceful sensuous movements. He eased two fingers into her and she gasped at the wonderful intrusion.
    He watched her face in the mirror while he thrust them in and out. "I want you to see all the ways you will turn for me," he purred at her. With abandon, she spread her legs wider in order to get more, as Jack plunged deeper inside of her. "You will be filled all the way up with me."
    Constance stared into his gold flecking eyes and thrust herself down onto his fingers with a greedy delight.
    "I knew you would be willing." He slid two more fingers in, filling her pussy with four pumping fingers.
    "Yes, more!" She panted out with need and moved her hips around. He removed his fingers and she experienced a keen forlorn emptiness. I’m going insane. I act as though I will die, if he does not fuck me. What is happening to me?
    Jack quietly stared at her face in the mirror as he lifted her hips again. Me, that’s what has happened. She heard his words resonate in her mind while she stared into his eyes.
    "There will be no stopping this Constance, once we start," he warned aloud.
    A wild, crazy need surged through her and she thrashed her body around. "I need it." Her words came in gasps. "Please Jack!" Her juices flowed down her legs.
    His eyes narrowed as he swiped a finger through her silky moisture. "You have proved that you need it."
    The vibrating tone in his voice caused a lustful spasm in her body.
    Jack lowered her down onto his sleek marbled cock and thrust deep. The filling swelled inside of her and she thought she would not be able to take all of him. Her body grew tauter and she stared at the marbling of her skin in the mirror's reflection as it rippled with different colors.
    "I can’t stop now and I don’t want to hurt you." His eyes glittered vividly from the mirror as he thrust faster and harder into her. He pulled her hips even closer his eyes shimmering at her. "I can't stop my beast, I just can't." He swiveled his hips and grasped her even tighter. "You can take all of me, Constance." At that moment, he appeared statuesque his body hard and gleaming in the mirror's reflection.

    1. I know this scene (and love it). You can bring the Beast out to play anytime, Leanore. He's always welcome here!! Hot-cha-cha...

  30. Fabulous excerpts from everyone! I've got more books added to my TBR list.

    Lea Ellen {night owl in IL}

    1. You and me both, Lea Ellen. Why go anywhere else to find a book to read? Just come here before you buy!!

  31. This is a steamy sample from "Immortal Relations" by G. Ogan (Gary had recently been changed to join the guardian vampires by his two vampire mates, Maggie and Evy. They've just learned a new mind-meld technique allowing shared sexual experiences. This sample is from the middle of one of a number of intimate sharings:
    "It was at this point that I felt another tongue, caressing, licking and sucking my nipples. All I could do to respond to Evy was to gently stroke her clitoris with my fingers. With all three minds now linked, I really wasn't sure who was doing what but the sensation was more than I had ever experienced and as Maggie 'deep throated' me, I felt as both recipient and performer of the act, my back arched, and I exploded with a cry of ecstasy unlike anything I'd ever experienced as a human or vampire. My heartbeat, which running didn't seem to effect, was going crazy! I felt as if I'd experienced this while human I'd have died of a heart attack! I had to detach my mind from both ladies to continue efforts to meet their needs. Maggie had already had several orgasms by this time and was likewise trying to regain some composure.
    Just before I detached from Maggie's mind, I sent the thought we should work on Evy so we spent the next 20 minutes 'double teaming' her.
    Maggie stimultate her upper body while I performed cunnilingus and caressing the back of her knees, inner thighs and her stomach. Evy's back arched and she came so violentlly it was all we could do to keep her on the table. I then pulled over the second table, locking in to the other. I gently lifted Evy to the center of the two tables getting up on one side while Maggie got up on the other. I leaned over Evy and kissing Maggie deeply, I tasted myself still on her lips.
    Then we both started in again on Evy, as she looked dreamily into our eyes. When we brought her again to climax we both experienced the same pleasure she did, having our own miniture climax in doing so. We added this new method of enjoying one another on many subsequent nights. The intensity of joint climax was far beyond anything any of us had ever experienced in our previously isolated minds; togetherness in this case provided what was the ultimate sexual experience, a me'nage' trois on steroids is the way it seemed." (from page 92 & 93)

    1. Importal Relations - nice title. Thanks for sharing!

  32. The excerpt below is from my BDSM romance THE UNDERSTUDY, available from Total-E-Bound (http://www.total-e-bound.com/product.asp?P_ID=1175).

    Warning - bondage, discipline and anal impalement!

    Lisabet Sarai (http://www.lisabetsarai.com)


    He dragged the vanity stool over to the bed and sat beside me.

    “How are you, little one? Are the bonds too tight?”

    I shook my head, still too embarrassed to speak.

    “How do you feel?” His tone of voice made it clear that he expected a reply.

    “Helpless,” I said finally. “And horny.”

    “Good. That’s how you’re supposed to feel.” He trailed his fingers across my bare buttocks, tracing little spirals.

    My pussy spasmed, leaking my juices onto the pillow.

    “You have a lovely ass, Sarah. I really enjoyed spanking you the other night.” He gave me a sharp pinch then smoothed the pain away, stroking and kneading.

    I found myself relaxing under his magical touch. I drifted, enjoying his attention. When he parted my rear cheeks, however, I jolted awake.
    Geoffrey brushed a fingertip across my anus. “Are you a virgin, Sarah? Has anyone ever fucked you in the ass?” He pressed against the clenched knot.

    Panic made me jerk against the bonds. I felt something warm and slippery spill along my crevice. “No! Don’t!”

    “You’d refuse me?”

    I was silent with shame. I’d promised to obey him.

    “This was your choice, little one. This is what you wanted.” He spread the lubricant around my hole, then worked his finger into the ring of muscle.
    “I’ve changed my mind…Oh…oh!”

    His wriggling set up lewd vibrations in my clit. The further he intruded, the more intense the sensations became.

    “Too late.”

    I felt myself stretch as he pushed a second finger in next to the first. I gasped as a miniature climax exploded deep in my cunt.


    “I’d guess from your tightness that I’m the first to ever take you here.” More fingers, pushing deeper inside my most private place, working me open.

    “Oh, sir! Please…” I was empty for a moment as he removed his fingers. Then the oiled bulk of the plug pressed against my hole.

    It just wasn’t possible for that enormous thing to enter such a narrow passage. He exerted a steady pressure, though, and I felt the tip breach my sphincter. He twisted, screwing the infernal object into me. It began to hurt, my poor virgin tissues stretched to the limit. At the same time, my clit throbbed and another climax simmered in my soaked pussy.

    “Relax,” Geoffrey murmured close to my ear as the unrelenting invasion proceeded. “Breathe. Let me in.”

    His voice was hypnotic. I wanted to obey. I remembered the lightness and peace that followed the pain of his spanking. I wanted that again.
    Geoffrey must have sensed my surrender. He gave a sharp push. The plug popped into my rectum. I moaned, mortified by the sensations coursing through me, the fullness of the plug expanding inside me, the overwhelming urge to expel it.

    “Good, very good. Let go, little one. Don’t fight it.”

    1. A little BDSM anyone? Like your last line, btw. Thanks for sharing!


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