April 6, 2012

Friday Flames...

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For those of you who contacted me during the week, I want to thank you! As long as interest remains for our posts of blistering delight, I'll keep having Friday Flames.
Some of the hottest selling romance books feature a scene of scorching love. The words burning your page (or eReader), and set your heart to pounding.

Today, I want you to share your Smoking Hot scene, the one that sends the reader...up in flames.

Keep it short, meaning don't post the whole chapter! Just the drool-worthy highlights.

To start it off, here's an unedited portion from my upcoming release.


The top of his belt met her fingers.

The male shifted his stance but didn't move to stop her traveling hand. "Yeah? Go on."

As instructed she went on, caressing her fingers lower. "There's a move to change the guards, so to speak." 

The tip of his semi-erect penis leaped in his pants when her fingers made contact with the head. His breath blew in a hard huff and she jumped on the submissive reaction. Pennelope smiled, smelling the faint citrus scent of his cologne. This meeting was easier than she thought, she figured he'd put up more of a fight. But she was an ancient female Troll, and the males…they're all the same.

Leaning in, she pressed her breasts against his chest and filled her hand with the fullness inside his trouser. Slow strokes up and down. 

Her lips whispered against his ear. "We're going to be good together, you and I. A great team." His length grew, hardened with her words, and her excitement increased with his. "I can hardly wait to get started."

And it just gets HOTTER from there! As always, I welcome each comment and look forward to your posts!


  1. Oh, a female troll! That was unexpected. Yep, definitely some hot going on between these two.

    From The Treasure Hunter's Lady:

    He laid next to her on his side, splaying one hand against her stomach, propping himself up on the other elbow. He lowered his face to hers, kissed her gently at first, his lips soft against her mouth. She tasted the salt of his skin and lifted his hand to cup her breast. Her nipple hardened as the pad of his thumb traced a lazy path around her dusky areola. Her tongue ran the length of his lower lip then sought the warmth of his mouth. He eagerly accepted it, stroked it with his own.

    Romy moaned her need. His hand trailed lower, combed through the curls at the apex of her thighs. She parted her legs, squirming when his fingers dipped into her slick sex, thrusting gently before withdrawing them only to repeat the motion again and again. Abel kissed her jawline, along her neck and nipped at her collarbone. She arched her hips, urging him deeper as the need mounted in her center like a bright, hot sun.

    1. Allison - Wow! Thank you for your contribution. The first one of the day :) Your last sentence...nice! A bright hot sun - I like that.

  2. Breeana grabbed his shirt and pulled him down.

    Mel laughed at her impatience as he positioned himself between her legs. He rubbed the head of his shaft against her soft folds, enjoying the silky heat. The sight of her glistening sex had him trembling with anticipation. In one smooth, swift stroke, he entered her, burying himself to the hilt. He roared with pleasure as her wet heat closed around him. His release was a stroke away so he stopped, trying to hold it off.

    She worked her hands under his shirt and clawed at his back, raking her nails down to his ass. “Mel, oh God, that feels so good.” A high-pitched cry tore from her as her inner muscles convulsed around his length.

    He pumped slowly at first, then quickened the pace until the sound of their skin slapping together filled the room. She gripped his arms and her hips bowed off the bed, meeting his thrusts with her own. Her whimpers of pleasure mixed with his snarls of ecstasy.

    Her breasts bounced rhythmically with the force of his movements. Bloodlust took over. He cupped her breasts and tongued one of the tight peaks, then opened his mouth and pierced the soft skin beside her nipple. She jerked and cried out, her nails dug deeper into his arms. He sucked at his bite, alternating between her blood and her rosy bud. The taste of her sweet, rich blood flowing down his throat and the exquisite friction of her tight slick sheath as he drove into her was more than he could take. His orgasm exploded from him and poured into her. He heard her cry out before her body once more contracted around him, drawing out his ecstasy.

    1. What I love about your writing, Brendan, is I can feel the playful love between Mel and Breeana. If anyone wants to read more of Love's Prophecy, it's available on Amazon. Mel bites in all the right places. Thanks for sharing your scene!

  3. Sheri, love, love LOVE your scene. I was so excited to see this is from your new WIP. AHHHHHH.

    1. *winces*... This is still from Remedy Maker. My new characters are getting worked up, but they're not there yet. I better write faster--I'm running out of material to post! lol Glad you liked that scene though. :)

  4. I'm so busy with editing two books, but I just can't miss out on my usual Friday 'Playdate'! This time, I give you the first hot scene in Nowhere, Arizona. Maddy just got out of the lightning pool. This is the most decadent 'vocal seduction' in my memory as an erotic writer:
    “Like I want to use my mouth and devour your delicious-looking skin from head to toe?” An inviting vibration filled his voice, and Madeline experienced a lustful spasm. His searing-hot mouth descended on her neck, like a fiery brand on her skin. Her body pulsed. “I want to taste you. What do you taste like? I will bet your juices are both sweet and salty.” Devon's lips caressed the words along her skin, “I would like to take those rosy nipples into my mouth and suck on them until you scream for me.”
    Madeline shuddered. “Oh, God.”
    Devon leaned in a little closer. “Explore every part of you. Have you wet and wide open.”
    She gulped and squeezed her arms even tighter in a struggle to hold herself together. “Why don’t you?”
    He grew quiet for a moment. “Because I want it to be your desire, not the whiskey or the magic.”
    “I've never felt anything like this before.” The swirling vortex of need and desire cascaded through her.
    “It’s mostly the water, but I can help you.” At his offer, exhilaration coursed through her. “But, I won't touch you,” he added, and crushing disappointment rippled over her. “If I could touch you, though, I would grab you and lower you down. I would use my mouth on you and my fingers. I’d open you and stick my tongue into you.”
    Madeline tried to slow her panting, feeling light-headed. The seductive spell of his voice wove around her like a blanket of sensual heat.
    “I would bring you to the brink of climax with just my tongue. Then I’d plunge myself into you as you come.”
    A wave of insurmountable yearning ripped through her, and moisture seeped from between her thighs. “Unh,” she breathed out.
    “I’d pull your body up and bend you over. You’d be open and wet with need and wanting.”
    “Ohh!” she shouted and put her hands between her legs. Out of control, Madeline shoved her fingers into herself.
    Devon lightly touched her back with his bare chest as he spoke. “I’d thrust in and out as you grew wetter and wetter.” Inexplicably, she could feel it while pushing her fingers into herself. “You would be overflowing with me,” he purred at her. With his soft-spoken words, her tensing body shuddered. “In and out, pumping you deep and hard as you come on my cock.”
    Madeline experienced the fantasy, and even the sensation of the pumping and sliding of his cock in her pussy. Her body tightened with a throbbing ecstasy beyond any she'd ever known. A powerful wave of orgasm engulfed her. “Ohh!” Her inner thigh muscles spasmed as her torso stretched out.
    “And when I came, you’d climax again, and I’d suck on your nipples as my cum flowed into you.”
    “Dev, please?” she pleaded. The orgasm did not recede, and her body throbbed wildly as she came onto her own fingers. Madeline envisioned what he described. “Stop!” she shouted, suspended in a vortex of rapturous splendor and suffering. “Oh, God, stop!”
    He continued with his vocal fucking. “I’d mount you as they do in the wild. I’d reach around and play with your nipples as they hung down, aching for my touch.”
    “No.” Her body plunged into climax again as his voice vibrated through her and she helplessly moaned.
    “I’d grind into you and slide out, faster and harder and deeper until…” he whispered the sexual stimulation to her ear again, “…you’d come for me.”
    “Ahh!” Madeline spasmodically came against her fingers again. “Ohh, oh.” Her body collapsed to the bed, and she released a relieved groan

    WHEW! Everyone is searching for that Pool. LOL

    1. Holy, "bleepin, BLEEEP!" That was scorching!

    2. Off to take a cold shower!

    3. Leanore Elliot! Is Nowhere, Arizona available for purchase? WOW! Now if that didn't crank the heat in my mystic blog, I don't know what will. You have a wonderful way of writing. I can see why you make the top 10 in Amazon!!

      Thank you for posting that. Whew...

  5. Sheri punched the ten digit code into the front door’s security pad and carried the bags of chips, dips and other food they were going to need for the normal Friday night party later on. Setting the bags in the kitchen she unpacked and sorted out the items.

    The floor shook and she giggled. The boys were playing again. There was another thump she recognized as a body landing hard on the mats in Greg’s workout room. It was a good thing that both men were tougher than the average person.

    Walking out to the patio she checked the drink cooler to make sure it was stocked for the night before going back inside. Everything that could be done had been done, there was nothing left to do but wait for the guests to arrive.

    Another THUMP, this one accompanied by a grunt piqued the woman’s curiosity. Normally she would leave the men to their wrestling, joining Ben in the shower afterwards. But her curiosity got the better of her. She eased back to the entrance to what Greg called his playroom, and poked her head around the corner of the door.

    The sight of two men fighting clad only in jock straps touched ancestral emotions long buried in her psyche. Muscles on each man stood out in high relief as they grappled and grunted, each straining to gain advantage over the other. They broke apart, circled and crashed together again continuing their battle.

    Her stomach clenched at the unbridled show of strength. Her panties dampened at the idea of being the spoils of combat, of the victor mounting her in full, testosterone fueled, survival driven rut. A hand stole between her thighs as she watched the… cavemen… in front of her. They were willing to fight, risk injury and possible death, to make her their own.

    Her knees went soft from the show of primitive power. This was real strength, real power, not the weak, strutting peacock displays of machismo the little boys of the Cartel had put on. She again silently thanked whatever deities were listening for helping her get away from those pathetic things.

    The sound of a body slamming to the mat brought her back to the present. Ben was on his back legs locked around Greg’s waist, the older college wrestler pinning her boyfriend’s shoulders to the mat.

    “Five!” Greg crowed triumphantly.

    Five points, Greg won the match. A smile came to her lips. Her lover was going to be fucked on the mat in front of her. From the look on the victor’s face, he was not going to be gentle.

    Ben said nothing as he started to turn over

    1. Hi Starfox! I'm so happy to *see* you here! I hope you'll let us know where this snippet is from and if it's available to buy. You always have such interesting storylines. Not the everyday read, that's for sure :)

      Just to introduce Starfox Howl to everyone, he (yes, he's a HE) just returned from I don't know how many years of service in Afghanistan. How he wrote his novels while wearing a flak jacket and helmet... check him out at Amazon. Starfox Howl.

  6. Okay, I read the ones above and must go to...Take a shower. You Ladies are writing Hot and indecent. Shame on you! Chuckle.

    1. Leanore...if you ever get a chance to read Starfox Howls books, you might like them. Like your imagination, he thinks of stories no one else does. SciFi and romantic.

  7. I know this is WAY longer than it should be but it is a one time deal and was written specifically for Friday Flames per Sheri Fredricks instructions. I had to post in 6 parts so bear with me. I hope everyone enjoys their erotica with a little twist of humor and darkness. Romance Robert Sadler style!

    Inner Flame

    Part 1

    Galen had just gotten back into writing and was having some moderate success. He had somehow managed to fall in with a group of female erotica writers, a few of which he was becoming really fond of. One of them had created a blog called Friday Flames where each author had the opportunity to post a sample of their work. Galen had posted a few times but had never received the rave reviews that some of the others had.
    Other authors received comments like “Hot!”, “Scorching!” and “She brought the flame thrower today!” Galen wanted nothing more than to receive those kinds of comments but he just couldn’t find his inner Flame Thrower! As a male it was hard to get true respect in the field so he needed to step up his game if he wanted them to take him seriously.
    Since Galen was a boy, the forest had always been his place of solace. When nothing else felt right in his life only the wilderness could soothe him and help him refocus his energies. There was nothing like communing with nature to help cleanse your soul and bring your creative chi back into alignment.
    Galen spent most of the evening in a camp chair sitting by the fire. There was a pencil in one hand and a blank notebook in the other. He sat there trying to empty his mind of all the world’s distractions and allow his erotic side to flow onto the paper. So far all he had managed to accomplish was burning his lip on a hot marshmallow and supplying a gourmet meal to a handful of mosquitoes. As he curled up in his tent for the night he ran endless scenes of sex and lust through his mind but none of them had the spark that he hoped for.
    He had no idea what time it was or when he had finally fallen asleep but something was screaming at his brain to wake up. The first thing that registered was a very intense light. In a panic he threw off the blanket and scrambled out of the tent fearing that the fire had somehow gotten out of control and he was potentially trapped in the middle of an inferno. All he wanted was inspiration and now he was going to die because he never paid attention to Smokey the fucking Bear!
    The moment his head popped out of the tent he was so stunned by what he saw that he slipped and got a mouth full of leaves for his troubles. As he pushed himself up to his knees trying to scrape dirt and dead foliage off his tongue he couldn’t believe what he saw. The intense light that he had mistaken for a forest fire was in fact a brilliant ball of floating light. As he tried to wrap his mind around what he was seeing the light began to warp and expand into a humanoid shape.
    As the alien creature approached Galen he felt no fear, only awe and oddly enough…desire. The creature placed a single incandescent finger under his chin and easily lifted him to his feet. The sound that came from the creature’s mouth was like nothing he could even imagine. As he continued to listen in fascination words began to slide through the beautiful noise like listening to a song on a static filled station.
    As the static slowly disappeared he could finally hear an incredibly sensual female voice purring in his ears. “Can you understand me now?” Galen dumbly nodded his head. The creature had left its finger under his chin and the waves of euphoria that were spreading throughout his body had left him mute. “You may call my Cytheria. I am from a place that is…let’s just say it is very far away from here.” A peal of crystalline laughter sent shock waves through his body.

    1. I'm right there with ya, Galen.
      Moving onto part 2.

    2. Grinning like an idiot here. To say I love this so far would be an understatement. I totally understand being a mosquito-kabob...

  8. Part 2

    “I have been looking for a human male to take as my mate but your breed is often cold and bland inside. You on the other hand have a hidden fire inside you that tastes like the most wonderful aphrodisiac in the universe. I know you wish to bring the Flame Thrower to your writing. You wish to scorch your readers’ souls with the depth of your lust-filled words. I am going to release your inner flame, Galen, and in return you will give me your seed.”
    Galen knew only two things for sure in that moment: This had to be the most incredible wet dream of all time and he had an erection that threatened to rip through his sweat pants. The alien woman slowly traced her finger up the line of his jaw and onto the side of his face until she reached his temple. “What is it that you desire the most, Galen, who do you need me to be?”
    A million thoughts fluttered through his mind and as they did the alien began to transform into every woman he had ever wanted. Movie stars, singers, centerfolds and even athletes fluttered before his eyes as her shape continued to warp and change. Whether black hair or blond, tall or short, curvaceous or slim she always had that golden glow as if she was an angel come to save him.
    As her body continued to warp and flow with the ease of running water she moved her hand to his chest and began to push him back. He looked back trying to avoid being impaled by a tent pole but the tent was gone. As he took in his surroundings for the first time he realized everything was gone. He was surrounded by misty golden light. When her hand wrapped around his rock hard cock he realized his clothes were gone too.
    A beautiful redhead with Jessica Rabbit like proportions pushed him back onto a cushion of clouds. It felt as if he had sat down on the edge of the world’s most comfortable bed with his legs hanging off the edge. He felt the redhead begin to slide to the invisible floor between his legs. When he pushed himself up to get a better look the magical bed morphed to support him comfortably. He liked to watch and she knew it. She knew everything he liked and exactly how to do it.
    She was up on her knees with his rock hard penis squeezed between her breasts. It felt like warm silk sliding up and down his shaft. It was beyond anything he had ever experienced. “I know you like it when I fuck you with my tits, Galen.” Her voice was like raw sex pouring over his flesh. He watched as his cock became harder and larger than it had ever been before. “Do you want me to suck it, Galen? Do you want me to put your cock in my mouth?” Galen shook his head yes but the redhead shook her head no as she leaned back while continuing to stroke him and play with his balls.
    “You can’t scorch the paper when you are afraid to embrace what you really want. What you really are. Tell me what you want, Galen. Say the words and I’ll do it. I’m yours to command if you’ll only say the words and be true to yourself.”
    Galen had never been comfortable with talking dirty in the bedroom. He knew what he wanted but he usually laid back and let his partner lead the way taking what he was given. The woman continued to slowly stroke him occasionally running her hand up and over the head all while slowly massaging his balls. Rational thought was beyond him. It was time to step up, to find that inner flame. “I want you to suck me, Cytheria…I want to feel your tongue and lips on my cock!”
    A wicked smile split the redhead’s face as she opened her mouth wide and let her tongue slide out to tickle the base of his shaft. She slowly slid her tongue to the tip running slow circles around the head. She let her warm breath slide down the length of him but she didn’t take him into her mouth, she simply hovered there with a questioning look in her eyes.

    1. Did you plan to hook a pause there? LOL Excellent! Holy infurno, Mr. Q! I'm thinking short story or free read on your website. Which I hope you'll leave for those who are participating and those just perusing these scenes.

      Robert Sadler - this is good!!!

  9. Part 3

    It took him a moment to get up the courage to speak again. “I said suck it not tease me, do what your told!” Cytheria slid her lips to the base of his shaft gagging slightly when he hit the back of her throat. The sensation nearly made him cum right on the spot. “Do it again, go as deep as you can!” Cytheria followed her orders with enthusiasm taking him deep into her throat over and over again moaning in pleasure and making little growling noises while he bucked and thrashed.
    He had lost track of how many times she had done what he asked but the sensation had awoken something deep inside him. “Hold it!”
    She never took her lips off his penis but she quirked her eyebrows in question and mumbled, “Hmm?”
    “Take it as deep as you can and hold it.” Cytheria smiled around her mouthful and shoved him deep into her throat. Galen reached down and shoved her head down even more while arching his hips up driving even deeper.
    She initially moaned in pleasure at the extra force but after a few seconds she put her hands on his thighs and pushed off gasping for air. “You have to let me breathe, sexy, I am in human form. All the rules of nature apply here.” She smiled when she said it but he wanted more. He grabbed her by her now curly black hair and pushed her back down until she fought back. She fought but she also moaned and purred with pleasure as she performed. He knew she liked it as much as he did.
    Her face changed several times over the next few minutes. Each time she was forced to come up for air her face changed. She was Christina Hendricks, Eva Mendes, Jennifer Connelly, Monica Bellucci, Rosario Dawson, Selma Hayek, Scarlett Johansson, half the cast and a good chunk of the contestants from Dancing With The Stars, along with every other woman he had ever fantasized about.
    Suddenly something changed, it wasn’t beautiful starlets anymore but women he had known. Women he didn’t like! The bitchy secretary from his old job gagged and pushed off of him to be replaced by his crazy ex-wife pounding on his thighs as he gripped her hair even tighter forcing her down. He didn’t know why his mind had drifted to her? She never could give a decent blow job, just too lazy.
    All of a sudden he knew something was wrong. This wasn’t fun or erotic anymore and it certainly wasn’t romantic. This was dirty and wrong, it wasn’t romance it was cheap porn! That’s when it hit him. That’s when the secret was unlocked! He had been writing from a male perspective (and a slightly uninterested one at that) and it wasn’t working with the female audience. It wasn’t just about the raunchy details. It was about the story behind the details, about the emotion behind the words. It was about taking control and living in the moment. Making the audience feel what you felt when you wrote it.
    He pulled her off and grabbed her by the shoulders lifting her towards his face. “I want you up here now!” She happily obeyed and began to crawl on top of him. When she was halfway there he flipped her over and got on top of her. He smashed his lips to hers and kissed her like he wanted to sink into her. Their lips explored each other’s from every possible angle as their tongues darted in and out of each other’s mouths. Sometimes fast and teasing just barely touching. Other times they were slow and languid wrapping around each other and performing a sensual dance inside their mouths.
    When he finally pulled back he looked into a face he didn’t recognize but was beautiful nonetheless. She gasped for breath as she smiled. He moved a tousled lock of glowing white hair from her alien face. He lay there supporting himself with one elbow running a finger along her face as she squirmed beneath him and purred. Her eyes were larger than normal and almond shaped. The pupils were a swirling color of light blue like the suns rays when you are under water. Her nose was long and thin leading down to small candy pink lips that begged to be kissed…so he did.

    1. You hit upon an important point! Excellent! Is everybody taking note of this? You seriously have a mind for SciFi/Romance. You, Starfox Howl, and Leanore. If anyone is looking for summertime reads in that genre - well, there you go.

      Hehehe, now on to Part Four...

  10. Part 4

    A dozen times or more he took those pink lips in his and made her feel what he felt. When he pulled back again she had a look of desire on her alien face. “Is this how you really look?”
    “It is as close as possible while maintaining this form. Do I frighten you?” She tried to flicker back to one of his previous fantasies but was pleasantly surprised when she couldn’t. He wanted her in this form. It was something that had never happened before.
    “I think you are beautiful just the way you are and I want to give you pleasure. I want to make your fantasies come true for once.” For the first time in her existence Cytheria was left speechless. Galen gave her one more passionate kiss before slowly working his way down her chin and onto her throat. He nipped her just slightly on the neck bringing a moan of pleasure from her mouth. He slid off to her side and continued to slowly press his lips to her flesh while teasing her with his tongue.
    He let his hand trail down her body and onto her thigh while working his way over to her breast. He took her nipple in his mouth at the same time he slid his finger between her wet folds and worked his way down to her opening. He pressed his finger to the point of almost sliding in bringing her arching off the bed in expectation. She was ready to feel him inside her but instead he simply traced slow circles around the opening while he continued to suck and pull on her nipple with his mouth.
    He moved his hand back to her thigh allowing her to relax and fall back to the bed. When she caught her breath he began working his way down her stomach with his mouth while slowly and deliberately slipping two of his fingers inside of her. Once again her body bucked as she moaned. He worked his fingers in and out while kissing his way down her body.
    When his kisses reached her hip he stopped stroking and pushed his fingers in deep curling them up and looking for her G spot. When he found it he began to rub it slowly with his finger tips causing every muscle in her body to clench. He moved his mouth just above his hand and let his warm breath warn her of what was about to come.
    He slid his tongue between her lips running it up until he found her clit. He flicked it ever so softly in time with what his fingers were doing inside her. He changed the rhythm and the speed of both his fingers and his tongue following the signals her body was giving off. Before long both his tongue and his fingers were moving at a furious pace bringing the glowing Cytheria to a screaming orgasm. He slowly pulled his finger from inside her and placed slow kisses down her wet lips as far as he could crane his neck bringing little noises and moans from her mouth and little spasms of pleasure from her body.
    Since he couldn’t get to the sweet spot he wanted from his current position he crawled over leg and planted soft kisses in the creases of her thighs making her giggle. “Stop that, Galen, it tickles!” He took her suggestion and buried his tongue as deep inside her as he could reach. When she pulled her legs up giving him more access he pushed his tongue in even further sliding it in and out using it in place of his throbbing erection.
    When she seemed like she would burst he pulled his tongue out and ran it back up to her clit where he swirled it around in slow circles. When he felt her began to peak he would slide his tongue back down and then repeat the process driving her insane. This time instead of sliding his tongue back up to her clit as he had before, he took one of her folds into his mouth and kissed her labia like he would her lips. He sucked them in and out making love to them with his mouth until he felt that she was ready and then he made his way back up to her clit.

    1. *swipes forehead with an ice cube*
      HOT HOT HOT HOT You, my dear contributor, are BURNING the Friday Flame today.

  11. Part 5

    He flattened out his tongue to make sure he was covering as much surface as he could and then began to slowly move back and forth making sure to touch her most sensitive spot from every possible angle. When her breath quickened and her thighs began to squeeze together he curled his tongue underneath the very bottom edge and began to flick back and forth quickly. He would occasionally switch to the top and push his tongue against her hood before curling underneath once again making her mumble in a language not meant for human ears.
    Before it was done she clamped her legs together nearly crushing his head as she screamed out an orgasm that could probably be heard on her home world. The juices that coated every inch of his face tasted like honey. He continued to tease her with slow kisses making her buck and laugh until he couldn’t wait anymore. He grabbed her ankles and lifted her legs high in the air splitting them out wide like a V. “Now we have some real fun.” Her wicked smile said she agreed with his sentiments completely.
    His slid his hard shaft along her wet lips teasing her with the promise of more. When he couldn’t take it any longer he angled his hips back and slid inside. She was like warm, slick, velvet clutching at him as he pushed in and out of her. He ran his hands down to her knees and pushed her legs back so he could straighten out and plunge deep inside of her.
    Before long she began to slowly change shape but he already knew where this was going and wasn’t surprised. He pulled back and then slid off the edge of the fluffy bed with a smile on his face. “Flip over on your stomach.” She did so without complaint. He straddled her legs and ran his length up the crack of her ass, teasing her with each stroke. He reached under her hips and pulled her up just high enough to give him access to her slippery opening once again.
    He pushed inside while hanging on to her hips. The magical bed was kind enough to conform to the new position allowing him to spread her thighs wider giving him a little more freedom of movement. She was so tight in this position he knew he didn’t have long. Her golden alien skin began to turn a more human shade of sun-kissed tan as freckles started to run from her shoulders and neck down the length of her back.
    He pulled himself up onto his knees and then yanked her up into doggy position. He slid back into her moving slowly at first, working himself in and out at a leisurely pace. He ran his thumb down the crack of her ass until it was pushing on her anus. He kept steady pressure there threatening to slip inside as he moved his thumb around in lazy circles. He kept this up while thrusting inside the velvety glove that squeezed and massaged him to near explosion. He toyed with her this way until he could see her body nearing climax once again.
    He could hear her suddenly heavy breasts swaying and bouncing beneath her. The sound alone nearly pushed him over the edge but when he looked to the right a mirror showed him exactly what he loved to see as her body moved in front of his. She pulled her head back for him, so he reached up and grabbed a handful of her now auburn hair and pulled her neck back to just the point where he knew she liked it.

    1. And? And? I must keep reading!! (ps: like the way her skin and shape keep changing.)

  12. Part 6

    He put his left hand on her shoulder and pulled her back into him, watching as a large Polynesian tattoo spread out magically beneath his hand. With one last thrust they came together in a rippling wave of pleasure that sucked the energy from both of them. As he collapsed on her back he gently pushed aside the auburn hair and kissed her neck. “I love you, sweetheart.” She turned and lifted her head so that he could lay a tender kiss on her cheek.
    “I love you too, baby, now go to sleep.”
    “Ok, hon, I’ll try.” He laid his head against the warmth of her shoulder and fell asleep.
    When he woke up he was sitting in his bed half slumped over with his computer in his lap. On the screen was a word document titled Inner Flame. He smiled, hit save and closed the lid on his laptop before sitting it on the floor. He turned off the light and slid down in bed. He inched over to his sleeping wife and snuggled up behind her warm body. She snuggled back, pressing against him. He moved her auburn hair out of the way and kissed her on the neck. Even half asleep she automatically turned her cheek so that he could kiss her. He backed up just enough to look at the ghostly outline of her beautiful Polynesian tattoo being highlighted in the pale moonlight.
    He rolled over and pressed his butt against hers. She always loved it when he kept her butt warm, it made him smile. He closed his eyes and drifted happily off to sleep knowing that he had a scorcher saved on his laptop. Something special to make Friday Flames sizzle!

    1. OMG!!! That was sexy and erotic as hell and so beautiful at the same time.

    2. That was really a great story! Should publish it. I love that you had your wife in it clearly with the tattoo. You both must be so in love and nice to share with the rest of the world!

    3. It makes me want to Google: Polynesian Tattoos. What a beautiful ending to a steamy hot romance. Never naughty, five-star sensual.

      I loved it. *and the crowd goes wild!!*
      Happily, I give you five stars. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for creating a one-of-a-kind short for my Friday Flames. I'm beyond honored.

    4. Rob -
      That was mighty excellent! Very well written sci-fi erotic romance. I have to agree with the others about publishing this (by itself or as part of a collection of other short stories).

      Lea Ellen {night owl in IL}

  13. Ooooohhhhh....good ones, ladies!

    From Cooper's Redemption....

    His fingers worked their own magic. Slowly, circling nipples with brushes so light they seemed nearly nonexistent, he coaxed her breasts to an aching need. Moving his body so he lay under her, he guided one lace-covered breast to his mouth. His demanding lips and tongue, searching, tasting through sheer material, nearly drove her mad. She straddled his belly, bent at the waist, her hair covering her face. His hands went to her ribcage, slowly sinking lower until they rested on her hips. Where they remained.
    She needed more.
    A boiling, building pressure deep within her needed an escape. And only Cooper could release it. Eager for his touch, she reached for her jeans’ buttons. His hands captured hers and he threaded his fingers through hers, effectively stilling her.
    Puzzled by his sudden brakes – much as she loathed to– she sat up straight and said, “What’s wrong?”
    “I don’t carry condoms with me.” His voice carried a ton of regret.
    “Oh. Me either. At least not in my saddlebags.” Stupid, stupid, stupid.
    “There are other ways–”
    “No.” Freeing herself, Elizabeth rose. With her eyes locked on his, she and kicked off her boots. The she unsnapped her pants. Letting them fall to her feet, she stepped out of them. “If we don’t have trust between us, we don’t have anything. Would you agree with that?”
    “Yeah.” His eyes widened.
    Stepping over him, she straddled him, then lowered herself, guiding his erection against her damp opening. “Would you say absolute trust is vital in any relationship?”
    “Yeah.” His surprised tone deepened a bit.
    Easing him inside her only a fraction of an inch, she continued. “And there’s more.”
    “More,” he agreed as his voice croaked a bit like a frog’s.
    Holding her position, she said, “I want you to know I have complete faith in you. I always have. I do now.”
    “I know.”
    Satisfied with that, she took him completely inside her.

    1. D'Ann - thank you for sharing this scene! I kept thinking to myself, "Will she? Will she?" Just enough of a tease to keep the reader on edge. Great job!

  14. Another great round of Friday Flames! I'm going to turn on the ceiling fan and open a few windows....lol!

    I just have a little snippet from Some Like it in Handcuffs that just released on March 23rd (was that a shameless plug? lol) This is a little scene with Sunny and Jud :)

    She looped her fingers into his waistband and
    tugged his jeans and boxers down. The shudder of
    his skin followed her hands as she worked them
    down his legs. In no hurry, she thrilled at how her
    touch affected him, letting her fingers worship the
    hardened muscles of his thigh. Sunny’s eyes widened
    as she exposed his impressive body.
    Judson stood before her in nothing but a smile.
    He was absolutely magnificent to look at. Her gaze
    wandered over his impressive chest, along his firmly
    proportioned arms, to his powerful fingers—the
    fingers which gave her unspeakable pleasure
    whenever they moved along her skin. His dark toned
    skin stretched tautly over his well defined abs and
    renewed heat filled her at the sight of his supreme
    maleness standing at attention.
    “Do I pass inspection?” His husky voice drew her
    gaze to his face with a jerk.
    “More than you’ll ever know. Now come here.”
    Sunny reached forward, grabbed his hand and
    pulled him on the bed bedside her.

    1. Plug your book, Christine! And do it without shame. That's what it's all about. The tone of your writing shows what a lighthearted and humorous story you have.

      I believe you're currently on a book tour, blogging like mad and interviewed by everyone under the sun. Congratulations on your release! And thanks for sharing SOME LIKE IT IN HANDCUFFS.

  15. You have arrived, Rob Sadler....You have created a Sexy Literary Light, my dear.We all stand blinded and in awe. Bravo...

    1. My goodness! Now THAT was a ringing endorsement! lol. Thank you very much. Assuming you aren't teasing me of course :)

    2. Leanore: Thank you for voicing the opinion of the over 600 viewers today.

      Rob truly worked a marvel.

  16. Hot, hot, hot. Great scenes with lots of spice!

  17. hot scene Sheri - and others - going to get a cold drink.

  18. Holy Guacamole, Batman. Them is steamin' hot! Very much enjoyed.

    Here's mine from The Pirate Princess

    Positioning above, he slowly entered her, savoring the pleasure and embracing the torturous bliss. Years of celibacy unwound and a masculine power coursed through him.
    He thrust hard, embedding hilt deep. She arched and cried out.
    Grabbing her hands, he laced their fingers. With their gaze unbroken, they stared and connected in a sacred communion. Their bodies merged in ecstasy that rolled over them like the maelstrom of high tide against the rocks, crashing and retreating in harmony. A pinnacle of pleasure built inside him. Her eyes welled with tears, and her body clenched around him. He moaned and shuddered a release that pulsed in timeless perfection. Their pleasure complete, he remained inside and never broke her gaze. Tears streamed down her face.
    He wiped them away. "I love you, Charlee."

    1. Years of celibacy, huh? Yowza. That right there peaked my interest - and your scene locked it in. Sounds like there's a long history between these two. I hope this is available for purchase.

      Thanks for adding to my TBR :)

  19. All kinds of hot going on here! Whew! I'll post next week--got to wait for the steam to clear off my monitor. LOL Great job, ladies and gent!

    1. I've opened the freezer door to cool off twice now...

  20. Ok going to add my WiP "Demon Mine" It needs to be edited of course. Cause it is a WiP. I hope you all like.

    Her breath caught as she waited in anticipation for him to touch her like she craved. She didn’t say a word; she knew that if she tested him, he would follow through on not letting her come. She didn’t want that, she wanted him bad. A soft mewl of a moan slipped from her lips as she felt the head of his cock, stroke along her dripping entrance, her hands tightened on the headboard as she felt him press his body to hers. His lips inches from her ear as he spoke with what could only be devilish delight.
    “You’re dripping Lili. So wet for this cock, aren’t you?”
    “That’s a fucking understatement.” Defiance. What he was used to and what she was used to giving him. His teeth nipped her earlobe hard and she shuddered. He pressed in so that the head of his cock entered her, though he did not move an inch more. One of his hands moved to stroke down her left side to cup her hip, the other stroked into her hair and tugged her head back, causing her body to arch. She groaned in pleasure.
    “I could always leave you just like this Lili. Needy for my cock and not allowed to come.” She whimpered in protest, she could not help it. He had her and they both knew it. She shook her head, the tug causing a bit of a sting as his fingers still held her hair.
    “No. Please Samael. I need you.”
    “Are you sure just any dick won’t do? Or any fingers for that matter?” He thrust hard into her; every long hard inch of him filled her completely. But then it was just as quickly gone, with only the head of his cock still pressed in deep.
    “No other cock, Samael, but yours, only yours my demon lover.” She hummed in pleasure as he thrust back into her, this time not stopping. Her movements timed to his, a sob trembled from her lips as he leaned in to lick along the arch of her throat. “I love it when you beg, Lili.” She knew it, just as much as she knew that begging him was something she loved as well. Even with the defiance that was a part of her character always came the acquiescence to what he willed. The strange thing was she always felt like she had known him in a past life and that he had been someone highly important to her.
    She screeched in pain and pleasure as his hand came down on her ass. "Focus Lili or I will stop." He was serious and with a ragged sob she nodded her head frantically, afraid to speak, only wanting to feel. His thrusts sped up, the hand at her waist moved between her thighs deft fingers tugging at the extended piece of flesh. She gushed around his cock and groaned as her legs began to tremble.
    "Mmm, you are close Lili I can feel it." In response to what he asked her body tightened on him, her inner muscles convulsed about his cock as she came hard, on a desperate sounding cry. His hand moved from her hair to wrap about her waist and tug her close to his body so as she shook, she was supported by his strength. His face nuzzled into the side of her neck as her orgasm continued to ebb and flow.

    1. Hey Nikki - You've really got something here. I'm looking forward to more flaming scenes from this WIP. You're on a roll. BICHOK, my friend. Thanks for sharing.

    2. Thanks Sheri...going to be working on it..some more :) I appreciate it. Was fun to put up.

  21. Really enjoyed ALL of the posts from the authors! Great job! Friday Flames are burning hot.

    Lea Ellen {night owl in IL}


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